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Windows 10 trackpad scrolling stopped working afte...

Q: Windows 10 trackpad scrolling stopped working afte...

My Aspire M5-481PT laptop was working fine for months with Windows 10, then suddently the trackpad stopped working after an automatic update. I was able to install the most recent Synaptic Windows 10 driver, and after a few hours of farting around got the trackpad to work again, but the two finger scrolled still doesn't work...it doesn't show up as an option in the Synaptic settings (see screenshot):Has anyone come up with a fix for this? This seems to be a common issue with Windows 10 and the new automatic driver updating which is impossible to turn off. Come on Microsoft / Acer, how could a critical piece of hardware like this stop working?! Let's do some better testing before rolling out updates....every time I waste hours to getting my computer to work with little support from the manufacturers, I am a one step closer to buying an Apple machine next time. Thanks for your help,Allen

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Preferred Solution: Windows 10 trackpad scrolling stopped working afte...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Restored my U300S to factory defaults, everything was working then out of the blue it stopped working.  A check of the Device manger doesnt show it at all.  Went to the site downloaded the correct driver install pack (TouchPad Driver (Synaptics, Cypress)).  when it runs through the setup it states  "Cannot find cypress track pad" and aborts. Any help appreciated. Thanks  

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I've been trying to find an solution to this, but have been unable, so hopefully someone here will help.  Got my X1 Carbon - 2015- 20BS about a month ago, and have an issue with scrolling horizontally in Excel only.  I just can't get it to two-finger scroll horizontally.  Vertical scrolling works fine.  Other office applications work fine, vertical and horizontal. I rolled back the Synaptics Driver (19.017.2), uninstalled it and installed the one from Lenovo site, but I can't get it work.  I've looked at Excel settings, unistalled, reinstalled, repaired and still no dice.  Any ideas?  Is there something that I'm missing in a setting somewhere?  I work in Excel pretty much all day so this is fairly annoying to say the least.  Thanks in advance.  R   

A:Trackpad Horizontal Scrolling Not Working - Excel

Can someone please answer this: How does one of the highest rated business laptops not allow for horizontal scrolling in Excel?   This was half the reason I bought the Thinkpad and now I cannot stand using it for work.  I don't know if this problem is with Microsoft Office or Lenovo but it is unnaceptable to not have a solution to a seemingly minor but implicative flaw.  

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At several occasions now, my trackpad two-finger-scrolling stops functioning as it should after some time of using the system. It seems the gesture is still recognized, but it is handled incorrectly: rather than scrolling 'within' the selected window, the whole window seems to 'bounce' indicating I can't scroll any further. Scrolling with an external mouse works fine, as does scrolling with the touchscreen, as does moving the mouse to the scrollbar and click-dragging.
I have updated all latest drivers, except the BIOS which is on A06 since I do not want to upgrade it (yet) since the higher versions currently cause the screen's brightness to flicker. Unless this BIOS is known to address these issues (not listed in the details) I do not see a reason to upgrade it (again).
Worth noting is that this issue only seems to arise after some time of using the system (possibly after a few sleep sessions?).

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I got my Lenovo Yoga 710 in the summer of 2016, and everything works great except for the inactive scrolling. The inactive scrolling only works when I have an external mouse attached to my laptop, in which I am able to type in one window while scrolling in another window that's inactive. However, the inactive scrolling doesn't seem to work when I am using my trackpad and not an external mouse. I have updated all of my drivers, but I just don't understand why the feature would work only with the external mouse and not the trackpad. It is rather inconvenient to carry around an external mouse when the trackpad is supposed to do the job. I am coming from a Macbook Pro and I really miss the inactive scrolling that it provided.  I would really appreciate it if someone could please help me. Thanks! P.S. I do not have any third party software installed and the inactive scrolling feature is "enabled."  

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Hi, I upgraded my OC to Windows 10 today, after the upgrade tapping and scrolling stopped working on the synaptics touchpad. the toucpad only finctions as a pointer now. for taps/Clicks i always have to use the buttons below the touchpad. It was working fine before the upgrade, the earlier OS was Windows 7 I have checked for driver updates but i get a message that the drvier is up to date.I have check the device setting and confirmed that tapping and scrolling is enabled.I have also done a device reset. Nothing solved the problem, i also did not find a relevant answer on the forums.Also, the same problem did not happen with my other HP laptop (Notebook PC) which was also upgraded to windows 10 recently. Does anyone have a solution? Regards,Siddharth. 

A:Toupad Tapping and Scrolling stopped working after Windows 1...

@Siddharth_P?, Hello and thanks for posting on the HP support forums.  What you will need to do is the run the Windows Update Fixer tool.  Here is a link to help you with that.  Make sure you run all updates including optional. Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues If that fails to work the only other option is to roll your system back to the original supported operating system that came with your notebook. Thanks again for the post and have a great day.

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I'm running a Dell XPS 15 Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  My Synaptic Touchpad stopped working after I updated an academic research program called Papers.  I don't know if that program caused these problems or not, but I'm afraid of uninstalling it because I may lose a lot of data.  (Long story, it's an expired trial version, and to export the data I would have to pay a fair bit of money, which I'm trying to avoid.  Right now all I want is to be able to scroll again.)
Anyway, the pointer would just remain in the default place on the screen, and when I use the keyboard to navigate to the Mouse section of Control Panel it says it "Cannot Connect with Synaptics Pointing Device", etc.  
So I uninstalled the Synaptics software, and restarted.  Now the touchpad works fine, but without any of the vertical or horizontal scrolling capabilities that the Synaptics software had.  
So, here's the current situation: if I install the latest Synaptics touchpad driver from the Dell site, the touchpad doesn't work at all.  If I uninstall it, and reboot with just the PS/2 Mouse generic Windows driver, the touchpad works but without any scrolling options.
I updated the BIOS to A12 from A06, but it didn't fix the problem.
Thank you so much for any help and suggestions!  Let me know if you need any more info.

A:Synaptic Touchpad stopped working, but will run with the generic windows driver. No scrolling.

Anybody here want to take a stab at it?  Or direct me elsewhere?  Much appreciated.  

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Hello, my trackpad has stopped working. The trackpoint works fine, as does the keyboard and USB mouse over connected afterwards.Today I had installed new ram and switched in an SSD with Windows 10 to replace an HDD with Windows 7.The drive switch went without a hitch, just plugged and played.Everything worked on first start up after the switch. Eventually I was prompted to restart to "finish configuring devices." That's when the trackpad stopped funxtioning.I've downloaded the drivers from Lenovo and made sure everything is enabled.Any ideas? 

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Is this just happening to me?
In the Windows 10 Mail App, I can scroll up and down using the touch screen and mouse wheel but not with the trackpad using two finger scrolling although it works in other apps.

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Hello all!

I have recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) on a new Sony Vaio laptop. I am having trouble with the scroll facility using the trackpad when using Fire Fox 3.5. Unlike Google Chrome, Opera and IE 8 the small 'scrolling icon' doesn't appear in Fire Fox. However I do have some functionality when scrolling but it is very intermittent. I can use Fire Fox ok using a standard USB mouse though.

I have updated all drivers from Symantics for the trackpad/mouse and searched many forums for a solution but have had no luck.

Is this is bug that will be fixed or a fluke? I absolutely love FireFox - it is the hands down best browser out there and don't want to switch to IE8, Chrome or Opera because they just aren't as good.

Many, many thanks.

A:FireFox, Trackpad Scrolling Windows 7 Problem.

You may find the answer here: Firefox Support • mozillaZine Forums

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I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 8 (via BootCamp) and I was running games on Steam.

Randomly, the game froze, and my Xbox 360 controller stopped responding. When I exited out to try and fix the problem, the trackpad stopped working completely and the whole thing froze.

Upon restart, the trackpad simply doesn't work (still doesn't) and I have to use a mouse to control it at all.

I reinstalled all of the BootCamp drivers, and it still doesn't work.

Any idea why this could be?



A:TrackPad Driver Randomly Stopped Working

Found a fix. Just needed to go to Device Manager, found two errors with the trackpad, selected "Properties" then "Resintall Drivers", selected the drivers from the list (in WindowsSupport folder) and then updated them and everything works again.

Thanks anyway!

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After a Window's update, my trackpad stopped working. After searches online for how to fix the issue, I noticed that the trackpad was completely unistalled from my computer (vs. just being disabled). I went to the Lenovo website and re-downloaded the driver, which fixed the issue..... for a few weeks. Now my trackpad stopped working again (randomly mid use...I had not restarted my computer or anything), with no further windows updates occuring. I looked and it is once again, unistalled. I tried to download the driver again, but it didn't fix the issue this time. How do I get my trackpad back installed and working?

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My trackpad has suddenly stopped working. I have tried everything I know to turn it back on but nothing works. Pressing the FN / trackpad keys do not turn on the trackpad and all software indications of trackpad activity are greyed out as if the pad is off. A USB mouse works fine.

The machine is a refurb and is running Windows 10, Is there anything else I can try before I return it under warranty.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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I have a XPS 15 that is just out of the warranty period but about a month or two ago I started noticing that the trackpad would not click down anymore. I don't use the trackpad very often so I don't know how long it has been like this but once I noticed the clicking issue I also noticed that is seemed like the trackpad was also sticking higher up then before. What are my options here?


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I did a search to see if this was already posted but didn't find it.  So, here's my story. I have a P40 Yoga that's about a year old.  A couple of weeks ago, I received a pop-up from Lenovo Vantage saying there was a system update.  Like a good user, I said OK.  I didn't notice it right away (because I use an external mouse) but the trackpad, left/right click buttons and the "trackpoint" center button all stopped working.  I did a lot of searching to see if there was a resolution but couldn't find one. Eventually, I went into Control Panel | Device Manager | Mice and other pointing devices | ELAN pointing device | Driver and saw that there was a recent update.  Fortunatly, there was a "Roll Back Driver" option which I figured couldn't hurt anything.  After a reboot, the driver is back to one dated 2/13/2017 version  All mouse accoutrements are once again working. What prompted me to post today is that the Lenovo Vantage pop-up appeared again telling me there's an update and it wants to put the bad driver back. Irconically, the pop-up says: "Lenovo recommends that you install these updates to optimize your computer" Yah, right!  Now I'm sceptical about ever doing another update.

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Keyboard and trackpad stopped working on Yoga 260 laptop. USB mouse and keyboard work fine. Also keyboard works in BIOS settings. I have replaced keyboard/ trackpad / system board and even hard drive w/fresh Windows 10 image. Same results: keyboard and trackpad don't work. Your help is much appreciated.

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The trackpad and left/right click buttons on my laptop work fine up to the point when I need to log in to my user profile.

Once in, and Windows is working, they do not respond at all, except to bring the screen back when it has gone to sleep.

Does anybody know what is going on and how to resolve this problem?



A:Trackpad stopped working on ASUS K72F Laptop


ignore that it says dell, the principle is the same, what you want is to try to reset it all , adjusting settings up and down to see if you can kick start it back up

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Thinkpad E540, Windows 8.1 The touchpad has been bugging randomly throughout the year, but this time the two finger scrolling has completely stopped working I have tried disabling and enabling, reinstalling drivers, resetting to default, nothing is fixing it.

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Hi, I have an MSi laptop with an elan touchpad and recently the edge scrolling stopped working. I've upgraded the driver through windows and also installed it myself, I've rolled back the driver, I've tried to get into the options but no matter what I've tried they're greyed out and inaccessible. I even went into regedit to try and find some sort of settings, to no avail. I've recently upgraded to Windows 10, but for about a week I had no touchpad problems at all. I even went in and told windows not to upgrade drivers anymore. I've been trying to fix this for seven hours today and I'm so tired. I just want this fixed. Please anyone, help me.

A:Edge scrolling stopped working?

I can neither confirm nor deny this: I've read posts by people who say as Win 10 updates, MS removes your "do not update drivers" selection.
Do you know the date and version of the old working driver? If not, see if you can find it from the MSi site.
Look at the current driver you are using. Does it match or has it again been updated against your wishes?
If so, see if you can rollback.

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Two-finger scrolling has suddenly stopped working on my Yoga 710. A reboot hasn't worked. Two-finger zoom still works, but when I try to scroll it malfunctions. Pulling two fingers down on the touchpad minimises the window. Pushing two fingers up takes me to miniature view of all my open windows. Very occasionally it will scroll slightly in one direction but not the other, but I can't get it to happen often enough to work out why it works occasionally. What is going wrong? EDIT: It now seems that the zoom is a bit finicky too. It works much of the time when I try to enlarge or shrink Facebook in my browser, but not all the time.

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Hello, This does keep happening a lot with windows/lenovo driver updates, isn't it? Before I start rolling back drivers, was wondering if others have experience this and if so, what has the resolution been, if any.  Thanks,  

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While in IE the errow buttons have stopped working, I have to use the slider bar to move up, down and sideways.
In other applications they work ok.

Where am I missing the control?

A:Solved: Scrolling/errow buttons stopped working

after reboot errow buttons now work.

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I am helping a friend who has an HP Pavilion dv9700t laptop, with Windows 7 Pro x64 installed. The laptop has been running fine until recently, when the Synaptic touchpad's scrolling ability stopped working. The touchpad has not been exposed to excessive heat or subjected to liquid damage, and no changes have been made to the Synaptic Preferences or the Mouse options in Control Panel. A different driver hasn't been installed over the existing one. He asked me to help him determine why it has stopped working, but I can't figure it out. The only thing I can think of that may have caused both the horizontal and the vertical scrolling to stop working could possibly be a Windows update, but trying to determine which one is the culprit (if any) is almost impossible. I've tried disabling and re-enabling the scrolling options, and I've deleted and reinstalled the driver, but no luck. Should I roll back to a previous version, or try something else?

The driver version is and the Synaptics Touchpad version is V6.3, if that helps at all.

A:HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working

Hooray! Great news! I figured out what was causing the problems. It turns out that my friend had broken off one of the laptop keys, and in an attempt to get it to remain on the laptop, glued it back on to the keyboard, without telling me. I discovered this when I opened Wordpad to write some notes, only to find the 9 key displaying in an active line, like this: 99999999999999999

The key had been glued so firmly that it was permanently pressing as though someone were holding it down. As a result, the trackpad wouldn't scroll (as the 9 key also doubled as the right arrow key) and the BIOS would remain stuck on the initial boot screen until another key was pressed.

After removing the key, I scraped the dried glue off of it, reattached the plastic switch to the metal brackets on the keyboard so it snapped firmly back into place, and sternly lectured my friend about why superglue and keyboards do not mix.

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I can no longer scroll by pressing the left and right buttons above my left click button. It was working fine until one day it just stopped doing anything. Any solutions?


A:Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

Why you don?t try to configure the touchpad settings again.
Did you check the settings in the control panel -> mouse ???
There should be a option and some touchpad properties which could be changed.

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Hello,I run an Edge E530c with the USB 3.0 Dock. This works fine until the notebook goes in power save. After resuming from power save the following happens:- If I click on any icon on the desktop the icon in the far left upper corner is always activated.- If I write any text in any application the cursors jumps to the left of the character, and any following character is typed to the left of the character before, i.e. I write from right to left. I cannot move the cursor to the proper position, neither with the cursor keys nor with the mouse. This issue is hilarious and kind of fascinating but completely blocks working with the notebook ! A restart cures this. Using the mouse pad and keyboard of the notebook itself works fine. This only happens with the USB 3.0 dock attached mouse and keyboard. Windows 7 Pro 64 bitLatest drivers via Windows update installed, also for the USB 3.0 dock. I searched all Google and did not find a similar problem description, far less a solution! Any hints from someone? Regards, Eckhard

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Hello,I run an Edge E530c with the USB 3.0 Dock. This works fine until the notebook goes in power save. After resuming from power save the following happens:- If I click on any icon on the desktop the icon in the far left upper corner is always activated.- If I write any text in any application the cursors jumps to the left of the character, and any following character is typed to the left of the character before, i.e. I write from right to left. I cannot move the cursor to the proper position, neither with the cursor keys nor with the mouse. This issue is hilarious and kind of fascinating but completely blocks working with the notebook ! A restart cures this. Using the mouse pad and keyboard of the notebook itself works fine. This only happens with the USB 3.0 dock attached mouse and keyboard. Windows 7 Pro 64 bitLatest drivers via Windows update installed, also for the USB 3.0 dock. I searched all Google and did not find a similar problem description, far less a solution! Any hints from someone? Regards, Eckhard

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cant reverse scrolling on trackpad on this laptop, the option is not available under mouse and trackpad settings

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I have drivers for both synaptics and elantech touchpads. synaptics is supposed to support two finger scrolling on my computer but there is no option there to enable it. I have a Samsung laptop, my model number is Rv515-A04US, running windows 7. Under device manager elantech is not listed. I guess it didn't install? I have Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad. Any ideas?

A:Synaptics Trackpad no scrolling

I have a Samsung laptop, my model number is Rv515-A04USClick to expand...

Here is the support site for the Samsung NP-RV515-A04US laptop:


Select the "Downloads " tab and then select the "Drivers" section and then select the Windows operating system.

The list of device drivers for that laptop will appear.

The touchpad driver package (version contains files for both Elan and Synaptics touchpads.

It's my guess that activating the TouchpadSetup.exe file will detect the correct touchpad and install the correct driver.


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Hi Lenovo community! I have just purchased the Lenovo Yoga 2 and have been exploring all of it's features. I've found that the two finge scroll feature using the trackpad is either much too sensitive or all together too fast. Whenever I try scrolling down a page, it skips to the very bottom. I've looked under trackpad options and haven't found a way to adjust this problem. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!


Go to Solution.

A:Scrolling with trackpad is way too fast!

1. Right-click the touchpad icon in your system tray. (Synaptics)2. Choose 'Pointing device properties'
3. Go to the 'Wheel' tab
4. In the first section 'Vertical Scrolling' > 'Roll the wheel one notch to scroll: ' you select 'The following number of lines at the time:', and change its default value '3' to something lower for example '1' or '2'.

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I have a Yoga 900.  I use a Logitech wireless mouse that connects to my computer with USB receiver. I love the "natural scrolling" option that my trackpad uses (when I move my finger up, I want the screen to scroll down, like on a tablet).  However my USB mouse goes the opposite way.  It makes it really confusing having the 2 mouses scroll different directions.  I want to have them the same because I use each about half the time, so reversing the scrolling altogether won't work. How can I reverse the scrolling direction on my USB mouse while leaving the trackpad as-is? Thanks in advance!

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Just the other day, i believe yesterday the scrolling on my mouse trackpad did work. But today, whenever I try and use it it messes up.

First of all this is an HP pavilion.
When i press my finger again the track pad, it does nothing for like 5 seconds, then it scrolls. Like a delayed reaction. I have no clue what's wrong with it. Anyone help me?

A:Mouse Trackpad not scrolling correctly

It may be a loose connection. Did you recently update any Windows software or hardware? Go to HP's support website and download and reinstall the touch pad drivers

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When scrolling in Windows 10 using the trackpad of the XPS 15 9550, sometimes scrolling is extremely slow. (You can scroll, and physically sit back and wait for the scrolling to finish.)
I noticed this in windows which contain a treeview (e.g., the left pane of the Windows explorer, foobar2000 album view), and not (yet) in other windows (e.g., Chrome, or the right pane in the Windows explorer).
When plugging in an external mouse and using this to scroll, this does not occur, indicating a possible issue with the trackpad drivers or settings?
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Just bought  a Carbon X1 with windows 10. Everything works except for scrolling with one finger on trackpad as I always did on my E450. Called support and he installed new drivers but still no scrolling. Trackpad works for cursor movement and clicking. Called support back and fix is to return laptop for motherboard replacement. Seems extreme and last ime I sent in E450 for disk drive and motherboard replacement laptop became erratic. Rather not have even a trained technician opening up a brand new $1500 laptop. I have two questions:1) Should single finger scrolling work on my Carbon X12) Is there a setting for scrolling. I recall on my E450 running windows 10 that I was able to specify where I wanted scrolling to be active on the trackpad (Left edge, right edge and even width of active path. 

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Hi, I own the Dell XPS 15 9560.
How can I speeds up the trackpad scrolling when web browsing?.

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Using two-finger scrolling on the trackpad of my laptop, the vertical scrolling is way too fast. In the diff-view and in the list of commits, the view scrolls by more than a page by moving my fingers only a millimetre (1/16 of an inch). Just rolling my fingertips moves the scrollbar by many pages.
When I use a mouse scrollwheel the scrolling speed is normal and even feels a little slow.
This software is from sourcetreeapp.com .
The people from sourcetree suggested it may be a driver issue, but all other software scrolls fine.  Does anyone else have this issue where one java-based program scrolls very quickly but all other programs work fine?


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I want to be able to use my trackpad (apple magic trackpad) and mouse at the same time but it appears that there is only one global setting for scrolling that effects both the mouse and the trackpad. Is there a way to set different settings to use _both_at_the_same_time? I haven't found any third party apps that do this - can I hack the registry?

I am running Win 7 ultimate x64

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


A:Different settings for scrolling on mouse and trackpad - same time


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Track Pad Fingers 2 fingers Scrolling issue after latest Win 10 Update.
Just after a Win 10 update for 'Asus Smart Gesture', the two finger scrolling is not working any more.

Event logs below:
Faulting application name: check_os.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54c88609
Faulting module name: check_os.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54c88609
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000108b
Faulting process ID: 0xde4
Faulting application start time: 0x01d10426346ae5df
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS Smart Gesture\check_os.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS Smart Gesture\check_os.exe
Report ID: b8f66c9d-5d72-4531-9ed6-b508433d087b
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Troubleshooting steps:
Restarted the system
Fresh Installed latest version Asus Smart Gesture, but no go. Still exact same issue as above.

I am expecting to be able to have the two fingers scrolling running as before. More so that it was working and now not since last update from Windows 10 for Smart Gesture Asus.
Not having the two fingers scrolling is really a PAIN.

Any help is of course much appreciated as I have run out of idea on how to solve the issue.


A:TrackPad Fingers Scrolling issue after latest Win 10 Update

Hi, you may find that you need to force Windows 10 to use your older driver.

This is discussed here, together with how to suppress a particular update. (Search the page for 'powershell').
Windows 10: Can't scroll with two fingers on touchpad. Asus smart gesture won't load! : windows

Hope it helps..

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Similar to other posts on this forum, I'm experiencing somewhat random two finger scrolling behavior when using the trackpad on my brand new X1 Yoga Gen3. Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.431]Synaptics Driver: The problems are:1. In Chrome, scrolling a page downward usually works (fingers moving up the touchpad).  Vertical upward scrolling (fingers moving down the touchpad) works maybe 50% of the time.2. Random jumps that I can't attribute to my palm hitting the touchpad. I've tried umpteen bios and driver updates, and changing power, touch, sensitivity settings to no avail.  I don't really believe it's a pure hardware issue, because when I go to certain web pages like Google maps, I can zoom in and out using two finger touch with a reasonably good success rate.  When it fails it's always when zooming in (two fingers moving down the touchpad), and instead the cursor just moves down the page (without the map zooming), so the second finger has is no longer recognised.It also seems to be related somehow to the complexity of the javascript the page is running.  This forum, for example often exhibits the problem worse than many other web pages.   So my guess is that the software stack is just slow getting the scrolling message to the browser code or fails to recognise two fingers moving down the touchpad.   Anybody have any other ideas?

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Aside from the below trackpad issues, coil whine and fan that likes to spin up even when doing basic tasks, I quite like the new Spectre x360. Issue 1: When using the entire trackpad as a click, the cursor will sometimes move just before I actually click down, which is something I never experienced on my MacBook Air's trackpad. This results in either missing what I originally wanted to click, or clicking on something entirely different. Issue 2: Two-finger scrolling doesn't work in the bottom 20% of the trackpad. I can use two fingers in that area, but scrolling won't actually start until I get towards the middle of the trackpad. So, until I hit that area, it'll just be single-finger pointing. Given the trackpad's wider than it is tall, this can become a problem. I tried messing around with the dated-looking Synaptics settings program, but couldn't get anything to help. Maybe it'll get better with time on its own? Otherwise, hopefully software updates will fix it...

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When scrolling with the index finger on my right hand I will regularly hover over and lightly touch the left button with my left index finger in anticipation of the link/button/text box etc that I am about to click on. I have always done this an never encoutered any issues on the numerous laptops I have owned and used in the past). When I do this on my newly axquired Lenovo Yoga 900 it causes the mouse pointer to lag momentarily. I have updated drivers (v19.0.17.57), I have turned off ALL Multi-Finger options (2-finger, 3-finger and 4-finger) and reduced Palm Tracking to the minimum. Is this behavior isolated to me, or are other experiencing the same behavior? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I just recently bought the lenovo 910 ultrabook from best buy and ive knowticed that that trackpad works when it wants to, ive tried updateing drivers through windows. but when i look on leneovo support i cannot find the specific drive for the track pad if anyone could help direct me to it

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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: setup.exe_Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
Application Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Application Timestamp: 5010a298
Fault Module Name: setup.exe
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Fault Module Timestamp: 5010a298
Exception Code: c0000096
Exception Offset: 000020f4
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

A:Windows installer has stopped working or setup.exe has stopped working


Lets start here:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply


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I have an HP dv5t pavillion notebook and after having my browsers open for a while they wnt connect to any websites. AIM still wrks so I know its not my internet. Everything that goes through browser stops connecting to the internet. Im thing its a software problem, maybe something I have installed on my comp is causing this. Its very annoying because the only way to fix it temporarily is to restart my comp.

A:Browsers stop working afte some time

hi try the suggestion here http://www.computing.net/answers/win...re/157060.html

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