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When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?

Q: When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?

Hi guys, as title states. I am trying to figure out, where if anyplace, does a movie that you stream from an online free movie place get stored on your computer? I have searched all over and I can not figure out where 30 gigs of hdd space that has been eating up after watching movies...??? I want to delete that crap off my hd.

I am running Vista x64 bit SP 2. Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!

Preferred Solution: When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?


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I'm watching a video on my computer that I opened up in Firefox earlier, that's not available online anymore. I guess its 'buffered' in my system. I assume this means its stored in my cache. How do I access this?

A:where is streaming video stored

bigdan said:

I'm watching a video on my computer that I opened up in Firefox earlier, that's not available online anymore. I guess its 'buffered' in my system. I assume this means its stored in my cache. How do I access this?Click to expand...

Do a search using - "Everything" http://www.voidtools.com/download.php

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my issue is this - i'd like to find a website where i can stream movies that are genuinely free. by that i mean no sign up, registration, or credit card info. i just want to go to a website stream (or download) the movie and watch it on my tv.
whenever you google "stream free movies" , you get hundreds of hits. several of the hits even say something to the effect " stream free movies, no registration, or signup" , but when you go to the site and try to stream it, they want you to register which includes giving your credit card info. they all say your credit card won't be billed unless you make a purchase or upgrade (yeah, right). i really wouldn't mind "signing up" if i could do it without the credit card - after all this is the internet (shark tank).
one last issue - with the credit card, after you enter your credit card billing info, the card is always declined. i used a mastercard that i use day in/day out, submitted the billing info - declined. i immediately called the credit card co. and bank. i was assured the card was in good standing ( and was also told that there were no recent inquiries made to verify the card. (hmm, they declined my card without attempting to verify it - what's going on ? ) 2 days later i used a different card and tried the same thing with a different company. again, card declined - what's going on. ( obviously, i double checked expr dates and other pertinent info before clicking "submit&q... Read more

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I see all these movie streaming apps in the Windows app store like Movie Tube. Are these legit? Streaming movies that just came out on video free seems like a trap to me. Are these malware? Illegal? Will I get a MPAA letter from my cable co?

A:Free movie streaming apps in the app store- Are they legal?

Just did a quick check on Google for Movie Tube. From what I found Movie Tube has been sued and they lost the case. I would stay away from them. MovieTube Sued by MPAA: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

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I am looking for a way if possible to have a web cammera at my work place or outside for nature stuff. I would like to link it to my web site, and stream it live, is that possible? or am I out of luck? For the most part I have mostly found ways to stream already recorded video on my web site...but streaming live, some what like yahoo messenger or msn does.

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Main problems: Programs take a while to start-up, windows takes a while to start-up, all icons on desktop take a while to appear when starting up (just generic icon for a while until computer actually starts responding), video and audio is choppy.Already went through the Malware attempts and disk scanning, defragging, and all that:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...p;#entry1586320Not sure if it's software or hardware related as I'm not sure what CPU temperatures I should be expecting and the computer has always run hot.The previous HD on this computer got borked and ended up getting a new one thats much bigger and faster (7200 vs 5400). So far from all the different hardware testing programs everything seems to be passing.Any ideas? It's been driving me crazy and sure is making it hard to get work done.Thanks!

A:slow comp, especially on start-up & jumpy streaming video

How much RAM installed?How much free space on C:? How large is C:?I find that..."slow" is a relative term and when applied to a system...much depends on what is installed and running.Don't know if you have looked at remarks by Quietman7 at Slow Computer-browser Check Here First; It May Not Be Malware - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/87058/slow-computerbrowser-check-here-first;-it-may-not-be-malware/.FWIW: From the time that I press the power button...until all icons are present and system is accessible...normally takes 2-3 minutes for me (which is probably a good average).Problems with video files...depends heavily on system capabilities and origin/locale of the video source (online or hard drive).Louis

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My computer is running Windows XP Pro with 1 GB of RAM. I have no problems going to internet sites but when it contains a video and I try to watch it, the video will start and then stop and start again so that I cannot watch a complete video. I am using Internet Explorer 7. One way around this is to wait for a long time until the video is completely downloaded. I used to be able to watch a streaming video. My computer is virus and spyware free so I do not believe this is the problem. Has anybody experienced this? Can somebody suggest a way to troubleshoot this problem?


A:Streaming Video on any internet site starts and stops

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ok 2 part problems.....
1) My computer will not load and play WMV files...itll play .rm, quicktime, youtube vids, but not wmv files. So if i go to www.break.com and one of the videos is a wmv it wont play...WHY!!!??

2) i have a Canon zr30mc digital video camcorder, and im trying to get the videon onto my computer. it is hooked up through the DV in/out, and opens with Nero Vision. everything it begins to record the video to the hard drive or to a CD, nero messed up and crashes...what can i do?

thanks everyone

A:2 Problems...playing Wmv Streaming Videos, Capturing Video From A Dv Camcorder To The Comp

I can't address the second one -- you might want to query Nero support -- and give an exact description of the "crash" -- if there is an error message you need to report it fully.On the first, right click on a downloaded .wmv file and select "properties".What media player is it currently associated to open with? Typically this would be Windows Media Player by default.But you can try others -- such as Real Player if you have it -- or download Videolan which plays just about anything:http://www.videolan.org/You can change the default player association through the file properties "change" dialog -- which I think works best if you have VistaBy the way I had a similar problem in Windows Vista trying to play .avi files online in Internet Explorer. Changing the association -- through the individual file properties -- back and forth resolved it.

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Can anyone suggest a reliable streaming download for watching live TV that's compatable with windows Vista, and would I need any special support software?
Thank You,

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Please help me.. you can save me alot of time..

i'm looking for FREE software that will allow me to edit,cut, join videos together... there must be free ones available, but i don't know where to find them... i don't need something overly technical either... i'm just trying to make my own video... The ones i've found already are ones that are trial, and don't offer the freedom i need unless I pay... I don't have any money..

So, my question is, can you please tell me if there is free software I can download that will allow me to edit and make my own videos?? And, if there is can you tell me where to find them?? Please, thank you...

A:Looking for free Video/Movie editor

Are you on windows XP?


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I have a Qosmio X770 with NVidia 3D playback. I am looking for the best free video player for playing 2D movie clips in 3D.

Toshiba Video Player works very well but I can only get it to play MP4-AVC format files. Is there a way to add codecs so that it will play other formats?

NVIDIA 3D Vision Player plays all formats but when in 3D mode there is no access to the controls. Volume can be changed with function keys and the video can be paused with keyboard combinations that must be remembered but you cannot fast forward/backwards or access the slider to change the video position.

Both are reasonable solutions but neither is perfect. Is there a better option out there? I tried StereoscopicPlayer but could not get it to work and it is limited to 5 minutes of play anyway.

A:Qosmio X770 - looking for best free video player to play 2D movie in 3D

Both are reasonable solutions but neither is perfect.

Freeware software as a perfect solution?
I don’t think that you will get such software just for free…

How about convert the 2D to 3D movies with 2D to 3D converters?
The KM Player supports also the 2D to 3D feature but does not support all formats… you must pay for full version to get the full support.
Of course PowerDVD also great but not for free.

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I joined putfile.com, works OK with still pictures.

Tried uploading a short video (mov file).

Seems to upload OK, but when I log out and
back on, it disappears.

Also, when on an internet forum, I've been
trying to get that video to show. I can copy
the url link onto the forum OK. When I then
click on the link, it does take me to putfile.com,
but it does NOT show the video, just a blank
spot on the page where I believe the video is
supposed to show. And it DOES list the title
of the video.

I tried this on both Netscape and on IE.

Don't feel like fighting with it anymore.

There certainly must be a site out there that
actually WORKS!? And preferably NOT only
with IE.


A:What's the best free video upload / sharing site?

Have you tried www.youtube.com ?

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How to force IE 11 to ask for saving credentials again for just one web site, after having accidentally sellect not to remember password for that particular site. Please, take into account that:

- I'm totally aware that storing credentials is not a good security practice, but in my particular case this is what I need to do.

- I know that reseting IE or similar approachs will do the job, but doing that I'll lost more tan 70 web sites credentials. I need a solution not involving loose all the web credentials stored.
- I also know that there is way to do the trick "lying" to IE using a modified but similar username, but this only works in some web sites, depending on the kind of login mechanism used. In my particulare case this trick also does not work.
- I also know that there was a registry hack for this particular problem, but this does not work with IE last versions.

Any help would be very apreciated.

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I stupidly agreed to IE9 storing a password for entering a third party forum site.
How can I remove this?
I have tried IE9 Tools/Options/General/Browsing history/delete/passwords with no success.
Clicking on "About delete browsing history" link on "Delete browsing history" window goes to "Windows Help and Support" window which says "Topic not found"on this version of Windows./
Can anyone help please?

A:Delete password stored by IE9 for third party forum site

I think that the article in this link will solve your problem.
In Internet Explorer, how do I remove stored information? - Knowledge Base
Paste if that does not work, download ccleaner, it will most assuredly remove the cookies that remember the password. It will, however, remove other cookies, that you may want, but can replace.

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i want to know how to play a video or display an image, within another video(like in the news channel where you have the newsreader on one side and some clippings or another video in a small display in the right)..
also, i wish to know how to add circles or arrows within a video (to bring the viewers attention to a particular point in the video)
currently i'm using avs and windows movie maker..
(if you know any other editor with which i can carry out the above actions easily, please mention)
i cant install pro cs5 since its system requirements are way too high..i'm running windows xp(32 bit)..duo core processor..1gb ram..
i need a free-ware(or atleast a trial) that could do the job..

A:Solved: Help in video editing(movie in movie effect)

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We have movie night every once in a while, but when we do, we need to run RCA cables out from the garage stereo (for the audio) to the laptop that's connected to the projector (the video part). The run is about 25-30 feet.

With this set up, I need to run an extension cord out from the same outlet that the stereo is plugged into, as to avoid the 60 cycle hum.

There is an outlet closer to where the laptop/projector is, but first, I get the hum since that outlet is on the main panel and the stereo is on the sub-panel. The second problem is that with wires, there is a chance of someone tripping in the dark.

Right now we run the wires in a channel where the grass meets the concrete, but again, we still need to spend the time running the wires. And they aren't pinned down, so someone can still trip on them.

And with the extension cord next to the RCAs, well, there is still a small amount of hum.

I bought a Bluetooth streaming device, but there was a weird delay. At first, the delay was minimal, maybe a few seconds. But even at that point, it was hard to watch a movie.

Then it got worse. So bad that the movie started over, well, just the sound did. And it was doing some really weird things. I closed out VLC and the sound kept going.

I thought that it may just be that one movie (it happened to be Back to the Future) so I tried others as well. Different formats too. WMV, AVI and MP4. They all did the same thing.

Also, I had to really turn the stereo up. Usually it&... Read more

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Hello everyone,
I have a streaming quicktime MP4 video file embedded on a page. Is there ANY way at all to create "more buffer" time in the beginning before it plays automatically??

On some computers, while it plays, it seems to stop and then continue a few seconds later. I want it to play as one continuous smooth movie.

Any ideas???

cant wait to hear your ideas.. its appreciated!!


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i have windows 7 and i got internet . internet is 256 Kbps
internet is fine but online movie, tv streaming are not coming to my machine...
why its not coming? please reply me

A:internet is fine but online movie, tv streaming are not

Your bandwidth is probably too low to stream movies, youtube etc.

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Does anybody else have a problem with viewing a Netflix movie through the computer on the TV? I have a cable with audio on both ends so nothing is wireless.

The movie starts loading and starts OK but 12 minutes into the movie, it stops and says "Your internet connection has slowed. We are adjusting the play rate to prevent further interruptions" Then the movie starts again and plays 12 minutes, then the same message pops up and takes about 5 to 7 minutes to reload. This continues throughout the whole movie. It is so irritating. It is just like having 10 minutes of regular network movie and 15 minutes of commercials.

I heard that it is a Netflix problem, that you used to be able to view the movie on the Media player where you could load the entire movie then watch it without interruption. Now that Microsoft Silverlight is required to play Netflix movies, they won't let the entire movie load, they only let segments at a time load. If this is true it sucks!

Then I heard that if you change the bit rate on the download, it will help to make it "flow" better. Didn't say what to change the bit rate to.

I hope someone can help with some suggestions on how I can watch a Netflix streaming movie without it stopping every 12 minutes.

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I have Darwin Streaming Server running, and am trying to figure out how to get movies to stream on it.

I have Quicktime Pro and understand I need to use this somehow to encode the movies correctly for streaming. How do I do this?

My main question is how do I get a .SDP file? Darwin streaming server wants one of these for the playlist along with the movie. Please help. Thank you!

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I set up streaming to my 360 and PS3, and for a while it worked and it seemed that when I added new videos to my directories, the systems synced directories with my win7 machine.

Now, it's not working.

My directories are on my secondary hard drive, so I set that up in the Videos folder. I removed the directories then added them again, but now my 360/ps3 is only picking up my TV videos from iTunes, not my movies folder.

If I just right-click and click Share for the entire secondary hard drive, can I play video?

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I'm looking for a company that specializes in hosting streaming videos on their servers. Any suggestions?

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I've been having problems with connecting to all of the stations provided by Virgin Radio's online streaming site on two of my computers. I've done plenty of troubleshooting on one of them and cannot determine the reason why I can't get the stream to work.

The specific one I would like to get working is this one. It works just fine on my desktop, but doesn't work on 2 of my laptops right now. The player loads up just fine and the ads with sound are audible. When the interface that shows the song and artist loads up, I just can't hear the music. I've tried re-installing Flash from the Adobe site, re-installing Java from Sun Micro's site, switching from IE8 to Firefox 3.5, uninstalling Firefox 3.5 and trying Firefox 3.0, accessing the stream from this site via WMP 11 stream, accessing the Toronto station, restoring my hosts file to default settings, uninstalling Spybot S&D and I have no idea what I can try next!

I have this EXACT same problem on two laptops, one of which has Vista Home and the other has XP Home which are both legal copies. Both of these copies were freshly re-installed from scratch as well just last week. Yet, my desktop with Windows 7 and latest version of everything listed does not have this problem at all.

I would appreciate any further suggestions in solving this issue as I'm very frustrated and completely stumped at the moment.

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The other day I was browsing a streaming site and an Avast message popped up saying it blocked an attempted infection. After this Windows Update wanted to restart my computer. This happened twice with seemingly no update taking place as there was no message being displayed during shut down and start up. A third time Windows Update wanted to restart my computer and again I obliged but when the computer was shutting down the Update text being displayed was unfamiliar. After I was able to use the computer again I checked the Windows Update history and everything seemed legit. It was displaying a number of failed and successful updates going back weeks but the times for the updates I suspected might be virus related appeared to be from Windows after all.
So my next step was to start scanning my computer. I did several full system scans with Avast, Malwarebytes, and Spybot S&D and nothing malicious showed up with any of them. I was still worried though because my internet was going very slow which was strange. I use my computer to play poker and sometimes for banking so I don't really want to take any chances so I decided to take it to a local computer shop to have it reformatted. My question is when I get the computer back should I do anything to make sure it's clean? I will never surf a website I don't trust again so hopefully the chances of being infected in the future are nil. As far as system specs go I run Windows 7 and use Avast as my antivirus.

A:Possible virus from streaming site - trying to be as safe as possible

Hi, since you use it for banking let's be certain it is clean. Repost this info with the log from here in a New topic.Please follow this Preparation Guide and post in a new topic.Let me know if all went well.

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whenever i connect to gogoanime my streaming speed breaks and vedio buffers alot bt at the same time if i connect to you tube my speed reaches upto 3-4 mbps.i tried ifferent devices my minote 4 my sister iphone 7 etc result was the same.i also used it on acer laptop. my primary reason to use net was this site only. also before this net i sometimes sreamed it on jio net and i got upto 700 to 900kbps i m confused now what should i do i live in india new delhi

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I was browsing and came across this...It says it's not P2P, and that it is legal, but it sounds a little too good. Anyone know anything about this, or maybe were I could find a better one? It's called Devildownload


Also, I was wondering about a legal site to download new pc games. Any info is appreciated.

A:Movie download site

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Ive used windows media player to access a favourite site for several years with no problems.
Two days ago when I tried to access the site I got...  'Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file'..
Earlier that morning several windows updates were installed..thinking that might be the prob I deleted them..wasn't the prob.
Checked all settings etc everything seemed ok.
Checked firewall.
Ran Malware bytes and Ccleaner.
Tried several   other players ..same result..no access.
I checked with others who use the site and no one else had a prob.
Did system restore..that didn't help.
Refreshed my computer and did all the updates..no luck.
So I am absolutely stumped and hope you can point e to some  setting or something that Ive overlooked  that might resolve the problem :D

A:media players not accessing streaming site

The only thing I didn't see mentioned was rebooting. I'm going to assume that you had to do several in order to do all that you have listed.
Is this the first time you have accessed the site using W8 as your operating system? Were the other users who mentioned 'no problem' also running W8? Have you checked the media site to see if there is an updated codex available for W8?

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Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm not sure quite where it should be.

My problem is I have a desktop and laptop both running Windows 7 and in a homegroup. For convenience, I store lots of video clips (5-10 minutes long mostly) on the laptop. I edit etc. on the laptop but like to play them on the desktop as it has a much larger screen. The desktop is new and the processor is a 2.95 gigahertz Intel Core i3 530 (Multi core (2 total) Hyper threaded (4 total). The display is Nvidia Ge Force GTS 250. I have plenty of disc space on both machines. From my understanding (which isn't that great on technical matters) this should be plenty to play video. If I play directly from the computer, for example a stored clip or one in iTunes on the desktop, it runs fine and the picture is excellent.

When I use homegroup on the desktop to link to a video clip on the laptop it starts playing fine. There will be no problems for a couple of minutes. I have tbbmeter running on both machines and this will show a steady stream out from the laptop and in on the desktop. Then suddenly it stops. tbbmeter shows no activity in or out but the progress bar on the application running the clip(e.g. media player) still progresses across the screen though the picture and sound are frozen. After a minute or two the picture will start running again but at about four times normal speed. When it starts the activity shown on tbbmeter starts again. The sound (which stoppedd at the same time) will be he... Read more

A:watching video stored on one PC on another via homegroup

Are you wireless on either or both machines?

I use homegroups a lot, since it was a feature I had been looking forward to for a very long time. My server/main rig and HTPC are hardwired and my netbook is wireless and Homegroups have been working fantastic for me.

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Is it possible to clip a quicktime movie from a web site and play it back in full screen? If so how?

A:Is it possible to clip a quicktime movie from a web site

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Wanted: Movie online site? I want a site where i can watch movies online legally, i know about netflix, althought they do not have much of selection. So if someone knows of a good site let me know. I dont care if there is a monthly fee.

A:Wanted: Movie online site?

are you in UK?

think sky does one with a movies subscription

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Sites like pirlo tv, and others send firseria, require the acceptance of very low security settings ...
Which ones would be safe?

A:safe web site to wacth streaming europa league?

You can always check any sites using various URL Link Scanners:Virustotal (Submit a URL)Dr.Webb Check URL ScanAVG Threat LabsNorton Safe WebTrend Micro Site Safety URL QueryOnline Link ScanWebsense CSI: ACE InsightWebsite Security Check - Unmask ParasitesAnubisWepawetURL QueryLongURL to de-obfuscate shortened URLSURL-Expander and DeshortenerVTzilla: Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension <- right-click on any link and scan the target with VirusTotal-- I recommend using several different vendors when performing queries to confirm the results of page content. Even doing this, you still need to be cautions of other links on the page itself which can redirect to a malicious page.

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since most of the games that i used to install ran too slowly, i tried using Gamebooster 2.2 for optimizing performance while gaming.

After the 1st try, when i switched back to normal mode (from gaming mode), all my video files are appearing in- what i think is- low resolution. The BR rips especially are appearing too thatched/pixelated and also a little burnt. I have attached a few images to help visualize what's happening.

I tried restarting the system, changing the monitor settings and reinstalling the graphic drivers. Nothing worked. What could be the issue? I suspect the gamebooster software to be the culprit as this started only after i ran the s/w but i cannot find anything that has been tweaked.

Please help
Any inputs will be appreciated

my system specs are:

Intel dual core @ 1.60GHz desktop
NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS 512 MB graphics card
1+1 gb ddr2 sdram
Microsoft Windows XP professional SE
Seagate 160 gb SATA hd

P.S.:- All other graphics are perfectly alright. Even the youtube videos run perfectly.

A:Video from stored files appearing pixelated

Use System Restore to go back to before you installed gamebooster.


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I have a SanDisk Mini SD for my LG cell phone. The phone takes pictures and records 15 second videos. I can down load the pictures and video files from my phone to the SanDisk Mini SD. I have a Dell 5100 with Windows XP and a Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 942. The Printer has a PicBridge that receives the Mini SD Adaptor for the SanDisk Mini SD. I have no problem down loading pictures from the printer to my computer. However, when I try to open up any of the 15 second videos I run into the difficulty. When I insert the SD into the printer I get a window for the Removable Disk F:
***Skip to the end for my question.***
I am not sure if you will need the following, I included it because I was ask for the most information possible. I tend to be long winded.

Here is some additional information.
Above the selection box for the Removable Disk it says:
This disk contains more than one type of content.
What do you want Windows to do?

The selections are:
Play Media files using RealPlayer
Play using Musicmatch Jukebox (I haven&#8217;t seen this choice before)
Play using Windows Media Player
Copy Disk using Sony Copy Module
Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard (I use this for the Photos)
View Pictures in Media Center using Media Center
View a slideshow of the images using Picture and ... Read more

A:How do I play video files stored on my MiniSD

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i am struggling finding the right site to buy windows live movie maker

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I recently installed Windows Service Pack 2, actually three times after reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing and reinstalling the full software install CD on my computer's hard drive for Window XP Home. I have no problems playing games with my new FX 5200 Ultra video card by BFG, but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing(happens when I am streaming more often). Then after that happens usually, the computer reboots or shuts off. I never had this happen before. My computer's memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player, etc do I get the "green screen blankout" and then often the shutdown of my computer? I have 512 MB of system memory and 128 MB of video memory! I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here? I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help. AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS. I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems. PLEASE HELP ME. This is really annoying.

A:video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software?

Well, it seems u dont have a hardware problem. this problem occurs only when u r watching videos. so i guess its the media player. take my suggestion, stop using it. Download this pack: KLite Codec Pack. I think the latest version is 3.2. Its got all the codecs u need to play compressed videos, and dvds. Its also got an advanced media player which can play any video u open it with like wmv, dat, mpg, rm, mov, avi, divx..... of course, the codecs for these formats r included in the pack.

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With Chrome browser I use Chrome Cast to be able to view any Netflix or any program on the internet on my HD TV set. I tried using both my HP Laptop with Acorn to do the same and while it worked somewhat the program (sound and video) kept on breaking up. On the other hand we could not Cast any Acorn program on the TV using wife's IPhone4 or Mini IPad; however we were able to see the program properly using just the Mini IPad. Any ideas? Acorn customer service is a total loss!

A:Chrome Cast doesn't Work With Acorn(streaming site)

what version of windows/linux is running on your hp laptop?

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Hello guys, I'm new here and I need some help.

I got a laptop, working on Windows Vista Home Premium and I have met up with a problem.

I realize that everytime I visit youtube or any other streaming websites with a video or audio file being loaded, my other media applications like Windows Media Player 11, Real Player, Windows Media Player Classic, iTune etc will cease to work. They will either not play an audio/video file or that the audio/video file will not have any sound when I press play. In general, my media applications will not work simultaneously if I'm loading online streaming files. The media applications will only work if I close the my internet browser, be it Firefox or IE. I have never experienced this problem with my old PC which uses Windows XP).

To give a better view of the problem, here is a scenrio of the problem:

open my favorite music player(Window Player, iTunes, Realplayer etc) and have it start playing a song (it will work perfectly fine.)

now go open a browser window, and go stream some music, say Youtube or Imeem.com,
open an online game, which has a soundtrack that plays in the background constantly.

now, while the internet based application is streaming/ playing a song or video, go to my media player, and try to play a NEW song or video.

I will now recieve an error box in the windows media player that reads "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help." ... Read more

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An ad site has taken over my internet. Hijack this log follows, after running CCleaner and jv power tools:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:12:41 AM, on 10/19/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\shwiconem.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark 2400 Series\ezprint.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1129474328\ee\AOLHostManager.exe
C:\Program Files\PeoplePC\ISP6300\Browser\Bartshel.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1129474328\ee\AOLServiceHost.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
c:\program files\common files\aol\1129474328... Read more

A:Ad site has taken over comp

Download the Trial version of Superantispyware Pro (SAS):
Install it and double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.
It will ask if you want to update the program definitions, click Yes.
Under Configuration and Preferences, click the Preferences button.
Click the Scanning Control tab.
Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:
o Close browsers before scanning
o Scan for tracking cookies
o Terminate memory threats before quarantining.
o Please leave the others unchecked.
o Click the Close button to leave the control center screen.
On the main screen, under Scan for Harmful Software click Scan your computer.
On the left check C:\Fixed Drive.
On the right, under Complete Scan, choose Perform Complete Scan.
Click Next to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.
After the scan is complete a summary box will appear. Click OK.
Make sure everything in the white box has a check next to it, then click Next.
It will quarantine what it found and if it asks if you want to reboot, click Yes.
To retrieve the removal information for me please do the following:
o After reboot, double-click the SUPERAntispyware icon on your desktop.
o Click Preferences. Click the Statistics/Logs tab.
o Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.
o It will open in your default text editor (such as Notepad/Wordpad).
o Please highlight everything in the ... Read more

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I was wondering if it is possible to display some of the video files (along with the audio) that are on my laptop on an HDTV. Could I do this by purchasing an external video card that has (let's say) an HDMI output that I could then plug into the HDMI input on the TV? If so, could anyone recommend an external video card that won't break the bank?

Thank you for your time. Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Playing Video Files Stored on a Laptop on an HDTV

What kind of video outputs do you have on your laptop and what kinds of inputs do you have, besides HDMI, on the TV? What is the native resolution of your HDTV?

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hii all - im sorry for my english
i hope you will be able to understand me.

i got a lenovo 3000 laptop with windows vista on it

im writing this message after microsoft and ibm faild me - maybe youll be able to find the answer...

my IE shutdown every time i go in to a webpage with movie clips -news website mostely - the microsoft tech told me to install codec pack - but when i told him i got the newest one and that i can see movies on my lap top he said that he dont know what it is...

i copied this from windows log:

Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category
Error 23/09/2008 15:31:26 Application Error 1000 (100) Faulting application
iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x47918f11, faulting module
ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x4791a7a6, exception code
0xc0000374, fault offset 0x000b015d, process id 0x1ea8, application start
time 0x01c91d7289b49400.

in ibm they told me that there is a problem with the flash player 9 but i uninstall it and re install and still the problem exist... i tried to cancel all 3rd party addones in IE but still it crushes...

now ibm want me to go to thier lab and pay money for a tech guy to find out what the problem...

thnks in advance

A:IE crush every time i enter a site with movie clips

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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I have a website that offers videos for the sony PSP and cell phones. You can download these movies from the PC perfectly fine but for some reason you cant download the movies from a PSP or a cell phone.

If you try to download the movie from your cell phone you get a 403 error saying that you don't have permission to download the movie.

If you try to download the movie from your PSP it looks like you download the source code of the movie and not the movie itself.

Here are the mime types i have in my .htaccess
AddType video/mpeg mp4

The movie format for the psp movies is .mp4
The movie format for the cell phones movies is .3gp

I will appreciate any help. thanx

A:When I try to download the movie I uploaded to my site it doesnt work.

I dont think you can download movies directly to the PSP, You need to have a USB cord and download them on your computer and transfer it to the PSP

You put the USB cord into the PSP and it opens a folder and you put the videos into the Movies Folder ( Dont know if it's called movies or not but you can look in your PSP manual / google )

Hope I helped

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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.

A:Hang up/Crash when streaming video, especially live video

Hi m1a1t,

Welcome to the 10forums

I'm not a specialist when it comes to freeze problems, but I do have a tip (or 2 when talking about reverting back the changes)
IObit software is known for causing problems, I would highly recommend that you remove it and revert back the changes it made when it comes to drivers.
DB3 may install corrupted or the wrong drivers what may cause problems,Malwarefighter is IMHO garbage,Advanced SystemCare may cause more harm than good
About the uninstall program I can't tell you anything, because I have no experience with it and I prefer to keep it that way.

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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.

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So hey, Ive checked out the forum and done all the reccomended fixes for this issue. (i.e. Updating my drivers, downloading codec packs, converting my .mov files to .avi for WMM) but still WMM wont show the video however plays the audio. Any help, or any point in the direction that theres something obvious im missing, would be massivly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi, something seems to be wrong with my windows media player. I cant watch videos that I downloaded or have but can watch a DVD movie. Every time I try to watch a video that I downloaded or have, no video appears but has sounds. Whenever i try watching a video, a message in the buttom left appears "error downloading codec". I tried watching a DVD movie and it worked. I don't know why only the sounds comes out but not the video. Please help me. Thanks.

A:Problem watching a video in Windows Movie Player: No video but has sounds

Im sorry but i seemed to have posted this in the wrong forum. sorry

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Hardware: IBM 380Z Type 2635-JGU HD: 20 Gb RAM: 160 Mb
300 MHz Clock
Notebook Computer

Software: MS-XP SP2 Media Player(s): MS-Media Player
Power DVD Player

Media Used: DVD disk and video movie download (Cinemanow.com)

Issue: Video Display has slow update and loses frames on both DVDs and Video Movie downloaded files.

[1] The computer has always had this problem; this is not a new issue.

[2] I have tried adjusting the Display settings provide by XP with no measurable improvement.

[3] Sound is not affected and has good quality.

[4] When MS-Media Player is used and is minimized to the task bar (mini screen presentation) the Video Display quality improves, but is not acceptable.

[5] Only about half of Video Movie can be viewed. Image freezes and play button is enabled. When play is clicked, the Video Movie restarts from the beginning.

Does anyone have a suggestion, I am out of ideas.

A:Video Display has slow update and loses frames on both DVDs and Video Movie downloade

Wow, it just might be the ancient processor you have and the very small amount of Ram you have. Video really eats up resources and I think you dont have the power to run it without problems, The key here is that when you minimize your preview window in Media Player, you have less problems.

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