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Any software that automatically backups and synchronizes the data online?

Q: Any software that automatically backups and synchronizes the data online?

I would like to backup my important documents online. ( One particular drive or folder )

Any software that automatically backups the data online.

Preferred Solution: Any software that automatically backups and synchronizes the data online?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Any software that automatically backups and synchronizes the data online?

Here's one.

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I recently bought a service for securing my data online . the company is based in ohio www.secureonlinebackups.com and they give me 24/7 access to my backed up data via ftp and i can use my existing software to do the backup. Has anyone ever heard of a compnay like this? One that gives you direct access to your files ? let me know


A:Online DATA backups

problem with online data back up....is....it is off site...If it is sensitive data..How do you know for 100% that you competition isint buying it form a dishonest employee...they can promis you all they want but who can gruntee that...you can if it is in house and under your control....

Every lose you internet access...car hit a pole knock it down for a few hours..a tech throw a switch somewhere and its lost for a few hours, days..can you afford to be without your data

for data redundancy ...part of a bigger plan yes...for data backup..not the best solution


welcome to the boards!!

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I hope I'm better at explaining the question than I have been in constructing a search query to find what I'm after.

Perhaps 8-10 years ago, I routinely swept up the contents of my documents and other data folders onto DVD disks for backup. I have about 60 of them. For some time, I was using the free version of a database program that crawled CDs and DVDs, copying the folder and file names and then allowing me to search the database for a particular file or a file type and locate the disk it was on. I can't remember the name of the program now, but when I went looking for the paid version, I found that the software had been orphaned.

Does anyone happen to know of any current programs that would serve the purpose? All I can find is software targeted at music or video DVDs.


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We recently lost a lot of data because our backup was not set right either me or someone else 2man office did something, what if anything do yall know about online backup services and is it worth the money, I am looking at carbonite.com

A:online backups


There are advantages and disadvantages to using online backups. It is mainly down to personal preference. I have heard good things about carbonite, but I find it easier to back up on to an external drive.

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I'm trying to backup my new computer for the first time... Ive heard of doing it online as opposed to on your computer. I do not have an external hard drive, so this seemed like a viable option instead of taking up a bunch of memory doing it on the computer itself. Does anyone have any information?

A:Online backups?

There are a few services but all seem to have problems - as far as I have seen. Besides, a system image may take 10 to 40GBs and the line speeds will have a hard time to keep up with that.

I think you are much better off to invest $50 in a 500GB external disk. Imaging the system only makes sense if you do it frequently (at least once per week). And that is much easier with the disk.

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I would be interested in people's views on on-line backups.

I am always keen to backup data, and of course by keeping my backups in the same house as my PC has inherent risks. But looking at online backups, I see other risks. For example, what if the backup company closes down, or lose my data.

A reviews for Mozy, one of the bigger organisations, says on of the 'cons' is that some users experience difficulty restoring their data, which to me sounds like a car with no wheels!

How can I trust that these companies can really deliever? I am willing to pay and have about 120Gb to keep backed up. (Sometimes I think a less risky strategy would be to buy two external hard drives with my backup on, keep one at a friends house and the other at home and swap them every week) to keep them fresh).

Any views?

A:Views on online backups

Perhaps trusting a well known and established company like Amazon will help put your mind at rest?


I've played with this service and it's really efficient - even allowing you to map a network drive directly to your online storage so you have access all of the time.

15c per GB for an unlimited amount of storage. Sounds cost effective to me.

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I am looking for consistent methods of backing up 200+gig of data. I have 4 IDE hard drives, an 80gb, 120gb, 40gb, and 400gb, an AMD xp 3500+ workstation, and an old school celeron 733 workstation with 512mb pc100 sdram. I am considering setting up a LAN via simple network switch, not sure if that would help the process. any insight?

A:Data backups?

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I'd like to be able to go back to the state the computer was in before a program was installed. What is the easiest way to do that ? If it's a system restore point, does that really work or are there some residues that are left over from the installation process ? Can you name a restore point so that you can see what is the program you have installed ?

On another slightly unrelated matter I was wondering if it is possible to have a backup copy for some files, for each modification that was made to them (so that I can use a sort of ctrl+Z even if the document has been closed). Similarly, if it is an automated save, can I set a name for a particular save so that I know the progress I've made (for example, a comment such as 'added paragraph 3').

A:data and system backups

Tutorial that may help for System Restore.
System Restore

First questions yes and yes. Sometimes the restore points are named by install of software or a Windows Update.

If you installed software yesterday afternoon pick a restore from yesterday morning or earlier.
Installed 3 days ago? Go back 4-5 days if possible.

Make sure you checkmark where I circled yellow when this window opens during restore. This will give you a much larger list of restore points.

Hope that helps.

Your unrelated matter I'm not sure.

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Hi folks, I got a question: about 3 months ago I bought a shiny 128 GB SSD in substitution of my old 500 GB system drive, so I reinstalled window 7 from scratch, having done all the automatic backups with the built in Windows Backup in G: and the manual ones in F: for doubled safety
Now I can declare my SSD safe, so I would love to free some space from G: (the backup drive): I want to delete the old and now useless system images, and to keep only the last backup period from a group of three for added safety.
Can I delete selectively those things, keeping only what I really need?

A:Selectively delete old backups data

If you feel that you don't need them at all, you can delete them, but at the same time if your SDD crashes, some backups are necessary.

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I thought Windows 7 was supposed to clear out the old data from the backups. So far every few months I have to go in and manually delete old backups from within the Backup and Restore interface.
Am I missing something?

A:Win 7 backup isn't clearing old data (old backups)

Quote: Originally Posted by DVDWSN

I thought Windows 7 was supposed to clear out the old data from the backups. So far every few months I have to go in and manually delete old backups from within the Backup and Restore interface.

Am I missing something?

I doesn't clear out old backups, because as with most good backup programs, it works on the assumption that you might not always want to use the most recent one.

For example, let's say I have the following backups:November2010
Obviously, November2010 is my most recent, right? But let's for arguments sake says take in between the October and November backups, I installed a program (it doesn't matter which. Lets call it program ABC) In other words, program ABS exists in the November backup, but not in the October backup.

I later discover that program ABC is causing problems, and I want to remove it, but it's not allowing me to do so because normal uninstall doesn't work. I can't use the November backup, because program ABC will still be there.

So I restore from the October backup instead.

The same will also apply with normal data file. If a file that exists in the October backup was deleted BEFORE the November backup was made, the only way to recover it would be to use the October backup.

So, by preserving older backups, Windows Backup is increasing your chances of recovering files.

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I want to hear your opinion about the safest way to store backups of data. Let's take 3 mediums -- external USB3 HD, USB flash drives and DVDs. I personally stick to Verbatim DVD +RW. The backup costs about twice cheaper than USB3 flash drive (per GB). Though it's a little bit more hassle with the discs... As per external USB3 HD's... First of all, it's a little bit of an investment upfront. More importantly, what kinda bothers me a little is the notion that after all, a hard disk is a hard disk. It has mechanical parts, vacuum inside, integrated electronics. Too many things can go wrong and magically you can wake up some not so beautiful morning and your disk is dead!
Let's not discuss SSD's here please. They're still a little beyond my budget.

A:Solved: Which is the safest medium for data backups

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c: o/s, "Users" folders on c:, but user data redirected as much as possible to d: (partition on SSD)
d: user data (partition on SSD)
z: in-box temp backups (laptops: partition on SSD, desktops: spinner)

external backup drive(s)

Once setup is "stable", (includes all planned prog installs, tweaks and user data folder stubs), a "c:" system image is taken using bootable flashdrive version of WD Acronis. Additional program installs are rare after this point, so new "c:" images will be infrequent, maybe only every 6 months. If there are program installs/updates between the planned "c:" images, a new image will be created or at least the install/update will be documented as missing from the last image.

User data is stored on d:, not in "Documents", "Music", "Pictures", etc. and will be backed up separately on a frequent basis. Home Groups/Libraries are not used. What I need to determine what other "stuff" needs to be backed up so that I can restore a "c:" image to a new drive, add the user data, run Windows Update and be ready to work.

"Stuff" I know about:

All Users Start Menu - copy folder to external drive, maybe weekly? Anything else in ProgramData?
User profiles - copy username folder(s) to external drive, maybe weekly? "Copy" the proper tool? FWIW, have Teracopy installed.
User (web) Favorites, mail - "mirror" to in-box temp backu... Read more

A:Help/advice for non-user data backups between system images

Registry is only an issue if you have updated it by installing an app or done a system tweak affecting it since you took the last image. The key to simplicity is keeping user data on a different drive and backing that up separately, as you've mentioned. Since there are are only a few steps to good "ready to go" imaging - once you've organized your system and data - using bats or scheduled tasks only adds to complexity and possible error. Using a simple checklist while performing the imaging/restore steps is all you need, if that.
The Programdata folder shouldn't be an issue for permanently installed apps. That data usually doesn't change after the app is installed, though I have one game that uses it for saved games. You really have to know where each app stores data, no way around that, but it's not hard to know.
The Users folder is another matter, and apps often put data there.
Doing "ready to go" restores really boils down to attention to detail in your initial data organization, and knowing which apps are storing data on the system drive, and where.
But every app I have that is data driven has a facility to backup the data elsewhere. So it's just a case of restoring it after the system restore.
Anything that can be directed to a non-system drive should be, but always keep in mind that apps and registry must be kept in synch. I do that by always imaging apps and registry together, meaning all are on the system drive. Games are an exception, but they ar... Read more

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hi All I do not know if that the best place. I have an issue with DATA PROTECTOR, daily backups takes longer then usual (40 mins longer), after we added binary file.   would you know where we could start to troubleshoot it?

A:data protector binary file longer backups

1)Cannot open database/file or database network communication error:If one or several IDB data files or directories are missing, the following errors are displayed when Data Protector tries to access the IDB:? Cannot open database/file? Database network communication errorAction:Reinstall the IDB data files and directories:? Reinstall Data Protector.? Restart the Cell Manager.2)Cannot access the Cell Manager:When the Data Protector GUI tries to connect to the Cell Manager, the following error message is displayed if the Data Protector temporary directory is missing:Cannot access the Cell Manager system. (inet is not responding) The Cell Manager host is not reachable or is not up and running or has no Data Protector software installed and configured on it.Action1. On the Cell Manager, close the Data Protector GUI.2. Initiate the maintenance mode:3. omnisv -maintenance4. Manually create the directory tmp in:5. Windows systems: Data_Protector_program_data6. UNIX systems: /var/opt/omni7. Quit the maitnenance mode:8. omnisv -maintenance -stop9. Restart the Data Protector GUI.3)File names are not logged to the IDB during backup:When performing backups using Data Protector, file names are not logged to the IDB if:? You have selected the No Log option for backup.? The DCBF part of the IDB is running out of space, or the disk where the IDB is located is running low on disk space. An error in the session output informs you about this.Action? Check if you have selected the... Read more

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Hi there

This is my first posting.

I have an Acer Aspire laptop 5920G, it is about 4 years old with Vista Home Premium

I've used the installed Acer Erecovery backup program regularly when prompted by the application.
After the last backup all backup points has disappeared - it shows no backup points exist
Prior to this backup there were a number of points shown by the log.
The D data drive is about 1/3 full

As far as Acer goes my laptop dies not exist therefore I can't email their support site.

Looking at drive D there is a hidden folder: erData.
In a sub folder there is one call Images.This clearly holds all the backup files, date stamped over the life time of my machine.

I've tried Acer support but there is no way of posting a question since the site all revolves around current machines.

I've made a full backup using macruim Reflect (Lite).

Could anyone suggest what I can do to access these points please?
Or am I better to simply continue with Macrium?


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Hi all,

I want to ask all MT users, which software they use to backup their system, specialy the people with SSD's since system restore points are disabled by default when you have an SSD and that's a big problem when you have problems with your system and you need to go back some hours/days.

Right now I use the "backup and restore" option on Windows because it's free, but maybe there is a better free option... What do you recommend?


A:System Backups - Which software do you use?

Backup and restore is much better than no backups and auto-installed with Windows which does really help. If you want something a bit more powerful, you may be interested in Acronis True Image 2016 (it supports full disk image backup and restoring and also compatible with Windows 10).

If you're looking for a free alternative of a third party software for system backups then feel free to check out Paragon Backup & Recovery (free version) or EaseUS Todo Backup (free). Paid solutions with those third party software are also available.

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Hi All,

I have a 2 drive system with C (velicoraptor 150gbwith 75 gbs free) drive containing windows 7 pro 64 bit and programs while D (WD black 640gbs with 300gbs free) drive contains just about all data along with my windows backups (i always keep 3 and renew them each month using of course windows backup).

So can't say when but its been a while when I defrag my drives no problem i do c then d and don't get any error messages. BUT... when i check event viewer i see:

General Tab:

ERROR event id 36 VOLSNAP...

The shadow copies of volume D: were aborted because the shadow copy storage could not grow due to a user imposed limit.
Details Tab:

-Provider[ Name] volsnap
-EventID36[ Qualifiers] 49158
Level2Task0Keywords0x80000000000000-TimeCreated[ SystemTime] 2013-03-07T06:06:24.094851200Z
\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy7D:000000000200300000000000240006C0020000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000
Binary data:

In Words
0000: 00000000 00300002 00000000 C0060024
0008: 00000002 00000000 00000000 00000000
0010: 00000000 00000000

In Bytes
0000: 00 00 00 00 02 00 30 00 ......0.
0008: 00 00 00 00 24 00 06 C0 ....$..?
0010: 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0018: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........

=====================================================================... Read more

A:Event ID 36 Volsnap when defragging D drive (data + windows backups)


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Hi. I am trying to be more diligent about backing up my computer. I plan to store a back up of my files on both the cloud and on an external drive that is connected to my router via usb. So I found free software with good reviews to use as a program for backing up, AOMEI Backupper. Under their setting for backup, they have four different types of backups-
system backup (backup windows and create an image of system partition);
disk backup (backup hard disks to an image file);
partition backup (backup partitions or dynamic volumes to an image file);
file backup (easily backup files and folders to an image file). Now I completed the system backup, but then I realized I don?t really know if I need all of the other backup choices. So that?s my question, do I need all four of these types of backups, or is the system backup sufficient?

By the way, the information below indicates that windows defender is disabled and that is incorrect. Windows defender is enabled.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) M-5Y10c CPU @ 0.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8094 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 243491 MB, Free - 157830 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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We are a high-volume computer store that does LOTS of backups, sometimes 5/day. We have a high capacity backup disk to store the data.

Ghost does not work because it wants to backup to a disk (we have dozens of hdd with ghost backups, we just can't afford that many hdd!) or a partition, and we do not know what size partitions we would need. Ghost is not an option.

Copy and paste is not an option, because windows does not always want to copy certain files, the it stops, and you don't know what you have!

We tried briefcase, but it hangs on large file sizes.

We tried JP Utilities folder comparison, but the software was so incomprehensible we had no idea.

We use mobile media drive trays to load the disks in the file server.

We just want a program that works!!!

Any recommends?

A:Need good syncing software for backups

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I've been (safely but foolishly ) running Win7 without a backup system for over a year on a new computer...but am finally getting off it. On the old XP system, I had a manual program that backed up with Verify new and changed files in their native file formats from just the folders I told it to into an external HDD. When I needed to restore, I went to the external drive in Windows Explorer and copied files back. Sadly I can't remember the name of the backup program, but need something similar to backup to a new ioSafe SoloPRO 2GB external drive.

I don't want a new fangled auto backup program because of the potential danger of leaving the external drive connected and turned on all the time. (I may set up an automated online "cloud" backup program in parallel for some files later, but as a photographer I have too many large files to shoot to the cloud).

For now I need a good basic backup program that Verifies and that's smart enough to grab the basic Windows files I need, like my Live email folders, and the specific folders I tell it to. Thoughts?

Thanks, Michael

A:Backup software for daily manual backups?

Here's a few

Karen's Replcator


GFI Backup


Second Copy

I think they are all free except Second Copy.

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Hi everyone:

First let me share the bad experience that I had while using one of the major brands of software for the local backup -- Acronis True Image 2014. I purchased and was using their software since 2014. I set it up to make incremental backups of my local files to an external hard drive, as well as make an image of my disk C to another external hard drive. The settings in the program also allowed me to automatically remove old backups when space was needed.

This scheme seems to have worked until about a month ago when my external disk got filled up and I started seeing error messages of disk being full via the popup balloons. This infuriated me since the only reason I was using Acronis software was to make it clean up old backups in the first place. That was the first time that I posted a question on Acronis form, that went nowhere. (In that thread I also discovered that I couldn't delete old backups even manually.) So I thought, OK, obviously other users may not know what is wrong so I decided to contact Acronis tech support instead. Little did I know, that it actually cost $20 to contact their support about any issue after the initial 90 day period since the software was purchased. What?! That's right. You have to pay them to fix it I was so incensed by it that I even tweeted to Acronis, and got this response.

At this point I was curious to get to the bottom of it. Upon further digging into Acronis True Image I discovered a very erratic behavior, and namely, tha... Read more

A:Suggestions for software to do local backups? No Acronis!

Macrium Reflect Free

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Comp USA has Acronis TrueImage 9.0 for $29.99 AFTER an instant discount of $20. In store only;

A:Acronis TureImage imaging software for backups

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I am using a Dell Dimension 4300 PC with Windows XP Home OS with Service Pack 3. The hard drive on the PC is only 40 GBís. I am backing up this drive to a WD 120 GBís external hard drive. These backups using Syncback software are taking an inordinately long time to complete. I recently deleted approximately 5 GBís from my hard drive and my backup took almost 3 hours to complete. It shows that I have over 290,000 files to backup. There must be something wrong with the way I have asked for the back up to be done because it seems to be copying all the files each time. I only want to backup any new files or files that have changed. Previously it always took less than an hour to do a backup. Is there a setting I can use that will do only an incremental backup, i.e. only new or changed files or synchronise in one direction only? Is there some other action I should take to improve the backup time?

As always thanks in advance for any help,


A:Solved: Long time to do backups using Syncback software

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Hello guys, I need a good diary software that has the ability to take backups and restore them, lets say when I want to reinstall windows. Ive come across some diary softwares but none of them provide the ability to take backups. Thanks

A:A good, free Diary software with the ability to tale backups.

Now I am a bit confused as to what you want to do virajk - why don't you just back up to an external or an extra internal drive vis an image or even a clone??

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PC shuts down automatically after a few minutes. Ran several scans--AVG, Spyware Sweeper with no threats found.

Using Windows XP Pro.

A:HJT Log--PC Shuts Down Automatically When Online

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Hi everyone, my software(data acquisition software) works well and saves data in the folder with full control permissions, but when I try to save my data in the restricted folder(only delete permission is denied) it displays an error access denied.
Is there any workaround to disable the delete option and keeping the normal functioning of software intact, as my intention is to allow the users to generate the data and restricting them from deleting the generated data
Thanks in advance

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I have a number of devices connected to my virgin router, via wireless and lan.

I was wondering if their was software that exists, that allows you to monitor the speed, traffic, and what kind of bandwidth each device is getting from the router, speed etc too .

Many thanks,


A:software to monitor devies on network, data speeds, data usage ?

Since no one has replied. Here`s a google of programs.


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For about 3 to 4 weeks now, nearly everytime I get online (using Juno speedband) my service starts to get really slow, so I logoff only to find that an unidentified update is downloading while I surf. I can't see if the download is happening untill I click log-off. Once I click log-off I get this message:

We are downloading additional features of our software that will enhance your user experience. You will be automatically logged off after the download is complete.

Beneath that is a progress bar, that shows it is downloading part I of II.

I thought this might be connected to windows, so I set windows XP to notify only but not automatically download AND then downloaded every windows update I require including SP2. No change though, I'm still getting the phantom download.

I have a 2-month-old Compaq Presario with Office professional. Only other software I've added was Norton Internet Security (which I've set to update automatically, but they always identify their updates), Spybot, Ad-Aware, and Spyblaster. All are up to date yet the phantom returns.

Any thoughts? How can I stop this? I got so frustrated one day, I decided to let the damn thing completely download, but once it did there was no install program, and the next time online it all started all over again.

A:phantom download starts automatically when I get online

You might want to consider running HiJackThis and posting the log for someone to review.

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I have an old Compaq with Windows 98 and IE5.5 to test my website. When I put the machine online, I just want confirmation that MS will not update IE to IE7 automatically? Do they only patch installed software?

(sorry, but I always had 'corporate' to take care of me in the past!)

A:Will Microsoft automatically update my version of IE when I put the PC online?

and welcome to the Forum

IE 7 will not run on Win98, so no danger of it trying to install it. . . it will probably upgrade to IE6

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I'm a little confused between the two backups and don't see any tutorials that seem to explain the interaction (if there is any) between the backups I scheduled and the several image backups i have made.

I upgraded my laptop to win 7 about a month ago now. Back on XP I would run a full system backup once every three weeks and run differential backups (& a separate 'system' files backup) every day. Every couple months I would run an ASR backup because as best I can tell that was the only real full system backup. That is the ASR would let me buy a new hard disk, restore from the ASR and have my system back without installing any software etc.

Based on my understanding of windows 7, I thought I would carry that basic idea forward by setting up the scheduled backup including all three logical drives and checking the system image checkbox. Additionally I would occasionally run a separate image backup.

The first issue I have is that as I read the documentation, I should be able to keep several of the image backups because I am putting everything on a USB connected 2T drive (I'm using about 70-80G on the laptop 250G drive). I ran the first image backup after installing win 7 with all current hotfixes and a couple programs as a base (e.g. winzip, acrobat, and an editor). But when I had installed some more software and wanted to do an image backup before trying to install SQL Server 2000 developer, it overwrote that base image backup.

So it appears that I am w... Read more

A:Don't Understand Scheduled Backups vs Image Backups

Hello Bill,

If you create a separate system image using the method in the tutorial below, then it creates a new full system image each time you do. The best way to keep multiple system images using this method would be to rename the current WindowsImageBackup folder before creating a new one. This system image is saved separate than the one created below in a scheduled backup.Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
You could also include creating a system image in a scheduled backup like in the tutorial below. You can change the maximum space used for system images on the drive letter you are saving the Windows Backup to by changing the maximum space used by System Protection for the same drive letter. This is the same setting. The larger the maximum space, the more separate system images that could be saved.Backup User and System Files
Go ahead and read through the tutorials above, and please feel free to post back with any questions you may have.

Hope this helps,

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Itís been many years since Iíve encountered virus/spyware problems but my computer finally caught something and Iím planning on reformatting (thatís what I get for not having any AV). Luckily, I still have access to all my data so can backup everything thatís important. However, itís gotten me thinking about the value of the data on my computer. Iíve got the last ten years of my life recorded and Iíd like to ensure that I donít loose that due to virus or hard drive failure.

Once I am done reformatting, Iím planning on keeping my data on a separate HD from my OS/software. The main reason for this is so that I can make an image of the OS/software HD but I was wondering if separating the data from the software will provide any significant protection to the data from viral corruption?

Thanks in advance!

A:Separate HDs for data and software. Data more secure?

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WinXP SP3, Google Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m, AMD Sempron LE-1200 Sparta, 2.11Ghz, 960MB RAM
I tried to uninstall, reinstall Adobe flash player, chrome but to no avail. I think it's an overheating issue but I don't know how to read the figures from CPUID Hardware Monitor & Core Temp (Screenshot http://i44.tinypic.com/291nq0i.jpg ). I've disabled "Hardware Acceleration" on Chrome and Flash Player. Fans are running but I couldn't find any software to read the temperature of Hard drive or Processor as the ones available doesn't support the above processor. I'd appreciate if anyone could help me with this as the restart happens every 5-20mins (sometimes even during a reboot). I couldn't find any google chrome crash report although it's enabled. I also tried to disable (and uninstall) manually installed adobe player & use inbuilt adobe player in Chrome to isolate the issue but it doesn't work at all. I have installed HijackThis but I don't know how to read or use the log files. Please Help!!!
Just installed Speccy and got the following results :

Operating System
Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3
AMD Sempron LE-1200
Sparta 65nm Technology
1.00GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 301MHz (5-5-5-15)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. M61PME-S2 (Socket M2) 47 °C
SyncMaster ([email protected])
64MB NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (Gigabyte)
Hard Drives
149GB Seagate ST3160318AS (SATA) 36 °C
Optical Drives
HUAWEI Mass Storage USB Device
HL-DT-ST DVDR... Read more

A:Computer shuts down automatically while playing video or music online/offline or

When you say shut down, you mean as if it loses power or it goes through the shutdown process?

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Hi All,
I'm trying to use Message Analyzer to show captured traffic.
I see a difference with Wireshark about Base64 messages; i.e. if you analyze an http traffic with basic authentication, Wireshark show the original Base64 data and then the decoded text data.
It is possible to do the same with Message Analyzer?

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Hello All,

I have a doubt on excel, please share your ideas for the below mentioned query:
First of all, I have created New Worksheet & saved as "MAIN" in different location. I have the sub-ordinates of 15 members, who work on their excel sheet with different location.

Here, i would like to copy some selected contents or copy several columns from their worksheet to the "MAIN" worksheet. I used to do it manually. Now, my question is that is there any other way to sort this automatically?

I had tried by applying some formulas, but it worked only for a single person. But i required for all 15 members data to be copied at once.


A:Update selected data Automatically

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I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you can

A:Excel: Automatically import data from another workbook

bparker said:

I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you canClick to expand...

Hi bparker - Not sure I'm reading your intent right, but if you can save the "19991118damlbmp_zone" etc sheets into a book on the desktop you name "Book11" and then open a new book called "Book10" and run the code from Book10 - you can use something like this:

'this is run from the book named Book10
Dim N%
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
On Error Resume Next '<< error is - "books already open"
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Book11.xls"
For N = 1 To Sheets.Count
Sheets("Sheet" & N).Select
Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Rows.EntireRow).Select
Sheet... Read more

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Hi Guys,

I've an excel sheet which has some data and I want that excel to be automatically mailed every month end to few mail ID's. How to acheive this ?


A:Excel should mail its data everymonth end automatically

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Hi all,

I have a monthly report that has a certain column (always column BF) that contains the numbers 1-5, either singly or in any combination thereof. I have to copy this into 5 columns (BQ through BU) and I want those columns titled Q2 - 1, Q2 - 2, Q2 - 3, Q2 - 4 and Q2 - 5.
I need all the 1s in Q2 - 1, all the 2s in Q2 - 2 and so on.
Since the number of items in each cell varies, (there is no 1, , 3,4, , with blanks for non-existing numbers, rather one cell may have 2 and the one below it may have 1,3,5) is there a macro or a formula that would quickly copy every item into the right column?
It isn't vital, I suppose, I can copy, sort and cut and paste, but I would like to save the time....

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Excel 97 - want to automatically move data

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I was doing routine computer work on the evening of 8/19/15 when I started getting warnings from Verizon Wireless about my JetPack data utilization. (I am on a 5GB/month plan, and 3.55+GB were used in that one evening.)

The tech at Verizon said the usage occurred in the "Communications and Device Services," which includes Windows updates and stuff I don't use (such as Skype).  My computer's update history shows only one update on 8-19-15, and that is

"Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3087985).
Could that update possibly have used 3.55 GB of my data allowance?  What is the maximum it could have used?

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I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you can

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Hi, so me and a few buddies of mine are starting to make a Map for Counter strike source and i was wondering if its possible for me to set up some kind of sever that allows them to connect to a folder on my computer and grab what they need so we can work on it over the internet and always have it be updated when one of them saves there work. Or even have an online folder that we can all accese so we and update our progress.

I'm running a machine with windows 7.
ill have no bandwidth problems or storage problems.
-thank you

A:online data base

I'd suggest an FTP server, easy to setup, and more secure than trying to do a web server. FileZilla is my choice for this application.

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Does anyone have an opinion on a free, good, and easy to use web site for storage and back up of all my home PC files online?

A:Online data storage?


Carbonite is better in my opinion, especially for small business backup. Hope this helps, take care!

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Does anyone have an opinion on a free, good, and easy to use web site for storage and back up of all my home PC files online?

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I thought I would ask here because sure someone must know!

Am looking for an online data back up to back up my files.

Am looking for something that offers:
Unlimited Space

I found livedrive.com but am not sure they offer archiving?

I know its silly to ask but am sure someone here must be using/ have an Online data back up?


*Not sure if this was the right place to post this*

A:Online data back ups?

I use Carbonite. Basic plans start at $59/year. For that, you get unlimited automatic backups that work in the background so your computer won't be slowed down while using it. The data is encrypted before it leaves the computer (even Carbonite personnel can't access it) and is transmitted to and from your computer via a secure (https) connection. You can access your data from any computer at any time. It also has thirty day versioning (it keeps any deleted or changed files for thirty days before deleting them). More expensive plans have more features.

The downsides are data transfer is slow so a 24/7 broadband connection is recommended and it cannot be used to store data that isn't on your computer. The slow data transfer rate is only a problem for the initial upload but, once that is finished (it can days or even weeks for the initial upload), it really isn't a problem.

A word on archival. It is a very bad idea to store data in only one place, be it on a HDD in your computer or in cloud storage. At the very, very least, each piece of data should be duplicated in at least one other place different from the original with at least one copy stored locally and one offsite. I always recommend storing one backup copy off the computer but still easily accessed, such as in a different place at home where the computer is, and one copy offsite, such as in a desk at work, at a neighbor's home, in a bank safety deposit box, or in a paid online backup service. The reason I specified a... Read more

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Hi there! I'm creating an access database for our company's mailing list.

I have two fields in my form named ID1 and ID2. When I create a new record, I would like Access to copy the information from ID1 into the ID2 field, and add three letters to the beginning of the data.

In other words, if ID1 is "123" i would like ID2 to automatically be generated as "RTC123".

ID1 is an autonumber field if that makes a difference.

Is this possible to do? How would I go about making it happen?


A:Access 2003: Copying data automatically from one column to another

Hello, if the data is already in column 1 then you can use an update query to transfer the data to column 2.
If the data in column 1 is to be entered in a form then the transfer can be made as the data is entered.
Which way do you need to do it?
Or do you need to do it both ways.
Also why do you need to store the data like that if it can be created and displayed like it at any time?

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i have a severe problem. whenever i use connect option and get connected to internet, data starts to downloaded automatically. i fear some programmes are running in the background unnoticedd. how can i stop this so that i can save my banwidh and hence money?

A:Automatically data sent received whenevr I connect to Broadband WAN

Quote: Originally Posted by bhasphys

i have a severe problem. whenever i use connect option and get connected to internet, data starts to downloaded automatically. i fear some programmes are running in the background unnoticedd. how can i stop this so that i can save my banwidh and hence money?

Welcome Bhasphys to the windows 7 forums.

What you can do is to see what programs are loading when you boot. you can run msconfig in the run window as administrator and there are options to see what is starting when you boot.

Many programs like your Anti-Virus and such check for updates when you boot to make sure that you have the latest version and updates.

There are other programs, most free that will let you see what programs are starting up when you boot your computer.

I use a program called startupinspector to check and uncheck programs that startup when I boot.

Search on startupinspector with google.


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Hello. I work in a computer store in Indonesia as an administrator. My job is to create invoices. My crazy supervisor wants to see trimmed label address. She said it's more beautiful to look at -,-' Problem is the address I receive is always jumbled into one long line. Separating them (based on street address, etc) takes time. During the national shopping day, where we can have like 500 invoices in a day, I don't think I can handle it.

Below is one example of the address data that I have to work with:
Alamat Pengiriman
Agus, 62812345678
Perumahan Orang Kaya, Jl.Jalan 2 BLOK H1/1001, Katulampa, Bogor Barat, KOTA BOGOR, BOGOR Barat - KOTA, JAWA BARAT, ID, 12345

The result I want is:
Perumahan Orang Kaya
Jl.Jalan 2
BLOK H1/1001
Bogor Barat

Of course, I understand it is impossible for a script to wholly replace man's logic. But if the script can help me create new lines based on several conditions, it will greatly help me. The conditions are as follow..
New line is made immediately before:
1. Word "Jalan" or "Jl." or "Jl"
2. Word "Perumahan" or "Perum"
3. Word "Blok" or "Block"
4. Word "RT" or "RT***" (*=number)
5. Word "Gang" or "Gg." or "Gg"
6. Word "Kel." or "Kel" or "Kelurahan"
7. Word "Kec." or "Kec" or... Read more

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I am trying to follow the instructions here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/29...driver-windows for a company computer at the day program I attend. The computer is a HP Pavilion Slimline s7520n PC

But I am UNABLE to do so!!! It is stuck on "searching online for software" and it NEVER gets past that part!

I Googled the problem but NOTHING came up but spam results and unrelated results!!!

Please help me fix!

A:Update Driver software stuck "searching online for software"

What driver are you trying to install? The ATI driver should be downloaded from Windows Update.
When searching online for a driver, if it hangs on the searching on Windows Update, then you can turn it off.
Then manually go to Windows Update and download all of the Updates for your model. In one of the updates will be the ATI Video driver.

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