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copying and pasting pics in email?

Q: copying and pasting pics in email?

Is there any way I can copy and paste a pic or photo into the message box of Hotmail? I know I can always send it along as an attachment, but I would like to know if you can do it another way. There are photos I run across all the time which I would love to be able to insert into the Hotmail message box when sending e-mail, without saving them first and then attaching them. Just wondering. Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: copying and pasting pics in email?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: copying and pasting pics in email?

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how can i paste a pic when i'm composing a letter via Yahoo? is there a image code or Tag that i could use to paste? what i don't want is a web link on the message body. just the pic itself. can i use the same image codes provided for Myspace? any suggestions? thanx.

A:pasting pics on Yahoo email?

yodaddi said:

how can i paste a pic when i'm composing a letter via Yahoo? is there a image code or Tag that i could use to paste? what i don't want is a web link on the message body. just the pic itself. can i use the same image codes provided for Myspace? any suggestions? thanx.Click to expand...

Yahoo offers an excellent upgrade to Yahoo Mail called Photo Mail, which allows you to send photos (Jpegs only) on your PC without attaching them.

To learn about Yahoo Photo Mail, go here:


It's in the final stages of Beta, but seems to work really well. It also makes attachements in Yahoo Mail easier to use. The installation is easy as well.


PS. If you are using the new YAHOO MAIL BETA, not sure if this upgrade will work. You should consult the Help files for Yahoo Mail Beta, for more information if this applies to your situation.

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The thread expired on this but I need to get some kind of answer. I am using Win 7 and ATT Yahoo email. I can't paste pics from my computer into the body of the email. Is there a way to do this without buying upgrades or applications? If there are free applications I can deal with that but it's so frustrating to get emails from friends with dozens of pics in the body of the email and I can't paste one.


A:pasting pics in the body of the email using Yahoo mail

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I copy a link from the adress bar of a site and then paste onto Word doc but nothing happens. I go back and hit copy and paste again and then it works?

Whats going on?

A:Copying and Pasting Links

first thing that comes to mind is ,make sure you left click the document before you right click to paste ,that's assuming you are using a mouse

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I can't copy/cut and paste in Word 2003. When I right-click, all the buttons are grayed-out. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V don't work, either. The clipboard instructions say something about a highlight tool, but I can't find that. I have tried SafeMode, and that doesn't help. I haven't found any viruses or malware. I can't copy/cut and paste in Notepad, either, if that suggests something to someone. Any ideas?


A:Copying and pasting in Word

When I right-click, all the buttons are grayed-out.Have you tried to highlight the word and choose "copy" from the menu "Edit" on the top?

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Hello. Today (as other days) i'm was working on my PC. so i'm was copying a 1gb folder to somewhere. after 20%. the transfer rate goes to 0.00mb/s . umm what ? so i tried to copy it again. Same thing. sometimes. the PC freezes. i tried to install a HDD testing and monitoring Tool. I installed it and it's Hard Drive Sentiel. so i self tested it. and the health was 60%. uhhhh what !? and not that ! the hdd yesterday's health was 62%. after one day. it became 60%! so how i can fix this problem !? i will replace the IDE cable later. PLEASE GUYS HOW I CAN FIX IT ! AND WILL IT FAIL !? BECAUSE THIS HDD GOT SO MANY IMPORTANT DATA. working. 3D models. and so many things. So please. give me a solve. Got no money...

A:HDD sounds while copying and pasting :(

Best to get a new hdd according to your own post
Are you copying to another drive with failure ?

HDD's die slowly and gives you time to transfer to a new
You can do a surface test using free mini tool but bottom line the hdd sounds like it is ding so I personally would not bother wasting time with it until all data is transferred to another hdd.
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

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When I copy and paste - for this instance - from this forum - which I do for future reference - I have noted that I get red squares and a messages that with ActiveX controls some content may be lost.

Is this usual for some documents that you transfer into Windows 7?

Attached is a shot in Word of what I mean

A:Copying and pasting - Red squares

Try using notepad instead of Word.

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Hello. Today (as other days) i'm was working on my PC. so i'm was copying a 1gb folder to somewhere. after 20%. the transfer rate goes to 0.00mb/s . umm what ? so i tried to copy it again. Same thing. sometimes. the PC freezes. i tried to install a HDD testing and monitoring Tool. I installed it and it's Hard Drive Sentiel. so i self tested it. and the health was 60%. uhhhh what !? and not that ! the hdd yesterday's health was 62%. after one day. it became 60%! so how i can fix this problem !? i will replace the IDE cable later. PLEASE GUYS HOW I CAN FIX IT ! AND WILL IT FAIL !? BECAUSE THIS HDD GOT SO MANY IMPORTANT DATA. working. 3D models. and so many things. So please. give me a solve. Got no money...

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Hi to all who know more than me.My computer which is an ACER Aspire T180 withAMD 64 Dual Processor, running XP Pro, has startedgiving problems.I tried to copy text from a PDF form and got themessage, "An error occurred when trying to copy.An internal error".I was holding the left mouse button down and highlightingthe text, it highlighted ok but wouldn't copy. When I wentto another peogramme and tried there, it wouldn't evenhighlight the text.I scanned the PC, cleaned the registry and rebooted.Tried again and managed to copy two pieces of text,when I tried the third time, I got the same message.I am fairly technical and am OK at fixing PCs normallyby finding the obvious, but this I think is a software/operating system fault.Any suggestions will be greatly received.Thank you.Mike

A:Copying & Pasting Problems

This error seems to occur when the ClipBook service is not running (Windows XP). What to do?

- assuming you have Admin priviledges, open the Control Panel and go to Administrative Tools->Services
- the ClipBook service has two dependent services which may not be running: Network DDE & Network DDE DSDM
- if both are running you should be able to double-click on the ClipBook service, set starup type to Automatic, press Apply and then Start; you are done!
- if neither is running ensure that you start Network DDE DSDM first and then Network DDE; then perform the above step

Source: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3475106

Also, cleaning the registry isn't recommended here as it can lead to unintended results and has no benefits at all.

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I'm having issues with font size.

Sometimes when I copy text that is in normal font [say 12pt] from one source and then paste it elsewhere it will paste in very tiny font. As small is 5 or 6 pt. This has been happening just recently and appears to happening only with certain sites.
Any ideas what is causing this and how to correct the problem? This has only been a recent occurrence.

A:Copying and Pasting problem

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Any time I copy and paste a url into the address bar of IE I get an error message that IE needs to shut down. The pc freezes for a long time even when I use the task manager to end the programme. This happens every time I paste a url into IE. Can anybody help with this?

A:Copying and Pasting urls

Assuming you have version 7 of Internet Explorer, try running it without the add-ons. If still no luck, open your IE7 Options, under the Advanced tab, hit Reset.

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Hi there! Nice place you have here.

I'm having a problem that's been persistent for the past couple of days. It seems I can't copy or cut text from one window or tab in Mozilla and paste it to another window or tab. When I try, the "paste" function is disabled both in the upper control bar File Edit View... and when I right-click the mouse , the drop down menu won't have "paste" available as a function. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V won't work, either.

Sometimes it'll work it I copy the text to MS Word and select "cut" or sometimes "copy", I can get it attached to the clipboard in order to get it to its final destination.

I've tried leaving the selected text highlighted in the default blue and I've tried de-selecting the text to see if that has any effect. It doesn't either way.

I must say that it used to work perfectly. I never had any trouble with it in the past.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by this n00b!

A:having trouble copying and pasting.

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I am having problems with copying documents and pictures and pasting them to microsoft word that is it when I try to paste it to word, a empty box with a line around it appears...

A:copying and pasting to microsoft word

Your Operating System, Version of MS Word, and what you are copying from are all important to know...

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Hi all,

What is the best software for copying and pasting from pdf files?

A:Best software for copying pasting from Pdfs

I use Foxit Reader. Works well and is free.
<edited by moderator to remove reference to deleted spam post to avoid confusion>

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So I've scoured the internet for a solution, but have not been able to find one.

In simplest terms I have several folders in a directory divided by year and person (C:\Folder A\Year\Person, etc.) for several years and people and want to move these folders to a new directory that is organized by person (C:\Folder B\John Doe\2010, etc.).

Basically, rather than going year by year, person by person copying and pasting into a person folder that has sub-directories for each year, I'd like to know if there's a way I can automate this process rather than spending my days Copying, finding the person in my new directory, navigating their sub-directory to the appropriate year I'm copying from and Pasting... and doing this for several year's worth of data.


Folder A\2010\Person A ---> Folder B\Person A\Reports\2010
Folder A\2010\Person B ----> Folder B\Person B\Reports\2010
Folder A\2011\Person A ----> Folder B\Person A\Reports\2011
Folder A\2011\Person C ----> Folder B\Person C\Reports\2011
... etc.

I've found copying programs that copy multiple files to multiple directories, but no way to filter which files go to which directory. And ones that copy multiple files to one directory. But rather I'm trying to do a 1 to 1 Copy/Paste just several times over. I've also tried syncing, but that still requires navigating to the files you want to sync which takes longer than the mind-numbing task of Copy/Paste for days on end.
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A:Copying and Pasting Lots of Files

You're probably after a custom scripting Solution. I'll see what I can throw together in Batch.

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When I use Ctrl + C, or right click to copy within an Excel doc, it crashes. It does this almost 100% of the time

A:Excel stops when copying & pasting

Try a reinstall. Uninstall, then install again. If recent install use system restore to remove it.

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Hello...hope I'm in the right forum? I have Win7, WLM Essential 2011 Beta, and Firepox.

Please help with this problem? Just a minute ago I lost a number of files while moving and pasting them from one folder to another. I've been copying and pasting them but made a mistake with this one. So I wanted to rush to the Recycle Bin or Trash Can or whatever it is that WLM has, in the hopes of finding them there but...where oh where is this Bin or Trash???

Thanks ever so much for any help to recuperate the lost files!


A:Lost files while copying/pasting...

The Recycle Bin is in the C:\ drive and is usually the last item in your Navigation Pane in your Windows Explorer.

There are several other places you can look for your files. First, open your Start Menu and search your Recent Items list.

Then, if not there, go to the REAL Recent Items folder located at:
C:\Users/USERNAME/AppData/Microsoft/Roaming/Recent Items. There you will find a long, long list of all of the last several months' worth of recent items.

If your moved files were in WLM then you should look in the Deleted folder, and if you haven't set your Deleted folder to delete instantly, they should hopefully still be there. If not there, also check your Drafts folder and for good measure, your Sent and Junk folders.

If you still can't find them, do a Search or an Advanced Search by file name or some key words in the files.

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How can I get mozilla to copy and paste in a forum?


A:Copying and Pasting in Mozilla Firefox

Have you tried using CTRL+c (for copy) and CTRL+v (for paste) ?
From a quick search I found that there's seems to be a bug in Mozilla that disables the copy command sometimes.

edit:thanks for the correction TerryNet

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^ As above.

How do I prevent this, but I also need them to be readable, aka for it to be allowed to be opened but not copied and pasted.

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why i cant copy and paste de files onto my second hard dish peacefully? when i did that, de error "restart system" has occurred , why it was like that??

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Hi there

Last year I created an Appraisal form that we use at work for about 500 people. It's a Word protected form with form fields set in a number of seperate tables

For this year, I need to add a function that allows a user to open up last year's form, copy one table from it and paste the data into a different table in another copy of the same form

The table with the data in it is 4 columns wide but may have any number of rows in it. Row 2 onwards needs to be copied across

The table for the data to be pasted into is 6 columns wide and may not have enough rows to accommodate the pasted data so would need some sort of error trapping to pick up that it needs extra rows adding before pasting.

Data should be pasted into row 2 onwards and should sit within the first 4 columns of the receiving table. The idea is then the user fills in column 5 and 6 adding comments about the data they have pasted in

If any extra cells are needed to fit the incoming data they should have form fields in columns 5 and 6 too for entering the comments above

Phew...hope this makes sense

My experience of this kind of thing is limited to modifying other people's VB code/macros to add some functionality myself. This is a bit beyond me!

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Anyone know why MS Excel stops working and need to restart when I try to copy and paste?

Win 7 / Office 2003

A:Excel stops when copying & pasting

It just crashed in Word

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version: 11.0.8324.0
Application Timestamp: 4bc9382e
Fault Module Name: unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000
OS Version: (Removed by me. Not sure if this was a security concern)
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office11Crash
skulcid: 1033

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My screen will go black after a few seconds of copying, pasting, burning, or other ram intensive activities (not in games). I've copied some mp3 discs and its pooped out in the middle of the reading function. I've tried downloading a linux ISO and it pooped out just as the download ended, and the file was being copied to another folder. I've run memtest86 for 12 hours with no errors. I'm not set up to automatically restart when a system failure occurs. There are a number of processes running in background (but nothing in apps) thanks to norton, roxio, and zonealarm.

Oh yeah, and

Nvidia k7n420pro mobo (original nforce chipset)
athlon xp 1700 cpu (not overclocked)
crucial 768mb ddr pc2100
wd 40gb special edition
wd 80gb special edition
nvidia geforce ti4200 (not overclocked)
onboard nvidia sound, NIC
lite-on dvd +- rw combo
lg dvd/ cdrw combo
Windows XP Pro

A:trouble copying, pasting, burning

Since you're running an Nforce board and it seems that the problem appears when there is some traffic on the IDE channel , are you running the lastest Nforce chipset driver ?
Also have you had a chance to disconnect the slave hdd ( i assume that you connect both of the hdd on the same IDE channel ) ?
How about making sure that both hdd are set for the same transfer rate. Check the Device manager and make sure both are using the DMA. Check the same thing ( DMA transfer rate ) in the bios.And make sure it's enabled.

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An easy one I hope?!

If I copy some text from a source document (Word 2000) that has say Arial font size 10 and paste it into a new Word 2000 document that has Times New Roman size 12 as default, it inherits the new documents font and size ie Times New Roman size 12.

Surely it should keep the same font and size from the source document?

I tried it on one pc and it worked fine...........but not on another!
Checked Tools>options but didnt see anything obvious!



A:Copying and pasting in Word 2000

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Hi - I have an excel sheet that has several columns, including a quantity field. To make this data compatable with other spreadsheets, I need to expand the data out so that instead of a field that just reads "quantity 4" I would actually have 4 separate rows that are carbon copies of the original row (the one that says quantity 4). I've never used macros before and thought that it might be possible with a funky lookup function, but I'm not sure. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

Here's how the data is currently:
This is what I'm looking for:
There's just over 4,000 records so doing this manually would be a big pain.


A:Excel: automating Copying and Pasting

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Im a Flight sim x pilot and I want to install some add on aircraft. However... When I go to the folder required, Flight Simulator X \ Simobjects \ Aircraft . This is where Id need to go to paste the textures of remodels and repaints that I downloaded of off freeware sites for FS fans. However when I try to paste a folder there that I copied or any file for that matter, it doesnt let me. I would screenshot the error but my windows is in dutch but what it says is:

error copying file or folder

Access denied, check if the folder has write protection, if the drive is full or if the file is currently in use.

And I have the game closed while doing this and I dunno why it wont work for me as everyone els I know can paste stuff in there fine.. please help!!!!

cpt viper

A:Problem copying and pasting a file / folder need help!

Who are you logged in as? Often, if you've got a personalised account, the default is 'User'. You'll probably want to be in the 'Power Users' category at least. Log in as Administrator and see if you can do it, or maybe modify your user access from Administrator, and then do it with your account.

If you're in as Administrator, then it's probably that there are some files with the name that you're copying in that directory already that are marked as Read Only, so if you really want to over-write them, right-click, properties and remove the 'read-only' flag.

Good luck and happy flying.


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I'm hoping there is a saviour out there for me.
I'd be grateful for any suggestion or advice.

I have two identical laptops (IBM Thinkpad T22). They are identical in build. They both have Windows 2000 and Office 2000 installed on them.

I have an Excel spreadsheet and Powerpoint presentation.

I highlight data from cells A1 to H15 in excel and click edit>copy.
On a new slide in Powerpoint I click edit>paste special>microsoft excel worksheet object.

On the one laptop it pastes all the data in perfectly. On the other laptop only cells A1 to C15 are pasted in.

I have attached a screen dump from both pc's so you can better understand what I mean.

The only thing I have a hunch on is the settings. On both pc's, on the pasted data, I right click and select "format object". On the size tab I noticed that on the "good pc" the units are in cm but on the "bad pc" its on Inches ("). I changed the regional settings on the "bad pc" to English UK (Im in the UK!) and this changed the settings to cm's. I tried changing the size of the object on the "bad pc" to the same size of the object on the "good pc" but it didnt work. The settings dont hold. I change them but when I go back in they are back to where they were before.

Can anyone help me?
I am baffled how two identical pc's have this difference.
I have compared all settings (Tools>options etc) and they are all the same.
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A:Problems copying and pasting from Excel into Powerpoint

Well, you won't believe it, no one does.
Print settings have TONS to do with it.
Make sure the same printer and driver are selected as the default on both PCs...

Better yet, don't use the method you're using.
Select the cells in Excel.
Hit the View % dropdown and choose Selected area.
Save the file.
Now, go to PPT.
Insert-Object from file. Choose the Excel file.
I HOPE you'll get better results, but I don't swear to nuthin when it comes to copying/pasteing from excel
Also, pasting special as a picture often brings more desirable results, but won't be updateable.

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When I copy and paste the URL from websites on a chat forum it's always hit or miss.
When the URL doesn't work others can post it successfully for me.

So is this a location thing (my IP address is in Canada) or is this a windows problem?

A:Trouble Copying & Pasting Website URLs

Nope. What browser are you using?

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On one PC with Windows Vista, I have a Word file, containing a textbox. I can't recall if it's Word 2000 or Word 2003 at present, but will confirm later.
I change the text in the box as required, in 42pt text in a font of my choosing. I then copy this text box and paste it above or below a 300px wide bitmap image in MS Paint.
It took a bit of jimmying with the text box to get it the right sort of size in the Word doc initially, but now it works fine, and when pasted into Paint, the text always looks clean, doesn't need any resizing or anything.

However, when I try to use this same Word file on a Windows XP PC with Word 2003, or on a Windows 7 PC with Word 2010 Starter, with the same font installed and the textbox dimensions unchanged, and the same 300px wide bmp image, the pasting doesn't work as expected.
When the textbox is pasted in on either of these other PCs, it is wider than the image (400px or 401px, in fact).

I can resize the textbox to (locked aspect ratio) 75% of it's original size, and reduce the font size to 31.5pt (75% of 42pt) - if I copy that and paste it into Paint, the banner width looks right (maybe a pixel out), the text size is right. However, the font looks like crap, jagged edges like it's a jpg that's been squashed or something...

Anyone know why this is happening? Was there some fundamental difference between how Vista Paint handled pasted textboxes compared to W98 or W7 Paint?
Or is it Word messing it up?

Thanks... Read more

A:Copying Word textbox and pasting into Paint

I think the last line in you post sums it up.
It's one of the many 'unwanted' and ' works as designed' features within Word and MS Office suites in general.

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The problem I'm having is that some of the paragraphs are copying and pasting with no spacing between the words. I'm copying anywhere from 5 to 10 pages from a program I have called coursesmart bookshelf. I have already contacted them about this issue but they are useless. I'v tried copying to word documents and PDF but am getting the same thing. THe reason I am doing this is so that I can upload the document to my text reader which will allow me to play it on my iPhone. Nothing Illegal.

My Specs, Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 991 Mb
Graphics Card: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR (Microsoft Corporation), 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 58655 MB; F: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 114321 MB;
Motherboard: , KM266-8233, , K01241129289
Antivirus: None

A:Problem copying and pasting to word document

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Please help.
I am trying to copy a section from one sheet to another. I have tried the following formule in VB in a sheet called CALC, in 'This Workbook' and a module, but it keeps crashing.

Sub LonInterestC()
'Interest LocC

x = Application.Match("Investment (LocC)", Range("B1:B500"), 0)
y = Application.Match("Accrued Interest", Cells(x, 2).Resize(100), 0)
Cells((x + y) - 1, 2).Offset(, 1).Resize(, 51).Copy
x = Application.Match("Investment Loan (Loc C)", Range("A1:A500"), 0)
y = Application.Match("Investment Loan Interest", Cells(x, 2).Resize(100), 0)
Cells((x + y) - 1, 2).Offset(, 1).Resize(, 51).Paste

End Sub

A:Solved: Copying and Pasting from one sheet to another help - Urgent

Ok, I put both in a module and changed the Offset and Resize to paste to next sheet.

'Interest LocC

x = Application.Match("Investment (LocC)", Range("B1:B500"), 0)
y = Application.Match("Accrued Interest", Cells(x, 2).Resize(100), 0)
Cells((x + y) - 1, 2).Offset(, 1).Resize(, 51).Copy
x = Application.Match("Investment Loan (Loc C)", Range("A1:A500"), 0)
y = Application.Match("Investment Loan Interest", Cells(x, 1).Resize(100), 0)
Cells((x + y) - 1, 2).Offset(, 2).Resize(, 1).Select

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Im not really sure what happened, but I seem to have lost the feature to copy and paste text (or even highlight text) when I am typing an email or replying. No matter what I do, I cannot highlight any text at all. This works for other programs of mine, but has stopped for outlook express. Seems like the only option I can do now is right click on the letter and choose select all.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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this is my first post to this Forum.

I am currently working on and excel spreadsheet using auto filters on the columns. i have 8 columns auto filtered.

when i use one column and filter it afterwards copying the result to another sheet - i have no problem HOWEVER if i try to copy from another file say one character and paste it on several cells along a particular column(filtered one) - in between those not selected due to the filter i made gets pasted also.

thanks in advance and great to bump into this forum!


A:Solved: Copying and Pasting in AutoFilters(Excel2003)

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Hi there

Here is a simple question but I don't know the answer. Say I create a drop down list in Book1, cell A1, sheet1 using validation. The list is in cells A1, A2, A3, A4 in Sheet2. The names in the list are Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. The name of the list is "Seasons" in sheet2.

Now I copy and paste the drop down list from Book1, cell A1, Sheet1 to Book2, Cell A1, Sheet1.

I now notice that the drop down list in book2 is working, even though there is no list of the name of the seasons in Book2. Why is that??

I also noticed that if I change the file name of book1 to a different file name and then copy and paste the drop down list to Book2, sheet1, cell A1, I get a message saying if I want to keep the same name or change the name of my list. I find this very confusing. Can someone expalin to me what is going on??


A:Excel - Copying and pasting a dropdown list

When you copy, a reference to the list in Book1 is automatically created, e.g.:

(Name) List -- (Refers to =[Book1]Sheet2!$A$1:$A$4.

See CTRL+F3 to check.

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Good morning,

My apologies in advance for posting a question that has been answered many times here and on the interwebs already, but the answers I find are mostly the same and I need further clarification, if possible.

I work at as a tech at a law firm and I'm having an issue where 2 users are using a shared excel workbook to copy and paste data into from miscellaneous client websites, such as client names, loan numbers, etc.

Every once and a while, when one of the users is done making their changes and saves their work, their workbook size will jump anywhere between 20MB and 250MB in size from the original, which is usually in the lower KB range. All answers I've found include copying and pasting the content into a new spreadsheet, recreating the document, finding the last used cell with Ctrl+End and clearing the blank spaces, and removing text styles like boldness and colors. All these solutions do work, but it's hard to keep telling an attorney to do these things without them biting your head off about it - because this does happen multiple times a day on this one spreadsheet. It is, in fact, due to blank cells, as the last active cell usually hits the 1,000,000 number range when the file size jumps up.

I heard there's away to lock a spreadsheet to a predetermined cell count, but I'm still researching this method. If anyone can provide me further explanation on why this happens and how to prevent it, please do. Thanks in advance.

A:Large Excel File: Copying & Pasting

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Any help understanding what to do to resolve this issue would be appreciated

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: a
BCP1: 0000000000000008
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: FFFFF80002E1033E
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

A:BSOD when copying and pasting files to external drive

Please post the all the files following Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi All,

I am currently using Win7 Pro SP1 32-Bit and am having an issue with the following:

Windows Explorer immediately closes down after copying/pasting files to a USB Stick or a CD/DVD. If I have to copy multiple files to multiple folders, I have to re-open Windows Explorer and drill down to the removable media, which is still plugged in or in the CD/DVD drive as many times as necessary. A search in these forums directed me to a post that did not help.

Is there any type of fix for this issue? Neither Windows 8 or Win XP do this.

Mike T.

A:Windows Explorer closes after copying/pasting files to USB/DVD

There is a tutorial here on adding "copy to" and/or "move to" to the right click context menu. Works like a charm, use it all the time including to Usb stick and from CD's.

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Hi there

I have downloaded a form from Revenue Canada named gst190-fill-11e.pdf. The PDF form is fillable. To make a long story short, I have recreated the form in Excel 2000 and created an Excel program that automatically populates the cells. The problem is that Revenue Canada will not accept my Excel form and demands that I use their PDF fillable form. I'm tired of copying and pasting data from my Excel form to their gst190-fill-11e.pdf form, since I have hundreds of these to do. It is very time consuming. I tried to record a macro by copying and pasting from my Excel form onto their form but my macro looks something like this.

Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.CutCopyMode = False

In other words, the name of the form did not appear in this recorded macro. Is there a way to create a macro that copies and pastes cells from Excel into a fillable PDF file??

If anyone out there has any idea how to do this, I would greatly appreciate it. If you want to look at the form just google it.


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I have a Windows 7, 64 bit, Home Edition PC and Office 2007.

Everything was working fine until recently when my copy and paste function failed to copy the formatting!

I have researched the issue both on Google and here in Tech Support Guy forums. I have checked the settings in Word Options/Advanced/Cut, copy, paste.

I have inserted the Office disk and repaired Word. After the repair and a reboot, the copy function worked correctly ONCE, and then reverted to its failure to copy the formatting.

I am sorely stressed over this issue and don't know what to do. Please, does anyone have a fix for this?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Here is the SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 9207 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941772 MB, Free - 706117 MB; D: Total - 11993 MB, Free - 1462 MB; G: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1468995 MB; I: Total - 2861584 MB, Free - 2478448 MB; J: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 983396 MB; K: Total - 152588 MB, Free - 56922 MB;
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Lose Formatting When Copying and Pasting in Word 2007

I have had EXACTLY the same experience - please email me if you find a solution.

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Our office is having problems with a Word 2003 gremlin ...

Office 2003 was updated earlier this summer, and since that time some of the users have been having intermittent problems with the copy/paste function. The icon's are greyed out and we can't paste (even using Ctrl C and Ctrl V). Even after we shut down Word and restart it, the problem still exists. Then as mysteriously as it appeared, it will go away. Sometimes we can copy/paste, sometimes we can't. It's driving us crazy!

We tried replacing the Normal.dot That helped initially, but the problem returned. We thought maybe it was an affected document that these users were accessing at some point during the day (hence the no rhyme or reason appearance), but the problem was there first thing this morning before any word documents were opened.

Any thoughts?


A:Problems Copying / Pasting - Word 2003 after updates applied


I would very much be interested as well, as some users in my company (among which myself) are going crazy! In my case only CTRL+C does not work anymore. You soon learn how often you used that!
I've tried a full re-install of Office 2003 and several repair tools, but the problem has been persistent for at least 3 months now. Only in Word.


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Because of my tendancy to delete files from the Desktop without thinking, I often put a lot of my more important files in C:\ or otherwise. In this case, I'm running a program that's installed in Program Files and I've decided to put all of it's dependencies
and addons into it's same folder (In C:\Program Files).

Only one problem: when I paste anything into this folder, it takes forever. And I don't mean one of those scenarios where it's stuck on the loading bar for an eternity and I can't close out of the dialog. The dialog straight up confirming that I want to paste
something doesn't show up period for a good 30 minutes. It's the most annoying thing ever. I've closed out of every single program I'm not using; the only programs open are Firefox, a command line prompt that needs to stay open, and the program
that I'm using. I've tried restarting Windows Explorer TWICE and it doesn't show up. This is the most annoying thing ever. Please help.

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Windows XP Pro SP3
No recent crashes, no new software before and after the incident, except for Belarc Advisor so I could get info.
I ran Avast! & Spybot, they found nothing except for some misc. tracking cookies.

I really don't understand what caused this to start happening. I haven't installed or uninstalled anything in weeks. When I try to cut, copy, paste or delete files using hotkeys, right-click, drag-n-drop or a wizard, in explorer or otherwise, such as FreeCommander, the program doing the cutting and whatnot freezes. The only exceptions are TeraCopy and the console. It also happens when I hit win+E and when I right click on anything in Explorer. Security Center is also reporting Avast! as off, when in the system tray, running the UI and in ProcessExplorer, it's clearly on and functioning,

When it first happened, I just opened ProcessExplorer (I have it set to hijack the normal task manager) and restarted explorer.exe. When that didn't do it, I deleted explorer.exe, restarted and expanded a fresh copy from the I386 folder in WINDOWS. That didn't do it, so I ran avast!, spybot, and when those did nothing, RegSeeker. After these, I downloaded the few hotfixes from Microsoft I hadn't and restarted, which did nothing. The only thing I haven't done is a system restore to before it started, which I'm doing now.

here's the software belch from Belarc:
A.C.I.D. Wizard
AbiWord 2.8
Adobe Systems, Inc. - Shockwave Flash Version 10,1,82,76
Ad... Read more

A:Cutting, Copying, Pasting, Deleting files causes Explorer to freeze

What happens when you create new or try to open files.

Also run command prompt and type "chkdsk" and hit enter

Let me know your results

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What program would I use for this? It doesn't have to be free....it just has to be good but easy!

A:Copying Pics to a DVD-R

My favorite is Roxio . . Nero is good also . . I'd buy on price

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I have some pics on a DVD that I put onto my hard drive. These pics were a back up and I have since reformatted my computer, so I put them back on my HD. The problem I am running into is that I would like to put the pics on an SD chip to play a slideshow in a new photo frame. When I try to copy the pics from the hd to the SD chip, I get an error message that says the file cannot be copied because the "directory or file cannot be created" can anybody tell me what this means and what I have to do to copy the pic? Thank you for your help.

A:copying pics

I&#8217;m assuming you are using a card reader to write the files. I also assume instructions for the photo frame don&#8217;t require any special formatting or directories on the card.

If the card has been used in other devices it is probably a good idea to format the card. With the card in the reader format the card if it can&#8217;t be formatted in the photo frame. Unless the frame takes HD cards you format FAT. Right click on the drive > Format.

Unless the instructions require a folder or directory, transfer the photos to the root directory of the card using Windows Explorer or My Computer. Hold the Ctrl key while you highlight the photos you want. Right click one of the highlighted photos and select &#8220;Copy&#8221;. Right click on the drive that is the card reader and select &#8220;Paste&#8221;. They should go into the root directory of the card.

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Am running windows XP. Have previously had no problems creating CD music disc and copying photos onto CD.
Now I keep getting a msg to install CD. Have tried using the same CD-R previously used, plus I purchased a new pack and still get the same message.....Does anyone know what could of happened or what the problem is
Any help would be greatly appreciated.......

A:Solved: Copying Pics onto CD

No not solved....am new at this and pressed in error

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with the new digital picture frames it would be good to transfer pics from computer to camera. have tried but failed.
using windows xp
and fujiFinePix 4700 camera any ideas please

A:copying pics from computer to camera

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