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How to switch users at login screen when "Switch User" is missing

Q: How to switch users at login screen when "Switch User" is missing


I've searched the forum and could not find an answer to this problem.

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise machine where at the login screen the "Switch User" button is missing and so I am unable to clear the last user.

Just about all the results I got back on this topic was how to re-enable the "Switch User". This doesn't help because I can't login to make the change.


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Preferred Solution: How to switch users at login screen when "Switch User" is missing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi All,

Whenever someone in my family walks away from using the computer with Windows Vista, after the Screen Saver, I'm always taken to a screen that allows only the last user to log back in, but when someone else wants to log in, they need to hit the "Switch User" button to choose a different name.

My question is... Can I have the computer just go back to showing all the users' names (so I don't have to click the "Switch User" button to login as me). I would like this to work, just as XP did... so if the last person who used the computer has to log back in, s/he would just have to click their name again...just like XP did.

Thanks so much!

A:How do I bypass "Switch User" screen, after ScreenSaver to login as another in Vista?

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Hi All,

Whenever someone in my family walks away from using the computer with Windows Vista, after the Screen Saver, I'm always taken to a screen that allows only the last user to log back in, but when someone else wants to log in, they need to hit the "Switch User" button to go back to the regular login screen.

My question is... Can I have the computer just go back to showing all the user's names (so I don't have to click the "Switch User" button to login as me). I would like this to work, just as XP did... so if the last person who used the computer has to log back in, s/he would just have to click their name again...just like XP did.

Thanks so much!

A:How do I bypass "Switch User" screen to login as another in Vista?

Is this after the screen goes to a screensaver, or just anytime you switch users?

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I'm using XP-SP2 Pro on a stand-alone PC. There are multiple user accounts.

When there is no keyboard or mouse input for x minutes (I haven't measured "x"), XP performs a switch user operation, and returns to the "Switch User" screen. To resume working, the user has to login (again).

Note: in this configuration, CTRL-ALT-DELETE is not necessary at either the original login or this moronic re-login.

I have tried tweaking various settings in Control Panel -> Power Options, including "Advanced" options, to no avail.

How do I disable this Microsoft Madness?

Bonus points: Rhetorically speaking, when those folks in Redmond give users choices, why do they always (and I mean ALWAYS) make the stupidest / most useless option the default? Should I start a new thread to ask that?

A:Solved: xp pro - when idling, returns to "switch users" screen

Welcome Screen Appears After Your Computer Has Been Idle

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I'm running a generic Acer laptop, Windows 7 home premium, Fresh Install about 6 months ago. I am now working from home and had to create a "work" profile (call it profile-2), I just created a secondary profile, and named it "work", there is nothing really special about it other than I had to install some proprietary software in order to access the company website, along with modifying a few settings to allow access through firewall, UAC, etc...(however, this software/settings will work for all profiles, it is not profile specific). Now If I am in my "normal" profile (profile-1), and I go to Start>> Switch User, the pc pauses that profile, and gives me the screen with all the user profiles. However, if I am in profile-2, and Start>>Switch User, it results in a black screen, which requires me to hold power button and do a hard shut-down, and restart, also clicking shutdown from profile-2 ends the same way, stuck on black screen requiring hard-shutdown.

It only happens when in profile-2, profile-1 works perfect in every way Windows can. I know it has something to do with the company software/settings, and that might require me to access the company help desk, but that is such a pain, and I figure I'm not the first person to have this problem, so I thought I would give you guys a shot at solving it first. So if anyone has any ideas, or if you need more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

A:"Switch User" results in black screen

Can you Log Off and Log back onto any other profile with no problem? That may need to suffice.

Check for infection, spyware, System File Integrity, try another AV to compare (frequent solution), establish a Clean Boot for all Users, cull logs to resolve repeat errors and the other Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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Normally when logging on, the welcome screen shows Dell Icon and My Name which I click to log on. Then, "Switch User" under that. Now I am only getting "Switch User" and when I click "Switch User" nothing happens. Can't log in. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. (I am posting from a different computer as I can't log in to mine.)

A:Windows welcome screen only showing "Switch User"

Hello T Clouatre, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if doing a system restore at boot using a restore point dated before this happened may be able to undo and fix this for you.

Hope this helps,

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My PC: Acer Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Lately when I leave my pc alone for awhile, the screen
turns off in 15 min's, which is the setting I chose.

However, when I press any key, or click the mouse
to turn back on the screen, I'm taken to the "Switch user"
screen with my user ID and those of others:

I have to click on my user ID icon, enter my password,
press enter, and then I'm taken to where I left off:

This is tedious.

I've checked all the display settings I can but I can't find
the setting I need to stop this behavior.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings
I've got "Turn off display" set to "15 minutes" and
"Put the computer to sleep" set to "Never".

I DO want the screen to turn off after 15 min's when
I've left the pc, but I DON'T want to have to keep
clicking my user ID and entering my password to
resume where I left off! I just want to come back,
click any key or the mouse, turn on the screen and
continue where I left off.

What controls this behavior and how do I change it?


A:Windows 7 going to "Switch user" screen by itself

Control panel, power options, require a password when computer wakes. Check that setting!

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Ok, this is my third attempt, after re-booting and re-booting. This is my wife's Sony, abt. 3 years old, P4, WinXP HE, 512k ram. For a long time now it has been "temperamental". Among the latest is I can no longer "switch user" as normally. Clicking Start/log off/switch user does absolutely nothing now, it merely reverts to the former screen. Start/log off/log off does work, however.
And the shortcut that I used to use, the Win logo key +L now goes to "UNLOCK COMPUTER", a pop-up message that tells me the pc is in use and locked and only I (presumably as an administrator) with the proper password can now unlock it..
Problem: what the heck is the password?
We don't recall ever setting one.
Control+Alt+Delete does nothing here. Once at this screen, my only recourse is to reboot. ("Cancel" is greyed out. I think though that a few days ago it wasn't and I could cancel. Is that my faulty memory or is this thing getting worse?)

A side note: I did recently download and utilize a reg cleaner freeware "Regseeker" which I used to delete only several items it said were not used or broken links. (It also allegedly created a back-up before deletion, but darned if I can see where or how I can get them back!)
I also disabled, thanks to another tech "advice", several services via Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services. However, that techie claims nothing I disabled in his list should affect this.

 ... Read more

A:Solved: "Switch User" no longer functions. "Password"?

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So got windows 8 Dev installed so far so good, I thought I would like the left screen bump to go to last app or program used feature till I installed some games and tried to play them suddenly my left side of my screen is no good if needing to scroll to the side say in a game like Starcraft II, Civilization, ect. Anyone know how to disable it?

A:Disabling the left screen "Bump" or "quick switch"

I want to know how to activate it, sometimes my quick switch is unavailable

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Ok I have a situation. I recently bought some laptops for my employees. I used to work in IT so i'm not technically challenged. But I have been out of the game for a few years so I haven't been keeping up with the latest stuff (i.e. windows 8). Anyway on to my problem. One of the employees that I bought a laptop for walked out on me without saying a word and now I can't login to the laptop he was using because I don't know his pw and I need this laptop. Any suggestions on the best way to get logged in to this laptop without having to reinstall windows? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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after the driver updates switch user button disappeared. I can see switch user button in start.But I want it to reappear in my log in screen. How to do it?
I have windows 7 Ultimate x 64

A:There is no switch users option on the login screen

Hello Unknownme, and welcome to Seven Forums.

See if enabling Switch User using the method in both tutorials below may be able to sort this for you.

Ctrl+Alt+Del and Start Menu - Add or Remove Switch User

Fast User Switching

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Starting several weeks ago, after someone used it, my computer started going to the page I after the log off, switch user page when it was not being used. This is the page I would get to if I delibertly went to the start menue, clicked " log off" then clicked "switch user"

In order to get back to the main screen I now have to click onto the block with my user name. .

When the computer is not being used , the screen goes blank (as it did before) (because of power managment), but once I hit any key, what comes up is the little box I have to click to switch on as a user, instead of the main screen. .
How can I get the computer to work the way it did before.

A:computer goes to page after "switch user" by iteself when not in use

Right click the desktop, properties, screensaver tab, power, advanced tab, uncheck "prompt for password when computer resumes from standby" and click ok.
In the screensaver tab, uncheck "on resume..." and click ok.

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I have the exact same issue as Howie:
(ie When one logs back into one's own user space - all the icons have moved!)

I too have two users on my new "notebook" with Vista Business
Both have (groups of) Icons placed in different areas of the desktop.
But after my daughter has logged into her user space via "switch user"
almost ALL (bar 3 or 4 out of 28) icons IN MY USER SPACE get moved,
out of any logical order, and pushed to the left side again!
I have to sort them all out all over again which is such a gross time water,
however, if they stay this way for a while, it is a time saver, coz I know exactly
where EVERYTHING is when its in my well sorted way on the desktop.

This doesn't happen at all after "shutdown", just switching users causes it.

PLEEEEEEZ help somebody - this is immensely frustrating & time wasting!!
Surely there must be a little box somewhere in Vista that says "save desktop setup" or something similar?!?

I Hope Howie has found a solution, as I totally understand your issue Howie.
Good luck to us hOPe somebody else out there has worked it out
(PS Howie's thread was a while ago in case ur all wondering "who's Howie?"

A:Desktop icons move after "switch user"

Hello Janeeni,

I had this same problem myself when I first updated my rig. The problem in my case was a weird issue, but it is now fixed. Try unchecking "Align to Grid" and "Auto Arrange" on the desktop by right clicking and hovering over "view"


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My company technical team member initiated an update 5 installation to Visual Studio 2013 but as I had to head for a meeting, I had to use the computer. So i tried the switch user option. My questions are

1. I can see a process VS2013.5.exe in Task Manager with some memory allocated. So even if i am logged in, whether the installation still continue and complete it?

2. What is really happening when one user switch in Windows OS? Is there any technical documentation from Microsoft side?

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Here's the scenario:
We have 4 users on a home pc--1 admin, 3 limited users.
Administrator logs off. Limited user logs on. Limited user logs off. Administrator attempts to log on but screen goes black and appears to loose signal. Monitor displays loss of signal. Eventually a single limited users icon will appear on a blue screen and the system is locked. Must do a hard restart to reset. Also, Task Manager appears to not function. Ctrl Alt Del does nothing except put icon in task bar. Have checked to make sure it isn't disabled. Have run Nortons, AdAware, Spybot. All systems appear clean. All systems are updated. I have searched but cannot find any help on this.
Any suggestions would be greatly apprreciated.

PS...I just discovered i cannot shut down from the start menu...have to use hard shutdown.

A:Can't "switch user" to administrators desktop--Please Help!

"Administrator attempts to log on but screen goes black and appears to loose signal."

Might try booting to safe mode, log on as Administrator, and set your screen resolution again.

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I have two users on the computer. it will let me login but not the other user. A message comes up like this: "A recently installed program has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching. To restore those features, you must uninstall the program. The following file name might help you identify the program that made the change."

I have done a complete scan of the C drive and no such file name is present. What else can I try in order to fix the problem. This user cannot log in, in turn he cannot locate in files, folders, pictures, etc.What do you suggest?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, x86 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147769 MB, Free - 95161 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc, 0CT103
Antivirus: Norton 360 Premier Edition, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Problems with "Switch User" on computer

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My OS is WinXP SP2 and recently the "Switch User" function stopped working... there is no problem with logging off, restarting or any other function just with "Switch User".
It doesn't crash the computer or something it just does absolutley nothing...
anyone knows how can I fix this?

A:"switch user" won't work...


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The computer has a admin and a normal user account.

On start up the user automatically logs in.
If go to the start menu or press ctrl alt del I'll get an option to switch user, however when I get to the login screen there is no option for anything other then administrator.

The registry is set so that fast user switching is enabled. As well the local group policy editor logon option is set so that "hide entry points for fast user switching" is disabled.

Any ideas?


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Hi All,

Whenever someone in my family walks away from using the computer with Windows Vista, after the Screen Saver, I'm always taken to a screen that allows only the last user to log back in, but when someone else wants to log in, they need to hit the "Switch User" button to go back to the regular login screen.

My question is... Can I have the computer just go back to showing all the user's names (so I don't have to click the "Switch User" button to login as me). I would like this to work, just as XP did... so if the last person who used the computer has to log back in, s/he would just have to click their name again...just like XP did.

Thanks so much!

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Good Day People,

I have a little problem with my computer and its running right now on windows 8.1, When i tried to switch other profile from my main profile i will stuck on the scree "Please wait" i've tried to wait for it for a day and its still stuck on that screen and i am forced to manually shutdown the computer and reboot it back. Is this a known issue on windows 8.1? Can anyone help me with this one.

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I have hide all of my administrator account from login screen on windows7 by editing registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows NT \CurrentVersion \Winlogon\SpecialAccounts". Now I have only one power user account. I can't
login with admnistrative account because there is no switch user button on login screen. Even if I click on switch user button from start menu this will load the login screen with the power user and I don't have any option to change the username.

How can I get rid from this?

A:Windows 7 login screen switch user button problem

I see two choices:
-by safe mode (pressing F8 before  windows load), you should be able to modify your regkey
-by right click maintening "shift" key on regedit then "run as different user" you should be able to enter your other credentials

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I manage the Networks for several companies remotely and not all users are computer friendly enough to know both their username and password, only their Password. So, when doing maintenance and I log on to a PC as an administrator or other user I will often
get a call the next day that their "password is not working" because it is using the last logged on user, which this time is me.

Is it possible in any way to set either a default domain user, or set it to a most often logged on model instead of the current last user or the alternative of prompting for user name every time?


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Interestingly on boot up I see "another user" but the picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) ..

Who is another user?

Please help as I have been on the 2 days now

A:Created admin User but can see on 'Switch User" cntrl/alt/del

Sorry to bump but things have changed somewhat, and yes could start a new topic but will try the edit function as I am not here often. I see 110 views and that's promising

Please advise who is this "another user" icon/picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) .. on control /alt/ delete.

I now have admin rights back (previous problem) but this "another user" can't be found anywhere (I know of) except at login. I am stumped..

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Hi all,

Currently I have several user had joined to hybrid Azure AD, I had perform the below action:

Clear cache:

l  Removing
the logon cache ? deleting the registry key ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\IdentityStore\LogonCache?.

l  Delete
the contents of the folder : C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\TokenBroker\Accounts

After I had perform the above action, the user device start up screen is no longer showing the user name. Once the user had Enter the username and password, it take some time to successfully login.

Any idea to resolve the above issue?

appreciate that someone can assist on this.

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Please help us to troubleshoot the following problem in our Compaq NX 9000 Machine with Windows XP Professional Operating System:-

- An error shows with two options "Switch to" & "Retry" after booting the machine, which forces to press "Retry" button in the error window repeatedly and as you press this "Retry" button, "Start Menu" automatically opens and it then again asks to press "Retry" Button.

Thanks to all helping members.


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I have an XP machine which I only ever user myself (as in, there are no other users on the machine, no guest account, and it logs in without a password).

I'm trying to sort out my expansive and bloated Start Menu Programs list, but it seems that there are two separate lists. One for "Joe" (the main user account) and one for "all users", I guess because some programs give the option of installing for just one user or for everyone.

All of the programs show up in the Start Menu when I click on it, but when I go into Windows Explorer to try and sort them out, there are two separate folders;

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs
C:\Documents and Settings\Joe\Start Menu\Programs

I know I can move them around in these folders (ie; putting them in related groups, such as "system tools" etc), but can I move all of them from the main user to the "all users" folder, (or vice versa) without any problems?


A:[SOLVED] Merging "user" and "all users" start menu program lists

Yes, you can consolidate them all in one, or slit them up as desired.

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I wonder if there's a solution to this issue.....I have many docs/forms (this is mainly literary/author stuff), where I'd like to change "her" to "him." For example, a document might be referring to a female character throughout (not a NAME, just "her.") Doing this as a straight find/replace obviously results in tons of words like "fathim," "eithim," mothim" etc. Is there a neat, clever way to accomplish this?

A:MS Word 2016: can you switch "her" and "him" in a long doc?

The MS-Word 2016 Replace dialog box has a "More >>" button. Clicking it expands the box to show several options including to only find whole words.

You will need to be cautioous if you first try to replace all the "his" with "her" and then replce all the "her" with "his". You'll end up with all "his" Something like first replacing all the "his" with "hhiiss", then replacing all the "her" with "his", and finally replacing all the "hhiiss" with "her" should keep things straight.

It also would not hurt to make a backup copy of the original in case the swap does not go as desired.

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After a clean install of Windows 7 and installing both current NVidia (GeForce 7800GS AGP) drivers and monitor driver (ACER W223X) I was able to get Windows & to run in my monitor's native resolution (1680x1050) but no matter what resolution I run in I get some weird effects. When in the 'Login Screen' I get short black lines scattered about the screen and the controls are all corrupted. Once logged in and on the desktop the graphics are all good with no issues at all. That is until I try to do something that requires Windows to toss me the "User Account Control" dialog.
The dialog is corrupted (see attached) except for the "No" button which is obviously the default and therefore has focus. As I move the mouse over the "Yes" button it gains focus and it becomes clear and visible. The background, although dimmed, displays just fine. If I drag the dialog around the screen, the "No" button leaves copies of itself like mousetracks. When I click yes or no and the dialog closes, the display goes back to normal. This occured both during Windows installation and after it was completed. I just assumed that once the updated drivers were installed it would go away. NOT!
I am guessing Windows is changing the display resolution when dimming the screen or in the login screen. ?? I have exhausted myself trying Vista drivers, XP drivers, Windows default drivers... I have tried about 10 different versions and still no change. Suggestions. Is this an... Read more

A:Login screen and "User Account Control" Dialog Corrupted

Video card memory gone bad maybe? Overlap conflict between video and system memory. Possibly need a updated video driver?

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I have a domain joined Surface Pro 2 running 8.1 Pro.
The following GPO settings are in place:

* Assign a default domain for logon

* Do not display last logged on user

* Disable logging in with Microsoft accounts - uses the following registry setting - MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\NoConnectedUser - Value = 3

The end goal is for the machine to boot to the login screen that just displays empty user name and password fields
The problem at the moment is that instead of doing that, the client boots to a screen where the only option is to click on "Other user". Only then does the login screen I want, where they enter their username and password in full, actually appear.
These Surface Pro 2's are to be used by small children, and have the "Other User" screen appear is confusing for them, as well as being very annoying for me. It's completely unnecessary.
I've searched all over the 'net looking for an easy way to get the client to boot straight to the standard domain joined log in screen, but every time it just boots to this "Other User" screen that has to be clicked on in order to get the correct
login screen to come up.
Is there any way I can get this to boot straight to the login screen I want? 

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I'm sorry is this has been posted about before, but I did look for it. Well, basically I signed in to MSN Messenger into my sister's username (Windows computer) and now next to her name it comes up with "190 unread messages." (mostly junk mail) and she asked me to get rid of it. I can't think of a quicker way than deleting them one by one. I wondered if anyone knew how to get rid of it. Thanks.

A:how do you get rid of "# unread mail messages." on user/login screen?

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Laptops on Windows 10 Pro seems to show this useless "Other User" option which is defaulted. This requires people to click "Local or domain account password" in the lower left in order to be presented with fields for their username and password. Is there a way to eliminate "Other User" or at least have the system present username and password fields under this option? My desktop on Windows 10 Pro seems to show username and password fields under the "Other User" text, much like it does in this how to: Sign in Screen - Do Not Display User Name in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums Not sure what makes a laptop different or how I can make the behavior match.

The only special options we have configured via Group Policies are these:
Default Domain GPO elements regarding login:
Computer > Windows > Security > Security Options > Local Policies
Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name - Enabled
Interactive Logon: Message text for users attempting to log on - Defined with our AUP/Disclaimer
Interactive Logon: Message title for users attempting to log on - Defined with our company name.
Computer > Administrative Templates > System > Logon
Assign a default domain for logon - Enabled and defined with our domain name
Always wait for the network and computer startup and logon - Enabled
Hide entry points for Fast User Switching - Enabled (via local policy because I am testing if this makes a difference or not).
I noticed I ... Read more

A:What is the purpose of "Other User" on the login screen (Domain Env)

This is not exclusively a Windows 10 issue. It used to happen in earlier versions as well.
Check here: Group Policy \Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Exclude credential providers
Disable the MS account credential provider (you need to check which entry it is).

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When i turn on my computer, in the step when windows ask you for choose one User to login... the option "Other User" to introduce my domain user account and pass is not showing.

Also, the witch option is not showing after log in with another account, i have to use the sig out option, this is not a big problem, in fact i dont care, i just mention this because maybe have relation with the first problem.
I need the option Other User... Anyone knows how to fix this?
Windows 8.1
Im connected to the network and the domain is showing up

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I have Windows XP Pro., sp3.

When you install a new program, what determines where it is listed: All Users>Start Menu>Programs or "user name">Start Menu>Programs?


A:What determines if a program is installed under "All Users" or "user name"?

Usually some of the programs give you an option to install it under your user name or for all users during the setup process. So say if I was installing (CVTae) a resume programming on a Windows XP computer it will after the installation process ask me if I want to install it as all users (so it will show up on the all users start menu so everyone can see it) or just for me. That's where you can decide for yourself where you want to install it.

'So usually it's the user's choice of where it's listed in most cases, but certainly not in all cases.

Hope that helps mate.

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Hi all,
I recently created a new user account on a win 7 home premium machine before I'd had much experience with win 7 (but years with 2000 and xp).
Instead of users\Roger\ it created users\user which I now realise is not correct. (I didn't call my account "user", either, before you ask. )
Can I fix this without deleting the profile and starting again, as I've done hours of work since that little stuff up.
Thanks in advance,

A:Account "Roger" appears as "c:\users\user"

Roger I assuming you have tried change the account name in Control Panel??

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I have one big problem. yesterday i was having problems with my laptop, Dell XPS 14z. It was going way slow. Dont know why. I did a complete restore to the date that i but it. Everything went fine. But instead of setup screen where i can create username, it shows login screen. where only "Other User" with a blank icon is. I cant login to it. I did the restore 3 times, but the problem is still there. Im stuck. I have read serveral threads on different forums, but they arent for any help because peoples screens it shows Other user and last user loged in. But in my case it only show Other user. please help...

A:problems login screen - "Other User"

Boot to the Advanced Options Boot menu by pressing F8 during startup.
Select Safe Mode, see if you can login there.

When you say I did a complete restore to the date that i but it do you mean you used the built in System Recovery to put it back to factory new state?

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After install a program called DigitalPersona which is used to login to Windows by fingerprint ID
it has created an extra user on the logon screen.

This user has no name and is not listed in the Local Users and Groups > Users

I have since uninstall the software, but the user still remains on my logon screen.

How to remove it?

IF anyone wants to test this software, to replicate the problem

HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP? Customer Support

Click software - security
Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Software

A:Remove "no name" user from login screen

Give this tutorial a try.
User Account - Delete

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On windows 7 professional 64-bit sp1,
if a current user is screen locked, the lock screen indicates the current user name and account is logged on and the computer is locked. I am using Classic Logon in group policy,
and under local policy-security options-interactive logon i have it set to display username and account info (the option with most information).

the problem i have is say a user is logged in and then I need to use the computer,
at that point the lock screen says so and so is logged in and locked,
I do a switch user, log in and do my thing, then log out.
Now the screen goes back to the base login screen saying 'ctrl-alt-del' not saying any user is currently logged in.
Now if that original user does log back in, all his stuff is still here and everything acted like a basic screen lock happened so no problem there... but what i want to happen is after a switch user logs out the screen goes back to the lock screen displaying who has the computer locked. is there a way to do that?

A:Switch User then logoff, back to ctrl-alt-del login not previous user

At a guess, I'd say Classic Logon is the culprit here, as I do not have this issue with Windows 7 64-bit SP1 with the default login screen. Changing this is likely impractical next to the simple solution of ditching Classic Logon (It's an ancient artifact by now)

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I have only one user account in the login screen. Recently, when I try to log in after my laptop has gone to power saver mode my password is rejected (initial login @ startup is not a problem). I try multiple times being very careful and it always gets rejected, every time, for 3 days now. It says "locked" under my account icon, above the password entry field. I hit the "switch user" button and the screen refreshes showing my icon and says "logged on" above the password entry field. I can then successfully enter my password (excatly the same as I did before) and it is accepted. CAP LOCK is off! Nothing changes accept the word "locked" changes to "logged on".

What is happening and how can I get rid of this annoying feature/bug. I have not installed new software. I already changed my account password to see if that would help. I also deleted the ASP.net account. Neither one did anything. After reading I probably should have keep the ASP.net account...

Help with this new login problem on resuming from sleep mode would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Login locked until i switch user

try a system restore from a few days before the problem
System Restore

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Everytime I switch user. Windows automatically puts a password for all the profiles and the administrator password doesn't even work. Everytime I log off to go to another profile. It gives me this error message as soon as i click on it.

A:Login/switch user Error

What version of Windows and what patchs have you installed?

Also are you using Fast User Switching?

See: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/accessibility/fastuserswitching.mspx

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Hello, I use wake on lan to boot my pc to access and use it remotely. On Windows 7 I remember being able to auto log on with the set password to my account and then have it switch users right away so it was still password protected but my remote connecting software would load. I do not remember how I achieved this on 7 and wish to be able to do this since I have moved to Windows 10. Any help us greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Auto login then switch user

Hello Firebird5150 Welcome to the Ten Forums!

I haven't been running anything with a lan or other form of wake up method but perhaps what I use on both 10 as well as 7 and even on VMs to connect desktops back and forth as well as see VMs and a new 10 laptop connect remotely could prove to be a help there. Without spending on a commercial license you can use the Team Viewer program for the substitute of the usual remote access function seen in Windows.

Once the remote pc is woken up you would then simply connect to it by way of the TV program where you can switch from one account to another even when having the hidden built in system administrator account enabled. The process would be a fast logout of one and sign in to the other. That would mean having to re-enter the next account's password being the only inconvenience.

With 10 as well as with 7 the main account still requires a password there for the autologon option. The guide you will need to look over is seen in the 10F tutorial section. Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup - Windows 10 Forums

That's one I still have to go over here since between desktops and vms I get too busy signing in at times! I'm quite sure you are also looking to cut that time down a bit as well. The TV program will get timed out after any lengthy period of inactivity however since you are accessing one to the TV servers to see this type of connection work. Each machine connects to each other by way of the server.

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Hello, I use wake on lan to boot my pc to access and use it remotely. On Windows 7 I remember being able to auto log on with the set password to my account and then have it switch users right away so it was still password protected but my remote connecting software would load. I do not remember how I achieved this on 7 and wish to be able to do this since I have moved to Windows 10. Any help us greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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"Microsoft Hyper-V Network Switch Default Miniport" error 39        


"Microsoft Hyper-V Network Switch Default Miniport"

I can not uninstall this driver .
I tried a lot of to uninstall after error 39 but I failed.
plz help me.

Detailed information about error
control panel>device manager>network adapters>Microsoft Hyper-V Network Switch Default Miniport>device status>
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
{Unable to Load Device Driver}
%hs device driver could not be loaded.
Error Status was 0x%x

this is  problem what should I do?

A:"Microsoft Hyper-V Network Switch Default Miniport" error 39

Microsoft hyper-v network switch default miniport is hosted by Hyper-V which is a virtual device
And responsible for Hyper-V network switch. Code 39 states for Windows cannot load device driver properly, in this case, it might cause bad compatibility of adapter driver and chip set driver after a Windows update recently. You could restore you system
to earlier point if this issue happened recently. Also you could try updating all network and chipset driver see if it changes the situation. If you have no idea about when this issue happened and driver update doesn?t help. Refer to edmis_ci?s reply in this
thread, try find responsible KB, uninstall it temporarily and please report to us.
D. WuPlease remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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The search box in Windows Exploer is a real pain the ass. I regularly need to find files in a large directory with a lot of sub directories, with thousands of files.

The annoying thing is the way that as soon as I start typing it decides to start searching - but with so many files this just jams things up and stops me typing. I have to wait for it to sort itself out before it will let me type any more and this is becoming extemely tedious.

It's getting to the point where I have to type the search into notepad then cut and paste it into WinEx, which is clearly a ridiculous state of affairs.

How do I switch this highly annoying feature the hell off?

A:Windows Explorer "auto search" is a real pain - how do I switch it off

That is not possible, but something similar is possible.

See point number 51 on this page: Windows 7: 77 Windows 7 Tips

Type faster! LOL!

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Most laptops have a way of sensing when the lid is closed. Where is that switch or sensor on a Dell Inspiron 5160?

A:Dell Inspiron 5160 "Lid Closed" sensor/switch--where is it?

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Hello all,
I posted this in Microsoft Answers, but I'm not convinced the "Support Engineers" there all know what they are talking about...

The story: My university has their computers set up with multiple input languages, none of which I use. Moreover, NetBeans (which I use frequently) uses the CTRL+Space shortcut for code completion, so I'd like to be able to use it without switching my keyboard to Chinese.

I've made a script that will customize the computer I'm using (because so many settings they use are messed up), so I'm looking for a way to do this in the registry or the command line, rather than the control panel. To make things more interesting, these computers have Deep Freeze on them, so any changes made to them do not stick around after rebooting the machine.

Short version:
Does anyone know of a way to disable the CTRL+Space hotkey (or muti-language input in general) via command line or the registry that does not require a reboot?

Thanks in advance!

A:Disabling language switch hotkey "CTRL+Space"?

Open Control Panel, then go to Region and Language. Click on the tab Keyboards and Languages. Click on the Change keyboards button, and go to the Advanced Key Settings. That's where the shortcuts for switching langauges are defined.

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Inserting Ethernet Cord Does Not "Automatically" switch connection to ethernet.

This is the trouble I have to go through whenever I insert my ethernet cord:
I have to go to network and sharing center

Then I have to click change adapter settings

Finally, I have to disable wireless network access for direct connection.

I am wondering if there is some type of setting that I can check for on my

Windows 7 OS to automatically enable the described function I want (which

should already be enabled, unfortunately it is not).
Not that these details really matter, but I have an Alienware m14xr2, but...
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

6.1.7601 pack 1 build 7601

BIOS Version/Date Alienware A09, 6/29/2012

Installed physical memory (ram I assume) says 12gb, with 9.44gb available, which is strange because I have 16gb of ram!

Available Virtual Memory 21.1gb

System Type x64-based PC
Thank You for the help in the future!

A:Inserting Ethernet Cord Does Not "Automatically" switch connection....

Hi Sean, if you do this Wireless Setting.pdf before powering on your pc, it will work.

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