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Pioneer DVr-109 writing Problem

Q: Pioneer DVr-109 writing Problem

Hi folks

I have a horrible problem which is doing my tit in.

I just brought a pioneer dvr109. In the Uk this drive has received good reviews so i decided to buy it. I brought an oem version of dabs.com.

Now when i received this it had a fireware already on which was version 1.19 and i looked on pioneers website and there was another firmware update which was 1.40 which was only released in march. so i updated and it hasnt seemed to have sorted problem out.

The DVD rewriting side seems to be fine.

but for cd-rs i am having problems.

I use TDK cdr80 disks which can burn up to 52X. now i know my drive will only burn up to 40X which is fine, but when i used nero, which is version. I can only burn at 4X.

does anyone know why this is.

I thought problems like these sorted them selves out with firmware, but i dont think it has.

I have tried the same brand but with numerious disks and have had no luck. b4 i did the update i was also using infiniti cdr-80 disks on a spindle. and these would burn up to 32X. but since the update these will only burn at 4X.

can anyone help, is there any issue with this drive, is it my nero version?

any help will be greatly appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Pioneer DVr-109 writing Problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Pioneer DVr-109 writing Problem

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Hello! I have bought my new dvd writer drive, but I have problem with writing dvd's on it, it can't open blank dvd's and write to them media, but it can only open already disks, thta have some files on them. I am a lil bit confused, plus I got another simple cd rom writer, connected to same ide cable, maybe i should disable it and leave only this new dvd rom driver, I have read help on my Windows xp Proffessional home center, and there was said, thta i must disable recording on dvd-ram drive, i did it, but now, when i try to open blank dvd disk, it says inccorrect operation, can any1 give me advice? My dvd wrier drive is Optiarc 7170A and i got those latest drives, plz give me some advise, I am totally confused Thx

A:Solved: Problem writing dvd disks on new dvd writing drive

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Hello Everyone,
Right out of box my Asus had powering up problem. Sent it to Asus and they fixed it and said they had to change the HD. I wasnt a person to use CDs on daily basis..after almost a year to my surprise when i wanted to use a DVD it just dont even recognise,
Asus happily blamed it on me saying "i should have reported it right then". So i have tried uninstall of driver and reinstall.
--EDIT: On devicemgr..driver prop it says its config is incomplete or damaged. error code 19.--

I found the below info for a Win7...will same procedure work for Win8...???? Appreciate.
To Solve this problem, you need to reinstall the Cd Drive by doing the following

1. Go into device manager, right click on cd drive and select uninstall
2. In start type run and execute it

3. type regedit and execute it

4. navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

5. delete the upper and lower filters - if one of them isn't they're don't worry - just delete which
ever is.

6. close registry and restart computer immediately.

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I just bought and installed the dvd drive for my dell dimension 8100 desktop. When I put a cd in it wont load so I open window explorer to click on the drive it says only the read process was complete. But whats weird is my laptop wireless dies everytime i put a cd in. So I decided to update the firmware to 1.18 but it wont let me it says somthing about cant get out of normal mode. Then the dvd drive and my laptop wireless dies till i reboot it. The laptop and desktop aint connected I even unplugged the usb port to the router from the desktop. But the real problem is why cant I update my firmware.

A:Pioneer dvr-115 problem

The CD Disc that you are putting in the Desktop DVD drive, is that a blank or copied disc ?
Have you tried putting in an original bought disc (ie a movie) to test it ?

The DVD Drive sounds as though it may be not set up correctly.
Is it Sata?
Is it ATA?
Is it USB?
Are there other drives (CD/DVD) already installed (making two drives)
Is your Hard Drive Sata or ATA?

The laptop wireless issue, sounds as though it is depedant on the Desktop to be operational.

The laptop bios, I haven't worked out (requires more info ie Specs; model)
But you really need to be confident in doing this
Have you got the correct bios file?
Have you read all the updates proceedure?
Are you aware that USB devices should be out?

Really there's a lot in what you asked.
I wonder if it would be better to try to repair one at a time (to avoid confusion -both my end and yours)

Please confirm all of the above
Also all your system specs
Your Windows version
Your network configuration.

Or maybe just start again with one fault
ie. Pioneer dvr-115 problem

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I have Windows XP Prof SP2 and Suse Linux 10.0.
My dvd-rw a04 burn correct in Suse but not in Windows.
In Windows only burn CD but not DVD-R.

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Hi, I purchased a used DVR-109( used for two weeks) from eBay. I have two drives on my computer, the first one is (CD rom, That came originally with my computer), The second one is (CD writer That installed later). Then When I received the PIONEER DVR-109, I had to give up the first one (CD rom)that was set as MASTER and replace it with the PIONEER( I set as master as well) But never worked, The device manager in my system shows that the pioneer is working properly, But it's not working at all, My PC recognized the pioneer But the mouse goes slow and gets stuck every time I insert the installation CD to install the features and drivers. Even though I inserted the CD in the other drive(CD writer) just to read the contents and try to install it, But it freezes as well. It only happens with that (pioneer INSTALLER CD) but when I use another CD( any media or software cd's for example) it works fine on the CD rom But not on the PIONEER . Please help me. My pc informations are :

Packard bell
Pentuim 3
Win XP ver 2002/ service pack-2
601 MHz
256 MB RAM
I have 4 GB available in my hard drive

A:PIONEER DVR-109 problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go into your device manager, and uninstall your optical drives. Reboot your computer, and Windows will redetect the drives. See if that helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I've just done a reinstall of windows xp and my Pioneer drives keeps locking up in the my computer window , I can't think of what it could I mean it installed windows xp will no problems , I've also went into the bios and checked that all my setting were set to auto which they are , I even booted from the hard drive first and CD-ROM second to see if that would make a differents.

So if anyone could post some suggestions on what to do it would be great , I might do a bois upgrade and see if that helps too.

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Hi people
as I said my problem is in DVD writer ...he don't want to burn any cd or dvd...I tried many programs like Nero, Roxio, Ultra iso(all lastest version)... but nothing! my writer work only at i using Windows 7 to burn a disc!
Is anyone have solution for this problem?

A:Problem with my DVD RW Pioneer 215D

Can you fill out the rest of your system specs in your userCP.

Also make sure your burning is setup in BIOS correctly and in device manager it sees it as a DVD-RW not just a DVD rom.

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Greetings from Scotland.....

Need help from you wizards out there....Have been getting the same error message every time I try to burn a DVD. This has only just started because previously everything was fine.
The message reads: E80041930: Track Writer error-Wait Failed(T7123) Now this comes up after only 14% of the burn has been completed. So far I have managed to make a dozen or so nice beer coasters, but now it's no longer funny. Anybody come across this problem?...Have foned the Pioneer help line, but they were as much use as an ashtry on a motorbike. Have downloaded the latest firmware from their website for the DVD-RW but this has done nothing. Everything checks out in Control Panel/Hardware/IDE etc...Running out of ideas, do you think I should turn my DVD-RW into a play centre for hamsters? or is there still hope??...All help appreciated...Cheers



A:Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D Problem

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When I am trying to burn a data DVD, burning speed is only 2.3X
I am using DVD+R (as I always do) But not only does it burn slow it doesn't read after I get the "Burn Successful" message.

I contacted Sony and they couldn't figure it out, they said to do a system restore.....I did as far back as it would let me and problem still exist.

Checked Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and DMA is enabled on all channels. and updated all drivers (none needed an update)

Burns and reads CD-r OK!

Am I missing something, any help would be great.

Window Vista OS
Burning using Nero (also tried burning using windows, no luck, same problem)

A:Problem with Pioneer Dvd burner

nobody? anybody?

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I'm having a problem with my pioneer dvr-s19lbk with windows 7 ultimate 32bit.
The drive shows up fine in my bios, but windows 7 has a problem with it. In my computer it shows up as dvd-rw, but in device manager it shows as a cd-rom. When i put a disk in the drive the autoplay comes up as normal, but when insert a blank disk nothing happens, no autoplay. For some reason its not seeing any blank media and i am unable to burn any disks, even though nero shows the drive with its full model number and firmware version.
However many times i try to update the driver i just get the same message : (Windows had deternimed the driver software for your device is up to date).

I have searched online and have found the latest firmware from pioneer, but as my drive is the latest model it already has this version and there does not seem to be any driver for this device even though it says on the box that its compatible with Windows 7 and i don't understand why its not working.

Any ideas will be most welcome



A:Pioneer DVR-S19LBK Problem win 7

Hi arjt1973. Welcome.

1. Have you tried switching sata ports?

2. Have you tried installed the asus controller drivers?

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Hey everyone.

I am having a problem with my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D. It is a CD-ROM/R and DVD-ROM/R/RW.

The device seems to have no problem recognizing regular CDs or burning regular CDs. But yesterday I have encountered a problem with DVDs. I tried to burn a DVD image of Windows Vista (it is all legal. I go to Heald College and Microsoft gives us free software to download and burn, its a student-license-key) and the burner would burn everything fine. Then, when I insert the completed DVD back into the drive, my computer would not recognize the DVD. In My_Computer the drive is shown as: CD Drive. Once I open the tray, it changes to "DVD-RW Drive". Once I insert the DVD back into the computer, the name of DVD drive in my computer changes back to "CD Drive".

Funny, when I insert the same burned DVD into my laptop DVD drive it understands the DVD fine. I tried burning the image on DVD -R and DVD +R disks and both of them burn fine but then neither DVD -R or DVD +R are understood when I insert it back into computer. I burned both DVDs with Alcohol 120%. My Pioneer DVD-RW drive has all the latest firmware installed and showes no problems in Device Manager.

I suspect the problem with the IDE Channels on which my DVD-RW drive is connected, but I want to be sure, before I start unscrewing my tower since its pretty big and packed up inside - too much trouble.

Can someone reccomend me something, or is the drive possibly has lived its life?

Thank you guys ... Read more

A:Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D problem

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My dvd drive only reads dvds . I can`t burn or read regular cd`s . Whats the problem?

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This never happened before until now, but when i turn to burn data with my dvd writer, its going all crazy. My buffer level jumps from 30 to 100 percent constantly. I cant cancel the burning process. The time prediction when the dvd is gonna be done is way off.

I am trying to back of day of defeat: source so later on, when i format my pc, i dont have to download it again. Its a 3 gig+ file. Thats the great thing about steam, if you download games through them, they give u the option to back it up unlike EA downloader.

The program i am using is Nero, the defualt version which came with my burner. Also, i am guessing is star force which was installed when i installed Rainbow:Six Lockdown because before that, i never had this problem. And the speed i am burning at is only at 4x using the same exact model of dvd+r i did before. This speed gave me no problem before. My pc spec are listed below.

A:Pioneer DVD writer problem.

Good Morning Mayor Quimby, I suggest you obtain "Smartcop Free Antivirus" from
Download it and unpack it to a folder on your C: drive. (eg C:\Smartcop)
This program is a simple little stand-alone no update kind of scanner.
(A bit like a junkyard dog!!)
Switch off your normal antivirus monitor program.
You can then run smartcop by double-clicking the black icon in that folder and completely scan you machine.
It will detect viral signatures, examine them and their addresses and if possible (if they are not vital files) delete them dependent on your command. (Auto delete is a bit vicious!)
Most are usually in temp folders, it is also common to find your A/V system will be infected and compromised. (Smartcop does not appear to have this problem)
Make notes of any virus and addresses detected.

Now reboot and try rerunning smartcop with your normal A/V monitoring (not scanning) so as smartcop examines the machine, the activity monitoring operation of the other A/V will likely detect virus signatures, examine these and act appropriately.

Generally you can keep rebooting and re-scanning and find more with each run.
Sometimes running in "safemode" helps with problem removal and sometimes a different access mode is needed to actually delete and replace certain files.

I am most interested to see what you find!! (Please advise results)
I am amazed at the stuff this method detects, I may be wrong in your case but I doubt ... Read more

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Can burn DVD's but not CD's. Receiving error saying errors were found on the new disc. I was having this problem before I recovered this cpu. After recovery, worked fine, now won't work again. Need help.

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my fiancee brother has pioneer 106d may 2003

firmware 1.07 latest

I plays dvd movies, loads regular cds DATA win xp etc
Burns no problem

Doesnt read DVD data discs backup c:\ etc etc

This has me stumped

A:problem with pioneer dvdr

ok all heres is another thing to view download the zip

dvd video pic is from Nero

the other pic is when a BLANK dvdr is in drive

whats going on here plz someone explain to me what the ????

I have a presentation due by 31st December via DVD and the burner will not write DVD video so plz assist

here it is

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Hello! Wonder if anyone can assist. I have just installed the above Pioneer DVD RW drive to my system and have the following problem:
It won't let me burn anything to a blank DVD.
XP recognizes the drive as a CD ROM, lets me copy / burn info to CD's, play DVD movies etc. I updated the firmware, uninstalled it and reinstalled it.
It knows its a DVD RW drive, but seems not to recongnize that it has a balnk DVD in it.
Its driving me mad so any assistance / ideas would be excellent!

A:Pioneer Dvd Rw 107 + Copy Problem

What burning software are you using? It may need to be updated to the latest version.

It may also not like the brand of media you are using, in which case another brand might be worth trying - most manufacturer put out a list of tested/supported media.

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Hello everyone,

I have been having this problem since the day I bought it but; everytime that I try to burn an audio CD, data CD, DVD, etc. it will burn for several minutes, then a program error will come up that usually says, "error burning disc, please try another setting, media type, or update drivers." ... For example, I tried to burn 10 music files onto a CD and after the 5th one, it said, "burn failed", and when I use a video editing program and burn my movie to a DVD, it alway burns between 5 - 10 minutes, then I recieve the same error.

I called Pioneer and they said they don't make drivers for any of their products, they all rely on Win XP drivers. Does anyone know what the problem could be??? I am using Memorex CD-R and Memorex DVD-Rs to burn with.



A:Problem Buring with my Pioneer DVD/RW CD/RW

I would try another burner.

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I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my Pioneer DVR-109 to version 1.57, but when I run the UPGR109 executable I get an message saying "Available target is not found".

I am running XP with SP1.

Any help would be appreciated...

A:Pioneer DVR-109 Firmware Upgrade Problem

Is the drive recognized in My Computer? If not uninstall and re-install it , after checking proper connection and settings to the drive.
If it is recognized by the Computer, then make sure you are logged on as Administrator; turn off all running program Anti virus , screen savers etc.
And try the update again.

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I have a new nero disk and my computer won't recognize any disk at all in the drive, audio cd's work, burnt dvd's do not. Please help!

A:Nero & Pioneer 109 recognition problem.

How old is the computer? How old is the optical drive.
Be sure your jumpers are set properly on the back of your optical drive.
Optical drives have a very high failure rate, often lasting less than a year.
Lasers burn out like light bulbs. Burning and reading lasers are different components of the drive, and either can get out of alignment... so that the laser cannot read the tracks in the correct order.
You can also have a drive which has had the belt slip off, or the idler wheel is stuck.
Easiest fix is to buy a new drive. You can buy DVD burners online from any of the major companies for under $30 plus shipping, then install it yourself. Better build drives are Plextor and Yamaha, but they will cost you four to six times more than the good enough LG, Lite-On, and Samsung. Avoid HLDS and low priced HP or low priced Sony.

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Your help would be soooo much appreciated. i just bought grand theft auto vice city and it installed okay, but i had trouble loading it. the helpline said i needed to upgrade my firmware from the pioneer website. i had no idea what this is, and was a little daunted by the warnings, but i downloaded the software, but when i come to run it, it just says 'available target not found'.

Please help...am i damaging my pc by upgrading the firmware, and why won't it work.

Thanks heaps in advance!

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Hi guys, I'm having a problem trying to get the tv audio to play through my hts-gs1 surround sound system. I followed the instructions by running the red and white cord from the output of the back of the tv to the back of the subwoofer and when i switch it to analog on the surround sound nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

A:Pioneer HTS-GS1 Surround Sound Problem

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Hi there, when i try to use dvd decrypter or other software to backup dvds, it doesnt work.

DVD Decrypter comes up saying that the "media region code is mismatched to logical unit region.

Could someone tell me how i can get rid of this problem, and if i have to cut and copy and files, could you tell me the exact directory where i have to paste them to.

Please help.

Many Thanks


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Up till recently, I've only played ONE "all region enabled" DVD on my Pioneer 106 DVD drive. Up till then, no other DVD was played in the drive, nor did I upgrade the firm-ware/flashed it to make it region free etc. The drive's the way it came. The s/w I used to use to view that DVD was WinDVD 2.x(?)

Last week, I got another DVD, a Region 1, and I upgraded to WinDVD 4.0. The Region 1 DVD plays without problem, but the all region enabled one doesn't anymore! WinDVD crashes when I load it (causes an error with some .dll file) and PowerDVD says the disc is dirty or unreadable. I dont think that's the case as I've not loaned the disc out to anyone, it's always stored in its case and a physical inspection of the disc shows no serious scratches etc. Viewing the contents of the DVD in Windows Explorer isn't a problem either - i can see the directories and files.

The drive is installed as a master on the secondary IDE port, a configuration which worked till recently. WinME's my OS.

Anyone know what's up? Did playing the Region 1 DVD lock my drive or something?


A:Pioneer 106 DVD drive plays some DVDs, but not others! (not a problem of regions)


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I run a Pentium 4 with XP Professional. It came with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2 installed but I've never got around to using Roxio. I can play music CDs OK via Windows Media Player.

Realised I should be backing up my HD and tried to backup onto a CD-R with no joy so tried a CD-RW - no joy. Went and bought new CD-RWs in case the disks were at fault but still no joy.

Eventually found out that the Roxio version that I have can't be used on XP Professional so downloaded Nero 7 Demo. Still getting same messages.

When I try to copy I get a couple of different messages:
"Buffer underrun protection activated" and shows Type of disk in recorder: Empty
"Waiting for disc - Please insert disk to write to"

And previously got "Unrecognised data" and "insufficient space left" but it's a blank disk.

I've tried using Nero to do a quick erase but the Erase option isn't highlighted so can't.

I'm obviously missing something really basic ... anyone any ideas? I've attached aerror log in case this is of help.

Also, do I have to format all new disks before using and, if so, anyone know how to format using Nero 7 demo?

Many thanks.


Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 02/11/2004 13:54:32

NT-SPTI used
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 7, ... Read more

A:Problem Writing To Cd-r Or Cd-rw

Hi Denise. Roxio and Nero don't like to cohabitate (I found out the hard way). Uninstall both of them for the time being.Download and run XP_CD-DVD-Fix.zip and unzip the contents. Run the EXE file. Reinstall Nero. If this doesn't work you could try using an inexpensive optical drive cleaning disk available at large retailers and computer shops.---------------------------There are 2 ways to store data on a RW disk. The first way is to burn to it like it is a CD-R and then erase the whole disc to reuse it. The other way is to use Nero's InCD driver to format the CD-RW. This will allow you to treat the disc as a 500MB removeable disc in which you can add and remove files and folders in Explorer as if it was a gigantic floppy. Only computers running InCD will be able to write to the disc.

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I have a Blue-Ray Drive on my HP-G70 120. I am running on WIndows 7. Recently, my blue-ray drive has been disturbing a lot. I wrote to CDs and DVDs before, and it worked fine. Also, I can read from the discs, so I dont think there is a problem with the laser, rather I suspect some problem with the software.

My Problems are:
Clicking on the drive icon says its a blank disc, though the disc is not.
While at other times, ejecting the drive from windows or from the button says "An error occurred while ejecting BD-ROM". At other times it ejects fine.
I burned some files onto a CD that already had 80MB written on it, using BurnAware. Now, after burning, only the previous (80MB) are present there, but no sign of the newest write. Also, it shows "0 bytes free of 80MB" when clicking properties on the drive icon in Windows Explorer.

So How do I fix these problems?

Thank You

A:Problem with DVD writing


Please refrain from posting duplicate threads.

Which software are you using?

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I have got a Benq Cd writer(20*10*40). My problem is I am unable to write data Cd's (data from harddisk) of more than 650MB capacity even though the Cd's I use are of 700MB. If I do write the Cd gets damaged. For CD to CD writing I am able to write.

I use Nero 5.5.3 original version ( I have even checked its settings but there was no use) & windows Xp writing software. This problem also had started recently and also only for data CD's and not for audio CD's.

I have got a Pentim 4 system with Windows Xp. 40 GB hard disk and 256MB RAM.

A:Cd writing problem

You may need a firmware upgrade for your CD drive, and I'd cruise over to Nero's website and download the update to the current version of Nero, it should be free.

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I have a problem with an LG SuperMulti 22x drive. All the dvds i try to write with Windows 7 built in software fails when there is roughly 30s left of the burn.

I tries Nero as well but the writes also fail. It is a brand new drive, is there any way to test it? I installed Windows and device drivers using it and it seemed to work fine.

Any ideas?

A:DVD Writing problem

Hi - have you AHCI enabled in the bios? If so it could be the driver Microsoft installs automatically during install - to fix this go to the below site and download and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver if you haven't already installed it.
I think its updated with the chipset drivers now, so you could update them firstly, and see if that fixes the problem if not install the rapid storage driver - available on the same support page below.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P8P67 PRO

You could try this microsoft fix if you have the rapid storage driver already installed assuming its suitable :

Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media

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Hey techguys,

I'm trying to help my sister with a problem she's having with writing CDs. I drag the files to the CD drive and they appear in that drive's folder fine, but when I try to press the 'Write these files to CD' button I just get a bleeping sound.

I've used this process on my laptop multiple times and have had no problems with it.

Her laptop is an HP Pavillion dv8372ea


A:CD Writing Problem

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I searched here and there a lot and still wondering is it a problem with sp3 or the dvd rw driver which mine is SONY DVD RW DRU 830A or it is a problem pertaining to the softwares that I use kike NERO, DVD Shrink. At present none of the copying and burning softwares cannot write in dvd driver.

A:XP SP3 and writing problem in DVD RW

It is XP SP3 that is causing your problem. I have a Sony DRU 710A that stopped working after I installed XP SP3. It would not recognize any blank DVD media with Roxio or Nero. I pulled the drive out and put it in another machine that only had XP SP1 installed. The drive worked great. I then installed SP3 and the drive quit working again. I then uninstalled SP3 and the drive started working again. Microsoft needs to fix this problem. I hope someone can put enough pressure on them to fix this issue.

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My supervisor has a laptop with a removable cd-rom, Compaq cd-rom CRN-8245B. He has used it to burn CD's in the past, and it has stopped writing discs. A blank disc says, "Cannot copy files: Files on this CD-Rom are read-only. You cannot copy or move files to this CD-Rom drive." when try to copy files to it. Has it quit working, it still reads discs, any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Cd writing problem

The CRN-8245B is only a CD-ROM drive not a CD-R/RW drive. Is that the correct model number or do you have another drive?

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hi guys/girls

i am having a problem with my laptop (HP Pavilion dv2000 )

my problem is when i switch on my laptop after hibernating it , the keyboard starts to write different letters than it was shown in the buttons , to solve this problem i have to restart it or hold (FN) button while writing .

thats all thanks ;)

A:writing problem

You might want to try installing any updated drivers from the HP website.


That is a direct link for drivers for your FN keys. Try it and let me know how it works.

How long has the problem been occurring? If it just started happening, you may try to do a system restore. Make sure all of your personal files are backed up just in case of an error.

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I went to burn a cd and my burning program worked fine, supposedly. Uh-huh.
I went to play it, as a double check, and I got 15 -20 seconds of each song on every track and that was it.
I have two cd/dvd drives, different mfgrs. with the same results from either.
I can listen to or rip cd's, no problem but I've tried 4 different cd burners and get the same crappy results.
Is it time to trash BOTH of my CD/DVD drives, Update my already updated drivers, or give my endoctronial systems a ballpeen massage?

A:Problem with cd writing

System manufacturer and model?

What program was used to burn the CDs?


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i have a p-III machine....till some days back the system was working fine....but now when i am trying to write a cd its showing methat the cd was successfully created but when i check the cd its still blank....
the writer is samsung 48x16x48

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I'm looking for help with a problem getting my DVD writer to recognise blank DVDs.

I can read and write CDs no problem and the drive will read already written DVDs(films,software etc). However when I insert a blank DVD the drive just keeps trying to access(green light on drive keeps flashing and drive is spinning) the DVD.

I am using DVD+R discs and have never had a problem in the past.

The drive is an Emprex 16X dual layer reader/writer. I have run the driver update and apparently the drivers are the most recent.

It may something simple or the drive might be just broken, but any help, advice or info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:DVD writing problem

Replace the drive, they do go bad just like this...

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Just recently, when i try to copy a cd i get static, it is not on the original.....i have slowed the write speed down and no other programs are running, i am using clonecd which until now has been superb
Please help!!


A:CD writing problem....PLZ help

Have you tried re-installing software?
Or trying another burner software altogether to see if its the software or the drive itself?

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Sir my HP 241 G 1 notebook pc automatically writes on search box,it also happens in word documents.When i check windows event viewer it writes " The device sent an in correct response following keyboard reset."  sir please help me!

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Hello. Yesterday i decided to back up my games. I started to write my on dvds but i couldnt write the 2. dvd! Now i cant write any dvds (i m using ms's own software to write)!
Pls help me! There is a problem sth like this: 0x8007045d.
Thanks. My system is writin on my profile.

A:Dvd Writing Problem??

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THE POINTER OF MOUSE  AFTER 10 [s]  MOVES IN ANOTHER WINDOW OR STOPPED IT DURING THE WRITNG AND THE PROBLEM IS I LOST CHARACTER DURING THE WRITING. IT IS A PROBLEM FOR DIGIT THE PASSWORD OR DOCUMENT. I clear the register, I change the mouse and the keyboard but nothing to do. During the start up I feel 4 short beep but I don't know what to do. Thanks for help 

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THE POINTER OF MOUSE  AFTER 10 [s]  MOVES IN ANOTHER WINDOW OR STOPPED IT DURING THE WRITNG AND THE PROBLEM IS I LOST CHARACTER DURING THE WRITING. IT IS A PROBLEM FOR DIGIT THE PASSWORD OR DOCUMENT. I clear the register, I change the mouse and the keyboard but nothing to do. During the start up I feel 4 short beep but I don't know what to do. Thanks for help 

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I have installed Window 8 and then Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 in my laptop (Samsung). When I do the typing (whatever writing on email, Word, Excel or Powerpoint), the cursor move up or down randomly. Sometimes, the words will automatically be changed to capital letter. It is so hard to finish one paragraph!

I had tried not to use wireless mouse but the problem still exists. Would anyone please help me how to solve this problem?

Many thanks

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The error message while burning the CD is as follows:

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Ahead\nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 02/11/2004 12:54:32 PM
NT-SPTI used
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 6, 6, 1, 4d
Recorder: <TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C>Version: TS08 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : default (0) -> ATAPI, detected: ?
CD-ROM: <TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C>Version: TS08 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1
=== Scsi-Device-Map ===
CdRomPeripheral : TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
DiskPeripheral : ST3160211AS atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On
=== CDRom-Device-Map ===
AutoRun : 1
Excluded drive IDs:
WriteBufferSize: 83886080 (0) Byte
ShowDrvBufStat : 0
BUFE : 0
Physical memory : 1013MB (1037816kB)
Free physical memory: 409MB (419388kB)
Memory in use : 59 %
Uncached PFiles: 0x0
Use Inquiry : 1
Global Bus Type: default (0)
Check supported media : Disabled (0)
12:27:16 PM #1 Text 0 File Isodoc.cpp, Line 6475
Iso document burn settings
Determine maximum speed : FALSE
Simulate : FALSE
Write : TRUE
Finalize CD : FALSE
Multisession : TRUE
Multisession type: : Start multisession
Burning mode : TAO
Mode : 1
ISO Level : 1 (Max. of 11 = 8 ... Read more

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XP CD writing wizard writes files to CD. I get the message 'Your files have been successfully written to the CD'. The tray opens upon completion. When I close everything out an try to read CD contents from Windows Explorer it shows empty! I have tried the trouble shooter, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CD driver all to no avail. When I burn files to the CD from Nero Express everything works fine. After this burn I can read the file OK from Windows Explorer. What gives? Am at my wits end. Any help appreciated.


A:cd writing wizard problem

Then, why can't you use Nero Express? Sometimes. when more than one burning software is installed, their drivers conflict.

Have you installed any other CD or DVD software? Have you uninstalled any?

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Hi everyone, I have an HP compaq nx6110 laptop. I have just recently installed Windows 7 on it and everything works fine so far but when i try to write files to a cd with windows dvd maker that comes with windows 7, it tells me that "The video card installed on this computer doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for Windows DVD Maker." What should I do? I have an Intel 915GM. Thanks for your help in advance. Glad to have a Windows 7 forum.

A:Help with windows 7 CD Writing problem.

There's no video driver for Vista or 7 so it seems you're out of luck.


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This is a long story...

I had a new Teac CDW and an old HP CDW on my machine.
Both were working perfect with Nero 5.5.
Until I realize that my new Teac W552E had a manufacturing defect. So I removed it and sent it back to the service center.

Now I'm left with the old one. At first the computer said ATAPI uncampatible at every reboot. I connected to the secondary master cable, in place of the new Teac drive, then I changed the BIOS to set secondary master (the HP drive) to Auto and Non-installed to secondary master where the old HP was previousely.
Now, I don't have this Atapi warning.

My HP drive is detected and is able to read CD-R(W) from any application, including WExplorer and Nero.

When I started to burn to CDR-W, Nero shows "HP drive time out" (or something like that), then Nero freeze.
It doesn't seem to write anymore...

I don't think it's a problem of software since it's exactely the same system/config/installation as 2 weeks ago when I removed the new Teac drive.

I'd rather think that it can be a BIOS or a cable connection problem or that the HP drive is dead...

Any suggestion?

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