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Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

Q: Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

Hi. I am planning to replace my motherboard and memory on my Win 7 Home premium 64b.

I've been updating MBs for 25 years and now I am getting conflicting answers regarding booting existing hard drive on new MB. My present Win 7 installation was installed on my present MB. Before I have always been able to use an existing hard drive and OS on a new MB.

Now when I asked Gigabyte if a reinstall would be required they said no, but the registry may be full of unneeded drivers etc which would affect performance. This seems a solvable issue using registry cleaners and editors.

But I am also getting opinions that Win 7 will not boot up on a new MB and reinstall OS would be required. Considering the number of programs, some on disks others from downloads. activation keys etc, this is a major problem. Has MS gone bananas? Who would benefit with this approach?

Does anyone have a definitive answer? Thanks.


Preferred Solution: Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

First, Windows 7 is a lot more flexible with hardware changes, but at the very least, you should run Sysprep before moving to the new board. I would greatly recommend a clean install, especially if you plan ahead to cut down on how long that would take. However, Sysprep can remove some of the drivers to allow the system to be a little cleaner.

As for the copy of Windows 7, that all depends on your license. If you have a retail license, then you are fine. It should activate on the new system without issue, and it will be legit. If you have an OEM license, then that opens the door to a whole lot of gray areas, in terms of what is considered to be a new computer, and how legit your license will be, assuming you can activate it.

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It appears that my motherboard and CPU are broken, and I may buy a bare-bones system (case, motherboard, CPU). Assuming that all of existing parts are compatible, is it possible to just switch in the HD, RAM, and video card? Like a plug-and-play with hardware.

Could you please provide detailed information information on how to reconfigure an existing Windows installation to work with a new and different motherboard and CPU?.

So I'm using the same system drive on a new motherboard. I am not using the pre-installed OEM version of Windows, but rather an after-market purchased version of Windows XP Professional SP2.

A:Swap existing Hard Drive to new Motherboard, CPU, barebones system (WinXP)

There is a pretty good outline of the process HERE.

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I have an HP Pavillion dv6500 laptop that originally was loaded with VISTA, but now is operating  with WINDOWS  7.   I do not have any INSTALL DISKS FOR vista or WINDOWS 7.  The laptop was originally owned by my daughter and she gave it to me after upgrading to a new laptop.  Last year I received notification via the laptop that I could upgrade to WINDOWS 10 for free.  After trying unsuccessfully numerous times to upgrade. I read the System Requirements for WINDOWS 10 and found that my laptop lacked the required free RAM, 16 GB.  I decided to replace  the original stock Hard Drive, 150 GB, with a new HD, 500 GB. I am looking for the best way to transfer the data from the old HD to the new HD.  Please know that this is the first time that I have performed any type of work of this type on a PC device, so please be aware that I probably will ask questions or ask for clarification of your recommendations, so bare with me. Thank you in advance!

A:Transfer existing Hard Drive info to new Hard Drive

Blazer5 Let's correct a few things, first. Win10 does not require 16GB of RAM; instead, it requires that much Disk Space. Win10 requires only 1GB RAM (32-bit PC) or 2GB of RAM (64-bit PC). As to transferring the data, there are two part to this -- the easy part and the hard part. BOTH start the same way, by you purchasing a USB-to-Hard-Drive adapter and using that to connect the old drive to the PC. But, you first need to determine if the old drive is IDE or SATA.  IDE drives have two rows of small pins on the back; SATA drive have two plastic connectors with contact strips on them.  IF it's an IDE drive, make sure that the Adapter you obtain handles IDE drives -- most new ones do NOT. Then, after connecting the drive to the PC, you should get popups about opening a File Manager window for each of the partitions on the drive.  If the drive is still formatted the original way, the really large partition will have the OS and data files in it. You should then be able to copy the data from this old drive to your PC simply by dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer. That's the easy part ... The hard part is that the files she saved under her user account will be protected, and while you MIGHT be able to copy them, you will NOT be able to open them -- this is by design.  This allows multiple folks, each with their own user ID, to use the same PC and not see each other's files. To solve that, you will have ... Read more

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Hi everyone i just built myself another new computer and i had one of my other hard drives hooked up as slave so i could retain all the data on it, while making a fresh install of Windows on a different hard drive... so here's the question, i went to get files off my user account "Kevin" from my old hard drive, and it says i do not have access. i know the password for the account but it doesn't ask me for a password.. and i can't put it in anywhere, and then i went to sharing and security and it says to drag it to shared folder but when i try and do that it says i don't have permission..
how do i access these files?


A:Existing data on old hard drive... please help

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I used to run windows 98 and recently installed windows xp (oem version). This has meant that I now dont have access to anything that was previously on my hard drive, though it is all still on it and taking up space. I cant uninstall xp so I was wondering whether I can just reformat my hard drive and reload everything again? At the moment loads of space is being taken up on my drive with programs that I cant run now.
Can I do this? And tips on what to do etc?

A:Reformat existing hard drive??

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I currently have a Ultra A-G294 D915G ATX PC. This was purchased in 2005. It has an Intel Pentium (4) processor 3.0GHz 800Mhz; the system board is Intel 915G socket 478 MATX Chipset; it has 512 MB DDRRAM PC3200; and a 80 GB SATA 7200rpm hard drive. I have a question about the hard drive. I am wanting to remove this hard drive and replace it with something quite similar or the same one. How hard is it going to be to find this hard drive an how hard is it to replace by myself?

A:Replacing my existing hard drive

Here's a WD 80GB SATA HDD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136195

But you can get bigger and faster drive such as 250GB and 320GB drives for less money: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...deValue=359:15133&PropertyCodeValue=359:50147

Why do you want the same or similar drive? The exact model will definitely not be available new except maybe on eBay.

To install teh drive its not hard, however you will have to clone the old drive to the new drive if you want everything on the old one on the new one, or you will have to install Windows, the drivers, and any updates and software onto the new drive.

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I have a dead PC and will replace the MOB and Processor. (A replacement PS did not restore power). Will XP boot up and install the devices or what else can I expect to happen?

A:Installing a New MOB with existing XP hard drive

Is the new motherboard identical?

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Good evening all,

I have a question concerning partioning. I have a Dell E520 with a 300GB drive, running Vista. I have 248GB free at the moment. Here's my question. I would like to partition the drive, leaving Vista on it's own on the C drive, and make 2 new partitions. One would be for Apps, programs, etc, and the other would be for data, i.e. personal and business documents, some pictures, etc. Is this possible to do without erasing everything and starting from scratch? I don't really have a problem with doing that if I have to, but the only thing I'm afraid of losing is my perfectly functioning (finally!) wireless network. Any advice would greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there is more info I can provide.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening.

Go Yankees!

A:Partioning an existing hard drive

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So my original PC was an HP Compaq dx2250 with an AMD Athlon chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. Unfortunately, a few days ago, the motherboard fried. Because I have a large amount of important programs on the PC's hard drive, I was wondering about the possibility of moving the existing hard drive into a new PC. I was able to locate a seemingly identical build, a Dell Dimension E521 with an Athlon X2 chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. When I hooked up the hard drive from my old PC, the boot process gets to the point of "Starting Windows" with the Windows logo starting to appear. Then, blank. The computer reboots and it sends me to startup repair, which cannot repair any "errors" automatically. Is there something I'm missing?

A:Move Existing Hard Drive to New PC

Yes you need to perform clean install of Windows.

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I am using Win98 se on a 6year old 40 gig hard drive. I would like to clone this hard drive onto a new larger hard drive before it crashes. I have found on the internet that after I format the new hard drive in the slave position on my computer, I can select Start>Run and type: XCOPY C:*.* D:\ /c/h/e/k/r and this will clone my old hard drive to my new one. Then on another web site it said to type XCOPY C:\ /c/e/f/h/r/s. Which one of these is correct?

Or should I purchase Norton Ghost?

A:Using XCOPY to clone existing hard drive

Because of xcopy's limitations on file attributes, and filename sizes. Your better off useing xxcopy than xcopy. It's a freeware utility for non-commercial use available here, along with syntax instructions.

I don't believe you'll be succesful useing xcopy.

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I am about to upgrade another PC (about 4 months old) currently running Windows 7 64bit. The PC is set up so that although the PC has the OS and programs on the SSD (C drive), all other data and info is on the 2Tb hard drive. Their is only a single user with no password and the PC was setup (configured) so that the user profile knows to put that user info and data on the 2Tb hard drive.

I want to do a clean install and am happy to clear everything on the C drive (SSD) and the hard drive.
When installing Windows 8 from the ISO image on a DVD, how do I create the similar situation that I had for user profile when running Windows 7?

Also is it possible to be able to boot up straight in to the user without having to enter a password, as I can currently do on the Windows 7 boot?

I have just upgraded an older Windows Vista PC to Windows 8 Pro through a clean install and that went perfectly, but only had a single 1Tb hard drive (C drive).

Thanks for any a help and advice.


A:Clean install on existing Win 7 PC with SSD & hard drive

Hello Steve, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You will be able to do a clean install of Windows 8 on the SSD without losing anything on the other HDD. In Windows 8, you will have the option to create a "Microsoft account" (with email address) or a "local account" (same as in previous Windows) now. The tutorial below will give you more details about all of this though.
Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
When installation is complete, you could set Windows 8 up the same way you did in Windows 7.

The tutorial below can show you how to set Windows 8 to sign in to a user account of your choice automatically at startup.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
Hope this helps,

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My issue is how to clean my Hard Drive from up non-existing programs.

I originally had 2 hard drives C: and D:

I got rid of the D drive but I had previously installed programs (games) in the D, but I boot up from the C drive.

I used the Remove Programs on most, but some old programs are still there and will not completely remove.

How should I go about cleaning up, other than searching the registry and manually deleting entries with similar program names that I don't use anymore?

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Wouldn't mind getting some advice before starting this.

I bought my daughters laptop 3 years ago when she went to college. It came preloaded with Vista home ultimate but only had 1G of RAM and therefore was relying on some use of hard disc to function properly. Hard drive is only 70GB. You can guess the rest - she has filled upthe hard disc and so it is now taking too long to access things, boot up etc.

I have now put in another 2GB of RAM and this has improved things but the machine is down to 1.2GB dispite all my disc cleaning (I use Auslogics Boostspeed which always seems to work well). However I think I need to replace the hard drive with something bigger and have found a 500GB diac on offer for GBP50.00 which seems good. (I have tried to get her to use an external drive - which we have - however she mostly uses the machine for music and downloaded movies etc. In practice this is Itunes and while I think I have spotted how to redirect Itunes to find / locate the music library away from the hard drive (so I could just move all the music to the external drive I suppose) she doesn't want to have a clunky external drive permanently attached to her machine).

I have the drivers and utilities disc that came with the machine and the Vista product key but I need vista itself. If I have the product key can I;
1 download the software from MS - using the product key as proof that I have purchased it before. Otherwise
2 can I somehow create a disc I can use to reinstall ... Read more

A:putting existing set up on replacment hard drive

Another option would be to create a clone of your drive and copy it onto your new larger HDD using something like Apricorns SATA Wire and cloning software:


That way you have a complete copy of your old drive including OS and drivers.

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External backup for 2 Win7 home computers.

Prices are currently at a premium for a 2T 2 1/2" USB 3x external backup drive.

I will retire the XP machine soon that is being replaced by the new Win7 machine. The XP machine has 2 drives--one of which is slower than molasses and you can hear the thing churning away when nothing should be going on (indexing off).

I've never had much luck with diagnostic software--in particular PC Doctor when it was shipped with Lenovo systems.

Given the costs involved buying the software makes little sense.

Is there, in particular, hard drive diagnostic software that really can diagnose a problematic drive?

If I knew which drive was bad then I'd put the good one in a container and use it until the USB 3 externals come down in price.


A:Existing hard drive diagnostic vs. new external

I believe all hard drive manufacturers offer their own diagnostic tools. Seagate, just for example, offers SeaTools which can be used on any hard drive.

SeaTools for Windows | Seagate

These tools try to stress the drive to expose any problems. The stressing could possibly push a failing drive over the edge. If you need to find the hard drive manufacturer, a free tool called Speccy would hold.

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

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Hi all

A friend of mine recently had his computer stop working and he has a lot of photos on his hard drive (SATA) that he wants saved. I took the drive in hopes of plugging it into my computer and then copying his pictures over and burning them to a disc.

My computer has Windows XP SP3, a Gigabyte nForce4 Sli mobo, two IDE hard drives and two external USB hard drives. Before starting I installed the updated mobo drives from the Gigabyte website and then I used a cable from my original mobo box with a four pin connector on one end and the plug for the SATA drive on the other. Then I used to cable labeled as SATA and then plugged it into the color coded connector on the mobo.

I rebooted and Windows recognized new hardware and said it needed to install new software (drivers I assume). It installed software and exited without errors but XP doesnt list the drive. I also dont see it under disk management.

I did go into the BIOS and everything labeled SATA is set as enabled. I am not sure what else I need to be looking at in the BIOS however. My mobo also has a manual that has setup information regarding SATA RAID (RAID 5) Function. I'll be honest and say I dont know what the heck that is and the manual looks difficult for a user like me. A couple of people told me that it should be plug and play with XP so I really wasnt expecting many problems with this.

I would really appreciated any help on this as to what I should be checking.


A:Adding a SATA hard drive to a PC with two existing IDE drives?

If the drive is physically fine the drive should work fine plugged into the motherboard. Does the motherboard have RAID and standard SATA connectors? It may be that with the drive connected to the RAID connector that you need to do some type of configuration prior to having the drive seen in Windows.

Another option if you still can't get it to work would be to use one of the SATA > USB docking units like:

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I just received a new PC with Windows vista home premium. My old machine had XP pro.
My XP machine does not stay for more than 5 minutes, it shuts itself down and then gives me long beeps from the MB (which I THINK is from overheating)
So, I want to transfer all my settings (email, accounts, internet shortcuts, etc.) to my new machine. I want to take out my old HD, use and external USB/HD cable (new machine does not have an IDE port only SATA) and connect it to the new PC to do the easy transfer. Will the Easy trasnfer program work like this, with out it being installed on the old machine? Can Vist pick the files without the easy transfer software on the old drive?
The reason I want to know ahead of time is I don't have a USB/IDE device yet and don't want to buy one if it's not going to work.

My other option is to leave my old PC case open with a large external fan blowing in, use a cross over cable for a network connection and keep my fingers crossed that the old PC doesn't shut down 1/2 way through the operation.

A:Easy Trasnfer Xp To Vista With Existing Hard Drive

My other option is to leave my old PC case open with a large external fan blowing in, use a cross over cable for a network connection and keep my fingers crossed that the old PC doesn't shut down 1/2 way through the operation.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/cleaning-the-inside-of-your-pc/

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I have 3 hard drives on my computer
C: System
D; Storage
E: Mainly storage of Backups from Genie Timeline
My D Drive whcich I have been using for a long time has totally disappeared. It also isn't showing in Disc Management.
Can you advise please

A:An existing hard drive has disappeared from My Computer and I can't access it

Try a System Restore to a point in the past. Go back as far as needed to a time when you remember the D: drive was present. See if the drive has returned.

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I have on old hard drive that was in a COMPAQ Armada. I need to connect it to my current system to access the data. I do not what it to be the main HD. Just connect to work on the data. Connecting to the laptop is not an option, and I do not have access to another Armada.


A:Connect 'old' laptop Hard Drive to existing computer

Thanks for the input.. Did you have a real question too?

Yes you can do it but you need to get an adaptor to be able to connect your ATA cable and the power.

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I use an WD external hard drive (1TB) for additional storage and it was working fine with no issues. The small USB connector broke off the board yesterday and I purchased a new enclosure and installed it. Now my computer does not recognize it as a storage device. I have all the data still on the HD and really do not want to loose it. Any advice on how to get the computer to recognize the external hard drive?

I tried adding a letter for the drive, but it does not show up to change the letter of the drive.

The PC is an HP that is about 4 months old. Windows 7, 64 bit.

Thanks for the assistance.

A:Existing external hard drive installed in new case, does not recognize

if the Hard drive is a SATA varient and not a IDE (which unless its ollld it wont be)

then you can simply open up your new pc case, and connect the drive directly to your motherboard using a SATA lead, and a serial power connection from your power supply.

If you dont have a spare SATA cable, then for now you can just use the power cable and lead from your DVD drive. This will allow you to back up your data for now, and will determine if the drive still works or not.

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Dear All,  I have a Proliant ML350G6 server contains 4 HDD with 500GB each. I configured it with Raid 0. it was quit large space for a medium company. But after 6 years, the space is almost full. I am using the server for Data server only. I can see that there are 2 more bays left on the server. I want to expand the hard disk space by adding 2 more HDD with 1 TB each. The questions are :  1. Can we add the hard drive the way I want?2. Do we have to make some settings with the new HDD?3. Can we add the HDD without re-install the software?4. Is there any other methode for expanding the space? Thank you so much for your help..

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I have an Optiplex 780 Desktop and would like to install a second hard drive between my existing HD (connected to SATA0 on the motherboard) and my CD-DVD (connected to SATA1).
I would like to use the space between the normal HD (at bottom of the drive area when the 780 Desktop is lying on its side horizontally and not standing up vertically) and the CD-DVD (at top of the drive area).  The space in between is designed for a floppy disk drive, which has never been in the PC.  It has always been empty space.
Last week, I tried, but found that the empty floppy-drive space was a cm too short for a new, second drive.  I could not slide the new drive all the way in unless I left off the small black plastic cover that normally covers the unused floppy-drive "front" on the case.  (I had added side-screws to the new drive and was not using one of those blue plastic caddies.  This floppy-drive space seems only to work with the side screws; a blue plastic caddy seems to be good only for the original HD space at bottom.)
But the Dell manual for the Opti 780 Desktop definitely shows the possibility of a second hard drive in that space. 
What's the trick?  Are some 3.5" drives longer than others?

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Edit: Dammit, typos in subject line and unable to edit
Create a mirror of an existing hard drive without losing data

SATA II-150 PCI Raid

How do you do this without losing data?

A:Creating a MIrrir of an existing hard drive without losing data with PCI Raid

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I have Dell studio 1749  with 500 GB disk drive with C and E partition, running win10.
I want to replace C-partition by ssd to have faster boot times and use old harddisk as 2nd disk in laptop.
I have bought crucial BX300 2.5 inch SSD drive and SATA-to_USB cable.(

Part description

Problem 1 : When connecting ssd drive via usb cable on laptop, for copy of date,  it does not come up, is not recognised by system, allthough blue led shines on adaptercable.
Question : is it hardware wise possible to add 2nd disk ?
On picture :  current disk indicated with red cross, i want to place in free slot (arrow).
I wonder if the interface (with pins vertical, see red circle) is ok to connect existing hard drive ?
And will I be able to connect ssd drive in existing slot ?

A:Dell Studio 1749 : replace existing hard drive with smaller Crucial BX300 2.5 inch SSD en use old harddrive as 2nd HD

You'll need the bracket and connector for the second drive -- note that the connector for the second drive is usually NOT the same as the one for the primary drive.  
This is what you need:

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Can I install new motherboard, CPU, fans, cables, power supply, cabinet, everything and use harddrives (X3 w/operating system) from old computer without difficulty? Harddrives are compatible with new hardware. Will the operating system still launch once the bios recognizes the HHD's.

Should I expect problems? Should I just reload a fresh formatted HHD and start over with the new system. It would be alot simpler to just have the harddrives open into their new world and processing. . .

A:New Motherboard with existing HHDrives

Unless most of the Hardware is exactly the same you would have to do at-least a repair install on the Operating System on those drives......sometimes that is not too successful and may have to do a full install if you have problems.

Of course you could always try first and see you might get lucky

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to upgrade my motherboard from a Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 to a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H. I currently have a copy of Windows 7 professional running, which I had upgraded to from Windows XP using a Windows 7 professional upgrade disc.

Since I'm anticipating that it's very likely that I'll have to do a fresh install of windows 7 to accommodate the new mobo, will this upgrade disc allow me to install windows 7 onto a new hard drive? -I'll probably buy a small boot drive to install windows onto when I put the new hardware together. If I have to, I can install XP onto the new drive and upgrade to Windows 7 with the disc. Is this plausible?

The last thing I want is to have to purchase a new copy of windows just to upgrade my hardware . Any input would be appreciated!


A:Upgrading motherboard on existing windows 7

Since I'm anticipating that it's very likely that I'll have to do a fresh install of windows 7 to accommodate the new mobo, will this upgrade disc allow me to install windows 7 onto a new hard drive? -You will be able to use the origional disk, you will have to activte it also, but believe it or not, it will install and activate it.If in the event it does fail and repeatedly fails, you can call an 800 number displayed on the screen that tells you your activation failed, once you call it, an automated system will give you a new key to enter into a box and actiavtion will happen, but I want to stress this happens only in real rare cases. In most cases activation will happen flawlessly.I know, I have done it many times.Just do not try running the same Windows 7 on two machines at the same time and try to activate BOTH copies, it then will make you purchase a new key for the second activation.

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I am going to be getting this motherboard:

ABIT "KV8" K8T800

Will my Kingston HyperX 2700+ memory work on it? It says in the description: RAM: 2x DIMM DDR400 or 3x DIMM DDR333 up to 2GB

Do I have to get new memory? I'm getting a 64 bit proc with the motherboard.

A:Will my existing memory work with this motherboard?

Yes, your Kingston HyperX will definitely work. However your memory might be the bottleneck for higher peformance since a 64 bit processor has an effective FSB of 400MHz.

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Here, im like an amateur Technician. I know a lot of things, although there's something that really questions in my mind.

These are like the performance of my PC.

Normally, a hard drive can go like 32mb ( or more ) per second copying some files or something like that.

Installing Black Ops takes less than 4 or 10 minutes.

Loading a Counter Strike Source game takes around less than 2 minutes or something like that. ( For some reason. )
My friend's PC? its like fried.

Back then he told me that its not that slow. Of course i can see that it doesn't really seem to be so slow before.

After doing a format due to some reason that his PC became so slow, kinda realized that something weird is happening to his PC.

Loading a Counter strike game takes like 10 Minutes.

Installing Black ops took like an hour.

Loading a Modern Warfare 2 Mission takes like 5 minutes, In the middle of battle takes like 2 minutes. Frame Rate was really damn smooth, but its like when it reloads the sound file, it takes like a minute to load it.

Mid Battle of some game, shooting a shotgun one time sounded like BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT, then another shoot was normal.

We did another format, but it doesnt seem to budge.
One time his BIOS is telling him that his hard drive doesnt exist anymore in the system, so No boot. Next day, i opened it and checked the cables, and turned it on, it now tells me that it does exist.
So... Bad Hard drive? or Bad motherboard?

A:Bad Hard drive? BAD MOTHERBOARD!?

Have your friend run a diagnostic test on his drive.
It is best to use a diagnostic program from the drive's manufacturer.

However, I have found that Hitachi Drive Fitness Test works on most any hard drive.
Use the bootable Linux CD.

If the drive comers out clean, then you can start to suspect the motherboard.

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I'm having trouble with my new system.

The system is as follows:

Asus P5N-D (nForce 750i)
Intel E8500 (Core 2 Duo @ 3.16 ghz, not overclocked)
4 gb of Ram (2 x 2gb)
XFX nVidia 9800 GTX+ 512mb - Latest Drivers
Samsung 500gb SATA HD
LG Optical Drive on ATAPI port
Corsair 650w PSU
External 750gb HDD on USB interface
Vista x64 SP1 w/ all Updates

I'm getting these errors in my system log (from disk or nvstor64):

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\DR0.

A parity error was detected on \Device\RaidPort1.

Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued.

I don't use a RAID - I'm running the Samsung 500gb drive that came with the system, but this sounds like either a bad motherboard or a bad hard drive. I'm not willing to go out and buy a motherboard and/or a hard drive to see if that's the problem so I'm hoping you can help. Please let me know how we can work this out, ASAP. I bought a nice, new fast gaming PC, so I'd like to actually play a few games.

I've ripped out and reinstalled the nForce drivers several times, including using DriverCleaner in Safe Mode to really get rid of them. I've installed the previous version of the nForce drivers. I've disabled command queing and write caching. I've tried another SATA port on the motherboard.

I've opened a topic on the iBuyPower forum (where I bought the system recently) in case there's more info there that might help:

http://www.i... Read more

A:Motherboard or Hard Drive?

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Hey guess i'm new but we'll save that.

So my laptop (compaq presario, 1.5 years old) was running very slow and choppy i ended up defrag etc. and ended up getting the blue screens of death. It was at the point the computer would work for 5-10 mins then BSOD. SOOO I reformatted totally wiped the hard drive etc. and did a fresh install of xp home (i was running pro before). Anyway, that went fine and I thought I was in the clear. Next thing I know same thing same BSOD:

0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x8244CDA0, 0x8244CF14, 0x805C749A)

While this happend for awhile, i began to get upset. Now the laptop is doing the PXE-E61 check media cable blah blah....

Long story short..I took it to get serviced..they told me nothing was wrong with ram OR the hard drive (wow thanks)

Then out of spite I took it somewhere else; the guy there basically just used an HD of his and installed XP and said..well it looks like a new HD is what you need. Tried that, but when I installed it...I still couldnt' get passed the media cable errors (which he didn't even have).

Yes i've tried changing boot orders etc.

Weird thing is..sometimes it will load windows...othertimes it won't? And usually when I try to install windows it says no hard disk found blah blah F3 to exit

Furthermore, in bios 9/10 times it will say NO IDE found for the diagnostic test, and only one or two times have I been able to run the test, both times giving an error something along the lines ... Read more

A:hard drive? or motherboard?

Well, if you replaced the HD and it still doesn't work right..

It could be a bad connection. Does your laptop use some kind of a tray or an adaptor for the hard drive? It may not give good contact. Maybe get another one?

I have also seen a ThinkPad that would lose the HD if you didn't bend the corner of the laptop right. Took it to the repair shop and had them re-solder all the hard drive connectors. Fixed it.

And yes, it could be plain bad HD controller.

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this all started last saturday. I woke up and i was hearing clicking coming from my computer. I moved the mouse to get out of the screen saver and it froze up... I restarted and windows xp pro wouldn't boot up, it would just sit at the loading screen and i would watch the little blue thing go from right to left o.o after that i restarted and got into safe mode to try and run chkdsk. it stoped at 22% and the system started to freeze up, but i would move my mouse and move widows around... but thats about it. from there i rstarted again. the drive no longer shows up on the ata133 onboard controller.

I took the drive to a shop and they ghosted the drive to a new one. the guy mentioned that the drive was giving him some trouble and that it was definatly bad. Anyway, i got the new drive yesterday. I plugged it into the same spot and all worked well... until i was watching TV on the TV tuner card it started to freeze up again. the tv was still playing but i couldn't do anything, so i restarted and then couldn't get into windows... then the drive didn't show up. SO! i moved the drive over to the primary IDE controller where i am now, in safe mode cause windows xp still wont load (this time is seems to hang after i log in and durring "loading personal settings"). System specs:

Gigabyte 8PE667 Ultra (onboard promise ata133/raid)
p4 2.8ghz
1gb ddr pc2700
radeon 9700 pro
120gb Western Digital hd (system drive that originaly screwed up)
120gb Western Digita... Read more

A:Hard drive then maybe motherboard?

You could have some kind of virus that destroys your hard drives.

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I have a Dell XPS 4100 running Windows XP Pro with 2 hard drives 1)Western Digital(master) 2)Seagate(slave) both are 80 gig 7200 rpm. The problem I am having is this: When trying to access my Seagate drive a box popped up saying the drive needed to be formatted. It was already formatted to NTFS. When I tried to format another message said it could not be formatted. To make a long story short I somehow eventually was able to format the Seagate drive. Now when I boot up I get a message saying this drive needs to run check disk, which it does and then continues booting. I can write files to the drive but when I try to access them the PC will sometimes freeze. I purchased this drive about 6 months ago because a previous drive went bad. Can my motherboard be the cause of my drive issues? Thank you

A:Bad Motherboard or Hard Drive

Welcome to TechSpot

In PCs anything is possible, but I don't think the mobo causes it.
Rather, check the cables and the jumper-settings on the harddisks.
Those HDs would prefer a 80-wire flat-cable, rather than a 40-wire cable.
Check that the colourcoded connectors correspond to the instructions. Check that the red control-band is on the side of the connector where pin 1 is. Check all power-connectors.
Try another IDE-cable if you have it (or borrow one).
The first (WD) should be set to Master (or Master with Slave present), not to Cable-select. The second (Seagate) should be set to Slave, again not Cable-select.
Check in the BIOS that both HDs are recognised, write down their parameters.

In the Storage & Networking forum is a "sticky", get the HD-util for Seagate from there and run it.

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My Dell Inspirion 6000 Notebook has the dreaded Blue Screen with c000021a (Fatal System Error) and will not boot to Windows. This has happened numerous times and the problem has been resolved by reloading Windows XP and the drivers and software. The system will work temporarily, but eventually shuts down and returns to the blue screen. It seems Windows XP gets erased every time the system crashes. I'm assuming the problem is either my harddrive or the motherboard. How can I tell which one is causing the problem?

A:Hard Drive or Motherboard?

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I have a Latitude 600 and when I turn it on, it may take up to 10 minutes or not at all. It will only stay on about 10 minutes or so then has a message saying preparing standby in order to eject.... The battery died just before this started happening. I have been in contact with Dell support 3 times...one said hard drive dying, another said motherboard, another said power supply...so which is it? I tried to do the test by pressing Fn and the power button but that does not work. I doubt this old thing is worth putting a new motherboard. I was also advised to never try working on a laptop myself..is it really that bad? Thanks

A:motherboard or hard drive?

Try replacing the power adapter first. Does the computer boot normally and are you able to access all of your files and folders. If the hard drive was failing those wouldn't be the symptoms in my opinion. Also go into the control panel and change the power settings to never hibrinate and to go into standby after say 60 minutes of inactivity and turn off hard disks after at least 60 minutes. See if those things help.

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The other day we had a storm, the power went out for a few minutes. When I restarted the computer, my hard drive was bare, it wasn't even formated. This has happened when the power goes out (not all the time). What I'm trying to figure out is if it is the motherboard or the hard drive. I have a Western Digital WD1600-JB hard drive and an Abit KV8-MAX3 (VIA K8T800) motherboard.



A:Motherboard or hard drive?

Replace the hard drive... Then if the problem persists, look at replacing the power supply before going for the motherboard

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My one-year-old out-of-warranty HP Pavillion dv1000 laptop (Windows XP Home) has been slow or unable to reboot, so I'm trying to diagnose it and figure out if I just need a new hard drive (where can I find instructions on upgrading a hard drive on this laptop?) or have to replace the whole laptop with a new one.

One of the problems found was the hard drive was in PIO mode, so I had to repeatedly switch it back to DMA mode (using the DMA-to-PIO registry hack or remounting the hard drive). This occurred weekly until I ran SpinRite, then it stayed in DMA mode for a month.

What I think is relevant from my Event Viewer Log include:

atapi event 9s: The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout
atapi event 11s: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.
a single atapi event 26: The driver has detected that device \Device\Ide\IdePort0
has old or out-of-date firmware. Reduced performance may result. [I think this may
just be a generic message when it gets too many errors]
cdrom event 7: The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
disk event 51: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging
disk event 7: The device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block.
ftdisk event 57: The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption
may occur.

Recently the main hard drive went to PIO (even though it crashed while trying to burn a DVD, strange huh?) was unable to reboot u... Read more

A:Hard drive vs. Motherboard

It could be a bad drive, a bad connection or a bad controller.

Ideally, you would take the drive out of your laptop and test it with the manufacturer diagnostic utility.

In reality, you could just take the drive out, clean the contacts, put it back in and do the diagnostics in this computer.

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When i went to turn my comp on it wouldnt fully boot up.. all that happend was the fan was running... no beeping or anything.. so i thought it was my power supply so i put a brand new one in and went to turn on the comp and its still doing the same thing.. so now im thinking its either the mobo or hd.. i have no clue how to figure this out so if someone could help me that would be great...

A:Motherboard or hard drive?

I'm having the same reply as you. One thing I hope for me its the motherboard. It suck if it was the HDD. Have so much stuff on the HDD.

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Hey guys, in couple days im getting a new MB, cpu, ram and case. I was wondering, can i put my old hard drive in, than just install drivers and bios for my new MB?

A:Different motherboard but same hard drive possible?

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This is a similar situation as described in the locked post talking about doing a non clean install of windows after replacing the motherboard. The main difference is that Dell did a clean windows install on my original HHD during a warranty replacement of a faulty motherboard. Below is a post I made on another site in the hope of getting some help. Please excuse my very basic knowledge of computers when trying to answer my question.
I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop as my main photo editing device. I was quickly disappointed in its performance despite being sold that this was my best option at the price point. The 8th gen intel i5, 8gb of ram and 2tb 5400rpm HDD was not up to the task of quickly processing large photo files. I replaced the standard hd with a 2tb SSD and was finally happy with the performance of my lap top.

A few weeks ago my computer shut down to an immediate black screen and would not start up again. I sent it back to Dell for warranty but decided it was best to return it with the original HDD. It was found to have a faulty motherboard and in/out board. Both were replaced and the original hdd was wiped and returned to factory settings. Now that i have the computer back i would like to reinstall the SSD and get back to work. Unfortunately despite being told otherwise, the computer will not boot up with the ssd installed. All that happens now is it goes to a blue screen and notifies me that a problem has occured and that windows needs to restart. ... Read more

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I had all the parts for my computer selected and then I noticed that the MB and the HD might not go together. Im not goog with campat stuff at all Im thinking of building a computer. Could anyone tell me if this Hard Drive will work with this motherboard?

MSI P4N SLI-FI Socket T (LGA 775) ATX Intel Motherboard

Western Digital Raptor WD740GD 74GB 10,000 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive

A:Need help with Hard Drive to Motherboard

Yes, they should work fine. The motherboard has 4 sata ports, and that drive will take one of those ports. The motherboard also should come with the data cable, so you're covered in that area as well. The thing to consider is whether your power supply has a sata power connector, like this.

There are also molex(4pin) to sata adapters, so even if you don't have one, you can get an adapter. Sata drives can sometimes be troublesome to setup, but I doubt you'll have problems with that board, as it's newer and name brand.
Good luck on the system.

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i have just installed a new motherboard/cpu/ram and i am just trying to start windows 7 from an existing hard drive, with it already installed. i have heard that if windows 7 was pre installed on your computer then it will not work. is this true?

if needs be, i have a brand new copy of windows 7 that i can make a new start from

question 1. how do i make a new install of windows 7 if it wont boot in the first place

question 2. will i be able to keep my programs/files on this hard drive?

if anybody could help me i would be forever in gratitude


mobo: biostar n68s3+
cpu: amd athlon ii x4 3.0ghz
os. windows 7

A:windows 7 wont boot from existing HDD with new motherboard

asking a copy of windows to be transfered from one system to another is a bit too much to ask, you get driver conflicts and other such issues.

you could try booting into safe mode and run driver sweep to uninstall all your old drivers, but again its a long shot.

if you boot the pc with a copy of windows 7 in the drive it will run the setup installation wizard for you. But it will remove all your existing files and apps.
But it will move your old files to a windows.old folder.

oh and welcome to the forum

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Can't install win 7 stops at starting win insignia. Any Ideas on what the problem. And how to fix.

A:XPS 7100 new motherboard and hard drive

Are you booting to the windows 7 install disk and selecting Custom Install, Drive Options to allow windows to format the new drive? Read this for instructions--

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I just bought an AMD XP1700 board and a new atx case. In my old machine, I had a 40gb hd for primary, and a 20 gb for a slave. Now, my 40 Gig drive is not being read by the new board. Fdisk won't partition it or format it. I can't install anything on it, and the machine wouldn't boot off of it when I still had my OS on it. My old machine reads it fine, and the new board reads by 20 Gig drive fine. I installed Windows 98se on it, installed partition magic 7.0 and tried to partition the bigger drive from there, but its still not working. HELP!!!!

A:Hard Drive problem w/ new motherboard

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My motherboard is a DFI LanParty UT SLI-DR (details about the SATA-plugs can be seen here), and I'm currently looking for a new hard drive. The one I want to buy is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, with a capacity of 1,5 TB.

What I'd like to know is whether my motherboard can support a drive of this size?

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance

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Quote from my friends problem
recently removed my computer drives - master and slave- when i went on holiday. I put the system back in order and recently noticed my slave drive has not shown up in "My Computer" list. I tried swapping the ribbon cables with no changes. So i swapped the position of both drives in case it was the power cable. Both are SATA so they use the same power cable. But still no changes. I removed the slave drive (F Drive) and placed it into an external caddie and booted up. It started to install driver for it and is running fine from there.

So after that, i re installed it into the PC and still no change. It simply does not exist. I have run the boot set up on startup and it is not listed there. It is simply a ghost to the PC.

Any ideas what it could be or how i could sort this issue out?

Also, in hardware profiles under show hidden drives, it is listed and clicking this states it is not connected.
Is there any solution that would help my friend solve his problem
N.B: please take that internal hard drive, instead of slave ...

A:Is it motherboard or hard drive or bios , which is the cause of this

recently removed my computer drives - master and slave

Both are SATA

There's some confusion from the start. There is no such thing as master and slave with SATA drives! Master and slave drives come from the old technology, EIDE (PATA) drives where you could have two drives attached to one "data" cable and one motherboard connector. With two drives on one data cable, there needed to be a way for the system to keep track of the drives, so one drive was designated as master, the other as slave. And this was determined by a jumper on the back of the drive and where on the cable the drive was connected.

But with SATA drives there is only one drive per data cable. Every drive has it own data cable and motherboard connector. So no master or slave designation is needed.

You can have more than one drive on a power cable with SATA, but that has nothing to do with master and slave - as again, no such thing with SATA drives.

The boot drive is determined by the boot order set in the BIOS.

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I'm thinking about doing a complete upgrade on my computer.

All I really want to save from my original tower is my 128MB of RAM and the processor. My motherboard was the 'onboard' type, so I'll be needing several new parts. I have a Pentium II 400MHz processor that I want to keep. What type of motherboard should I buy (keeping in mind the $$$)? (make personal recommendations). What type of hard-drive (10GB+ of course)?

Also, if someone could point out a good site for rebuilding a PC with my specs, I'd appreciate it.

Oh yeah, would anyone know of a good place that I could get a full copy of WIN98 SE for cheap?

Thanks in advance for your help,


A:Upgrading motherboard, hard-drive

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Hi everyone. I'm attempting to build a computer on my own. I've done minor things like switching video cards, upgrading processors, etc., but never started from scratch.

I've run into a problem, I think.

I purchased a Fujitsu 15k Ultra SCSI320 80pin hard drive. The connection doesn't match the one on my motherboard, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe.

Am I out of luck, or am I supposed to have an adapter of some sort? Sorry for the clueless questions. I'll try to supply as much information as required for an answer.

For information, I've only gotten to the "connect the parts" steps. Just got the motherboard in the case, and the processor and heat sink in place. Then I saw this problem and decided to come ask before I screwed something up.

Thanks in advance!

A:Hard Drive incompatible w/ Motherboard?

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