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Trust SHA1 cert for internal application which doesnt support SHA2

Q: Trust SHA1 cert for internal application which doesnt support SHA2

I am wondering if there is a way to trust a SHA1 cert? We use Oracle and our version does not support SHA2. It is internal only and never sees the internet. We fully understand SHA1 and the risks. We don't want to trust them all, just our 1 cert used internally.
If its a matter of trusting them all or lowering security settings, we would consider this for our Intranet zone until we can upgrade Oracle.

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Preferred Solution: Trust SHA1 cert for internal application which doesnt support SHA2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi Team,
Just wanted to know that 
Does NTML support SHA1/SA2 , as with centos 7.4 MD4/MD5 is deprecated ?

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Our Nessus vulnerability scanner has been flagging our computers with the following vulnerability: SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing Algorithm

Basically what it's telling us is that we need to upgrade the local Remote Desktop Certificate from SHA1 to SHA2.

These certificates are self-signed and self-generated by the local machine. If you look at the certificate you'll see that theIssued to: and Issued by: fields show the name of the local machine.

The question is: how do these auto-generated, self-signed certificates, which are currently SHA1, get upgraded to SHA2? Remember, these are not created by the local Enterprise CA, they're auto-generated by the local machine itself for Microsoft-branded software such as AD and RDC.

Looking for ideas/suggestions on how to do this.

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Since installing KB3172605 on our client machines, we can't access the Cisco CM User page for our phone services. The site uses a self-signed SHA-1 certificate.
I found two workarounds.
1. Add the following registry value to lower the bit length from 1024 to 512:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\KeyExchangeAlgorithms\ClientMinKeyBitLength (value data 200)
This is obviously undesirable, because it lowers the security potential for all accessed sites.

2. Add the following registry value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\KeyExchangeAlgorithms\Enabled (value data and key type doesn't seem to matter)

The above was referenced as a work around in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-055. A DWORD with the value of 0 should disable the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. A value of 1 should enable it.

I've learned the value doesn't matter. What is going on here? Is this a bug? What are the adverse effects of this?

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My application is detected as "a program from Unknown Publisher" by Windows Defender during installation.
I'm in the process of being issued "Code Sign(Digital Signature)" to make Window Defender trust my application.
But I'm not sure if "Code Sign(Digital Signature)" is a sole criteria to solve this problem
Are there any other requirements that I have to follow not to be considered "a program from Unknown Publisher" ?
It would be appreciated if you reply to my quries.

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I need to contact "My e-trust antivirus tech support" to get my l

lost username and license key# I apparently shredded the

printout with these numbers on them and can't find a way to ask

of them directly. Anyone have a address or other idea?? thanks,


A:(Solved) Need direct tech support# for my E-trust antivirus

Look here https://www.my-etrust.com/services/


You can find your account information online at http://www.my-eTrust.com.

Locating Your License Key:

During the installation, you will be asked to input your license key to unlock the product. The license key is a 20 character alpha-numeric code located in section # 2 of your Welcome eMail.

Your license key is also listed in your my-eTrust Order History. To view your Order History, click on this link: Member Login https://www.my-etrust.com/login.cfm

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I updated my pc's internal gpu which has G31 express chipset so i updated it to the latest one and i saw that it supported win 7/vista 64bit but now that i have restarted pc it comes to the dell inspiron load screen after loading it goes blank with a cursor at the top left part of the screen so i am kind of stuck since idk wat to do

A:PC doesnt startup after internal gpu driver update

First, see if a hardware/software reset of your BIOS resolves the problem.Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

If that does not work, reset the CMOS by going into the BIOS, navigating to the Exit screen, loading setup/optimized defaults, saving, and exiting. See your user manual for how to reach the BIOS.

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Hello. Today my microphone stopped working, it was fine yesterday. I dont know what happened, its enabled and the driver is up to date. I really dont know whats wrong with it, also its light is off( I assume the mic is right below the touchpad). I would reallylike a solution to it, since it hasnt been hit or touched any liquid or anything. Im really confused, because i also have 1 audio jack and i need 1 for my headset aswell so im unable to plug in an external mic.   TLDR: Inbuilt Mic isnt working, even its light is off.

A:Dell Inspiron 5567 internal Mic doesnt work, please help

Hi,Welcome to our community.We’ll surely try to assist you. Rest assured you’ve reached the right department. Please let us know the operating system installed on the system along with the service tag/ express service code via private message, so that we can check for more details and assist you.The Service Tag is a 7-character code, and the Express Service Tag is a 10-digit code that is a numeric version of the Service Tag. Both codes are on the bottom of your laptop. You can also refer to this link which is a video that shows steps to find the service tag.

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 http://www8.hp.com/cz/cs/campaigns/hpsupportassistant/pc-diags.html?jumpid=va_r602_cz/cs/any/pps/pl_... Pro jednotku USB (v. 2.23.0) - ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp68001-68500/sp68368.exeThe requested URL could not be retrieved Soubor ke sta?ení (3-in-1 pro jednotku USB v. ErrorThis program has corrupted internal data: it will exit. Please obtain new copy.

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I have a XP 2800+ amd proc. and i need a new motherboard, i came across http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=25223&sku=G451-2015 2 <-- that motherboard, it supports AMD Athlon up to 2400+ @ 266 MHz FSB , AMD Athlon XP up to 2600+ @ 266MHz FSB , AMD Athlon XP up to 3000+ @ 333MHz FSB , AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ @ 400 MHz FSB , AMD Duron up to 1800 @ 266 MHz FSB, and for some reason it doesnt mention 2800, does this mean i should stay away from this mobo cuz its not compatible?

A:Motherboard doesnt support.....

Your 2800 CPU falls in the category "AMD Athlon XP up to 3000+ @ 333MHz FSB".
Meaning you can run it on the Tiger mobo without any problems. Just get the appropriate optimal memory for that bus-speed
(DDR2700 or better)

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So , my brother is a coder and he got alot of work and his so bored on coding stuff.
He wanted to watch movies while coding ,
so he favored me to search a application to not minimize a certain application ,
like internet browsers and such .

If your suggesting to resize the application but the
screen is so small .

thanks in advcance for those answers .

A:Application that doesnt minimize a certain app. ?

Can you provide more detail? I'm confused. I'm not understanding exactly what you're saying.

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I have a Pavilion G6-2357sa Notebook and I wanted to upgrade the sound drivers but I went on the HP website and I found out that HP doesnt support my drivers. How do I upgrade my audio drivers if isnt supported on the HP website?


A:HP website doesnt support my desktop

I found the note you refer to I think About not being supported inh the USA. But later I turned up this page:
Software & driver downloads HP Pavilion g6-2357sa Notebook PC | HP? Support

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Trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and get the message ' this display is not compatible with Windows 10/ Please see your manufacturer'. 
But according to the compatibility, list. it is.
Admittedly it is quite an old monitor, but it works fine on Windows 10 on my other PC!!
Is it a PC graphics card problem? A driver problem? How can I get past this?

A:windows 10 doesnt support your display?

It is referring to your video card. You can click the link below to choose your computer from the list. You can then choose Win10 as the OS and choose the drivers to download.

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When I'm surfing the web, I seem to encounter this error frequently. It shows up when the page won't load right, so I click the the caution icon in the lower left hand corner of IE and get this:

"Object doesn't support this property or method"

It prevents certain parts of web pages from loading and displaying. For instance, the build & price feature on several auto websites. It seems to be Java related, but I am clueless!

Any help is appreciated.


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I've downloaded some stories in files *.aspx so when i use my IE to open these files,its look like files that were opened by notepad ,like this:
<td background="../img2/tan_trai.gif"></td>
<td valign="top" background="../img1/box_mtl_ctr.gif"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="177" rowspan="2" align="center" valign="top">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="6" height="7"><img src="../img3/mtt.gif" width="6" height="7"></td>
<td background="../img3/mt.gif"></td>

Plz, help me to fix that foul.Many thaxs!

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Hi, Recently uninstalled old version of Hp support assistant and manually installed new version. Because the old version were not updating to the latest version. At present i have installed these version....HP Support Assistant  - version Support Solutions Framework  - version Even though i have several update pending but hp support assistant shows "No updates available" Can anyone help it out with these issue? Bye

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hey guys...
im facing serious probs with my PC...windows XP...2002 sp2...i dont know how or when...but windows important applications such as MS paint, volume control, games lik solitaire freecell ...all r missing...the games folder shows empty...i also checked the windows folder and files and searched them also but i couldnt locate any improtant file.....i have Mcafee anti virus 2006\7 & i felt its not efficent enough so downloaded free version of AVG anti virus which seems kinda helpful...
it had detected a trojan virus but deleted by itself...as set by me...i have many documents...and pictures and datas in user files and another account for my parents....i cant afford to format the drive...nor can i back up trusting its not a prob within the local setting or stuff...im not that big genius but i know my way around my pc....im also facing prob with IE dont know if its the prob with 7 or 6....wenever my pc updates it to seven i have notised tht it shoes the error "page cannot be displayed" tho my gtalk signs in without a prob while yahoo is stuck saying sign in problem!!
and uninstalling the IE 7 helps with the prob i guess. i have never faced such a prob in my life...but guess everything has a 1st time...
i also tried reinstalling or repairing windows both faild while giving the same error in installing widows tht "the following file cannot be copied" "icwconl.ex_2" and so on upto 20-30 errors!! i finnaly borrowed my friends CD ...but ... Read more

A:HELP!!my windows XP application missing!!upgrade doesnt help!!

Welcome to TSF....

One thing I really hope you have all of the important data backed up, and also that you have the recovery software for this computer. The instructions below are important especially the part of backing up the important data.


You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.
I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference
How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install with IE6 Installed =
http://www... Read more

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Trying to start Windows Media Pl;ayer 10, I get an error message saying An internal application error gas occured. The only piece of software I downloaded was a recommended registry cleaner which had a built in bachup. I decided that since this might be the problem, I hit the backup to rstore but it did not change the Media Player error message. I then went to GoBack but it would not run giving me a message that Symantec Integrator had a problem. I shut down and when I restarted I had only yje background on my desktop *no icons). I was able to get into DOS and get XPrunning with DOS commands. However I still am unable to start XP with a normal desktop without going intoDOS and GoBack and Media Player(which I removed and reinstalled) still won't run. Would appreciate any help.

A:Internal application error

If system restore doesn't correct your problem, you may have to perform a repair install.

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

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When I set aol media player as my default cd player I get a response INTERNAL APPLICATION ERROR. What can I do? I have windows xp and aol broadband

A:internal application error

When I set aol media player as my default cd player I get a response INTERNAL APPLICATION EREROR??? I have windows XP Home Edition and AOL Broadband

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i get that error when i try to re install/ unnistall/ run windows media player. i have windows xp with sp2

A:internal application error

Hi djpartyboy, Welcome to TSG !!
Can you post the exact message as close as you can ??

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when i try and use media player 9 i get that message. no error number included. tried reinstalling media player 9.

A:internal application error

by the way thats windows and the whole message is "an internal application error has occured"

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I maintain 2 webservers that host identical websites. 1 is a dmz box running a SHA1 certificate, the other is an internal server that has a SHA2 certificate. Internal users, utilizing Windows 10, get cert errors. If they hit the SHA1 server (same software) no cert errors, and they access the website without issue. I am stumped on this one, and any help would be appreciated.

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How to enable SHA2 in Windows? If we installed the latest security <g class="gr_ gr_43 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del" data-gr-id="43" id="43">rollup</g> updates for
windows 7, is enable the SHA2 automatically???
Kindly clarify??

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Test for win7 sha2?

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have others experienced the same thing.

server machine 1 = windows 7, used as an application server. windows 7 firewall application exception 'inbound' rule added. in this case, server application was 'microsoft sql server, named instance, using port 62718'. servers ip# = (as an example)

client machine 2 = windows 7, used as an application client. windows 7 firewall turned OFF.

no routers between these two machines. its a peer to peer network.

first test (at client machine 2):

telnet 62718 fails to connect
portqry.exe test to same ip # and port number reports 'filtered' (meaning the port in question is being blocked by some firewall)

second test (at client machine 2):

turn OFF firewall on server machine 1.
telnet 62718 works just fine (telnet session established)
portqry.exe to same ip# and port number reports 'listening' (meaning the port is open and is able to listen for client connections).

evaluation of tests 1 & 2:

apparently when one creates an 'application' exception inbound rule using windows 7 firewall on an application server machine DOESNT WORK AS IT SHOULD!

final test 3:

on server machine 1 - application server, windows 7 firewall, turned back ON. this time i added a new rule that specifically opened port number 62718 (not an application exception in-bound rule, but instead a port exception in-bound rule).

on client machine 2 -
telnet 62718 works just fine (telnet session established... Read more

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I just purchased HP 750-247c from Costco. I notice there is a a 3 slot for 3.5 hard drive but there is no power or sata cable inside. Is it possible to add a 3rd hard drive to this computer?

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A message kept popping up saying there was a problem with Symantec CC - what I understand to be the system which runs Norton Antivirus. It told me I should uninstall and reinstall Norton Antivirus so I uninstalled in then couldn't reinstall. I tried to use system restore but the window comes up completly blank. I tried to use help and support but when I click on it nothing comes up. Windows media player won't work either - when I click on it a message saying internal error comes up. Help!!!!

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I'm not sure what's going on with my comp....I would consider myself an above average user. I mean I can format and reinstall windows myself and I have edited my registry file if that means anything! lol Ok anyways, on to my problem.....I have one hunch as to why I'm getting an error message from Windows Media Player (besides the fact that it's a Microsoft product). I just recently formatted my HD because there was something wrong with my internet connection, nothing related with my internet would connect. I tried looking for the problem myself and I also tried phoning my ISP and they had no better solutions than what I had tried, so I had to format and reinstall windows(which fixed the problem). About two days went by and I was having troubles with Internet Explorer so I downloaded Netscape Navigator 7.2 and since that time, I've had troubles with WMP. Everytime I load WMP, I get the error message

An internal application error has occured

. Now I'm not sure wheter WMP is just acting up because I've installed another web browser or not, but that's what has brought me here! Please please please, somebody help me! Oh.....I'm sorry for this post being so long, but I just thought that it would be nice to fill you in on my prior problem! Thanx for taking the time to read my problem!

A:An internal application error has occured in WMP 9 & 10

Have a look here Why am I getting an internal application error trying to launch the player?
A: If the player is properly installed (and a simple reinstall of the player on top of itself will ensure that), then the only way you can possibly get this error is if something external to the player is not functioning fully and thus is breaking the player. You probably wouldn't notice that problem with other applications as the player uses more advanced interfaces than those other applications use.
That being said, if you installed a "codec pack", that's quite likely the source of your problem. Never install any codec packs unless you specifically know that the company in question is guaranteed to be reliable.
If you did not install a codec pack, this is almost 99% certainly a driver issue. If "mplayer2.exe" is functioning on your system (which would ensure that the video and sound drivers are working largely correctly), then it's most likely the CD-ROM drivers. This should fix you up, then. If not, it'd be time to contact actual technical support.

You can find this answer at this website http://www.zachd.com/pss/pss.html#errcodes, go to the left side of page and click on error codes second from bottom and then look for the paragraph mentioned above. There you will find how to contact technical support. See last sentence for reference to support. Hope it helps.

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Hello everyone.
I'm kind of desperate at the moment. Since Microsoft change the singing of the window updates to SHA-2, the updates are going in a loop (Installing, reboot, faile, repeat) and don't want to install. I've read that you need both of the following updates for
it to work KB4490628 and KB4474419 install. Looking at the installed updates, I see that both are there. 

I'm pushing the updates through a W2012R2 WSUS server.
Any ideas?

Thanks you all

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I have a program that I have used for over a year on Windows XP, and that I consequently trust without any question.  Under Windows 7 RC, it must be run as an administrator (possibly related to use of serial ports), or it does not operate properly.I have marked the application (not just the shortcut) as "Run as Administrator" for all users (which actually means just me - I am the only user of the PC) and it now runs fine except that every time I go to start it, UAC asks me if I want to allow it to run at elevated privleges.  As it won't run properly any other way, I want to be able to say "Yes, and remember this", but that is not offered.How do I set the application as trusted such that I do not have to accept this prompt every time I run it?  The application is not signed, and probably never will be (I doubt it will ever be updated again), so it is not just a matter of accepting the software publisher.I also do not want to turn off UAC, nor to set that Administrators are not prompted about privilege elevation - that would allow anything to run at a privleged level. I just want to allow it for this one application.Can anyone advise how this is done, please?

A:How do I "trust" an unsigned application?

Hear, hear. My workaround for this program was to pin it to the start menu. It means one more click on startup and I can live with that, but I'm glad I don't have a dozen such programs. The program is called Usage Agent and it shows how much of my monthly broadband usage is used up.

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I have desktop without DVD drive, and the BIOS doesn't support USB Boot, it only supports USB HDD and other but not USB
I want to make a clean install od windows
is there a way ? I tried update my Bios but itsnt free

A:Bios doesnt support USB boot, how to make a clean install ??

It would help us to help you if you would complete your system specs.
System Info - See Your System Specs

At least tell us who made your computer and the model number.

Are DVD drives expensive where you are?

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A:Does XPS L502x support 2TB internal Hard drive?

It will, as long as you find a 9.5 mm drive -- anything greater in height (which many 2T drives are) will not fit.  The other option is a solid state drive:

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Hello All - Could you help me understand why Microsoft Outlook 2003 Calendar will generate the "an internal support function returned an error" when changes are made to an accurance of a re-reaccuring meeting that is set every five weeks. What I mean by change is by post ponning the meeting by a week. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.

A:an internal support function returned an error

Hi and welcome to TSG!!

Try these websites :


Hope this helps

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The above error message occurs when I attempt to send an e-mail message to a distribution list I have created. Running MS Outlook on WinXP Home Edition. I can successfully send the same message (or any other) when sending to an individual. Any ideas on what is wrong and how to correct? Thanks for any help.

A:Internal Support Function Returned An Error

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Hi Guys One of our important clients has asked us me to quote for a HP laptop that supports the internal AND 2 x 2xternal screens simultaneously as they have a finance package they want to use that needs three screens. I've looked at the newer Spectre range which have 3 x Type-C ports which would indicate that two of these could be used for screen but I can't find any info to confirm whether 2 external screens will work at the same time along with the internal Any recommendations greatly appreciated 

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when i opened up my windows media a pop up comes up saying " internal application error" and i really don't know what to do.HELP!!!!

A:windows media:internal application error

Does it always happen or only when you try to run a video clip????

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Just did a fresh install of windows 2000 and I had to upgrade the wmp to the latest version so I could listen to a certain radio station. Since that upgrade I now get "An Internal Application Error has Occured". I have already followed the directions on the Microsoft site to register the dll's and edit the registry but it has not helped.

I've searched the net and I've seen this problem a lot XP but never for windows 2000. Maybe that is why the microsoft instructions had no effect?

I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've reverted back to the version that came with the OS (which works fine) and tried upgrading from there but still it won't work.

Anyone have any other ideas?

A:Solved: Internal Application Error has Occured

I solved this problem by deleting media player (the latest version that didn't work), rebooted then ran windows update and downloaded the latest version from there and now it works fine.

The person using this computer in my office went to a website and downloaded it manually...could have gotten the wrong one for the OS, I'm not sure but in any case it works now.

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Whenever I try to view a video on a site, or even on my own computer using windows media player 10, it says "Internal application error occured" I have no idea wtf is this about but its annoying.. Any ideas?

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Hi there,I have clients laptop which gives me this error. The exception privileged instruction.(Oxc0000096) occured in the application at location 0x4d510afc. Click Ok or terminate.After that I get window saying Generic host process for Win32 services encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for inconvience. Once we click for them, the system doesnot respond, none of the icons or anything is accessible. I was able to scan using MBAM and it came with the clean system. I was not able to run online scanners like Eset or Trendmicro House call as they just crash the IE.Here is the DDS log for it.DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Owner at 17:18:25.21 on 08/01/2010Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_10Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.44.1033.18.2046.1586 [GMT 0:00]AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}AV: Enterprise Suite *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {8C341646-C3D0-4B45-8959-08AD347057A3}FW: Enterprise Suite *enabled* {B4185A1B-1127-44A9-8726-942320C98CE0}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcssvchost.exesvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\PixArt\PAC7302\Monitor.exeC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files ... Read more

A:Internal window:svchost.exe - application error

Hi sreez,Please refrain from making any changes to your system (scanning or running other tools, updating Windows, installing applications, removing files, etc.) from now on as it might interfere with our fixes. Please let me know in your next reply if you agree with this.Though the infection is known let's do it properly. Post the Attach.txt too. Also please either follow the Preparation guide and post the RR log or post a GMER log.

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My computer is running on WinXP pro and every time I click on the Windows Media Player ver. 10 icon to open it, it brings up an error message as 'An internal application error as occured'. I tried to uninstalled and reinstall a fresh copy but it still keeps on poping up the same message. I don't know what to do next.
Can anyone help me with this.


A:Media player internal application error


A place to start: WMP Error

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Hi There...i Recently Did A Complete System Recovery On My Windows Xp And Updated My Windows Media To Windows Media 10...when I Went To Use The Player A Box Popped Up Saying That An Internal Application Error Has Occured..i Cannot Get Into Windows Media At All And Cannot Even Find It On My Add/remove List So That I Can Remove It And Try To Reinstall It. I Did A Search And Found It But When I Clicked On To Open It, I Got The Same Error Message...any Ideas On How To Remove This?

A:Windows Media Internal Application Error

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Anyone knows any freeware media player that plays rmvb files and also supports subtitle formats like srt & sub? And I want it to support chinese filenames as well.

I already tried kmp player, vlc & gome player. Somehow the installed Real Lite seems to cause the video / pc to freeze whenever playing rm / rmvb files. Already tried disabling hardware acceleration & write combining but to no avail.

I'm using xp with sp3.

A:rmvb player with internal codecs and subtitle support

Try Real Alternative

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I had to do a system recovery on my PC. Got it back up, got the drivers I needed re-installed, updated the Microsoft software from the MS website etc..

I am using Windows XP Home Edition (SP2)
When I try to open Media Player (10) it gives me a message "An internal application error has occurred"
I went to Control Panel, Add/Remove Program, clicked show updates, Add/Remove Windows components and unclicked WMP to uninstall it.
Reinstalled it the same way and no difference.

Also found the advice on restoring the dll and it doesnt work!
Any help would be nice. I don't really want WMP 10 I prefer and want WMP 9 as it seems to work better. So how do I get rid of this endless loop that I have got myself into?

I did not reformat the drive when I did a recovery. (Non-destructive recovery is what I opted for) I am using an HP a1100y and have also found no help from their phone support and their website.

A:Media Player 10 "An Internal Application Error Has Occurred"

If the system came with WMP 10, I don't believe that you can use WMP 9.See comment at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...es/default.aspx for XP users.I would actually move up to WMP 11.Louis

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I tried to see a video attachment and was told media player couldn't open. I tried to open it from the Start menu and got "internal application error".

I downloaded MP9 Upgrade, thinking it would correct the problem, but it didn't. I continue to get the error message.

I would appreciate any help.....I want to watch Curling.


A:[Resolved] Internal application error in Media Player

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Ok, so I had a nasty virus on my computer that caused me to reinstall Windows XP Pro. After reinstalling, I had to run HiJack This in order to get rid of pop-ups, winnet, and comwiz.

However, since reinstalling XP Pro, Windows Media Player 9 will not work. The program will not even open. Everytime I click on it to open, I receive the message: "An Internal Application Error has Occurred" and that's it, nothing else. I click OK, and the program never loads.

I read through the other threads with the same problem, but nothing has worked. I cannot restore because since the reinstallation, WMP 9 has never worked. I tried uninstalling WMP, but it is virtually impossible. I tried reinstalling WMP, same problem arises.

What can I do in order to get WMP to work?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Windows Media Player: Internal application error

You can start by checking the event log for a detailed explanation of the error.

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I just got XP professional installed & now for some reason, my windows media player won't open. i get a message that says "an internal application error has occurred". any help on this? thanks.

A:windows media player internal application error

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