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Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

Q: Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

Internet Service Personal Router Static IP MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

Hello friends,

I have purchased static IP from Local ISP Provider . Problem is that the tech support of local ISP provider is asking em

Which Port would you like to bind your Static IP

Also they ask me whats the MAC Address of Router
Pls see attached screenshot
As you can see Internet port - 74:44:01:94:E0:79
Whereas LAN Port has mac address - 74:44:01:94:E0:78

Which is routers mac address?

I have no idea.

I know we have two ports in router (mine is Netgear 300N Model)
1. WAN (Internet) Port
2. LAN Port
Could anyone really help in explaining me
1. Which one is routers mac address
2. Static ip should be binded to LAN or WAN Port

Pls guide Thank You

P.S. I intend to use DVR for CCTV for remote viewing later

Preferred Solution: Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

I Don't know what your talking about directly but I'm willing to try. Can you explain a little better what the isp person is asking you? From the screenshot I know the bottom section is your local connection and the top part is your WAN connection. If that helps any.

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Hello. I have a question to ask you.

Can a user setup a static IP address before doing a port forwarding on a router when your ISP (a big cable company) uses and assigns me a dynamic IP address? I wish to have port forwarding for a VoIP telephone on my router. The router I am wishing to port forward is a Netgear WNR2000v2.

I always thought when your ISP uses dynamic IP address, you cannot setup anything with your home networking with a static IP address. Am I wrong? Please explain.

Please reply.

Thank you!

A:Can I Setup Static IP Address Before Doing Port Forwarding On Router?

The info that follows is not precise so that it can be concise.

For the purposes of this discussion, there are two sets of addresses:
Private and Public.

Your ISP assigns a public IP address to the public side of your router.

Your router assigns a private IP address to devices (computers/phones) in your home.

You can assign a static IP address to your phone or most any device on the private side of the router.

The public IP address that your ISP assigns to the public side of your router won't change very often - but when it does change - there are services that can track the change. And/or there are tools that will e-mail you each changed public IP address.
I'm not endorsing or suggesting that you use this service:
Managed DNS and Dynamic DNS - 100% DNS Uptime No-IP
The link is just the first example that I could find.
I would not download from this website:
Email My IP Free Download
The link is just the first example that I could find.
More detailed info on this topic:

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I've just got a wireless router, BT Voyager 2000, I have been following this guide http://www.portforward.com/help/pfprogression.htm slowly, due to my limited knowledge, I have got to the part where a static IP address must be set. I have followed this guide http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm and firstly there was only one DNS Server and when clicking ok at the end it says "You entered an invalid subnet mask. The subnet mask has to be contiguous. Please enter a valid mask."
Any ideas.
Cheers, Anthony

A:Port Forwarding & Static IP Address

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OS: Windows XP SP2
DSL Router: Westell 6100
Wireless Router: Netgear WGR614 v6

After 2 hours on the phone with tech support last night, I finally got my connection back up. Now I am needing to forward a port or two on my routers, but due to the complicated nature of the setup, I have not figured out how to get it to work as of yet. I have already tried the (overly technical) explanation on portforward .com (http://portforward.com/help/doublerouterportforwarding.htm). But that is just a bit over my head as of now. The Netgear router is configured as a LAN ip, if that helps.

Any help is greatly appriciated!

A:dual router - port forwarding/ static ip


Your link came back with a "page out of date" error message.

Does any of the information on this page help:


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Tenda router can not accept 10.1.62.xxx ip address for port forwarding that has LAN 192.168.0.xxx?

Error Message:

The private ip and lan ip must be on the same subnet tenda router
Regard Stuckfree.

A:Tenda router can not accept 10.1.62.xxx ip address for port forwarding that has LAN 1

Originally Posted by Stuckfree

Tenda router can not accept 10.1.62.xxx ip address for port forwarding that has LAN 192.168.0.xxx?

Error Message:

The private ip and lan ip must be on the same subnet tenda router
Regard Stuckfree.

Please give some respond if someone knows how to configure different network ip addresses for port forwarding that a router LAN network start with 192.168.xxx.xxx


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I run a web server from my laptop, and my IP address (location) gets updated via DynDNS.org servers.

My notebook is always behind a NAT-configured LAN, and I have configured the router firewall to pass port 80 service requests to my IP (usually 192.168.x.2, where x is maybe 0 or 1 or whatever...I use NetSetMan for location based setting). Note: the DHCP server is configured to stay away from static addresses in the private LAN.

Most routers have their own port 80 service, the configuration interface, accessible by hosts inside the LAN.

I don't have a problem with port 80 service requests coming from the WAN getting passed to 192.168.x.2 host running the web server.

BUT, users in the 192.168.x subnet requesting service from within the LAN do NOT get delivered the web page from host 192.168.x.2, but instead the router's configuration interface, if they use the host NAME. Of course, if they use the host IP address, they get the content.

What is happening of course is that if anyone uses "http://mywebserverhostname.com/", it goes to DynDNS.org where the IP is resolved to the address a.b.c.d, the WAN IP address of the router I am currently connected to. So the http client bundles the packet to the destination a.b.c.d:80.

The users INSIDE the LAN get the router configuration interface web page when they type in a.b.c.d:80, but not users OUTSIDE the LAN (in that WAN).

What's the solution?

A:Passing Port 80 Service Request Through Router From WAN To LAN

Any chance this is a Belkin router? I had the same problem with my Belkin N450 Gigabit, not being able to use my DynDNS name, only the ip address (192.168.....). The Belkin died a few days ago when our power blipped two or three times in a row (I did not have the router on a battery backed up UPS plug, do now).

I replaced it with a Netgear 450 Gigabit router and the problem is gone. I can now connect using the DynDNS name (and Mooo.com name) again. So, bottom line is, it's probably your router causing the problem.

I went round and round with Belkin on this for over a month and finally just gave up. Made it difficult to test changes to the web server.

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so i opened my port 25565 (or so i thought) went to test to see if its open on multiple sites and....all of them say its closed.

A:router not passing port scan after opening port

Start the application you opened the port for and then test the port, it should report it as opened.

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1. Is this a wired or wireless connection issue?
2. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

3. What type of Broadband connection are you using?

4. What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo
Netgear WNDR3800, Cisco DPC3008

5. What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software
comodo firewall

A:router not passing port scan after opening port

Have you tried a different port to see if that port is being blocked by your ISP?

I also see that your parsing TCP to UDP, probably doesn't make a difference to the port being open or closed but it might be better to set them both the same or set to Any.

Another problem you may encounter is your IP may change, most ISP's like to change your IP every so often so you may have to set up a DDNS with a hostname in order to access the services you want remotely.

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I have been using an DSL Siemens speedstream 6520 router at home. I usually carry out some R&D by placing servers behind the router. I access the services on each of the servers from the ouside using port forwarding and it has been working fine for http, ftp, RDP, any user defined ports etc but in the case of port 25 SMTP its not working at all. I have checked the port on the local lan and I am able to telnet to that server but from the outside only on this port 25 I am not able to telnet. But If i were to change the SMTP port number from 25 to any other port like 24 or 26, I am able to telnet from the outide. Is there any way i can make SMTP port 25 to work and access the same from the outside.


A:SpeedStream 6520 DSL Router - Port forwarding for port 25

Is it possible that port 25 has been blocked by your ISP? This is a pretty common thing for ISP's to do as a SPAM prevention measure.

As you can see, there are quite a few ISP's blocking port 25 on this list.

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I have setup a Static IP address through Windows XP, and I am trying to forward ports to my Xbox 360 (to avoid Strict NAT settings). The problem right now is that I cannot access my routers set up page.

I am using a D-Link WBR-2310, which is not installed on the PC, but runs a password-protected wireless network. I have run IPconfig, and have obtained the IP address and Default Gateway. When I type either in my Web Browser (tried Firefox/IE) I am led to my DSL modem's setup page and not my wireless router.

I have tried every IP address possible (from the default router address to the IPconfig) and I cannot access my wireless router setup. Through the D-Link website, I have also tried to use an emulator, but I am unable to make any changed regarding Port Forwarding. Once again, my wireless router is not installed, and the installation is not working because "The router is not detected- Error 322"

I have been trying to solve this problem for the past 4 hours with no luck so I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance

A:Networking & wireless: Can't manage router- typing IP address doesn't work(port fwd)

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I have a cq50-120 and a motorla sb6121 . Both have gig ports but laptop will not hook up to router at gig speed . I have tried different cables cat 5 type . I have tried a different laptop different router and even bought a 5 port hub all ghz ports .

I am lost . I do know computer and networking from back in the NAVY I was on submarines and a torpedo reload crushed my spine a few years later I got I got my MCSE 4.0 and CCNA years ago after I got out of the NAVY then the pain got to bad and I had a morphine pump installed in me. That meant I am total disabled. I do help out local folks with simple problems .

May the med is stopping is stopping me from thinker straight
ANY I deas

A:Laptop gig hz port to router gig port problem

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I had to change my configuration of my router in order to allow port forwarding. After everything was configured I am still able to connect via the hard wired computer. My two laptops which access the internet via WIFI can connect to the router but not the internet.
Is there a connection change I need to change in the laptops to compensate for the fixed IP addy?

A:Gave my Router a static address now can't connect to internet wirelessly

If they are running Windows please show for the computer with internet access and for one of the other ones ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have suddenly gotten this on my main computer. (Windows XP)
A previous techguy thread (expired) said to check my dns numbers with "jpconfig /all"
However, my computer will not allow me to run that program in safe mode.
Is it a bug issue... or will that program only run in full mode?

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Dear mulebit,
It actually is " ipconfig /all " i.e replace" j"with "i".Please go to command prompt under Start--> Programs-->accessories. No need for "safe mode" to carry out this task. Can you kindly provide details of your computer specifications? Are you using a third party firewall and if so which brand? What security software are you running?

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I am a beginner really and got this message after eliminating (hopefully) a prgram called Antivirus Action from my computer. I can't get on the internet because I keep getting this message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings > Proxy server > Advanced. Delete the proxy server settings under HTTP, HTTPS (secure) and FTP (and Socks, if any). Then, under Proxy server, uncheck all boxed.

If running Firefox too, disable proxy server.

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Please help i cannot connect to internet explorer!

I am getting the error message

Check the Firewall settings for HTTP port 80, HTTPs port 443 and FTP port 21.

My provider is tiscali and i have done the trouble shooting with them to no avail, Also tried to disable the Norton firewall functions and still didnt connect. My broadband connection is showing excellent between the router and pc with both wireless or with the lead.

I have Spybot and Ad-aware on my computer and norton internet security 2006.

Do i have to clear the Firewall settings for these ports or can anyone help me .... please!

Thanks a million


A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

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Hello all. I was talking on skype and lost internet connectivity while talking. I received the error above (Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message). I am running a laptop with windows XP and IE 7 and my antivirus is AVG and I also have Ad-Aware.

I'm not much of a computer person but I did some research online and tried a few things: I turned off the option on skype's advanced settings for it to listen on Port 80 and then rebooted. I also ran a command, 'netstat -aon' and did not find a listing of 1270.0.1:80/443 or which seems to imply that nothing should be affecting port 80 or 443.

I also downloaded firefox and it cannot access the internet either. The only way I'm able to access the internet at the hotel I'm located at was to call the hotel's tech support and they had me go into the LAN settings of internet options and manually select port 8080.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Some info on common ports used, http://www.chaminade.org/MIS/Articles/Fire...ortSecurity.htmI don't know much about connectivity problems...but it seems to me that...if you never had this problem before and your system connects properly outside of this hotel...the hotel/location may be the problem.Worth a read, IMO: http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-37752-c...on-the-internetLouis

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I'm wondering if there is a program out there (or settings in the router) that will
enable me to completly shut a computer from the internet.

At first I could control the internet traffic per computer in the router settings but
somehow its gone broken , I already mailed the helpdesk and stuff.

Router type: Draytek Vigor 2500 (annex a)
More detailed info on my router:

Thanks anyway :wave:

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I am facing the following issue:
As soon as i connect to the internet, services.exe is opening tcp connections to many UNKNOWN ip address on port 25.
When i issue "netstat -n" command, it is showing 100's of connection to different ip addresses on port 25 as follows:

... Read more

A:services.exe connecting to 100's of foreign address on port 25 making internet slow


Can anyone help me in solving this issue? I still have the problem.


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Well, this has me baffled. My Bell Internet Security Services Activation (I just installed it on a computer not used for some 4 or 5 months) popped up a window saying "Waiting for Internet connection"...and waiting and waiting. But my Netgear wireless connection to the router in the house indicates "very good" signal strength, which I thought meant I was connected. Obviously not!

I tried opening IE. "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page" (much as I expected)

Clicked the button which was showing on the IE cannot connect page "Diagnose connection problems" and followed the instructions. The final diagnostic is "Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer. Check the firewall settings for the ports HTTP...etc." Where on this earth are they?!

I checked the Windows Firewall settings and found it "off (not recommended)" so I switched it on.

I re-ran the diagnostic on the IE page and nothing has changed.

My question is:

How do I check the settings for HTTP port (80) and HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21)? Also what do I set them to?

Many thanks, in advance, for a solution to my problem!

A:Solved: Help! Settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443), FTP port (21)

So you just installed an Internet Security Suite which has a Firewall built-in and then you enabled XP' built-in firewall? I am baffled as to why you would do that. The new software you installed has to be blocking it somehow. I would search their website for known issues.

Or just uninstall it and use something different.

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I saw this problem listed, but My issue is a bit different and the previous solution didn't work for me.

Please forgive me if any of my posts offend, as I am new to this site. I don't intend to be rude, but my ignorace may anger some. Also forgive the length of the post, I wish to be thorough as to avoid getting possible solutions that I have already tried or are not relavent.

I recently had some repairs done on my computer which involved reformatting my hard drive and when I got it back started having trouble accessing some internet sites. Unlike the previous person's post with this issue i can still access the internet and 95% of sites, but a select (and seemingly random) few give the IE cannot access website error. When I run the networking Diagnostics for Windows XP get the following error:

Check the Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21)

The only firewalls I know of on my computer are Windows and my router (both of which I have disabled) i have also tried Firefox and it craps out at the same exact sites.

In addition to selected sites, some third party programs are having trouble accessing the internet. This includes Nortons Installer (I haven't been able to install my antivirus yet because of this error) and I haven't been abble to register Microsoft office after I installed because it cannot access the internet for ID Key Verification.

I have tried turning off all LAN proxy settings, and power ... Read more

A:Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21)

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About two weeks ago the internet in the apartment started acting very poor. A day or so after that, it quit alltogether, with Windows saying it is a DNS server issue. I have reason to believe the IT guy for the apartment has NO idea what he's talking about, as he has told the landlord that it is probably too many wireless routers causing interference. This is not the case.

The symptoms are that, when connected to our wireless router windows says there is a DNS issue, and we do not have internet access. While plugged directly in to the wall the internet works perfectly fine.
My speculation is that whatever we are getting our internet from in the line is not allowing our router to assign IP addresses (or not handling them properly on its end), thus causing the DNS issue and the lack of internet.

Supposedly there are only about 4 apartments (out of 16) that are affected by this same problem, and I am the only person actively trying to fix this, as it is affecting my school work. I have limited access to the hardware of the building, but can get just about whatever I need for testing purposes through the landlord if I try hard enough.

If anyone has any ideas what this issue may be or how it may be resolved, please let me know. My schooling is kind of relying on it.

A:Solved: Internet doesn't work through router but through port.

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I have been trying to get this to work for the past two days and I am fed up with it so my settings are back to DHCP. I have the Buffalo WHR HP G54 router and Surfboard SB6120 cable modem. I am trying to configure a static IP and use the router to forward to a specific port. I have read www.portforward.com and I just cannot make it work. Maybe I need to hit the reset button on the router and leave it alone. If this is the wrong place for this question please provide me a link to take my question elsewhere. Thanks.

A:Static IP and Port Forwarding

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Hi, my friend just port-forwarded his computer, do get faster download speeds or something, but I am wondering what that exactly does, or if it makes your computer more prone to viruses, or if it does anything much for the average user. Sometimes we send each other larger video files, since we like to make movies, etc. but would it speed that up any do you think?

Thanks for the help,

A:Port-forwarding And Static Ip's?

Hi Raydanator, have a look at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forward Also this is another good site http://forum.portforward.com/YaBB.cgi?board=;action=login2

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i need help setting up an static ip address since i need to open up my ports for some programs such as UT2004. i tried the one in the portforward.com but it doesnt work. i tried atleast 10 times but it just doesnt open up the port. can u guys plz help me? thnx in advance
p.s: i have a router: Linksys RTP300
Modem: TOshiba PCX2200
Computer: Win XP home edition sp2.
i might need clear instructions so plz help me out.

A:Static Ip and port forward

Call Linksys. They should open up the ports for you.

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Before I start this is my OP system and what I have. + guides I followed.
As you can see I'm trying to host/play on starcraft with no delay but can't config my static IP correctly. If anybody knows how to do this without having to set-up a static IP that'd be pretty cool too.
Windows XP

Modem - Embarq 660 series dsl
Guide from port forward - http://www.portforward.com/english/r.../Starcraft.htm

D link Router - WBR 1310
Guide from port foward - http://www.portforward.com/english/r.../Starcraft.htm

Static IP guide http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm

The problem is when I try to set up a Static IP everything is going fine (Ithink) but when I get near the end of the page where it wants my DNS pref/alt I realize that my default gateway/DNS/DHCP all have the same IP.

When I was browsing my setup page I went under the maintenance/system status and found some interesting information (All the wan information and lan information.) It lists all the fields I would need to set-up a static IP, but the information is totally different from when I do ipconfig/all. Would any of the information there be useful when trying to set-up a static ip or portforward?

Tried to call my ISP to see if they could help me with this situation (as the guide suggests), but like all phone tech support it takes very long to get ahold of a rep.

Thanks in advance

Screen shots of the embarq/dlink pages, not sure if I should post up my cmdrun ss in a public topic.
http://i4.... Read more

A:Static IP set-up/port forwarding

If the D-Link router has the IP reservation feature, where you tell it to always assign the same IP address to a specified MAC (Physical) address, that's a little nicer than using a static IP address. Else you want to use a static IP address to make sure it doesn't change.

1. I'm guessing you have the Embarq 660 modem/router and the D-Link cascaded, right? That means you have to port forward on the Embarq to the D-Link's WAN and port forward on the D-Link to the computer.

2. If you put the D-Link in the Embarq's DMZ that would save you a port forward and make things considerably simpler.

3. Or you could bridge the Embarq to use it as a modem only.

4. Or you could use the D-Link as an ethernet switch and wireless access point only (one of us will post JohnWill's recipe if you like).

I don't understand your question(s) on static IP, but think that part of the confusion may be the current need to do double port forwarding. Decide for sure which way you want to use the Embarq and D-Link and then the static IP questions should be fairly easy to handle.

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I am trying to port forward my router for my friends to join my multiplayer server, but it isn't working. I created a static IP through my Fios router's website, and I checked to make sure my port was forwarded with the program "Port Forward Network Utilities" (which said that my port was successfully forwarded). Still, nobody is able to join my server. I am 90% sure this isn't a problem with the game, so I posted this to a big boy forum to solve it.

I am currently running on Windows 8 (Windows 10 doesn't want to work on my PC)


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Ok so i have a netgear WGR614v9 and i want to forward ports on it, i have followed this guide http://www.portforward.com/english/r...v9/default.htm, but it says i am required to set up a static ip...

I have tried port forwarding on my router page and enter the ip that appears as IPv4 in cmd but when i go to http://www.canyouseeme.org/ the ports are still closed.

So when i try and set my dynamic ip to a static ip i seem to get to the end of this guide http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-win7.htm, but it asks you to enter 2 DNS server ips and when i do ipconfig /all in cmd it only displays one dns server ip.

my ipconfig /all shows the following:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigab
it Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 90-E6-BA-2E-61-60
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::f898:ec84:e2ea:4efb%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 28 February 2010 17:23:05
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 01 March 2010 17:23:05
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 244377274
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01... Read more

A:Can't seem to port forward or set a static ip

Try over in the Networking forum here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f134/

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I am having an issue where my laptop will restart whenever I just barely even touch a USB device to the USB port. I believe this to be some type of static that is going through my computer but am not sure. Any advice would be appreciated!!
I have a gateway laptop with win xp by the way.

A:Problem with Static on USB Port

Does that happen on ANY USB port? Weird. It is possibly grounding out because the solder has come loose. That is, if it is just happening on one port. If it is happening to all the ports, I am not quite sure what to suggest other than replacing the laptop. Sorry not much help.

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Win 7 Home Premium 64bit.
I have a some software that uses a USB device, via COM ports, to operate.
My problem is that the COM port changes either at startup of system or software or, and this causes most problesm, during a session with the software.
The device is plugged into a 7 port USB hub; all on board USB ports are taken by other devices.
Any advice as to force a static COM port on this device please?

A:Static COM port for USB device

Direct connection to motherboard USB port...seems worthy of an attempt.

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I would like certain individuals to be allowed access to my pc from the outside, I have a Linksys BEFSR41 Router and would like any help or suggestions using the PORT FORWARDING feature, or your opinion on getting a static ip address (which I think I will need to use port forwarding), I would be needing the access to allow others to connect to my server for "gaming" reasons. I am running WIN/2000.

Thanks for your time.

A:Port Forwarding / Static IP

If you are hosting a server a static IP is a good thing, but if you aren't you are wasting your money. All you need to do in your router config is to port forward your internal IP address of 192.168.0.x to your WAN address for the ports that the game uses. Either that or the router does have a DMZ feature that you can put your PC on for the duration of your gaming and then remove it when you are done.

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Just reset router because i haven't logged in for a few years so forgot password anyway :

Hi i wanna port forward certain things on my router but i need to get a static ip
because if my router gives me a different ip every time my port wont work.

So i went into network connections, local area connection then went to internet protocol version 4 properties.

I ran the command ipconfig got my : Ethernet adapter local area connection info
an i written down my

IP, subnet mask an default gateway

Problem is when i click ok it says the following :

Warning multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network such as (intranet or the internet). They will not function properly when the gateways are on 2 seperate, disjoint networks such as one on the internet an one on the intranet. do you want to save this config

Can someone please help ! thanks :

A:Static IP / Port forward help please !

If you have the option associate your mac address with a specific ipaddress within the router. Without knowing more about your router it is hard to tell you how to do it but that is what you need to do.

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I recently purchased a CCTV System and linked it to my LAN.
I use a Netgear DGN2200 Router and link from the CCTV DVR using Ethernet over the Socket Ring, (again using a Netgear product).

I want to access the DVR over the internet and seem to have used internet based advice and got confused.

Never done this before and appreciate any alignment of my wandering knowledge:

Q. Do I have to contact my ISP and pay for a Static IP? I am on BT Business Broadband and they say I need to pay 5pm to have a Static IP, but....... Portforward.com indicated that this is not necessary to set up a Static IP, and "watch your ISP doesn't try and sell you one ...."

Goto Step 4 of Portforward.com's instruction here http://portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm and this is where I got a conflict with the guy at BT.

This is probably the key to my lack of experience.

I am not clear on whether the Router needs to be linked statically to the ISP or does my PC??? Portforward.com may have sent me on a tangent.

Appreciate any help, Simon.

A:CCTV, Static IP and Port Forwarding

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Hi, all. First post. I'm running Vista HP. My roommate and I use a Motorola SBG900 wireless modem. I've been having some trouble with Bit Torrent lately and I thought it might be due to my SBG900 firewall. Long story short, I ended up wanting a static ip each for my roommate and myself. Portforward.com says I need a static ip to port forward and I desperately miss my Bit Torrent. I followed the directions on that site but to no avail. I simply have no internet connection once I complete the steps. Can anyone offer any advice? I'll gladly elaborate upon request. TY

A:Of Networks, Static IPs, and Port Forwarding

In your browser's address field, type and press Enter. Enter login info (by default both password and username is admin)Goto Firewall and select Custom policy. In the custom policy enable all preset policies.Then add a new filter. Here you can enter all information for port forwarding.In Port ID enter any name like BitTorrentCheck EnableIn Protocol type choose UDP/TCPIn port range enter any random port you want to forward like 65535 (in both fields). You will have to enter the same port in your BitTorrent client.In protocol number enter any unused numberCheck both inbound / outbound.Click Apply.Warning : Opening a port for torrent clients leaves you vulnerable to hacking attacks. You should use a good software firewall and keep Windows updated.

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Ok here is is my endeavor I am trying to be able to view my IP camera outside of my network.
It works great with in the confines of my local network. Here is what I have done, I did the port forward
on my router (PK 5000 Actiontec), I put the camera's ip address in for the port forward along with port 8080
To see if it works, I had entered my external ip address along with the colon and port numer, no luck.
I pinged my external ip address , that worked great.
Also I tried to access my camera out side of my network.
So my main question is there more to it then just doing the port forward.
I read somewhere that there needs to be a static IP address? whats that?
any info would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regard

A:Port forwarding Static Ip Required???

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In my apartment I have a DSL account which plugs into my DSL
Modem/Router. I then have an 802.11b Router plugged into the DSL Modem/Router. I also have one static IP address from my DSL provider that is assigned to my DSL Modem/Router [i.e., Statis IP via DSL - - > DSL Router/Modem - - > 802.11 Router/Access Point - - > PC]

I would like to be able to access my home PC over the Internet via my static IP address. However, since my one static IP address is assigned to my DSL Modem/Router I assume I have to use Port Forwarding to reach my Home PC via this static IP address. But, I don't know if I should turn port forwarding on for the DSL Modem/Router, for the 802.11b Router/Access Point, or for both. Or maybe I should turn my either my DSL MOdem/Router into a bridge or my 802.11b Router into a bridge?

Any advice on how I should go about doing this would be very helpful. Also, what port should I forward if I just want to be able to log into a shared drive on my Home PC via Windows over the Internet oer maybe it would be better to set up an FTP server (any recommendations for FTP Server Shareware?)

By the way, I have never used Port Forwarding before so if anyone knows of a good web site that explains this as well as how to setup a good firewall please feel free to post it.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to forward some TCP ports for various reasons, and I was following a guide on portforward.com.
I'm behind a wired Netgear router with 2 computers, and this particular computer is connected in the secondary port.
I called my ISP to receive my 'true' DNS servers, and I have my subnet mask and gateway ip from 'ipconfig /all' in my cmd.
HOWEVER, the problem is that I get 3 different ip addresses on my 'ipconfig', my router configuration window, and according to my ISP.
I tried each one of them to get my static IP address, but I always get an error about it not matching with the gateway IP or the DNS server IP, and none of them seem to be able to open up any TCP ports.

A:Help Port Forwarding! Can't configure static ip!

Are you matching them up correctly (default gateway from ipconfig in the default gateway blank etc.)? Also, is the actual IP you are choosing for the static IP close to the router's IP (having only the last octet being different.)?

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I want to add static route with cmd .I want to add  static route for this ip (for example)
I know commad .it is " route add mask getwaye metric 1"
but it doesnt' work because my ip has port number.
where does I add port number in static route?
tanks for your help

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Hi, we had a CCTV set up for which I had to get a static ip and all was working well. Somethings happened and I don't seem to be able to view the cameras from my mobile or ipad etc anymore. It has been suggested that maybe the port forwarding is the issue; any help greatly appreciated.

A:Help with port forwarding CCTV on static ip

Hi Kacy60, and welcome to TSG.

Yes, a port forwarding problem could prevent devices on the Internet from connecting to devices on your network.

We would need to know a bit more details on the hardware involved and how it is all networked together.

For starters ....
1) What is the brand and model number of the modem/router for your Internet connection?

2) What is the brand and model number of the CCTV controller?

3) Does the CCTV controller connect directly to the Internet service provider's modem/router or does it go through another router? If another router is being used, what is the brand and model number?

4) Are you using a single static public IP address for both the CCTV system and for computer Internet access? You do not need to divulge the actual public IP Address(es)be ing used.

5) Assuming the CCTV controller has a local IP address on your internal network, is it a static address or does it get an address via DHCP?

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Hi there, I have been searching the internet for about 2 days now and cannot seem to find any help on this particular topic. I have a Netgear WNR3500L router, and cannot seem to set up a static IP for my laptop, or port forward. All of my DNS servers that show up when I use ipconfig/all are letters instead of numbers, and half the information that i've been told I need to set up a static IP and port forward is missing. If anyone knows a lot about this router and how to set it up, please let me know what information you'll need to help me. I want to get this done and over with ASAP.

A:Setting up a static IP and Port Forwarding

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Hi everyone, can you help!

I've been meaning to reconfigure my routers and computers to create static IPs and therefore allow port forwarding properly. I've tried and tried and I've failed can anyone help?

I've got the following...

Broadband modem
Linksys RT31P2 VOIP router
Linksys WRT54G router

I have two computers hardwired to the wrt54g and I also use two laptops which are used both at home and at work. I'd ideally like to create static IPs for the two hardwired computers and keep assigned IPs for the laptops.

Currently the modem plugs straight into the WAN on the VOIP router. LAN1 on the VOIP router is then connected to the WAN on the WRT54G. The two hardwired PCs are connected to the WRT54G LAN1 and LAN2.

To make things easy, both routers are reset to factory settings.

The VOIP router is set to...
dhcp enabled
DHCP range -

The WRT54G is set to...
dhcp enabled
DHCP range -

All computers (including the laptops) are set to automatic configuration.

Once I have assigned static IPs I then need to allow port forwarding for a few programs on one of the hardwired PCs.

I know how to do port forwarding on a one router system, but not on a chained system like this. I also get confused with what numbers should go where.

Can anyone please suggest exactly what numbers and settings I shou... Read more

A:creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers

Sorry but you are confusing me. I will be be able to help ... but lets break down what you are trying to do.

My first question is why do u have 2x DHCP servers running? Statically assign the 2x desktop PCs with an IP address and then exclude those IP addresses from the DHCP scope. Alternatively you can reserve 2x IP addresses in the scope (MAC addresses required). TURN DHCP SERVER OFF ON ONE OF THE ROUTERS! 2x DHCP servers can cause all kinds of problems within a LAN. One scope is best and to keep it neat, set the address range between 192.168.x.100 - x.150 (if you decide to go with a class C subnet).

Why do you have both WAN ports in use? It sounds like you have created a loop! From one to the other ... makes no sense to me why you did that, in my head the topology looks wrong! You would be better off with a switch rather than 2x routers for reasons like a switch doesn't require an IP address and it is not a DHCP server. But it doesn't matter, we can either NAT between the two routers (which will slow down you internet speed a little) or we can put the VOIP router into bridge mode, give the Linksys all the ISP details and have him as the gateway. Bridge mode is the easier of the two, and won't slow down your internet speed (no NAT rules).

I hope this is making sense. Reply back and fill me in a little more and we'll go from there :grinthumb

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I have a sticky situation with my 360 getting a successful "Open NAT" connection to the Internet. While it connects properly to the Internet, sessions with peers almost always time out.

The 360 is connected to a cable router of mine, a Linksys befsr41 v3 (which is live compatible). This router is then connected to my ISP modem/router, an Embarq modem (zyxel eq-660r)

I already know how to access and configure the hardware, but no matter how I set my ports via the port forward website for both devices, I still get a restricted NAT. this will really restrict how long I can stay connected to large groups. Neither Linksys nor Embarq could help me with my connection issue.

As for my local IPs...

Linksys befsr41:


Zyxel router/modem(also the DNS server everything points to):

If I'm not mistaken, then the ports live uses is 88 and 3074. I want a static IP address due to the number of devices on my network also using static addresses. Maybe one, both or none should use the network IP addresses. I've given up mostly on experiments. I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance for those that reply.

I use an iMac with Leopard (10.5.4) and a Vista Ultimate laptop, 32-bit.

A:Solved: X-Box 360, double NAT, port forwarding, static IP!

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Since i had my PC build up i am experiencing noises when i connect any headphones or earphones into the front port of the PC. The specifications are:

GIGABYTE iSolo 210 Cabinet (has both HD and ac97 audio support, currently connected on HD audio)
GIGABYTE P55-USB3 Motherboard
nVidia GeForce GTX 460 (which is very close to audio port on mobo)
Intel i5 760 Processor
2GB Kingston RAM

Now, the wiring is pretty much good. No free wires lying around and extra wires are zip-tied and put in a corner. There is just 1 free wire that is the IEEE 1394 front port which has no header on the mobo, other than that all wires of the front ports are connected. I tried moving the wires around but no luck. I don't know what may be the reason for the noises but I can give a few details to help

- The noise starts when i watch movies
- At times there is no noise at all, i don't know but i suddenly goes off
- the noise increases when i scroll up or down a page using a mouse
- I have installed the latest drivers as well

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Static noises in front audio port

Do you have a wireless mouse? I guess it is a microsoft make...

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Can anyone please explain the difference between port-centric and static vlans. In my cisco book, they appear to be the same thing, but are clearly defined as different.

Thanks in advance,

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Whenever i plug in headphones i can hear static noise. i've tried with many headphones and get the same irritating noise. can anyone help please? So far i am very unhappy with the XPS 27 it has alot of problems. 

Thanks for any help.

A:Dell XPS 2720 static noise/fuzzy sound from headphone port

I have the same problem. I think they just didn't give the audio out port proper shielding. For example I hear more static when I'm moving my mouse around. Really disappointing since I wanted to use this for audio editing work.

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I've had my computer for around 2 years now and there hasn't been a single thing wrong with it. Suddenly today when I plugged in my headset, there was a really loud pop sound and when the jack was pushed all the way in, there is a static noise. After a couple of minutes the sound dies down and disappears, then comes back again in a random time period. The sound responds to when I scroll up and down a webpage. It responds slightly to all other imputs (ie moving the mouse, holding down keys on the keyboard). It does not respond to cpu load. When I utilize my graphics card under heavy load, the sound changes to a different static noise. So basically the noise responds to almost anything that is happening in the environment.

The noise does not scale with the pc volume. The noise is the same whether I have the volume to 100, 0, or mute.

The sound card is the onboard of my dfi infinity motherboard.

Only this port is affected, my speaker output and digital out are fine.

I did all the wiring for the usb, firewire, mic and headset myself and they are far from any source of static. Nothing has changed in my case; I havent even opened it in a month.

The only thing new at all was a vista update, but none of them affected my soundcard.

I dont think ill die if this issue is unresolved, but its just really annoying. Also its really puzzling.

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Is it possible to configure Windows 7 to have a static IP address for a particular wireless router or hotspot? I know I can make my wireless adaptor have a fixed IP, but that somewhat limits it!

A:Static IP address for a particular wireless router or hotspot?

Why exactly do you want that?
Do you have rights to change the settings on the router?

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