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Samsung 172T Flat Panel Crooked - Need Help

Q: Samsung 172T Flat Panel Crooked - Need Help

Hi, All.
I just purchased two Samsung 172T black flat panel monitors. After I opened the double hinge stand and stood them up, the panels tilted to the right. In other words, they are not level. The shelf is pretty level. The panel is not level or parallel with its base. Both units tilt the same on different shelfs. So, I cannot believe that I got two bad units.

Is there an adjustment screw on the hinge that will enable me to level the unit? I have yet to call Samsung - I thought that I would try here first.


Preferred Solution: Samsung 172T Flat Panel Crooked - Need Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Samsung 172T Flat Panel Crooked - Need Help

Welcome to TechSpot forums

I've just bought a silver 172T from a friend, unfortunately I won't be able to play with it until the weekend. I'll ask him if knows anything about adjusting the monitor as far as the stand goes...

I'll post any useful info I find out back here..

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I am searching for the HDTV. I got this one at www.direct2deal.com I am thinking to buy that one because it is cheap as well as branded.

What is your review for that deal... Please let me know So I can make decision for buying...

This is my humble request to you, please reply this message with your suggestion. If you have any other good deals related to HDTV please post here to help me.

A:Samsung 19 Flat-Panel LCD HDTV @ $431.99!!!!


If you are looking for HDTV's LCD technology is the way to go. I'd say that monitor is pretty good but for a couple hundred more you can get much better. Save your money until you have enough to get a better one.


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Suddenly my monitor quit working a couple days ago. I guess it's about 4 or 5 yrs old. Never a problem until Sun a.m. When I got up my computer was dead. Put a new power supply in and then everything worked. Checked my e-mail and later came back and the monitor wouldn't work. I have a new moniter now, but wonder if there is any way to trouble shoot the old one. I don't know if they are worth doing anything with or not.

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What do I look for in a 19 inch flat panel. Is 700:1 contrast ratio better than 500:1? what about the pitch? what is a good refresh rate?

A:How do I buy a flat panel?

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Anyone has a recommendation on a 17 or 19 inch flat panel? Sony, Viewsonic etc.....

A:LCD Flat Panel

Here are some, I'm getting one, probably one of these..take a look:
Sony's a lil expensive.

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i need recommendations for 17" and 19" flat panel monitors that are reasonably priced.

A:flat panel monitors



Check out SAMS or CostCo or Best Buy.

About $350~450 for a 17" model. $550~700 for a 19".

DVI is a bit better for 17" displays, but a must for 18" and bigger.

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DELL UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand

i currentley have the 17 inch version to this and thinking of upgradeing think this is a good one to go with?

A:want a new flat panel monitor how is this one?

or is this one a better one to go with?


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I have dell diminsion 3000 which uses intel 82865G video card.I am looking for flat panel monitor which is compatible with my computer and video card.Any advice is welcome.Thanks

A:looking for a flat panel monitor

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Hope I am in the right forum. Can a HP flat panel be used in the place of the screen on a Gateway laptop?

A:Flat Panel MOnitor

i used a crt monitor years ago on a w95/laptop because the screen was broken and plugged it into the vga port on the back. like the connector on a desktop.

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I can't get a samsung syncmaster 191+-Silver to work with DVI. I haven't installed os on computer. Does this only work with os or should it work in the bios screen? I have adapter and other cord and it works fine with regular video connector.

A:can't get flat panel to work with DVI

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DELL offers a flat panel in both Analog and Digital mode. For ordinary usage would one see a significant difference between the 2: enough to justify what, I believe, is about $80 in the case of the 19" screen?

A:DELL Flat Panel

IMO, no. Others may have a different opinion. I have two 19" LCD's on this system, one connected DVI and one analog. If there's a difference, my eyes aren't good enough to see it.

That being said, if I buy another panel for another system, I'll be buying one with both VGA and DVI inputs for maximum flexibility.

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Hi all, I'm thinking about purchasing a 15" LCD monitor and I was wondering if the hookup is as easy as removing the old monitor and plugging in the new one or do you have to install some drivers ?
I was looking at the ViewSonic VE-150 model that goes for around $360. Any other recommendations ?


A:Flat Panel monitors

Yes, it really is that easy, and yes, you will likely have to install some drivers in order to take full advantage of your monitor. Windoze will probably recognize your new monitor on the first boot after installation and prompt you for drivers (or at least offer you the option of installing drivers).

I use a Samsung (570S, I think) flat-panel that allows the screen to be rotated so I can see an entire document page at once (very useful for text/word processing work). Obviously, I need a special driver in order to do this (supplied with the monitor).

Love the deskspace!

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I recently tried to install a flat panel monitor. When I turn it on all I get is a message "out of range" as I have not any info on this can it be installed?

A:flat panel monitor

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I'm looking for a decent quality, possibly refurbished, 19' flat-panel monitor.

Any suggestions?....anything welcome. If I don't find something I like, I'm going to go with a 19' flat-screen CRT...thinking maybe Viewsonic but plan on looking around a little.

A:flat-panel monitors

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I have a 17" Dell SL1 Flat Panel LCD Monitor that displays just fine when I turn it on for maybe 1 second and then blanks out. I know it's the monitor because I've connected an Optiquest to the computer and it works just fine. Has anyone else seen this with Dell monitors and what can I do to fix it short of sending it in (cost prohibitive) or throwing it out (don't want it in a landfill)?

Thanks in advance.


A:Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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Initial Problem.....

I have Toshiba Model 32LV67u 2007 Model w/PC Input 15 pin RGB Analog; 3 HDMI Inputs; s-video; a/v cables; coaxial; and Optical audio inputs

The problem initialy seemed to be the driver Not allowing my Display Resolution to be in Wide Screen Format and the Resolution is to Large on my Flat Panel TV Monitor....

With from this forum and other sources I was able to narrow the problem(s) down to 2 seperate issues.......

1) The Monitor Driver 2) Input Selection 15 pin RGB Analog or HDMI


As stated in the other thread Adriver problem did exist from on the resolution issue BUT since the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS forced a analog signal format monitor driver into the TV Flat Panel and resricted the Resolution to a limited 1024 x 768 although I could adjust it in the Nvidia Control Panel it was UNSUPPORTED by the TV Flat Panel.....

After trying several attempts with forcing differnet drivers and resolutions Unsupported and viewing specifiactions in the TV Owners Manual it led me to try one more thing before giving up and it worked.......

The NVIDIA GeForce and Other Graphics Cards come with DVI adapters converting the signal from DVI to 15 pin RGB Analog as you do on you PC Monitor and the most Flat Panels have the same Input (15 Pin Analog PC Monitor Input) BUT some Flat Panel TV's sush as mine the Toshiba Model 32LV67u recommends that you use a HDMI Input for the best Resolution afterall it has 3 HDMI Input slots wit the 15 pin PC Input... Read more

A:Connect PC to LCD Flat Panel TV Fix

I have a 1080p 42" RCA Flat Screen LCD television set, It has 3 HDMI inputs but my question is how do I increase the resolution from the PC. Right now its stuck at 640 x 480 and this makes web browsing really difficult, I read the above post but didn't understand too much of it, can you give a step by step solution, it would greatly be appreciated!!

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I have recently purchased a Flat Screen CRT Monitor. After connecting the monitor. I can not get straight horizontal lines. I have returned the monitor to the manufactuer thinking it was defective. They sent it back saying that it was tested and functioning properly. I have spent hours adjusting the geometry buttons on the monitor.
Has anyone ran into this problem? I think it might be the video card.
I am running a Radeon 9200 Video Card on Windows Me.

A:Flat Panel CRT Monitor

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HELP GUYS!!!! Ive got my wife on the ropes!!! I finally got her to crack and she said we could get a new BIG tv..... But she says weve got to do some homework so we get a good one.

Does someone know a good site to help decipher all the 1080P vs. 1080i vs LCD vs Plasma?? What is good resolution too look for. And what is contrast ratio? We saw some expensive tvs that still had alot of ghosting. And is it good to get the HD built in or separate??

Please help!!!! She doesnt show these signs of weakness very often!!!!

P.s. I hope this is the right place to put this...I'll make it relevant to computers>>>> im going to hook my rig up to it and play Forgotten Hope 2!!!

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Hey, I'm wondering if I should hurry up and exchange this monitor before the 30-day period is over.

Last night for a few mins it looked as though everything on the screen sort of had a trail. Like when you have the trail turned on for the mouse. Anyway, it went away a couple minutes later. But this morning when I turned it on I had the same trail type look on all the icons, and there was an occasional blink of the screen. I tightened the monitor cable but the trail remained. Then I left the room and came back, and they were gone.

Do I need a new monitor, or does this happen with all flat panels?

A:Flat Panel Monitor

It may not be the flat panel that is the problem. First check to see if this trail exists outside of your operating system. Like go to the BIOS or DOS, does it happen there too? Don't use the MS-DOS shortcut in windows because you are still running the monitor driver that it loaded. Your problem could be software related, corrupt or incorrect drivers.

If you do have correct drivers and connects, it may be monitor. I don't know it all, but this is my theory.

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I'm using W7 x64, 9.5 Ati drivers... the flat panel scaling option is greyed out, why?

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The lcd is flashing all the time. Is there any repair for a LCD flat panel that does this.could it be a bad power supply......

A:GEM Flat panel Monitor

I believe LCD displays are backlit by flourescent lamps. It sounds like you have a bad lamp or ballast. I don't know your experience factor but I would remove the back of the display and check the lamps.

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I'm finally going to change my 19" monitor to an LCD flat panel. I've been using a borrowed one and the ergonomic improvement in my desk layout has convinced me to let the moths out of the wallet...

Anyway, when reviewing the available monitors at BestBuy.com (for reference info), I'm finding all sorts of different specs (using 19" as an example)... e.g., 2 ms to 8 ms, 1000:1 ratio to 10,000:1 ratio, etc, etc...

I'm assuming that all of this really means something, but since I'm not doing any online gaming or heavy video stuff, what kind of specs should I stick to? My usage is all standard MS Office, some graphics, Internet cruisin', etc...

I'm using XP Home, SP2 on an older custom built PC with updated cards, etc. It's driving this borrowed 19" Westinghouse LCM-19v7 flat panel monitor just fine, so I don't expect any issues there.

Any advice or recommendations?


A:What to look for in Flat Panel LCD Monitors?

Well: 2000:1 ratio is fine, 300 cd/m*m is with almost all, 5 ms is good (if it's not GTG), 2 ms is for gaming uses, 8 ms sucks.
How much is there living with the moths? Could link something somewhere (most propably newegg, they have good items for nice prices)

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I am looking at a new computer and will be getting a flat panel monitor. I have some questions. When I look at the pixel pitch for a 17 ,19,and 20 in. The 17 and 20 has .255 while all the 19's have .294. Why is that. Also is one that is digital worth the difference in price vs analog?

A:Flat Panel Monitors

Each "pixel" on an LCD maps exactly to a display adapter pixel, the larger the screen the (slightly) larger the pixel. The higher the native resolution the smaller the pixel. So the difference would be a mix of native resolution vs screen size.

You should only run an LCD at its "native resolution", anything else can result in a poor picture.

On a CRT there is no such this as a "pixel" in reality, it is the size of display pixel equivalent determined by how fast the beam can turn on and off.

For that reason the LCD is often much sharper than the CRT.

Digital interface is good, providing your graphics card supports it (DVI). With DVI, the screen displays the exact mapping. With VGA connection a digital to analogue to digital conversion is required.

I run 2 x 19" LCDs here, one DVI and one VGA connected. The difference is minor, but it's there. They are both 0.294, and have resolutions of 1280 x 1024.

Higher native resolution does mean smaller (but crisp) characters.

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I am looking for a good LCD flat panel monitor. I want a 15inch. What sort of specs do I like at to see if the monitor has good picture?

I was looking at this one. How does it look?


A:Looking for LCD flat panel monitor.

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Flat Panel Monitor
Quite possibly I've painted myself into a corner due to my ignorance.
In spite of that I thought I'd throw my dilemma into the forum for others to chew on.

Getting what I considered to be a pretty good deal on the purchase of a Gateway Flat Panel Monitor FPD1500 which required the installation of a DVI card it now appears that my motherboard does not have the facility to incorporate such a card.
Below is an overview of my system.

Are there any options available for me or is the return/resale of the monitor my only choice.??????

Thanking you

Operating System System Model
Windows 98 Gateway
Processor a Main Circuit Board
400 megahertz Intel Celeron
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: Intel Corporation FJ440ZX AA729475-203
Serial Number: IMFJ92101392
Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. 4F4JZ0XB.15A.0008.P06.9906171056 06/17/99
Drives Memory Modules
8.43 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
2.48 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

IOMEGA ZIPCD 4x650 [CD-ROM drive]
Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

Generic IDE hard disk drive (8.43 GB) -- drive 0 192 Megabytes Installed Memory
128 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
64 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 8.43 GB 2.48 GB free

Network Drives
Controllers Printers
Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
Primary IDE contr... Read more

A:Flat Panel Monitor

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I have a flatpanel monitor that is 3 years old. It's a BENQ FP767. Here's the problem:

After my husband plays a video game, such as Dawn of War, the colors look normal. However, if he reboots the computer, the colors are far too bright. They cannot be adjusted back to normal using monitor controls, and the problem can be "fixed" by loading the game and then exiting out. What can I do to fix this?

A:Flat Panel Too Bright....But Only Sometimes

Since they eventually get back to "normal", how do you accomplish that? My guess would be to turn off the monitor, but that's just my guess. The monitor may have a problem, or your video card may be confused.

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I recently acquired a HP Pavilion F1703 flat panel monitor. The housing was slightly open at the bottom of the unit and after scrutinizing, I put it back together. The unit ran for awhile and I began a defrag of my pc, and when I came back to check it, the monitor power light had changed from blue to yellow and there was no picture. I tried to re- boot the unit repeatedly but all I get is a message that reads "Warning pc going into power saving mode". Below that are the words "red, grean. and blue. The unit will do nothing beyond this. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Flat panel problem


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I want to buy a flat panel monitor...what is the minimum video memory i need

A:flat panel monitor

Generally, the requirements for LCD monitors and bulky CRT monitors are the same, but today, a good baseline would be at least 16MB.

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Is the contrast ratio the important thing when looking for one of these? And under "description" on them, I see ie 12x10 alog or 12x10 colum, what's the difference between alog and colum?

Thanks, it's a little confusing when pricing them.

A:LCD Flat panel monitor question

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Hi all,
I know that LCD flat panel screens eventually start going dim after a few years, but the question I have is what is best to perlong the life of the screen: shut it off if you won't be using it say for 10 minutes....or just leave it on all the time? Basically which harder on the screen, turning it off and on when not used for short periods of time or just leaving it on?

I have been leaving the auto shutoff for 10 minutes or so on the LCD, I know CRT's it is better just to leave them on for short periods between use and have a screen saver on to prevent burn-in. But as I said what is best for LCD? Thanks in advance.


A:Solved: LCD flat panel longevity

i shut off all monitors, lcd and crt in power management after 2 min. xp/2k/98se. pc's and laptops.

it depends on the warranty, whether 1 or 3 years, as to how long the mfg thinks they have to support it for free.

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i have a acer flat panel model al1716 ,, ,, the screen's picture is all mess up like it is scrabbled , i can tell it has a display on the screen,, but it is out of focus , the auto focus does not help it or anything else , i have it apart and there are no bad caps. or burned spots on the boards , the video or the power board. I do not think it is a power problem ,because it will come on, can the video card be replaced inside the flat panel., where can i get the parts for it etc,,and has anyone else had the same problem ,
i know everyone is going to say just buy another one but i would rather repair than replace , so any suggestions would be appreciated

A:acer flat panel problem

Connect the monitor to a different, known-good computer. That will isolate the problem to either the computer or the monitor.

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Good Morning. I had some issues with my hp f1905 flat panel monitor and found I had three bad capacitors. The original issue was the monitor acted like the backlights were bad, the screen remained black after boot. I replaced the caps and the monitor came to life with exception. The screen now flashes repeatedly displaying from bright light, to black, to horizontal color bars, about a 3-4 sec cycle. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey, thanks in advance for what i already know will be welcomed, useful, information to a hardware challenged newby such as myself ! I have a 17" Microtek (i know, but it wuz an X-mas gift, and has worked wonderfully) Flat Panel LCD monitor... my cell slipped out of my hand and hit the lower right hand corner of the monitor screen, causing what i can only say looks like a spider-web pattern to appear - that part is very small, but there are also very fine lines that extend from the bottom to the top of the screen on the right side and 2 very fine lines that go from right to left and in towards mid screen about 4"... in the very bottom right corner there is a part where the background color is black (still with the lines thru it) but on the entire rest of the screen i can see my wallpaper just fine, no problem with resolution, etc... just these very fine, very bothersome lines where it used to be absolutely perfect....
My question to u is : can this monitor be repaired ? If so, is it something that i can do myself given the right information and having access to the parts ?....(im not as challenged as u might think, but then again.... maybe... ) Please advise... look forward to hearing ur thoughts on this... no way can i replace this monitor right now, and really dont want to learn to live with it this way..... Thanks again... enjoy....

A:can this flat panel LCD monitor be saved ???

Sounds like you damaged the membrane, and I say it is beyond help. If turning the LCD on and off a couple times doesn't fix it, its time to explore your options and either buy a new monitor or "live with it".

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I was on the computer last night when my power flicked. It shut my computer off. So I turned it back on...and ever since then, (which was last night) the colors on my monitor have been different. I believe the colors are dimmer.

For example, when you search something on Google...that horizontal bar that runs across the screen that displays the number of results your search contains...well that bar is nearly pink/purple!

Any ways I can maybe fix this?

I have an LCD Flat panel monitor. It's a Northgate computer if that helps anything.


A:Help! LCD Flat panel monitor is dimmer

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I have a Compaq FP-500 flat panel monitor that I want to use with a Dell Dimension XPST500 tower. (Bottom line is I have a working tower from one system and a good monitor from another one.) My problem is the connector from the monitor cable is not compatible with the monitor outlet of the Dell. In looking at my Compaq manual, it says the input terminal is a 20 pin, mini D connector. The female connection on the Dell is the typical 15 pin variety that a monitor (not flat panel) plugged into. Is there some way for me to be able to use this flat panel with this tower? Any help greatly appreciated on how I would do this.

A:Flat Panel Monitor Compatibility

Get a video card with a DVI socket on it or find a dvi to vga adapter.

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Has anyone had this problem ?

My monitor has had one of those Storm fly's (little splinter size bug ) crawl into the screen, does anyone know if I can remove it somehow, I'd be grateful for any idea's.
Thanks Adrian

A:Sony flat panel monitor

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I'm looking to get a flat 17 or 18' flat panel monitor and would like some advice. I will only be using this monitor for the internet, print shop, word processor..etc..I will not be watching movies or on this....occasionally I might play a game , but not too often. I keep reading about a DVI cable and video card to make it look better , but I don't think I need it. I need a reccommendation for a 17 or 18" flat panel ...Thanks a lot!!


A:flat panel monitor..help with decision

Hi shim,
If you can afford it and really want a flat panel go with the 18. But,in my opinion, a CRT 17 or 19 flat screen would do the job at a lot less money.

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Looking at a number of well priced LCD monitors, 17" at Tiger.com They are in the 200 dollar range. Can you tell me which is the better choice?:
Videoseven L17PS
Megavision Mv 171/173
Scanport 822A
Wintergreen CMVCT-723A
DCL by Sceptre 7A
BenQ FP731
So far I'm advised luminance over 250 is desirable, contrast of 500:1, and response time of less than 25 ms is good. Does active matrix make a difference? Does digital vs. non-digital also make a difference. This is tough to evaluate.
Thank you,

A:17" LCD flat panel monitors

here is a princeton 19".....with good reviews...... a great deal

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Hi all, I will be purchasing this soon and I was wondering if it's ok to leave the monitor on for a few hours (screensaver on). Would this adversely affect the monitor ? I don't think it affects regular CRT monitor life, but I'm not sure about LCD monitors.


A:Flat Panel Monitor question

As far as I know, there's no problem leaving the monitor on for an extended period. I use two LCD flat-screen monitors and have never experienced a problem. Note that if you have power management enabled, your monitor may go into sleep/suspend mode even if your screensaver is active, which definitely is not a problem.

Hope this helps.

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been looking around for at least a 17 in. flat panel (newegg, compusa, tiger some other places)
can someone point me to any other places that have good deals?

A:Solved: flat panel display?

Check www.techbargains.com everyday.
They usually list new deals on other online sites everyday.

There's always an LCD monitor on sale somewhere.

Other places you can look are at Dell, Amazon, BestBuy, TigerDirect.

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I have had this monitor about 3 months. I can turn it off and back on and get an image, then it goes black as if in sleep mode in 5 seconds. Power light stays on. Any ideas? Is it shot?

A:hp pavilion f1703 flat-panel

After 3 months...should be in Warranty. I suspect a problem with the Backlight or its circuitry. If you can test it on another PC, do so.

I'd send it back for service if I could not diagnose it further.

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I am currently experiencing a problem with my monitor, and I am at a loss to explain the cause. I have a Liquid Video 17" flat panel, and as of three weeks ago, it has begun to "blip" out, intermittently. There is no regular pattern to it, and I can find no specific action that causes the monitor to act up. I have tried updating the video drivers, to no avail. The video card has been replaced (due to out-dated-ness), also to no avail. In order to test the monitor, it was hooked up to another person's computer, and the monitor works perfectly.

The computer was originally built by CyberPower Inc., in 2002. Since that time, the MoBo, video card, memory, and two hard drives have been upgraded or replaced. Am currently running W2K. Processor is an AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.3Ghz, and has 1GB memory, with a 40GB and 60GB hard drive. Vid card is GeForce FX 5200, with 128MB memory.

I would appreciate any help available, and if there is anything I have missed, please let me know.

A:Monitor problems (flat panel)

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My monitor is less than 6 months old. Twice in the last week it's frozen with diagnol lines of different colors, each pattern is different. I've posted on security thinking I had a virus or spybot but have found nothing. One time it happend while I was surfing the net and the next when it was unattended.

Has anyone had this problem with a flat panel monitor before?


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I just bought a LiquidVideo 15" TFT-LCD 1024x768/XGA from Circuit City. I've hooked it to my IBM ThinkPad 1411-411, and the text is fuzzy. When I change from 800x600 to 1024x768, the text sharpens, but there's a ghost image like on old TV signals. There are no XGA drivers on my computer. Is this what I need, and if so, does it have to be a driver from LiquidVideo, since I can
't find them on the web and Circuit City, so far at least, can't help?

If this isn't the fix, any other ideas are most welcome.


A:Fuzzy XGA flat panel monitor

Can you try it with another machine? It should be crystal clear with no ghosting

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Hi! Purchased a ViewSonic VX2753 27" LED flat panel and connected thru HDMI to desktop. I want to access the BIOS menu and for some reason, the monitor displays "No Signal" until the Windows 7 logon screen. So I cannot see the BIOS startup to enter the BIOS menu.

System Config: Win 7 Ultimate (64), AMD Phenom 9650, ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series Graphics Card & Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H motherboard.


A:New Flat Panel LED will not let me see BIOS Splash Screen!

Hello , and welcome aboard

I am not very sure, but it might be that as in the BIOS it is only the basic graphics works, so the connection from the GPU to the monitor is inactive.

If, for the time being you connect the cable to the motherboard's slot , most probably the bios menu will be shown .

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I was prepared to purchase a Dell Ultrasharp 19 inch monitor for a system I am currently building when someone suggested that I consider a Dell 17 inch LCD TV monitor instead (screen of TV a couple of inches shorter in height but a couple of inches wider). They said it would function the same, but would allow me to split screen documents (view two pages at once) and be better for video viewing (movies, presentation videos, etc.).

I do biomedical research so my primary use for this new monitor/computer will be statistical analysis (medical and financial programming (SAS, SPSS, EXCEL), internet research, digital picture analysis (MRI, CAT, ultrasound images, etc.), digital video (presentations and analysis)...and non-work related DVD viewing and music recording, burning and listening (all work and no play... gotta have a life too. ;o) ).

I'd really appreciate help to know which monitor system would be best for these uses? Would there be any difference in refresh rates or letter clarity (documents)? Ultimately I guess I am wondering about the pros and cons of each type.

Thank you *very much* once again for your help!

TV: 25ms response time, 400:1 contrast, 450 nits brightness, 1280 x 768 (WXGA) native resolution, display 21.4" x 11.4" x 3.5"


LCD Monitor: 25ms response time, 600:1 contrast, 250 nits (typical)brightness, 1280x1024 Pixels max resolution, Dia... Read more

A:LCD Monitors: Digital Flat Panel VS LCD TV Monitor...

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