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Upgrade ThinkPad T580 from SATA HDD to M.2 NVMe SSD - parts needed?

Q: Upgrade ThinkPad T580 from SATA HDD to M.2 NVMe SSD - parts needed?

Hi guys,I just bought the T580 with their cheapest SATA HDD so that I can upgrade myself, but I realise that there's not an M.2 slot available for the upgrade drive (Samsung 960 Pro).I did a little bit of research, and I found these FRU's:01YR457 Tachi-2(20L9/20LA/20LB/20LC) M.2 Adapter ASM for Tachi,TC-201YR466 Tachi-2(20L9/20LA/20LB/20LC) M.2 Adapter Cable,TC-2I can't find a place where to source these. Can anybody point me in the right direction?Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade ThinkPad T580 from SATA HDD to M.2 NVMe SSD - parts needed?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi guys,I just bought the T580 with their cheapest SATA HDD so that I can upgrade myself, but I realise that there's not an M.2 slot available for the upgrade drive (Samsung 960 Pro).I did a little bit of research, and I found these FRU's:01YR457    Tachi-2(20L9/20LA/20LB/20LC) M.2 Adapter ASM for Tachi,TC-201YR466    Tachi-2(20L9/20LA/20LB/20LC) M.2 Adapter Cable,TC-2I can't find a place where to source these. Can anybody point me in the right direction?Thank you in advance.

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Hi guys, I bought the T570 with their cheapest SATA HDD so that I can clone it and upgrade myself, but once I popped open the back, I found that there's not an M.2 slot available for the upgrade drive (Samsung 960 Pro). According to the manual, https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1240407/Lenovo-Thinkpad-T570.html?page=139#manual, I need a converter of some sort, which I presume replaces the SATA cable and the mount for the much smaller form factor drive. I found this http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-M-2-SSD-Tray/p/4..., but it has 0 information on whether it's compatible with the T570, and whether this is what I need in the first place. Can someone help? Has anyone done this already? Can I pick it up somewhere so that I don't have to wait 5-7 days for it to arrive? I also have a 3-year NBD support contract, but after calling support, I am told they can't just come bring the part. Thank you in advance.

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Planning to upgrade the T470 with an SSD and trying to decide between  Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OAJ412U  For an extra $86, I could get this drive, adapter and cable:Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E250BW)https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-960-EVO-Internal-MZ-V6E250BW/dp/B01LYFKX41 https://lenovo.encompass.com/item/11093685/Lenovo/01AX994/Ct470_Adapter_Hdd_Asm_Brackethttps://lenovo.encompass.com/item/11093086/Lenovo/00UR496/Cable_M.2_Ssd Apparently, the 960 EVO would give me about 2 to 3 times faster performance than the SATA SSD. Which one would you guys choose if it were you considering the usage is mainly coding and watching videos? Any insights would be great. Thank you. 

A:SATA or PCIe NVMe SSD for Thinkpad T470?

Yoga2Pro_23 wrote:...
Which one would you guys choose if it were you considering the usage is mainly coding and watching videos? Any insights would be great. Thank you. 

That depends.  Are we spending your money or mine?
Given your use case I'd probably use the extra $ to go with a 500GB 2.5" SSD.  Then again, I'm a spec snob and might not be able to resist the NVMe drive.
As you've already figured out, the 470 only uses 2 PCIe lanes so that limits the NVMe SSD to something like 1700MB/sec.  The SATA unit would be more like 500MB/sec or so.  In practice, you'd probably never notice a difference.

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I recently bought ThinkPad P52S with following storage option:1TB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm, 2.5", SATA3  and realized that I need to change this one for  256 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe NVMe M.2 drive I am affraid even this laptop supports both models it is not easy to make this upgrade. Actually, I would like to know which parts I need to order from lenovo in odred to replace old SATA HDD with new one M.2 PCIe NVMe drive (I already have one). I tried to do it using Support - Parts & Accesories - schematic view TP_T580_P52s_Main_FRUs Components on the page: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-p-series-laptops/thinkpad-... but, honestly I could not relize what I should order.  I guess that I need one internal cable, and metalic mount "box" (size similar/same to existing SATA HDD) which contains 2 connectors (one for cable which connects mainboard and "box" (I am not sure does existing cable is good), and other connector where I should inserd M.2 PCIe SSD.I would appreciate if someone can advice which part numbers i need to purchase in order to make feasible usage of the M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD instead of aforementioned SATAIII HDD. Thanks in advance to all of you! 

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I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7368 i7 6500U 12gb 512gb m.2 sata ssd. I'm wondering if you could switch from a sata ssd to nvme. just curious

A:Can you upgrade from SATA to NVME?

No - that system is SATA-only -- NVMe/PCIe is not supported.

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Hello Guys,I already have "ThinkPad 1TB SAMSUNG PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD" part # Part No: 4XB0N10301 , so i am wondering if i order T480 with 500 GB HDD to save some money and then replace HDD  with 1 TB Samsung SSD. Will it wok?  RegardsManzoor

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Hi,due to known compatibility issue with earlier Samsung SSDs ( Lenovo KB article , Forum post )I wonder are the new Samsung 970 EVO and PRO fully supported, including Thermal Management? Thanks,  A.

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Hello, I will get a new laptop ThinkPad L570 from my company. It will have a standard SATA3 256GB SSD installed.I want to upgrade the laptop and want to install a "Samsung 960 EVO MZ-V6E1T0BW NVMe SSD (1TB)". Question 1: How does the SATA connector of the 2,5'' main storage tray looks like? Is it a SATA Express (SATAe) connector? Does it look like this?Does the SATA Express connector look like this? With this  nose/nibble in the middle?Question 2: Will it be possible to run a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD 1TB in the L570? I know it will not have the full speed, because the L570 only provides 2 lanes PCIe 3.0, but this would be okay for me. Question 3: Where can I get the Lenovo adapter/converter/tray (SATA Express to M.2 NVMe), if this adapter was missing in my delivered L570, because there was installed only a standard 2,5'' SATA SSD? I searched the whole internet for it, no luck. Question 4: DeLock has some adpaters for M.2/NVMe (http://www.delock.de/produkte/1097_SATA-Express/62786/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en), but I don't know if the adapter would fit into the L570. There is a little "block" (red arrows in the below picture) in the middle of the adapter connector which doesn't fit to the connector image from the top. And furthermore this Delock adapter is 9,5mm in height instead of 7mm:This litle "block" will not fit into the  SATA Express connector of the L570, or?Can I use this DeLock adapter in my L570 and will the Samsung 860 EVO run via... Read more

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Hi,I've got a T470, 20JNS3FG00 type.I'd like to replace the existant SSD ("256G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAM,OPAL", FRU 00UP436) by a SATA one (https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-850-evo-2-5-sata-iii-1tb-...). Which parts (adaptator or cable) do I need to order to do that?If it helps, here is a picture of the existant: https://framapic.org/N3ZoSuhWOUiP/UMxKsVSp2HTy.jpgThanks for your kind help.

A:Which needed parts to change M.2 SSD T470 for a SATA one

I can't comment on the parts, I'me sure someone else can, but so that you know, Samsung has now released the 860 Evo, the newer version with slightly better performance and longer waranty for not too different price.

Thinkpad L420, Thinkpad T460p

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Tried to upgrade my E5570 (current drive is 128GB M2 SATA)  with new 512GB Intel 600p NVME SSD, but ran into problem. BIOS cannot find this drive.
Updated to latest BIOS - no luck. Disabled SATA completely - no luck. 
Windows 10 installation disk also cannot find new drive (tried many drivers)
Please help

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HI Lenovo community!I want to upgrade my t470p hdd   to  NVMe M.2 2280 Samsung 960 PRO and enjoy full speed.I read that I need adapter  but I dont know which one and will a achive full speed 2100/3500MB/s with this adapter? 

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My laptop: Inspiron 15 5577 gaming laptop with intel chip (7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core (6MB Cache, up to 3.8 GHz))
1. I disk cloned my 128GB M.2 SATA ssd drive using Macrium Reflect (v6.3.1812) by boot up using USB jump drive. 128GB clone->500GB thru usb 3.0 connection.  After the clone, I checked and see that all partitions are cloned successfully.
2. I swapped out my 128GB for Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EVO; I boot up using Macrium Reflect to clone my Samsung NVMe SSD  from my external usb 3.0 500 GB; after the clone, I disconnected all external devices and tried to boot up from Samsung NVMe ssd.  BUT IT FAILED.
I received the following error messages:
Rom image is not loaded
Rom image update denied.
Please let me know if someone had done this.
Thank you very much.

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I ordered a customized HP Omen laptop. However, I did not add m.2 to it because I thought I could put a better one inside.During customization, I saw NVMe m.2 as an option. Does this mean HP Omen m.2 socket support NVMe? I'm looking to add either a Samsung 950 Pro Series PCIe NVMe or HyperX Predator PCIe. At the very least, I'll add a SATA m.2 to it. I know NVMe is the fastest but it is very expensive.  If you could also explain me the differences between SATA m.2, PCIe m.2 and NVMe m.2, I'd appreciate it.

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HiI purchased my ThinkPad T470P 10 days ago. It has 1TB HDD (5400rpm) preinstalled so I want to replace it with SSD.Is my ThinkPad capable of using the full potential of NVME SSD or I just need to buy a SATA3 SSD?I know Lenovo sells these machines with NVME SSDs preinstalled but do they use the same port as my HDD is using right now? What is the interface that my HDD is using right now?Regards

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I have a SATA based X270. Can I still open this up and replace (or even better, add) a PCIe/NVMe drive?

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I'm looking to buy the Pavilion 24-b277na, and looking up the specs on the HP website, I can see the Palau 2GF motherboard supports an M.2 SSD (http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-24-b200-All-in-One-Desktop-PC-series/13823536/docume...). Since the computer only comes with an HDD, I'd like to fit a small SSD into the M.2 slot. However, after a bit of reading it seems there's SATA M.2s and NVMe M.2s. I can't find out which type is supported by the computer. I'm also unclear on PCIe support - I looked up a review of a SATA Samsung 850 evo M.2, which states it doesn't support PCIe so many motherboards may not support it. So, does the computer support NVMe M.2s, and do I have to worry about PCIe support if I get a SATA M.2? Thanks in advance

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I'm looking at buying a new Lenovo P50 with a SSD configuration.  I see an option for a "1TB SSD PCIe-NVMe" which came out only a few days ago ...does anybody here know the specs of that drive in terms of read/write speeds (megabytes per second)?  


Go to Solution.

A:"1TB SSD PCIe-NVMe" specifications for Thinkpad P5...

That's Samsung 1T PM961 which becomes available in OEM since last december. Read and write speeds are faster than the current SM961 and 950 Pro.

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It's interesting to see that Lenovo updated their storage test and PCI Express test programs for Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd gen on 4/11/2016 including changes of "ADD: Storage - NVMe". Hope that is a sign for future NVMe SSD support.

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Hello, I need to add a "Samsung 960 PRO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD" on my Thinkpad. What is the P/N I need to install it? I think is the tray to insert the disc. THINKPAD P51 SIGNATURE EDITION - Intel Core i7 - 7700 HQ - CPU @2.80 GHz - 16 GB - Windows 10 - 64 bits

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I recently updated to the new bios, 1.30, that adds RAID support for the Thinkpad P50.My P50 came with 2x pcie nvme 512gb m.2 drives. (I think they ship with the sm951, but not 100% sure) Upon activating raid in the bios, I can select "M.2 SSD" as the mode, and successfuly create a raid volume from the 2 drives. The new raid volume shows up in the boot manager and appears to be healthy. Macrium Reflect can even see and clone to the Raid volume. However the installer for Windows 7, 8, or 10 cannot see the Raid volume. (Using a usb drive since i opted out of the cd drive). I assumed this was a driver issue and proceeded to download basically every Intel RST driver I could find including the 3 on the Lenovo driver website and all the below:64bit Intel RSTe AHCI & RAID drivers v15.2.0.100864bit Intel RSTe AHCI & RAID drivers v14.8.12.1059 WHQL64bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID driver v11.2.0.1006 WHQL64bit Intel NVMe Windows Driver v1.7.0.1002 WHQL64bit Intel RSTe NVMe drivers v4.5.0.2122 WHQL for Win8-10 x64RSTe_4.5.0.2123RSTe NVMe 64bit Intel RST Software v15.0.2.1044Universal 64bit Intel RST Software v14.8.12.1059 Even after trying every single one of these, I still can't get Windows to see the raid volume on install. I tried turning on and off secure boot, and CSM, but made no difference. There's really not many options provided in the Lenovo bios. I've done a normal raid set... Read more

A:Thinkpad P50 - NVMe M.2 Raid 0 - Can't install win...

Just to add a bit more, I do have premium support and was on the phone with 6 different people for 2 hours, none of which could really help or understand what was going on. In fact several didn't even know what Raid was and needed help spelling it. Below are the ticket numbers to keep everything together.Ticket #'s:402NCL7402NC9M402NC77

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Is it possible to replace the SATA SSD with a NVMe Drive? In the 4th generation the the M2 slot was capable of using nvme and sata drives.

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Hello everyone,
I have HP EliteBook 850 G3, SKU Number: T9X18EA#BED (is it product number?) Product Serial Number: [Personal Information Removed]
I am almost positive that M2 slot inside my laptop has SATA connection and not NVMe. Can anyone tell me if Im wrong?
I watched some videos and saw some pictures of SATA and NVMe slots and when I opened my laptop the slot looked like NVMe, according to pin positions on the connector.
Can someone elaborate on this and perhaps tell me if I have NVMe based on my product number, maybe?

A:Elitebook 850 G3 has SATA or NVMe M2 slot?

@yowandbm Look at page 2. http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=7815299&docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c04... REO

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I have a SATA based X270.
Can I still open this up and replace (or even better, add) a PCIe/NVMe drive?
Moderator edit: Added model to subject.

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Hey all! I picked up a refurb'd X270 from the Lenovo Outlet store for super cheap with a 180GB SATA SSD. I did lots of poking around on the forums to see if anyone had successfully done the upgrade to NVMe, and the concensus was mixed with no one really agreeing what parts were needed. I successfully pulled it off and wanted to share for future users! What you NEED:NVMe-capable M.2 SSDFRU 01HW969 - cable from motherboard to the M.2 adapterFRU 01HY565 - M.2 adapter and bracket I ordered my OEM parts through Encompass for around $40 shipped, not including the cheap 256GB Intel 600p SSD I already had laying around. The process took less than 10 minutes to complete. 1 - Assemble the M.2 adapter with your new NVMe SSD. NOTE: M.2 SATA SSDs are NOT compatible, ONLY NVMe.2 - Boot to BIOS, navigate to Power to disable the internal battery.3 - Remove the external battery and unscrew the screws from the bottom plate of the system, and gently remove the plate.4 - Remove the single screw holding in the existing SATA drive and gently remove from system.5 - Remove the SATA cable from the motherboard, being careful to lift the little metal latch before pulling horizontally out of the connector.6 - Attach the new cable to the motherboard. I had to bend mine a bit to make it fit, but I used the original cable to show me where to bend.7 - Attach the new cable to the M.2 adapter and install in place using the same screw.8 - Reattach the bottom plate, put in your battery, and ... Read more

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Hello Lenovo-Community, I have bought a new Lenovo P51 (20HJS0KJ00) which came originally with one HDD (500GB) and 8GB RAM.The Company where I bought the ThinkPad upgraded it additionally with a M.2 NVMe (Samsung PM961 Lenovo OEM) SSD + 8 GB RAM.When I get the P51 it was completely blank, no OS. For installation purposes, I removed the HDD. The only installed and from BIOS recognized Drive is the SSD (except Boot-USB). Now I am trying a bunch of time to install Win10 on this Notebook without any success.I am able to boot it with an USB Drive (MBR Partitioning, Win10.iso, created with Rufus) - when I select to install the OS on the SSD, I get:  Windows can't be installed on this drive (Show details)Windows cannot be installed on this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the BIOS menu. I've already read and followed these steps - without success: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Can-t-install-Windows-10-on-T460s-with-S... I am not able to boot with an USB Drive (GPT, FAT32, created with Rufus) - it is not shown as Bootable Device.  BIOS (v. 1.05) is in Default Mode (F9), also it does not work when I select UEFI only, Both. Secure Boot is off. I did cleared the SSD with Diskpart, it's totally blank.  Furthermore I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, without success. There was sth like the Grub Bo... Read more

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Hello, I think this is a Intel RST driver issue. When I'm trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on a BIOS created RAID-0 array with two NVMe M.2, the installation cannot find the raid array. When using two SATA drives - it works flawlessly. Is there a way to solve this issue? Any driver I can update in the Ubuntu installation? Please help! 

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I ordered my P51 with a spin disk and I would like to buy  a  NVMe M2 SSD of 256gb and  another  MVMe M2 of 1tb.  Is it possible to installal NVMe M2 with differets sizes in P51.

A:Could I install two NVMe M2 with different capacity sizes in Thinkpad P51?

Yes, as long as you're not running raid.

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Does the new Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1 7373 w 8th gen i7, 16gb, and 512 gb ship with a nvme drive?
The features section on the splash page page states the 512 ssd is nvme and the 256 is sata.
Sales says all 7373s are being shipped with sata and insists splash page is wrong
I have one on order and need to know if it will ship with a nvme drive or not
Its a deal breaker and I would like to avoid the return process over false advertising

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I have thinkpad P71. This notebook has two nvme slots.I would like enable and disable nvme memory or HDD storage from Bios options.See another similar topic request.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P50-P70-feature-request-Disable-Enable-S...This feature is extremely useful for professional applications.Is it possible to do? Could you help me asap?Please help with any ideas and solutions if you have. Thanks.

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I'm thinking of upgrading my stock SSD to https://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-M-....
Will it work ? 
Will it be faster than the stock 256GB one ? 
Will it void the warranty ? 
Moderator note: subject edited to correct model.  Was: Will 4XB0N10300 (512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD) work on my ThinkPad Yoga y730 (20JJS0A40R) ?

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My X1 Yoga has a SAMSUNG MZVPV256 SSD Tried to install the NVMe firmware update from here: http://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-X-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-X1-... It boots Linux however at some point it can't find the folder.When Windows started again, it ran FWLINBRDG automatically. This one shows the following error: 

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i bought a lenovo thinkpad edge which is missing the model sticker from the bottom left of screen
all i need is a link to the most recent windows 7 drivers including bios update
and i would like to know a list of processors i could upgrade to current cpu is i3 m370 @2.40ghz
this website does not recognise serial number or product so i will post all th details i can below .... please help !!
TYPE 0319 - 2AG
S/N LR - xxxxx     11/10
Mod edit: S/N removed

A:Unknown thinkpad bios support and processor upgrade support needed

Welcome to the forum!
Your model is a ThinkPad Edge 15
ThinkPad Edge 15 0319-2AG
i3-370M(2.4GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11bgn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 64
You can get the drivers from the EOL page: https://download.lenovo.com/eol/index.html 

Since you have an Intel model, you can upgrade to any of these CPU's:

Intel Core i3 370M, 2x 2,26 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 450M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 460M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 480M, 2x 2,66 Ghz, 3MB Cache


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Hello, I have the following laptop ideapad700-15isk with i5-6300hq, 8gb of ram, 950m 4gb and a 1tb hdd.I want to buy a m.2 ssd and use both hdd and ssd. The ssd would be use for OS and the hdd for storage of files.From what I've read I understand that both samsung 850 evo(sata3) and samsung 960evo(nvme) would work.My question is would the samsung960evo(nvme) disable my sata 3 port and would not allow me to use in the same time the hdd?And is the speed difference from 850 evo to 960 evo worth for daily use? OS and Browser activity? Thank you,    

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For some reason, the Samsung 960 M.2 NVMe will not boot in an XPS8920 system with SATA set to ACHI.  With SATA set to RAID, it works just fine.  I wanted a larger replacement that I could boot Windows on without having to use SATA-RAID.
Before returning the computer to the store I decided to exchange the Samsung for another if I could find one. So far I've been pretty loyal to Samsung and not really bothered looking at other SSD's.
I exchanged it for the Toshiba OCZ RD400 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2. The logic being that since Dell shipped a Toshiba in the original system, this might have the best chance to work if any would.
To be clear, in my specific case, WORK, means allow me to have the BIOS set to SATA-ACHI and boot from this drive in the M.2 slot. Something the Samsung could not (currently) do.
Somewhat surprising, it works!
So if you have an XPS8920, want to put in a new/different M.2 NVMe SSD, and desire to boot from this SSD with the BIOS set to SATA-ACHI, the Toshiba above will work. Probably others might also. Caveat: As of today at least, with the 1.0.4 BIOS that's currently available in this system.
I've not bothered with any benchmarks yet or even had time to install the Toshiba drivers which they recommend for peak performance.
This is how I migrated my original Dell SSD to the Toshiba RD400 - with ALL original partitions intact. I've not tested the recovery partition but I was most interested in the diagnostics partition and it works fine ... Read more

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Hello! Does anyone know if the ThinkPad 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, whose part number is 4XB0N71413 and which can be found in the following link: https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-TP-1TB-M-2-... is TCG OPAL compliant and if it supports being formatted with 4kb sector size. Thanks in advance.

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Hi,I'm thinking of upgrading my stock SSD to https://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-M-....Will it work ? Will it be faster than the stock 256GB one ? Will it void the warranty ? 

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This problem is back. As mentioned in this thread attempting to install via Windows 10 via a USB drive does not see the NVMe M.2 sticks (I have two 1 TB sticks that came with my P70 from Lenovo). I did an install back around on Nov. 29, 2016 and it worked back then using the USB drive + drivers I left on the stick. Since then I've kept my machine current so I'm not sure what's changed (BIOS did get updated0. My P70 is a model 20ERCTO1WW.BIOS is N1DET83W 2.12 Can we get updated drivers ASAP Lenovo?Thanks!   

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Hi, first time posting and I'd like to report a serious issue rendering the new X270 critically unstable. There's an issue with the SSD after it enters low power D3 state. After it happens, the drive (or controller) refuses to wake up. Entering D3 seems to be due to relative inactivity. Also, upgrading BIOS to 1.09 doesn't help. I can get this couple of times a day so it makes the X270 unreliable for work. This is triggering regardless of having power adapter plugged in or unplugged and it seems only related to the drive going to sleep. One time I got BSOD on Windows was when I was copying files between two external HDDs (so the internal drive wasn't busy). On Windows this results with BSOD saying it can't save core dump because of memory or drive error. Linux is little more informative about what happens and the system doesn't die straight away because it caches quite a lot of the data read from the drive (that excessive caching is also why the drive is likely to go to sleep more often). For last couple of days I was running with dmesg -wH in the background. The drive always fails the same way: [Mar21 01:31] nvme 0000:04:00.0: controller is down; will reset: CSTS=0xffffffff, PCI_STATUS=0xffff
[ +0.040507] nvme 0000:04:00.0: Refused to change power state, currently in D3
[ +0.000298] nvme nvme0: Removing after probe failure status: -19
[ +0.000025] nvme0n1: detected capacity change from 256060514304 to 0
(some ext4 failure errors because of th... Read more

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Hi, Can you please let me know if I can install ThinkPad 512GB PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD (4XB0N10300) on M910 SFF? Thanks,Alex

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Dears,I am currently located in egypt and i wanted to order a dual language keyboard english/arabic for my x240.I found this on the Bill of material04X0182 N CS13X Backlit KBD Arabic Chicony - Primary, but i don't know if this will be dual language or only arabic tags on the keys?unforunatly non of the local stores in here have this one so everyone keep saying that it will be hard to find it.so if any of you know how to order what am i looking for don't hesiste to reply.have a good day

A:thinkpad x240 spare parts

I "believe" that the Lenovo part number you need is FRU 04X0182 (Backlit KBD Arabic Chicony Part Number 04X0182) but I only see one site online that claims to have one, and it is in the UK.     The part is not cheap, so I would suggest you contact them directly (see link below) and make sure it fits your exact model, but they do appear to have one left in stock, and can ship to Egypt. EAF Supply Chainhttps://www.eafsupplychain.com/Product/LV-04X0182 You might also search for the Lenovo Part Number/FRU  elsewhere to see if you can get a better price if you do not need it right away,  but the link above was the only one I found that actually claims to have one in stock.  

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Hello, I own following ThinkPad X1 carbon:X1 Carbon (Type 20BS, 20BT) Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20BT - Model S1GY00 (Serial#R90FJAUD)I want to order spare Screen and cooler from Lenovo service center in Serbia, but they don't know for sure which screen and cooler to order and they say if I want to order and it came wrong, they are not responsible. Is there a way someone tell me which part numbers exactly do I need to order? Thank you!

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon, I want to order spare parts

The laptop is OK and it's working. I want to order spares so I would have them immediately if laptop breaks.

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I could really use some help with this. I have a HD that I'm moving from one Windows 7 machine to another.

The new system is a Gateway DX4860. The old was was also a Gateway DX4820.
When I put the old drive in the new computer, I get the Windows Splash screen, the stars begin to appear and it resets.
I went back to the old machine and noticed the BIOS setting for SATA was set to RAID.
I changed the new system to RAID, it just froze.
I put a second drive in the new machine and now it boots properly.
I installed the AHCI drivers, changed the registry setting to 0, rebooted the machine, and changed the BIOS setting to AHCI from RAID.
When Windows tries to boot, I'm getting the same behavior as before (I get the Windows Splash screen, the stars begin to appear and it resets).
This is for Windows 7 BTW.

Gateway AND Intel have both told me I need to re-install the OS to make this happen. I'd rather not do that if AT ALL possible.

I'd very much appreciate some help with this.

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide!

A:Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed!

You have a few things happening here, 1st your Win7 is probably an OEM (Originaly came w/the system) andassuck is tiedto the original mobo & can'tbe moved.
2nd, you have 1 sys w/ a core2quad processor, and the other has an I5. This means the mobo & memory are different, you have a different setof drivers so thr=e DX4860 will not boot with the older drivers. Normallythis would take aclean install, but being an OEM version - you would need therecovery discsfromthe DX4860.


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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports


I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there

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My PC: HP PAVILION DV6T-7000 CTOProduct Number : A5F77AV Part interest:681284-001SPS-IC PROC I7-3820QM I check on the list of part and found that CPU i7-3820QM is compatible Additional to the Processor what others parts I needThanks in advance 

A:Parts needed about a CPU

@GuailiFit? What CPU do you have installed now??? REO

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