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Cannot reach single server box by Domain name only

Q: Cannot reach single server box by Domain name only

I'm trying to work with my server guys on this, but I think the problem may be more local. I cannot reach my personal web servers by pop3, http or ftp when using my domain names. I have tried logging in by server IP and everything works fine. They tell me that they can reach the sites ok and a secondary lookup website was able to ping by domain name.

I have used my command prompt and 3 different browsers, rebooted my entire system, shut down firewalls, cleared all caches (browser and dns) and rebooted again. Every other site on the web shows up fine, but mine just say 'server not found'. The only other posts I've seen have dealt with people who couldn't look up any domains at all, or are trying to access an intranet domain. I am just having trouble with 3 domains on a shared web server.

I have a vonage/motorola router, motorola modem and PC running WinXP

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Cannot reach single server box by Domain name only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm trying to reach my network disk (a portable disk connected using USB to an ASUS AC2400 router/ ASUS RT-AC87U).

I am able to reach the network disk using other devices (like my smartphone), so it is working properly.

When I try to reach it using my work computer (which is a domain computer), I am unable to connect to the network disk.
I've tried these things already with following result:

When I ping the IP-address of the device or the device name, I get a reply and in case of the device name, I also get the correct ip-address
When activating the media server on the asus router, I am able to reach it (sometimes) on my computer.
I am able to reach other NAS servers (at my parents home, I was able to reach the NAS using the IP-address)
using nbtstat I can see that the device is broadcasting its name
I've tried many other things, but am so far unable to reach this network disk.

In the web user interface of the ASUS router it is called the: 'USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk'
I activated/deactivated following options:

Allow guest login --> NO

Work Group --> workgroup

Enable SMB2 protocol (default: No) --> NO

Simpler share naming (without the disk name) --> YES

Force as Master Browser --> NO
Set as WINS server --> NO
NTFS Sparse Files Support --> Enabled
If any of these options should be changed, please tell me and also please explain the meaning of these features and why they should be enabled/disa... Read more

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Dear Community,

My company use around 700 desktops and laptops on a domain. our file server has a home share drive that the AD links to and then maps when a user logs onto any machine when using their domain account. my problem when I log onto my normal laptop
it says network name is no longer available. when I log onto another machine it connects and maps normally. all other servers UNC name works normally. I can ping it by DNS and IP and can RDP to it but not see any shares.

Please can you help?

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup a Print Server remotely - and the challenge that I am facing is that the Print Server is on a different sub-net (by default) than the main network.

The main network consists of the I.P. addresses: to

The Print Server has a default I.P. address of:

Fortunately the remote location is using a Netgear SRXN3205 which supports Lan Multi-Homing.

I have added the address to the router (as shown below) -

I have remote access to a Windows 7 computer, and I have tried adding a Static Route to it in order to reach the Print Server -

I have tried both of the following -

route add mask

(above uses the Routers LAN Multi-Homing feature)

route add mask

(above uses the Routers standard I.P. address)

** Can't reach the print server either through ping or a web browser with either of the above commands ***

If anybody has any suggestions on how I can reach the config page of the Print Server (TP-Link TL-PS110U) they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:Trying to reach print server on different sub-net

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I currently have a Windows 2000 networked environment within my companies network. We have 10 servers to handle various tasks, one domain controller with a single NIC that handles the 192.168.3 subnet. The 150+ users and 60-70 devices are all assigned into the 192.168.3 subnet (users on DHCP and devices statically assigned). We have a cisco 1720 router that connects us to our T1 for internet connectivity. The scope we have set up for the 192.168.3 subnet is currently nearing capacity and I am looking into a second subnet to alleviate the soon to be lack of IP adresses. Id like to set up a second subnet, I want to know what exactly I will need to do in order for these subnets to communicate with eachother. Off the bat I know i will have to add the new subnet scope into DNS and DHCP on my domain controller, and im assuming I will need to configure some static routes on the router and possibly a relay agent on the domain controller(if not a second NIC for the domain controller. I simply need a checklist of what needs to get done in order for me to allow both subnets to communicate. Essentially id like to have it so the 192.168.3 is reserved for clients, and the 192.168.5 addresses for the static adresses (printers,wireless devices etc), and the client loses no networked functionality from the 192.168.3 subnet (printers, shares etc..) if they need to get to devices on the 192.168.5 subnet. Thanks for any help, it is definetly appriciated.

A:Single domain - need 2 subnets

If there is an alternate plan of attack, I am open to suggestions

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After using Capture One Pro version 4 RAW image workflow software from Phase One for a few weeks with no problems (and version 3 for a couple of years before that), suddenly the application has reverted from the Pro version which I paid for to the less capable Standard version.

Between my description of events and screenshots, Phase One support has determined that the application cannot reach the company's activation server to verify the status of my license code. My user account on their site says I have 2 free upgrades and 2 activations remaining. In the app, it says I have zero and zero.

I've tried deactivating and reactivating the software, but I get the error: Capture One was unable to deactivate the software on the server. This happens whether I try to connect from home or from my studio.

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP1.

Phase One support suggested creating a new Windows user account and trying it from there, but that didn't work. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and completely disabling my firewall (AVG 8).

The last from Phase One support (in Asia, who can reply no more than once a day ):

The activation procedure is using the following:

activate.phaseone.com that has IP address
Mac uses port 80 (http)
PC is also port 80 but uses also SOAP commands besides http
Also every machine needs to be able to ping itself on

That is all that is needed to run activation procedure as... Read more

A:App can't reach license activation server

I'd be surprised if machines can ping themselves on, since the loopback address is!

I wonder what other misconceptions they have?

BTW, that IP address for activation is in NJ, not Asia.

I think I'd connected directly to my broadband modem, disable any firewalls, and run the activation. If that doesn't do it, you're pretty much out of luck.

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I'm running OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 on a MacBook Air.
Whenever I try to connect to a website (apart from Google, Facebook, Apple support) it shows the error message "Unable to connect"(Firefox) "Safari Can't Connect to the Server"(Safari). It is not a network problem because every other device works just fine. I've tried changing DNS to Google's, deactivating IPv6, Renewing DHCP lease, rebooting Mac, deleting cookies, uninstalling Avast Antivirus, disabling any VPNs, getting a new IP, et cetera. NOTHING HAS WORKED.
Please help me.

A:Unable to connect, can't reach server.

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Using three different computers 1 Win 7, 2 Win 10 and one android phone.
On the Windows 7 machine I cannot reach one web site (SanduskyRotaryPizzaChallenge.com), I get 503 server unavailable. All other web sites work fine on the Win 7 machine. Using Chrome, IE and Edge.
On the Win 10 and Android the web site works fine.
Only the one web site on only the one computer does it not work.
I can using FileZilla I can FTP into the site, on ALL computers.
So what should I be looking at on the Win 7 machine? Remember all other sites work fine.

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Hello folks!
here is the network admin at GESS,
I have this strange problem!
I have this computer which has been working fine for more than one year!
but one fine morning it just doesn't connect to DNS server!
It doesn't even ping any more!
it would ping other computers on the network but not DNS-ip address!
please help !!
Ali Syed

A:DNS does not connect to one single computer in the domain!

Try a winsock reset if you are running WXPSP2/Vista you can do this command in a command prompt and then restart the PC.

netsh winsock reset

Reboot and see if that helps.

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I am trying to connect to a computer in my house so I can play a one of my friends at Bos wars. Every time I try to connect it says "Could not reach server". What am I doing wrong? Is it possible I have two different versions of the game?

A:Solved: Bos Wars lan game... Can not reach server

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WS2012 Remote Desktop Session Host. We need to run a couple LOB programs from a remote share, and I want to suppress the security prompt. The usual solution is add the domain to Local Intranet Zone.
I can add domain servers to Local Intranet Zone by using "file://ServerName" syntax and it works. In a normal DomainName.Local domain, I can add "DomainName.Local" to the Local Intranet Zone and it works.
I haven't found a syntax that works for "SingleLabelDomain". I've tried

--and I either get an "Invalid format" message, or it accepts it but doesn't work.
Is there a correct way to enter this, or am I SOL with a single-label domain?

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I have a single Windows 7 machine on our domain, that is unable to have its Windows Update settings modified, even when I log in as the Domain Administrator on the machine.  It's set to never check:

There is no such group policy on the domain to prevent being able to check for updates.  All other windows 7 machines on the network are able to do so.
I did check the local group policy on the machine, and there's no blocking of Windows Updates.  In fact, I explicity DISABLED the blocking of windows updates, and I still can't change the Windows Update Settings:

Any ideas on what may be preventing the user to check for Windows Updates?

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IP settings 

Subnet mask




Windows 7

IP address automatically  





error code reads 


following error occored wen DNS was queried for the servise location (SRV)

record used to locate an Active Directory Domane Controller (AD DC) for Domain



error was: "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."

code 0x000005b4 ERROR_TIMEOUT)


query was for SRV record_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.dalek.local.

DNS server used  by this com... Read more

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So this isn't a question but wanted to post here an issue that we had and now have resolved in the hopes that it may help someone else.
We have mostly Windows 7 workstations connected to a single Domain (2 AD servers, 2 DNS) and began to get calls requesting assistance in changing passwords as we force password resets every 60 days.  The error that our users were getting was "The
system detected a possible attempt to compromise security".  The end result was an update (KB3172605) was causing the issue and after uninstalling the update this issue is now resolved. The reason I wanted to post it here is that the error is not
indicative of where the issue lies and when looking on these forums there were some older issues / responses which pointed to firewall or DNS but this turned out to be my issue.  
If anything changes about this I will post it here just hope it helps.

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I have a child domain server03 [branchoffice.welber.com], that is part of a parent domain server02 [welber.com], right now the main DNS server is on the parent domain server02 and server03 uses this as it's DNS server.

How can I setup a Enterpise wide compatible DNS server on server03 so that if the link is cut between server03 and server02, all local users will continue to be able to authenitcate properly with server03, that this will not interfere with operations when server02 and server03 are connected.

I guess I would list the first DNS server on server03 as server02 leaving as it is, then set the 2nd dns server to server03 once it's setup correctly.

Thanks for your help.

A:Configuring DNS server for a child domain server

I think you're getting DNS and Active Directory confused.

Are you looking for authentication, AND name resolution - or simply authentication?

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hi guys, I try to make Win 2k3 server to be a member of Domain win2k server but I got an error message ,
" The local policy of this ( 2k3 server) system does not permit you to logon interactively"
what should I do??? Any ideas?

thanks for help EGL

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is it possible to point my domainname.co.uk to web server on one ip and ts server on another?

A:point domain name to web server and ts server on different ips

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The office where I work has internet connection via satellite (Bentley Walker's). The internet speed is 512/128 kbps dynamic. The speed decreases according to the traffic load. Right now we have proper internet connection for about 3-4 hours. After that speed drops.

We want to connect another assymetric satellite internet connection (with only download option).

The office has only one server: windows server 2003 sp1 with isa server 2006 installed.

I need that server should always use first inet connection for upload and use both inet connections for download in schedule. For example: Between 7AM to 11AM first ISP after 11AM second ISP. Can ISA Server 2006 do it alone or I need third party software. If I can manage it we are going to try this settings for a while. If the expected internet performance wont be acheived may be we will have to change the settings for using both of them at the same time. But then I guess I will need a router to accomplish it.

I am going to set up another NIC for the second ISP to the server. So the server will have 3 NICs. 2 for WAN and one for LAN.


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I need to share a window on my Windows 10 PC via VNC (to an Android device). UltraVNC says it can share a single window, but I can't get their VNC server to do this, only the entire Desktop.

Any suggestions for VNC servers that can share a single window?

[Reference to Android removed as not significant, and seemed to confuse]

A:VNC Server to Share Single Window?

You need to look in either in the VNC or Android forums. This is not a Windows issue.

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For some time now... I've been thinking of creating a multimedia server.. where It would be possible to stream music and videos to the server, Record shows via server, A File storage server.... So.. I was thinking of using one machine and put multiple virtual machines on it....

Now, my question is to you that.. Is there any way to run programs on server without having to boot up a OS on each one of the virtual machines... this way, there would be very little load on the machine with, fast boot times... it would be greatly appreciated...

P.S: The comp I'm using is old (2002 comp) and I don't expect it to run heavy loads...I currently don't have any specs of the comp with me at the moment...

A:Solved: Single Server with minimal load

Each VM will require resources (ie: cpu power and RAM). You are basically dividing up the cpu/RAM into chunks. If you are using an old 2002 PC, you likely don't have the necessary hardware to get decent performance.

With the exception of "recording", you could do everything else on a basic PC running XP. Recording, depending on what exactly you are trying to do, can be hardware intensive (ie: cpu and HDD).

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Hi guys,

A simple question if you don't mind:
Is that possible to reset a single object queue into a print server on Win2008R2 ?

I have around 1400 printer objects into my server and I was wondering if I can do something else than stopping spooler service (which stops ALL my printers...).

With all the other programs attached to my spooler, it takes around 3 minutes to start and stop the all process!
That's too long for my 6000 users and I usually receive at least 20 phone calls in this gap each time!

Any help would be welcome.

With kind regards

A:How to reset a single queue into printer server ?

Is that possible to have other response than the Google-ad ones here?

Maybe the best answer would have been to say: "No, that's not possible with Microsoft, If you want to do that, choose Novell".

The only way to remove a job in error into a queue is to kill several times the process: "PrintIsolationHost.exe" (if you set your driver into isolation mode)
This will release the handle on the queue which prevent the spooler to delete it after the two attempts.

Thanks for your help!

With kind regards

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We have bound several Macs to the Microsoft AD domain. One of the reasons for doing this was to achieve a single sign-on environment. ie no need to reautenticate when connecting to one of the file servers etc.
The problem we have is that when we attempt to connect to the Win2003 fileserver using AFP we are still being prompted to reauthenticate wheras if we use SMB instead it connects staright away. We have noticed that the SMB connection works straight off as the Kerberos Domain Controller (KDC) issues the OSX user with a kerberos ticket which is viewable in the Kerberos.app on the Mac.
Does anybody have any ideas that may help with this ?
Thanks in advance

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I am currently administering an Exchange server on Windows 2003 Server, SP2, with Active Directory.

My problem is that I have a user who has an account and uses this account to share between multiple clients for purposes of looking the same shared calendar. He has recently reported that he cannot connect over 16 machines at the same time without problems. I suspect that there is an issue with the number of allowed concurrent connections but cannot find anything that answers my questions.

I would appreciate any help I could get in this regard.

A:Exchange Server - single user- concurrent connections

I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to exchange but it might be better to create a mailbox for all these clients and just disable their ability to send mail, that way they can still view the shared calendar.

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My interest has to do with configuring some things using Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc).

Nowhere can I find an article on the internet that specifically addresses a SINGLE person AT HOME with a SINGLE account on the SINGLE PC.

I'm all ears (and frustrated beyond belief at the total lack of ACCURATE information re: the Widows platform).

A:I give up - can a SINGLE home PC be in a "domain"?

A domain is run from a server that acts as a domain controller. A single PC that isn't running WS22003 or WS2008 can't be a domain by itself.

But as for the GPE, you can run it on any PC. What is it you want limit?

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Hi, You guys have been great to help me out, now I have another project.
We currently have one NT 4 Server as our PDC with 3 Win 2 K Server boxes for various other things such as file server, mail server, SQL server, ect...
We would like to take our NT 4 box and have it act as our DNS Server as well. The PDC is only used for authenication. No apps are run off it or anything else for that matter.

Is OK to do?

If so do I just follow MS suggestions and do the Wizard to include this as DNS server. We have register with the Net all applicable
Domian Name rsgistration required.
In fact on this box is where our DNS that were given to us reside at.
Also I am sure I need to schedule a time to do this where as no
one is using the network to much so I can reboot the server as well.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Or would it be better to build a WIN2K box, but the problem I have there is how would migrate all the users I have into W2K Server?



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ok. for what ever reason i keep trying to get on the net and it tells me i have local and internet connection. my other laptop connects no problem my cell hooks up to the network every other laptop that comes over and my x box.... however mine keeps saying that the domain name server cant be reached.... but then randomly it will work... out of 25 times trying to connect it may work one time... it wont pull up google most times but then it would pull up cardomain.com. i have no clue how to fix this but i have never had this problem before... if anyone can help that would be great.. thanks

A:Domain name server

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I have seen on servers, where you can set up a domain, and other PCs can connect to that domain and share programs, printers, etc.

My goal is to set up a server and share Quickbooks on all the PCs, so everytime invoices are updated, they are updated on the server so all PCs stay current.

My question is, how do you set up a domain!!!!?
Do I need Win2003 server, or Win2000 server? Can it be setup using win2000 Pro, or Win XP Pro?

A:Server/domain help

You don't need a domain or even a server to network QuickBooks, a workgroup setup with the business files on the server will work just fine.

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Hi All,

We have a server which is our DNS with our domain.local

We are setting up another server which will be a vm machine which will be accessible on wan.

What i want to know is, is it possible to have domain.local and domain.com.au on the same server?

the domain.com.au is actually a different company within the same corporation so the it is
domainnew.com.au instead of domain.local which is why we want to keep both as they both have different uses.

All staff and computer will run off domain.local and the vm machines will run on domain.com.au.

Basically wanting to know if it is possible to have one DNS for both different domains or what is the best way?

Thanks in advance

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Tried tackling this one single-handedly to begin with and failed.

I have Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 installed as a dual boot, different partitions single HDD.

I want to remove the Windows 7 partition and keep the Win 2008. I do NOT want to lose anything from the Win 2008 partition.

Taken from Disk Management.

Disk 3 with 5 partitions
1st - Healthy, Primary partition 73MB. (I thought this was system reserve but its not, leftover space from a previous partition change). It's currently mounted and completely empty.
2nd - Unallocated space 500mb
3rd - Windows 7 OS (Healthy - system, active, primary partition)
4th - Windows 2008 Server OS (Healthy - boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition)
5th - Unallocated space 8mb'ish

I haven't been using Windows 7 for years and want to clean this drives partitions up because it's messy and wasting space. I just need windows server 2008 as it's been used as a server for years and that's all I need it for now.

I want to safely remove the windows 7 installation and merge that partition along with the 1st and unallocated spaces back into a single partition where windows 2008 server resides.

Now I've tried tackling this myself and failed. I stupidly made the windows server 2008 partition as active which killed my boot and took me forever to repair with zero loss fortunately. Sadly it was as simple as using diskpart in a command prompt from win 2008 boot disk to make win 7 partition active again.

So, how do I do this? The bo... Read more

A:How to remove single OS from dual boot - Windows 7 and Win Server 2008

boot into win7 and move the bootmgr to the win 2008 partition. It will mark that partition active as well.
Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

now reboot into win 2008 and situation will be:
3rd - Windows 7 OS (Healthy - primary partition)
4th - Windows 2008 Server OS (Healthy - system,boot, page file, crash dump, active, primary partition)

Correct? If so .. now you can remove the win7 partition. And of course update the bootmenu so win7 is not in list anymore

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This Morning i went on my laptop to find the internet shutting itself on and off quite frequently and could take upto 45 minutes to come back on. Now later on during the day its gone off and will no longer come back on. When i run diagnostics it comes up with that their is a Domain Name Server Error. I have tried connecting the internet directly through to my laptop instead of through the wireless, but still comes up with the same and also when i go down and hover over the internet link it says "Limited Connectivity, Does anyone have any ideas?

Strange thing is, when i plug the internet directly into the main computer (what im on now) it all works perfectly fine. on my laptop I have gone into command Prompt and tried to Ping and www.google.com all failed by 100% Also i couldnt get onto XBOX live.



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I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on a Laptop.
Networked to Windows XP, was working until Tuesday when I installed ZoneAlarm version: on both computers now I cannot connect Vista to XP.

error code 0x80070035
cannot find The Domain Name Server

Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Domain Name Server

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Dear All,

Recently, one of my colleague tried to send an email to a customer but failed. And I discovered that I couldn't resolve the domain name of this customer (We uses google DNS server Nevertheless, all of us can open and resolve the customer's
website e.g. www.domainname . So is there something wrong with the dns record of this customer?

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I have a windows 2000 advance server that I want to join a Windows 2003 domain server. How many ways are there for joining a windows 2000 server to a domain server? Here's what I did. I right click on the My Computer icon and choose Properties/click Network Identification tab. The only option that is listed in this tab is a Properties button. I click on this Properties button and the next window shows a Workgroup and a Domain radio button. I click on the Domain radio button and type in my domain name in the texbox. I then click OK and the next window popup to type in my domain server's administrator's user name and password. I typed it in and then I receive this error:

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "myDomain":
The network path was not found.

I'm positive the path is correct. I have done the same thing with 10 other computers and it's working fine. The only difference is that many other computers that I joined have the Network ID and Change button under the Computer Name tab in System Properties, and I click Network ID and that seems to work all the time. But this is a Windows 2000 advance server and it does not have the Network ID button. The only choice is Properties button. So am I doing something wrong? How many ways can I join a windows 2000 server to a domain server?

Any help is much appreciated!


A:can't join domain server

These two links might be useful.


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I would really appreciate any suggestions. My problem is that all of a sudden Windows 98 client computers are not able to log on to the network. This occurred the week after a power outage and the server was off for a few days. After I brought the server back online most computers could log in. But some got this error message:

No domain server was available to validate your password. You may not be able to gain access to some network resources.

I have checked all the cables and hubs, this doesn't seem to be a hardware problem. I have surfed the net about this problem but the only solution I have been able to find is off of the Microsoft website and it only applies to Windows 95 clients.

Thank you in advance,

A:Solved: No domain server available-please help

you may need to delete the password on win98. this may help, quoted from http://www.chicagotech.net/noserveravailable.htm
"No logon server available"

Symptoms: you can ping the server by ip and name but can't map the shared drive by using net use \\ip or \\servername. If you try, you may receive the "No logon server available".

Resolutions: This sounds like cache credential issue. 1) make sure the computers in the same network, the same workgroup/domain and have created the same username. 2) use net to cache the credential. 3) The user profiles may been damaged.

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Domain Name Server Configuration
When I connect to the Internet, I can stay connected for a while, then the connection just drops. When I diagnose it, it says that there is a problem with the Domain Name Server Configuration, and says it was unable to ping microsoft.com. Then shortly after I will reconnect.

I'm not sure what all you need to know in order to help me with this, but what do you think I should do to repair this? These disconnects are getting really annoying.

I have Windows Vista, Dell Insprion 1525 Laptop

A:Domain Name Server Configuration

what type of internet do you have? do you use a router?

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I have a website on a hosting server that I want to add some things to. Problem is, the server isn't ours, but rather a friends. The web app I want to run requires some programs to be installed and up to date, and also requires access to the MySQL database. Instead of asking him to update and install his software, and giving me the root password to the database, I would like to add my server to the domain, kind of like as a secondary server.

The server I am setting up runs Debian, not sure about his.

Main server: www.example.com
Secondary: wiki.example.com

How would one do this?

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I recently purchased a new computer and I've tried everything to get it to sign onto the domain. How do you go in and edit what I put in originally as I think I must have something wrong. I have looked at the networking setups and they seem to be correct.

A:Logging onto Domain with NT Server

Can you ping the domain controller that you are trying to connect to? If so, then check the WINS settings and DNS settings. You might create an LMHOSTS file with the DC info in it. If all that is OK, then you should be able to join the domain with an admin account and password. If you are on the same subnet, you could install NETBEUI protocol to perform the connection. Just remove it after the domain connection is made.

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I recently purchased a domain and would like to set up my home server to be where it points to how do i accomplish this? thanks in advance...greg

A:how do i domain to home server

a little confused by your question

if you have a website hosting package with an ISP, then you can have them 'point' the domain name to their part of the server where your website is stored

depending on the ISP, you may be able to do this yourself through their admin or management options
- but you need to know the IP of their DNS (domain name servers)

give your ISP a call and ask them how they do it
if that wasn't your question, please post back - ypu may be talking about running your own webserver, but you still need the correct IP set so that other computers know how to find you

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Hello i now have a copy of windows NT Server. How can i Setup my own Domain???
First timer to Windows NT Server 4.0

A:Windows NT Server 4.0 Domain

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Hello and thank you in advance.

Very simple set up; home network for training purposes. Network presently consists of: one domain controller (dell server w/2 nics) 2wire cable modem/router from ATT uverse (5 static IP addresses......actually "sticky static" ip addreses) a dumb hub, and 5 potential workstations.

The modem/router is currently configured as such:
IP Address 99.37.x.x
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway 99.37.x.1
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
With a "user defined supplemental network" of
Router Address 108.80.x.x
Subnet Mask
I was assigned 5 "stickey static" IP addresses 108.80.x.5-----108.80.x.10

The problem is that I can not get a workstation to join the domain as long as I'm configured for ATT's network
I've tried allow NIC1 to obtain it's "sticky static" ip address from the router/modem and configured NIC2 statically with a 192.168 address. The domain controller is also set up as a DHCP server so in theory a workstation can be configured for DHCP, and once authenticated get it's ip info. I keep getting domain controller for the domain can not be contacted........

I tried losts of various settings using one and both NICs. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them



A:server 2003 domain

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How would I set Windows XP Pro to become a domain server?

A:Windows XP Pro Domain Server

Hi there...

I'd start by checking at MICROSOFT HOW-TO'S

Other than that...check the manual or the help files!

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How hard is it to move an NT Server from one Domain to another? Any tips or is it straight forward.

A:Moveing NT Server to new domain

I did that last year, it was NOT, I repeat NOT, a piece of cake, however, theres one small software that saved the day for me.

The name of the software is UPromote, the name of the company is "Algin Technology", last year I bought it On line for 99 dollars, however its bin long and they may have jacked up the price, but , yes, this software did make it very simple.

I suggest you goto Algin Technology's website and read about UPromote before venturing into moving servers from one domain to another.

And yes, make sure you do it on a friday, it will still give you time to make it happen before the whole world turn around with hammers and axes in their hands. Watch out for those TONGUES also, they hurt more than the the swords !

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With 9 users and one 2003 server is it necessary to have a domain? What about with 15 users? I heard a rumor that with more than 10 users there had to be a domain. That can't be right can it?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of a domain on a network this small?

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Holy yeesh! Can I just say how much I love fumbling around with w2k?
Okay, I've just set up this new domain. One PDC, and two servers. But unfortunately one of the servers cannot join the new domain.
Using Active Directory Users and Computers, I've added the computer to the domain, no prob. But trying to change the domain on the lost server gives me an error with the reason "Network Path Cannot Be Found", dagnabit.
From the sorry-server, I can see and access every computer on the network, so it's not a connectivity problem, it just can't join the domain.
I've done what I can, going through as much as I can as if I was on NT, but nuthin.
Everything I've looked up says to do what I did at the beginning of this post, but nuthin.
Any ideas?

A:Ugh! W2k domain...adding a server


Sorry for the delayed reply, but work suddenly got busy...

There are two main things to look for in this case:

1) You are using the correct DNS server (this must be on a Win2K machine, as it needs to support Dynamic DNS), and the DNS server is configurered correctly.

2) You are attempting to connect to a Fully Qualified Domain Name name (ie Domain.Company.Com) and not just "Domain".


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hello all...

I have a stupid question that I can't find an answer to on MS website. I have an NT 4 domain, and I want to add a Win2k member server to it. All this server will do is run SQL and IIS so that we can prototype an intranet.

Can I add the Win2k server to my NT domain without screwing up my NT network? Is there anything I need to worry about/be careful when I do this? Or should I make the Win2k box a PDC in its own domain and set up a trust?

Upgrading my whole network to Win2k is not an option right now.

Thanks in advance!

A:Add Win2k server to NT domain

Yes you can add a Windows 2000 Member server to an NT domain. Don't bother trying to setup Active directory though. It will not work in that situation.

Since a member server does not do authentication, it will not affect the structure of the NT domain.

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Well I have Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise installed on a Oracle Virtualbox system.
I have setup the domain and everything correctly, however, when trying to connect another virtual system / my computer It does not work, both says it is unable to resolve DNS settings. How do I fix this?

A:Windows Server 03 - Domain Help.

Domain Connection error Information:
The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate an Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for domain "Server.Local":

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

I don't know how to install the DNS

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