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Epson CX11NF Multifunction (scanning issue)

Q: Epson CX11NF Multifunction (scanning issue)


i Have a problem with cx11nf.let me explain to you.

I have a multifunction printer cx11nf (printer, scanner, copier, fax) when i installed this printer on my computer was working good. but recently in december 2009, the multifunction had a problem (i don't know what happened) but the problem is that when i try to scan from my computer the status bar of the scanning software do not move and the page on the printer pass through ADF very fast and the image never load the status bar of the scan software never move, in addition below the status bar says it will take 1 hour to load the image. this multifunction use tcp/ip protocol, i used the scan thought network.

i'm running windows vista home premiun.

Can anybody help me with this problem.

Preferred Solution: Epson CX11NF Multifunction (scanning issue)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Epson CX11NF Multifunction (scanning issue)

The Epson Multifunction may need to be serviced/repaired

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Hi, folks.

Installed the Epson WF 4740 All-in-on printer last week, added to my home wireless network and it is working fine for printing from all three laptops on the network. Copying and scanning at the printer are working as well. Also scans successfully to a USB key inserted at the printer.

Problem: Menu has option to send scan to a PC on the network. Says Document Capture Pro software must be installed to do this, which it is. But when I try to do this, menu shows "Cannot find computer". The menu has another dropdown to select a job, once the computer has been selected, and on my PC I have a couple saved jobs (scanner settings), but the printer won't detect them. I suspect if it would find my computer on the network, I could select one of my saved jobs, and the scan would end up on my computer.

I can, however, trigger a scan using the Document Capture Pro software on the laptop, and it works fine, including the scan winding up on my PC. However, if my PC is in another room, I have to go to the printer to insert the original, then go back to the PC, start the scan, than go back to the printer to grab the original.

Called Epson tech support, went through the usual steps the "tech" was reading off a script. Finally put me on hold, talked to "senior tech", said I need to make sure port 2968 is open on my wireless router, as this port is used by the printer.

We have Verizon FIOS with a Quantum Gateway wireless router; I can access th... Read more

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The problem is I use the scanning function often and print function occasionally. Hence each time I switch the unit on it goes through a cleaning cycle and uses some ink to do this. The ink cartridges run out even though I may print only 5 - 10 pages. Any way to disable print function with software??

A:Epson cx4100 multifunction problem

That cleaning cycle is required to keep the print head from clogging up, which would result in poor or no printing. I don't believe it can be disabled anyway.

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I have a Brother MFC-460C multifunction Centre. every time i open the controlcenter3 and attempt to perform a function (copy scan or Fax) I get the following error message

'brccMCtl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I have gone into registry and deleted all other conflicting devices from twain, I have removed virus scanners before instillation.
The install works on my other peer computer in L.A.N peer to peer set up.

A:Brother Multifunction Center Error Message on Scanning

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Hi all,
thanks in advance for any help.
Got an epson RX630 multifunction centre. Prints great but the scanner is playing up, don't know what to do.
Havent contacted epson yet but its on my list of things to do.

Scanner used to work fine but it suddenly stopped working.
Whenever you scan all you get is a white page regardless of what you scan, and when you photocopy you get a faint image in a verticle stip in the middle of the A4 page but this fades to white before the edges of the page.

I didn't do it, and i still can't beleive the guy that did it did it, but someone reinstalled windows on the machine without removing it first, and the systems been struggling ever since, the scanner died after this but not immediately.

Any help would be apreciated,

A:Epson Stylus Photo RX630 multifunction center

When you scan it is the picture completely white? Or is there little specs in it?

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I'm new to this so please bear with me.
I run windows vista 32 and up until about a month ago my epson sx415 was fine, it still is, except it won't scan into the computer anymore. I've tried opening it all different ways, it trys to open it but can't.
I'm not very computer literate and I don't understand a lot of the computer jargon, but a friend said something about twain 32 (escndv file)
It prints fine and copies ok (with out the computer) it just won't scan in
I hope someone can help.

A:Epson sx 415 scanning problem

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Every time I try to scan, the image turns out a purplish/pink color. Is there any way to fix this?

A:Epson 1250 Scanning Problem

Have you tried troubleshooting on the Epson site?


(From Epson)
Check the image settings of your scanner software, especially data format (bits, pixel, color), gamma correction, and color correction. Try different combinations of these settings.

Check the color matching and color management capabilities of your computer, display adapter, and software. Some computers can change the color palette to adjust the colors on your screen. See your software and hardware manuals for details.

Exact color matching is very difficult. Check your software and monitor documentation for information on color matching and calibration.

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Hi, all.

I have a relatively new all in one printer (Epson PX800FW) connected wirelessly through a home router, which up until now, has worked okay. Recently it appeared to be creating some kind of conflict with the My Computer folder, so I uninstalled it using advice offered on this forum, and thankfully, the issue promptly resolved itself.

On attempting to reinstall the printer from the official driver disk, I now seem to be able to print again without issue, but not scan. Furthermore, the ink level monitor rarely registers any ink levels. Epson Scan won't open at all, and other scanning software doesn't recognise the printer either.

Any/all help greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,
I have a (UK model ?) Epson Perfection 4870 Photo scanner.

I have been trying to scan some 6x6 cm black and white negatives but have been having a problem as follows:-

.The negatives were placed in the 120 negative holder and a preview scan carried out.

The Preview appeared to "crop" the negatives to - what appeared to be 6x4.5 cm - i.e. to an upright rectangular format with a portion of the square image missing.

I went to the Epson site and downloaded Twain Driver And Epson Scan Utilities v3.04A+

I then re attempted the scan but - as before - the images were 'cropped' to a rectangular format.

Further research on the internet appeared to indicate that when I go to the Epson scan settings and hit the configuration button, I should see a tab which has the options for setting film format. This tab does not appear. The only tabs which appear under options are: 'Preview', 'Color' and 'Other'.

I am using Windows 10 operating system.

Could any one please help or advise?

Thanks in anticipation.

Graham B

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I have an epson cx 4200. I would like to post pictures of CD, books, to eBay. When I scan a DVD, upload it to iPhoto, constrain 1024 x 768, it works perfect. When do the same for a CD or a book, the pictures is cropped wrong, even if I initially crop for a CD 1st and then crop for the 1024 x 768.

Thanks for any help

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I have a laptop HP compaq nx7400 & widows xp & epson styles RX450 , I download the software of the printer ,then when I want to use the scanner It didn't work what can I do?

A:problem in scanning with my epson styles rx450

did you turn off your firewall?

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I have the above scanner and up to now no problem in scanning my documents to my flash drive.
I can scan to my documents though but will not let me copy to my flash drive.
Pop up says "I do not have sufficient access privileges .... please select another folder"

Can anyone help me to scan to my flash drive. Thanks

A:epson scanner sx100 problem in scanning to flash drive

Can you copy (drag) other documents to your flash drive or just scanned documents?
Some Flash Drives have a security switch on the side that if enabled make the drive Read ONLY, Make sure that is not switched on. Make sure the Flash Drive has enough Free Space to accept any more files. You can also take ownership of the Flash Drive.
All Fails, move all the data off of the Flash Drive and Format (erase) it then move the data back and see if it will accept your Scans.

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I use epson stylus photo rx 640 and get error code 0x00000015 when scanning. My operating system is windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

A:epson stylus photo rx 640 error code 0x00000015 when scanning

Is this scanner/printer new? New to you? You have been using it successfully for a while but now it's gone wrong? All thes questions and more...

It sounds like a corrupted file, you could unplug the printer, go to Control Panel>Programs & Features, uninstall the printer program, shut down the computer, restart it, then plug in the Epson and let it reinstall itself - Try to let the computer do the work, only offer up the Epson DVD if the computer asks for it.

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The issue is simply everytime I've used Etrust virus scan when in Internet explorer (have to be) I minimize it, and when I bring it to normal it's fine, but minimize it and bring it up when it's in the Java folder it freezes, should I do an individual scan on the Java folder to see if it has viruses or just make it a special do not scan folder and un-click it when scanning?

A:Solved: Etrust Viruscan does not like Java Program folder: not virus issue but scanning issue

Hi, Often the applets stored from Java usage will trigger either a detection or an issue as you are seeing from antivirus scanners.

I'd suggest clearing the Java cache: see the attached screenshot, your version may be slightly different but you should be able to see where to look, and what to do. (The attached pic is from a slightly older version of the Java...the steps below are up to date, though)

Control Panel> (Switch to Classic View)> open Java

Find the Settings tab/button, and open that...then find the Delete Files button and click that.
It's just deleting the temporary files left from Java applet usage.

Then, after clearing the cache, run your scan again and see if it works correctly.

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I face problem while scanning from Scanner of Officejet 6213

A:scanning issue

Quote: Originally Posted by mosmana

I face problem while scanning from Scanner of Officejet 6213

There's a patch to fix...:

Correctif de logiciel d'impression HP lors de la mise ? niveau vers Windows 7 Imprimante/fax/scanner/copieur tout-en-un HP Officejet 6213 - Assistance Technique HP (France - Fran?ais)

it is call "dot4patch_reboot.exe" and is 1.22Mb

Before make sure the proper software that came with is well installed.

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I am running Windows 10 an using MS Office 2010 to scan and store my photos of cards to sell on eBay. Lately my screen freezes up when I try to "save as". I see a little message stating "MS Office 2010 not responding" as if I didn't know it. LOL Can you suggest any help for me?

A:Scanning Issue

If you are scanning with a scanner then it would be better to scan to PDF then to Office 2010. Office 2010 as you know is getting on a bit so might not be very compatible with Windows 10.

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i have the same issue, no firewall, full controll at the sharing folder, still not working....any idea?

A:scanning issue

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I use a Lexmark X6170 for scanning. If I use tif as the setting for the fileformat there is always ONLY 1 page scanned instead of multiple pages that are ready to be scanned via the document feeder.
Any suggestion how to resolve this?

A:Vista Scanning Issue

Maybe you can scan it as another format, then find a program online to convert it to a tif file?

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I'm having a problem with wireless scanning, which I think may be a wireless networking issue.

For about 18 months, I've been using Quicken with two HP Photosmart all-in-ones - a 6180 and a 7280 - in Windows 7. (Quicken allows you to scan documents and attach them to individual transactions.) I recently had to replace the older of the two, the 6180. I tried four devices - an Epson, a Canon and and two HP's - and found that none of them worked with Quicken wirelessly. With other software - PaperPort, MS Office Scanning - I had mixed results.

As they all had their problems, I decided to keep the device I liked best, the Canon Pixma MX882. One of the reasons is that it has a duplexing ADF; also, I found their tech support to be slightly more responsive than Epson's, and HUGELY more so than HP's (which should come as no surprise). In fact, one of Canon's senior tech people spent an hour and a half with me, but he couldn't get it to work.

Here's where I am now - I can only use Quicken with the device through a wired connection, and then only with the WIA driver. I can use the Canon driver (which allows me to use the duplexer) with PaperPort and MS Office, but, again, only wired.

The Canon tech felt it was most likely a Windows 7 security or permissions issue, but couldn't suggest how to get around it. The odd thing is that the older HP's have worked fine (the 7280 continues to do so). I remember when wireless scanning first... Read more

A:Wireless scanning issue

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Due to my XPS 15 running extremely slow I was advised to run Scanning and Repair during boot up. The problem now is that the scanning and repair drive has reach 59% after an hour and is not moving any further forward.
Can anyone advise what I do next?

A:XPS 15 Scanning and Repair Issue

Run an extended diagnostic on the (hard/solid state) drive.  F12 at powerup.

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I hope this is the place to post this question. The digital photography/imaging was a possibility but was not sure.

I am running Windows XP - Home. I received an HP Scanner/Printer for Christmas and yesterday I scanned in some medical reports for my mother. I then e-mailed them to her for her records.

The problem comes in when I view them on my computer the resolution is horrible. It looks very blurry. When I printed a copy out from her computer - it came out of the printer real fuzzy and not crystal clear like the original report from the doctor.

How do I rectify this problem?

A:Scanning and resolution issue

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I have a Gateway that has a Maxtor external hard drive attached via a USB port. Recently I bought an Epson Stylus CX7000F printer/scanner/copier. Everything seemed to be working fine, but I recently had to replace the printer with another one and now if the printer is on when the PC boots up, none of the other USB ports work. If I turn the printer on after everything boots up it will not be recognized. Does anyone have a clue?

A:Epson Printer Issue

I would first try totally uninstalling it, software and Device Manager. Then reinstall it, according to their instructions in the manual If that doesn't help, I would see if there are updated USB drivers

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Tonight I got a Epson CX4800 printer/scanner.
I connected all the wires and laoded the ink and paper correctly.
I installed the disc and got all the way through the registration process. At the end there is a page for printing a test sheet. When I attempt to print that sheet, there is an error message that pops up and says that the installiation is incomplete. There is a problem with the printer spooling service.
What is a printer spooling service? And how do I fix it?
Now when I restart the computer, with the data cable plugged into the tower the computer will not boot up. Please somebody help me out.

A:Epson CX4800 issue

Check and make sure that your print spooling service is started by going into windows services. next when booting up your machine make sure that the printer is not turned on, what is happening is that the pc is trying to boot from the printer.

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I've used Avast! for at least 2 years. Beginning 2 weeks ago, I started getting the message "Some files could not be scanned" at the end of a scan. Looking at the log revealed that all the unscanned files are in the system restore folder (C:\System VolumeInformation\_restore\. . .). The error message on each file is "Error: Archive is password protected (42056)". It repeats for EVERY file in the folder, including .png, .js and .gif files as well as the actual RP files.

I tried turning system restore off, which zaps all the restore points, rebooting, then creating a new, single restore point and running a Quick Scan. Did not solve the problem; every file in the folder is still "off limits" to Avast! EXCEPT when I do a boot-time scan (which runs before Windows loads).

Posted the problem on Avast's forum, but got no explanation. I realize it does not mean anything is infected, and it's not critical that Avast be able to scan the RPs, but the fact that it started doing this on 11/14 and now does it for every scan signals that something in the OS or in Avast has changed. Or might this have something to do with the fact that I have SpywareBlaster, a program that "immunizes" some registry items so spyware can't alter them (most HOST files)? Could the last update for that program have contained a change where it now immunizes the RPs?

Anybody have a clue as to what has happened here?

A:Solved: Avast scanning issue

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Hi All,

I have a question about a recent Nmap scan I tried doing. The network I am trying to scan is .. (25 bit mask?)
I invoke a nmap using using nmap -sL It goes through hosts 128-255 but doesn't detect any as being 'up' or reverse their hostname. I do this all time with other subnets. Does anyone know if I am scanning the network wrong? I can ping a random host on this subnet just fine.. Any ideas??


This is a legitimate network scan, I am allowed to scan this network.

A:Nmap Issue Scanning /25 Subnet

B u m p

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The scanner has worked correctly before, but is not now.

When I place a single page on the glass on the scanner and push scan, the document is scanned twice and the image appears as 2 seperate docs. Why is it doing this? I want it to remain 1 page like the original. Any ideas?

A:Canon Multipass 360 - scanning issue

Have you tryed uninstalling and reinstalling? this may help

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I have created a very simple DLL in C# that scans (TWAIN) and saves the image to a temp file form which I read into a Picturebox.

When I use the DLL in a Windows form, it works perfectly. when I use it in an HTML page, the page scans but then everything hangs. The image is not saved to a temp file and nothing is rendered. Since it is only happening in IE, it seems to an issue with security.

The code for the scanner is below:

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Drawing.Imaging;
using System.Data;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.IO;
using System.Security;
using System.Security.Permissions;
using GdiPlusLib;
using TwainLib;

namespace DotScan
/// <summary>
/// Summary description for UserControl1.
/// </summary>

[SecurityPermission(SecurityAction.Assert, Flags=SecurityPermissionFlag.UnmanagedCode)]
[FileIOPermission(SecurityAction.Assert, Unrestricted=true)]
public class DotScan : System.Windows.Forms.UserControl, IMessageFilter
private System.ComponentModel.IContainer components;
private System.Windows.Forms.Panel panel1;
private bool msgfilter;
private Twain tw;
IntPtr bmpptr;
IntPtr pixptr;
Rectangle bmprect;

private System.Windows.Forms.Button btnFile;
//private int picnumber = 0;

string imageFileName;
private System.Windows.Forms.Button button1;
private System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox pictureBox... Read more

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We have just moved back to Germany. My wife has a Power Mac G 5 with a new harddrive and a new 30 in. Cinema display. Hooked it all up last night and everything was great UNTIL we tried to connect the Epson 2200 printer through a USB port. As soon as we connected it the mouse no longer worked and we got an error message that the USB port was draing too much power and would be disabled. Unplugged the printer, mouse comes back. We have the printer on a 200 W transformer--the same one we used for over 2 years when we were in Germany before. Then we had 2 monitors--only thing that has changed is the Cinema HD monitor. So, can´t figure this one out. I connected an external hard drive using the same USB port and even a hub and everything still worked. It has to do with the printer. Any thoughts on what to do here?

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hope you can help. i just set up my scanner after a move, and while i've made a few new changes to my system, they aren't that drastic, and i'm getting the error message when i want to preview in professional mode that there is not enough memory and i have to quit another application. Not sure if this is a scratch disk issue or not? i changed the settings in the scan screen to point to a drive that has 400G on it, and still no dice. I can't seem to import through the photoshop twain either? help?

A:epson perfection 1670 issue

Hi MoreUbiquitous and welcome to TSG,

How is your scanner/printer connected to your computer? Is it plugged in directly from the mains supply, or via a USB slot?

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  HI have MS windows 8.1 64 bit installed epson LX-350 installed on it .directly is printing garbage

  and it prints have way with big characters when you print form Quickbooks 2013 enterprise edition.
 when you print from another machine with windows 7 profensional  on the same network  it prints ok.
  on windows 8.1 when printing locally is the where is the major problem ?.

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I just purchased an Epson 3490 scanner and I am having hard time making it work with my Dell Inspiron Pentium IV laptop, no problem connecting it to my e mac. It just won't talk to the pc. I have Windows xp and when i try to install the epson driver i am asked to "Disable Anti Virus Software" so I go to my McAffee Security Center and disable the Virus Scan, Privacy Service, Spam Killer, and i open the Personal Firewall Plus. Then when I finish the install and double click on the scanner icon on the desktop, the following error message shows up: " Can not properly communicate with the scanner. make sure the scanner is on, properly connected, and properly setup to scan. If using SCSI, restart your computer." in the meanwhile the scanner makes two abrupt scanning noises and its green light starts blinking, but nothing happens. Just wondering if anybody has had similar issues with that scanner, possible solutions? Thanks

A:Epson 3490 scanner issue

The twain drivers might be corrupted. If there aren’t any on the computer the Epson driver will install them, but if corrupted ones are already on the computer the installation won’t overwrite them. The basic procedure is to uninstall the driver and do a search for twain and delete any files and folders it finds in the Windows folder only. Then reinstall.

This is more specific: http://www.mustek.com/support/twaintwunkremoval.html The procedure is the same for all brands.

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We have a Canon imageRunner 1025N multifunction printer/copier/scanner in our office. Up until today, it was directly connected to one of our office computers through a USB cable. Now it's been networked. One of the functions of this printer is that it could scan in documents to the computer. But now that it's networked, the scanner feature seems to no longer be an option. As far as I could tell with the manual, the scanner will not work if it's networked. My question is that if this is true, can a printer be connected to a networked AND connected to a computer through the USB cable at the same time (without any functionality issues) so that we can scan our documents again? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. (And if there is no one with an answer, any help directing me to where I could find an answer would be appreciated as well since I cannot find how to get help through Canon's website.)

A:Canon imageRunner 1025N Scanning Issue

You may just need to reinstall the Canon software from the CD and configure the scanner as being Network connect rather then USB. Also the brochure suggests the unit support Scan to Email and Scan to FTP, you can configure that if its network connected, that's generally how most Xerox units are setup at the sites I visit. The Canon website seems to very lacking, you may have better manuals on the installation CD.

But there should be no reason it can't be connected both ways, however the scan to email or a network drive would be better.

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I have an Epson 1400 printer.....I want to know if there is any issue at all in using non-Epson premium glossy paper for that setting when I print. Same question for other similar setting: if the setting on the printer is "Epson ultra-premim glossy photo paper," what if I use another brand of glossy photo paper instead?

I like the Epson paper, and I don't want to be penny-wise and pound-foolish....but if there are better deals out there for what amounts to the same product, I want to know that.


A:Solved: Is there any issue using non-Epson photo paper?

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Greetings All,

     Before I start, I understand that this is an old computer with an old operating system but I have two (2) desktops (OEM) that have no issues.

     I purchased a Epson Perfection V550 scanner the other day and I'm having issues with the software installation.  The laptop is Inspiron 1501 with Windows XP (Media Center Edition).  There is something conflicting with the software installation within the Windows XP (MCE) that is not in the Windows XP Professional version.  The software that came with the scanner was successfully installed into two (2) ASUS desktop computers that have Windows XP Professional installed with SP3.  I'm wondering what the main difference is between the two (2) what should be similar operating systems that is preventing the software from successfully installing on my Inspiron 1501.  I already went through Epson Technical Support when steered me to Dell, but considering that the computer is ten (10) years old and the operating system is not supported (April 8, 2014) I figured that maybe someone here may be able to help.

     Thank you for reading this post and hope that maybe someone may shed some light on what could be causing this problem.  Just on other thing to add is one of the desktop computer has the same software installed (aka: Office, Photoshop, National Instrument, etc.) on it that I have on the 1501.



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I had a Brother laser MFC for many years and needed to replace it so I purchased the current version (MFC-7860DW). While loading the s/w CD, an error popped up that prevents the loading of the Paperport scanning s/w. I have uploaded a screen print of the error message. In case you can not clearly read the attached, the following is the error code: Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of the assembly. Microsoft VC80.CRT.Type="win32".version"8.0.50727.4053".publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9e1e8e3b".processorArchitecture+amd64".

My machine is a Vista 64 bit operating system. Thank you for your help.

A:Microsoft Visual C++2005 Redristibutable x64 issue when installing scanning software

Hi do you Visual C ++ 2005 installed Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) from Official Microsoft Download Center do you have the service pack 1 update Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

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If I have a heavily infected OS and I hook it up to a working PC as an external drive and scan it, will the viruses be removed and found as well as if it was scanned directly from the infected OS?


A:Scanning an infected OS externally as good as scanning it from it's own OS? [Moved]

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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When I first bought my CanoScan 8800F and set about scanning my old slides I was a bit enthusiastic and scanned at the default resolution. The resulting images, when printed, were poor quality. I have now started re-scanning all 124 slides at 4800dpi (or is it ppi?). The trouble is that when I enhance them or change their sizes Photoshop takes ages to complete the operation. Should I scan at 4800 or 2400 then resize the images to 600 before doing any enhancing? Is there some way to scan slides so that they print at an acceptable resolution but do not involve hours of waiting? I also want to burn the scanned images to a DVD.

A:Scanning Slides: Slow when scanning high resolution

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Since I was last on the forum I had problems with the computer continually blinking all the time, as if programme was running in background continually. I had installed Secunia PIS and believed that it may have caused the problem. I then had problem uninstalling Secuni and found that I was able to sort it out using “REGEDIT” in the Software section “user_software” and “machine_software”, click and deleted the programme.

The continual “blinking” saga is still there. But, at the same time I am having problems with printing any documents with the Epson C90, which would take at least three minutes to complete the spooling and printing function. I didn’t have this problem before. I spoke to Epson support and sadly they were no help, except to advise me to uninstall and reinstall the programme.

I thought that possibly my WORD programme could be part of the problem, which is WORD 2000 SR-1 that is fully updated to SR-3. I then uninstalled WORD and reinstalled WORD as per Microsoft Download site for software, and printing problem was still the same.

I also have an Epson TX110, I decided to install the TX110 and use it as the “default printer”, but the same printing problem existed. I then decided to uninstall all EPSON printers completely via “ADD/REMOVE”. The EPSON Software was listed under many components. I “REMOVED” each component, one at a time, but the following four components wouldn’t remove an... Read more

A:Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE

I have taken further steps from many answers found on the Google search engine.

(1) I ran Microsoft fix-it on uninstalling problems,and I fixed one EPSON item that wasn't neither of the components that are still listed on ADD/REMOVE.

(2) I went REGEDIT Hkey-Local-Machine-Software-microsoft windonw- current version-uninstall and scrolled down to those EPSON components, and hit the DELETE button.

(3) I then went to C Drive-Programme Files and clicked on three EPSON files that were still listed and deleted them.

I assumed after all of that it would remove all in total, but those entries are still listed on the ADD/REMOVE population. Any idea how to delete these, or even if they are there and it appears that all EPSON components have been DELETED, would it be okay to download the TX110 printer again?

Thanks and regards

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The Epson Perfection Scanner 1250 which is installed on my PC with Windows XP SP2, used to work but no longer does. I have re-installed the scanner software from the CD supplied with the scanner, but when I try and use it I get a message : Epson Twain 5 Scanner Model not supported by Epson Twain. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Epson Perfection 1250 &amp; Epson Twain %

I spoke to Epson. They told me to download a new driver. Shouldn't be a problem, but first I have to install Winzip. I think it is best to regard the problem as Solved. Will

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Since I was last on the forum I had problems with the computer continually blinking all the time, as if programme was running in background continually. I had installed Secunia PIS and believed that it may have caused the problem. I then had problem uninstalling Secuni and found that I was able to sort it out using “REGEDIT” in the Software section “user_software” and “machine_software”, click and deleted the programme.

The continual “blinking” saga is still there. But, at the same time I am having problems with printing any documents with the Epson C90, which would take at least three minutes to complete the spooling and printing function. I didn’t have this problem before. I spoke to Epson support and sadly they were no help, except to advise me to uninstall and reinstall the programme.

I thought that possibly my WORD programme could be part of the problem, which is WORD 2000 SR-1 that is fully updated to SR-3. I then uninstalled WORD and reinstalled WORD as per Microsoft Download site for software, and printing problem was still the same.

I also have an Epson TX110, I decided to install the TX110 and use it as the “default printer”, but the same printing problem existed. I then decided to uninstall all EPSON printers completely via “ADD/REMOVE”. The EPSON Software was listed under many components. I “REMOVED” each component, one at a time, but the following four components wouldn’t remove and kept on coming up with and ERROR messages stating: “Specific ... Read more

A:Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE

I still have the blinking computer saga, but I was able to ADD/REMOVE the four problematic programmes by doing this:

Click Control Panel &#8211; ADD/REMOVE

Programme won&#8217;t remove/uninstall and an ERROR appears stating &#8220;specific module not found&#8221; or any other form of ERROR Message that stops the component being uninstalled.

Steps (Before doing anything on each step, back up and restore):

(1) Go to Microsoft Uninstall Problem Trouble-shooter KB2438651 or later version, and RUN the &#8220;FIX IT&#8221; download, and if it doesn&#8217;t &#8220;FIX IT&#8221;, then do the following steps.

(2) Click START, go to RUN, type in REGEDIT and go to:
HKey_current_user-software and then find FOLDER and DELETE Folder.
Hkey_current_local_machine-software find FOLDER and DELETE folder.

(3) Go to Hkey_local_machine-software-microsoft-windows-current version, then click (+) for UNINSTALL, scroll down to programme-RIGHT CLICK-DELETE.
(Note: The programme or whatever you are trying to remove from ADD/REMOVE many not be listed under its NAME, then highlight the individual &#8220;registry keying information&#8221; one at a time and the NAME will be listed in the right column, then RIGHT CLICK and DELETE. Keep going down the &#8220;registry keying information&#8221;, highlighting each as you go find the name of the problematic programmes, and deleting.

(4) Go to C DRIVE &#8211;Program Files and click to see if any other... Read more

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I am using Windows 7 Home premium and need help on which multifunction printer to get.

A:multifunction printer

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A guy has a multifunction keyboard which works fine as long as he is logged in as the administrator. However, if any other user hits the volume control on the keyboard, it shoots up to max and cannot be changed. If the administrator logs back in, he is stuck too. It only works again if he reboots and logs in again as administrator. He has tried swapping keyboards, reloading multifunction software, and even reloading Windows. Any thoughts?

A:Multifunction volume

I would have the administrator checks his settins and his users.
this is not a hardware problem.

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I'm looking for a good multifunction printer that is under $300. It must have copier, scanner and color fax capabilities and print good quality photographs.
I've been using an HP d135 but it is now defunct and out of warranty.

We use the printer to print CD covers, so it must be able to handle a decent workload and give attractive printouts.

I know there are some good multifunction printers out there, I just don't know how to sort through them all. Any good experiences/suggestions?

A:What is the best multifunction printer?

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