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Ideapad 100 - hardware problem error code.

Q: Ideapad 100 - hardware problem error code.

i was running a hardware scan and it came up failed and this reference code WPE001001-RL8BGD does anyone know what this means and how to fix it.

Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue. Model name added based on prior forum postings.

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Preferred Solution: Ideapad 100 - hardware problem error code.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Ideapad 100 - hardware problem error code.

Hmm, I tried googling various permutations of that failure code and couldn't find anything. Mods? Can you please chime in? Have you updated all the drivers/run Lenovo update?

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Hi All

Just posting a new post as I thought I might have the same problem as someone else but turns out my error code is different and can not find out what this error code is trying to tell me, through searches of the net, of if something does come up they say I have to pay to find out what to do and they don’t even give info on what the error code means.

Anyway I was given a notebook to look at, (HP) Pavilion Entertainment PC Model DV9700 on warranty tag it has DV9724TX

This notebook was not working when handed to me and it had already been given to a computer place to fix, they where unable to.

It was returned with one drive missing, which owners did not know till I opened it up.

I have since taken out the remaining hard drive and connected it to a desk top and loaded on XP Pro with service packs all updates and drivers for the NOTEBOOK only, I did not load the drivers for the pc I was using to get this drive ready.

I put this drive back into the notebook and it starts to boot, and the logo starts to load then a blue screen came up with white writing with an error code.

Then it disappears before I can get the error code and it starts to reboot, it will keep doing this.

Anyway I got a tip on how to stop the rebooting so the blue screen stay’s long enough for me to read the code, I changed a setting by putting the drive back on to the desk top I used to load everything in the first place, then put it back in the notebook to get the blue screen ag... Read more

A:Solved: Error code I am sure telling me hardware problem

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Hello,   I have been trying to upgrade my IdeaPad 110 to the New Windows Insider Preview Version 17063. I can't get past the 2 reboot Error Code 0xc1900101I have been told to Disable Virtualization, which is already disabled and AppGuard, which I don't see in my BIOS. The only thing I have in my BIOS is Intel Platform Trust Technology & Secure Boot, which I have disabled. I have been trying to upgrad 10 x and the same problem happens. Anybody else having the same problem? Is there an AppGuard in BIOS?

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Hi, I just bought a brand new Lenovo ideapad Y700 and when I ran the hardware scan, everything passed except for the mathematical operations test for my Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 video card, which resulted in a failure of the hardware scan and a result code of WVC007002-UK7W7N. What should I try to fix this issue?

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A:ideapad Y700 Hardware scan fail, Result code: WVC0...

Hi, I got this too with my Y700, it's down to the VGA driver rather than the hardware but it shouldn't affect any functonality so no need to worry about it. Hopefully Lenovo will issue a new driver soon to resolve it If you don't want to wait I managed to solve it by installing the most recent driver from the Intel website, please note you won't be able to run this from the .exe download, you'll need to download the zip file, extract it, and then install the driver from device manager.

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After poking around on other threads, there's a chance this is related to the hardware drivers. However, I wasn't able to find a thread with this exact error code, so any help on what this means and how to correct it would be appreciated thanks! This is generating on a LENOVO ideapad Y700 series laptop (15 inch).


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Update your Intel Video driver and the false error from LSC should disappear.WVC007002-UM7YSIw=windowsvc=video cardtest 007result code 002um7ysi is a hash code of the serial number of your machine and useless info<unless you chose to send feeback info to Lenovo

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Just got this result. What does this mean??Thanks!

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Hi, I receive an Error Code WVC007002-RL8VRF - and my laptop suggests to open a support ticket at Lenovo. When I try to find this section, or open the "connect us" area on Lenovo.com, the site never loads, it just remains blank. Regardless what browser I use. Please support me. I have an ideapad 500s 13
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A:Ideapad 500s - Hardware scan error

Hi there, Oliver -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - Sorry for delayed response.
A service tip has been released concerning the WVC007002 Mathematical Operations Test error message.  This is a false negative and can be ignored; it does not affect the system's functionality or performance.
Link to Service Tip;
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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I got the following message on my Lenovo Computer Diagnostic:  W13HCWPMR-VE2R59 Failed Friday, July 13, 2018 12:47:36 PM Hardware scan has detected one or more failures. Reference the error code below when contacting Lenovo support at http://www.lenovo.com/eticket Date run: 7/13/2018 12:47 PM Device: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB - 931.51 GBs Memory Can anyone tell me what this means?  I appreciate your help so much! 

A:Ideapad 100 Hardware Maintenance Disk Error Message

It is possible your seagate HDD is nearing failure.Back up all your user data asap. Download Seatools diagnostic software from here to further diagnose the issue:https://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/

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The Lenovo Solution Center performed a hardward scan and it returned 1 error and instructed me to click on the link to submit an eticket. So I clicked on the link and got nothing but confusion from that point on. I can't find anywhere to submit a ticket to just find out what the error code is. All I get presented with are charged support options. I'm not experiecing any hardware issue as my systemseems to run just fine. But I would like to know what this error code points to. The code is"W1AH5U4VT-G4H1Z4". How can I find out what this is?

A:Hardware Scan Error Code

If you re-open the Lenovo Solutions Center and select Hardware Scan, on that page there is a See Last Results  link that will show you the report created during the last scan, and in that report it should show you what part of the test caused the error.    It may be something simple to fix with an updated driver (a lot of times it is just a video driver failing the Mathmatical Operations test), but hopefully that information will help you find a solution.    BTW  If it is the Mathmatical Opertaions test that failed, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for your video card, or just updating to a newer version will usually fix that error. Cheers,

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I just installed the latest cumulative update and when I checked reliability history it listed a hardware fail event, livekernelevent code ab. Anyone know what that's about? PC seems fine though. And I rebooted a few times and was unable to repeat the error, bit concerned by it though!

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Hey people,
some weeks ago I started having this problem when I play an specific game (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Few minutes after I start the game the computer freezes, the screen become brown and I have to reset it (since I disabled auto reboot on system failure). My graphics card is relatively new in comparison to the rest of the system. I have one HDD that have a failure (don't remember witch one), that is where the OS and all the programs (except the games) are installed on, the HDD that holds the games is fine. It only happens when I play this specific game. On the Reliability Monitor I get Hardware Error.
· OS - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Full Retail Version - Clean Install· Age of system = 4 Years· Age of OS installation = 3 Months· CPU = AMD Phenom II x4 960T· Video Card = Shappire HD7770 Vapor-X· MotherBoard = Asus M5A78L-M LX· Power Supply = C3 Tech 500W· Custom Built Desktop

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When I tried to boot my laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad S210) it displayed the message "Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired. The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. File: \BCD Error code: 0xc000000d. You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer. Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings". My laptop came preloaded with Windows 8.1, so I don't have any installation media. I copied the Boot folder from a Windows 7 64-bit recovery disc onto a USB drive since the IdeaPad S210 doesn't have a disc drive. Now I can't figure out how to boot from the USB.

A:IdeaPad S210 Windows error code 0xc000000d

Hi hai-kai,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
BCD Error code: 0xc000000d would easy to fix using a recovery media ,
But since you were not able to create one initially, then best check on your warranty if it is still active and call in tech support for further options. 
By the way you can fix it within 20-30 minutes using lenovo Factory reset using the NOVO button. (page 5 , 25 )
That would surely delete everything on the system and you need to reinstall them back. 
This should be a final option. 
You may slave your harddrive to back up first or use a bootable rescue disc to transfer files . 
Same as booting to BIOS . 
Turn off ps and use the same Novo button to turn on , choose BIOS set up 
You can change the BOOT to legacy from UEFI and boot priority to the USB, and check you the USB would be detected as boot option . On exit tab , save changes and exit or F10 . restarts.
Restarting then tapping F12 can also lauch the boot manager to repair BCD files . 
I would suggest running full diagnostics if you were able to boot back to Windows to check for your harddrive integrity , if its not the main cause of the error code in the first place .
Hope that this help reolve the problem. 
Have us updated on how it goes too. 

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Hi there anybody have this problem? so i installed windows 10 on to a usb, i am at the command prompt stage in recovery mode as none of the other options work what advice would people have for me to fix this situation as it appears windows is not picking up the usb file in command prompt?

A:File : \BCD Error code: 0xc000000d Ideapad z580

i am getting the requested system device cannot be found in command prompt?

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I have aquired a HP Laptop that the Ethernet appears to be defective. It shows up as This Device Cannot Start (Code 10). I did a complete reinstall because it was using Windows 7 (was purchased by the owner) and I figured it was a driver issue. The original (and now current) OS is Windows Vista and the same thing shows.

I was looking in the properties of the Ethernet card for the vendor ID to make sure I got the correct driver (website has different make drivers) and saw there was a listing that says Problem Code with a value of 000000A -- I was wondering if this is the same like a STOP code or if there is a website with these codes? I have a screenshot of an example.

I'm pretty sure the Ethernet card is toast, I just wanted to make sure.

A:Error code listed in hardware properties

pretty sure that the problem code 00000016 represents some driver issue, but that's going of a total of three instances, so consider that......

starting to agree that the card is cooked, however.

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Hi. I have a problem with my newly bought Lenovo Ideapad 320. I recently bought the laptop around 1 week ago. It is a great laptop with good specifications. Though I have noticed some rather dissapointing dents and other problems on the body of the laptop. Below are the pictures of the dents and some other problems too.   As you can see in the picture, the touchpad is dented in a circular form.   Some of the keyboard keys seem to be at faulty because. The height of the keyboard keys are not even. It looks like someone has violated the keys playing games or what not.   The metal near the touchpad seems to be bending upward. These are the dents I mentioned above. I have tried reaching out to Lenovo Support by filling up the form online. Though it has come to a dead end since I have not received any reply. I hope the Lenovo moderator itself can help me through this problem. I paid a lot of money for this laptop and I was hoping for none other than a perfect condition for the laptop itself. It was rather dissapointing to face this problem. Here's hoping that this will be covered by my warranty. I'm hoping help from other users from Lenovo community too. Thanks.   

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Purchased a new lenovo ideapad 520 with windows 10 preloaded. installing the drivers downloaded from HP website for the Laserjet MFP126NW gives "UNEXPECTED KERNEL TRAP MODE" error with a blue screen . repeatedly tried .the drivers work with other DELL Laptop , but LENOVO Says their is hardware OK , Driver problemDid a Hard Reset as well, but no resolution ... ... now stuck.WIndows version is 1709 build 16299.15anybody can help , please ....

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I have been asked to have a look at a friend's G70-70. Its been working apparently OK, but the hardware scan is worrying. It shows SMART failures on all SMART tests and came up with an error code W13ZKMFRK-RGEM23.
I've checked the drivers and software and its all the latest.
Is this *really* a disk that is failing or am I misinterpreting? I would hate to go to the trouble of imaging the existing disk, fitting a new one and rebuliding the machine only to find the same symptoms....and disks *never* fail these days (do they?)
Can you also confirm that the standard disk in this machine is a 1TB Seagate ST1000LM014-SSHD-8GB rotational (not SSD) drive.
Thanks Guys

A:IdeaPad G70-70: SMART failures, error code W13ZKMFRK-RGEM23

If it doesn't give a specific message on a device it is not failing.  If you were calling for warranty support, they would ask you to run the test and you would give them that code, which is simply a code based on your hardware connfiguration, as proof you ran the test.  I like CrystalDiskInfo (freeware) to check disk health.

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I have the error code in the title. The results say it has something to do with a PCI Express. I do not understand any of that.What does this mean, do I need to fix something?Is there a place to look up what the error code means?

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I just installed the latest cumulative update and when I checked reliability history it listed a hardware fail event, livekernelevent code ab. Anyone know what that's about? PC seems fine though. And I rebooted a few times and was unable to repeat the error, bit concerned by it though!

EDIT - seems to be a bug in the latest cumulative update as we see the exact same in our other machine! Possibly triggered by signing out of one user account and into another. As I can't then subsequently repeat the error I think it's a one off that happens initially after the update but will monitor the reliability history closely to see if it happens again on either of our machines

A:Live kernel event code ab hardware error

Originally Posted by Scottyboy99

I just installed the latest cumulative update and when I checked reliability history it listed a hardware fail event, livekernelevent code ab. Anyone know what that's about? PC seems fine though. And I rebooted a few times and was unable to repeat the error, bit concerned by it though!

EDIT - seems to be a bug in the latest cumulative update as we see the exact same in our other machine! Possibly triggered by signing out of one user account and into another. As I can't then subsequently repeat the error I think it's a one off that happens initially after the update but will monitor the reliability history closely to see if it happens again on either of our machines

Yeah, stumbled across this thread while trying to figure out the problem. Seems like it's a bug right after installing the latest update like you said since it's happening on multiple machines. I only have one user account on my computer so it seems like that's not the problem.

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I ran a hardware scan and I got this error code, what does this mean?

A:Hardware Scan Error Code WHD01v01i-HM9A5H

Hi Kamilah3, 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
The code generated by Lenovo Solutions Center are decoded by an internal tool of Lenovo technical support for recommendations to call in. But the details of the scan can be interpreted by Read and Write errors or S.M.A.R.T. failures that meant that the harddrive falls short of its integrity.
In such event, the immediate backup should be done for possible failing harddrive to be expected in the near future. SMART test alerts users to protect their data before it happens. Call technical support for In-warranty repair.
Hope this help answer your query.

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I ran a hardware scan and I got this error code, what does this mean?

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I have an lenovo Ideapad 310 15 ISK model 80UH and suddenly appears a blue screen from windows 10 showing a error code :CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, código de parada. I have called microsoft support and they said that it could be a hardware problem. they suggest me to keep in contact with LeNovo to know if exist some tools to diagnose if there is a hardware problem in the notebook or not.Please tell me how i can run any tool to check hardwaere conditions in my notebook.Tks

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Hi there. I have a Yoga 720-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80X7. Also have a low to mid level technical ability. Device keeps giving the Synaptics WBDI Error Code 10. 1. Tried updating the driver - did not resolve issue'; and2. Tried disabling and re-enabling - did not resolve issue; and3. Tried to manually find and install the latest driver - Message that the latest driver is installed; and4. Treed reloading windows 10 - Did not resolve issue; and5. Tried updating windows 10 - Did not resolve issue. Has anyone been able to fix this? Can anyone please help with this? Thank you in advance for your support and help.

A:Synaptics WBDI Error Code 10 - Yoga 720-15IKB Laptop (ideapad)

Hello Sydaxx! Welcome to Community Forums.
Did you change the operating system of the machine? What is the fingerprint reader driver version? Try to search for a compatible driver using the Lenovo Vantage utility. Open Lenovo Vantage (download if not installed) then go to System Updates.

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I just bought this laptop two days ago and installed Windows 7(x64) on it but yesterday when I was downloading the drivers, I did download and installed BIOS Update for Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) - ideapad 700-15ISK, 700-17ISK, and after system being restarted I couldn't turn it on again.I ran into the seller and asked to fix the problem. He told me that I have ruined the BIOS and the machine does not let him to enter the setup. After 15 minutes or so, he told me that the problem is fixed and advised me to install windows 10 instead of 7 and I did but today the windows has crashed and restarted with the error code KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED two times.Unfortunately I couldn't scan the QR code and enter the webpage but I have googled alittle about it.Some people say that the problem is because of the BIOS but I really don't have the guts to use that BIOS Updater again.Others mention another causes for this error.Can anyone suggest what's the problem and what should I do?Is there any problem with the BIOS?What should I do to fix it? For more information:I have tried to install windows updates since yesterday but one of them has encountered the following error every time:Some update files are missing or have problems. We'll try to download the update again later.
Error code: (0x80073712) 

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My computer have two (2) updates today. One is an update for Virus definition of Windows Defender I think. Then the other one is an optional update for Aliyun, Inc. - Other hardware - Y. I try downloading and installing updates, but the "Aliyun" one failed. I tried reinstalling and redownloading updates. But it cannot install. These is always a problem (specifically error code 800F020B). What is this update? what should I do?

A:Failed to update Aliyun, Inc. - Other hardware - Y Error code 800F020B

This MS website may help you with the error 800F020B.

ERROR CODE 800F020B - Microsoft Community

This Wikipedia website tells you what Aliyun is.

Yun OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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HI,Community, what means this Error code,it is from Hardware scan at USB.WMB008008-BM8X6J

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Hi, I got an error code from the PCI Express during the PCI Express Status Test via the hardware scan: The error code is  WPE001001-UN7W1L Can anyone help advise me what the code means and any rectifying actions? I have done internet searches and searched the forums but found no reference so far. Thanks in advance...

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HiMy laptop came originally with Windows 8.1 but after a short period of time the hard desk broke so I took it to a technician who replaced it by new one but I think that he have installed ingenune version of Windows 8. I didn't know anything about it back then so I upgraded to Windows 10 and everything was working fine until yesterday when a screen pops up saying that Windows will expire soon, I tried to activate it but couldn't do so! It refuses to activate and says there must be a digital license. What should I do? Should I downgrade to Windows 8? How to do so in simple steps? I  couldn't find a simple guide to recover my laptop to factory settings. Is there an easier way to activate Windows 10 without downgrading to Windows 8 other than purchasing a product key? How could I find Windows 8 product key and if I find it can it be used to activate Windows 10?  Thanks.

A:ideapad z500 model 20202 - Windows 10 activation problem after hardware change

Hi Ammola,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
One way to activate Windows 10 legally is to buy the product key if you have not availed of the free upgrade from Windows 8. But if you have upgraded your Windows 8.1 to Win 10 during the free upgrade, the system board should automatically be recognized for activation. 
Another way is to use the same Microsoft account to log in to allow Windows server to transfer the Windows 10 license key.
An OEM preloaded machine have a genuine product key registered to Microsoft with the original operating system that came with it so you have to reinstall Windows 8 (directions here). The Win 8 keys are embedded on the systemboard and are solely for its own version so you can not use it for Windows 10.
I hope this helps answer your query.

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I am completely stumped by this problem. I will do my best to explain it and see what you fine folks can do.

I had an older bluetooth dongle, off-brand model, 2010-2011 year, that I installed on my new desktop computer. It worked, but sound quality on my Sony Dr-BT101 headset wasn't great. It worked well with my bluetooth-enabled phones and tablets, so I suspected the dongle. I bought a CSR8510 dongle, which came with a CSR Cambridge Radio Harmony software stack. I installed the software, and turned on the headset, paired it, but no sound came out of the headset. I went to Sound, saw no entries. Went to device managers and saw the parts in yellow. I tried to update the driver but all I got was Code 18 error and this weird message in the picture. I clicked on properties and saw this message.

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

I am stumped. I've tried uninstalling, re-installing, installing other Bluetooth drivers, waving a magic wand, none of it has worked. I'm thinking it's a problem with the Registry, but I am not sure how to proceed.

Any ideas?

A:Bizarre Bluetooth driver problem (Code 18 and Code 28 error)

Give this a try. It's free.
You do need to resolve those Other devices category issues.

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i have acer e1-571 notebook.running windows 10.from last few days my pc giving this error-Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.                                                            
                                                                i have tried all kind of suggestions
given by microsoft related this problem .but   cant solved.card reader ,pen drive ,external keyboard ,or external mouse no one working.2.some  random  keys  is not working .please fix my issue .

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I m facing this video hardware error from last 1 week in my HP G62 361Tx Laptop.
Laptop Cooling fan is working Ok. no Abnormal sound.
I have installed TechPowerUP GPU Z to check GPU Temperature..
Min Temp.-> 52 degree centigrade
Avg. Temp-> 72 degree centigrade
Max Tamp. -> 84 degree centigrade
I m attaching follwing file:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 51743 MB, Free - 20209 MB; F: Total - 108149 MB, Free - 11567 MB; G: Total - 145237 MB, Free - 10863 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1426
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Files that help describe the problem

View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Extra information about the problem
BCCode: 117
BCP1: B3C4F008
BCP2: 99FC68B0
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product:... Read more

A:Video Hardware Error-A problem with ur video hardware caused Windows to stop working

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Hello all,

I have a problem with Windows Update agent on Windows 7 SP1 enterprise.
We are using Configuration Manager 1606 and Windows 7 SP1 and about 140 computers works without any problem.
On the other 10 computers I got the following error message in the windowsupdate.log:
WARNING: SyncUpdates failure, error = 0x8024400D, soap client error = 7, soap error code = 300, HTTP status code = 200
WARNING: SOAP Fault: 0x00012c
WARNING:     faultstring:Fault occurred
WARNING:     ErrorCode:InvalidParameters(7)

I've tried several actions although none does any help. Here is the list of actions:
- upgrade windows update agent to the latest version
- windows update agent reset by this instructions https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/971058/how-do-i-reset-windows-update-components
- empty Temporary Internet files
- check the rules and blocked traffic on windows firewall and physical firewall between server and workstation vlan
- sfc /scannow

It looks like significant Windows 7 error, although reinstalling is not my option.

Thanks for any help!

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Hello, I've been back and forth with my pc for the past several weeks. Luckily, my pc doesn't crash as much but I get this error from time to time. I usually crash when I'm using the internet. I have a feeling that this is hardware related because when I updated my realtek network drivers everything was ok, Dead Space ran fine, I was able to do anything I needed and wanted on my pc, etc.


Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
AMD Phenom II X4 965 28 ?C
Deneb 45nm Technology
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
TF-TV3207E* ([email protected])
AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series (Gigabyte)
Hard Drives
932GB Seagate ST31000524AS ATA Device (SATA) 28 ?C
Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected
High Definition Audio Device
Thermal-Take 850watt TR2 model

A:Possible Hardware problem, error 3d

Hiyya Bortelli suppose you have done all the usual stuff like reseating all the plug hardwares including the PSU cables mate?

Next thing is how are the temps if you haven't checked them try this Speccy - Download < from piriform

and this
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool < you will need to make a bootable disk for this set the boot to optical and let it run for at least 8 passes.

These are the simplest things so far and sorry if they seem rather ruddy obvious. But it will eliminate some causes.

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firstly I'd like to welcome myself to this new computing community

So I'm fixing this (quite) old computer but I lack the proper tools to test every piece of it.
Once it's plugged in a frequent series of beeping code comes up, I can't exactly say what mobo (HT2000 model) it is or what BIOS it's running but my guess is the beeping code is trying to tell me about overheating CPU!? So what I did is I changed the cpu fan with a new and more powerful one but that didn't change anything. I have also ruled out the HDD or DVDROM by removing them. The problem shouldn't be with the RAM either since once its removed the problem stays. So the last thing I did I changed the power supply and the cpu fan and removed everything else plugged into the mobo, still the same beep code. I haven't tryed to change the thermal paste yet since its not all gone. Next thing I tryed is that I removed the CPU itself and after turning on the beep code disapeared but I'm not sure the computer would be capable of sending a beep code without the CPU installed?
So could anyone smarter or more experienced tell me if the problem would be a dead motherboard or a dead CPU or really just the thermal paste? As mentioned above I don't have the necessary equipment to test each of them alone ex the thermal paste.
Is there anyway to test a CPU or mobo without having another same socket mobo or cpu?

Thank you very much in advance,

A:Hardware error problem

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Ok - I'm trying to fix my friends' computer - Toshiba Satellite L455-S5975 running Windows 7 32-bit

Windows firewall is off and I need to "Update Firewall Settings". When I click use recommended settings, I get a message that says it "can't change some of your settings. Error code 0x80070424" I get the same thing when I click on "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" and "Restore Defaults"

When I click on "Advanced Settings" I get "There was an error opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in" followed by it "failed to load. Restart the Windows Firewall service on the computer you are managing. Error code 0x6D9."

I scanned the computer using both Avast and Microsoft Safety Scanner (full scan and took over 2 hours) - no infections or issues found

I installed all Microsoft updates and followed suggested restarts.

I ran Microsoft Fix It and I get a message that the firewall isn't running or stopped and it can't be fixed.

I have gone into services as an administrator to try and start Windows Firewall...it isn't there - not in the list of services (local)

I also used SlimDrivers to update all the drivers on the computer.

What I am not seeing is how to uninstall and reinstall Windows Firewall...any other program or hardware issue, that would seem to be the easiest solution - but I have yet to see how to do that with Windows Firewall.

I even started the computer in safe mode... Read more

A:Win7 Firewall won't turn on error code 0x6D9 and error code 0x80070424

What other Anti-virus was on the computer before Avast?

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Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Here's what it showed me after opening Star Wars Unleashed 2, then it worked after.

And I've been getting BSOD, from BAD_POOL_HEADER which i can't remember the specific problems shown on the blue screen, sometimes it would suddenly go on blue screen when i just normally open some folders, app, programs, surf the net. To probability that i get blue screen every month is like 1/4 or somewhere there. and it's all random BSOD.

BTW this is a newly built computer, it's been with me for atleast 4-5months.
AMD Phenom II 550 3.1
Gigabyte M68M-SP2
BFG Tech GTS 250 1gb
WD 500HDD 7500rpm
2x1gb (samsung 1gb pc2-6400 666) (PNY 1gb dd2 dimm, f)
750 watt PSU
and also i have another problem.......
I actually only notice this two rams are different, and i'm not sure if the PNY is 667 or whatever, my friend gave it to me for free, and like just a week ... Read more

A:Video Hardware Error Problem

Download WhoCrashed from this link http://www.resplendence.com/downloads

This program checks for any drivers which may have been causing your computer to crash....

Click on the file you just downloaded and run it.

Put a tick in Accept then click on Next
Put a tick in the Don't create a start menu folder then click Next
Put a tick in Create a Desktop Icon then click on Install and make sure there is a tick in Launch Whocrashed before clicking Finish
Click Analyze
It may want to download the Debugger and install it Say Yes

WhoCrashed will create report but you have to scroll down to see it
Copy and paste it into your next reply

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I've tried downloading some programs from the net (bittorret, bitlord, even itunes) and I cant get the downloads to install.

The error msg is titled: 'NSIS ERROR'. Says that the install file is corrupt or incomplete. Goes on to say it could be the result of a damaged disk, failed download or a virus.

Like I said I cant seem to download anything successfully, although the error msg's were sometimes different.

Got Win XP SP2. Checked to see if my hard disks were not running properly, but Device Manager says they are running fine.

Do I have a damaged disk?

My specs are:

AMD Athlon64 3000+
2 Gb ram
80 Gb Western Dig SATA HD
200Gb Maxtor SATA HD
ATI Radeon X700A graph card

A:NSIS error? Do I have a hardware problem?

This might help:


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Hey guys so here is the deal. I keep getting Video Hardware error while i'm playing Fallout 4. That said i started searching for solutions and got WhoCrashed to tell me that it was a Tdr problem. So here is what i tried:
Tdr Delay (Regedit)
Microsoft Fix It
Sfc /scan now (that wasn't able to fix some of the errors) even in safe mode
HwMonitor (To check the temps)
I changed the settings on fallout
Updated all drivers

I have no clue what to do next and i need help. It's driving me insane! Please please Help.

My Specs:
Cooler Master ATX Micro ELITE 342 Black with no power supply
Motherboard Asus B85M-GAMER
Intel i5 - 4460
MSI R9 380
Crucial 4gb DDR3 ? 1600 UDIMM 1.5v (x4)
Corsair VS650
HDD: WD 1tb AV Blue 2.5?? 16mb SATA 3gb/s 5400RPM
SSD: Kingston 120gb V300 SATA3 2.5?? C/ADAP
Asus 24x BULK black SATA

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Not sure why. It basically tells me that either some hardware was lose, or some software was faulty, or something else. I usually get it when hosting a game on 'Diablo II' It sais if this is the first time receiving this error please restart your computer, if you've received it before contact your computer provider etc. Not sure what causes this. Not sure how to check my hardware for 'looseness' >.<.. Not sure whats even causing it. Today out of no where (just sitting there listening to music =/) I got the same error. I have no idea -.-. Thanks for any help, Jasio-

A:BlueScreen Error @ Hardware Problem?

Go HERE and follow the instructions.

If that doesn`t help. Zip 5 or 6 of your latest minidumps together and attach them here.

Regards Howard

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i cannot access my c(cd)drive. it woriks if i put a cd in and press the button on the drive for changing tracks on a music cd. other than that it is a no go. When i try to access the drive it says i have an i/o error. is this a hardware problem?

A:Solved: i/o error...hardware problem??


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I have a Fujitsu E7010 laptop running on Windows 2000 Pro. My sound hardware is Intel® AC'97 Audio Controller - SigmaTel Audio.I am trying to use the sound recording feature. The sound output and my microphone works but when I try to adjust the volume (under Adjust Audio Properties -> Audio -> Sound Recording), it gives me an error stating:There is a problem with your sound hardware. You may install mixer devices from Add/Remove Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel.I am trying to use a simple Sound Editor program to edit songs to download onto my cell phone as a ringtone.Thank you.

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Sup everyone. I just want to ask a question about my keyboard. When i used my keyboard before it worked well but, now, if i press 's', there is like an right clicking motion come with it. I mean, when i press 's', laptop accepts that order with another keyboard part. I tried to solve it with keytweak or something but, it didn't work. I hope you answer the question as quickly as possible. 

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I own a EMS USB 2 converter. I can't get it to work because of this error code 1. It says the device is not configured correctly.
Things I have tried:

- Uninstalling then scanning for hardware changes.
- Reinstalling drivers
- Unplugging then plugging converter back in
- Restarting a lot under slighty different conditions
- All of the above testing every single possible combination of having the converter plugged in with the controller attached, without the controller attached, without the converter attached, and reattaching the converter and controller at various points during my tests.

I want to delete the registry keys for the converter to get a new start, but it won't let me. It says 'Error while deleting key.' (And yes the converter is unplugged and uninstalled).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

A:Problem with Error (Code 1)

have you tried to install this on a diff computer? just to isolate the problem.. also if you have another driver for this device, you can try to use that..

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