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Video Pinball Space Cadet (Windows XP) Questions?

Q: Video Pinball Space Cadet (Windows XP) Questions?

Hey All,

I love Space Cadet Video Pinball! It is very challenging and frustrating. Some games I do incredibly well. (Got like 8 million last night!) Other games are over in a matter of minutes. I know it takes practice and timing, but some questions?

1.) What makes the game so random in the ability to do well? Is there any strategies that you use to do consistently well in the game?

2.) What actually controls the speed and direction of the ball? Is it physics? Just luck? or a combination of both?

3.) Is the Replay Awarded (Extra Ball Bonus) with points accumulated from the previous ball, totally random? If not, what must be done to get the Replay Award?

4.) What in the design of the game gives it almost a "Sixth Sense" of knowing when you are doing well, with one target left to go until the next level and the ball drains? As a side-note, what seems to make hitting the three flags for an extra ball, without the point accumulations from the previous total, easier the more you hit it.

5.) If you go up the Hyperspace Launch Shoot several times, does the Center Post Light shield your ball from draining down the center in any way? If not, what does it do?

6.) What does the Gravity Wall do? Is it good or bad?


Preferred Solution: Video Pinball Space Cadet (Windows XP) Questions?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video Pinball Space Cadet (Windows XP) Questions?

1 & 2) same as a real pinball game, most luck with the angle of the ball with speed. It mimics the physics of a tilted board.

3) it's when you get a certain amount of points (i think 1Mil).

4) no clue

5) i think when you do that x amount of times, it will give you the ability to have the extra help... it's been too long for me.

6) i think it's just a name you see when you get points... again, haven't played in ages.

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I haven't been at this forum in ages, but I felt it was one of the "better" places to turn for help.

I am using an HP Pavillion home PC. I have Wndows service pack 2. In trying to find and play a game that was downloaded to my system from the set up CD. I was able to play all the games before I was ever hooked up to the internet highway.

I don't know why this game disappeared. It must be buried in one of my drives somewhere. At any rate, I did some research on the web yesterday + came across some free tech support forum, after Googling Windows Space Cadet 3-D Pinball.

I'm a real novice here, so please, spell out very plainly, step by step, what I need to do to get this game back. One suggestion I tried from the other forum was to copy/paste notepad%SystemRoot%\Inf\Sysoc.inf in the start-run box. Then I scrolled to Pinball=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,pinball.inf,Hide,7

I deleted the word"Hide",clicked on file,exit + chose yes to save changes

I went back to add/remove programs,then add/remove Windows components,accessories+utilities,details,games,details. I unchecked the box for games,then rechecked it.Then clicked on okay.

I still can't seem to get this game to show up in all programs under games. It originally came with my system's start up CD, so it has to be here somewhere.

Other info you may need is:

HP 9305wdesktop

Processor 2691 MHzx86 Family 15 model2 stepping 9GenuineIntel

Memory 1GB

screen resolution 1024x758 ... Read more

A:Windows Xp Space Cadet 3-d Pinball

Okay, first you need to right click on your desktop and choose properties. Then go to the web tab then click folder options once you have that done go to the view tab and in the hidden files portion of the list you see make sure it is checked show all files. Then press ok and get out. Go Start>Find>Files or Folders and begin searching all your drives i.e. C. D. just all your hard disk drives. Search for the word pinball or space cadet pinball or anything. Sorry I would give you screenshots even but I'm helping you from windows 98 right now.

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I have ported Space Cadet from Windows XP Home Premium to Windows 8 Professorial.
Due to the copyright on MS, I cannot share a download link. If you'd like to do it yourselves, move the Pinball folder from C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball to an external drive and run E:\Pinball\pinball.exe

Cool, huh?


A:Ported XP-Space Cadet to Windows 8

I followed your idea and copied it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games which is where the Microsft Games for Windows 8 v1.2 package put all the games from Windows 7. Works great from there too.

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i have a ms cd of xp and i have win 7 installed on my comp. is there a way for me to move the windows pinball game to win 7. it is probably my fav. game to play.

A:space cadet on win 7 ?

Did a quick Google. lead me to this forum: http://help.wugnet.com/windows/3D-Pinball-Windows-Space-Cadetftopic-543155-days0-orderasc-8.html

Second post on the second page has a download link. the free download didnt work (said it was out of free slots) so I was unable to check out the file.

Also found http://cid-3ec6a81133f3af99.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/retro downloads/Pinball.zip

Just remember to scan it before you open.

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I am very new to Windows Backup and have a few questions. Actually, my first question is not really specific to Windows Backup, but I notice it whenever I go to Disk Management to view my backups, so I hope it's okay if I ask it here.

Partition Question:

I have the following partitions on Disk 0:
100MB - 70% free
C:906.34GB - which has 82% or 739.03GB free
25.07GB OEM partition which is listed as 100% free

Isn't that 25GB OEM partition the Recovery partition? If so, why is it listed as 100% free? And what is the 100MB NTFS partition for?


Now for my Windows Backup questions:

I ran Windows Backup for the first time Thursday night morning. I chose the "Let Windows choose, recommended" option - "Windows will automatically select user files... A system image will be created including system files, drivers, registry settings, Windows and all of your programs. These items will be backed up on a regular schedule".

It took 6 or 7 hours to complete. When it was done, my 1TB external hdd had 661.51 GB free space. I was surprised because my 1TB desktop hdd still had 742 GB free space. I didn't anticipate the backup to take up more space, and I'm hoping someone can explain to me why it does. Is it because it copies virtually the entire hard drive and then also makes a specific image of the operating system, registry and installed programs?

I have a lot of free space, so it's not an issue right ... Read more

A:Windows Backup, Used Space, & Partition Questions

Were I you and I'm not, I would keep my personal data and Windows in separate partitions. Maybe 60 or 80 gigs for Windows and the other 880 or whatever for data.

Then image the operating system and data partitions separately, so you avoid this confusion.

You aren't anywhere near the first person to be confused by Windows imaging--that's why many have given up on it. There are free alternatives that are much more flexible and straightforward.

The 100 MB partition you refer to was put there by Windows and is used in certain recovery operations. With luck you won't ever need to use it. You can hide it from view I think. You can even avoid it during an installation. Most people just ignore it and possibly hide it.

I can't explain why your OEM partition is shown as empty. Offhand, I wouldn't necessarily believe it is empty. Hang on to it at least temporarily.

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1. Ran out of this space in my Q:Lenvovo - backup assigned partition.  14GB.  (My C: drive has 80GB free!) How can I fix this?  Is there a way to expand the partition without deleting it first?  Does Lenvovo or Microsoft or SSD manufacturer have a tool to do this where you just enter the amount you want to expand a partition to and it will adjust the other partition accordingly?  If not; I cannot delete the Q:Lenovo drive using file explorer or disk cleanup utility.  How do I remove at the original backup?  When I go to disk cleanup it shows blank the files; so it is a hidden file or subdirectory.  I even try signing on as System Administratin but forgot the password I created, it been so long ago and never use it.  LOL!   If I cannot do any of this:  There is an option to do a Windows 10 refresh but can you redirect it to a new SSD from the existing SSD? 2. Looking to get a new SSD but in NVMe configuration. a. Does my L450 support NVMe boot up? What type of NVMe does my Thinkpad support?  I thinking of getting the Samsung 860 Evo.b. Is connecting the new NVMe and running transfer SSD software the Windows 10 will recognize the drives and do the transfer?    Serial NumberF0ATPKGPart Number: 20D5503800 Thanks for any help you can give in this matter!

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I have 3D Pinball on my computer at school because it is part of Windows 2000. Does anyone know of a place where 3D pinball can be downloaded and used with Windows 98SE?



A:3D Pinball for Windows

This what you're looking for ?


Scroll down to bottom of page.

You might find other decent games at these sites :




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right this is going to sound pretty silly,but...
untill 3 or 4 years ago i was running windows ME (how did i survive)
the one thing that i really liked about it was the pinball.
ive downloaded microsoft pinball arcade trial and instaled it but i cannot fid the actuall aplication. does anyone know where vista hides it

A:windows me pinball

on start write pin ball n search for it..

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is there a way to install it on w8 64bit,

A:Windows XP Pinball

It's on Softonic: Microsoft Pinball For Windows Vista & 7 - Download

Although it's listed for Vista and 7, I have installed it and it works fine on 8.

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I have never seen a game more frustrating and painfully addictive for me than 3D Pinball! It is really good. But IMHO a little too random. By that I mean that there doesn't seem to be any "patterns" to the game. I have had games that I can get several million points and I have had games that are almost over literally before they begin. Are there any good game-playing strategies that you guys can use to get some decent scores each time? (I don't want cheat tips or anything like that) I am just having some trouble understanding some of the point values associated with the game. For instance:

1.) How often can you count on getting a Replay Award when a ball goes into the wormhole? Do the wormholes do anything other than give you the option of possible replays?

2.) How many times do you have to hit that Commendation sequence of targets to get an extra ball? Can you also get an extra ball by hitting the multiple target selector? If so how many times do you need to do that?

3.) I once got an extra ball for hitting the Launch Ramp many times. What's up with that? Does anyone know what the Engine Upgrade and Weapons Upgrade actually do?


A:3D Pinball For Windows XP? Tips?

Try reading the Help information that comes with the game.

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Man oh man! I love pinball! The last time I ever played pinball on a Windows PC was 2002!! I love the new pinball game in Windows 8, I'm addicted. But theoretically, I should be able to advance to new and different tables from what I've found about the game on Xbox. Does anyone know how to?

A:Does anyone here know how to progress in Pinball F2 in Windows 8/

The game is still under development for W8, so the Sorceror's Lair Table is the only one available ATM.

And I agree. It is addictive! My current highest score is ~29,500,000

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I went to play Pinball from start menu and it just flashed up, then nothing.. did a search found the program but it states it is a "pf"file and can not open Went to windows components and all games were listed except Pinball, this is a game that I played a lot with no problem.. Any ideas? Also, some sites I get message Internet Explore can not open site "abort now" then it loads normal. Strange things happen to me!

A:Windows xp game Pinball-is gone?

Go to Add/Remove. Click on the Add/Remove Windows components. Click details under Accessories and Utilities. Uncheck the Games box and Apply/Close out. Then go back and reinstall them.

The .pf file is a prefetch file involved in memory management. It just shows that you really did have the game at one time!

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Man I am addicted to 3D Pinball for Windows, but it has to be the most annoying pisser of a game that I have ever played! So many games are unpredicatable. I have scored over 10 million as my highest, but sometimes games are over almost as fast as they begin! There are so many ways that balls can drain killing your mission! I hate the fact that you can only get one REPLAY AWARD per ball round. It seems that you really have to work for extra balls!!! You have 10 targets left, just as an example, and that f**ing ball will hit all but one left and drain down the center or the side!!! Arghhh!!!

Do any of you have any good strategies for this game? For me, it seems that the most important thing is to keep hitting that Lanch Ramp to accept missions. This appears to be more important than just scoring points, because you want to accumulate as many extra balls as possible!

A few questions please:

1.) What does the Weapons Upgrade do? I mean HOW does it upgrade your weapons? What about the Engine Upgrade?

2.) What do the Flags Updates mean?

3.) How often do Wormholes stay open? Most of the time, it seems that the top right Wormhole in the table is the one to hit to have a chance at a replay.

4) What does the Center Bonus Do?


A:3D Pinball For Windows (Cool BUT ANNOYING!)

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I Tried To Get Pinball Pn Windows Vista By Usb Flash Drive (8gb) But When I Tried To Get It On The Computer It Didn't Download? What Do I Do?

A:How Do I Get 3-D Pinball On Windows Vista Home Premium?

Coco767, see this article.

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Not sure if this is the right forum. I am loading music for iPod on my PC. Does anyone recommend “disk cleanup”, checking box for “compress drive to save disk space” or doing a "defragmentation”? I have a lot of cd’s taking up a lot of GB’s so I was not sure if any of these would help with space. Thanks.

A:iPod C drive space questions

walnel said:

Not sure if this is the right forum.Click to expand...

Even if you are not sure about the correct forum, this site's rules still prohibit multiple postings of the same problem. A moderator can move a post if they believe another forum would be a better choice.

Dupe of http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia/818067-ipod-c-drive-space-question.html

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I have 2 SATA drives installed on my desktop i.e. h/d 0 & h/d 1

I had the second h/d Partitioned into several Partitions but have now deleted all of these leaving only one Partition with the rest of the drive being designated "Free Space" This is coloured green in Disk Management. The remaining Partition is a Primary Partition coloured dark blue in D.M. The Primary Partition is formatted in NTFS and contains data.

I now want to have this h/d created into a single un-partitioned drive without loosing the data stored at the moment on its Partition.

How do I go about this ?

Is the "Free Space" here still formatted in NTFS as it was before I deleted the partitions contained there ?

A:Primary Partition and Free Space Questions

Can you post a screen shot Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

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Hi folks,

Lately I have downloaded a fair few movies, TV shows, concerts etc and I have started to become mindful of the dwindling amount of space available on my hard drive. I hope someone can help me with what are probably some pretty dumb questions...

I am wondering what others more expert than me do in this regard to free up disk space... do you burn those clunky video files that are taking up space on your hard disk to DVD-R's, and delete those files from your computer? I have probably got a fair amount of stuff in the 'non-essential' category that would not devastate me to delete from my computer, as long as I first burned to disc.

This is probably an even dumber question: I do regular weekly back-up to a 1 TB external hard drive. Having backed up lots of my clunky video files to an external hard drive, if I then delete those files from my computer, does this also delete the same (backed-up) files from the external hard drive?

Apologies for my ignorance. I am just hoping an expert or experts here might be able to give me some tips for 'best practice' for freeing-up disk space. Thanks in advance for any help offered!

A:Best way to free up disk space? Some dumb questions...

Running out of disk space means that you need to get more. You can put it off, try to recover space on the drive, copy things to DVD, and so on. But eventually, if you want to save things, you need to cough up the bucks.

Movies can be easily stored on DVD's. I usually store them in their original avi or mpg formats since I can get many of them on a DVD. External drives are really a good idea because not only do they give you storage space, but you can make periodic images of your internal drives. Then, when your drive fails, and it will, you don't lose everything, including your operating system. You jst get a new drive and restore everything from the image that you made.

Look on the external. Are your videos still there? that should answer your deletion question.

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1) I have Norton Ghost. Is the best idea to partition my computer and put the ghost copy in that partitioned area as opposed to putting it on 4 or 5 cd's?

2) I have Paragon for my 64 bit Vista, and I'm starting to feel like a moron. I will go through the complete set-up portion of making a partition, and it says it's only in a virtual set-up at this point. So I 'apply' those actions and it brings up an error saying that it can't complete the task b/c C: drive is being used. Uh, yeah, of course it is, how do they think I'm running that dang program! Obviously this must be my mistake/error, so any help would be very much appreciated.

3) Is 25 gigs enough for the general 'Joe' to partition?

Thank you!


A:Ghost copy to partitioned space questions/problems

Having it on a separate partition is OK it the C: partition becomes corrupt, but it won't be of any use if the hard drive becomes damaged. I put mine on a USB hard drive

Not familiar with Paragon, sorry

25 gigs should be fine

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Not a very common happening these days, but I was just forced to compress my disk drive. It's great. Windows is just as fast and I can fit more files. I'd go so far as to recommend it. But I'd also like to ask a few questions:

1. While it was compressing, it said that some files could not be compressed because they were in use. I thought that just meant system files, and I know windows has many, so I said ignore all. Will this cause problems later?

2. When copying files to and from different partitions/disks, will windows automatically compress or decompress?

3. People on different forums keep saying not to compress because there will be problems (found that out after I compressed). Will there be any and how can I avoid them?

4. At the moment, there is an option to decompress the drive. Should I decompress, go into safe mode, then compress it from there?

5. What about defragmenting?

6. What about checking the disk for errors?

Killing 6 birds with one stone. So yeah, thanks

A:Compress disk drive to save space questions

These days it's not recommended because of the risk of data loss and slower performance. Large hard drives are now much cheaper than they used to be, so that is the way to go if you're running low on disk space.

I wouldn't risk using drive compression ever. Data loss is worrying enough even without it, why increase that risk?

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A couple of questions about Backups.

I have a 2nd internal hard drive which I have been using as a backup. But I decided that I ought to get some external backups as well.

In 2011 I bought an external WD Drive 500GB, which says it has 465GB available space to use. There is now 8GB left free. Windows 7 refused to do automatic backups so I dragged and dropped. But I had problems with it, so put it aside. I had another go in 2012 and dragged the docs and photos onto it. But it came up drive full, when there should have been a lot of space still left. I gave up on it. Now I am looking at it again and found the following:

July 2011 Folder WindowsImageBackup which has a Backup folder with 2 VHD files one of 40mb and one of 40.4GB. I found that VHD is Virtual PC which is no help, can?t find a program to open them.

Also 11 XML files consisting of kb up to 4mb. They want to connect to the internet, but it won?t connect.

Other folders are:

March 2012 modified Sept 2013 Document folder - 5GB
March 2012 modified Sept 2013 Pictures folder - 193B
All accessible as far as I can see.

So 193GB + 5GB + 40GB + some mb and kb = appx 238GB + 8GB free = 246GB

465GB - 246Gb = 219GB missing

Question: So any idea where the 219GB missing space has gone?

And what are the VHD files, I can?t remember what I did to create a image backup in 2011, as it didn?t seem to have worked at the time.

I have just backed up my photos from Drive C to a Buffalo 500GB Drive dragg... Read more

A:Questions on automatic backup and missing space on external HD's

First, backing up to an internal drive is a really bad idea. If your computer gets infected with malware, such as one of those that locks all your data until you pay a ransom, you will not be able to access your backup. Or a virus could destroy all your data, including your backup. A hardware malfunction, such as a PSU shorting out and frying everything inside, could also takeout all your data, including the backup drive.

Backups should be kept external and physically connected to your computer only when updating the backup. It isn't as convenient as automatic backups but it's much safer. One way to ensure data is backed up as quickly as possible is to use a good, paid cloud backup service (the free ones have been known to disappear with little or no warning and are rarely secure), such as Carbonite, CrashPlan, or Backblaze, in addition to your external backups. Those work in the background, periodically uploading new and changed data to the service's servers.

For data to be reasonably safe, it should be kept in three physically different places, such as on the computer, on an onsite backup, and on an offsite backup. No matter what medium you have your data on, it is subject to failure, including ones used for backup, hence the need for more than one backup. One of the cloud backup services mentioned earlier can be used as an offsite backup although I prefer to use them to supplement a physical offsite backup.

There are several ways to make backups. The most common are ... Read more

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Anybody know why the F4 toggle back to small window from full screen view in Pinball should cause my PC to show all sorts of backgrounds, power management dialogues, etc., all in quick succession? Sometimes I get right back where I started from.
The average time from F4 press to stable Desktop screen is about 30 to 45 seconds.
To F4 from small screen to full screen has no problems at all.
Is this a resolution problem? - I'm running 1024 X 768 at 70 Hz on an Iiyama Vision Master.

A:(Resolved) Windows Me's "Pinball" game

It wouldn't be the monitor but it could be the video card. When you press F4 in that game, the computer changes your current screen resolution. If you try to change the resolution of your screen, do you have any problems? Do you see this problem anywhere else? What kind of video card do you have? Are the drivers up-to-date?

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When I click on 3d pinball that was installed under games on my computer- all I get is a flash of the 3d pinball screen & then it disappears quickly.... otherwise it wont stay on so I can see or play pinball... its certainlly in the system, but just flashes off.
Any ideas what would do this,, Im using a Dell E510 with the XP system.
Everything else works great.
Give me some ideas.

A:3d Pinball


Whats your computer specs?

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xp comes with several games, one being 3-D pinball. i play it a lot & recently when i choose full screen to play, F4 then hit that key again to return to my desktop, the screen goes black. i've ck'ed dxdiag, everything's ok there. i've gone into properties & unck'ed enable combined writing & moved the slider all the way to the left with no results. when the desktop does come back, it's just a blue screen with no background. i've called dell tech help & they sent me a brand new monitor just a week ago & i'm still having this issue. they say it's the game, but up til now wasn't having a prob at all. guess last option is just not play the game in full screen mode any more. had the same prob with 3-D gutterball from realarcade. if anybody's had a similar issue, please reply. Thanks a lot!!

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Im running that game in win 8 within Oracle VirtualBox, and everything is running in slow motion, anybody with the same problem. My specks are : 5670 with 512gb of ram, system ram is 4GB, with a Althon x2 2.80Ghz.

A:Pinball FX

In VirtualBox?

It crashed directly here. I got it working in VMware Player and in a real install.

What you saw in VirtualBox it's normal: the VBox VDDM/graphics adapter is still experimental and not ready for serious usage.

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I've always had 3d Pinball in my games section on my laptop (using windows xp) but I'm trying to use it now and when I click on it the screen goes black, says 3D Pinball and then it goes back to my desktop.

Any ideas how to get it working again?

A:3D Pinball won't run

Also happened to me on my XP, I think after either the SP2 upgrade or a system restore. I'll keep an eye on this thread - maybe it can help me too.

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I can only play 3D Pinball 1 time. When the game is finished and we try to hit the F2 key to start another game, the screen seems to switch to 256 color mode. I think that is what it is doing. We get strange colors and some large black squares and everything is much bigger than it should be. We can turn it off and do other things then restart it and play 1 more game. Can sometimes restart right away, but usually won't play. It is rather annoying to have to do this. Any suggestions?

The game came on my machine when I got it.


A:3D Pinball

It's not set to fullscreen mode, is it?

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Windows 8 came with 1 table and I was able to purchase all the other tables, that is until the Star Wars and Classic tables came out. When I try to buy them it says purchase cannot be completed at this time. How do I fix this? I contacted Zen studios and they said it is a known issue for Microsoft and they are working on it.

A:Pinball fx2

hmm... did you wait until you were fully signed in before attempting to purchase?

I only own the Star Wars tables so I don't know if the purchase method is any different. A lot of fun, especially if you have a vertical monitor.

I know that Pinball FX2 has a major flaw in that you need to be signed into your account before you can even play the tables! I hope in a future update, they remove this online-only requirement. None of the other games require you to be signed in just to play the game.

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Q: pinball

does anyone know where to find the pinball game on the xp recovery discs?


If the recovery disk are similar in nature to a MS XP disk then ,yeah but it's just a bunch of cabbed files in the i386 folder. I don't think you want that. Instead go to add or remove programs, add/remove windows components, accessories and utilities, games, pinball.

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Hello to all.

I have a problem with my windows 7 pro laptop that shows only 7,49/100 GB free memmory. I tried to delete all shadow copies and previous versions. Also did chckdsk /f which give me 0 errors, tried to search in hidden and OS files, but there arent any big files, diskcleanup with system files cleaned about 1 gb.
Then I downloaded winDirStat which shoved me that I only have 43Gb of data on my c: drive. I don't have any ideas what could be done to increase free disk space. Please help

A:Windows show low disk space, win dir stat shows different space

In My Computer, click the Tools menu then on Folder Options then click the View tab and tick "Show hidden files and folders" then untick "Hide protected system files and folders", click Apply and OK.

Then, go into c:\ windows and delete all the files in blue which statr with a $ symbol. They are only folders that once contained Windows Updates you no longer need to keep. Then scroll down to the Software Distribution folder and to Download. Empty that folder.

Look in Control Panel>Power options and make sure Hibernation is turned off then in System, adjust the size of System Restore so it takes up only 4% of the disk space.

Restart the computer and see hwo much space you freed up.

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I found an old copy of Hyper 3-d Pinball stored away in my desk for years . Finally pulled it out and tryed to run it on my Dell Dimension dim4600 2.66ghz 512 ram. I am using win-xp home edition. The cover of the game has a copyright of 1995 NMS Software. When I clicked on the cd in my computer it went threw the install, even brought up the read me file. But it did not run the game. I tryed starting in comand propt, that didnt work. There where no desk top incons for it either. Please help me find away to play the game.

A:hyper 3-d pinball

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One of my favorite pinball games I ever played was HYPER 3D-PINBALL.
Unfortunately it was for an older verison of windows and requires DOS which WINDOWS XP does not have. Is there a way to get this program to run on WINDOWS XP????

A:Hyper 3d-pinball

http://dosbox.sourceforge.net is a site that has a utility for playing dos and incompatible games on a XP box. Give it a try.

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Have you heard of it ?
Would you like to learn more ?


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found the old xp pinball that will run on vista


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I don't know what I was doing when this happened, but basically although Pinball seems to be there, it will not start (the title screen comes up but that's it), so it looks like it is damaged in some way?

I run XP Home with SP2.

Windows was already pre-installed (an OEM version?), and it is a genuine copy. I don't think there was a Windows disc included with the PC (a HP Pavilion), although one of the drives is a recovery drive. However, there does not seem to be (I don't think so anyway), any way of restoring Windows?

Add/Remove Windows components does not seem to help either.

Can anybody help with this please, as I have been going mad trying to work this out?

(Tried system restore points as well)

God only knows what else is wrong with Windows now.

I should also point out, to further complicate my woes I have no backup drive, so until I can get one of those I am really stuffed...

Thanks for reading this...

A:Pinball Will Not Start

Try using the System File Checker- http://www.updatexp.com/scannow-sfc.html

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I'm wondering how to back up pinball on xp. Computer is a Dell Latitude D520. How do you do it?

A:How to back up pinball to USB on xp

Haven't tried doing this but....you can copy the Pinball folder from C:\Program Files\Windows NT directory and it is supposed to run on all versions of Windows since Windows XP.
It can also be downloaded from http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_windows_pinball_space_cadet.html
I'd be safe & run virus & antimalware scans if you download.

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Hello!! I am new to this website!
Really am in desperate need of help!! I need to find Psycho Pinball, I have had hours of fun with this game and have since not played this since the ex dumped me, it seriously hurt more the fact that I was no longer with Pinball!!
Could anyone give me any ideas please as to where I could locate this! I have tried a lot of websites and they are either foreign or they no longer hold the data for the game! Please help!!


A:Psycho Pinball


I found a Psycho Pinball on Google. If this isn't the right one, just do a search on Google. I hope it is the right one.

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need help to run my old pinball science

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So I was always able to run a game called pirate101 by kingsisle on my mac and its virus free so I know its not the problem. One day it stopped working and I kept getting told to install and download Mcafee virus protection but I don't understand whats
wrong. It said I had 29.00 GB of disk space available but now it says there's only 21MB available I don't see how this is possible.

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Hello I recently bought “Ultimate Pinball Extreme” and it’s been crashing on me. I’ve spent the last few days trying to fix it but I’m at a loss, so I was hoping smarter people than me might be able to help.

I've tried all that valusoft recommends on their site, but it still crashes. The game plays, it’s only when you get to a point in the game where animations are involved does it crash. For example on one table there are 3 elephants that go across the screen and when their halfway past the screen the game crashes. Same thing for all the other tables when their animations are activated.

I've been able to minimize the game when it happens and this is the message I'm getting:

Application Error
The instruction at 004589b5 referenced memory at 00000000.
The memory could not be read from
Click on OK to terminate the application

A few seconds after I terminate the app. I get this message:

dwwin.exe Application Error

The exception breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached (0x80000003) occured in the application
at location 0x77f75a58.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on Cancel to debug the program

I've clicked on the debug and nothing happens.

I play games like DOOM 3, Vice City, HalfLife2 on this machine and they run fine. It can't be my graphics card isn't good enough.

I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.

I’ve done Registry Fix, ran Virus and Adware programs, tested my memory, updated windows (except for... Read more

A:Pinball game crashes Help!?

Hi pinball blues.
Try to run the game in safe mode.If it compleates it may be your video driver you may have to try out a few drivers to find the one that works with all you games.
Good luck.

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Does anyone know where I can download a [full] copy of Full Tilt! and Full Tilt! 2? The closest I have come are some demos at various places. It is a shame that Maxis' games don't work on Windows 7. I wish that they did because I could play Marble Drop on my tablet PC then. I think that it would be interesting to play that game with the pen. I would imagine that playing Pinball with the tablet pen would be quite a challenge. Fortunately, my tablet PC is a laptop with a screen that swivels and folds down into slate made (which is how I use it most of the time). Because the laptop mode, it has a keyboard and a touchpad. These (though mores, the keyboard than the touchpad) would make playing Pinball doable (since I do not believe that Pinball's controls can be mapped to mouse buttons.

A:Full Tilt! Pinball

I don't recommend downloading anything without taking the proper precautions...

Scanning and making sure the program does not break any copyright laws is always a start...

But check out the second reference on Wikipedia's page on Full Tilt! Pinball

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anyone pick this up today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aazvrfoQF4c

A:starwars tables for pinball fx

not yet. thanks for reminding me!

alright, so far have played the empire strikes back table and the boba fett table. like the empire strikes back more so far.

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Well when i get on firefox and IE7 its comes up saying firefox.exe incounters problems we need to close this, same with IE7 i cannot get on any site to i got browse the net, and also it happens to a pinball game, in the games on all programs.When i just click on the Pinball game, it open then closes. Is there a way to stop this from happening?Cheers,Samuel3.Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. I also deleted your multiple unecessary 'bumps' that might not have been needed, if you had posted in the correct forum ~ Animal

A:Firefox, Ie7 And Pinball Game

Anyone know please?

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Psycho Pinball is running slow on my computer, but without sounds it works perfect so could anyone help me to know how to get sounds?

My computer is : 700 Mhz Amd, Sound Blaster Live!...

Thanks for all answers!

A:[SOLVED] Psycho pinball

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I want to make an exe file so that I can send to my friend or hand it out in floppys so they can play my visual pinball table that I created.

Is it possible to make an exe of my pinball table I made in visual pinball?

If not from visual pinball the program maybe I can use some other program?

Any help apreciated.

A:Make exe from visual pinball


Is this Visual Basic that you're talking about here, or something else? If it, I may move you to Developement, as they'll have more of an idea.



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I downloaded the current version of Active-X after I read the "sticky" thread. It seemed to help the "freezing" that takes place in the middle of the PinBall game. Then today it started freezing again in mid-play.

We are running Windows XP-Home. The game came pre-installed when we purchased the computer.

I saw in the one thread that you should make sure you have the latest drivers for the games. How do I find out what video driver I have and what mfg. I should be going to on the internet? Will this help with the freezing and the pop-up box that comes up stating that Windows has encountered a problem and wants to sent a report?

Thank you for any help you can give us.

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Yet another issue with Windows games. Here's the situation. Three computers networked together via an 8-port switch. One computer (the "main" one) contains a program that the other boxes run over the network. If someone is playing Pinball on the main computer, any other computer running the shared application over the network suddenly becomes dog-slow. If the person playing pinball changes focus away from the Pinball window, the network is fine. Checking the CPU usage in Task Manager shows the CPU at 100% when the Pinball window is the active window. When it's not the active window, CPU usage goes down to nil. Is it possible the Pinball game is getting a higher priority than network data requests?? If so, what's the solution to that??

BTW, the main system is a P4-1800 with 512 MB PC2700, IDE RAID-1 80GB HDD, and Win2k SP2.


A:Pinball slows network data

Very possible.

Right click on My Computer and click open the properties.

Go to the Advanced Tab.

Click on performance.

Change the Application Response to background focus. This will make sure that the program running in the background gets a share of the processor time.

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