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Hamachi messes with my wireless

Q: Hamachi messes with my wireless

So i recently downloaded hamachi on my laptop and my desktop. At first it was working fine and there were no problems. Now the hamachi network connection combines with my network 2Wire707,disables internet access, and makes it local only. When I disable the hamachi network connection, the internet comes back on. This is an on and off thing, sometimes the wireless and hamachi will work with each other but at other times it just doesnt work at all. When it doesnt work, windows offers the solution of rebooting the router, disabling hamachi, or renewing the ip for hamachi. Rebooting works temporarily but the problem eventually occurs again, disabling isnt what im going for, and renewing the ip does absolutely nothing. My wireless connection type is WPA-Personal and my signal is strong. If theres any other information that you need just ask. Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Hamachi messes with my wireless

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hamachi messes with my wireless

Im running windows vista and am also hosting the hamachi server i am connected to on my desktop which is wired to an at&t tv box.

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I'm having trouble sustaining a connection with the P2P program, Hamachi.

First, I'm using a Broadcom 802.11g Wireless Network Adapter on my Vista laptop (built in). I'm connecting to the internet just fine with full bars and a 54 Mbps connection speed (with one issue which I'll get to later). It's my computer that connects to the network and the network connects to the gateway which connects to the internet. I'm using a Linksys WCG200-CC router that's in the room next to mine. Then I have 2 active networks:

1.) Wireless Network Connection (home) (Private Network)
2.) Hamachi Network (Public Network)

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Zach-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : chn.comcast.net

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : chn.comcast.net
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:22:37 AM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, December 24, 2008 12:22:47 PM
Defau... Read more

A:Hamachi & Wireless Trouble

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let me start by saying all my ports are properly forwarded.
Ive successfully played games using direct IP and Hamachi
But i want to combine the two... I.E.
Im the Host, one pc connects to me using My Hamachi Address, the other connects using my External IP address.
We tried and got as far as the 3 of us sitting in our lobby, but when we go to start the game 2 of us(my self and the pc connecting using my ExIP) get a ready signal while the hamachi ip gets a waiting signal. eventually the game starts with just the two of us playing, myself (host), and the pc who connected using my ExIP. who can i get that third pc in the game.

What i know:
My Ports are forwarded correctly.
The Pc who connected using my external IPs ports are forwarded correctly.
Ive played with the pc running hamachi in a one on one match.
The pc running hamachi has not been able to connect using my ExIP.
any ideas?

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Q: Hamachi

Well hey everyone, now before you do ask yes i did search but no one here had my problem, basically i have a weird problem with hamachi that never goes away, i cant ping people other than a computer that is on my internet but even when hes not on my net i can ping him, other computers i try to ping comes up with a request timed out but they can ping me, so basically its a one way ping almost but its really weird, the things i tried to do:
1) uninstall hamachi completely using an advanced uninstaller.
2) uninstalling my antivirus completely
3) disabling my firewall

but the thing is i think my router is blocking it although i cant seem to get on it, i hope you can help me i really wanna play with my friends...

Edit: I managed to get in my router but i still dont know what to do

Q: Hamachi

Hi i am using Hamachi it acts as a vpn program if you can t port froward in your router. and i have a server on that. two of the account don't need to have a password and i was wondering how can i make it so that only local network users can log on. the os on the server is xp pro sp2

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Q: Hamachi

So I recent found my copy of star craft, and loaded it onto my vista rig, running x64 home premium. The only problem i've run into is I can't get hamachi to run and work with starcraft.

I'm using the newest version of hamachi,and when I heard that was my problem so I tryed up update.

I cleaned up after removal with CCleaner before installing the older version. But to no avail.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys

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Hi All. I have Vista os and have been reading about some other kind of os? called Hamachi. Can anyone explain, in plain English, what this really is and how it works? From what I've read is sounds pretty interesting and useful.



It is not another Operating System, it is an application for Windows and Mac that allows VPN connections

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I am curious as to the general reputation of the LogMeIn Hamachi software.
I have seen it used with several of the "call this number, pay us, and we will fix your computer remotely" schemes. Also I have noticed it being installed in a lot of the logs of infected computers in the "Am I Infected" section as well as infected computers at my office.
What do you fellow IT professionals think of this software?

A:LogMeIn Hamachi

LogMeIn is fine software, but it can be used for evil.  It allows you to take control of another machine which can be very dangerous.  If you're looking for a remote control tool take a look at Teamviewer

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Hello everybody,

Recently I have been trying, without success, to download Hamachi to join my friend's server in Project Zomboid. When I try to install Hamachi it gets to about 80%, stalls for a bit, and then a small window comes up saying "An internal error has occured." What can I do?


A:Hamachi Download Help

Where are you downloading from? Try the links below in sequence, #1 first.



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I was having the same problem as everyone else in this thread:
Basically (to reiterate) I can see games, but I can't join them.

At the end, turkishcasa said that he was able to solve the problem by adding Hamachi's mac address to the dmz-zone. My question is fairly simple: how do I do this?
I don't know where to get Hamachi's (not LogMeIn's) mac address, and I don't know what the dmz-zone is or how I can add stuff to it.

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A few days ago I installed (or tried to install) Hamachi as I wanted to play private games with my friends on Gmod. We're all relatively new to Gmod. My friends managed to install it with no problem, but mine hasn't even begun installing yet, despite the fact I tried to install it before they did. The status bar of the installation has been empty for 3 days now, and the fact that I can't cancel the installation to restart it doesn't help either.

I don't know why this is. Have I run out of memory on my pc? Do I need to buy a new one in order to install it? Is my pc too old? I've only been playing on the pc for a few months,and I'm really not sure what to do.

A:Hamachi not installing

Hi, Don't believe it would take 3 days to install, possibly 3 minutes.
So first step is to stop the 'install' routine.
If you can use 'Task manager' (so if WIndows 8 it's the three keys pressed together; Ctrl,Alt,Delete) then choose 'Task manager'.
Wait for 30 sec to launch. At the top of the list you should see a line for the installer, right click on it and choose 'End task'.
Now you can try again. You might need to check on the requirements for the program to run on your PC, there might be some files that you need to install first, I really don't know this software though. Someone else might/would know more than I do about this.
Another possibility is that the software didn't even start to install, you might check with your friends about the exact website/link they used.

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Well installed Hamachi a VPN program to trick computer into thinking it was on LAN so I could play a game online with friends.

Ever since I did this no Port 21 FTP connections work...So I can hardly FTP into anywhere but if I FTP into a server with FTP on another server with a different port it works perfect.

So Hamachi installed some thing that is stopping this...I tried to uninstall it but nothing changed..

Any ideas...

A:Hamachi stopped all FTP

Do a system restore to before the original installation.

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My friend has been having problems with Hamachi. The same old problem with Hamachi that you always see. Mediation server has rejected your login request. He's tried the rename the whatever it is folder method. He's also tried the special fix method (the one you use if you've downgraded and re-updated, which he never did anyway.) Anyone have any other solutions that might fix the problem? Also, if you can name another LAN emulator, that would also be great.

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I have just installed Bitdefender Total Protection 2011 today. Bitdefender, however, will not allow me to use Hamachi. My connection to all of the other users in my server is being blocked by Bitdefender. I configured the firewall settings myself, and set Hamachi's network settings to allow everything. I allowed VPN, set it as a home network, allowed all IP's both ways, and allowed both UDP/TCP. I even tried disabling the firewall, but my problem remains. I do not want to disable Bitdefender, and am trying to find a way around this problem. If anyone else could help me elaborate on this situation, please provide some insight.

A:Bitdefender Will Not Allow Hamachi

Hello, i found some info on the Hamachi programs and it may help you to check your connections further..Quoted from a site : " This process does not work on certain combinations of NAT devices, requiring the user to explicitly set up a port forward. Additionally 1.0 series of client software are capable of relaying traffic through vendor-maintained 'relay servers'. "
I read that here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamachi_%28software%29
I am new here and just trying to help.. hope you get this working.

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hi i have a small but really anoying problem with logmein hamachi.
i have 2 computers and when i try to use the browse option in hamachi it askes for a password i don't know which one (i think its remote access pass) or how to change or set it please help me this is really anoying and i know the solution is simple thankyou for your time

A:A problem with hamachi

Discussion of such, as stated in the Forum Rules, is not allowed at Bleeping Computer.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.This thread will be Closed.

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Okay I've been searching ways to play Age of Mythology online through Direct IP/LAN using Hamachi(not the online version through ESO) I've followed the guide at http://www.cynicsunlimited.com/2007/06/30/tutorial-internet-gaming-with-age-of-mythology-and-hamachi/ till the end. But what next? I've installed Hamachi on both PC's to be used for multiplayer gaming. I have the Hamachi addresses on both machines. Also, when I try to host a game from either of the two computers,the game does detect both the addresses: my actual IP address as well as the Alternate address(given by Hamachi). However, the client does not seem to be able to detect the hosted game.

Once a game had been hosted on one PC, I did this from the other PC:
Multiplayer>LAN/Direct IP>(entered some nickname). In the Type a direct IP field, I entered the Alternate address(or the Hamachi address). Yet after the 15 sec timeout, the hosted game is not visible and I simply receive a message: Could not join a game at the given address. Please try another.

What could be wrong? Many guys seem to have been able to play multiplayer successfully using the aforementioned guide. Where'm I going wrong?

A:Age of Mythology with Hamachi help!

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Right so me and some dudes are trying to play Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising over a Hamachi network. I'll be short:

-We are all behind routers.
-I am not behind a software firewall (the other guys have also most likely turned theirs off).
-Nobody can see anybody else's hosted LAN games, except one person, who can see everybody else's hosted games.
-No, there isn't an option to join a specific IP in the LAN games list (there is only a Search option, which doesn't work for me).
-We have followed all troubleshooting advice on Hamachi's wiki, forwarded our ports, etc. and we all still get the same problem.

To be more specific, here's the troubleshooting page for Hamachi:

1. Once you and your friend have Hamachi set up, ensure you can both ping each other, and chat with each other. If either of these don't work, stop and ensure you've configured your firewall properly. [We can all ping and chat, or at least all our connections are green]
2. Some games are not intelligent when it comes to having more than one network adapter, and you may need to re-prioritize your network adapter order. Go into Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings > and put the Hamachi adapter at the top of the list. [We've all done this step]
3. At this point, see if your game works. If not, check out our game specific articles [The wiki does not have an entry for JOTR]


1. Run "rout... Read more

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yes i'm using hamachi its like a private sever ( kinda like gamespy ) for games, but when i try and log in it just says that my firewall might be blocking hamachi, eventhough i've aloud it to pass threw.

A:Something blocking Hamachi

Was it your software firewall you checked? Do you have a router too as you may need to forward a port.

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i have recently installed hamachi and was trying to play age of empires 2.
i could not see the game created by my fren but he could see the one i have creted but he could not join error " unable to join",
i have removed all the PC firewalls.
i'm using Beetel 110BXI router for the internet and even router firewalls were disabled.
i tried doing all possible things but of no use.
i did port forwarding and opened all the ports 2300-2400, 47624 TCP/UDP.
i have configured for a statc IP as well. But still i could not play.

please tell me what to be done to make it work, i'm so curious to play at the earliest possible time.


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hello there, i have just recently made the jump to windows 7 x64. Just trying to get hamachi to work, i can ping other pc fine but no one can seem to ping my pc. In network & sharing center hamachi access type is NO internet access!! Hamachi is at the top of the adapter list. help please.

A:Hamachi & Windows 7

Me too, help .
To me i can't ping anybody, the adapter is still at the top of the list, it has acces through firewall and the connection is unidentified. Also i tried with hamachi 2 and v1.0.1.5 and nithing worked.

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So I installed Hamachi on my laptop (Windows 7) a few days ago to play Minecraft with a friend. My internet was working just fine on that day, and the day after. I want on a vacation in a village for a few days and when i came back, i couldnt use the Inernet on my home wifi. My computer and smartphone can use the same wifi without problem. It's been a week and it still doesnt work. I can connect to it, but it has a yellow triangle with ! on it and i cant use it. I've tried uninstalling hamachi, but it doesnt help... If anybody has an idea how to fix it, i would be very grateful...

A:No Internet after Hamachi...

Hi and welcome to TSF try reinstalling the wifi driver avaiable from the latop makers support pages for your model,or try system restore to a point prior to the install of hamachi.

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I am trying to setup Hamachi on a network for a financial company. I am able to browse the computer on which Hamachi is installed but it seems a bit insecure. Is there any way to use IPSEC with Hamachi or are there any other ways of creating a free VPN in which I can implement IPSEC?

A:Hamachi & IPSEC

Being that this project is for a financial company and the company is probably dealing with some very sensitive information, the ONLY option in my opinion is a dedicated VPN solution which the company owns and operates. Using free services is just asking for trouble.

I'm highly skeptical of setups like Hamachi which require the use of a mediation server (which is not controlled or owned by you and which other unknown clients are using) to establish the tunnel. I also don't like the vagueness of the structure of the security model and the type of encryption being used.

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A friend of mine wants to be able to access the resources on his home network when he is travelling with his laptop. Those resources include a network printer and NAS hard drive.

He does not want to use a product like LogMeIn where he is essentially controlling one of the computers at home. In other words, if he connects remotely using his laptop and opens a Publisher file, he wants it to be opened in the version of Publisher that is on his laptop, rather than have it open in Publisher on the computer that is at home.

Will the free version of Hamachi (or some other product) work like this, or does he need a VPN router to do this?


A:Hamachi vs VPN router?


The easiest way is to remote into a PC on his network. I'm not sure why he is trying to avoid this?

You could do it with a VPN yes. If you did want to do it via a VPN then the simplist way would be to get a VPN router and setup a VPN dial in account for the laptop. Just bare in mind that opening files will take a very long time as they are being pulled across the internet via a VPN... Printing will also be very slow.

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I have a question about Hamachi. In the Network and Sharing Center it says that the Hamachi network (Network 2 on the picture) has No Internet Access. Is this right? Also in the Hamachi window, my icon is grey. Is it supposed to be green?

Thanks, MoRiL

A:Hamachi problem

i have the same question , please tell me if yuo have found an answer!

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I've been thinking about using Hamachi to play a game online which would normally require someone to portfoward. I don't have much knowledge of how it works, so I'd like to be sure I can understand it and be safe using it.

My knowledge of Hamachi is that it creates a VPN (An emulated LAN?) which can be accessed on the internet which allows people to access LAN Functionality as if people were on the same physical network. This would allow me to join others in their games where it normally would require forwarding on the host's behalf.
This would be nice, but I have some concerns/questions.

First of all, how safe is Hamachi itself, and is it stable? I've heard alot about it causing network instability and such - even to the point where people have to reinstall their OS.

Can people view my shared folders? If it is emulating a LAN, would it be possible for people in the Hamachi network to see my folders and documents? Is there a way I can make it private or is this a non issue?

How safe is it in context with other users in the network? If a user who joins the Hamachi group/network has an unsafe/infected machine, can that affect my own machine? Also, are there any exploits in hamachi that can lead to security issues?
I just want to be sure that when I use Hamachi I am solely using it for accessing a multiplayer game, and that my system is secure and my documents and such are private.

I'd really appreciate if someone could answer this, thank you.

A:Questions about Hamachi

For this discussion, a game server might just be a personal computer in someone's home.

When you ask to make a VPN connection to the game server, the Hamachi software on your computer will connect to LogMeIn's server. That server will connect to the game server. If all goes well, there will be a direct connection between your computer and the game server. (Think of it like plugging a really long LAN cable between the two computers.) If a direct connection cannot be established, all VPN data traffic is relayed thru one of LogMeIn's servers.

After installing Hamachi, when you first turn Hamachi on, Windows should ask you to pick a network type. If you select Public, then Windows should not share any of your files.

Any exploits that could take place between computers on the same network can also take place between computers in the same Hamachi group.

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I am having problems running AOE 2 through hamachi. One of the problems i think may have to do with the fact that my IP address in hamachi is different than the one in the game. How is that fixable?

My friends who I am trying to play with, are not able to see the game when i have created one. Nor am i able to see theres when they have created one. But they are all able to play among themselves when im not around..

Hope someone can help me solve my problem.
Thanks in advance

A:Age of empires 2 through Hamachi

Please stick to your other thread.

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not sure if this is the right place for my post. I apologize if its not

I have installed Hamachi on two computers running XP and it works just fine.
Now, I want to share files with friends living in Australia but they run Windows Vista.
Can anyone give me a step by step (for dummies) guide on how to install and configure Hamachi on a computer running Vista?
Thank you!

A:Hamachi on Vista

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The sound on my computer crackles/slows down with varying intervals of a few minutes. I's all the sound: playing music in iTunes, Windows Media Player or streaming from the the net, using FL Studio and when gaming. I have a new computer with Vista and the Sound Blaster X-Fi.

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please link a decent program like tor in this link also please pm me and il send u my email so you can email me tor please

i need a tor alternative basically

A:k9 messes up system

Don't really get what the issue is? Why can't you use tor? What does the notification say when you try to use tor?

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I have a guy that used to work at my company install more ram memory on my computer. He said he would also put XP Pro on it...I told him I liked Home but he said I could have both and it would work better and faster for me. He assured me it would do no damage, but it has or maybe just messed things up. I turn on and pick which I want then in Home nothign works...not my favs, not typing a site in go line not clicking on links...I get a message Application not available. I have done a restore to yesterday on it but it didn't help.

Can I uninstall pro and not lose any info and is it easy enough for an old lady that knows little about puters to do?

Is there anyone that I can get to help me or do it for me thru remote assistant? Please help, I am handicapped and work from home online and need my puter working right for me.:

A:XP PRO messes up XP HOME...help.

unless that guy gave you a legal xp pro cd, you have an illegal operating system on your computer. That guy need to be shot if thats the case.

Did he partition a drive to install xp pro? or was it installed on a second drive on your computer? does the nonworking application work in pro? Finally do you have a xp cd or recovery cd for home?

Basically all you need to do is to format the partition/drive that xp pro was installed on to get rid of it - start xp home, go to my computer, highlight and rightclick the drive xp pro is on, then click on format. Finally insert your xp home cd and boot to the recovery console. Once there just type fixmbr and it should take care of your dual boot screen.

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While playing Battlefield 2142, my audio on the headset (Cyber Acoustics?) began to mess up

Now I have low sound even at maximum volume, and when I play music it fades in and out, making strange changes. However when I change to balance to one side it works perfectly, and if I do a speaker test it sounds fine. Earlier I listened to my speakers (Realtek) and they were fine, but later on they started to have the same effect.
I temporarily fixed both headset and speakers by rolling back my sound drivers and restarting the computer. But right now only my speakers are good. Now when I play music on my headset, it switches from bad to good quality. I'm not sure if the game had anything to do with it.

A:Sound messes up


Try reinstalling your motherboard chipset driver...rebooting and then reinstaling the sound driver

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Hi, I ran the tool in SuperAntiSpyware that's circled in red in the first attachment below, and one of the things that it detected was the "Application" highlighted in the second attachment, I don't know what that means. Is there any way I could figure out what it's referring to?

Thank you in advance!

A:SAS messes up application name

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"If you are not going to be better tomorrow, then why have a today? " Brooklyn RabbiClick to expand...

I have aol 9.0 and so far it is a horror. It freezes when it is not lurching, and this happens every time I employ it. Am I the only one having repeated, continual problems with this program? Is it something I did or said? Did I install a lemon? Somebody tell me: am I the only one suffering these problems with aol? I'm sending this by old reliable aol 8.0 'cause 9.0 is breaking my heart.

A:AOL 9.0 OPTIMIZED-Am I the only one it messes with?

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I don't know what else to call it.

It's a Canon BJC-250, I've had it 4 years, (this is the 2nd PC it's used with) and it's occasionally done this. Can't seem to pinpoint when and why.

Every now and then, usually in the middle of printing, but then for awhile after when I try and continue it, it only prints a few little meaningless symbols in the upper left corner or along the top, then rolls the paper through.

I go in to the printer (it still shows what's left of the print job, or the new one starting) and cancel it and start again, and it does it again.

Later, the printer seems to work okay again.

I was just printing 8 pages (it usually prints much more, but I don't usually print things that have too many pages) on the last page it stopped. Said there was a problem and did I want to retry or cancel? I kept retrying and pushing the reset on the printer, and it kept printing out the symbols on top.

I cancelled it and highlighted what I had left and tried to print it (selection) which was only 1/2 a page and it kept doing it. I tried copy pasting it in WordPad (instead of WORD2000 where I had it) and it did the same. (WordPad doesn't have so much, and sometimes it works better).

I saved the 8 pages in WORD and probably later will be able to print the last 1/2 page.

But, just wondered once and for all why it does this?

This is WIN 98 SE (the first PC I had with the printer was WIN 98)

Not really sure if this is a WIN problem... Read more

A:Sometimes my printer messes up

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Hi. i know this is a issue you guys have come across allot and ive checkt the stickys and allot around first but i havent seen anyonces descitption of what i have =/.
Thing happend around 2 mounths ago but i just restarted windows a few times and i got sound back. but i had it in my head all the time its time for a serious Formation and reinstallation. when im done with installation i have around 8 hours of sound then its gone =/. and heres more it likes to mess around with me..

So when i turn off my comp for more then 4 hours i get sound back what ever i did on it earlier.
If i get booted with a red X on my speaker by the winclock i have too uninstall realtek r2.64(will get soon why 2.64) uninstall the high Def controller in device manager. install drivers again and search for devices in that darn manager.
IF windows dosent find HD audio bus i have too go in too propetis on high def controller in D/M and klick update drivers and then the option i want too witch chouse driver, after klicking next and installing same drivers windows updater just did IT find the audio bus...

So once it finds the audio bus i have moustly around 1-2 min of sound and then it goes silent but the Vu in backplay devices and winamps vu jumps up and down toogether.. at this point ive tryed to repeat my process of installing and uninstalling but thats work up a horse'S A. it does nothing =/. so reboot it is and redo.

When i try too install realtek r2.65 it says there is no device with this driver si... Read more

A:Win 7 messes around with the soundcard=/

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Well, it sounds (no pun intended) like a driver problem.

Can you go into Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controllers, then use the Snipping tool to take a screenshot and post it on here similar to below:

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i had done the search from this forum & oso others website...
but i hvnt got the solution...
maybe by asking my Q here is under wrong session or my question is noob...just hopefully got any kind soul can answer my doubts...

i hv a laptop & a destop in my house...
im able to play private server of maple with hamachi when i connect my laptop (or destop) directly to the modem...
but when i connect my laptop or destop to the router...
both of them cant play maple with hamachi...
is the firewall or something in router block the hamachi...?
i have done the search in internet...
some say need to get port forward & get the static IP...
some say to set at auto sellect IP...
i confuse becoz im really stupid in network thingy...
perhaps can any1 teach me how my laptop & destop going to play maple with hamachi...
im using cable laptop & the router model is dlink dir 300

thanks again...^^

A:[help] router blocking hamachi...?

Look up configuration settings for the game. You probably need to open one (or more) ports in the router, to allow traffic through it to the internet. The games support page(s) should have these configuration settings (and ports).

Yes, this is the same as configuring a "firewall" in that firewalls and routers function in the same way; they allow or block traffic based on what port they are using. Most games have specfic ports they want to use, and I am assuming this one is no different.

Once (or if) you have found out which ports need to be open, you will then need to figure out how to open them on your specific router. That information will be on DLink's support pages online.

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hey, ive disabled my Hamachi, and i would like to know if its possible to reable it without having to restart your Computer?
im using W7 (On Norwegian, not sure if that matters)

A:Solved: Hamachi disabled

Hi Crackerdawg

Why don't you just try it to find out?

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I have a problem. I installed Windows 7 on my computer ( I had windows XP late). When I had Win XP Hamachi, Tunngle worked. I havent any problem. But now...
1. I cant play via Tunngle or Hamachi (maybe the same problem... I dont know...)
in Hamachi I have blue dot... And i cant play with anyone. In Tunngle... It writes me, that NAT error... And that I must set a port forwarding. Well, I have done it. I thought, that it can solve problems with Hamachi and Tunngle. But ... NOTHING has changed. Still the same problem.
I am adding here some pictures.
I set a port forwarding in the router page... Maybe, Its problem, that if i go to internet (in control panel) - Local network works, but Hamachi writes "The internet connection is not availabe." (on the picture too)
I turned off the firewall, when I tried it.
Can you help me, please ?
There are pictures: http://imageshack.com/i/f2o2i8j

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My friends are trying to play LAN on WC3:TFT through Hamachi, but it's not working. Whenever I or someone else create a game, nobody can see it. We can ping each other on Hamachi fine, but gaming is a no-go. What could be wrong?

A:Warcraft 3 TFT and Hamachi problem

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Okay this seems to be a uncommon problem cause I've spent atleast 2+ hours just seaching many different forums for a answer and I haven't found ANY simular problems.
What I'm trying to do is play on LAN via Hamachi with a friend, and we've tried Garena but same problem.
before we start ill just say:

My set-up:

Im running Vista and I have got this working with other friends, so im thinking its probably my friends settings that are ruining this, I'm on compatibility mode and as admin.

I have a paid for version of WC3 and I've copied this and given him the installed version, (didnt use disks just copied the installed folder to his computer)

Hamachi is allowed through my router and all ports i can possibly open are opened

His set-up:

He's running win7 and as admin

He's using the same WC3 as me

All Hamachi ports are open for his router
Basically we can join each other's games in LAN screen, talk and everything, however I start the game and he get disconnected instantly, this is the EXACT same for Garena and Hamachi and I have NO idea why its starting to get quite annoying and ANY help at all would be great. We've tried with him hosting and I get disconnected, We've got same ports on WC3 (6112) and I have no idea what to try next.

A:Warcraft 3 + Hamachi/Garena

Bump - No help... at all?

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So... I posted this thread because I just made a test server on my PC and I am using Hamachi as a virtual LAN and I want to see if anyone could help me build it up until I can get my Server bought and to get my router port forwarded.

Specs: (These are a bit crap because I have really bad internet that I am going to fix)
Ram:3.5Gb Dedicated RAM
CPU: Quad-Core AMD 1.8Ghz Processor
Hard Drive: I am allowing up to 200Gb of Hard Disk because I don't really know what is ideal
Network: KC Communications (7.5Mbs UP, 3.525Mbs Down)
SlotsIt will say 20 on the Server but I only have 4 other available other connections for Hamichi)
Other Info: I have disabled the nether because I have a feeling that will slow the server down having multiple servers running but depending on how popular the server will be I will add multiple servers and higher specs.

If you want to come on this Server please tell me on Skype: Theo Sheovelot

Also... You will be staff while the server is up early and you must know what you are doing.

Hamachi Information:
Password: None!
Minecraft:1.6.4 (Because that is easy to run on Hamachi for some reason)

Thank you for reading

A:Hamachi Minecraft Server

Plus It won't be on for a couple of days.

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I'm having difficulty trying to instal Hamachi onto my laptop. I've managed to do it successfully before but now an error message (attached) keeps showing up. The account says that I am an admin so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Anyone able to help?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3039 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466430 MB, Free - 195776 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Hamachi Installation

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Can someone please walk me step by step through using a Hamachi account to create a Civ V multiplayer game over a LAN-type connection. Thanks.

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I have Log Me In hamachi and it wont load or do anything its supposed to. This all started randomly and I tried uninstalling and i can't there is nothing i can do at all.

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Hi guys, me and a mate are having some troubles with Hamachi and WC3:TFT. It's rather strange...I've got my wc3 (6112-6119) ports forwarded, and I'm sure they work cos I can host on battle.net without any problems. I've also forwarded two ports for Hamachi (12975 and 32976). We are able to ping each other and chat via Hamachi.

The problem is this: when my mate tries to join the game, he can see it, but he automatically gets kicked out when he tries to join. I can see him trying to join but he gets insta-booted. I've got no idea what's causing this. Both of our firewalls are off, so that's not an issue. I don't have my banlist running, so that couldn't be the issue either. I am *stumped* here. I mean he can see it but can't maintain a connection? Strange...

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help guys

A:Hamachi/Warcraft 3 TFT issue

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Hi everyone. I am trying to get some older games to play through the LAN. I believe I had tried using just the router alone and the games would not show the other computer under host. I will update this post confirming that, but something had happened to where I needed to try something else, so I got Hamachi. (Will confirm shortly with what happens using only the router)

With Hamachi on both computers on the same network, it allows me to see the other computer hosting the game which is an improvement but it won't let me join as it says that "the subnet needs to be the same as the host". I looked it up and saw a few websites which explains how to make the subnet the same but it looks like it is an older version of Hamachi. I installed an older version from one of those websites which looks exactly the same as their screenshots but it is missing the "Show Advanced peer menu item" box which needs to be checked in order to change the subnet.

I guess what I am looking for by posting this is if anyone is familiar with that version of Hamachi that has that option or feature? or if anyone knows how to change this using the current up to date Hamachi version?

The website that has the screenshots and descriptions about changing the subnets is this one:

It is for a completely different game though but the process should still work if I get the correct ve... Read more

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