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excel payroll spreadsheet

Q: excel payroll spreadsheet

I a little rusty but I'm trying to create an excel payroll spreadsheet and I'm running into formula issues at every turn. I'm trying to insert a formula that takes my gross income (L3) and calculates federal income tax withholding including deductions and to show the total in Fed W/H box (M3)
I also need to calculate Suta at .8% up to $7000

I know this is a lot. I am just getting back into the workforce after almost 10 years of stay at home mom, and my brain is trying to catch up. Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: excel payroll spreadsheet

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I need formula to calculate FUTA tax (.008 of gross salary on first $7,000) -- thus, when it gets to $56.00 no more tax is deducted. Start date is January, assume 1,255.00 bimonthly payment. Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Excel Payroll Tax Formula

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I am trying to open a spreadsheet that was created in Excel 97 using Excel 2000. The links and macros that are on the sheet seem to prevent it from opening. There are a load of error messages but I just cannot get the thing open. I have searched so many places, found the same problem but no answer.

Can anyone help?


A:Excel 2000 problem when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet with links and macros

Welcome to TSG.
Can this file be opened fine in Excel 97? Any chance that it is corrupted?
What are some of the error messages you are getting?


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I'm trying to Merge an Excel spreadsheet to Outlook and provide alerts for critical dates in said spreadsheet in the Outlook calender !

A:Excel - Merge Excel spreadsheet to Outlook with Alerts

Welcome to TSG faithtronic.

I've never done it but your thread has been setting here a while. A method to do this here http://www.ehow.com/how_5685419_create-calendar-excel-data.html

I would start with a couple of dates so not to screw up the whole calender! There are some sharper excel folk on this site that might provide a better answer. But this is a starting point?

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I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. I have tried the macro at http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/257309-exporting-word-form-data-excel.html and it worked for all text fields but not the drop down list options that I have in my form. Can anyone please help/

I have never done this before, hence the struggle. Any help would be much appreciated.

I attach the word form and the excel form which also includes the excel spreadsheet that will collate the data for analysis.

I would prefer the form in word and have it set up as that indicated in the forum thread above but picking up the data from the drop down lists as well.


A:Export data from word or excel into Excel spreadsheet

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It seems this post you added on August 12th hasn't given you much answers.
You mention the two files, OK, But what I don't understand
I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. ...
Click to expand...

You probably forgot to attach the macro's with it, that is if you did anything with the link you mentioned.
If you could attach the files with the macros, I could take a look and see what I can do for you.

Another thinng From Word or Excel.

Which one is it going to be?

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After a power outage a particularly important file gets the error "Excel cannot open the file.xlsx beacause the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file. The file format has not changed. Is there a safe free program that can uncorrupt a file? I have tried Open and repair, changing the format, and using open office. Also tried using recova but the file was not lost.

A:Solved: Excel 2007 spreadsheet gets error "Excel cannot open the file .xlsx.." How ca


and 5 ways are shown here http://www.wikihow.com/Recover-a-Corrupt-Excel-File

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I have accidentally forget my password to open a protected xls. Anyone got any idea?

A:MS Excel spreadsheet

Sorry to say but you won't receive any assistance with password cracking in this forum. There is no way to verify that you are the true owner of the workbook and/or that you have the right to view to protected material. For all we know, you may be trying to open a workbook that belongs to someone else which may contain sensitive private information about others.


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Attached is a file where I need to allocate the dollar amount. I need to allocate the dollar amount, proportionately, from cells C84 & D84 (Management Volume Challenge) across the values in each of the columns C3, D3 through C72, D72(SINGLES and KIND SIZE). Cell F84 is the area where the dollar value for a reduction or increase. The row items in BOLD are summary lines and do not require an allocation of dollars.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

A:EXCEL spreadsheet

Nothing is bold. It's a TXT file.
Try uploading the file again.
This time, do not SAVE it as a text file.
Instead, copy your file, change the file extension from xls to txt using Windows Explorer and not Excel.
Then load it.

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Attached is a spreadsheet I have 2 questions on. I have read many posts out here but I haven't gotten any to work.

1. How do I remove the page # that appears on each page?
2. Is it possible to sort the contents of a single cell? I want to sort the following data that is in a single cell: Magellan, PrimeSource-GSH, UBH, Quest, Value Options, Intergroup, Cigna, CBHNP, CCBHO, Gateway Assured, Aetna, Highmark, Premier Blue, Freedom Blue, Unison, MH Net, LifeSynch, LifeSynch MC, Medicare

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Need help with Excel spreadsheet

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I started logging my miles for work and stuff. I want to make it count two different sets of miles. The first bot I have is total miles, which is expressed as =SUM(I6:I35) I want a second one, I just don't know how to make it work.

A:Excel Spreadsheet

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I am setting up a spreadsheet for my classes, and I am wanting to see if there is a way to sort a column by male, female pattern. (I was hoping to be able to sort the list that way in order to prepare a seating chart....boy, girl, boy, girl etc...)

...I know that it will sort it by lumping the males together and then the females or vice versa... But I am hoping there is a way to be able to alternate the boys and girls.

But before giving up I thought I would ask you all here, since you have been a big help in the past.

Thanks in advance!!!


A:Excel Spreadsheet

You could have another Column where you have numbers pairing them.
ie. Sort them Male/Female and then for the Males enter 1 for the first and 2 for the second and then drag that sequence down to the last male. The repeat that for the Females.
Now sort by value first and then m/f and you should have boy, girl.
I think.
Actually you get Girl, Boy etc
Make it G & B instead of F & M to get it as Boy Girl.

The column with the values can of course be hidden.

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I have a spreadsheet of students names, their subject results (F,P,C,D) for each stage for example STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3
Each stage has a set number of subjects be it 5 or 6. What I would like to be able to do is
automate the spreadsheet so that as each stage is completed a master list is update with the stage the pupil is now enrolled and the pupil automatically transferred to the next stage.

Can anyone help me please.

Many thanks

A:Excel Spreadsheet

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Hi there,

I am going to try to word this as simple as possible, but i am having trouble coming up with a formula to work between TWO worksheets, and i am not even sure it is possible.

Basically these two worksheets contain similar data, however, only one of them is updated, and i would like the other worksheet to populate itself based on what is entered on the first worksheet.

I have figured out how to do this using IF statements, however, as new data is entered into the first sheet, i would have to continuously build IF statement formulas.

My question is, is there a way to make a formula based on the following that would work absolutely (When you drag it down changing per row it would display the data i need):

WHEN data in column one, matches data in column one on sheet 2
Data in column three match data in column 3 on sheet 2
display data in specific cell on sheet 1 to specific cell on sheet 2

I know that it seems simple to build an IF formula, and nest it. But is there a way to build a formula that would search the entire sheet matching the data and displaying without having to build a specific fomula for each row?

A:HELP! with an Excel Spreadsheet

Hi Jake

Are you ever a candidate for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which comes for free with Excel. You can buy a book on it -- I got good value from the Weekend Crash Course book on the subject. However, you can also get started easily by recording macros and then editing them. There are tons of resources on the internet (google for VBA and Excel and whatever term you want help on) and the Help in VBA is also very helpful. One of my favorite websites on Excel is mrexcel.com. Bill Jelen (aka Mr. Excel) has written tons of articles and books on Excel and is one of Microsoft's preferred gurus, although he doesn't work for Microsoft.

To start VBA from within Excel without recording a macro, just hit Alt-F11 and start using it.

Have fun!


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I have to import values into a website. This information is for electrical transmission flow. Based on the number of paths I have and the duration I select. I would like the spread sheet to create the lines for me and have them populate the correct field. I am attaching an example. The Por and Pod are the To and From. Currently in my spreadsheet I have 7 paths setup. If that changes though I would like it to automatically add the additional path in the correct place. I also show 3 hours for the duration, but this could be days or months and it might be broken up in hours days months. Example for Months it would be 7/18/2009 0:00 to 8/18/2009 0:00. I generally post 1 year of monthly values so on the Input page I was thinking about asking the user for the duration (Start to Stop times), Increment (hours, days, Months), and path names (To and From) and have excel create the attached worksheet with those colums filled in. I am not sure I have explaned the situation very clearly so if you have any questions please ask.

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I have a question about excel 97
I'm setting up an excel spreadsheet for a Reading Teacher.
She needs 4-columns called Names,Hearing/Sounds, Stanine, and
The question I have is the columns called (Writing/Vocabulary) and
(Hearing/ Sounds)will have scores and the teacher would like to click on Desceding or Acsending and sort the scores to see which student needs more help by checking lower scores.
How do I do that so that the scores will move with the names when she sorts them?
Any help would be greatly needed.
thanks walk12

A:Excel Spreadsheet help

Hi walk12,

If the data is selected from those specific columns, you can go to Data -> Sort, you should be promted to Expand the selection (I believe this is in 97). If not, select all 4 columns, Data -> Sort, Sort by Hearing/Sounds (or whatever). This should do it for you. There are also formula solutions to do this instead of sorting. Just depends on how much you want to manipulate your data. HTH

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Excel spreadsheet not auto updating. What can I do other than hitting f9?

A:excel spreadsheet

try open excel,click on the tools menu,click on the calculations tab and set the radio button to automatic

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I have a weekly Poker group and I made a spreadsheet for it to keep track of all the satistics. Iv managed to make a worksheet for each season and then I thought wouldnt it be cool to have an 'overall' worksheet to show the overall standings - sorta like a league table ladder.

Here are the things I want:

1# In each of the seasons, in the ranking ladder, I need a tiebreaker like rebuys to break ties. Because when there is a tie, it glitches and it shows my name twice.

2#In each players profile in each season, under the average placing column, in the average, I need a formula that doesnt count the 0s, because if someone doesnt show up, there will be a zero, and the current formula counts that 0 as a placing. It saves me manually having to exclude the 0s from everyone's average at the end of each season.

3#If you open the overall tab, you will see the overall standings ladder. That is the beast I am hoping to get up and running with your help. I want it cover all the stats across every season automatically. So when a new seasonis made, it will track it auto, when a new player is added, it will track it auto. The primary column will be score obviously, then for tie breakers use re-buys again. In this table Score refers to Profit in the player profiles,1st, 2nd 3rd refers to how many time each player has finished 1st 2nd or 3rd all together, Average placing refers to the average placing column in the players profile, Prize Money refers to the gross column in the ... Read more

A:Excel Spreadsheet Help

I also tried to attach the spreadsheet but it doesnt seem to work...


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Can somebody help please. Have a spreadsheet something like this

CM789 Y L Y
CF897 Y Y Y
CM856 L L Y
CM742 Y Y Y
CF7854 L Y L

TOTAL 3 3 4

What I am trying to achieve is to get a total by either CM or CF for each date

CM 2 1 3
CF 1 2 2

Can somebody help please

A:Excel Spreadsheet

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I am trying to figure out if you can merge information into Excel but have it show up as a cell comment?

I have a large amount of information that needs to fit onto one page, and have cells that have enough text to wrap around. So, instead I was going to have it be a cell comment, but wondered if this would work with the information being merged into Excel?

We currently merge information for this particular document from Act2000 into Excel. Please let me know if this is possible, and if not, if I have any other options?

Thanks in advance!

A:Excel spreadsheet


I've left this sit without responding long enough.

Either I don't understand what you're trying to do (though I think I do), or you are asking for the (next to) impossible.

Why are you not using Word to do this? Comments are rather cumbersome in Excel, as well as a lot of text.

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I have a very large Excel table that I need to convert into an XML document to display on the web in various ways. I found a macro online that creates a very nice and clean XML document -- www.meadinkent.co.uk/myxml/XL_to_XML.txt
However the table has lots of external links and none of the link attributes come through to the XML.
Likely there are a variety of ways I could do this but my experience with Excel is very limited, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A:Excel Spreadsheet to XML

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I was sent an Excel spreadsheet attached to an email. I need to get it filled out, and sent back. I'm able to view the spreadsheet, but when I click on a cell, I'm not able to type anything in the space.
I've never used Excel before, and am clueless, as you can surely tell.
So, can someone fill me in on how to fill this in?


A:How to use Excel Spreadsheet

Hi there,

It sounds like your worksheet may be protected. With this sheet activated click on Tools | Protection; What does it say, Protect Worksheet or Unprotect Worksheet?

Also, if possible, how about zipping and attaching an example workbook?

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I have an Excel spreadsheet, it's a log of the daily tasks. Now it is constantly being changed throughout out the day. It needs to be edited by multiple people, from multiple workstations. I tried using the share workbook option that Excel has but that didn't work. The problem I had was that after someone would make an edit and save the file it didn't refresh on the screens where the file is always open being displayed. Does anyone know of how I could do this? It doesn't necessarily have to be w/ Excel.

A:Need Help w/ shared Excel spreadsheet

did you ever solve this problem?

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I have to admit that I am not proficient in the MS Excel program. I have to fill in a form for a potential employer but the cell is too small to contain all of the information--the information that I typed in goes "off the page" into neighboring cells that are not part of the form. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this.

Can someone give me a clue? Thanks for any and all advice!

A:Problem with Excel Spreadsheet

Hi technomann

There are easy two options:
Excel Column Width - Change Column Width in Excel - Column Width Change in Excel


Wrap text in a cell - Excel - Office.com

Good luck with the job!

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I have created a spreadsheet to track monthly financials
My problem is I want a YTD column for revenues and expenses to automatically calculate when I enter the new month totals...I have set up a column (d9) for monthly revenue and a column (e9) for the YTD expense...I know it would be easier to create a column for each month but I already have a report that gives me that detail if I need it...this report is really for each employee to see each month how their budget line items are doing...I was told this is doable but I would need to write a macro and that is where I really need the help...Have no idea where to begin


A:YTD Totals on Excel Spreadsheet

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12225 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 932537 MB, Free - 864568 MB; D: Total - 19368 MB, Free - 2476 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2B2C
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Is there a way that I may scan an Excel spreadsheet into an existing workbook so that I may use at will?

I presently can scan, but it goes to a PDF folder for storage. I can not copy it or make any changes to it.

Thank you for your help.

A:Scanning Excel Spreadsheet

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I am trying to add "r" letter to a cell # formula.
I want to add how many rushes "r" a football player has with the yards he gained.

(c15:az15) find rushes that correspond to a player's number in cell (h32)

can't figure it out. Please help !!!

A:Excel spreadsheet formulas

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I have a question, I am hoping you can help me out on an Excel question.
On some of the spreadsheets that I do, when I key in a number that starts
with 0, it takes the 0 off and I have to use that mark ('), but on some I
don't have to. Do you know why one spreadsheet would differ from the other?

And one more thing about that, when I key in on a spreadsheet under a heading that says
"Inner/Case Pack" let's say 6/72 it reverts back to 72-Jun and on other spreadsheets it doesn't. The OS is Win2000 and MSOffice 97.

A:Excel spreadsheet problem

If you go Format\cells and under number tab, there are list of format you want to use for the specific cell you've highlited.
"0001" is considered text. If you want to display as it is, you have to format the cell(or area) to text.
Go check formatting of each cell on your spreadsheet, and you will see it.


Same thing with the date.

[This message has been edited by tjsudo (edited 11-30-2000).]

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I am perplexed by a ongoing problem I have with a spreadsheet I have created for my department ( I AM NOT A STATISTICIAN, but have been asked to create a database for our monthly stats).

Here is the problem.... We have 3 users within the spreadsheet, all of us entering data. Logically, I have used the exact same formulas for all of our cells (YES I have triple checked that each formula is the same). Every month there seems to be random cells that are not being tracked by the formula, or one user's tab is not being added to the sum total.

Every month I need to create a new spreadsheet to follow the stats, so I have tried copying a master template but the formula problem occurs, again randomly, some months work ok, other months don't work. NOTHING is different in the formula's.

I have also tried saving a "save as" copy of the previous month's and then deleting all of the old data... Again, some months there are no problems, and other months there are formulas.

I don't know enough about Excel to know what I am doing wrong.... and it's not supposed to be my job tasks, so I can't even get more training in excel.

If someone can see, possible areas that I am overlooking. I can provide formulas if it would be helpful.

Any direction would be so helpful because I am at the end of my knowledge rope.... and my boss is pissed the stats are screwy!!


A:Excel Spreadsheet Problems

we would need to see some dummy data in an uploaded spreadsheet and some details/example on whats not working

is all the data always entered by the three uses OK - its just the formula thats the issue

so the formula would also help

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I`m using a Spreadsheet for my times for work.On Windows 7 it works fine but on windows 8 it won`t.
My laptop is windows 7 but recently i upgraded my desktop to windows 8 and the spreadsheet doesn`t work properly.
I have to input my times of work for each day into the spreadsheet, fine on windows 7 laptop but when i go to the dropdown menu for the times on windows 8 desktop all i get are asterisks.
I`m wondering if anyone else has come across this or even heard of it happening to anyone?

Thanks in advance.

A:Excel spreadsheet on windows 8

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I have uploaded a sample of the spreadsheet I am trying to modify and I kinda have it working the way I want and I need these costs broken out the way I have them. I will try to explain what I want the best I can so bear with me.

I want "Total" to capture if it is an expense or income. (right now it is not)

I want "Balance" to reflect if it is an expense or income. (right now it is not)

I want any unpopulated cells to show nothing or ""

This is probably simple for an excel wizard but I only know excel good enough to get into trouble!

Any help is appreciated, thanks, Joe

A:Solved: Can someone help me with this Excel spreadsheet?

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I know some basic Excel 2007 but that's about it. Here's my situation. I need to compile a cost comparison sheet for our Women's Ministry for an out-of-town conference next year. The info we need is the price of fuel and extra parking fees per private vehicle as opposed to renting a Charter bus and all the fees associated with that bus. This is to estimate to total cost to see which is most affordable; vehicle vs. bus. The number of people attending increases each year (That info is not yet known).

I also need a price comparison sheet for hotels, restaurants, etc. Does anyone know where I can download these templates for free? It looks like I may be chosen to be the leader next year since I have the time to prepare for it (research, setup, recruit). I have never organized anything before to this scale. I'm at a loss except for the comparison which is common sense to do.

Can anyone out there assist with a link or two and maybe a book I can get at a library to help me? Any information is greatly appreciated.

A:Excel Spreadsheet Help for Beginner

Hi and Welcome!
Sorry I can't help with Excel, but some things that occur to me:

- get at least 3 written quotes for products or services you're buying
- get your providers of products or services based on recommendations of people you know
- haggle on the prices, ask for discounts (nothing to loose!)
- who in the Ministry has relevant skills, knowledge or a even relative that owns a bus company (perhaps?!) that you can call on.
- consider some form of cancellation insurance.
- does the Ministry's premises insurance cover events on other premises?
- ask for help when you need it,(as you've done here) don't overload yourself.

Hope it goes well.


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Hi everyone! I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet for my husband who is a competitive swim coach.

He needs to be able to look at it and see if he tells the kids to swim 10 one minute sets, how many minutes that will take. (Gets more complicated than that of course! ) So I set up a spreadsheet with the seconds across the top and the number of sets along the side and did a formula series in the time increments. i.e.: :25, :50, etc...

The problem is when it gets to 25 seconds x's 3 -- it needs to read 1:15 - and all I can get is :75. It needs to be on minutes and seconds like a clock.

Anyone know how I can get it to read correctly??



A:Solved: Excel Spreadsheet

enter seconds in a cell as:



then right click the cells and click Format Cells, select Custom and enter mm:ss to just show minutes and seconds

is this what you meant?

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System: Windows 7 Home Premium, SP 1, 64 bit
Laptop: ASUS K52F-BBR9
Printer: HP Deskjet 3000 J310
I solved a problem with an Excel spreadsheet that would not print, but have no idea why my solution worked. Perhaps someone can explain?
Problem:  I had to print 2 Word documents and 1 Excel document. The Word documents printed fine. The Excel document would not print. 
(1) I had configured the HP Deskjet printer preferences "Paper/Quality" for "Plain Paper, Fast Draft Quality". 
(2) The document showed up in the print queue for the HP Deskjet but it never printed. 
(3) I opened the Excel document, clicked on Print. Under "Printer", the HP Deskjet was listed.
(4) In the Excel Print screen, clicked on "Printer Properties". The "Media" drop down list showed "Normal Quality", not "Fast Draft Quality". This led me to believe that although the document appears to show the correct printer, for some reason it was not communicating properly with the printer. The drop down list should have displayed "Fast Draft Quality" like it usually does.
(5) I stopped the print spooler, ensured there were no files in the Spool\Print folder, started the spooler. Problem still existed.
(6) I rebooted the computer twice. Problem still existed.
(7) I opened an empty Excel document, copied the contents of the Excel document that would not print to the new document, then saved the new document with a new name. I was able to successfully print the new docume... Read more

A:Could not print Excel spreadsheet - why?

I don't see any point where you define the print area of the spreadsheet. The new sheet had a default definition which may have been the difference.
Keep us posted

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I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to keep track of attendance points at work. First of all let me explain my companies attendance policy. We have a no fault attendance points system. If you are late for work or leave early under 30 min you get 1 point. If between 30 min-2 hrs, 2 points and a call off or late/leave over 2 hrs is 3 points. After every 30 days of no occurances 2 points are subtracted from your total. And if you go 6 months with no occurances you get what is called a "good attendance credit" which means if you have an occurance, you don't get any points for it.

I've created a generic spreadsheet (which I have uploaded here) of how i want to keep track of it, I plan to use a worksheet for each employee on my shift. Though if if I do get this together, I do know a few other people who would like to use it for their employees as well.

My biggest problem is in the F column. Is there a way to set it so that If row A-E is null that there is no value input for F? I don't like how the total goes all the way down the page, and it will confuse some of the less computer savvy people when I'm trying to counsel them on attendance. Also is there a way to autopopulat the point totals? So if "Call Off" is selected in column C that "3" is populated in column D?

Thanks in advance for your help. Also if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

A:Need Assistance with Excel Spreadsheet

I have the logic down i'm just not sure how to implement...

*If D16 is null then F16 is null (but stiil keep the sum function)
*If C9 = "Call Off" then D9 = 3 and so on and so forth
*If B16 is < 6 mo then D16 = 0,
* F cannot be > 0
*If B16 greater than or equal to 30 days C23 = Drop Off

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I have a spreadsheet that I need to sort by column (P) which has formulas in it that added data from each row across. I checked all my formulas and they are correct. I had to delete 3 separate rows so I highlighted each one and went to "insert/delete rows, columns" etc. and deleted them there. I then went to DATA and sorted by column (P) from highest value to lowest value and that computed correctly. The data in each row however shifted so each row is incorrect. I don't know how to fix this. Can someone PLEASE help!! This is the only spreadsheet I work with and have never had a problem. I know I must've done something wrong but I've been working on this for 2 days. Did I mention I hate excel due to my ignorance of how it works??? HELP!! Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Excel Spreadsheet HELP!!

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I am trying to count text in specific cells, not in a range. How can I accomplish this? Specifically, I am trying to count the occurences of "UL" in only cells H3, K3 & O3. Please help, thank you.

A:Excel Spreadsheet Problem

you can use a nested if statement, look here :-http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx?&lang=&cr=&guid=&sloc=en-us&dg=microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions&p=1&tid=9737BEA0-60A8-49E7-B96C-2B74A27333AE&mid=9737BEA0-60A8-49E7-B96C-2B74A27333AE

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Dear Forum

I would like to learn how I can convert the memberlist table from this particular website: http://mr.di.dk/omos/medlemsoversigt/Pages/medlemsliste.aspx
into a excel spreadsheet with the following sorting headlines horizontally:

Company name Address Zipcode and City Phone E-mail Website
I really hope you can help me as it will take "forever" to do all the sorting manually:-(

A:Excel spreadsheet sorting it out

Try the attached. My HMTL to TXT conversion cocked up the email addresses and removed the @ signs but they should be easy to replace in notepad.

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I am trying to build a cross between a spreadsheet, a calendar and a gantt chart in excel. The goal is to use this workbook to track product builds. There are two worksheets: one is the spreadsheet view where users will enter the data and a calendar view that I'd like to autopopulate based upon the spreadsheet data. I've attached a dummy sheet for reference.

My hope is to define the variable names on the spreadsheet worksheet, and then once dates are assigned to those variables have everything autopopulate on the calendar sheet. Would this require a complex macro, or is there a simple way to accomplish this in excel?

(I've tried looking for online solutions but nothing fits very well. Suggestions welcomed!)

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

A:Excel VBA: help with calendar/spreadsheet

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probably a simple question , but i cant find instructions in the help manuals for excel.

How do i import a comma seperated database into a new Excel spreadsheet , so that each comma seperated number goes into its own cell ???

thankyou kindly for any instructions.

(everybody has to start learning somewhere )

A:importing CSV spreadsheet /Excel

If they were exported they should also show the column headings that were in the original db as well. All you have to do is go to File > Open and under file type select txt, csv and then just open the file. A wizard should then come up where you can define how and what is imported into Excel

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I am trying to get a spreadsheet where a chart including a list of employees and dates of the month indicate which dates the employees are scheduled for.

I would like a second worksheet to populate a list of available (unscheduled) employees for an individual date when the user manually inputs a date of the month.

Here is some sample data:

worksheet 1:

worksheet 2:

I manually copied the data in purple. I would like it to populate through an Excel function.

Any help is appreciated.

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Every month for several years I have accessed my own spreadsheet offline from desktop icon.
To utter consternation and increasing frustration, today OPEN brought up the file BUT can do nothing with it.
Same results with backups on different drives.

Consequently told browse to find program from which can OPEN. Obvious choice MSN Excel. Result: "Cannot find any version ...to open file for edit".

Further on I installed msn xlviewer. In Open process came box, "Office Source Engine (Process ID: 2120) running. Need to Close". How/where to do so no idea. I am on Vista Ultimate with !E7; note not included in list for this item.

FYI, I only have Office 2002 (with Excel 2002), but cannot even remember last time I used it for anything. Also note many MSN references to Office 2003, but hardly ever 2002.
Only secondarily (and reluctantly) interested in making Excel function to restore ability to use my spreadsheet.

I will be most grateful for help in this unexpected problem.

A:Solved: Spreadsheet with/without MSN Excel

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Hi, Each time I calculate a formula on my excel spreadsheet the answer comes up as zero. I have never had this problem before so I not sure what has happened. The correct formula is in the cell but the answer shows as "0" instead of what it should be. It won't copy correctly either. It is driving me mad. Hope you can help. thanks

A:Excel spreadsheet problem

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Okay here's my dilemma - let's see if someone has a suggestion for me...

My company sells Merchant services for a company - when we get paid, we get an excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of all the monthly processing for each of our clients...we're up to around 50 clients right now...the spreadsheet in addition to the breakdown lists the company by acct# and NOT by company name or anything, so without a LOT of cross-referencing I can't tell who's generating how much money for us...this is something I'd like to be able to see an ongoing basis for each client...

Does anyone know of an idea, perhaps in access or macro in excel??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...thanks

Brandon Morris

A:Excel Spreadsheet - too much info

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I use win7. I just downloaded Office 2010. Word and Access work fine but Excel opens and gives me a blank screen. The files are OK because I can open them with Open Office Spreadsheet. The only problem is that when I get an email with an attached excel spreadsheet, I can't see it any way. Any ideas, thanks, Frank
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1844 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 730 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 260242 MB, Free - 222573 MB; D: Total - 29690 MB, Free - 28507 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, MoutCook, Not Applicable, WB01561071
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:excel spreadsheet doe not open

Hi Frank,
Have you tried setting the sheets properties to visible?
I don't know where the option is in Office 2010 or 2007 but in 2003 it's under format

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one of my users has an excel spreadsheet the they have the zoom set at 60% and naturally they want to just send that wrokpage in an e-mail. When they try to send it to someone else it enlarges itself to 100%, which I know it is supposed to do this. I am trying to figure out though is if there is a way to send the worksheet page in an e-mail at the 60% zoom. I have researched this on microsoft and other websites but with noavail on find the information on doing this, hopefully someone here might know a way to get this done. Thanks in advance for all the help.

A:Excel Spreadsheet Zoom

I played around with excel for a few days and asked around (asked people who use it a lot more than I do) and they coulnd't figure anything out on it. I think that it just defaults to a certain size when it opens something.

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