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uninstall MS outlook manually

Q: uninstall MS outlook manually

I need to uninstall Outlook 2000 manually because it cannot be removed through the control panel, files are corrupted.

Preferred Solution: uninstall MS outlook manually

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: uninstall MS outlook manually

Try Revo Uninstaller. It's much more powerful than the Native Add/Remove Programs.
Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily

Hopefully that works for you


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I installed a program from Microsoft called 'Windows Live Search for Outlook'. Since I installed it, Outlook runs very slowly (Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook on Windows XP). I tried to unstall the program through the controll panel but I still get a message that the program needs to be installed each time I open Outlook.

Does anyone know how to manually uninstall this program and to get rid of the popup message that it need to be installed each time I open Outlook?


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I installed a program from Microsoft called 'Windows Live Maps Search for Outlook'. Since I installed it, Outlook runs very slowly (Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook on Windows XP). I tried to unstall the program through the controll panel but I still get a message that the program needs to be installed each time I open Outlook.

Does anyone know how to manually uninstall this program and to get rid of the popup message that it need to be installed each time I open Outlook?


A:How to manually uninstall 'Windows Live Maps Search for Outlook'


uninstall instructions are in the last part of the document

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trying to remaove all traces of a program that i have installed incorrectly and it wont automaticly uninstall from cd or C.panel.

trying to delete all traces of it but im not really have much luck because it will not let me reinstall it because it says i still have a previous version

help plz

A:How do you manually uninstall

Have you done a registry search?

Go to Start > Run, and type:


Look under Edit for the Find entry. Enter a search term that is specific to that program, like the program's name, or even the manufacturer if that is the only program you have from that company. Remove the entries that refer specifically to that program. Be careful not to remove entried that are not specific to that program. If the name has the word "system" in it, for example, you obviously should not delete all entries containing that word.

Use F3 to continue the search after each find.

Is the program still in Add/Remove?
Have you deleted the folder from Program Files?

Another thing you could try is a safe registry cleaner:


Tools > Registry Cleanup > Do Them All. And then remove all the found entries.

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Well, my friend let me borrow his age of empires III and i finally bought a copy, But when i tried to uninstall it it failed. So instead i tried deleting the files in "Program Files" but after that it still would think that Age of empires III was still on my computer, so the install disk wont let me install it and when i try to uninstall it again it still dosent "Uninstall"

Could somone tell me how to delete all the files manually? (Really, all i need to know is where i can find them)

A:How do i uninstall something manually?

It's probably in the registry somewhere....download a registry cleaner. Registryfix is a good registry cleaner try that out but it doesnt work on 64-bit versions of windows..

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add/remove programs doesn't help, nothing happens when I click. maybe the uninstall file is corrupted?
I no longer have the software to re-install it (and then try to un-install it with add/remove), and adobe upgraded to 2.0 so I can't find it on their website either (it s probably still there somewhere, but they dont link to it from their page).

Can I get rid of a software 'the proper way', even if it doesn t want to uninstall?

A:how to manually UNinstall premierePro1.5?

isn t that possible? isn t there a software that unistalls apps?

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Hello - Wondering if anyone knows how to properly manually uninstall windows from a 2nd drive without having to format, etc?

I just want to keep the files, not the OS.

The installation was a new one so there's no OS to "revert" back to btw.

A:How to manually uninstall XP from a 2nd drive?

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After manually uninstalling CA ETrust Internernt security suite, I keep getting "another install is in progress". Upon further investigation I found out that Window still thinks CA is being uninstalled (CA Firewall). I tried the Windows installer cleanup utility. No luck. Every time I start my PC, the Windows Installer starts.

Is there any way to tell Windows that the uninstall process is complete? I can't install any other s/w till this is flagged as complete.

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Recently my add-ons have been weird, not showing up on Firefox at all (is it because I updated Firefox to the latest version?). So I tried to uninstall them through the actual browser. It says "This add-on will be uninstalled when Firefox is restarted."
So I closed and re-opened my browser....still had the same message.

Then I tried uninstalling Firefox altogether then downloaded it and re-intalled it. The add-ons messages were still there and exactly the same!

I also deleted the whole Mozilla Firefox folder in my program files when I uninstalled.

So my question is....how do I remove the add-ons in my system? Are they saved a specific place that I can just delete from?

A:[SOLVED] How to manually uninstall add-ons?

theres a help section in the firefox help.

it tells you what do do, but im still battling o remove some addons to.

it tells you what to do, but does not tell you where to go, so ya please af anyone can help us we will be grateful

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I am trying to uninstall easy cd creator 6 and I'm not having any luck. The problem is - we lost our CD for easy cd crator 6. So, we went out and purchased easy media creator 7. However, I need to get version 6 uninstalled. According to the uninstall, it needs the cd to uninstall. I don't have it. What can I do now?

By the way, I'm running Windows XP Professional. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can I manually uninstall easy cd creator 6?

Can you see easy cd creator 6 in add/remove programs.

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I'm not really sure whether this is the right forum to place this but I believe this comes under the heading of Maintenance. Now to my question.

Some time ago without being asked, my husband finished up with a Chinese program on his PC and although it doesn't seem to bother him, I don't trust such software. As far as we can make out the program is Baidu Antivirus which occasionally makes itself known when threats are detected. As I've just said I don't trust such software particularly since it was installed without any means of uninstalling. It will therefore have to be uninstalled manually. My question is HOW?

I've searched the internet for info on how to do this but I'm still somewhat unsure. I've come across two uninstaller programs which are supposed to be specifically for uninstalling Baidu but its a case of persuading my husband that it really should come off. After all it was put on there without his knowledge or permission and it makes me feel more than a little twitchy about it all. Particularly since we are on a home network.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on manually uninstalling the program bareing in mind there is no uninstall facility available? In the meantime I shall continue my search. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.


A:How do I manually uninstall Baidu Antivirus

Here is a youtube on how to uninstall baidu AV..
How to Uninstall Baidu Antivirus 2014 - YouTube

Otherwise there are other numerous suggestions if you do a search for
"How to uninstall Baidu AV" copy and paste in search without " ".

Post back if you have success or problems.

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Hi, I'm new on this forum, I live in Colombia and I need help to uninstall Avira, but I know a partial solution to my problem.

During the last week I've had some errors (0xc0000142) in the system that I fixed up taking out programs I had installed, but Avira stopped working, appearing 0xc000007b error, otherwise all is good on my PC. I've being trying hard to remove the AV, because neither with Revo nor from the crontol panel is possilble to remove Avira, because Avira does not respond (and appears a system message at the beginning of each session with the title AVGcenter.exe that notifies that the application not opened properly and click to close)
In the Remove Programs panel, besides Avira, there are two other programs: Avira Free Search Toolbar webprotection and Avira Free Search Toolbar webprotection updater, where Ask.com appears as editor of the same.

Consulting, I think this is the correct method to remove it manually:

1) Download Avira Regcleaner
2) In safe mode, delete the Avira files in Programs Files (x86) and Data Programs.
3) Run the Regcleaner, first solving the problems of compatibility, since this tool works for Windows XP and I have 7 home basic, and then to run as administrator.

The other settings I found it on this website:

- Http://www.dsi.ipn.mx/manuales/manua...eaner_2009.pdf

Even I read that it is advisable to run several times the Regcleaner, then reboot and all is going to be supposedly fixed, but my problem is that when I try to delete the ... Read more

A:Uninstall Avira Free manually

0xc0000142 is an installer error. "Application Failed To Initialize 0xc0000142" Error.
The other error 0xc000007b can mean that you have or tried to install a 64bit program on a 32bit platform.

You may be infected with a virus that can corrupt a anti virus program rendering it useless Or had corrupted your system interiorly. I would recommend going to the "Virus Help" link in my signature. Follow all the instructions to the letter. Then proceed to the next steps keeping you logs in that forum. Be patient they do get a lot of inquires someone will be along to help you.

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How does one manually uninstall a 3rd party program from Win2K?

I know how to manually uninstall a program from Win XP, is it the same procedure for Win2K?

A:Solved: Manually uninstall program from Win2K

yes it is or you could use a program like Your Uninstaller which will remove the registry entries as well

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how can i uninstall microsoft word 2002 without using add remove programmes. i get this error message when i try to use add/remove "this path package could not be opened. verify that the path package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer patch package"

i am running xp service pack 3

this started because i have bought microsoft office 2010 & during the instillation it requires you to uninstall any old possibly conflictiong programmes. it highlighted word 2002 as being an issue but it seems some of its components are missing so i am unable to remove it fully or re-install it using the instillation cd.

is it possible to remove the parts of it that are remaining on my computer & are conflicting with the newer version of office? i have searched the net & there doesnt seem to be any way to do this most stuff guides you back to add/remove programmes.

please help thanks

A:how can i uninstall word 2002 manually in xp so i can run office 2010

Scroll down and download the free version of this and install it.
Run the program and select word from the list and uninstall.
Select advanced for the uninstall.
It will run the uninstaller first,so you will probably get the same error.
Continue and it will search for files related to the program to delete.
Delete them.
Continue and it will look for registry entries to delete.
Double check those to make sure they belong to word and
delete the ones that do.
Then finish and restart the computer.

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I've been using Comodo Personal Firewall and been very happy with it. However. I had some major system crashes a couple of weeks ago, and ended up having to take my laptop to an engineer - I've learned from experience that said engineer will blame *everything* on a software firewall if you've got one installed, so I uninstalled Comodo in Safe Mode via Add/Remove Programs (it was the only way I could get him to agree to fix it).

I've now got my laptop back and want to reinstall Comodo, but every time I try it tells me there's already a copy on the computer. It asks me if I want to uninstall it, and I click Yes, but nothing happens.

I've been Googling, and it seems like a lot of people have had this problem. There's a lot of discussion of editing the registry to get rid of it manually, and I know how to do this in theory - I've found a Comodo Personal Firewall folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > Software, but I've also read that it's not okay just to delete the whole thing because it references other programs on the system. I have no idea which registry keys to delete, and can't find a full guide anywhere.

Can anyone help?

A:Solved: How can I manually uninstall Comodo Personal Firewall?

Try this, but create a system restore first.
Problems Installing Comodo Personal Firewall

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Hi all,

I've just downloaded windows 8 onto my win 7 vaio that i bought a few months ago. However, after running the setup, i get to the screen of what needs my attention. Of these, on says:

Alps Touch Pad Utility
Uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with Windows 8

(see attatchment)

I've got 2 problems:

A: I don't know how to manually uninstall it
B: If i uninstall it, will the touch pad/mouse thing not work when i upgrade to 8??

Any help really appreciated, thought I was going to be loving my windows 8 comp by now!


A:Sony Vaio EJ3, manually uninstall Alps Touch Pad Utility??

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cannot uninstall this due to uninstall is missing. It tells me to uninstall this manually then reinstall to upgrade to newer version but I don't know how to "manually" uninstall. Can someone help me?

A:need to manually uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version

a free program called revo uninstaller might be able to get rid of it. Trying force uninstall may work in revo as it can get rid of registry items etc.

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manually uninstall Alps Touch Pad Utility??
"Windows Button "R" paste into run dialog
"C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Uninstap.exe" SILENT
Or Located here
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DellTPad\Uninstap.exe" SILENT

Afterwards go refresh your Windows 8 Setup Advisor and proceed with removing the other verious software demand or just do refresh and install windows 8 pro Hi5 Good luck!


A:Dell Laptops, manually uninstall Alps Touch Pad Utility??

Why would you want to do this? Please explain.

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I've just installed Outlook 2003, and all is well except that I can't seem to archive old e-mails manually. I've followed the recommended procedure but nothing actually happens. I'm wondering if there's some setting that I should have done but haven't. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Outlook 2003 - can't manually archive

You can always just create another PST file and move whatever you want to that file.

For several ideas on how to maintain Outlook see:

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As it says on the tin. Every time I try to shut down my PC, Windows asks if it can close off multiple instances of OUTLOOK.EXE for me. I don't know why it does this or why there are multiple instances of Outlook running in the background. Some help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A:Have to turn off OUTLOOK.EXE manually when shutting down PC

Hi very weird,
Right click your Taskbar on a blank space,
Click on Start task manager
You should open into the Applications section please post a screen shot use the link above my signature if you need assistance in doing this,
Then go to the processes section and repeat,

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I am in the process of making a permanent transition from XP to Vista. One of the motivating factors is that my XP installation is messed up and Vista is working fine.

When trying to import the Outlook Express settings into Vista's "Windows Mail", Mail cannot "see" the OE account on the other partition.

I was able to successully copy all the .DBX files to the Vista Desktop and import them into Mail, but still cannot find a way to get the Message Rules and Accounts into Mail, either by importing them from Vista or exporting them from XP.

When I try to export the information, XP gives me some odd error message that I can't remember right now, but it involves one of the Services not working. I tried to fix it but could not.

And when I try to import the information, Mail cannot see the account. I get "No other e-mail accounts could be found" but the message appears so quickly I can tell it's not really looking. I cannot browse Mail to find them either.

I did some research and learned that these settings are saved in specific places of the Registry, and one option is to boot back to XP (shudder) and try to export these registry settings. But then I wonder what would happen if/when I imported them to Vista.

Should I try this ? Or is there a better way ?

Another idea was I was wondering if it is possible to get RegEdit to open a Registry on another partition; another non-booted O/S's Registry.

Anyways, that's as much as my ... Read more

A:How to Manually Import Outlook Express into Vista ?

If you can, boot into XP, run OE, and from the "Accounts" section export the account settings (should create an IAF file). This should be recognized by Windows Mail.

As to the rules ... You may just want to redo them.

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I have done everything...YES...everything to get Outlook to check my email manually. I have reinstalled and still nothing. I removed the accounts and created them again. Still nothing. The best I can do at this point is to set it to check the email accounts for 1 minute otherwise I will never get my email. It will auto check just fine, but if I am expecting an email it will not check it if I click send receive. I have tried selecting the separate accounts and tried selecting all accounts. Still nothing.

Suggestions welcomed...please.

A:Outlook 2003 - Won't check mail manually

Hi jcosner

For Outlook 2003,
Tools > Options > Mail Setup tab > Send/Receive... button
Is there a check mark in: Include this group in send/receive (F9) ?

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If you don?t have any technical skill then the only option you have is using a third party tool like  OST to PST Converter. If you have lost your Outlook mailbox
including all the folders like inbox, outbox, sent-items, deleted-items, drafts, contacts, calendars, notes (To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, Object, Date, and Time).
Read More Info: https://www.bulkecommerce.com/store/ats-ost-to-pst-converter-software-159.html

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Okay, here we go.

We're running Exchange on our domain here in the office.

One of the clients utilizes Office Outlook 2002 (XP) and only receives email whenever she attempts to write a new message, or clicks the 'Send/Receive' button.

I can find no where in the options on any of our other PCs utilizing Office 2002 (XP) where something would have changed on the clients PC.

Can anyone point me in the right direction??

Thank you-

A:Outlook XP SP3 only receives mail manually from Exchange 2000

Try looking under "mail setup" in "tools", "options" look for "send receive"

I only have 2003 now so the exact locations may be different.

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not quite sure how to do this. i tried add/remove, even tried gipo. thanks

A:how do you uninstall outlook?

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Is it possible to uninstall Outlook ? If yes, how ?

A:How to uninstall Outlook ?

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In trouble shooting an explorer.exe shutdown hangup I noticed that I have outlook express installed. Since I use Eudora I think it might have been installed when I updated an outlook express security flaw. So I'm following the microsoft online instructions ( http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;263837 ) on how to manually uninstall it because it's not found in the add/remove programs dialog. I finished the instructions only to find that outlook express is still there in the startup programs after a re-boot.

I recheck the steps for removal get to the part where you have to rename the dll's. I notice when I went back to see that all were .old as instructed, there is a .old and the .dll is there again. It's like it's recreated itself. I checked after the first renaming and there were no dlls by that name but somehow they get recreated. I've never run outlook express and only Eudora because of all the security issues with it. Can anyone help here? Microsoft does make it tough to uninstall their products don't they? Thanks

A:uninstall outlook express

Outlook Express comes with Windows installation. It was not installed via an update

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How do you uninstall WinRax from Outlook 98?


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I have a glitch in my Outlook 2002 and want to uninstall then Reinstall. But when I go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, my only choice is to remove the entire Microsoft Office XP program, not its individual programs. When I go to the Office XP disk, it says I can add or remove features, but then doesn't give me an option to remove in the next window.

I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.

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hi. I was just going over your security forum and saw that some really bad viruses can be loaded on your computer through outlook. I currently have outlook express installed on my system but never use it (not directly if ever).
I'm using MSN as my internet provider and use MSN's email service and yahoo also for some email.
I also have I.E. 6.
Can I uninstall outlook Expressive and not affect my system?
just trying to avoid getting any viruses.

A:Can I uninstall Outlook Express

You really neednt be concerned. More so if you arent using it. All I use is Outlook Express and with a little education it not a problem. Outlook isnt more vulnerable, its that it is more widely used so most viruses were written with it in mind. So, if you are not using it then the threat is void. You wont get one from it.

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I am running a XP operating system. I currently have the MS Office Professional 2000 on the computer. I am loading MS Office Professional 2003 from a complete installation CD. Although most of the previous programs are checked to remove, it says I have to remove Outlook 2000 myself. When I go to the Control Panel for Add/Remove programs, the only option appears to be to remove the entire office suite. Regardless of this particular situation, how would I remove a single office program, e.g., word, excel, access, outlook, etc.

A:Uninstall MS Outlook 20000

It's been a while, but I believe you have to use the Office 2000 disk.

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I have a glitch in my Outlook 2002 and want to uninstall then Reinstall. But when I go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, my only choice is to remove the entire Microsoft Office XP program, not its individual programs. When I go to the Office XP disk, it says I can add or remove features, but then doesn't give me an option to remove in the next window.

I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.

A:How to Uninstall Outlook 2002-please help

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is there anyway to uninstall it? and if so will it effect my computer negatively at all? i have an uninstalling program but ive never used it because i was afraid that maybe theres a reason why you cant get rid of it using the add/remove programs panel

A:outlook express uninstall?

Outlook Express and Internet Explorer are integrated together and intergrated into the Windows operating system. Not a good idea to remove it. Just don't use it. There are numerous alternatives.
Regards - Ray

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I have a client that has had a problem with her Outlook Express. When she receives mail, the message header is seen but the body is empty. WE tried double clicking on the new massage with no luck. I also selected an e mail, clicked on open and still nothing. Her system has been checked for viurses and she has the latest updates for IE.
She is running XP Home and IE 6.
The only thing I can think of is to uninstall OE and reinstall.
Please advise.

A:Can I uninstall Outlook Express

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And i mean 100% clean so that not a single thing that outlook changed in windows 7 is left. Not a single file, no registry entries, nothing. As i said in another thread, my oulook was working find with both email accounts till i messed with a outlook file. Now one of the accounts will not fetch mail from the mail server and i know it's a local issue because 1-it started right when i made that change, and 2-i tried it with outlook on my work pc and it auto configures the account and works perfectly downloading emails like normal. So it's something that happened when i messed with that outlook file and 2 uninstall/reinstalls later it still doesn't work. I deleted all folders after uninstall that i know of, but upon reinstall the accounts still show and my contacts are still there, so i know there are leftover files and of course reg entires. So is there a way to find every single folder,file, and reg entry to delete without deleting anything that is part of the OS that refers to outlook even if it's never been installed on this PC?

A:How can i do a clean uninstall of outlook?

I googled this ...Home of Your Uninstaller! - The best uninstaller software.
but not sure it will do anything to the registry.

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I would like to know how to uninstall outlook express so that I may then reinstall it.Reason being problems such as double msgs in the inbox and error messages.Tried to look it up in microsofts help section but they conviently have no topics!Thanx in advance for any help.

A:How to uninstall outlook express

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Hi all, i tried to uninstall Outlook Express in add/remove progams and everything looked good and it asked me to restart so i restart and when it gets back to the desktop, guess what? It's still there and its even added a desktop icon. So i see if i can repeat the process but this time Outlook isn't there in the Add/remove programs. I hate this program. Can anyone help me? Regards, Rob

A:can't uninstall outlook express

1. Select Start Button / Control Panel / Add & Remove Programs / Add & Remove Windows Components

2. Find Outlook Express and uncheck it

3. Click Next, and then Finish, exit Control Panel and reboot computer

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My Gateway came with Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook. I had trouble with my email and my ISP told me to use Outlook Express, which I am now using, but I can't find an "uninstall" for Outlook. I can't "clean up" my outlook express as my computer tells me that Outlook is still running.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the outlook?


A:How to uninstall Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is part of Microsft Office, it would be uninstalled by running the setup program for Office.

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I have a versions of outlook 2000 and 2003 teacher edition. My computer defaults to the older (addresses, communicatng with ACT!, etc) I would like to unistall the older version but will my contacts and mail be gone? Right now, although I have been using the 2003 version for 8 months, and snyncing with ACT! and Cardscan, it only displays about 12 contacts. If I unistall 2000 will the informtion tranfer??
- Scott

A:I'm Afraid But I Need To Uninstall Outlook

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I had to have my hard disk replaced and the tech guy installed Outlook 2002. My previous version was 2000. I want to completely uninstall 2002 and install 2000, since I can't open any regular mail attachments. I have been searching all day and still can't find a definitive answer (including this site). Do I completely uninstall Office 2002 and then install Office 2000 and if so, will I lose any of my Word documents or saved messages in Outlook? Thanks much!

A:Uninstall Outlook 2002

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My Outlook 98 will not uninstall completely (when I try, it says some parts will have to be manually removed). When I try to install it again, it seems to work, will not run. I upgraded from W-ME to W2000, which is part of the problem, but Outlook didn't work before I did that.

How can I completely clean Outlook out, perhaps manually, so that I can do a clean install of the program again?

A:Outlook 98, can't install or uninstall

Lots of uninstall's leave bits behind .

Type outlook into Find & press Enter , this will show you where & whats left .

Delete as required .

Here are links that cover repair in 98 & 2000 .

Repair Outlook .

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Windows XP.

Now OE is receiving emails, but will not send.

1. Is it possible for a non-techie to uninstall/reinstall OE?

2. Might that work?

3. Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

A:Did an uninstall/reinstall of Outlook Express:

Make sure all your incoming and outgoing server names are correct along with
usernames and passwords. Merely deleting the OE account and add it back may
eliminate some problems. At other times removing IE or repairing IE will help.
OE is tied into IE rather strongly.
This may explain it a little better than I can.
How To Repair OE
I've done it a few different ways. Not that hard but everything has to be put back in correctly.
Good luck.

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Hi again =P

I uninstalled microsoft office outlook through "add/remove programs - microsoft office - change" since I've got windows mail, but in my welcome center it still says "read and write e-mail" with the open with icon, and, well, I don't like it =P There's no right click there, and delete doesn't work. Can I get rid of it? =p this is on windows vista home premium


Edit: Well it stopped showing that ugly open with icon, and now shows the default icon for applications on windows Vista. And I forgot to mention, it appears under "What I can do with my new Dell?".

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Last week I uninstalled Mc Afee from the Add/Remove Programs and instead I instaleed the Bit Defender and eventually had a virus removed (Win 32)

But I have 2 problems:
a. When I open microsoft outlook a window opens up telling me that the Add in Outlook scan (C: Program Files...) cannot be loaded and had been disabled by outlook. Please uninstall add in. How can I do it pls?

b. sometimes after a minute or two the pc shuts down !!!! What is it? is it still the virus???

thanks in advance

A:Can't uninstall mc afee in microsoft outlook

I think this documents the procedure:


edit: re the shutdowns - I have no idea at this time. Does this occur in safe Mode?

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I'm trying to free up valuable hard disk storage.

I'm using MS Office 2000. How would I remove the Outlook and Business Planner elements.

I have gone into Install/Uninstall Programs, which led to the MS Repair, Install etc. page, but I could not remove these items.

I appreciate any assistance anyone could give me

A:Uninstall Outlook and Business Planner

You have to use the Office CD to uninstall all or part of its applications.

Insert the CD and choose "Add Remove Components"...or something along those lines.

Choose "Custom Install" when offered the choice.

When you get to the list of components, find the ones you want to get rid of, left click on the icon next to it and choose "Not available."

Once you've made all your selections, proceed with the "install."

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First this is Outlook 2003. I've gone into the Addin manager and Redemption is not listed. I'm getting an error where outlook tries to load "redemption" and it's annoying.

Besides reinstalling outlook is there anyway to get rid of this message at the very least? Redemption doesn't seem to be doing anything one way or the other. As to how it got there, the computer was inherited from an office a few years back.

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