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Corrupted Data on Memory Stick

Q: Corrupted Data on Memory Stick

For some reason all my word docs and xcel files held on my Leadtek memory stick have corrupted - does anyone know of a fix ...thanks

Preferred Solution: Corrupted Data on Memory Stick

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Corrupted Data on Memory Stick

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Basically I bought a memory stick from Kingston because I work from home as a tutor and I wanted somewhere to save my work. When I put the memory stick in the laptop and turned it on it said unable to read disk on a black background with white text. I took the memory stick out and then it booted up ok. I did some work on a word document and saved it, when I closed and tried to open it I got all the pages loaded with the word count but they were all blank. I found a fix where u delete somethin in the regedit (http://www.msofficeforums.com/word/8181-all-my-word-documents-opening-blank.html) I did all these fixes from this site. I then tried opening it a few more times and I got an error i think something mse46 and something to do with converting, after clicking the X the document opened but with all squares on it (I cant remember if I got the error before or after the fixes) I thought it was a problem with the memory stick so I went on the PC and found one of the first saved versions (before I moved it to the laptop and worked some more on it), this opened fine so I put it on the new memory stick and one of my old ones. On the new memory stick I got the same issue but on the old one I didnt. Today I turned my PC on and it took forever to load. I tried to upload work for a student and when I clicked browse to add a file it didnt do anything. I opened some word documents from the PC fine and when I went to save it worked ok. When I clicked save as it opened but wouldnt let me cha... Read more

A:Memory stick possibly corrupted computer

If you are able download and install the TSG System Information Utility http://library.techguy.org/wiki/TSG_Valuable_links so we can assist better.

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I have a TOSHIBA 8GB. I had much important project data on it and I did the most terrible mistake of my life not to back it up when all my other HDD datas are double if not triple backedup!

It was working fine till late night, till in the morning, when I plugged it on my computer it told me it sholud be formatted first. The drive letter doesn't show up on My computer nor in My devices! I tried using the EaseUS Data Recovery sample version but it too cant detect the drive.

I went through the flash drive data recovery procedure in this forum but I do not understand that if I format the drive the data will be gone, Again! I do not have a backup to copy it again. I dont want to recover using the drive but just the data! Please please please help someone, if such a thing is possible. Its almost 3 months of my hard work!

An update. Now its appearing as Removable disk on my computer and if I click on it, its saying insert disk into drive F ! If I try exploring it, the format option is appearing! Please please help. I need the data.

A:Memory stick data recovery

Please help

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Does anyone know how I can recover lost data on a 64 meg memory stick? I was using to back up from my PDA (sony peg SJ20). Somehow the device seemed to go through a major crash. I thought that all was not lost, as I had backed up to the card recently. Sadly, none of the backup files show any more. There are still other files, viewable through MS Gate. I think the back ups are still there because the space used by the files visible on MS gate is much less than the total space listed as being occupied. How can I find out what is still on the card, and more importantly, how can I get it back.

Endless thanks to anyone who can help me.

A:lost data on memory stick

Try PC Inspector

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I am running a Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista.

A Kingston memory stick I have been using for a couple of months is now giving me trouble.

When I plug it in, it is recognised, and shows up in My Computer, but with no content. When I click on Properties, however, it tell me that I have 2.4Gb in 4,313 files on it.

The drive is also present in Disk Management.

File options are set to "show hidden".

I can also run AV scans on the drive without problem.

Any suggests for what I try next?

A:Cannot Read Data from USB Memory Stick

Just something to "try". Puppy Linux live cd found here: http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview and Getting Started.htm Download Puppy, burn it to a iso, Plug your memory stick in, now boot to Puppy live cd(make sure the cd/dvd rom is first in boot order). See if your memory stick is recognized(it should be on the bottom left of the screen), if it is click on it(one click), see if you can see your files.

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I have this old sony 128mb memory stick from a digital camera that I dug up. Is there a way to recover some deleted old pictures from it?

A:Memory stick data recovery

What kind of memory is it, and what kind of digital camera?
Some software can recover from flash memory, though I personally don't know what's good or not.

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I have an associate who owns a smallish business with an equally smallish network.

A problem has arisen in that a member of his staff has "lost" some important and sensitive data from their networked PC.

We have analysed the hard drive & that of the shared Server and "recovered" deleted or otherwise "lost" files which appears to have worked inasmuch that we obtained data which had been deleted over a considerable period of time before and after the "lost" data was created, yet there is no sign whatsoever of the lost data.

There is a suspicion (but only a suspicion) that this particular staff member just might have saved these files to a USB stick, rather than the hard drive or Server and I am wondering if (and if so, how difficult is it) evidence can be obtained which would show the date and time a USB drive has been employed and (even better) whether such might detail the contents (or at least the filenames and types) of data that was saved in this way?

Would Windows event viewer reveal any or all of this and how would we go about isolating USB drive activity etc., through this means, if so?

Any advice, please?

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I have an older 1gb usb thumb drive that I used to transport data to and from home and work. This morning when I plugged it into the PC it came up like it was installing drivers for the device, and said it failed to install almost immediately. I thought this was strange, so I removed it and reinsterted it. This time it said it was installing drivers for a much longer time and finally said it installed drivers. I let out a sigh of relief and went to find it in My Computer. It wasnt there. Oh no... In the device manager it is listed as "USB MEMORY BAR USB Device" and in devices and printers it is listed as "SM324BC Memory Bar". The status of the device is listed as "Needs Troubleshooting". Also in the device manager under portable devices the "WPD FileSystem Volume Driver has a warning (!) and the device status is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". If I pull up the computer management and go to disk management it appears to be listed as Disk 1 Removable and shows all space as unallocated. If I go to My Computer it shows up as a removable device as (E: ) however, eventually the window will time out and tell me to insert a disk into drive (E: ).

Stupid me, did not back up the files from this weekend and I did a considerable amount of work. I would like to be able to recover the data if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

A:1GB memory stick appears corrupt. Any data recovery options?

As for me and recovery programs I purchased a copy of bad copy pro. It's a nice program but im sure you would like a free version.

Just from searching the web I found a program called "MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition"

Here is a download. Thank you for downloading MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition from CNET Download.com

I have heard that if windows cant recognize it than chanses of recovery are low. But we can always give it a shot right?

Edit: Hmm I just read somthing that says you can use bad copy pro to fix flash drives without buying it. Edit: Hmm, Not as sure now.

Go ahead and try bad copy pro. I personally have had good experiences with it.


And instructions on how to use it.


Yet another edit: The link says free evaluation version. In my case it would see if it could recover the files first. If it could than you would buy the program and it would save them, if it cant recover them than there is nothing anyone can do.

You don't have to buy it. It will just say weather or not it is recoverable or not. If it is recoverable we will look for a free solution for you.

Sorry i made this so complicated.

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So, here's the problem: I've got four blocks of corrupted data on my memory card. I've tried deleting them, but it doesn't work. I would ignore it, except now I cannot save anything new on it; If I try, that data will also become corrupted.

I've been searching online and unfortunately have yet to find a solution. I've tried putting an audio CD in and then deleting the corrupted data....Clearly, that didn't work.

I have also tried to format the card, but here's the thing: I cannot find the option where it says to format! I was hesitant to consider the option to format the card at first, seeing as all my data will be deleted, but I'll get rid of it all if that allows me to able to use this memory card. I've went into the memory card (where i can look at all the data), seeing if there are any format options- none.

(I tried attaching a picture to show that the memory card does not have an option to format. There are only two options: "Enter" and "Back".)

Help anyone?

A:Corrupted data on 16MB Max Memory Card for PS2

Anyone? I really need help. This is driving me insane and I'd just like to deal with it and get it out of the way already. Please....heeeeelp. :/

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Hello all,

My copy of Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on my laptop has been having some strange issues lately. I cannot run .msi files, and device manager never populates a full list. Sometimes (rarely, but it does repeat) Windows Explorer will freeze, and if I attempt to close it and reopen it using task manager, the UI reloads, but whenever I click on a folder it claims Windows cannot load explorer. Restarting fixes that. I scheduled and ran CHKDSK, and it repaired a few bad sectors, but it didn't fix any of these problems. I have run CCleaner (both the regular cleaner and registry fixer) and defragmented my hard drive until it's only 1% fragmented. I then tried sfc /scannow, and it read a bunch of corrupted files but could not repair them. I read that to fix sfc, you must download and run Windows System Update Readiness Tool. It has been running and "Searching for Updates on this Computer" for about an hour now, and I'm getting concerned that it's just not doing anything. It's not frozen, the bar keeps moving from left to right and I can click on and off of it. I also have the logs from sfc if anyone wants to take a look at them, they'll be attached. The computer isn't very old, and has an intel i3 and 4gb of ram. If you would like any extra information to help, please reply and I'll get back to you as fast as I can Any recommendations on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for any and all help!

A:Many corrupted Windows7 files, SFC reads corrupted data but doesnt fix

Hi Qujibo,
First comment you said ran ccleaner REGISTRY cleaner, this is not advised, unless you know what your doing

If there is an UNDO backup from that utility RUN it.

SURT can quite easily run for a couple of hours.

There are a lot of Winsxs errors in your log.

AFTER surt has run


run the MXdiag report from this link
Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

Was this OS only installed via sysprep a couple of days ago??


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Wow! What a mess. One of my ram sticks went bad and was causing Windows XP from loading. I removed it (now I'm down to 1.87gb) and now my computer is totally screwed up. It is so weird, some programs will load and others will not, or instance I can no longer use Internet Explorer (but Safari will work). Microsoft Word will work (but I can't copy and paste anything and I get an error saying I can't link to other programs) but Excel will not. System Mechanic 2.0 will work, but System Mechanic 9 will not. I no longer have any sound or printers. I'm assuming my Registry has become corrupted. Anyone have any ideas?

Additional info... System Restore was turned off. And for whatever reason, PC Angel is now "protecting" my system and giving me fits on trying to find an old copy of my Registry. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate some direction...



A:Bad Ram Stick - Corrupted Registry

Oh and here's another anomaly, I can't search for anything using Windows Explorer. I open Explorer, click on search and the left panel is blank.

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We are experiencing occasional data corruptions on USB sticks used in an embedded system running Windows CE. Most of the time things work fine, but occasionally we will turn on power, only to find that the data on the drive (our executable, log files) has been corrupted. Reformatting and reloading the stick straighten things right out, but sooner or later it happens again.

My main theory is that an open log file might be corrupted if power is removed during a write, but we are seeing errors in many random files. Naturally, the worst is when the executable is corrupted, but this is especially puzzling because the sector that contains the executable is write protected.

Thanks for any info

A:Corrupted USB Stick Files

The USB sticks may not be getting enough voltage during the initial write

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Hi everyone..

My external USb Wd mybook box has 1 tb Seagate Sata 3 and i use original Wd disc as W7 installed... in My PC Case as sata II

Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc...
I have Get Data Back NTFS (and i used before plenty of times for recovery, loss data or unwanted deletions) but..

This time im stuck.. Becouse the disk i try to recover includes 870 gb (about) used disk space (only audio files) only 50gb (about) empty space... Thats too big for me to recover to other disks.. i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle..

I have about 300 gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL510 Notebook..
So my question is
wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first, can i take them slowly to this 300 gb spaces (i know i can) and after create somehow emty space (deleting those recovered 300 gb + 50 on corrupted disk) and
use that empty space for more recovery. ???? Or smilar solutions.. Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some
equipments upgrades..
Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces (don't know how)

I know i look silly in situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files..

E-how happened (not necessary to read these part)

according my experiences Thats the mistakes... DOn't do those at the same tim... Read more

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.

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I am running Windows XP in a Compaq Presario, with CD reader and CD/DVD burner.
My question: How do I get a DVD(with photos and sound) onto a Flash Memory stick or an SD card??

A:Transfer DVD to Memory Stick or Memory card

Simplest method:

Insert the Disc with photos and sound (close any autorun)
Go to My Computer
Right Click on the CD/DVD drive (with your photos and sound in) and select open
Click on Edit (in Toolbar) then Select all
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select copy

Close the folder

Insert your Flash Memory stick and select Open folder to view the files
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select paste

All done Copy and paste (some say I'm good at this !)

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Completely new to this so apologies if barking up the wrong tree .... !

Rather than buying a 32 gb memory stick to upload some important jpg pictures into for safety's sake, I'm wondering if it's possible to upload and store them in a spare and unused 32gb memory card that I've got lying around instead ? Equally if it's then possible to download them safely later on ?


A:Possible to save to a memory card rather than a memory stick ?

Short answer is Yes. An SD card is very similar to a flash drive as far as the technology goes and can be used like an SD card for storing files. I would format it Fat32. And you can download (Copy) the files from the card at any time.

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I have a 16 GB USB memory stick which used to work well until last night.
I has left a file open on the screen and returned to find that the drive had dismounted.
When I re-started the PC, the drive now shows as a letter, but doesn't contain any data (right click Properties - 0 bytes).
I have a truecrypt volume (www.truecrypt.org) and portable apps on the drive.

When I double click on the drive in My Computer, it asks to insert a drive!
I have tried using Device manager - uninstalling and re-installing the USB driver. I have also tried 'Disk Management' (Rightclick on My Computer at startup and then COmputer Management). In the latter, it shows as a disk but with 0 bytes again.

I am sure the problem lies with the stick since the same thing happens on two other computers in the household.

i have also tried recuva and PC Inspector File Recovery, but they both don't recognise the stick since it contains 'no data'.

Any help gratefully received.


A:USB stick shows no data!

go the the "USB stick" Manufacturer's Website and see if they have a recovery tool for you to download. (if you cant figure that out then just post the manufacturer name and the model of your device.)
be aware that this may wipe the data, if you do not have another copy of this data elsewhere then you may have learned the hard way why backups are important, and also how USB Solid State Disk Drives are not a safe place to keep things, they're there mainly for transfering between unconnected computers.

good luck

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I just bought a 8GB data stick and used it to transfer about 3GB of files (images and video) to another PC. I have plugged the data stick into the new PC and find it only holds 334MB of data. Have I done something wrong? All I did was copy and paste the folders from the source PC to the data stick. The transfer took a long time. It's a brand new data stick and I'm using Windows XP.

A:USB data stick problem

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Hi everone this may be in the wrong section
I have saved my XP info to a usb memory stick, now I have loaded windows 7, how do I retreive my XP info.I am using MS easy transfer tool to do this, but the computer says it cannot open the file, what is the next move please if anyone can help

A:download data from usb stick

Using EasyTransfer is not a good idea as it can result in data loss and doesn't always work.

It's much easier to just drag your files to the stick, then sort them into the User folders in Win7 explorer.

For example, from XP you'd open Documents folder, highlight the actual Documents and drag them to the Documents link in left-hand Explorer bar, holding the left click until it expands and confirms destination being copied into, using hypertext.

Then open your Pictures and do the same with them, any Music, Favorites, etc.

If your data is already zipped up into WET and not still available to be simply copied onto the stick and transferred manually, follow this guide to import them now into Win7: Migrate XP to Windows 7 with Easy Transfer and a USB Drive

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Hi this isn't exactly a virus thing. I've recently decided to buy an mp3-player iRiver T20 to listen to music and also most importantly being able to transport my work files between the Universitys computers and my home computer without having to take 5-10 diskettes with me all the time. Now some of the work material is very personal and even secret from the public eye.

I've recently read somewhere that mounting external devices such as an USB pen device causes the computer's Operating system to cache them long after you have logged out of the public computer system.

I wonder what precautions can one take when using such a device so that no traces of the sensitive data remains behind on the public computers?
Especially when you have some encrypted partitions on the USB stick when un-encrypted some data and information gets cached on the PC without the user knowing so how can one remedy such scenario?

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Hello, hope I have put this on the right board. First time on here and I am reading thru the books Windows 8 in easy steps and easy windows 8 as a guide. I want to back up Windows 8 but in neither book do they say that you can use a USB stick or CDs only an external hard drive or a network. I've got an external hard drive that backs up my desktop (XP) can I use this as well for Windows 8 or should I just get another external hard drive solely for Windows 8 or can I use the USB Stick 32gb that I already have?

A:Can I back up data with a USB stick 32gb?

Speaking of built-in tools:
File history - yes
Legacy backup - no

Note that you can't use both, as they are mutually exclusive by design.

32GB may not be enough for file history, if you have a lot of files and update them often, because files aren't compressed. I'd say an external hard drive is a better option.

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I have a big problem with my USB stick.
I dont know how it come, but my 1gb stick turn into a 120 GB stick. And I have some data lost.

Stick is drive H: When I put my mouse on the folder "_yarı tamam" you can see this absurd situation :


The size is 63 GB ... (but actually not more than 800 kb - 1 mb)
And you can see the odd names...

And see the folder inside here:

Incredible. Normally this folder should have 1-2 folders and some .txt files.
This folder is totally loss for me.

- When I check "my computer", the drive H: seems 1 GB, and 70 mb is used. This is normal.
- When I scan with Kaspersky, (daily updated) shows no virus.
- I did look in my stick with Recovery tool, and it shows that my stick is 98 Mb.
What I can say is this stick very very important for me, it s the novel i ve been writing for 1 year.Please tell anything you know. Though I ve tried my luck on some forums, seeing here very active, want to try one more. Hope it works.
Thanks in advance

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I have recently been experiencing problems accessing data through my computer for any CD/DVDS or USB sticks that I insert into my computer.

Whenever I put a CD or DVD in the autoplay does not work. I have gone onto the properties for the CD drive through my computer and there is no option for auto play. If i go in to media player, i can access the music through there. However, if entering a software CD there is no way that I can access the data. Whenever the CD is in and playing through media player, if i double click the drive the disk is in it asks me to enter a disk into the drive.

Whenever, i have put in a USB stick, it is asking me to format the drive. The USB stick works on other computers and when attempting to format the drive anyway, it fails.

I have completed the following tasks on command prompt:

Enter diskpart in the command prompt window.

Insert a software CD (such as a game or business software) into the drive and wait until the light on the front of the drive stops blinking..

Enter list volume at the command prompt.

On doing the aboe it does show that there is data in he CD drive, so it recognies it from there.

However, whenever I do the method 1 from the following link, the reply i get is that it is an invalid drive specification.


This leads me to believe I am having drive problems.

could somebody help with this i.e. why can't i access the data through "my computer" and how can i remedy this?
... Read more

A:CD/DVD/USB Stick - Problems with Accessing Data Using My Computer

Well it seems you have multiple problems, possibly not related to the fitness of either device. If you can, try your optical in another computer and see if works.

As a new member it's always a good idea to post all your computers specs in your profile, so folks don't have to ask a bunch of questions to help in the diagnosis. What OS, what country, brand/model number of opticals and MOBO. Service packs etc.

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Hi all.I got a 128mbPC133 memory stick for x-mas.But the problem is, I have a PC2100 model.I was wondering if it will still work.I put it in but nothing is changed except that AIDA recognizes it as an extra memory.Can i manke it work or should i try and see if the manufacturer will exchange it??..Thank you

A:Memory Stick.

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am experiening problems copying files from an Acer laptop with 08 vista to memory stick both media and word docs. Older docs transferred from work pc go to and from the Acer via memory stick without problem Others created or copied direct to (eg music) cannot be tranferred to memory stick, with message reading : error 0x800700052.

I would gretaly appreciate any advice.


A:dse memory stick 1gb

You may be trying to put too many files into the root directory of the memory stick, try creating a folder on the memory stick and then copying the files to that folder instead.

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I have a 4gb memory stick that I have used many times to install Linux etc on old laptops etc. Now that I want to use that stick to copy off some files from Win 7, I notice that Win 7 suggests its capacity is only 1gb.

I think I have seen this kind of thing happen before but cant remember how I resolved it.

Anyone got ideas on how to kick-start W7 into recognising its full capacity ?


A:4gb Memory stick

Is it formatted for NTFS?

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It says that this memory stick is perfect for the PSP, but right now for me it isnt being perfect. It will not let me transfer any data onto it?? Im using the latest version of sonicstage, and none of the support sites for the card are helpful at all. Can anyone help me out please??

thnx, david

A:1.0 GB pro duo memory stick

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my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help

A:memory stick help

i own a pc with windows xp

my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help

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How do i download photo's to memory stick. do i need a programme of some kind.? or is there something in xp that will do it for me .didnt think the cheap cd writer that came with it would do it .

A:memory stick

Barjay, welcome to TSF.

Insert your memory stick into an empty USB port.

Find the pictures you wish to transfer. Select the file you want and right click on it > Choose Send To > Removeable Drive.

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Hi all at TSG! Can you help? I'm purchasing a sony digital camera which uses a "Memory Stick" for storage. Does anyone know if a compact flash card or a SD memory card would be compatible, or will I only be able to use a memory stick? Thanx

A:Memory Stick

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I was using an Windows XP computer that didn't have a floppy drive so I used a USB memory stick to save things onto. XP has that auto read and it knew were it was so it was no problem to access the files on it. Now that computer and I'm stuck using a Windows 98 that doesn't have the auto find. How do I get the computer to read the USB so I can access the files?

A:USB memory stick

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I am having problems clearing my memory stick of unwanted data.

Does anyone know a way to delete all info. in one hit ? Thanks in advance

A:memory stick

If it shows up under 'My Computer' when you insert it into your card reader, you should be able to right-click on it, and select 'Format' to completely wipe the card clean.

If 'Format' it doesn't appear in the right-click menu, click on 'Properties' and see if it's in there.

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I have a USB flash drive
It worked fine as was seen when plugged in my old pc
But now on my new one it says its installed and lights up when I plug it into USB But does not appear in My Computer window to click on it to open it Any ideas please?
My card reader is the same.

A:USB Memory stick not seen

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify the instructions.

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What is the difference between a USB flash drive and a USB pen drive? There is a difference in price but that is all i can work out at the moment. Please can you help.

A:Memory stick

Hi helenb102,

Welcome to TSG!

According to Ask.com when I searched for usb flash drive, a USB flash drive and USB pen drive are one and the same:
Known By Many Names

Also known as a "flash drive," "pen drive," "keychain drive," "key drive," "USB key," "USB stick" and "memory key," ...

I already knew that, but wondered if indeed there actually was some difference - so, none!

They are sold with or without bootable software (Windows) depending on mfg. I have bought 512kb, 2GB and 4GB USB flash drives. SanDisk cruzer (512KB, 2GB, 4GB) comes with Windows compatible FAT16 (I think) bootable software. On a PNY Technologies (2GB) USB flash drive which does not come with any bootable software, I partitioned and laid in a compatible file system for Linux Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon which has the property (now) of persistent storage, so that any changes I install to it are not lost after I boot it up and install the changes - i.e. between reboots from it onto my desktop from it.

-- Tom

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This probably sounds daft, but when you buy a PSP did a memory stick come with it, or did you have to buy one separately?

A:PSP memory stick

My PSP "fat" came with a 32MB memory stick.

I believe there are packages that come with up to 1 GB memory stick.
I bought my own 2GB memory stick and I use that exclusively.

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I'm trying to download Winzip Program to a memory stick,so that i can install on another computer that needs Winzip,but is not connected to I/Net.
Everytime i try an install,there seems to be missing files.
Any ideas ??
Many Thanks

A:Memory Stick

No ideas. I've often transferred WinZip via USB drive-never had any problem. Are you sure you're saving the downloaded file to the USB drive-if you try copying your installed version of WinZip you probably won't get it all. Other than that the only idea I have is that you have a problem with your download-have you tried re-downloading it? Maybe from a different PC?

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Hi, I am running Windows XP SP3 and I have high speed satilite service provider. I live in a remote area and the only other provider is dialup. My nieghbor who also lives here has Windows Vista and she only has dialup. I am wondering if I can download Windows Defender onto my USB memory stick and then go install it onto her computer. It is a 12 hour download for her since she is only getting 17Kbps speed and also can't seem to download it. Hope someone can help since it is two different platforms and I don't know if it is the right thing to do. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:USB memory stick

Not sure about Windows defender , but most downloads give you a choice to save or run. Many times, I have saved to a cd and burned it for friends who have a slow connection.
I think your idea should work.

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I was wondering if someone can help me, i am having huge problems with memory sticks, im on my second one because stuff that i save into the stick disappears or when i open i file like a word document its opens with no text, just rows and rows of tiny boxes i would be so grateful if someone could help me. Im not a computer wizz, only know what i know which unfortunaly isnt why my memory stick is playing up. Perhaps someone know a great helpful website

Thank you Danni

A:8GB memory stick


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Just a casual question. I have three memory sticks, equal in capacity, which are used for transmitting files across to other computer and daily backups. The computer has a hard disk with no partitions and the usual CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Why, when I insert two of the memory sticks are they each recognised as the E drive, whilst the third memory stick is always recognised as the F drive. The memory sticks are used one at a time.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 235131 MB, Free - 188679 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WG864, , ..CN481116AB03B3.
Antivirus: Sunbelt VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Memory on a Stick

Is each stick always recognized as the same drive, like the "f" is always "f" even if it is the only stick plugged in?

Might want to look at this:

You can name your sticks for ease of use.

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Please help, I accidentally formatted my wife’s memory stick, it contained about 4GB of work she had not backed up. Is there any way I can retrieve any of her work.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Memory stick

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I have plugged my memory stick into my pc and I cannot read from it. There is no data available on it. I plugged it into another pc and still nothing. Help. How do I retrieve the data?


A:Memory Stick

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I plug in my memory stick into my computer but it does'nt work, do I need to download some type of software to my computer? please help.

A:Memory stick

Memory modules, if the correct size, and type, should work out of the box.
Be sure you have the right stuff by going to www.crucial.com and entering your computer brand and model, or the motherboard brand and model... for a list of what should work.
Then if you install it correctly so that it is firmly seated, the motherboard BIOS and Windows should detect it and accept it automatically.

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Hey all

I have do a project for school on the sony memory stick duo new release of the

4GB and 8GB cards and i cant find anything on the price

can someone plz help?

A:Memory stick duo

i'm not sure the 8's are available yet but, here are some prices on the 4's

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I have purchased a 4GB Memory Stick.
Every time I try to save a file I get the message "Please insert a disc in Drive I" and can go no further with the save.
I am using Windows XP

A:Memory Stick

Doesn't sound like it's getting installed correctly - XP isn't liking the media. Do other flash drives work ok. Can you try it in another machine?

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I wish to know how to use a memory stick to save files/back up files/transfer files.

A:how to use memory stick

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I am on Xp home

I have a memory stick, which I have had about 6 months.

I used it the morning to print from, when I come to use it, tonight I cannot get in it.
It says the memory stick needs formatting
I have tried PC Inspector File recovery but all I can get out of it is "Boot Error"
Does anyone know software that will get me into this memory stick?


A:Memory Stick

here are a couple for sitesroadkill's unstoppable copiersor try this oneroadkills raw copysee of either one of them helps

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I have used my memory stick before to look at my pictures and copy to DVD. Now, all of sudden, it is telling me when I put the stick in, and try to open to insert the memory stick, the memory stick is blinking, like it is being read. I checked the profile, the auto play said music, I tried to change to photo would not change,the auto play thing keeps appearing like it is playing something. I am so frustrated. Get this where I bought this computer, their tech support is off until 1/5. Can you imagine what their phones will be like then, with all of Xmas stuff they probably sold. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried to change the "J" drive to photo, mixed etc, it just goes back to music. I don't know if that is the problem. But I am not all that computer illiterate.

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