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How to set Fixed drive letter in Photo Screen Saver Settings using GPO server 2012

Q: How to set Fixed drive letter in Photo Screen Saver Settings using GPO server 2012

How to set Fixed drive letter in Photo Screen Saver Settings using GPO server 2012,
i want to map as a "A:\" Drive letter as a fixed drive letter using GPO 2012 Server

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Preferred Solution: How to set Fixed drive letter in Photo Screen Saver Settings using GPO server 2012

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Dell 64 bit vista home premium desktop oem . When i set photos as my screen saver it will not go to sleep. Whats up with this?

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Hello all, with vista, I use the Windows Photos Screen saver. However, in the settings if I use any other theme besides "classic", the screensaver will not close when I move the mouse or hit the keyboard, it just sticks there. The system isnt frozen, I can can ctrtl-alt-delete out of it and everything is fine. It is just kind of annoying. Anyone experienced this?

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I have a Dell 1750 Inspiron laptop that I use "as a desktop" as every piece of hardware is connected to it.
It runs with Windows 7 Home Edition. It has a 4gb memory and a 450gb hard drive which is less than half used.

I have the screen saver set to Photos and usually have a cut-in time of 1 hour idle.

The screen saver cuts in exactly when it should and scrolls through my photos for as long as the laptop is left idle.

However, as soon as I touch the mouse/keyboard, instead of reverting to the "normal" screen the photos disappear, the blank screen fades for a few seconds and then a message appears in a box, saying that the Photos Screen Saver is not responding, and gives the options of either close the program or wait for the programme to respond. Waiting doesn't seem to work so I have to click on close the programme and then cancel the statement that Windows will try to find a solution, because it doesn't!

I have tried to vary the time before the screen saver kicks in, anything from 1 minute to several hours but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

A:Photo Screen Saver wont revert back to live screen

Have you checked the timing for when the HDD turns off or Sleep or Hibernation kicks in [I disable both of those and lengthen the time on the HDD to several hours], Control Panel, Power Options?

The reason I mentioned the HDD is the symptoms you mentioned seem to apply. The screen saver could be in memory and not affected by the HDD until it's asked for something.

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Running Windows 7 64Bit Pro here...

When I put an SD card, or USB stick into my PC, the drive letter that is assigned is totally random. For example, I put the SD card from my camera into the PC yesterday and it appears as drive F:. Today I put a USB stick into my PC and now IT is using drive F:.

I would like each reader port on my PC to have a specific letter. My SD card should always be F:, CF reader G:, XD card reader H:, USB ports I: up to whatever.

If necessary I can install extra software on the Windows PC, but I don't want to have to put specific files on the memory cards themselves.

Is this at all possible in Windows 7?

A:Assign fixed drive letter to card readers/USB ports?

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows

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I just bought an external burner since the burner on my laptop is dying, but I can't get iTunes to use the external to burn. It can read the CD's that I put in to play/import but when I click on burn the laptop's drive pops open and iTunes asks me to insert the CD, even though I have a blank CD in the external.

Someone on another message board suggested assigning a fixed drive letter, but I have no idea how to do that on XP.

Any ideas?

A:Can't burn to my new external burner..assign a fixed drive letter?

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I have a photoscreensaver error that reads as follows:

Photoscreensaver.scr Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point DwmHintDxUpdate could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll

It comes on when the screensaver starts, I have go no screen saver organised, the screen just goes black, then when I move the mouse the black screen goes and the above is in a box. It is possibly related to a rolling wallpaper I am using from my photos folder.

Has anybody got any ideas? Ultimate 64bit RTM



A:Photo screen saver error

Hello Neville.
Do any other screen savers work?


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My system Froze up and went to a black screen; upon reboot it wouldn't get past the BIOS load screen. I reset the CMOS and now everything works fine except an issue with the photo screen saver. The other screen savers work, but the photo screen saver will not. When I try to go into settings with the photos screen saver selected it looks like it loads something but nothing pops up, and then the screen saver window becomes unusable. It doesn't freeze but it acts like there is a second dialog box open and it's waiting for you to finish with that dialog box (if you know what I mean). I can't preview with photos selected either, but it doesn't become unusable.

A:Photo screen saver won't work.

I would be more concerned with what caused the major crash than little problem with the photo ss.

For that you can try running
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If you can find a c:\windows\minidump folder and zip the contents of it and attach it to your next post that would be great.
If there's nothing in there or the folder doesn't exist nevermind, I'm just curious what caused the hard reset.

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Anyone know any good programs for making screensavers from photos (i.e., using JPEGS saved on the puter). Something with lots of options and cool effects. I would prefer a program I could try first before buying.

A:Recommendations on photo screen saver program?

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I was trying to change from on file of photos to another and must have hit the wrong key and now I no longer have anything other than one tab called screen saver. Not sre what I had before but there is no choice other than the Windows Screen savers? There is no pull down menu of choices? where is it. Tried everything. HELP

A:screen saver photo options disappeared?

Hello RDONSTEELE, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check to see if you have the C:\Windows\System32\PhotoScreensaver.scr file.

If you don't have it, I'll upload a clean copy for you.

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Is there something built into Windows 7 that will do a screen saver of a library of photos, yet use *both* displays to show multiple photos? There are a couple in there, but they only seem to work on the primary display. Is there a way to enable multiple displays for these?

I have a nice 3rd party app I purchased in the XP days that does this, but was wondering if there was a way to get 7 to do it natively.

A:photo screen saver dual display?

Hy there... I attemped to develope a pice of software that exposes pictures on the second display.... it is not the best but i think it might be useful to you.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfGfbCMHw7M
Note: it displays only on the right monitor arrangement like so ( 1-->2 )

and not ( 2<--1) or( 1 )
( 2 )
Download at:
Click on the big blue arrow on site for download...
this is all that i can answer...

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Hi:wave: :giddy:

i was wondering does anyone know of a good screensaver program, which is free and doesnt involve and trial periods?

im looking one that you can use your own pictures from a file, like family pictures

thanks to anyone that helps

A:Looking for free screen saver programme to use photo`s etc.

I'm pretty sure that there is slideshow screensaver built into windows.

This one works too.

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have been trying to syncronize my gmail in Windows essentials 2012.
I had for outgoing mail smtp.gmail.com, for incoming mail pop.gmail.com, checked the authentication box. I double checked my log on on gmail with user name and password. Yet I still get "can not connect to server"
I did check mark the imap box in the gmail account.

A:server settings for gmail in W.E's 2012

POP and SMPT change gmail to googlemail.com
465 and 995 are the ports

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For the life of me I can't find the Images Directory for the Photo screen saver in the registry to deploy via GPO.
Any clues on where it hides in Win10?


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I was/am infected with win 7 internet security 2012. i thought I had solved it though this site by stopping the processes and running malwarebytes. But once I rebooted there seemed to be no files found under programs on desktop or anywhere but I could access ms help online so I knew files were there probably just hidden. I been dealing with this for days so I cant remember all I have tried but I did do a system restore but then started getting the blue screen anytime I tried to boot normally. I also could not update any microsoft. So I booted?? to the last known good configuration but I have been met with the same results. Any help would be appreciated.

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Red Shield - IE Enhanced Security Configuration for Administrators
Amber Shield - IE Enhanced Security Configuration for Non-Administrators
Green Shield - IE Zones
When I click on the how to correct this it takes me to a Windows 2003 page not 2012 for the first issue

And page does not exist for the second issue ?
Any ideas ?

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Vista screen saver wont show photo titles there doesnt appear to be any options to include titles anywhere ...anyone have an idea how to get photo titles to show on a slideshow?

XP shows photo titles as slide show runs

OS Vista Home Premium 64 bit

A:Vista screen saver wont show photo titles

If I remember correctly, the XP screensaver you are referring to doesn't do that (I don't have an XP machine up and running to verify). And for that matter, I don't think the Vista one works any differently (odds are, I'm seeing the same thing as you in my 32bit version of Home Premium, and the closest I see in the settings for that screensaver are 'tagging' options, which I'm pretty sure won't do what you're asking for ).

Are you sure you're not mistaking it for a third party screensaver perhaps? I know Google's Photo Screensaver lists details like that.

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I use both a USB harddisk and USB cardreader. Both are automatically assigned a drive letter.

This means that depending on the order I attach the devices to my PC, they get a different drive letter from one day to another. Is is possible to assign a fixed drive letter to the harddisk, so that it takes the same drive letter everyday, regardless whether the cardreader is connected or not ?

A:Fixed drive letter for USB drive

if you are using XP this this is possible as far as i know

put in your usb device

then right click "my computer" > manage >disk management > right click on usb device and select "change drive letters and paths" , then just set it to what drive letter you would like.

this is device specific so the same device should alwayts keep that drive letter

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Does anyone know if it is possible to reduce the time an image is displayed with xp's screen saver. I would like to make a screen saver form a series of shots I took of a thunder storm on Monday night but the minimum 6 seconds setting just doesn't look right.

A:Screen saver settings

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Up until a few days ago, everything was fine; my screensaver would display when required and stayed on until I moved the mouse. Now, it won't start up automatically when required unless I go through the routine of setting it up to start. It will start at the required time; and then after awhile, it reverts back to my desktop and will not go into screensaver mode again until I set it up again. I've done virus scans, etc, and it does not appear that I've been hi-jacked. Any solutions or known causes?


A:Screen Saver Settings

What operating system are you running? Also what type of mouse are you using?

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This was originally posted in the Server 2012 forum, but perhaps it's more applicable to Windows 7.


I've joined the Windows 7 Pro workstations to the Domain using the SERVER2012/Connect app and that seemed to work fine.  I made the Users all Standard, not Admin, and access to the Shared folders is working fine too.  Users appear to be in the
Administrators group on the local machine, which is what I need.
However, a number of our applications aren't working correctly ... one writes changes to HKey Current User and those changes will not stick.  Some IE sites that require changes have to be made each time; those changes don't save.  Some
of the ODBC connections to SQL databases are behaving strangly as well.  I tried checking permissions on the Windows Registry keys, and they looked OK.  Turning off User Access Control did not help either.
If I log on to the workstation not using the Domain Account I don't have this problem.  And, one of the workstations which had performed the Windows 10 Upgrade while connected to the previous Domain Controllder works fine.
Any direction would be greatly appreciated!   Thx DMiller

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Hi, I have the Mac Flurry screen saver on my pc. But everytime I save my screen saver to "none" then restart, the screen saver setting goes back to Flurry screen saver. It just won't save to no screen saver. Thanks.

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New to this forum...I don't know what happened to my screen saver settings..I now get " this computer can't play themes "....this is a new thing, I had no problems before being able to change how my screensaver pictures used to be displayed.
Any help would be appreciated, I have win 7 home premium

A:Question Re: Screen saver settings


Check your graphics card and driver.

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I installed a third-party screen saver on my Windows 7 Pro x64.
I set the custom 10% size, but after a reboot it reverts back to 50%.
On all my other PCs running Windows 7 Ult x64 it runs fine.
Could this be a Windows Permissions issue?
I have never had a Pro version of Windows before (always Ultimate), is this a common problem?

Anyone got any ideas?

P.S.: The screen saver is: fliqlo (clock)

A:Screen Saver settings not saving

Update: A facebook contact figured it out, so I'll post it here for others.

Step 1: Place screen saver .scr file on Desktop
Step 2: Take ownership of the .scr (There is the hard way, and the easy way)
I installed: http://cdn3.howtogeek.com/wp-content...eOwnership.zip which added Take Ownership to the context menu.
Step 3: Right-click .scr and install.

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Hi All,
Running XP Home on a Sony Viao laptop, when ever I reboot the machine the screen saver I was using before the reboot changes to either the XP saver or switches to none, it even sometimes does both, first it uses xp and after that none. Any ideas? It's not a real big deal, just strange and a pain in the butt.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

A:Screen saver settings change

I solved the problem, the problem is that the settings in the registry aren't being saved prior to a reboot. I followed the advice of an other problem where the screen saver didn't work at all and ran a script from Kelly's Korner and the problem hasn't returned.

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I remember a general rule of thumb with any NT server, but especially one that is used as a file/print server. That rule is that you don't set a screen saver on it. If you did this would there be a noticeable performance drop in the network? My reason for asking is because there's a very small network (1 NT 4 server, 8 workstations (nt and 95)) that was (is) having some network problems with incredibly slow performance. Among other things I noticed a screen saver was set on the server. I turned it off and am running perfmon all day today to see what happens, but I'm wondering if that one thing could have been the main problem. What do you think?

A:Screen saver on NT server - BAD, right???

There is really no reason for a screen saver on any PC or server in my opinion. They look neat and that is about it. My experience has been that they obey Murphy's law when it comes to the timing of demand for system resources with other necessary applications. The very first PC (Windows 3.11) I ever had on a network (Banyan) would lock up and give "out of environment space" (despite having the shell command in config.sys set upwards of 2048) at the moment the screen saver kicked on. Since then I've seen many users both on and off networks, running Win9x and NT on either Banyan or NT NOS with regular repeating unexplained "blue screens", "lock ups", "slow downs" and so on that amazingly coincided with the idle time their screen saver was set for.

If you want security and a screen saver, NT has a great one built in, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to login.

Hope that helps,

mole (sorry I got on a soap box)

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No matter what I do to try to access it, nothing happens. It will not open no matter what. This box refuses to appear (taken from Screen Saver - Change Tutorial):

Tried here.

Also tried in these places.

Lastly, I've tried here. Nothing happens...

Anyone else ever have this problem or know how to fix it?

A:Cannot Open Screen Saver Settings Dialog

I have performed a Repair Install and the problem persists. Any help or do I have to do a Clean Install?

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Screen Saver is Disabled in Display settings, If I try enabling in control Panel-> Display. Even Iam not able to do. Can some one Suggest the Solution.

A:Screen Saver is Disabled in Display settings

It sounds like the screen saver is blocked by Group Policy. Is this computer connected to a domain, or a workgroup/standalone PC?

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intermittent failure of screen saver and power off to activate?

My Win 7 Desktop computer, unlike my laptop and other Win 7 computers, has a power and screen saver setup that, at times, never activates? I have checked background processes and can't understand why at times it kicks in and other times I must reboot to get it to kick in. It always works after a reboot as long as I do not use the computer. Sometimes when I use it, the screen saver and power setup will go on, sometimes not?

My screen saver is not a 3rd party one and the same for the power settings. They are the ones that part of the Win 7 pro Os.

Has anyone ever heard of this? What do you suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much for any possible solutions.


P.S. I have done a SFC /scannow and no problems were found. I also checked my Lan Driver Properties to make sure the box was unchecked for waking up the computer.

P.S.S. My Computer is a Win 7 Pro with an i5 3rd generation Intel 3.20 GHZ CPU with 16 GB of DDR3 Ram and a 1TB SSD HD.

P.S.S.S. All Drivers Have Been Updated.

A:intermittent failure of screen saver and power settings.

Would someone please read my above post, and if possible, offer me some advice regarding my screensaver, etc.?

Thank you very much.



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All of my "Idle" settings take effect despite not being idle. I have set my power managment settings to turn off my screen after being idle for 20 minutes. Rather than turning the screen off after being idle for 20 minutes, the screen turns off every 20 minutes regardless of whether or not I've been idle. The screen immediately comes back on as it typically turns off in the middle of my typing an email or a forum post. I have tried this on various time settings, as low as a minute and as high as 20 minutes. It seems that my system activity is not recognized (i.e. my typing and mouse usage) unless the system is specifically looking for activity, such as when the power management system has taken affect and the screen saver has come on, or the display shuts down, etc. This isn't a huge deal except that, when my settings included going to my lock screen I had to put my credentials in every time that the system shut off the display. I've read the solutions that suggest setting all of my power managmeent options to "never". This is simply not an acceptable solution. If I am using my computer in a public place and I get up to get a cup of coffee, I want my computer to lock itself after 5 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, if I'm in the middle of taking notes at a lecture, I want my display to shut down and conserve power after I have been idle for a time. Simply telling the machine to never use its security and power saving functions does not fix the problem, it si... Read more

A:Idle settings (Screen Saver, turn off display, etc.) take ef...

NWS106 I understand the problem, as my PCs seem to disregard the Power Options some times, too. Instead of turning off the PC, why not just Lock the screen:  http://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/3-ways-to-lock-windows-10-computer.html That's what I do, and it only takes a couple of clicks. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================

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Just curious if anyone knows of a quick way to change the power settings and/or screen saver without having to right click on desktop and choose properties. It's not that it's that hard to do it this way, but I was curious if there was some utility or batch file that could be created to quickly switch between settings.

A:Quickly Change Power Settings & Screen Saver

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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Hi, How do I MAP a FTP Server to a Drive Letter like Drive F: in XP

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I have seen a lot of programs and ways to add a FTP drive to the windows computer screen. (e.g start>computer) However none of them show how to actually map it to a drive letter. This is important because most programs don't allow to select folders on network shortcuts only drive letters.

I know of software that can achieve this but none of it seems to be free.
If anyone can recommend anything it would be greatly appreciated!

A:Map FTP server to drive letter

Welcome to the Forums.

This freeware claims to do it

Map FTP drive as local disk drive - FTPUSE

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I use disk manager to change the drive letter, but it does not change the drive references within registry.

So, how do you change the drive letter and also at the same time change the referencing drive letters in the registry?

The problem: robocopy does not recognize the new drive letter after restart.

A:How to change drive letter also also registry settings

Which drive are you trying to change? What letter are you changing it to?

You can not change any registry entries at the same time. That is one reason why the warning is given in Disk Management during the letter change, that some programs may no longer function properly .

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This stoopid user had her computer crawling with viruses, opened the fotos.zip.exe file common in MSN messenger and an angelina jolie video.exe

ANyway... removd the viruses and all that but it also installed a desktop background about the computer being infected and that it needs an antivirus and anti spyware to be installed.

ALso the screensaver is set to some kind of blue screen of death, logon screen windows startup screens that fooled me for a bit thinking the computer had crashed.

I want to change the SS and desktop background but those options are disabled in the display settings.

Any way to re-activate them so I can change SS and background?


A:Screen saver and background settings disabled in display properties

Try system restore, or the forum usually suggest's this

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So my company laptop keeps resetting my screen saver settings in the registry to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop:

ScreenSaveIsSecure: 1 (requires a password to exit ssaver)
ScreenSaveTimeout: 1800

I keep changing these to 0,120, respectively, but whenever I restart something is setting them back to their original value. Is there a way to stop whatever that program is?

I'm running:

XP Pro Version 2002

Thanks in advance!

A:Editing company-locked screen saver settings in registry - help!

Hi there,

More likely then not your company has a GPO placed on the OU level in Active Directory. OU policies will always trump local ones and this is the reason the settings are being reverted back.


Local, Site, Domain, Organizational Unit... Local Policies (and settings) are on the bottom of the food chain. If theres is a more secure or specific policy set on a level above local, the local one will always be overwritten.

Hope this makes sense.. 9hrs into my shift and the coffee maker died

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Hi everyone:
Here is my situation: I want to map drive letter to a ftp server folder, but "net use" command seems unable to map a drive letter to ftp folder. Also, I have found some software could do it, like NetDrive and
so on. But Is it possible to map a drive letter to a ftp folder without 3rd software, just use native windows components, command tools or api?

Thanks a lot.

A:Can map a drive letter to a ftp server folder

You can MAP but you will not get a Drive Letter.

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Some kind of Malware disguised as a Flash plugin update has made it so I cannot change my desktop Background or change my screen saver. I managed to stop the Malware before it could do any more damage other than that, but this alone is really annoying.
It changed the background to an alert message picture saying there are viruses that have been found on this computer (I figured out how to change the background back, but I still can't access it from the control panel in "Appearance and Personalization.")
It also changed my Screen saving into a short loop of a blue screen saying a problem has been detected on this computer and needs to restart... Then it shows the Windows vista start up screen and loops back again.

Anytime I try to edit either the desktop background or the screen saver from the control panel I get this alert:

I am the system Administrator so I'm at a loss for what to do... I'm guessing I'm supposed to go into safe mode and do something, but I wouldn't know what.

I'd like to also note that I have Windows Vista and I did a Full Virus scan and found nothing.
Here is My Hijack this log, hope you can be of help...
Hijack this log
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:20:23 PM, on 8/18/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16711)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C... Read more

A:Solved: Some kind of Malware has Disable my Background and screen saver settings, nee

Never mind I fixed the problem myself so I'm marking as solved, way to be on the ball you guys.

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How to disable screen saver on cline win7 pc use by windows server 2003 to manage it to each​ cline win7 PC

A:2003 server manage win7 cline to disable screen saver

Run gpedit.msc and see if there is an option in there. I'm not sure otherwise.

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I have a Server 2012 with RDS Role installed joined to a server 2016 domain..

All clients connecting to their server profile get the following view of their mapped drives:

Clicking on the mapped drive works fine to access the actual drive but it will keep the Disconnected Network Drive label on it even after an initial click.. 

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I purchases comp p.c. from flee market when startup, goes to windows sever 2012 screen and askes for admin ,userand password.in russian, ive set my info in bias screen,and can enter that way but cant get past or remove problem ,im green as far as computersgo and anyhelp appreciated

A:Stuck on server 2012 screen


Your best option would be to wipe that disk clean and install a different operating system.


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My Server, running 2012 R2 Standard, has to use Internet Explorer (Version 11 installed), to perform various browsing tasks on a regular basis. 
Both automated and manual browsing between URL's randomly stops working and displays nothing but a white page. The only way to fix it is to quit IE and reopen, which slows the process down massively. 
I have all addons disabled. I have tried resetting everything back to default. I have also disabled GPU rendering.
Any suggestions on what is going on? For reference, the exact same automation took place on Server 2008 R2 previously with no issues - I don't understand what could be the problem here but assume it is something Server 2012 related.

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Ok first quick note, i played on a minecraft server and their forum used this exact same provider LOL
Ok now heres the problem. 
So i was restarting my computer and it was taking too long, and as such, I used the power switch to turn it off. I know, I know, bad idea, BUT I actually do this often and usually it just messes up the boot record and thats an easy fix. This time I get a perfect boot but the login screen is black. Sometimes the ethernet symbol flashes but its black. CTRL ALT DEL does not work. Safe mode does not work. This looks like a common problem called the KSOD. So what I did was fix the boot record (just in case) and I also tried to manually fix the registry by going to the winlogon place and setting the shell value to explorer.exe. The problem is that the value keeps changing back to cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe. I am going to check on the value of userInit. If I can't get a solution im going to try and do a reapair install. I know RDPing can help but I can't do that. Anyone have any idea of how to fix this?
ALSO: I had a nanocore backdoor that I removed from my computer right before restarting.

Windows Server 2012 R2
GTX 1080
GTX 970 
Intel 5280k 
Hard Drive:
240 GB SSD

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I'm running server 2012 and in internet explorer the internet security is set to high. I need to change this setting to Med to allow some sites to load. I also cant install Net frame works. Can some one help..

Eric Klotz

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Hello there,
I am a newbie here and would appreciate any help here. I had removed and subsequently re-installed the SONY Home Network Multimedia software that was pre-installed on the my SONY laptop.
The change I did was to installed the Multi-media software on my 'D' drive instead of the default C:\Document Settings\All Users\Photo Server\VAIO Media. The reason for the change was that I want to store the photo images on the 'D' drive instead of the 'C' drive . The hard-drive is partitioned to two drives i.e 'C:\' for the operating system and program files and 'D:\' drive for data.
However after re-installing the VAIO Media photo server on the D drive, I am not able to 'see' the photo server..How do i get the photo server on the D drive to work. or be visible to the VAIO Media net work..?

Thanks for your help...

A:Sony Vaio Photo server -Installation to 'D' drive

Most systems that have dual partitioned drives are seperated for a reason, I have a compaq and the "D" drive is just for system specific drivers I/E ..don't mess with it !

I would suggest you reinstall the multimedia content back to the "C" drive and leave D alone, just make a folder for your pictures and back them up occasionally...Rhett

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I have a drive that has a lot of information on it that I need. A user left our company and all of his files are on this drive. I was handed it and asked to build a VM with all his information on it. When I plug the drive in it loads the drivers and shows
up just fine in Computer Management (shown below), but not in Computer. So I think, ok, I'll just add a drive letter but that option is greyed out and won't let me. The disk is initialized and appears to be healthy. I have gone to device manager and made sure
there were no problems there as well. It was also an external drive so I removed it and made it an internal drive on my machine but got the same results. It shows up in BIOS but obviously can't boot off of it since it is not an OS drive.
Deleting/formatting the drive is not an option. Is there a way to get this drive accessible without that? Deleting it is the exact opposite of what I want done here. 

A:Change Drive Letter and Paths... greyed out. Can't assign drive letter.

That looks like a mac formatted drive, that's why it wont work on your PC. Try installing Paragon HFS+ for Windows.

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