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Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

Q: Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

I have tried everything to move or copy one drive to another, old drive is 4.3 gig and new drive is 20 gig, operating system is NT 4 SERVICE PACK 6 Small Business Server, I have used Ghost to clone the drive and it completes successfully but will not boot, drive says its active if I use fdisk to look at partition. I also tried Disk Copy to clone or copy drive...it does exactly the same as Ghost. I need more hard drive space with the same operating system , that is why I want to use the 20 gig drive. CMOS recognizes the right drive size as far as I can tell system just will not boot with 20 gig after cloning or copying . Is there anyone who can help....please!!! Tried a 40 gig drive and it also does the same. I need some help wih this,,,,the other thing that seems strange to me is that the pc will only recognize one drive , the master in a two drive configuration. The system never sees the second drive no matter what the jumper settings I use. I have tried setting partitions active and they already were.I have tried cable select and numerous other jumper settings. This isn't my first time around the block, I just have a poor or weak understanding of the older operating system NT 4. CAN ANYONE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS PROBLEM SOON?????

Preferred Solution: Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3500 with a 6G drive to be updated to a 20G. I have Norton Ghost and have made the requisite boot disks.

1. With a USB boot disk, Norton Ghost does not see the USB. So that won't work.

2. With a network boot disk and installing a packet driver for the Linksys Network PC Card. (A PCMCIA), Norton Ghost doesn't recognize that either.

Any suggestions to make a mirror of my laptop's HD on the Desktop PC?

A:Norton Ghost, Dell laptop, clone disk to another PC

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I purchased Norton Ghost 2002 several years ago and now I would like to know how to use it.
I want to clone my computer's hard drive with Windows 98SE into a brand new Western Digital 40GB disk, just in case my old hard drive goes bad.
1. Do I have to format the new hard drive(WD 40GB) before I start with the cloning procedure? Or does Ghost 2002 automatically partition and format the destination hard drive?
2. Upon starting the computer do I need to have the created boot diskette in the floppy drive, and do I need to have the Norton Ghost 2002 CD in the CD-ROM also, or do I install the Norton Ghost 2002 in the old hard drive or in the new hard drive?
3. I am thinking of making the WD 40GB hard drive as a Slave? Is it this the correct configuration?

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Norton Ghost 2002 How to clone a Disk to Disk

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Hi there
I always thought that CLONE Disk really did Clone disks - however this doesn't seem to be exactly the case.

I decided to upgrade a SAMSUNG 830 120 GB SSD to a Samsung 840 250 GB SSD in a laptop recently. The cloning process went fine -- I left the partitions EXACTLY as they were on the original drive (so I had around 120 GB of unallocated space on the target drive).

When I re-booted everything worked fine except SKY GO (that's an application where I can run SKY TV - satellite TV subscription channel - on the PC with Internet streams -- great for LIVE Sport etc when on the move).

Refused to work saying Computer Device is not registered.

Re-inserted the old SSD -- guess what SKY GO worked fine -- so SOMETHING has changed --not sure what but surely the copy should have resulted in the OS'es being identical - I hadn't changed any partition sizes etc.

Not sure why changing a disk would invalidate a very useful application -- of course SKY TV couldn't explain anything -- Who or what are ever employed in those dreadful off shored call centers -- just get some woman mouthing away in poor barely understandable English the same line over and over again --very sorry -- very sorry -- don't know -- try technical support. I reply - YOU ARE (F-----g) Technical support -- didn't actually insert the F word though --. Answer comes back again Very sorry - very sorry -. Who or What are these automatons who work in those places. !!!!!!

I finally resolved the problem myself -- alt... Read more

A:Clone Disk -- Does it REALLY Clone disks - I have doubts

Hi again

Finally sorted the wretched problem out properly --- it WAS Silverlight (Grhhhhhhhh)

I restored my old system again to the new SSD
Then UNINSTALLED Silverlight --as before

But there's a folder in Program data ==> Microsoft ==>playready which apparently is ZERO bytes. (Or perhaps just contains hidden inaccessible security info).

Removing this folder as well and then re-installing Silverlight -- the SKY GO application started find after a few messages of "Updating security for display of protected content" and things like that.

So my remark on the CLONE DISK still stands however it does seem that Silverlight remembers things from specific PHYSICAL DISKS when you move an OS from one disk to another.

I wasn't going to give up here -- a Clean Windows install also fixed the problem - but I didn't want to go through all the hassle of installing and upgrading all my applications again so I was determined to get to the cause of the problem.

Anyway the new SSD is great -- and I can also keep two VM's on it which I also run quite a lot - response on these is now magnificent.

Waiting until I can afford the latest 980 GB SSD's -- then apart from for archive and large data files like Music / films etc - it's BYE BYE Spinners.


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Hi I have a currently active post here

Basically my PC is at risk of stopping working at anytime and I wonder the following-

I bought my PC with windows MCE installed, yet I dont have the software, just recovery disks, however due to past problems my hardware setup has changed so the recovery disk are useless. Is there a way, or rather what is the best way of copying my operating system (or total drive contents) to either disks, or if necessary cloning it to another hard drive - and would this other drive (as I don't own it yet) have to be the same size as my current 200GB drives. This becomes slightly more complicated as I have 2 x 200GB drives but I'm sure the operating system is only on one of them.

Sorry if this is really simple I have never done, nor know about cloning. I just hope yor not going to tell me I'll have to fork out for the operating system...

A:copy(clone?) HDs/operating system to another disk

acronis true image is supposed to copy the whole drive over from the posts i have seen

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ok, my dad has a laptop with win xp on a 60gig drive. for work, he wants to add linux so that you can start learning to develop software for linux. so he got a 120gig hard drive, with the plane to split it in half, ghost the win xp over, and then install linux on the other half. so he puts the new drive in a usb enclosure, makes 2 partitions, and formats the 1st one ntfs. then he runs ghost and tells it to partition clone the internal drive to the 1st partition of the external. 12 hours later (it doesn't have usb 2) the clone is done. he swaps the drives, putting the new 120 into the laptop and boots. he gets the no os found error. so after some monkeying around we find the fix mbr option in ghost after booting with the ghost cd. it works, or so it seems. we get the loading xp screen (xp logo with black background and the nightrider like indicator). then it goes to the 2 tone blue screen with the small xp logo the then should morph into the login screen, but it stops there. never gets to the login. we have tried the recovery console, but there wasn't anything in it to fix login issues. so we let the installer repair the xp install, and it would let him login, but because it deletes and rolls back so much stuff in the "repair" that it basically hosed his xp install to uselessness for him as a software developer. we are thinking about a drive copy, but that would then give xp the full 120gig which he doesn't want (which we knows works as he has done it ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] ghost 2003 clone fails to boot 100%

Hi Sinc. Why don't you try XXClone instead?

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It always fails to Clone/copy my current hard that has bad sectors, to a new hard disk. My present HDD is a 320GB and its health is really bad. I bought a new 500 hard disk and tried to clone and copy the whole HDD. I tried Paragon HDD Manager, O&O disk image and other two Software. All of them failed to clone or copy my old hard disk to new one.

What is the best solution. Paragon, copied data partially and gave an error at 80%. I tried few times and the same thing happened

A:Always fails to Clone/copy old hard disk with bad sector

Maybe try running

chkdsk {drive letter} /f
as in
chkdsk D: /f

on the older drive it will identify and lock out the errant sectors. The "/F" means "Fix" so run it first without that and see what it returns as "Bad Sectors" then try the clone.

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I have over 600 GB on my HDD from games, media, and files. I bought a 250GB SSD to boot my OS off of and put some selected programs on. Even after deselecting all my media files, there is still too much on my HDD for the included Samsung clone client to proceed.
I just want to use my new SSD as a boot drive for the OS and for several programs while retaining all my other files on my existing HDD. What's the best way to go about this?

A:Want to make SSD boot disk, too much on HDD to clone

Sounds like your going to need to clean install your OS and program files only keep the most important on the SSD. Reinstall the other programs on the old hard drive and your data is already there. I would suggest you remove the hard drive and only have the SSD in while you install the OS and first time booting it up. Prevents UEIF from spreading boot manager across to the other disk. There are several Clean Install guides here for which ever OS you have a license for.

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I have a T43, 1871-WKL, with a 60G HD.  I purchased a 160G Samsung HM160HC as an upgrade.  I cannot get the system to clone and boot the new drive. I hook up the new Samsung drive with a Sabrent USB to IDE cable and the drive works fine.  I can use it for storage with no problem.  Doing a full format with verify works like a champ. First I tried Acronis TrueImage 10.0.  It tells me the target media has write errors about 4% into the clone. So I tried Clonezilla.  It works fine, either as the same size or expanding.  I and see the drive and copy stuff on and off the drive no problem.   However, when I insert the drive into the carrier for the internal drive and try to boot from it, it hangs with a blank screen and blinking cursor.  I was TOLD that it MAY be due to the fact I have no R&R on my drive.  So I download the R&R software and installed in on the original drive and cloned it.  Again, it won't boot.  I even tried booting the R&R rescue CD.  It will boot the CD with the ORIGINAL drive in the laptop, but the CD Boot hangs if I have the new drive in the laptop.   I tried it with the Acronis rescue disk as well, even though I didn't have an Acronis clone of the drive. I must have swapped out the drive over a dozen times, and I getting tired of wearing out the mounting screws.  Any ideas? Mike 

A:T43 still can't clone hard disk and boot

Mike, welcome to the forum,
you need to firstly create an Acronis rescue disc and then reverse clone. Install the new drive as primary in your T43 and your original drive in the USB caddy / USB -> IDE cable and then simply clone the drive.
Please see the following article in the forum Knowledgebase; Cloning Hard Drive Including The Predesktop Area With Acronis

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I am trying to clone an Embedded XP operating system from one 2gb compact flash to another. I have to make hundreds of these and cloning these would make life much easier. But not sure why it isn't working.

Using EaseUS I clone a working Compact flash to a second blank compact flash of the same size and it gives me a Disk boot failure when I try to load the new compact flash.

The mother board I am using in the embedded system is a PCM-9375F. Also I am using a win7 PC to clone with.

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I am trying to clone an Embedded XP operating system from one 2gb compact flash to another. I have to make hundreds of these and cloning these would make life much easier. But not sure why it isn't working.

Using EaseUS I clone a working Compact flash to a second blank compact flash of the same size and it gives me a Disk boot failure when I try to load the new compact flash.

The mother board I am using in the embedded system is a PCM-9375F. Also I am using a win7 PC to clone with.

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I'm trying to clone my hdd to make a live, bootable backup in case of sudden disk failure.

The actual cloning works fine, but when I try and boot off the cloned disk I get a BSOD soon after boot-up, saying that windows had shut down my pc to prevent damage and complaining about WDFLDR.SYS.

I'm running XP Pro SP3 on a Lenovo X60 laptop, my hdd is a Kingston ssd and the target disk is a newer Kingston ssd. I've also tried it on a normal hdd which has previously worked 100% as a bootable disk and I get the same problem. I've run Avira full disk scan and also chkdsk (automatic fix - but it didn't find any errors).

And, I'm using Casper to make the clone. I've also tried Acronis but with that I didn't even get a bootable disk.

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?

I've used Acronis successfully before when upgrading from a magnetic disc to my current ssd so I was thinking it would go really smoothly but it's being a right royal pain in the *bleep*!!!

Hope someone can help.

Oh, and by the way I don't even get a minidump file (even when I hit F8 and choose safe mode or debugging mode). If anyone can tell me how to get one I'll happily re-run it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:XP disk clone problem - BSOD on boot

Did you run the appropriate hard drive diagnostic...before attempting to clone...to verify that the hard drive used for clone was functional?

After that...I'd try the clone process again, possibly with a different product.

The fact that Acronis failed...points to the hard drive, IMO.


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I had a perfectly working 250GB SATA HDD that I tried to clone to a 1 TB SATA HDD. I used EASEUS's free disk copy software. The clone said it would take about an hour and 20 minutes, and I read that it would be quicker, as all the free space would not need to clone over sector by sector. I aborted so that I could use different software that would quick clone. Anyway, afterwards, neither HDD would boot.

The source drive should boot, as all it was the one being cloned and not written to. The cloned drive had the data on it, but it was just corrupted because the clone never finished. I tried to get into recovery console from the Windows 7 CD, and it kept saying it was the wrong version. Basically the program screwed up both my hard drives.

Finally, I was able to get into a UEFI recovery console that allowed me to see that the cloning program somehow changed my partitions into GPT. The source hard drive is all intact, and I'm pretty sure the only thing that is screwed up is the partition types and perhaps the boot record. Is there a way I can edit the partitions to make them back to normal and bootable again?

The only thing I was able to do so far was delete the partitions on the cloned drive (as it made them GPT as well), and install windows 7 on to that. So now I can boot into Win 7 from the cloned drive, but it has no drivers and programs. Ideally I'd just like to make my source drive which should have remianed unchanged bootable again and start the proces... Read more

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I'm using win98se. Trying to clone a 6.4 gig onto a 40gig. Been having a lot of trouble with the 6.4 gig accessing all the time. Figured it might be that the disk is getting full (only about 1.2g left)...and that might be causing the problems.

When I run Ghost...it tells me that I should discontinue the process because the ghost drivers aren't loaded. Well....you have to boot from a floppy to run Ghost...so how do you get the drivers to the floppy?

Ghost gives you the option to go ahead and do the clone anyway, w/o the ghost drivers. When I do...I get a "bad sector" error. However...all disk utilities tell me there are no bad sectors on the drive. Any ideas as to how I can get this clone thing working?

A:Clone HD with Ghost on it

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Hi ----Need some guidance. My master HD has 3 partitions c,d and e. The other HD has 2 partitions f and g. What I want to do is clone the master on to the other HD but don't know what problems the partitions will cause. Will all the data and the partitions be deleted from the second HD leaving me with a clone of the first? Any suggestions will be helpfull. Thanks Frank

A:Clone HD in Ghost

In addition to my original question------Should I just format that second HD and wipe out all data and partitions and then use Ghost to clone the drive? Opinions anyone?????

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I have been running Ghost the last couple of years to Back-up Hard drives, in dos mode, for ide drives. The new Laptops come with Sata drives. I have purchased a PCI SATA card so I can clone an 80 Sata Gig Hd to a 160 SATA Gig HD. Using XXCLONE I guess I can run this while XP is running. My 1st Question is how do I format The drive and Partition it. My second question is I have not used XXclone as of yet, but I take it I can either clone the whole drive, or copy Partition to Partition ??????? My 3rd Guestion is if I try using Ghost in does mode, will I be able to see the 2 SATA drives connected to the PCI card ?????? With ghost I can either copy the whole drive, or copy partition to partition. When the PC boots to DOS mode will it see only the IDE drives connected to the Mother board ???????

A:Need Help With Ghost Or Xx Clone

Hi Mannys427 and welcome to TSF !

I think your SATA drives should be recognised in DOS mode but I would advise you to use XXclone or DriveImage as they don't require you to boot in DOS mode and work both very well.

Before you partition a drive it's advised that you wipe it if it has ever been used as a system drive previously. That way you won't run into problems if your computer detects an old boot sector on it. Use dban for that purpose.

Easiest way to partition a drive is to use disk management : right-click my computer => manage => disk management. Be warned that some users have reported problems with drives being partitioned that way with XP Home. You may want to use fdisk or an XP install CD to partition your drive if all you have is XP Home. Note that the XP install CD may not see more than the first 137GB of a bigger drive. More informations here :

Remember that when you partition a drive all the informations that are on the drive will be lost. There are programs like Parition Magic or Partition Logic that theoretically allow you to resize a partition without losing the data that's on it but they are not 100% reliable and many users have lost their data using them.

If you only need to create a backup of your drive, DriveImage is the method to use. It will create a backup of a whole partition in 2 single files. You can then use a Bart PE CD to restore the image on a non booting drive. Here's a ... Read more

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Okay, I am using NSW2003 professional and it has been fully updated from the web. My scsi hard drive is making clicking noises and it is about to die. I used NSW 2003 to clone a disk to another disk and I interchanged them and they worked fine. They were both IDE.

Now I have my scsi which is on the brink and I just bought an IDE drive. I cloned the scsi to the ide and it won't boot. It tells me to insert a system disk.

These are the steps I performed.
1) cloned the scsi to the ide
2) integrity check on the ide
3) shut down
4) removed the scsi
5) moved the jumper on the M/B to disable sata
6) booted up and changed the BIOS from scsi to hdd-0
7) I get the 'insert a system disk' error

What am i overlooking? Please help.

A:ghost clone from scsi to ide

Being a Win98 guy, I don't know the specifics of how to do it in XP, but have you made sure the primary partition where you created the clone on HDD-0 is active. Win98, I'd just open fdisk and see.

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I have an IDE HD and a SATA HD. I want to clone the C: volume
of the IDE HD to take over all of the new SATA HD and make that my C volume.

This is Win XP Pro.

When I select CLONE from windows at the Ghost interface and choose the
source/destination parameters it reboots the PC into DOS mode and when I get
to the GRAY GHOST dos screen nothing happens. It just sits there. I get an hour glass.

When starting the process it originally told me that my USB mouse driver and Firewire needed some attention. I ended up removing my usb mouse and sticking in a ps/2. Doing this helped me get from a frozen dos screen to a frozen dos screen with the hour glass.

When I say frozen dos screen I mean the gray nortons screen in dos.

Has anyone ever come across this?

A:Using Ghost 2003 to clone XP Pro

If I remember correctly, Ghost 2003 needs an update to be able to handle SATA drives.

Check >this< page.

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Hi guys,
I'm having some issues here, after cloning SSD-a to another larger SSD-b (extending the partition table to take advantage of the extra space), I go to add it to boot list in BCDEDIT (even though the ssd-b is set to 1st boot in bios windows doesnt seem to care) and a new entry is created and confirmed (with drive letter of new partition given) it takes several reboots and re-checks in bcdedit before it finally appears in windows boot menu, is chosen, and then, boots from SSD-A ANYWAYS...
Then, I figure ok, well maybe thats just a fault of some sort, go back into BCDEdit feeling satsified that both of my drives are adequately cloned and still in good health, and delete ssd-a from BCDEdit with the /f and /cleanup switches (completes successfully) and its STILL showing up in the boot list, and if ssd-b is chosen, ssd-a is still booted and is the primary partition
(cannot format the drive in windows as its "the partition windows is running from" which makes no sense as SSD-b was chosen)
Can anyone shed any light on this? because this is really stupifying.
Edited to add: just opened up the recovery envrionment and its only showing the ssd-b in the boot list, so BCDEdit did in fact remove the entry but its STILL showing in the boot list... upon further investigation into BCDedit once more ssd-a re-appeared as {bootmgr} shedding its original 30+ key unique id {xxxx-xxxx-xxx.....} was deleted and restarted, reappea... Read more

A:BCDEdit issues for dual boot (clone upgrade then removal of original disk)

Well...just about any software that I've used to clone a drive onto/from...including SSDs...probably makes the clone in DOS mode when both drives are inactive...and, as part of the cloning process, suggest shutting the system downl after the process.  This is so that the two individual drives can be checked out for proper booting individually.
If that works...then it's a simple matter to dual-boot them, using EasyBCD, if a dual-boot is what you want.
If it doesn't work that each can boot individually...that problem should be addressed when encountered before proceeding to attempt the dual-boot.
I've never even thought once of using BCDEdit to do anything since I've never seen anything that noted it as "user-friendly".  I need "user-friendly" to do anything on a PC .
I've cloned SSD to SSD with no problems, using Macrium Reflect and Easeus Partition Master software.

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While running a clone on Ghost 2003, the program keeps aborting on file 4380 Unnamed MFT table file. Is there a fix?

Windows XP fully updated. 60gb hard drive only 16gb being used. Ghost had been running up to 7 days earlier.

A:Ghost Clone Aborting on MFT file

Depends on what you mean by "running a clone on Ghost 2003."

Do you mean, recovering a cloned Ghost image to a hard drive?

You have to do this via a bootable CD. The original Ghost Install CD is also a boot CD to the recovery version of Ghost.

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I have been using Norton SystemWorks Professional since it first came out on the market. Initially I used it as a virus scan but now I want to use the ghost part of it so I can have a backup of all my important data. Essentially I want to restore everything back to its original state in case of an emergency or virus.
I am using a 160 GB drive as my C drive and a removable 80 GB drive as my D drive. I want to backup up my 160 gb on my 80 gb drive. (I only use 40 gb of the 160 gb hard drive so the 80 will work). Should I clone C or use a ghost image of C. And what is the benefit of either?


A:Norton ghost -- image or clone??

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Hi all
I have a major problem i hope you guys can help me out here..
i ve tried to clone my c drive to a new d drive using norton ghost 2003...i have used this sofware before and its gone fine,but this time it locked up as it went into pc dos at the start of the clone process.......now i cant access my c drive at all,or even try to use the windows xp disc for a repair..im lost for ideas tbh...any help apreciated..if you need anymore info pls ask
thanks in advance

A:norton ghost clone gone wrong :(

What happens when you try to boot with the XP CD? Is the CD drive first in the BIOS boot order?

If you can enter the recovery console you might try running


I've moved your thread to the hardware forum where you might get more help from those with experience in cloning gone awry.

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I have 2 80g hard drives in a RAID array operating as one 160g hd. I have an IOMEGA 160g external hd.

I just discovered that Norton Ghost ( came with the Iomega ) does not support ghosting raid arrays.

So, is my best option to do a disk copy from Ghost in DOS? My goal is to be able to have a complete restore after a fatal crash. I am not concerned about the amount of space used since my backup drive is the same size as my hard drive and I don't intend to use it for any other purpose.

What problems would I encounter if my hard drive(s) crashed and I wanted to restore from the disk copy?

What is the advantage of an image file other than being smaller than cloning?

Any advice would be apprecieated!

A:Ghost, clone and RAID Array

A Image is no better or worse than a Clone. The only advantage of a clone that I see is that you can mount the clone disk and actually access all of the files on it. With the Image you need to use a Ghost utility to access an individual file. The only down side is that creating an image file is a little slower than a clone. This is caused because of compression.


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I used Norton Ghost 12 to clone my primary HD with WinXP Pro SP2 on it. When I try to boot from the clone, it gets all the way to where it's just about to show the users that you can choose to log on with and freezes. I have tried to clone this drive twice with no luck.
If it matters I'm copying from an IDE master to an SATA.

A:Norton Ghost 12 and WinXP HD clone

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I had been cloning my C Dr to an identical internal backup drive using Norton Ghost's Clone routine. When the C Dr failed, I wasn't sure of the cause and was afraid virus infection(s) might have been cloned to the backup. Therefore, I replaced the C Dr with a new hard drive and installed a new, full version of Win XP Pro and then my other programs. In order to recover the data, I placed the backup drive into a USB mobile storage box (because I didn't want to have to deal with jumpers, etc.). When I opened the drive from My Computer, I found that all the files on the old C Dr were present except the "My Documents" folder. Naturally, this is where 80% of my files are stored. Could a cloning routine not get everything on the old C Dr.? More importantly, how do I find the My Documents folder on the dackup drive? Symantec no longer supports Ghost 2003 and says there is no help available. I was unable to find an explanation in their Knowledge Base. I'm hoping that only my status as a "not so great" tech/research person is the root of my problem, but you can probably imagine my feeling of desperation. Please help.

A:Norton Ghost Clone Problem

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Hi all,
I have ran into a intersting problem. I have two drives the first is my main drive the second is the backup drive. They are set up with the same partition structure. But the last partition I can't seem to clone from drive A to drive B. Same size partition and type but for some odd reason ghost just dims that partition making it unselectable when I try to clone from one to the other. Now I can clear the partition and do a direct copy with Disk Director but I can't copy with Ghost. I can copy other partitions without any problems. Just not the same partition on A to drive B. I am using a built DOS boot disk rather than booting from windows.

Any ideas? Ghost works fine other than this. :/

Oh one other note, the partition I am trying to clone is a installtion of win2k. All of the partitions use FAT32 file system as well.


A:Ghost 2003 can't clone to one paritition

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I'm running XP. i had 2 drives; one master; one slave. Everything was working just fine.

Then, using Ghost 2003 I tried to clone my master drive to my slave drive. I got the message: "Invalid destination drive. Error 11030." That is, I have gathered, a number from Microsoft having to do with system stuff. It's description: "An invalid shaping rate object was found in the QOS provider-specific buffer." (That's way beyond me, btw.)

Now, a few details more. I tried to clone when everything was working just fine. Got above failure message. I quick formatted the destination drive and tried again. Same message. Both drives are 40 GB with ample unused space. I also checked for defective sectors; none were found.

I contacted a chat room Symantec tech. He suggested deleting the (1 big) partition of the destination drive. i got the same message. Contacted another chat room tech. He suggested re-partitioning the destination drive so the partition would be identical to the source drive. i asked him why, since the destination had originally been partitioned like the source drive when i first tried--but he didn't answer the question. Just sent me to a Symantec page on how to clone with Ghost 2003.

I hope someone has some ideas. I hope someone can offer an opnion on whether the error message refers to my destination drive itself or to Windows XP. Or suggest a site or person who might have an answer.

I think of spending $50 on a new (destination) ... Read more

A:Failure to clone my hD using Ghost 2003

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I want to clone the internal 10gig drive on my HP Pavilion notebook to an external USB Iomega 40gig Hard Drive.

I have read that I can use Norton Ghost to do this, but can I clone the eentire drive (OS and all?) onto a partition on the external using Ghost?

Since the new drive is much larger, I'd like to clone the existing system in toto to a partition which will go untouched, then add data backups, downloads, etc. to other partitions on the Iomega HDD 40GB.

When I look at Norton's online documentation, it doesn't indicate whether this can be done.

I've also read that Ghost can be a bit daunting for the everyday user. I'm not a computer idiot, but also not a superwhiz. Are there other, more user-friendly programs that can do this? I have looked at Nova Backup site but understand that I need to use a program outside of Windows if I want a truly complete clone.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

A:Clone Laptop Internal to External HD with Ghost

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I have had a system crash which has reset a file length (ie Win2000 now thinks it is a small file, but previously it was >1G!).

I used Norton Ghost to take a complete 'clone' of the whole logical disk, but reading their help doesnt completely reassure me that a clone is a "mirror" image - ie a copy sector by sector, not just the allocatted clusters.

Can anyone help me?
or are there any other products that DO take a mirror copy?

Thanks ... barry

A:Does Norton Ghost clone unallocated clusters?

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I decided that I had too much junk in my HD and registry so I di a complete new install of WindowsXP Home. As I was doing this and then installing all of my software I had not realized that my flash drive was plugged in and WinXP then named my HD drive F: So everything is now on drive F: and working well (I think).
In the new install, XP created my HD NTFS. Now, I used ghost to clone my HD. XP called the backup drive C: Backup finished fine, BUT, when I switch drives and put the backup in only, the computer will not boot up. I get to the blue Welcome screen and that is where is sits. I tried the ghost GhReboot.exe program, but no help. Please tell me how to make my backup drive bootable.

A:Norton Ghost clone drive not bootable

Please don't post in muliple forums, one will do. Continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/t377457.html, I'm closing this thread.

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HI, a few days ago for the first time, I decided to make a clone of my C drive ( XP-SP3 ) onto my external hd. It was done with Norton Ghost. All went well it seems. Now, by an unpleasant coincidence, I have to install the clone, and I am at the step of not knowing how to do this. Do I delete the original C drive on my desktop and then install the clone in its place? In that way, would the clone be boot able? The original HD has only 10 GB's of free space, so I cannot add the clone to it. The external drive clone needs at least 28 GB. Would it be feasible to exchange drives, if so, again would that be boot able as a primary? BTW, I am assuming that the clone copied all those blue updates that shows up in Windows, or would I have to clone all those updates again? BTW, the hard drives involved are ide. Thanks

A:Solved: Ghost clone ready to install

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I have a 300 gig SATA drive on my computer. Stats in my profile.

I bought a 500 gig SATA drive to replace it with.

When I get done, I want the repair/recovery part and the C:\ part to be on the new drive.

I have an external hdd SATA USB holder to hooking it up to start the process isn't a problem.

But I'm not sure of the exact method as the times I've cloned a drive in the past, no recovery partition was there, and the drives were the same size.

I look through the tutorials and didn't see one that fit. I searched for 'clone hard drive' and 'clone boot drive'.

Thanks for your help.

A:clone/copy boot drive to larger replacement drive ?

This free software has a drive cloning component. I've not used it myself. (I am using it for image backup.)

Free Hard Disk Copy/Clone Software for PC & Server Hard Drive. Disk clone, disk backup, disk image and partition copy freeware.

As far as the recovery partition, if you still have the option, I would make the recovery DVD set. I don't know if these are hard wired to expect to be on certain disk sectors. Maybe someone who has Acer can chime in. But according to Easus user manual, the disk clone will copy the entire drive as long as the new one is of equal or larger capacity.

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HI------For the purpose of backing up my hard drive to a second internal drive what is the better option when using Ghost, Clone or Copy? Why?

A:Clone or Copy

The command is

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I've been web-researching backup options in the past few days and want to settle on a solution of either Paragon freeware or Ghost (I know the latter meets the needs, but I wonder if the former can do with with reasonable ease for a newbie). Here is the scenario:

My current Toshiba Satellite A660 (model PSAW3C-047017) runs Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The HDD is Toshiba MK6465GSX HDD (Toshiba SDD - Product Detail). I bought a smaller (500GB) Seagate Momentus XT, which apparently has Advanced Format. I am assuming that the Toshiba HDD has 512 bytes/sector because nothing comes up in a web search for Advanced Format for that HDD.

I would like to use the Momentus XT to create a bootable clone of my Toshiba HDD. The Momentus XT will be in a enclosure that interfaces to the laptop via eSATA. After cloning to the Momentus XT, I would like to replace my Toshiba HDD in the laptop with the Momentus XT because of its higher performance. The Toshiba HDD will then become my auxiliary HDD (in the external enclosure) for weekly cloning. If anything ever happens to the Momentus XT in the laptop, I can then take the Toshiba HDD out of the enclosure and drop it into the laptop. However, this manner of usage means that I have to be able to initially clone from Toshiba HDD to Momentus XL, then clone in the opposite direction thereafter.

I've read plenty about alignment issues that need to be tended to, but not having imaged, cloned, or formatted a hard disk before (aside from blin... Read more

A:Paragon/Ghost: Bootable clone between HDDs, different size & sector sz

By the way, is there a standard way to test disk performance? It'd be nice to know whether I avoided all the pitfalls.

I'm going to boot from the Momentus XT while it is still in the external closure, connected to the laptop by eSATA. If it works, it means I am free to so all the diagnostics/formatting on the resident HDD that I have to (that's what sparked my interest in cloning -- Tech Support said that the best diagnostics that can be done for boot failures was to format the HDD). I don't want to stick the Momentus XT into the laptop right away because if the resident HDD is bad, it can be replaced under warranty (which I don't want to void by replacing the HDD).

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Hi, i have a 'small build' computer, preinstalled with legal (updates load ok) XP Pro OEM on it but no disc? - everything is Good!

However i would like to clone/copy XP on to a disc incase i have operating problems or wish to re-install it in the future! Can anyone tell me how to copy/clone to disc please. thanks. Phil

A:how do i copy/clone oem xp pro to disc?

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Hi guys ...i have a problem while cloning windows7 in Dell machines with CloneZilla which is an open source tool...well the thing is i have taken an image from E6510 Latitude laptop...and when iam trying to clone the image on the other E6510 laptop..its showing some blue screen...

Iam sucessfully cloned with Xp ..but iam facing issues with windows7..so guys kindly help me out in this regard

if u have any other solution in this regard kindly share with me with the tutorial..iam very much in need of this..kindly do the needful

A:How to Clone Windows 7 with Clone Zilla

AFAIK Clonezilla has some issues with Dell hidden partitions. Try imaging the full disk (which will include the hidden service partitions) to an external unit, then restore the image into the new disk?

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Hope this is the right forum.

Just need a little advise. I've attempted in past to use system restore with absolutely no luck so I've come up with a brilliant idea. "Why don't I backup my system or clone it", however, I've never done so and so have no idea how to go about it or which is best. Is there a decent program out there that will allow me to back up or clone my system on either my external drive (1Tb) or a thumb drive (16 Gb). I have no idea how big of a file will be created so I have no idea if a thumb drive would be big enough. My external is actually a WD in an external case which could be installed in my computer case if need be.I need to do 2 drives. A 250 G and an 80 gig

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

I know some people use Acronis True Image, I believer there are other programs available too, that will do this for you.

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How can I create a 100 copy of a file via "copy" command?

Thank you.

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but I have an ASUS X551MAV laptop running Windows 10 x64.
New Hard Drive -
Seagate 500GB BarraCuda 5400 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" 7mm Laptop Internal Hard Drive ST500LM030

Prior to this my last laptop default generic hard drive died.
I simply want to be able to clone the drive or copy, backup, whatever I need to do so that in the future if this hard drive dies, I won't lose my OS and everything on the drive and can simply restore on a new hard drive.
Went thru a hassle with the last hard drive because I didn't have a back up for it. Originally bought the laptop from Wal-Mart and it came pre-installed with Windows 8.1, so of course all it had is the OEM product key for Windows embedded in a chip on the motherboard and you can't re-install that on a new hard drive unless you have the original factory recovery media which costs like $50. Luckily, I was able to simply download and install Windows 10 and it automatically pulled the product key from BIOS for me. So now I'm running Windows 10.

But back to the point..Can I back it up to a CD or DVD, disc, or what are my options?

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Hi There
First off I guess I should say that I am not very experienced with computers, hardware, software & terminology etc..so I'll thank you in advance for your patience.
I recently cloned my hard drive to a new bigger drive using Macrium Reflect & following the instructions given in this article - How to Upgrade Your Existing Hard Drive in Under an Hour. I don't think I followed the instructions to a tee as I didn't get the same result as they did in the article.
ie: I was not presented with the option to Maximize the size of the new hard drive in order to take advantage of the new disk size & I still haven't figured out how to do that.
When the cloning was complete I unplugged the old had drive and booted up the new hard drive but ran into some problem & needed to use the Recovery media to fix the booting process. Which it did but I was then immediately given the This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine message.
I noticed that my hard drive now had the System Reserved partition as a separate drive (f) from the C drive. Whereas before it had not had a drive letter associated with it. So I removed the drive letter via Disk Management.
I tried to just go back to my old hard drive but there was a problem with that booting up now & I used the Recovery Media to repair it & when it booted up it also now gave me the This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine (TCOWING). I also recall seeing (I don't remember exactly where now, when looking at the drives liste... Read more

A:'This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine' error after hd clone

Welcome to our forum YRobdogg

You will need to install a proper Windows 7 using the proper COA key to activate properly.

From your log.

Windows Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00400 Windows Product ID Type: 2 Windows License Type: OEM SLP

You have a OEM/SLP key from a Dell computer on a computer with a MSI retail motherboard.
This makes this Windows 7 installation a counterfeit on this computer.

I really don't know what a [TCOWING] is.

You will also need a proper install and activation of Office.
From your log.

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - 103 Blocked VLK

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I'm using Windows 2000 Pro.
I have a 120 GB Maxtor. It has all my stuff on it. I recently had a corruption in Windows 2000 and had to reload everything, 5 evenings of work. I did have my data backed up.
I just bought a Maxtor 200GB. I partitioned it as a 60 GB and a 140 GB. So far everything is OK.
I then used the MAXBlast 3 to copy C: to D:. It gave me one error and said it could not copy the pagefile.sys but it is not an important file. My idea is to have a full clone standing by just in case my C; goes down.
For a test, I unplugged the C;(120GB) and connected the new 200GB. The computer started to load windows but then gave me a blank screen and a message that the pagefile.sys was missing or too small. Windows would not load.
Am I trying to do something stupid here? Should I be doing this differently? I did go into the administration tools and specify a pagefile for the D; and G: drives that I created. I have a DVD and CD RW on E: and F:

A:Hard Drive Clone Copy Problems

hey i have similar problem with my drive, i bought new maxtor 120gb use their software to format and create new boot drive and get read mem error when trying to install or update programs, old drive is flawless and was going to keep it incase something went wrong with main also, but i can't keep programs on new drive, i install it, it gives read mem error, restarts, and truncates whatever was added. i was wondering if it had something to do with maxblast 3 software. (xp pro sp2)

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Looking for programs/software will clone or copy my system drive for immediate recovery on separate hard drive?

Hello. I have a question. What is the best software or even the best means for me to make a real time copy or clone of my system hard drive on a separate physical disk to record up-to-the-minute system changes in the event one that my hard drives fail I would then boot into the other system drive on the good physical hard drive and without much effort be back up and running? NOTE: All my installed programs, folder files, files, settings, and configurations would be identical to the hard drive that has the separate system partition that just failed? No loss of work or data. I know I ?may? lose the work if not saved at that 'precise moment' the failure occurred, but any work that was saved seconds before the failure would still be on the copy or cloned separate system separate drive or separate system separate drive?s partition.

Paid or free program/software is no issue. I have Windows 7 Professional.

Any ideas as to programs/software you can suggest or a means I am not aware of?

Please reply.

Thank you!

A:Looking for programs/software will clone or copy my system drive...?

Here is one
Acronis True Image

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what is the best cloning software thanks for help

A:i cannot clone the disk

There are some free options, but they're not the best. Acronis is very good and so is Norton Ghost

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Hello. I have a question. What is the best software or even the best means for me to make a real time copy or clone of my system hard drive on a separate physical disk to record up-to-the-minute system changes in the event one that my hard drives fail I would then boot into the other system drive on the good physical hard drive and without much effort be back up and running? NOTE: All my installed programs, folder files, files, settings, and configurations would be identical to the hard drive that has the separate system partition that just failed? No loss of work or data. I know I ‘may’ lose the work if not saved at that 'precise moment' the failure occurred, but any work that was saved seconds before the failure would still be on the copy or cloned separate system separate drive or separate system separate drive’s partition.

Paid or free program/software is no issue. I have Windows 7 Professional.

Any ideas as to programs/software you can suggest or a means I am not aware of?

Please reply.

Thank you!

A:Looking for programs/software will clone or copy my system drive for immed. recovery?

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Does anyone know of a software that can clone a partition/drive with the Windows system folder, but only what you choose?

In other words, I want to copy my current install of 7 to another drive so I can add it as another boot choice, but my original has all other stuff that I don't want to include like media files, while doing so.

I only used an old version of Ghost before to copy a system drive like that and it did not have the option to choose the folders. Only full drive.

So any recommendations?

A:Clone disk, arbitrarily

Hi there
Try Acronis True Image. So long as the TARGET disk is large enough it doesn't have to be the same type of disk etc.

However to do what you really want you should have ALREADY arranged to have ONLY the OS on a partition and all your DATA etc on other drives / partitions.

Acronis also has a "Universal restore" which means you can even restore your Windows system to different hardware -- you'll need to indicate which drivers it should load however.


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My windows 7 HD was warning of failure so I decided to clone and replace it. During the clone process there was a Properties window in the way that would not close so I hit Cntl-Alt-Del and got rid of it. Mistake! This terminated the clone process and as a result neither disk would boot. Why the clone program changed the boot disk, I don't know. The original disk was just under a TB and the new disk is 2TB. After trying everything I could think of to get either disk to boot, I decided to just install windows on the 2nd disk and try to copy the files I want off the original disk. It was late at night and I mistakenly reinstalled windows on the original disk.

I am trying to get the cloned files off the 2nd disk. I ran a disk recovery program that made 300 or so folders of recovered data that I stored on to a 3rd disk. The files I really want to recover are extension ini files, of which there are many. My question is, "How can I search the disk of ~300 folders for the files". Using the regular Windows Explorer search, only finds file names. Using "Content:xxxx only searches text files. The files I want are text files, but have a dot-ini extension. Is there any other way to search these 100's of GB of files?

A:Disk Clone Mess

Did you try doing a Windows Search for *.ini which should give you all files with the .ini extension.

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