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Tecra M11-LaTeX runs slow on external monitor using Express Port Replicator

Q: Tecra M11-LaTeX runs slow on external monitor using Express Port Replicator

Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble with my Tecra M11 with an external monitor going through a Express Port Replicator II.

It is very specific, but i am running texlive 2010 on my laptop for writing a thesis. Whenever i use my laptop screen the functionality is fine, and it runs very quickly, with no lag when i compile my document. Upon docking it into my docking station at work to use on a large monitor, whenever i use the same program, it slows up a lot, eventually causing the program to crash. Its frustrating to lose lots of your thesis like this! When i connect the external screen straight to the laptop, it works fine again.

Something is going wrong in the docking station. Does anyone know how i can correct this? Im a little confused, and out of ideas. maybe i driver or something im not aware of. Maybe my docking station is defective?



Preferred Solution: Tecra M11-LaTeX runs slow on external monitor using Express Port Replicator

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Tecra M11-LaTeX runs slow on external monitor using Express Port Replicator

Which port do you use on port replicator? VGA or DVI?

It will not be easy to offer answer to your question. It is not possible to test all available software with docking station and search for solutions.
I would say: bad luck.

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I have a Tecra A7 (Mod.No. PTA71E) I use with often on an Advanced port replicator III and an external 19" monitor (1280x1024).

Now Ichanged the monitor with a new LCD 22" Samsung 223BW with a 1680x1050 resolution.

Attached to the VGA I have a lot of flickering problems bu the reolution it's OK.
Attached to the DVI I haven't any flickering but the monitor get a resolution of 1280x1024 with a desktop of 1680x1050 which scroll according to the mouse position.

How can I use the DVI and get the right resolution (like in VGA mode) but without flickering ?

Davide Rubbiani

A:Tecra A7 with port replicator - wrong external monitor resolution


I guess the Toshiba ATI driver does not support the 1680x1050 resolution.
The only way to get the 1680x1050 resolution is to install another driver.

maybe you will find here a working one.

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Hello All, I wonder if the panel can help with a small problem Im having with my Home Office

My kit is a Toshiba Tecra M11 with Win 7 Enterprise, which I use with an Express Port Replicator and which I have just upgraded from a Seimens Lifebook, also with a docking cradle. The way i like to work is to use the laptop to log on to the central company network over the internet by VPN then use my Home PC to connect to the laptop via RDC - so I can use the widescreen monitor and large keyboard (my work involves very large excel spreadsheets). This worked fine with the Siemens, and mostly works with the Toshiba, but for one small problem.

After I have logged on to the network and connected to the laptop, I like to put the lid down, then put the laptop and its docking cradle out of the way on a shelf. This worked fine with the Siemens, but everytime I try it with the Toshiba it puts the machine into standby as soon as the lid closes and the RDC session on the main PC hangs. The Toshiba is mounted on its docking cradle throughout this process. Both the laptop & docking cradle and the main pc are all connected by a wired link to the same netgear router

How do i stop this happening, ie how do I use the unit on its docking cradle with the lid down ?


Bristol, UK

A:Use of Tecra M11 on Express Port Replicator II

Sounds like you are missing some important drivers.

Have you installed the Toshiba Value Added Package and updated the BIOS?

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I?ve had a Toshiba tecra M7 for the last few years and have just purchased a brand new sealed express port replicator II model PA3680E ( docking station ) but unfortunately it does not work and a new replacement sent from the supplier also does not work.

What happens:
With dock connected at boot-up; nothing happens and the green dock light stays off.

Under windows when I first put the tecra m7 on the dock it connects and then disconnects immediately and will not reconnect. The power supply port, lan port and power switch work on the dock, but I understand these are just pass through connections. The green power led also comes on for less than a second.

For example when I do a hot dock, windows does the connection chime followed immediately by a disconnection chime and will not reconnect, also any connected USB devices flick-on and immediately off.

I?ve tried it under the original Toshiba windows XP install (with all latest Toshiba updates) and under a fresh windows 7 install (fully updated with all available Toshiba update). Bios is the last available 3.50 (also tried bios 1.70 & 3.20). tried bios USB legacy on and off.

Can anybody please help

A:Tecra M7 & express port replicator II PA3680E-1PRP are not working together


> With dock connected at boot-up; nothing happens and the green dock light stays off.

The green light which is placed near the eject button should glow green during normal operation and should turn off if the notebook has been disconnected.

If the light does not glow green, then I assume the notebook is not connected properly.

If you connect the notebook for the first time to the port replicator, an message should appear indicating the device connected to the port replicator are ready to use.

In my opinion there could be an issue with the pins or connectors?but the question is which connector could be affected: on Tecra side or port replicator side?

However, I think you should contact your dealer and should test another one.

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P50 20EN , nVidia Quadro M1000M / Intel HD Graphics 530 through 40A5 Port Replicator to Asus VC279 monitor. Can set external monitor to desired resolution but it reverts back to default after reboot. Have updated Port Replicator firmware/driver and installed everything relevant via TVSU. Have installed/updated the ASUS driver. Am considering updating the nVidia info directly from them but they have a warning about OEM specifics that scare me away from that. Again, the bug is that we have to reset the external monitor resolution after every reboot. Thanks in advance-Randy

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Hi! Since today I don't have any sound on my sound jack of the port replicator II (PA3680E-1PRP) to run my external speakers. Instead, the internal speakers are running. On the notebook himself, the jack is working well, only the replicator port seems to be dead.

It worked fine over 10 months now without any complaint. I saw some similar cases in forums but no answer could help me. I don't have updatet any drivers yet.

I work with WIN7/64bit Servicepack 1.

Does anyone know how to fix?

Thanks, christophe

A:No sound on port replicator II (Tecra S11-12M)


Would recommend checking this thread:

*Milo_Tweenie wrote:*

+Didn't realise that the 3.5mm audio output jack is actually driven by a USB hub within the port replicator.+
+Found that the USB Multimedia Audio Device had no driver installed for the audio port. Clicked the update driver button, it found the driver automatically, and now I have sound.+

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Hello 2 all!

At the moment I'm working with two external 19" TFT screens connected to the Port Replicator II (Tecra S10-160 inside with display closed). One screen is connected to the available DVI port, the second one is connected to the available VGA port on the Port Replicator II.
One screen (DVI) is used as primary desktop, the second one (VGA) is used as enhanced desktop (so both show a different content).

My problem is the poor quality of the VGA signal and the problem, that my two new screens only support DVI.

Is there a possibility to connect two DVI screens to the DVI-D of the Port Replicator II? I already checked several DVI-Y-cabels but I'm still looking for a solution to connect two screens via DVI with the function to get two shared screens and not the same content on both screens.

Hope you got my point and have some information or product ideas for me.
Thanks in advance.

A:Two DVI screens on Port Replicator II with Tecra S10-160


Have you already tested a VGA to DVI adapter? So you can use the VGA connector on port replicator and the DVI port of your monitor.

I mean such a cable like THIS ONE

Using such an adapter you can still use the function to get two shared screens and not the same content on both screens. :)

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I have a problem with TECRA A50-A-16X and PA5116E-1PRP.
The screen goes black and then change the resolution for some seconds, then, the screen goes black again and returns to normal resolution.
It happens about 5 times per day.

It is never happens when i do not use the PA5116E-1PRP.

Last driver installed on the laptop. I did not found any driver or firmware about the Port Replicator.

The TECRA is still waranty.

Have you any idea about this problem?

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I just bought a TECRA Z50-A-12X with HI-speed replicator replicator III 120.

It works but the computer is not stable and I'm afraid it will eventually damage the port see me problems when using.

Indeed, the PC is not properly seated in the replicator.

Is there a solution or did not have this application?

Thank you for your reply.

good day

A:Tecra Z50-A-12X isn't connected properly to Port Replicator III


Please don't understand me wrong but you should clarify this with Toshiba directly. Here on this forum you can hear some useful opinions and comments but I think you should get right info from Toshiba directly.

What you can also do is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. You can visit ASP and demonstrate how it works and I hope you will get professional opinion about this issue.

Long time ago I had Tecra notebook with port replicator and it was properly in place and really fixed in port replicator so there no danger of damaging small port placed at the bottom side.

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Hey Guys I have a weird bug with a clients Toshiba Tecra R850 notebook with the port replicator. It's about 8months old.

Almost each morning when the client connects the laptop to the port replicator and powers on and boots to the Windows 7 desktop it doesn't create a "LAN" connection (external monitor & USB work through the port replicator though).

I have to get the client to power off the laptop, unplug it from the port replicator, unplug the power from the port replicator and then plug everything back in and turn the laptop back on.

Here is what I have ruled out so far:
Port replicator: I have replaced the port replicator with another users unit (exact same model), same issue.
Connected LAN directly: If I connect the LAN directly (i.e. completely remove the port replicator) I get no issues with LAN/Internet connection.

Here is the part number of the laptop and the dock:
Tecra R850: PT520A-01N003
Port Replicator II: PA3916A-1PRP

Any ideas? Could this be a faulty docking port on the laptop?

Kind Regards

A:Tecra R850 - Port Replicator problem - no lan on startup


Don?t think its faulty docking port because in such case other Port Replicator ports would not function too?

I think its system issue? did you test the port replicator with fresh recovered system?
Would be definitely worth a try?

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I have tried to get a definitive answer by searching around but don't feel comfortable ordering a new monitor without know if its possible.

I want to buy the LG 38UC99 Monitor which supports 3840 x 1600 resolution and I'm willing to buy the replicator if it helps me achieve this resolution.
I have a Tecra A50-CPart number PS56DC-00F001It appears to have Intel HD Graphics 5500

I have read that the laptop alone will only drive 2048 x 1536, but I have read that the port replicator could provide more resolution.

Any help would be soooo much appreciated.


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Has anyone had any issues with the Precision 7510 only outputting through one DisplayPort output on the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator?Our organization recently started to introduce Precision 7510 units to our employees, and we're finding that they will only output to one single monitor connected via DisplayPort through the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicators - even though there are two monitors connected into the two DisplayPort outputs on the E-Port Plus APR. If the monitors are connected via DVI, the Precision 7510 is able to output to both of them through the E-Port Plus APR. We have tried Precision M4800, Latitude E7450, and Latitude E7470 units in these E-Port Plus APR's with two monitors connected into the two DisplayPort outputs - and they all work correctly.The Precision 7510 units have the NVIDIA Quadro M1000M video cards, and the E-Port Plus APR's are connected to either a pair of P2417 monitors or a pair of U2414 monitors.

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Just uplifted per my company's requirement to below.... so, it is what it is for me....  HP Spectra Pro X360 G2       Product Number W4S42UC#ABAHP 3005pr Port ReplicatorWindows 10 Pro 64bit My prior system was HP EliteBook 2570p with HP2570 Dopcking Station, OS Windows 7 Pro 64bit I have remote collaborative and multi-function needs whilst at my home office and then take my laptop on road to Customers and company locations.  On my old EliteBook I ran 4 external screens (not use laptop display) whilst in dock.- One VGA (HP 25es... also has 2 HDMI connectors)- Two USB-VGA graphics adapters (Both are HP LA1751g monitor... also has DVI-D connector)- One native DisplayPort  (HP LA1956x monitor... also has VGA, DVI-D connector)It worked very well for VOiP, GoToMeeting/Hangouts video meeting, email, spreadsheet, & word documents simulaneously  allowing me to flip between work items and share/un-share as needed I want to get back as close as I can to that scenario for 4 external monitors.  I get it, the Spectra X360 does not have a dock; so my desktop approach is going to be a bit different. I am struggling to get multiple external screens.  If I could get to three external screens (with laptop screen turned off temporarily); it would be wonderful.   Situation asking for advice....  1) I cannot figure out how to initiate DisplayPort connection from the port replicator to my HP LA1956x monitor. &n... Read more

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I currently have a Z930 that I used with the older USB3 Dynadock 1080p device to get 1600x1200 on my 24" monitor from the z930.

Now I am looking at the Z30. They seem to have different specs for maximum external video modes, even though both have the built in screen resolution of 1366x768

Z30 specs on External Video Modes say:
Max Resolution : 1,920 x 1,200
Max Refresh Rate : 85 Hz
Non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate : 1,280 x 1,024

Z930 specs on External Video Modes say:
max. resolution : 2,048 x 1,536
max. refresh rate : 100 Hz
non-interlaced resolution with max. refresh rate : 1,600 x 1,200

I originally bought the Dynadock because it had "a built in video card" so I could run it with the z930 on a 24" monitor at 1600x1200, which I did and it worked fine, but 1600x1200 was the max the laptop would go to with the Dynadock

Now with the Z30 I am wondering if I ever really needed the Dynadock on the Z930, but I see there is now a Dynadock 4K for th Z30
And now there is also a HighSpeed PortReplicator III (no port replicators for the Z830/Z930), but the port replicator doesn't have an actual HW video card built into it like the DynaDock4K

I just want to make sure I can drive a 24" monitor at 1600x1200 with a new Z30. Do I even need a port replicator or Dynadock4K to do that? Can I just plug hdmi direct to the monitor and get that?
The one thing that worries me is the Z930 has this "non-interlaced resolution with max refr... Read more

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Running a Portege R930-1d0 through High speed port replicatior II.
Is it possible to output to dual displays?


A:Portege R930-1D0 + High speed port replicator II - dual monitor support

By ?dual display? do you mean the internal + external display or do you mean two external monitors?
The Hi speed port replicator II supports the RGB port as well as the display port and HDMI port but both (display port and HDMI) cannot be used simultaneously.

You can use the internal notebook?s HDMI port and for example one of the Hi speed port replicator II ports to connect another external monitor.

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I use a port replicator (Toshiba HI-SPEED PORT REPLICATOR III ? PA5117E-1PRP) with a Toshiba Tecra W50-A with Windows 7 (64Bit).

I need to use the audio input for loudspeaker and microphone on the replicator but no sound is coming out or in.

When I dock my port replicator (Toshiba HI-SPEED PORT REPLICATOR III ? PA5117E-1PRP) then an unknown device is shown in the device manager with then name ?USB Advanced Audio Driver?.

I was unable to find a driver on the support pages.

Can somebody please direct me to the appropriate download area?

Help is very much appreciated.


A:Tecra W50-A Replicator III, USB Audio Problem


it's very interesting how Toshiba doesn’t care about the problems of their users.
I think it’s the last time I bought stuff from them.
Maybe I go back to DELL. They care more.
My post will probably deleted now…


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Here is my situation,
I own a Lattitude E7450, and needed to connected two displays to it. I went ahead and bought the Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with USB 3.0, since it has 2 DVI ports on the back. It shows it is compatible with my laptop.
I set up my dock, connected my laptop, as well as both external monitors. Only one monitor shows a duplicated desktop. When I go into the display settings, I cannot see any existence of another external display being connected.
All of my drivers are up to date, restarted laptop many times. Pretty bummed out.
Anyone have any solution/knowledge to this?

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One day I was using the laptop surfing the net normally, everything was fine and suddenly the display gone wrong...(pic below). I tried using an external monitor and still the same, so I am quite sure that my monitor is fine and it's probably a display card problem?
I tried to update my display card driver and no luck, so I decided to use the recovery CD to restore the system, and no luck again.

Here is a screenshot after the system restore...is there a way to repair this without taking it to a service centre??
Link: [http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p262/ctb205/mon.jpg]

A:Tecra S1 - Display issue, even on external monitor

Hi borist,

It?s really great that you could post a picture of your problem. Thank you!
Furthermore you tried already a lot of like recovery installation and an external monitor.

Unfortunately it seems to be a hardware malfunction of graphic card. :(

So that means you have to exchange the mainboard because the graphic card is fixed on it. Mainboard is pretty expensive part and Tecra S1 is old notebook so maybe you can get a second hand mainboard or notebook on eBay and exchange it yourself.

Good luck! :)

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I have a similar problem on my brand new Tecra S11-11G. The only difference is that the problem is only present when I have my laptop plugged-in and the WiFi radio turned on.

If I turn the Wifi radio off and keep the laptop connected to the mains power source, the external display stops flickering. If I keep the WiFi radio on and disconnect the mains power source the flickering also stops.

I reported this problem to the Toshiba customer care in Portugal (where I bought it) and they gave me the ticket Case#710008193. They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new. A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit. Moreover this laptop is part of a fleet of a company that only buys Toshiba laptops and we are talking about a Tecra and not a Satellite. We deserved more respect from Toshiba.

In a year or so I will have a brand new laptop (company policy) and it surely won't be a Toshiba.

A:Tecra S11-11G - external monitor flickers when Wifi is ON

> They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new

Why this is unbelievable? An hardware malfunction can happen always and this does not happen only in the computer/notebook world. Therefore the manufacturers provide a service to a customer and malfunction can be fixed and covered by warranty.

>A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit

Of course and you are right but in the real world such things happens.
My PS3 was dead after a short time. It was fixed and replaced under warranty conditions? but this is not a reason for me to say; I would not buy PS3 anymore because of this issue.
My BMW has had some engine problems? it was fixed by warranty and I would buy this car again because this car is great and in my opinion other car manufacturers are not better and I think this would happen to other manufacturers too?

That?s my opinion personal opinion?


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I recently started using the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with my Latitude E7450, but the headphones are not working. Sound comes from the laptop itself, even when the headphones are plugged into the dock or laptop. The headphones work with other devices, and the laptop works with the headphones when it is not docked.

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Hi all!

I have some problem when using the vga of the Tecra R840-111 with my external monitor/tv (LG M237WDP).
The monitor continuosly restarts (it seems like to reboot).

This behaviour doesn't happen with another external monitor or if I use another laptop with the monitor named above.
I have used a linux live CD (ubuntu) and everything's ok. Isn't it weird?


Does my toshiba have some kind of diagnostic menu hidden in the bios?
I know that some laptop requires the user to hit i.e. CTRL+V in the bios in order to enter that diagnostic menu. Is there anything like that?

Can you help me?

Thank you.

A:Tecra R840-111: external monitor continuosly restarts


I?ve got exactly the same external monitor but I didn?t notice any monitor issues like you have described in the message.
I?ve got two notebooks and the monitor is connected using VGA cable and DVI cable to both notebooks?
In both cases the monitor does not restart?so I?m not quite sure what you are talking about?

Regarding the BIOS.
It?s not know to me about any hidden menus in BIOS.
Furthermore you said that this issue does not appear using Linux so I would say its definitely nothing wrong with BIOS. Also this theory would be confirmed because the other external monitor works ok.

Maybe some kind of software preinstalled in Windows OS cause this???

Additionally in BIOS you can choose the option ?detection of external monitor? (or something similar). Usually its set to automatic but I set this to internal display.

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Good Day !!!

Is it possible to connect a external monitor with Tecra S5-12L and use both display at the same time.

My Laptop details: http://www.toshiba.nl/innovation/jsp...U&ERROR=0#tab7;

OS: Win7 32 bit

I had installed value added package from toshiba but still i cannot able to connect and use laptop display and the 2nd monitor at the same time. i.e my PC is not detecting the 2 monitors at the same time.

If i connect the external monitor and restart the PC then my PC takes the external monitor as a main display and the laptop screen is not detected any more.

If i disconnect the external monitor and restart the PC then the PC monitor acts as a primary monitor and after the booting up in connecting the external monitor the PC is not detecting any more.

Before i used to use to connect it with TV and i can get the TV and the PC monitor to work at the same time but at the time i was using Windows XP. Now connecting to TV, I cannot able to get the TV and the laptop screen working at the same time.

Is it true that we cannot able to use the PC monitor and an external monitor at the same time ? or is there any settings that i should perform to get the dual monitors working ? Please share your view if its know.. thanks...

There is no problem in the cable nor the monitor as i tested it with other PC(ASUS, Win 7 64 bit) and its working fine.

Is there any limitation in hardware or its just software issue/settings.
Please support !!!

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The card I would like to add is a Rosewill RC-508 4-port External USB 3.0 PCI Express Card.

A:Can I add a 4-port External USB 3.0 PCI Express Card to a HP...

@rmwmd, welcome back to the forum. If this is the adapter card that you want to install, it should work fine, as long as, you don't have the PCIe x1 slot on the motherboard blocked by a video card.  The PCIe x1 slot is located between two PCIe x16 slots.  You should review the "Specifications" tab for the card to get the full information that you need.  Also, read the Customer Reviews to see what users are saying about it. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I have DELL Latitude E6420
When I connect external monitor either through VGA or HDMI port, the fan starts running at high speed, below 4K to maintain rising temperatures. See screenshot below;
I tried changing desktop background, thinking it has to do with photo resolution but that didn't do anything.
What causes this exactly? As soon as I connect to VGA/HDMI, fan starts running at high speed.

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Hi, I've got a samsung 3.0 external USB drive connected to my computer trought PCIE USB 3.0 adapter and it regulary works perfectly but sometimes, when it comes to copying big files ot cutting some folders it causes the system to freeze till I restert the explorer.exe. Also there's a problem if I want to analyze the disk using disk defragmenter it freezez at 0% and I can't cancell it because it stucks at "cancelling". Any advices?

A:Can't defrag external HDD, it sometimes runs very slow.

Go to start/all programs/accessories

Type this

chkdsk x: /r

Replace the x with your drive letter

Has the drive been dropped or hit while running? Is it a sata drive connected through a usb 3.0 port?
Another thing you can try is updating your drivers .. for the usb controller
If you copy large files often, format the drive with bigger cluster size things

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How to remove the port replicator?

A:port replicator

How about some real information about what you have and what you're trying to do?

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I'm having a problem with a dell Inspiron laptop that seems to have a loose ac port. If I hold the plug in, it will boot and start up. As soon as I let go of the plug, it shuts off. I've read that a port replicator or docking station will take care of this problem. If I do that, will it be a work around or will I still have to take this thing apart and repair the broken port? If I still have to fix it, then I don't see any reason to buy a replicator.
Thanks in advance.

A:port replicator

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I am looking for a port replicator or docking system. I want to be able to plug my laptop into it and use my normal keyboard, monitor and mouse. It has to have dual video though. It will be a Dell inspiron latptop and Dell is no help in this case. Yes I know Dell sucks but it isn't for me it is for my boss. Any suggestions?

A:Looking for a port replicator

Dells do not suck. There are a great number of Dells with huge numbers of happy owners. Some of the cheap ones suck. And some with the wrong owners suck.
There are many port replicators, and many are sold on eBay and at Dell support sites.
But I would get my boss to buy a Dell that has a specific port replicator...
Or else I would learn how to burn my files to disk, or a backup external hard drive.
We need to know which Inspiron, age, operating system, memory, hard drive and such.
I would want to back up my data to an external hard drive, then tune up the existing install.

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Could it=s driver  not being present be responsible for Usb 3 flash drives not being recognioxed.  I have tried and tried to reinstall the driver but I continuosly get the errior uninstall in progress not complete restart the computer to complete but that never happens.  I have tracked down its oem inf and pratcially stalked it to get it out but to not avail.

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I am trying to set up an external monitor (hp 22uh led) via the 3001pr usb 3.0 port replicator to my hp envy 15 x 360 laptop. I have downloaded all of the software and drivers but the devices don't seem to be recognized. Any suggestions - did I miss a step? The monitor is plugged in with VGA cable. Thanks in advance.

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e series port replicator power light not turning on when placing e5550 in dock? Port replicatior working fine with other e series laptops

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Hi, Why does hp usb 3.0 3005pr port replicator work with HP EliteBook 820 G3 Core i7 8GB 256GB SSD 12.5"`??? I plugged in the replicator to the laptop, started the laptop but get a black window saying Missing operating system.I unplugged the replicator, re-started the laptop, no black window, I log in as always and everything is fine.I plug in the replicator again, but the system doesn't recognize it.When viewing the list of devices and what's connected to the laptop, it says "Unknown device connected" but updating the driver doesn't help. I download the driver from hp.com but each time I restart the laptop I get the black window and "Missing operating system". When I finally manage to update the driver of the replicator, I get the following message:"Incompatible disply driver. The installed version of DisplyLink USB Graphics software does not support this graphics card, which uses a newer version of the Windows Display Driver Model. Please visit http://www.displaylink.com/software to check if a newer version is available." When I visit the site and download the newer version, I get blue screen. So, it seems to be impossible to install the replicator to this laptop. I tested the replicator to another HP laptop from 2011 and it worked perfect! What can I do to make it work???  

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Hi!Canīt find the software for HP 3005pr 3.0 Port Replicator from HP support.

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hi  HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port ReplicaPart Number: H1L08AA#ABU  is that product compatible with my laptop (hp envy dv6 7202se) ??  

A:HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator

Hi, Yes it is. It uses USB 3.0 connection therefore it is compatible with nearly all laptops with USB 3.0 ports and also backward compatible nearly all laptops with USB 2.0 ports. Regards.

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I just purchased a port replicator and would like to understand how I can make my Monitor, Keyboard and mouse from my home desktop work with my work IBM Laptop.

It is my understanding that I can use this device so that I can view all information on my laptop on my desktop?

Am I correct and how do I make it work

A:IBM ThinkPad Port Replicator II

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Driver mismatch between the newer drivers available on the HP.com site and when you plug in the port replicator and the drivers on its drive letter. I did see a firmware upgrade on the HP.com that has been removed. How do I update the driver on the port replicator so they agree? Is there a firmware updated file for the port replicator (3001pr 3.0 USB port replicator)

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So my laptop doesn't have a VGA input and I have a port replicator which does(hp port replicator). So I connected the monitor which only has vga to the port replicator and the port replicator is connected to my laptop but it says it cannot find a second monitor

Trying to do this because my laptop screens gone bad and won't be able to fix it for a while

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I replace my old lenovo notebook running XP with a new HP G62 running W/7 home. When I installed the most current driver from the lenovo site I found that my port replicator (part # 40y8150) will not allow my extended monitor to display. I can't seem to find a driver for this replicator that is specifically for W/7 and when I called Lenovo they insisted on proof of purchase before they would even talk to me about it! Does anyone know of a work around?


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Hi Problem as I mentioned in the title. I have a cable usb-c to hdmi with 4k support which works perfectly with my Thinkpad T470 (windows 10 and Linux Lubuntu) and others. I download the latest drivers for thunderbolt etc., read all similar topics, and nothing helps. I've tried other cable as well and it didn't work either. I have suspicious that the thunderbolt usb-c may work inappropriately. Iam fed up with this and need help. I want to work normally. There should be an easy answer to this :/    

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I have an ENVY 20-030 [no port for an external monitor]. I am told that I can use the USB3 port, with a USB-to-VGA or HDMI or DVI connector.: Which connector is best? Does HP sell a siutable connector?

A:ENVY 20-030: I need an external monitor and there is no port...

gervaisharry222 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! I use a USB-to-VGA adapter to drive a third monitor for my desktop and find it works great!  I can't use it for videos or gaming, because the USB 2.0 port doesn't provide enough bandwidth, but I have the other two monitors for that. What you buy is up to you.  If you use a USB 3.0 port, then you would have enough bandwidth to drive either HDMI or DVI -- and the choice then depends on how much you want to spend.Good Luck

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I want to use my Dell Inspiron 1501 as a desk top.
I want to connect my desktop monitor, and keyboard to my laptop.
If I do can I still use the USB ports on my laptop to connect my mouse, external disc drives,
printer etc or should I connect all devices to a docking station or port replicator?
Should I use a docking station or port replicator?
Can you recommend a good reasoable docking station or port replicator?

A:Docking Station VS Port Replicator

I just found out DEll Inspirons do not have a docking station port.
Looks like I will have to use a USB connected port replicator.
Any comments on this option greatly appreciated.

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I bought an HP 3005 port replicator to use with my HP Spectre x360 - 13-4109na. When on its own, the laptop performs just fine. When I connect it to the HP 3005 port replicator, the laptop slows down significantly and becomes a nightmare to use. I have not been able to remedy the issue. Also, the drive of the port replicator is set to "read only" and I have not been able to amend this. What can I do?

A:Port replicator slows down laptop

> What can I do? Measure, measure, measure. Use the Windows "Task Manager" or the "Process Monitor" to view the resources (CPU, RAM, disk-drive, Internet) that your computer is using, to try to identify which application is consuming the most resources. Windows has an option to virus-scan (and also to run Disk Defragmenter) all newly-attached disk-drives -- that can take a while. 

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I have the Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop (ideapad)  /  PF0E7C54. What USB Port Replicator with Digital Video will work with this laptop with the latest Windows 10 installed? Can you provide a specific product and page URL?

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Just done a fresh install of Win10 and I'm getting really poor performance from my Precision M6800 when connected to the E-Port II replicator, it can take 4-5 seconds to switch tabs in task manager, all screen re-draws are terribly slow.
When the laptop is running stand alone all is fine. 
I just checked and there are no drivers for the replicator, but does anything updated as far as the graphics to power this dock.  Could be a faulty dock but then it's a bit of a coincidence that it only happened after the OS upgrade. 
My twin Dell U2412 monitors are connected to the dock via DVI. 
Also, anyone know if it's possible to test the docking station? 

A:Poor performance via e-port II replicator


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hi all!

just wondering and hoping if you could help me.

I have been using a toshiba tecra with the advanced port replicator III plus. using dual monitor (simply plugging a normal CRT monitor into the VGA port on the docking station. its been working great but over the weekend it has just stopped working. if i connect it directly into the vga port on my laptop it works fine however in the port replicator it just wont come on at all. the pins are all good.

the hardware came with no drivers so no idea how to reinstall them or update them.

any ideas on how i could fix this? i was thinking of bringing in a DVI to VGA adapter cuase it has that on the back. hmm

would apprecaite any help!



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Hi all, I'm having trouble to get Ethernet connection with HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator. Basically it does not recognize the LAN cable when inserted and I don't get Internet connection. The LEDs on the bottom of the port do not light up. In Control Panel of Windows, it can see the adaptor ("HP USB Giga Ethernet") and it says "Network cable unplugged". Troubleshoot I did so far: Upgraded the driver to the latest version from the HP websiteRebooted my laptopWhen the same cable was connected directly to the laptop, I got Internet connection.Used a different cable.Checked the port. No sign of visible damage.Tested other ports. USB 2.0 and HDMI ports are working fine.Tried the minimal connection (just LAN and power cables). LEDs underneath the LAN port didn't light up.  Get a replacement from HP. The same issue. To me, it's a hardware issue, not a software issue. That's why I got a replacement, but I'm still having the same issue. It's difficult to imaging that two different units are broken in the same place. Things I want to know:What happens if you just connect power and LAN? Do the LEDs light up, just like when you hook up a LAN cable to a PC that is turned off? If so, then I need to get yet another replacement from HP. Mines don't light up no matter what I do.  I appreciate any comment/suggestion on this. Thanks, Ken

A:No Ethernet on HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator

@Ken_B? Just found the 3005pr. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=7834518&swItemId=ob_165468_1&swEnvOid=405... REO

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