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G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

Q: G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

This G550 was working well till I was persuaded, perhaps unwisely, in 2016 to 'upgrade' from Win 7 to 10. Since then bluetooth has vanished; also more and more often the laptop won't boot up ~ i have to keep trying turning it off and on maybe half a dozen times then it comes back up eventually but I fear at some point it will stop ~ then what? Another thing which SOMETIMES works and sometimes doesn't ( I don't understand how that can be ) is that I have it hooked up to a large screen monitor.......... But sometimes it won't send a signal to that................ Again, if I restart a few times eventually it does. Are the above all driver issues ? If it's amatter of downloading new drivers could someone please provide the actual link ? Or would it be better to try to revert from WIN 10 to WIN 7 ? ( and if so how do I do that ? ) I suppose I could buy a new machine but not really inclined to if I can get this one to work more reliably........... Before the win 10 upgrade it did everything I need ( basically web browsing and emailing ). Oh, did I mention that LOADS of music I had stored has also become inaccessible ? The songs and albums are still LISTED on the screen but when you click on them nothing happens. i would like to get that back too. YES I have done a fresh re install of windows ~ no improvement.

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Preferred Solution: G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi im new.....have a old G550 laptop which at some point over the years i have removed some drivers bluetooth peripheal is 1 where can i get a download for this please ....i do have a new computer but love my old 1 thanks
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:lenovo g550 - Need drivers

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Due to the age of the G550, all the available drivers and downloads for that model can now be found in the EOL Legacy Download Library at Lenovo.  Please follow this link....

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Hello, I've G500 with Windows Xp x32. Since I'm looking for upgrading its RAM to 8g, I would have to convert to Windows Xp x64. The problem is, I can't find Windows Xp x64 drivers on "Lenovo Drivers & Software", Only Windows 7 x64. How can I fix that problem..?! Would Windows Xp x32 drivers work on x64..?! Thanks

G550.jpg ?69 KB

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   Hi . Im adding 2 photos of my laptop specs . I had win 7 and down graded to xp because it takes less time and much esier to use when you in n hurry . What i need is a place to download the drivers thats missing  on the photo . I believe its xp 32 bit that i installed . If possible ... can you send me the links and i need to download it in a zip file to my phone  because my cd.dvd drive doesnt work. Maybe because of the drivers but i had to format and instal xp with my usb .   

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hello! got problem when instaled touchpad drivers from here:http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/ot/en/DriversDownLoads/APR_Driver_List.aspx?CategoryID=600154&OS=W... this driver: Alps Pointing-device Driver7.2.1602.13012009-09-102.63 MBWindows 7 32bitinstaled okey, after reboot, touchpad and keybord doesn't react, doesn't workmaybe any of You guys have a solution? With this driver I hoped to work my G550 touchpad scroll any help?


Go to Solution.

A:G550 touchpad drivers problem

if windows install drives for touchpad, do not install touchpad drivers.

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Hello,first of all, here the necessary informations for my Laptop: G550 Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 2958 - Model 29588MGT4500(2.3GHz), 2GB RAM, 320GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel 4500M, CDRW/DVDRW, Broadcom 802.11bg wireless, 10/100 Ethernet, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Home Premium 32(taken from the lenovo page via serial-number) I'm trying to fix the laptop of a friend. He deinstalled a lot of drivers for some reason, and after that the laptop wasn't running anymore.I thought, sure no problem we just format the hard drive and reinstall windows. Unfortunatelly after formating i couldn't find the chipset drivers on the lenovo web page. I contacted the german lenovo support but they told me they do not provide the driver for windows 7, only xp and vista. I asked if it would work when using vista but he didn't know.  And now i wanted to ask if anybody could please help me with this. I thought the driver must exist because the laptop was bought with windows 7.  Or did they just use vista and it works more or less? Help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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I bought my Dell Dimension in November with a upgrade to Vista.
Have installed the upgrade and since then my pc wont start everytime.
I have managed to start it for the first few days did some work etc etc, now everytime i start the pc i have to have 3 or 4 attempts to start it and then try to start in safe mode which eventually works, i then have to do a system restore to a point where i know it will work.

Have spoken to Dell for the last 2 weeks trying to sort this out and they keep telling me pc is not compatable and need to restore back to win xp.
My argument with them is why sell me a win vista pc that is not compatible. They keep have suggested i pay for software support which i did once, this did nothing at all. Didnt get my money back either.

What could be my problem.
How do i know when the drivers i need are updated onto the microsoft site for vista to download. As this seems to be the biggest issue.
Also I think that Mcafee is one of the problems as i just cant get it uninstalled,
Surely someone here has an idea as to what is happening i do not have any additional hardware except my printer and that works ok, although i do get a warning, but i think that is for software and the auto update feature with HP

A:Dell Dimension 9200 upgraded to vista probs

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Hi ,  I am trying to download the BIOS update for X1 carbon 4th gen 20FB and i couldnt find that in this page. Can you please difrect me where to get it ?  https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/LEN-18282 Thanks,Ramesh

A:LEN-18282: Reading Privileged Memory with a Side Channel CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-575

Welcome to the CommunityThe BIOS update is published on the laptop' download pagehttps://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-...
The link to the BIOS update is present on the page you've mentioned, unfortunately without laptop' MT code or x1 Carbon its generation #:
ThinkPad X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga - Affected - N1FET59W - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/downloads/DS111756 - 1/7/2018

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My G550 Laptop now won't load Windows10 after the latest enforced update. I get the initial Lenovo screen with F2 options etc then the blue Windows logo followed by Attempting to recover installation then Restoring your previous version of Windows then back to the Lenovo screen. Any thoughts?

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source (bleepingcomputer.com):Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users to v1709

Microsoft admitted last week that it incorrectly updated some Windows 10 users to the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system ?version 1709? despite users having specifically paused update operations in their OS settings.

The admission came in a knowledge base article updated last week. Not all users of older Windows versions were forcibly updated, but only those of Windows 10 v1703 (Creators Update).

This is the version where Microsoft added special controls to the Windows Update setting section that allow users to pause OS updates in case they have driver or other hardware issues with the latest OS version.Click to expand...

KB4023814 caused all problems
Microsoft admitted its blunder. The OS maker says it shipped last week a Windows feature update ?KB4023814? that would show an update notification for users of older Windows versions.

The update was meant primarily for Windows 10 v1507 and v1511, two Windows 10 versions released in 2015 that are now officially end-of-life.

Microsoft was just trying to notify users that they should update to the latest Windows 10 version to receive security updates.

The update was also displayed for Windows 10 v1607 and v1703, even if those OS versions are still supported, but as an optional update alert.

But it appears that KB4023814 misfired for v1703 users with custom update settings and forcibly installed... Read more

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Just noticed there are no grippies when I unlock the Taskbar on my new (to me) Lenovo G550 laptop.

Any idea how to get them back?

A:New Lenovo G550 Laptop - no grippy when taskbar unlocked

I have a Lenovo G500 and can't recall any specific bloatware that interferes there, but it nonetheless corrupts system files which could be the problem with the taskbar unlock anonmaly.

If this is still the factory install you can try to Clean Up Factory Bloatware then check the system file integrity, but you'll have a much better install if you Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

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I hope someone can give me some advice. I've a friend with a G550 running Windows 7 32 with only 2 GB of RAM, and it's woefully slow. I suggested he update to 4 GB (his system is obviously only capable of addressing 4 GB) and, as I recently updated my G560 to 8 GB (I'm running 64 bit Windows) I wondered whether I could give him one of my two old 2 GB modules (1 original, one added Crucial), or replace both, to upgrade his system? On paper, the memory seems to be similar to my untutored eye - am I missing some incompatibility between the two systems? Thanks for any help you can give.

IainLenovo G560 - Windows 7 Home Premium x64

A:Compatibility of RAM modules between G550 & G560 laptop's - SOLVED

G550:2GB, 3GB, or 4GB std / 4GB max / PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3, non-parity,dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets;Italics: standard memory in both sockets; no sockets available;Non-italics: standard memory in one socket; 1 socket available G560:2GB or 4GB std / 8GB max / PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3, non-parity,dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets;Italics: standard memory in both sockets; no sockets available;Non-italics: standard memory in one socket; 1 socket available Both machines have same memory spec.

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HiI having a problem with the bluetooth on my Lenovo G550 serial number **** laptop. It came with  in-built Bluetooth software and drivers. It was working perfectly fine for several months.But, then recently a problem cropped up. Now, when I click the Bluetooth icon, click the adaptor on and then click 'Show Bluetooth devices', nothing really happens.The adaptor turns on and then after clicking 'Show Bluetooth devices, the search for locating bluetooth devices continues but no device is located. ( & this is when the bluetooth on my samsung mobile has been turned on).Earlier, it could easily located my cellphone. Similarly , if I try to browse files on my laptop by using the bluetooth on my mobilephone even then it doesn't work. I just get a message on the cellphone ie.  'connection lost'.I have carried several scans on my PC in past few days and the files always come out as clean so that's not a problem.I can't understand why I can't browse files when the bluetooth on both the laptop and mobile are switched on and both the devices are on discoverable mode.
Also, my hot key combination Fn + F5 does not show wireless settings menu now. However, it had been working fine for several months so this is a recent problem.
Please help. Thanks.
serial numbers removed for your own safety. 

A:my lenovo G550 laptop's bluetooth can't discover devices

re-installing power management will fix your function key combinations. then you can activate it by pressing fn + f5 > on/off

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I have been trying to fix a friends Lenovo G550 running Windows 7 Home Premium. The laptop won't boot and gives BSOD error "STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x887925C8, 0x88792734 ...)" the codes in brackets change each time. It then does a crash dump and reboots.

There has been no new hardware or programs installed recently (apparently).

These are the steps I have taken:
Boot in all versions of Safe Mode (same BSOD).
Boot to Last Known Good Config (same BSOD).
Windows Startup Repair (can't solve problem reboots to BSOD).
Windows Restore (can't restore).
Windows Memory Diag (no problem found).
Removed one stick of RAM boot (BSOD), replace and remove other stick of RAM boot (BSOD).
Remove and reseat HDD.

My instinct tells me it is a HDD fault. Does anyone have any other suggestions or is the next reasonable step to buy a replacement HDD and reinstall Windows?

Thanks in advance.

A:Lenovo G550 Laptop BSOD STOP 0x000000F4 won't boot


Please take a look at the following tutorial:




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I replaced the oem wifi card with a card I got from ebay. Belarc advisor identifies it as Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter, HOWEVER the purchase order says it's an IBM Lenovo G550 Fru 60Y3221 Anatel WiFi Wireless Card. I cannot for the life of me find drivers that will work with this thing, been in IT 20 years and I'm admitting defeat on this one so any help would be much appreciated. I can't find out much about Anatel except that their in Brazil their web site is in Portuguese and Babelfish was 0 help in finding drivers. I should mention that the thing shows up in device manager as enabled and working and the wifi light is on solid not blinking as it does when there is trouble. Apart from that, no Love at all. Edit: The following #s appear on the card:Lenovo P/N 60y3220, 20-002304FRU: 60Y3221H/C: 1ZHJWE/C: N62191 Thanks,Paul

A:Need wifi card drivers for g550 replacement card

Is it like this one?http://www.txcesssurplus.com/servlet/the-8067/IBM-Lenovo-ThinkPad-Wireless/DetailIf so, note the fccid on back, bcm=Broadcom chip,in the case of the linked card, bcm9431Check the support downloads for G550 wlan, Broadcom,see if that works. (Or have you already tried that?)

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Hi there,yesterday I used "Lenovo Vantage" for the first time, after "Lenovo Settings", still assigned to F11-key, was telling me to do that.Vanatage found several updates to be installed. The only one that worked was for the BIOS. All others are being downloaded but stop after 85% of installation, with just a generic error message after several minutes.I tried disabling this "System Interface Foundation" service, uninstalling Lenovo Settings, re-installing Vantage and finally I downloaded the drivers manually and tried to install them - no success. While the Vantage app at least throws an error message, the direct driver installation just ends after several minutes= the icon in the taskbar disappears. I wouldn't have bothered, but now the update attempts show a side effect: it was the touchpad driver which Vantage claimed to be the most ugent pending update, so this was the one I tried updating. Now the touchpad's left-click doesn't always work any more. Every 3rd or so time it doesn't work and I have to use the button instead. I'm a bit desparate. Can someone please help?Thx,reach

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The Dell SupportAssist keeps trying to install (I have an XPS 2-in-1 9365):

Chipset (Intel integrated sensor solution driver), v
Network (Intel 8265 WIFI Driver) v

However, it looks like the install works, then asks for a reboot, but then SupportAssist keeps asking to install it again. What is going on? 

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As I stated in the subject of my post, I finally rid myself of that headache known as Vista and migrated to Windows 7 64 bit. The bluetooth keyboard and mouse bundle works (obviously) on this XPS 420, however, that's about it. Although I was concerned about the the connectivity prioir to installing Win 7, I found that wasn't the problem. Actually, the mouse in particular is barely functional. It points, but that's about it. Not cutting and pasting - no nothing. So I searched and searched for the drivers for my keyboard/mouse bundle and all I located were Vista 64 bit drivers that were not compatible with Win 7. I went to Logitech.com, the manufacturer of these devices, but had no luck there as well. So, does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can find drivers for my XPS 420?
Mouse = UN733
Keyboard = M/N: Y-RAQ-DEL2
Thank you in advance!

A:Just upgraded my XPS 420 to Win 7 64 - But where are the drivers?

Try these here, I pulled together the driver set not too long ago:

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I have a Dell E6510 laptop which I upgraded from XP to 7 Pro 32 bit. After installation I can no longer get online(I was able to get online before); "Not connected, no connections are available". Device Manager shows 3 drivers not working: Broadcom USH, Ethernet Controller and Network Controller. Anyone know where / how I can get these correct drivers to my machine?

A:Upgraded to 7, drivers not working

When you are in Device Manager do these items have yellow exclamation marks next to them. If so, right click the device, select Properties and under the Details tab select Hardware ID's. Copy and paste the first line for each device in your next post.

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I downloaded new drivers last night from nVidia, am running now on my dual 6800 ultra setup running in SLI. I installed the drivers and the system brought me up in non-SLI mode. I enabled SLI and rebooted, and sure enough one of my displays was disabled.

Now, however, I can't get SLI to disable! Whenever I uncheck the box I don't get the "restart now" dialog. If I hit "Apply" nothing happens, and if I hit "Ok" the advanced display adapter settings box closes, but if I bring it up again the SLI box is still checked.

Any suggestions?



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This is what I have: Dell Latitude 10 ? ST2e System Tablet. It got corrupted, so I rebuilt it (the OS) from scratch and changed it from Windows 8.0 to 8.1. It works fine except for the front camera. When I use Skype, my video appears to be very dark and green. I'm sure I don't have the proper drivers and BIOS. Also, I don't know how to test the front camera without connecting to someone on Skype. There must be a way. Could someone guide me please? Thank you.............

PS: There may be other things that don't work properly that I haven't tried yet (like the back camera).

A:Upgraded tablet 8.0 to 8.1-Where get BIOS and drivers?

Hard to say this might have anything to do with drivers for camera, check the Device Manager for it try update it there probably using Microsoft driver. See none here Product Support | Dell US

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I have an Asus Eee PC 1001PXB

Came with windows XP, my friend upgraded it for me to wndows 7 Ultimate. I cant change the res, and when i dwnload the drivers from asus it says does not support this operating system. Please help!

A:upgraded to windows 7 Ultimate and now cant get vid drivers!!

So friend just installed 7, but didn't install drivers for you?

many times the Vista drivers will work.
If theres no Vista x64 drivers drivers listed on the official site, Have you tried Windows Update to see if it finds anything? Many times it will.

Where did you get your copy of Windows BTW.

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Hi, One and half year back i have upgraded to windows 10 which is provided as free upgrade by Microsoft. Unfortunately the sound is not working. It works sometimes and will not work sometimes. When it works i am not sure. Can somebody help me in getting this rectified and provide me the detailed steps as how to trouble shoot the issue and make the audio work.The laptop is also very slow. Please help me trouble shoot the issues to make the system fast. Thanks for the help provided

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I have recently upgraded my motherboard to Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 together with Intel Core i3 540 and OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold 2x2GB. To make a long story short, the installation disk is misplaced (my wife did a clean up and the CD went missing). I started it up and it tries to boot up but gets to windows 7 emblem and crashes. I have downloaded all drivers for the motherboard from Gigabyte but am not sure how to run the driver installations without being in Windows. I am familiar with DOS commands but don't know how to go about using them in these circumstances or if there is a different or better method I should use.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Robertson

A:[SOLVED] Drivers not loading on upgraded motherboard

Driver installation isn't your problem if Windows crashes before it loads. It sounds like Windows didn't properly install. If you just installed Windows then I would boot off of the Windows 7 DVD again and do a Fresh install of 7 again Formatting the drive before install.

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In a stroke of genius, I decided to upgrade my perfectly working motherboard drivers (nForce) to the latest ones 15.17, from nvidia. Now whenever I boot I get a blue screen. The text goes along the lines of run a sys diag utility, disable or remove any newly installed hardware etc.
The stop xode is 0x0000007. I went into safe mode and uninstalled the drivers, used drivercleaner to remove whatever traces were left, and installed the old driver, but the result is the same. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


A:Upgraded nforce drivers = blue screen on boot

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I recently upgraded my computer completely. I am running windows 10 home 64bit, upgraded from windows 7 Home Premium.1 TB WD HDD,Compaq M2N68-LA Rev 5.00 513426-001 Rev A01 Motherboard Narra5-GL6 ,4GB matching RAM,AMD Phenom II X4-925 CPU-2.8GHzCooler Master Geminii M4 Low Profile CPU CoolerNew power supply upgrade 480watts My problem is this. After running windows 10 clean install, I noticed that the graphics driver was not being installed. I went to device manager to see if I could upgrade the drivers from there but when I tried it shows windows 10 basic graphics driver, and it said the best driver is installed. so, I came to HP support and looked up drivers for CQ5110F windows 10 home 64bit and found no windows 10 drivers. So, I tried to instal windows 7 64bit  graphics driver download. I figured maybe that will help me, when I went to instll the windows 7 version I was confronted with an error saying this computer has blocked this publisher for your safety (paraphrasing)  and it continues to say it for EVERY DRIVER. I do not know how to shut off the publisher block... or find windows 10 updates for my model.   

A:Compaq cq5110F Upgraded to windows 10, no drivers download ...

Hi,You shoild probably use most of the drivers which windows will automatically install. For the graphics try this driver which was originally for 8.1.http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/56378If any of the devices are not working, let me know and see if we can find some drivers. Hope this helps,David

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I have upgraded to Windows 8 but I have found that the Wifi adapter needs to be reset frequently (there seems to be no cause) - the Windows 8 trouble shooter resolves it by resetting the adapter but I thought that there would be fix for this?

When I looked to update the drivers I have found that the L300 is not listed (in either the un-upgradeable or the upgradable lists) - is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model? Or can you suggest how to update all the Toshiba drivers for this model.


A:Satellite Pro L300 upgraded to Win8 but would like to update drivers

Your Satellite Pro is pretty old notebook model and not supported for Win8.
It is problematic to find drivers for non supported and old notebook models.

Problem is that if you make decision to do this anyway you are on your own and can be just lucky if everything works properly.
> is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model?
It is not easy to give you proper answer. What must be done is to compare every important hardware component like chipset, GPU, sound chip, LAN/WLAN with other models and see if some Win8 drivers are available. It is not so easy.

For instance: Toshiba offers 4 different hardware platforms for Satellite pro L300. Which one do you have? What is the model number of your machine?

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College Football Picks 2017-2018 Season Charlotte at Eastern Michigan Eagles September 01, 2017 @ 06:30pm

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So for next year I am required to bring a laptop I heard our school provides HP probook 430 g3s to buy but I opted to go for the Hp probook 450 G4 with the specs here  http://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?sel=NTB&id=Z3Y47PA&opt=that we would this Hp probook 450 G4 do well for school.? ill mainly use it with for doing school work on it but it must succeed 8 hours or more but I'm read claims it offers 12 hours from the HDD or 14 hours from the ssd another part says it has 16 hours going for it too.I really want to but this laptop fro school so if you could help me out it would be helpful also I wanted to ask quickly does the battery in this  be replace I mean can be taken out of like normal laptops where you hold the two buttons together cause I don't want to be stuck which a 3 cell battery  PS: I'm taking up IST next year so I want to know if this cna handle visual studio with the nvidia 930MX and can I also swap out the hdd internal 1 tb link listed above for a third party ssd? but I heard they offer batteries for the 450 G4 here http://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=P3G16AA&opt=&sel=ACC 1.10.8 screen or higher this probook 450 has a 15.6 screen 2. A screen resolution of 1024-7683.802.11n or better event though  were getting AC wireless next year4.audio/mic ports 5.full qwerty keyboard 6. a MININUM OF 8 hOURS (Very important Here!)7. Robust carrying... Read more

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hi guys....i reinstall my laptop yesterday and suddenly in device manager show my coprocessor driver is not install yet.how can it be?my spec:

Processor AMD Turion(tm) 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-60
Windows 7 Ultimate 7201 32 Bit
Can some1 help me to fix this?i try to update my driver but failed even uninstall then reboot it failed also.Here is my screenshot.

A:Acer Aspire 4520 drivers and coprocessor driver probs..

From looking into the Acer web site it would seem to me to be included in the chipset driver package. Have you updated your chipset drivers to the Nvidia_13.11_W7X86_Azip? Service & Support

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Hello! I am back after a clean install of Windows 10 Education 64 bit. I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 the trial version and I like it very much so far! At first, the update has failed many times but I managed to update KIS after several reboots. Now everything is working like a charm! The software is so light and does not make the browser so laggy unlike other solutions! I will keep posting updates to this post to share with you my opinion!

Have a nice day

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When looking for the best laptop for programming, you'll have a certain set of criteria that the device will need to meet, as well as features it will need to have. For example, you're going to need plenty of processing power in a laptop for programming, so that it can compile and run your code as fast as possible. Thankfully, modern laptop processors come with plenty of cores and high clock speeds, which certainly makes looking for the best laptop for programming easier.

You'll also want plenty of RAM. We'd recommend at least 8GB - if you're running complex code, and you'll need a large hard drive. If a laptop also comes with a solid state drive (SSD), that's even better, as it will help with the overall speed of your programming and coding - especially if you regularly rebuild the code you write with minor changes.
Having a dedicated graphics card isn't essential for a laptop for programming, unless you are coding graphically-intensive games that you then want to test out. Modern Intel processors come with integrated graphics capabilities that are powerful enough for pretty much all programming tasks.
Dell Latitude E5480
Dell managed to deliver a magnificent piece of kit which it says is the most secure, most reliable and most manageable business-class laptop. That Latitude 5480 does come at a hefty price though and compared to the competition, this notebook may feel underwhelming. However, Dell's forte lies in its services and aftersale... Read more

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This is a clean install of windows with Appguard at default settings
Using Ublock at medium mode with adguard's filters

I'm using also Sandboxie free on demand for unknown apps and also for chrome in incognito for bank transactions and online shopping

Previously I wasn't using AV but a lot of tweaks in windows like Software Restriction Policies, blocking elevation for unsigned apps and since 1 month I'm with appguard for main protection and sandboxie for unknown apps

This give me a excellent performance and rarely updates with maximum protection with Appguard at lockdown mode

A:Huchim's laptop config 2017

I'd recommend a password manager if your mind plays you tricks and definitly to do system images in case something goes wrong (you can't fully trust Microsoft!). Thanks for sharing!

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The PC is a custom gaming rig which I built a few months ago. The laptop is a HP 15 R205TU, which I have been using since May 2015.

Testing Sophos Home on laptop, might revert to Avast Free if it shows signs of lagging. I use VMWare Player to test new software on a Windows 7 64-bit virtual machine.

A:Ashwin PC and Laptop Config 2017

Very nice setup and well covered, nothing to add for me, thanks for sharing

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This is my simple security setup for my laptop Windows 10 Home Single language [[email protected]] [4GB RAM] .

A:user5197 laptop security config 2017

nice configuration

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Hello! I am just asking how would Kaspersky 2017 perform on a core i3 4GB ram laptop? Will it cause performance issues?

A:How will Kaspersky 2017 perform on a Core i3 laptop?

No, it should not. Minimum Requirements:

Intel Atom processor at 1.6 GHz or faster
Intel GMA950 video card (or better) with at least 64 MB of memory (or compatible equivalent)
Screen resolution of at least 1024×576
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 System Requirements

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My question did not match the board options but surely my warranty should start from the date of purchase

A:Bought new laptop Jan 2017. Checked warranty, . Expired 18/1...

Hi,Contact HP directly to rectify this: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.htmlhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlIt's not that difficult.Scan your Invoice/Bill of purchase of this laptop, send to HP when asked.RegardsVisruth

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I've noticed that my computer has been getting slower and can't run the lastest games that well. what can be upgraded on it?  ProcessorProcessor frequency*2.4 GHzProcessor family*5th gen IntelŽ Core? i7Processor*i7-5500UProcessor boost frequency3 GHzProcessor cores2Processor threads4System bus data transfer rate5 GT/sProcessor cache4 MBProcessor socketBGA1168Processor cache typeL3PCI Express slots version2.0Maximum number of PCI Express lanes12PCI Express configurations4x1, 2x4FSB ParityThermal Design Power (TDP)15 WProcessor seriesIntel Core i7-5500 Mobile seriesTjunction105 °CConfigurable TDP-down frequency600 MHzProcessor lithography14 nmProcessor operating modes32-bit,SteppingF0Processor codenameBroadwellBus typeDMI2Conflict Free processorMaximum internal memory supported by processor16 GBMemory types supported by processorDDR3L-SDRAM, LPDDR3-SDRAMMemory clock speeds supported by processor1333. 1600 MHzMemory bandwidth supported by processor (max)25.6 GB/sMemory channels supported by processorDualECC supported by processor MemoryInternal memory*16 GBInternal memory type*DDR3L-SDRAMMemory clock speed1600 MHzMemory layout2 x 8 GB StorageTotal storage capacity*2000 GBStorage media*HDDNumber of hard drives installed1Hard drive capacity2000 GBHost interfaceSATAHard disk rotational speed5400 RPMCard reader integrated* DisplayDisplay diagonal*15.6 "Display resolution*1920 x 1080 pixelsTouch screen*LED backlight*HD typeFull HD GraphicsOn-board gr... Read more

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My DELL XPS 13 2017 model battery getting drained for no reason while laptop is asleep. I have XPS 13 2017 model i7 16GB 512SSD.
Any solution to this problem?
I have updated all the drivers, firmwares, removed all wake up PC power options, and there's no wake up timer, this is depressing, and gravely disappointing. 
I thought this laptop can last 7 hours with standard usage, but even sleep mode wouldn't last me 7 hours -_-

A:DELL XPS 13 2017 model battery draining while laptop ASLEEP

Some things you might start with are what is the exact model of the XPS 13 and open an administrative command prompt and type the following.  Let us know what the listing shows.
powercfg /a

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On the cover of my laptop (opposite side of my screen) there's a Thinkpad logo where the dot of the "i" is red lit. I wish to disable this when my laptop is on. It draws unwanted attention. How do I do this?

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Refurbished 2017 HP 15.6 Inch Premium Notebook Flagship Laptop Computer--display washed out--any suggestions?Thanks, cp

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Hey guys. Long time lurker, first-time poster.I have a Sony VAIO VGN-S460 Laptop. It's not my main pc, but it's still quick and gets the job done. I wanted to use it for some music recording but the HD was almost full. I decided to buy a new one and use the old one as an external whenever I needed it.It came with a 80GB 5400RPM HD so I went out and bought a 500GB 7200RPM HD - This one exactlyThe BIOS recognizes the 500GB, but when I go to install XP, after Creating a partition. it doesn't matter whether I choose the quick or normal formatting, it comes up with this error:"Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer or SCSI adapter documentation for more information."It's a legit XP CD - Laptop was working fine before the switch - Ram was upgraded recently as well.Any ideas? Does the BIOS limit HD capacity??Thanks in advance, guys!

A:Upgraded Laptop HD, now XP won't install

Well, it's very possible the drive is bad. You can visit the website of the hd manufacturer, download their diagnostic utility, burn it to cd, boot to it and run it. But if I were you I'd return the drive. I'd also replace it with a better known name brand (ie, Seagate, WD, Maxtor, etc).

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I bought a top of the line laptop right before dual core processors came out, and my slow processor is really holding me back. It would be great if I could just upgrade the processor without buying a whole new laptop or desktop.

My laptop has the Intel Mobile Pentium 1.7GHZ and the Nvidida Geforce 7800 gtx go.

Is there someone I can take it to to swap out the pentium 1.7 for a dual core?

A:Can a laptop processor be upgraded?

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I bought a new ASUS laptop last August and was given a low price for upgrade to windows 8 since it was soon to release. I did the upgrade and though I am not fond of windows 8, it has worked fine, except for one thing. I have continually had an error message when I start up--saying a file, .dll, for Sonic, is missing. I just close the box and go about my business and have not had a problem. I was told by an ASUS tech that my laptop was not compatible to upgrade to windows 8. I do not understand that. He advised that I go back to windows 7 and gave me instructions to do it. I would like advice and any thoughts on this from you tech people who have knowledge in this area.
Thanks so much!

A:Solved: upgraded new laptop

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I was told when I purchased my laptop that it could be upgraded to a touch screen. I declined at the time, however I would like to know if this is an option. Thanks!

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