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Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

Q: Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

Well, where to put this strange problem? XP, Office or Network Forum. All three seem to be involved somehow.

What gives?

I have a few large Excel files on
a) a share on a Win XP SP2 desktop
b) a share on a WIn Vista desktop
c) a share on a Ubuntu 6.06 desktop

When i mean large, i mean ~75Mb

When i work on my laptop (Win Xp SP2, 1Gb Ram, 1,86 GHz), i can access all shares just fine. But when i right click such a large Excel file on the XP or Vista computer and click 'Properties', my laptop becomes unresponsive for about a minute. Then, at last, the properties are shown. In the Taskmanager, on the LAN tab, it shows that my LAN connection is swamped at 70% for a whole minute. Sniffing the network traffic learns that the entire contents of the file is being transferred through the network to my laptop!
Just to see the properties...

However, when i right click the same file on a Ubuntu share, the properties come up instantly.

When i right click other large files on the XP/Vista shares (like *.iso of *.avi files), bingo, properties pop up instantly.

When i right click the large Excel files on the Xp/Vista share from a Win 2003 server (without office installed), voila, properties show up instantly.

So why is the whole Excel file transferred by just right clicking it for properties?
I'm convinced this behaviour adds to slow file share performance in general. For example, if i want to copy such a large excel file form the XP or Vista share, it takes 10-20 seconds for even the copy transfer progress window (with the flying envelopes) to come up. I bet, the file is already being dragged over the network once before copying does it again.

And why only for Excel (e.g. Office) files?

i'm stumped.

Preferred Solution: Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

sounds to me like your computer doesn't have much ram.

how much ram does your computer have?

Christian Dude

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I had some issues with Excel working over a Network share and i would have to wait for like 2 - 3 minutes for the file to become usable. has anyone else had this issue?

A:Win 7 7000, and Network Share with Excel file

using as an offline file? may be network related rather than software.... check your offline file settings

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So, I have an interesting issue that I cannot solve.

I have a Microsoft Excel 2010 file created by User A. User A has full permissions to the file. User A has created the document and saved it onto a network share folder. User B also has Microsoft Excel 2010 and can access the network share and can access the Excel file. User B also has full permissions to this file. User B should be able to Read, Write, Execute, etc., with the file. However, when User B attempts to make changes to the Excel file and save the changes to the network share, the user receives an error message reading, "Access Denied. Contact your Administrator."

Initially, we suspected that this was a simple permissions issue. Not the case. Looking further into the problem, I have since copied the entire Excel file into a completely new Excel file, saved the file to the Desktop and then moved the file into the network share location. User B still cannot modify the file and save it. I have renamed the computer to a completely different name and re-added the PC to our domain. Problem still persists.

At this point I'm thinking perhaps the issue lies somewhere within the registry. Rather than try and hunt down the problem, I simply reimage a new hard drive for the user, copy user files, etc., and add the computer to our domain. The problem still persists.

Recently, I have discovered that the problem occurs on other computers as well but only on computers with Microsoft Office 2010. Computers that ... Read more

A:Issue Saving Microsoft Excel file on Network Share

No one?

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Is anyone aware of a program, site or utility that will allow me to transfer a 1 gb file to a friend who is thousands of miles away?? It's too large for email and the free versions of dropload. It is a one time transfer, I forgot a business file and he needs to get it to me so I can update and then send it back to him for input.

Any thoughts on the easiest method to do so that is free??



A:Send/Share a large file

Various solutions:
- get a (free) adrive account, upload the file, then share it and email your friend the link (valid for two weeks)
- use 7zip to add the file to an archive and split the file into multiple chunks. Then email the parts individually.
- run your own ftp server using filezilla and email your frined with your ip address and ftp login details



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My laptop crashes when left/right clicking any large movie file over 6GB. I've been having this problem for a while and it's incredibly frustrating having to power my laptop off each time. It happens on both my C: Drive and external HD

Things I've tried:

CC Reg Cleaner + General Cleanup
Malwarebytes Scan
sfc /scannow
dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
chkdsk c: /f /r

I've also run ShellExView and disabled non microsoft context menu handlers one by one.

Any help would be much appreciated


A:Laptop Crashes When left/right clicking a large file

I posted this 3 weeks ago and still haven't resolved the issue. The problem occurs even without clicking - just hovering over the file briefly with the cursor is enough to make my computer crash. Any help would be much appreciated

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HI All,
We have set up three users in a home network where one person holds all the files on their PC and that folder is shared for access to everyone.  It is a remote location so no need to have it too locked down.  I haven't created a homegroup but can
if that changes things.  the issue is that at the moment two people can open the same file at the same time without any message about the file already being in use - then the rule of "last person to save the file" wins.  Is there any way
- by settings on the PC, or by using homegroup instead, or by using a third party tool - to prevent this from happening?

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Good morning,

My apologies in advance for posting a question that has been answered many times here and on the interwebs already, but the answers I find are mostly the same and I need further clarification, if possible.

I work at as a tech at a law firm and I'm having an issue where 2 users are using a shared excel workbook to copy and paste data into from miscellaneous client websites, such as client names, loan numbers, etc.

Every once and a while, when one of the users is done making their changes and saves their work, their workbook size will jump anywhere between 20MB and 250MB in size from the original, which is usually in the lower KB range. All answers I've found include copying and pasting the content into a new spreadsheet, recreating the document, finding the last used cell with Ctrl+End and clearing the blank spaces, and removing text styles like boldness and colors. All these solutions do work, but it's hard to keep telling an attorney to do these things without them biting your head off about it - because this does happen multiple times a day on this one spreadsheet. It is, in fact, due to blank cells, as the last active cell usually hits the 1,000,000 number range when the file size jumps up.

I heard there's away to lock a spreadsheet to a predetermined cell count, but I'm still researching this method. If anyone can provide me further explanation on why this happens and how to prevent it, please do. Thanks in advance.

A:Large Excel File: Copying & Pasting

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I have a macro in EXCEL that will feed various SQL statements into ORACLE. It's fine when the SQL statements are fairly brief to just hard code them into the macro. I'm wondering whether there is a practical way to include a large SQL statement in the macro by some sort of indirect reference. I tried submitting a "Start command" followed by a text file location containing the SQL code in the macro, but it errored out with an SQL syntax error, even though the same statement worked just fine in SQL*Plus.

Any ideas on "elegant" ways to include large SQL statements, such as creating a rather complex view in an EXCEL macro? I'd rather not have to deal with all the extra punctuation created when the SQL code is coded directly into the macro.

My VBA skills are fairly intermediate at best, so please don't hesitate to be include details.


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I really need some advice on this!

I've tried to use SkyDrive to share an Excel file simultaneously with my business partner and it will not work because it doesn't play nicely with his XP Pro nor with his Excel 2007. I have Excel 2010 and Win7; so no problems here.

I've just read about using SharePoint; but it seems that it would not work from a Web server but instead needs a Shared Network folder. Which I guess in our case means a VPN. Which I understand is hard to install. I was initially excited about the SharePoint approach because it says (in the last sentence) that it will work with any version of Excel. Here's the link:
Share a workbook - Excel - Office.com

So, after a lot of time on this -- I'm batting zero.

Is there any other practical way we can share an Excel file?

I will sure apprecite all suggestions!

/ GE

A:How to Share Excel File simultaneously

Maybe something to consider here?:
Cloud Storage Face-off: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SkyDrive

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Hi all,

I have a large excel file - 50,000 KB that i created in Excel XP (large number of columns and rows AND a whole slew of graphs). I know this is large, but It worked fine in XP. I could change numbers, move around, etc. unimpeded.

I just got new laptop with Vista and Office 2007. Now to move around in this file is very slow. to move from one cell to another takes a long time, to go down in rows is very slow, etc.

I have saved this to the new .xlsx format and this did not help things, and did not make the file smaller.

I have 2 GB of RAM which i thought would be plenty. Any ideas what is causing this slowness? i have tried exiting out of any underlying things (spayware, virus, etc) to see if this would help but it has not... should i buy more RAM?

any clue what the issue is here???? i am hoping it is some issue and not that Vista and office 2007 is just slow, which is my impression overall so far.


A:Excel 2007 - Slow working with large file

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Hi all,
This is just a preliminary request for advice before I undertake writing a fairly substantial VBA macro.

My plan, in short, is as follows:

- User receives a daily Invoice file. The data from this is to be dropped onto an Excel Table I've prepared (let's call this the Invoiced Table) in the Master File, which will allow some formulae, such as IFs and Vlookups to static tables, to auto-populate. Each day's data is to be appended to the bottom of the table.

- User receives a weekly Paid file. The data from this will be dropped into a second Excel Table (let's call this the Paid Table) on another worksheet in the Master File.

- Once the weekly file data has been dropped in, the user will run the macro. This will compare records from the Invoiced Table against the Paid Table using at least 4 (probably 8) different sets of lookups. In a simplified example, these might be 4 different customers.

- Each set of lookups will result in some matches. For each matching record for a specific customer, fields from the Invoiced and Paid tables need to be combined into a new record on a seperate worksheet.
So in a simplified example, Record 1 might have an Invoice Number in the Invoice Table that matches the Invoice Number in the Paid Table. I'll need to copy the Invoice Number, Customer Number and, say, the Invoice Date field from the Invoiced Table, plus the Paid Date from the Paid Table.

- I'll then need the macro to delete those lines from both t... Read more

A:MS Excel 2007 - VBA Macro to split large file

Is excel the only option? Access would do a lot of this without the having to write a macro every step.

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First time poster here! I am helping a user of ours in Atlanta who is having odd behavior with MS Word 2003 and Excel. Detect&Repair also causes application crash. Anything stand out in this log?Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2:18:29 PM, on 9/13/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\bin\CSAControl.exeC:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\bin\leventmgr.exeC:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\residentagent.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exeC:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LocalSch.EXEC:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:Word / Excel Crashing When Clicking File->open

Hello and welcome to BC.Sorry for the delayed reply. Nothing suspicious in the log.

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In the Office application Excel, when I click on a file, the application opens but the file does not. I can do file/open and the file will open and Excel works fine. Can anyone help. Thx

A:Excel - Double Clicking file wont open it

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Hi All

I am using Excel 2013 on a windows 7 professional

when I am going to an excel file location via Explorer, and double click on the file I get the following error

" There was a problem sending the command to the program"

I have tried un-register and register excel, no good

I have unpinned and re pinned program to the main screen, no good

I have also tried to uninstall and re install excel, no good

When I am using file/open it works, however I need the feature of double clicking

can anybody please recommend what shall i do?



A:Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

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In Outlook express, I used to be able to view the first part or several
parts of a split movie or pictures to see whether
it was worth downloading.

In windows mail, it seems that this is not possible and I have to download
all parts completely before I can view the

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Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but I am having immense problems trying to set up a network using my router to share, transfer & stream files between computers and Android tablets.

Searching the internet has had me going round in circles, with the most common answer being to enable file sharing on the devices & that will magically make everything work. It hasn't!

I'll start with the devices I have already tried, then add the devices I would also like to add:

Thomson 858 router (supplied by ISP)
Desktop PC, Windows Vista Home Premium connected via ethernet
Toshiba Sat Pro Laptop, Windows XP Pro connected via wifi
Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet, Android, connected via wifi

On each device I have enabled file sharing. Between the Vista & XP machines, I have been able to get the XP to show in Network, but when I click on it I get a "not accesible" error message.

I can't see any sign of the Vista machine on the XP.

When I share files on the Tablet, again it will show in Vista, but when clicked on opens Windows Media Player and only shows what should be on the Vista machine. Again on the Tablet, I can't find the Vista device to share with.

They the devices I have tried. The other devices include:

HP laptop, Windows 7 Home, to connect via wifi
Samsung Netbook, Windows XP Pro, via wifi
2 x Generic Android tablets, via wifi
2 x HTC Andriod phones (not essential but would be nice)

Hoping someone will be able to advise & save my sa... Read more

A:File share/Network set up

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I have 3 computers on my network. I can transfer large files on 2 computers with no problems. One computer has XP pro and the other has Win 2000. On the 3rd computer I have Win 98. When I try to transfer a large file, say 800MB the system locks up. This computer has a 550 mhz amd prossesor and 256 mb of memory. I'm running a DSL router and can download large files through the internet but not through my network on this win98 computer! Any suggestions? Thanks

A:Win 98 large file transfer on local network

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I try to copy a 3GB file from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows XP machine but the network utilization during the copy is less than 10% so it takes hours to finish. The wireless LAN is 54Mbps. The hard drive is INTEL SSDSA2M160G2GC and the wireless card is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN. How can I figure out why the network utilization is so low?

A:Network Utilization is less than 10% during copying large file.

That's too slow. IS your wifi network secured? Sounds like someone is sharing your bandwidth or else you have a really slow router thoroughput

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I am using Compaq Presario CQ41. OS Windows 7. I am connected to other PCs via LAN. My computer name is "Compaq" and the ones that I connected to are named "NEXT" and "TESTING". I am able to access data to "NEXT", "TESTING" and vice versa which means that the LAN is working.

I want to share a certain file to "NEXT" but I want that file not to be shared by "TESTING".

I have done this thing:
right click on the file --> properties -->sharing -->advanced sharing --> permissions --> add..

There is a box that allow me to fill the object name. I try filling it with "NEXT" or "//NEXT". It said that the name can't be found. So, is there any way for me to solve this problem?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:How Can I Share Certain File to Certain Network Users

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I am Ethernet-connected to router with one machine, using wireless on the other. The two computers do not see each other. Both are connected via the same network name. There has to be a simple procedure but I can't find it. Home Groups don't seem to work,
and I've heard there is a better way anyway. Many thanks for any help.

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My problem is as follows. I have a large amount of .avi files and .mpeg files stored on a network share (60G of stored files). The network share is connected via a DLink DIR 628 802.11N router and a WUA 160 Dual Band N USB Adapter. I am using the 5 GHZ Channel and have an indicated speed of 270 MPS. My signal strength is excellent. When I play the .mpeg files using WMP, there are no problems at all. When I play the .avi files, they will play slow until the first pass through. If I do not close WMP, and replay the file, it will play fine from that point on. If I close WMP, and I reopen the file, the same problem occurs. If I connect the PC with the network share via a CAT5 cable, bypassing the router, the problem goes away. I have tried disabling Windows firewall and my antivirus with no effect. File permissions for READ ONLY have been disabled along with Indexing for the network drive. Any help would be appreciated.

PC 1 is AMD 2800 2 G Ram 7200 RPM IDE drive
PC 2 is AMD 3200 CPU 2 G Ram 7200 RPM SATA Drive
Windows Xp SP3 both machines

A:Slow AVI File On Network Share

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We have a process that creates a .pdf file and writes the file to a users shared folder for example:
The shared folder is a network mapped drive.  
Another process then attempts to open the file for viewing.
On a Windows 7 machine this take over 10 seconds to open and in the Sysinternals process monitor it shows as name not found.
On a Windows 10 machine the document opens up immediately.
Both machines have the same software and versions installed.

Any ideas?

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Just installed Win7 64 Home Pro from XP two days ago.
The last remaining issue I need to solve is a drag and drop file transfer to my other home network computer (HNC).

So far I've been able to d&d files from the HNC via Acronis WD in it's explorer mode without any issues, some sized in the multi Gb range. I've been also able to d&d small files directly to the HNC successfully.

When I try to d&d a large file, specifically my NVIDIA drivers sized at 123Mb the Win7 computer freezes immediately. The cursor is stuck and the computer is absolutely locked, the only thing that works to recover it is the power off button.
When I come back I don't get any indication of anything going wrong and if I look on the HNC drive the file has been transferred successfully!

I haven't tried copying files to the HNC via Acronis WD yet so I don't know if it will be able to write to it.

The HNC computer has not caused any issues in the past with XP, it's running Ubuntu Linux.

Thanks for anyone's input.

A:Home Network Large File Transfer Lockup

As a suggestion, test what happens when you attempt the drag 'n' drop operation in [safe mode + net].

The most likely problem causes are a bad anti-virus filter driver, or a NIC driver which needs updating.

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Hi, I'm hoping for some help with something odd.

I have a Vista 64x workstation since Nov 08 which has been fine until recently. It has started having network problems when accessing large numbers of files from remote locations.

I have a readyNAS network storage device with a number of shares which are mounted as network drives on the PC, wired ethernet. Vista is set up as a private network and set to trust the LAN. The readynas is flawless when accessed from other XP and Vista machines on the LAN.

Recent example, tried loading on photos from a camera, approx 700 files.
Went fast at first, but over 300 files, copying would slow to a crawl - 16Kb.
While this is happening, other LAN access and internet access becomes intermittent.

If I use picasa, which accesses all photos on the remote drive, it'll work for a while but then crawl, only in this case the whole machine slows down.

I've tried disabling auto-tuning but that made no difference.

LAN has a NAT firewall (Netgear FWG114P with latest firmware) and there is no software firewall running. PC: Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz, 8Gb 800MHZ RAM, Sapphire 512Mb Radeon HD 4670, Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit.

A:64x Wired network dropping off on large no of file transfer.

Can anyone help? This is infuriating!

I have disabled IPv6 and auto-tuning.

(I long ago did the steps here: Auto Tuning - TCP/IP receive level and it made no difference).
Even though all the other machines on the network are fine I've pulled the infrastructure apart. Router updated to latest firmware, router checks out OK on vista compatibility checker, the switch has been checked and double checked + direct connection made, the LAN cables have been swapped out. This same machine has a ubuntu dual boot, so the same hardware in a different OS works absolutely faultlessly, and a VMware XP install on ubuntu also works faultlessly.

It feels like it can ONLY be vista ultimate 64!! There is something about this OS which is causing problems, but it started after the machine was 3 months old. Vista update maybe?

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Dear Experts,

HI to all......

I've a P4 machine having enough memory and disk space at local system as well as on the remote shared host. When I'm going to save a doc file (Office 2003), its giving the below attached error message. Pls suggest.... Any help will be appreciated.

A:Unable to save DOC file in network share

Do you have the right permissions on that drive? I assume that it is another computer that your trying to save it on. Have you tried like it suggested another drive to narrow down the problem?

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I was wondering what the best approach would be for the following:

I have a network drive that has roughly 300GB of data
I have a system with RAID 5 with 460GB of usable space for backing up this drive

We are trying to create a mirror of the shared drive before we do a conversion process and backing up to a tape is not possible. would xcopy be the best solution? how bout windows backup?

any thoughts would be great!

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First see here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5848847

And here: http://smileynetmain.createaforum.com/troubleshooting/problems-connecting-to-windows-10-share(s)/

This shows the method I have made this share with. Now, I'm trying to figure out how I can effectively use this share. It will give me that error if I try to create files on it. It says security information is not available as well. It seems to read the tree as NTFS. But maybe it's reading the mounted parts of the tree as FAT32??? I need help trying to fix it whatever is wrong with it. These are not large files. Not sure whether this is the Windows or Linux side...

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This is perhaps the easiest question ever for some of you. I have just set up a Linksys wireless router using the "wired" ethernet ports for sharing a dsl connection. What is my next step to view files and share files between the 2 computers. Do I go into "my documents" > right click > share > on both computers? Is that it. My main machine is Vista x64 and the other is XP. If i click on the computer I connected in widows explorer, it just gives me an error saying network path not found. I understand because I haven't set up a network, (have I?) I'm just sharing a connection. What is a good set of steps I need to take now. Thanks for any help.

A:Question on home network file share

Hi, Nate42nd

Have a look at this page here and if you have any specific problems post back and will try to help ...

Teach XP and Vista to play nice on networks

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I have a brand new Y700 15ISK, really enjoying it but just found my first major issue I can't quickly resolve. When I transfer a large file from the Y700 over my network to my server, or any other network location, the laptop starts to freeze up. If I'm playing a video, or doing anything else, it becomes unresponsive for a second or so, functions, then does it again. This causes the audio to mess up really bad, and the mouse to act erratic. If I cancel the network file transfer, everything goes back to perfect. The only similar issue I've been able to find online has to do wtih Norton, which I don't use. Only protection is Windows Defender.Anyone have any ideas as to why this network file transfer would cause the OS to hang so badly? Never had any issue like this before using my previous machine, or any other machines in the house. I have updated the wifi driver. Thanks! David

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Hello Everyone. I hope someone can give me some suggestions. I have one PC Windows XP SP2 and a Mac G5 quad OSX 10.4.9 both connected wirelessly to the same Lynksys wireless router.

The PC has share folder active and in the mac I can get access to the PC shared Folder via Finder > Network > mynetwork > Share Docs.

I can place files in this folder in both computers and I can access them in both computers too. Now here is the problem. If while using the mac I access the PC shared docs and try to move a large file (60MB) into the Mac's desktop, the file beings to move but then the wireless connection AT THE PC resets as if I had disable the wireless connection and enabled it again ! The mac then stops moving the file and gives me this error:

The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "" could not be read or written.
This only happens with large files! The PC does not have the windows firewall on however Avast on-access scan is on. It seems something is happening that triggers the PC wireless card to reset itself when trying to move this large file between the computers.

This is driving me crazy. Any suggestions? Thanks. NLD.

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Hi, Wondering if anyone can shead some light on this.

Im using Windows 7 build 7600.

I have a windows server 2003 file server and a windows 2003 SBS domain controler. The file server is a member server. My windows 7 client is joined to the domain. When i log on to the domain, a script runs that maps drives from the file server to my comp. My domain account has Full Control over the drives on the file server.

Since installing windows 7 each time i open an mp3 file (Which are between 10 and 20mb) from the maped network drive, its taking 8 seconds to open each one. Baring in mind i have a GB lan with both my laptop network card and server network card set to 1gbps full duplex. I have a LOT of mp3 files that i browse through, but every time i select a differnt track it takes 8 seconds for it to open, same for the next track and the one after that and its begining to drive me nuts . Ive tried using differnt media players, for example winamp, media monkey, itunes and wmp and with each one i get exactly the same 8 seconds per music file. This does not happen with one of my xp machines both over wirelesss and hardwired in to the lan, tracks open instantly from one to the other. After messing about with it for a while i stumbled accross something. If i map directly to shares on the network drive (which is set to read only) the tracks open instantly from one to the next no problem. However, if i set the share permission to “full control”, i get exactly the same prob... Read more

A:8 seconds to open 20mb mp3 file over network share....

Yes, its all clear ..

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I have two Windows 7 Pro SP1 PCs connected on network at home, one workstation, the other used as a file-server. On the file-server I have a shared folder which is EFS encrypted.

I can connect and view this folder from the workstation (and see the encrypted files in it too).

But when I try and create / save / move files into this folder from Windows Explorer on the workstation I just get a permission denied error and can't do it.

I checked all permissions in Sharing settings on the folder on the server to tick everything for everyone and other users.

Both machines have got all the EFS certificates and keys installed (shown by the fact I can see the other files in the folder).

It must be something to do with the EFS because I can create / save / move files into other folders on file-server from the workstation.

What's going on? Where is the permission I am missing and is there any log of it at all in event manager so I can debug the cause of it?

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I have 2 pc's, both running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium, a laptop and a desktop. I have set up media sharing, play to features all absolutely fine, and can access all the files on my laptop from my desktop. However when I try and access all the files on my desktop from my laptop it keeps asking for a network ID and password. I know all my computer names, network id's, network passwords, and user account passwords, but no combinations are working! Is there a password I am missing somewhere?!?!
Any advice woud be awesome!

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Good day to all!

My computer belongs to a small office network and I would like to share one file exclusively to one computer on the network, meaning that the computer that I want to share with can only see and access that file.

I use WinXP-Pro, on a workgroup, simple networking (1 hub, 1 router, 10 computers)

Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: How to exclusively share a file with one computer on a network?

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My computers are struggling to see each other on my home 'network'. I'm sure it will be something stupid that I have ommitted to do. Can anyone help please?

My desktop PC is wired through a wireless router. My laptop accesses the internet, wirelessly through the router.

Both computers are able to access the internet without problem. I have WEP security enabled. Both computers have the same 'workgroup' name. Several folders are set for 'file sharing'.

I am the only user of the machines and therefore, administrator.

The desktop has never been visible from the laptop.

The desktop, occasionally 'sees' the laptop but the files can never be viewed, being stopped by a message which mentions 'administrator'

What am I doing wrong or missing?

BTW, the desktop is running WINXP Pro and the laptop WINXP Media Ed


A:Solved: Home Network - File Share Problem

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Hi guys,

Looking to this forum for some help with writing a batch file.

I would like to delete 5 day old files from a network share using a sched task .bat to make room for additional daily backups. I have gotten by with very basic batch files before but I really don't know where to start writing this in terms of how to select the 'old' files to delete. The process would also have to include subfolders.

I'd schedule this to run every morning.

The share is, P:\

With many thanks in advance,


A:Delete old files on a network share using batch file

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Curious if anyone has used something like a Virtual Print Server or something similar.
Where host computer has the Print to File device setup.
Other computers on a network would print to it and access the stored images from a network share folder.

Trying to find a way to cut out the required use of scanners where I work.

Edit: This is for Windows 7 systems.

A:Solved: Print to File as a Network Share Printer possible?

I didn't find a program in Windows to do what I need, but found guides on how to set this up on Linux.

Linux CUPS Server (Common Unix Printing System).

And running a PHP webserver for merging PDFs.

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Dear Windows 7 Home Network Experts,

After hours of trying, I can see my 2 compupters on the Home Network. I can share printers, but no matter what I do, I cannot access folders or hard disks. I have:

- encabled sharing
- disabled firewall

The messages I get are:
Windows cannot access \\other computer name\disk or folder name
You do not have permission to access \\other computer name\\disk or folder name. Contact your network administrator to request access.

These are my own computers and I have created and am managing the home network....

Thank you!

A:Home network can share printers but not folders or entire disks

Did you select "everyone" when you try to share a folder?

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I am using a Vista Business client on a Windows domain network. We have a multifunction copier/scanner connected to the network. This device is accessed by the XP clients with a shortcut on their desktop, which simply points to \\COPIERNAME\File_Share folder. Technically, this device isn't a member of the domain, and it doesn't really show up as part of a workgroup either. It's just a device sitting out there on the same subnet.On the Vista client, I can ping COPIERNAME and I get a reply, however I cannot connect to the File_Share folder, which is where the scanned documents are.I disabled the Vista firewall but this didn't help. I assume there's some security "feature" in Vista that is preventing access to this device since it's not part of the domain, but I can't find a workaround.Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Unable to connect to file share on network copier/scanner

This issue has now been solved.  Here's the solution:The problem is one of SMB signing.  By default, Windows 2003 Server has SMB signing enabled for all client connections, and this was preventing the Windows Vista client from communicating with the file share.  While it is possible to change the default setting for the entire domain, for security purposes I much prefer to make the change on the copier/scanner device.  The instructions below apply to the Toshiba eStudio Copier/Scanner, but similar configuration can be done on other devices.
Connect to copier/scanner using web browser.  Click Administration tab, and logon use the copier's username/password.
Click Network
Click SMB Session
Click SMB Session box
In section called "SMB Signing of SMB Server", the default of "If client agrees, digital signature is done for communication" needs to be changed to "Digital signature isn't done for communication for the server"
Click Set button at top, then Save button, and the copier will reset.
You should now be able to connect to the file share using Vista.  No drivers are needed.

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I have a program I wrote in Visual Basic that copies a file from one directory into another directory at a prescribed interval. The Visual Basic programs uses the ShellFileCopy API function
ShellFileCopy Visual Basic 6 API Function
FreeVBCode code snippet: Copy Files Using the Shell API
99% of the time, the program works fine.
However occasionally, I get a Windows error that pop's up that says
"File is too large for the destination file system"
This is extremely baffling as the size of the file that is being copied is under 1MB.

Does anyone have any idea to what would be triggering this error in Windows 7?

A:seeking fix for “File is too large for destination file system” erro

Why are you using ShellFileCopy()? I'm asking because I used it in some programs but it was a long time ago. For your purpose can't you just use FileCopy()?

If I remember, I used Shell copy because it provided a progress dialog. If the files are that small that won't come into play. Or is the small file just because you are testing?


Ok, I think I may see the problem. The wrapper function uses Strings as source and destination. If you read the MSDN entry for SHFILEOPSTRUCT the source and destination strings must have a double null terminator. If not, the function will just keep reading memory getting the source or destination name until it finds a double zero.

You need to make a string compatible with LPCTSTR type that has a double zero a the end.

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We noticed that when we use large files from a remotely located file system, it does not get cached by the Windows file caching feature.
Does Windows 7, and/or other Windows OS versions, don't cache files (into memory) located on remote data file servers as when the files are locally read from a local hard disk..?  


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I used file scavenger 3.2 to recover hard drive files. I was somewhat sucessfull except
it give errors for files larger than 16 cheracters. Is there a way to recover long
file names with file scavenger 3.2?
I have used several internet downloads to recover my drive and many did not
work. So far file scavenger did the best. Is there some other software that I
might try. PC inspector did not work.
Thank you,

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Windows 7 File Explorer is freezing, throwing errors, and not responding when attempting to access specific files on a network share intermittently. This has been an ongoing issue for a long time now and I have not been able to find a solution that worked.
I have tried numerous other forms answers and google searches.

Some background.
We have a DFS network share that is hosted at a remote data-center and shared with other locations. All our computers are still windows 7 64 bit Enterprise edition based off the same image. The computers at the other locations are setup with different domains,
hardware, and computer images. I have not heard any issues at for the file share at other locations only here. Here the issues occur for every computer that attempts to access the specific files. Accessing the files sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. When
it doesn't its the same files for everyone. After a while those files will start working and other files will now have the issue.

The issue is that when trying to copy, open, delete, or manipulate the file in any way explorer or what ever program is trying to access the file will stop responding, crash, or throw an error. Typically the files are .dotm word template files. When in the
directory of the problematic file, file explorer will load for ever until it gives up with the little green loading bar slowly going across the top. After trying to open, move, copy, or delete the file We will get these errors. There are no ... Read more

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System: Windows 7 Home Premium
Scenario # 1: I open a Word document. The document is not read only. I save the document - no problem. But occasionally when I save the document, the document suddenly becomes read only and I need to go to the document's properties and change the permission so that the document is no longer read only.
Scenario # 2: A folder contains 20 files, none of which are read only. I move the files to another folder - this works fine. But occasionally when I do this, one or two of these files will have their permission changed to be read only, and again I need to go to the file's properties and change the permissions so that the files are no longer read only
Why does this happen?

A:Saving file sometimes makes the file read only

What version of word are you using? Where is the file path you are saving and opening files from?

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when i right click on mozilla on my desktop to choose open
i see its missing from there
also when i right click on .mp3 files the option " Enqueue in Winamp" is also missing
i have selected enqueue option in winamp preferences
i just dont remeber when did this problem started
i tried system restore but didnt help
please help
i attached pics of the problem
help will be appreciated please


A:right clicking on exe file or link file some context menu missing

please help guys..........

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