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Solved: HP Deskjet 1050 series printer problem

Q: Solved: HP Deskjet 1050 series printer problem


I have been using the printer and all of the sudden it stopped printing, I checked what was in the printer queue and there was a file holding it up, I have tried to delete this print but it wont come out of the queue. What do I have to do?


Preferred Solution: Solved: HP Deskjet 1050 series printer problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: HP Deskjet 1050 series printer problem

slambrosia, try hitting delete and then reboot the computer and see if that takes it out.I had to do this to an Epson printer I use to have.Good Luck, Bob

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Yeah, so I have an HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer. It is not printing complete pages, it is cutting out complete lines on the pages. I just opened the box and installed everything yesterday evening, so its not like it's clogged or anything. I cleaned the cartridges just to be sure, but it still cut out lines on the test page. I am using the ink that came with it and regular printer paper. I have an HP computer as well, running windows 7. I do not know what is wrong, so I was hoping you could help me. I am in college and really need to be able to use this printer.

Thank You.

A:HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer not printing every sentence

Sounds like faulty hardware. Perhaps electrical contact between the printer and cartridge gets dropped.
I have a Deskjet 1055 since July 2011 and have never experienced what you see.

I'd return it.

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has anyone had trouble with hp deskjet 1050 all-in-one 1410 series printer not lighting up when you press start button. 

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How to edit a text that I have scanned on hp deskjet printer 1050 J410 series?   Thanks in advance for your help. Joe

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My printer's power button always blinks and everytime i start printing, it always says that the printer is offline and the active printing documents are all paused whereas when i check it in Devices and printers, it can read the printer and when i troubleshoot it, it states that the printer is off. i don't know what's the problem because it only started when i upgrade my o.s to windows 7 but when i bought that printer i was using windows xp.... it turned out that i encounter this kind of problem when i'm using windows 7 but i also encounter this when i used windows xp but not that serious to the extent that it's not printing at all.
By the way, i've been using this printer for more than 3 years. Thanks and hope you can help to solve this problem. ^^

A:HP Deskjet D2400 Series Printer Compatibility

Checking out HP's support/driver download site for that printer there seems to a few models of that printer. Have you uninstalled the printer driver and software and reinstalled it using, if available, windows 7 software and drivers.

Looking further, it seems all the listed printer models all have windows 7 versions. Do you have the right bit version installed?


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I'm trying to check the ink levels for my printer. For HP Deskjet 1000 J100 series. I've installed and set up the printer but don't know where the control panel or HP toolbox is. I opened the HP Deskjet icon, but the only thing that opens is a window asking if I want to install a new printer. I opened the HP Smart app, and the printer says that it's Ready, but when I click on printer settings, then print quality tools, it says "This feature is not available for your selected printer through HP smart app. To check control panel."

I've been going around in circles trying to find the control panel or toolbox. Also, I've been using the printer for a couple of years now, with no problems. So it's hooked up correctly. It's only now I decided to use the Check Printer ink function.

Maybe I need to install another driver or something. All I want to do is check printer ink levels. Please help.

Thanks, Josie

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OS: Win 7 Home Premium x64
Printer: HP Deskjet 1050 J410a

Hello! I bought this printer few months ago, installed, connected etc. Everything worked fine until today. I wanted scan some photos, so i clicked on shortcut for HPscan and...nothing happend. And when I say nothing I mean nothing. Soft utillity didn't loaded, no error window...like doubleclick in empty space. I tried to run directly HPscan.exe. Nothing. With admin rights. Nothing. In compatibilty mode. Nothing. Reinstaled drivers & soft. Still nothing. Then I found HP Scan Diagnostic Utility. It fails at the Windows (WIA) scan. Tried everything they mention, but still nothing. Printing and copying works fine...just scanning is immposible (even in other progrmas like Paint etc.) .

Has anybody such problem? Or solution

A:HP Deskjet 1050 - Scanner

Did you uninstall before you reinstalled? Have you checked your system for any malware, spyware or adware? Sometimes these little buggers can get into an app and render it null and void of certain operations. Also they can corrupt your registry. Make sure your system is clean and then do a complete uninstall, sometimes a reboot is required if not reboot, then re-install and see if problem persists.

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oh hello, Windows Seven Forum.

Well, i just bought both a new laptop and a new printer. the laptop being a HP Windows 7 64 bit, blah blah. and the printer/scanner being the Deskjet 1050.

Nooooow... i popped in the installation disk and... well, i won't install. it says "Installation Error: The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed".

now I've Googled like crazy and nothing seems to solve the problem. I've gone to the HP website and downloaded the appropriate drivers and tried using that instead of the disk and just the same exact thing happens, "Installation Error".

so... does anyone know anything that can help?
Also, suddenly, I can't seem to download the new iTunes update either so... yeah. My laptop isn't being very helpful.

A:Deskjet 1050 and Windows 7

Hi scruffy17yo, Welcome to the forums, have you tried this Driver Install - Add Printer Wizard also remember not to attach the usb cable until instructed to do so

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Have bought a new laptop, ASUS and have hooked up my HP 1050 Deskjet - Printer/Scanner. (Have had no issues with Printer/Scanner with previous laptop!)

The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
There is no problems with Printing, but when trying to scan I get a message that says Scanner communication cannot be established.

I have tried un installing and re installing. Have even gone through everything with HP Tech support to no avail, as when doing a test of sorts there seems to be an issue with the WIA?

Any Ideas?

A:HP 1050 Deskjet - Unable to Scan (Scanner Unreachable)

Are you scanning with the buttons on the unit or through the HP software?

Have you checked HP for latest software for your scanner?

Have you tried scanning through other software, e.g. The Gimp, or IrfanView, or your word processor software?

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I have a HP Deskjet 842C. It uses a Parallel port, and hasnt been used in a while. When I turn it on, it does its "reset" routine, and as soon as it stops, all three lights flicker very fast. If I press the resume button, then the power and the resume lights flash, slow this time. The only other option i have is to turn it off, and if i turn it back on, it goes through the whole loop again...
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

A:HP Deskjet Printer problem

When you say"hasn't been used in awhile" how long are we talking? Sometimes ink will harden to a point that thingsdon't want to move(just like rust). I'd remove the cartridges and clean the sliding bar,or whatever the proper name is, with a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and the cartridges also. This definately will not hurt, just be careful..

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I have a Windows XP with a HP Deskjet 895cse printer. My printer will print from the Internet but makes all the right noises but prints nothing from MS Word.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer but that does not fix the problem. Any suggestions? Also, I can not find HP toolbox.

In an effort to clean up my computer so that it would not run so slowly, I ran defrag and removed a number of old programs that were only frequently used. Prior to all the cleanup, this printer performed very well.

A:HP Deskjet printer problem

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I've been unable to print even B/W text with my HP Deskjet 940c for some time, and the status light is blinking to indicate an installation problem with the color cartridge (rather than just an empty cartridge, although it probably *is* empty). I've tried unplugging and replugging the printer, wiping off the copper contacts, firmly reseating, etc. Because it used to work, I assume the cartridge itself isn't defective. I'm trying to gauge whether it's worth gambling $35 for a replacement cartridge if it turns out that the problem is something else and the printer will have to be replaced anyway. (I'm reluctant to do that
unless it's necessary because it's hard to find a model that will be economical over time given that our usage is low, we don't print much in color, and we never print photos.)

Any ideas about whether a replacement color cartridge is likely to work?

Thanks for any help!

A:HP Deskjet Printer Problem

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I have a HP deskjet 932c which I just reinstalled, because I had to reintalled windows 98SE. Now my printer spits out a sheet of paper on reboot/startup, printer prints very slow and settings are on normal print, and when I print from the web the page starts to print, but if I close the IE window the print job print characters and not the text. I have a cable connection, I thought the job would be in the printer que and I could close the window.

I have a Dell Dimension 2400, 40 gb hd, 128mb, pent 3 processor.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


A:HP deskjet 932c printer problem

Hi JCross, I have the identical printer . Is it USB? I know I so often have made the mistake when I have reformatted of NOT remembering to unplug my USB printer from my computer. WIndows then puts in its own drivers and your installing the true drivers over top DOES NOT WORK. You have to go to the HP site if this has happened and use their deinstall usb drivers application ... and then reinstall properly according to their directions
This is the page with the drivers AND the usb uninstall utility. You have to use that first according to their directions and then follow the directions exactly for reinstalling. I hope this helps.

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I have a PC with Windows 2000 Pro. A Hewlett Packard DeskJet 845c printer was donated to our ministry, along with the USB cable and the CD, but no manual. I am having trouble setting it up.

Since I didn't have a manual, I looked on the web for installation information. The closest I found was on this website so I followed their instructions.


First I filled the paper tray. Then I connected the USB cable and plugged it into the power strip. (The instructions said to press the power button to turn on the printer, but I didn't need to as the green power light lit up as soon as I plugged in the adapter.)

The next step was to insert the cartridges. I assumed it already had cartridges but decided to follow that step anyway to be sure I didn't miss a step.

The instructions said to open the top of the printer, and the Resume light would flash until it is closed. The OUT tray was still up so I lowered it, then opened the top of the printer. I looked to see if the light was flashing. There was no flashing light, and the green power light was off.

Since doing that step, I have not been able to get the printer to power up, and a noise (a consistent light bump sound) is coming from inside the printer - almost like something is stuck. It only stops if I unplug the power.

In the process of trying to find out why it wouldn't power up again, I unplugged the power ... Read more

A:Problem with HP DeskJet 845c printer

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Bought this as new installed drivers, the process of installing went fine and my device is ready to use....printer is ticked in printers/devices.......now the problem, nothing works! I try to print, set preference and customise printer and get error message saying device drivers not installed??.....I've tried the drivers from the disk and from HP website both full and basic drivers......everything installs ok but comes back to the same problem when trying to print ie the printer does not seem to be recognized with drivers installed incorrectly...

A:HP Deskjet 1512 printer problem?

Welcome polesworth to 7 Forums.

Unplug printer's power cable and usb connection from your computer/reboot your computer/then plug in power cable and usb connection and let Windows 7 find your printer.

I had to do this with both of my printer's(Canon and HP) when I first installed windows 7.
Report back and let us know if this method helps.

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Suddenly I have lost the e-Drive to my computer wihich is an external drive. The HP Deskjet printer 6940 won't turn on, and in Outllok I lost all my emails except the ones that were send today.


A:Big Problem- E Drive is gone, HP deskjet printer won't turn on...and more

Can you please explain your problem in more detail including what changes you made to your PC if any prior to the problem you are experiencing?

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I've had this printer for 5 - 6 years and it's worked flawlessly for me - until this past weekend.

My wife had created a birthday card in Microsoft Greetings Workshop Deluxe 2.0 with an image of a bulldog on the front of it. The image was mostly in brown and black.

When the card had finished printing, the colored parts had been replaced with a pink tint.

The tri-color cartridge was at 10% full and the black cartridge was at 50% full, so I assumed that the problem was with the tri-color cartridge being low on ink.

I replaced it with a new tri-color cartridge, then had her print the card again. Lo and behold, it still had a pink tint.

I printed off a couple of websites. The colored parts all came out with a pink tint.

I went into the printer properties and checked all the settings, but they were okay.

What gives?

A:Printing Problem With HP DeskJet 952C Printer

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The ink is leaking from cartraige while printing.

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Just after installing fresh windows xp pro (sp2 x86) I mistakenly ran my hp printer setup cd with printer (usb) connected. As a result printer was not properly installed since correct method require running setup cd first and then connecting printer.
Now I am in a senerio where I have to uninstall these stuck up drivers, and then reinstall printer properly. Unfortunately I did not find any uninstaller, either in add/remove or start/programs folder. I manually deleted all files and folder but with no consequences.
Finally I tried to reinstall xp, but now, pc fails to boot from cd .... and xp cd shows hp setup cd icon in 'mycomputer'.
Any suggestions or solution will be highly appreciated.

Note : My pc spec have changed, its a dell optiplex gx720, 4.2 ghz, 40GB segate hard disk, 512 mb ram.

A:Printer installation problem - HP Deskjet F4180

fyi... when USB cable is connected to soon there's a method i'd suggest to try and remove the USB drivers which ended up installed...

HOWEVER, sounds like your computer is now in an "unknown" state as you tried removing files/folders, etc. and what you could find

Unfortunately I did not find any uninstaller, either in add/remove or start/programs folder. I manually deleted all files and folder but with no consequences.
Finally I tried to reinstall xp, but now, pc fails to boot from cd .... and xp cd shows hp setup cd icon in 'mycomputer'.Click to expand...

I think safest to do another install. If you want to cautious, you can also create a backup image of your hard drive a key points (e.g. just before installing drivers) if you want to have an easy checkpoint to fall back to, if need be

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I have recently reinstalled my printer software, uninstalled, and reinstalled again, and it still won't work. I get the error message theres no comunication to my printer all though it printed out the aline and test page, I have win 98 SE, Internet exp.5 itys acting really strange. I just put two new ink cartraiges in it. Any one got any ideas on this one?

A:[SOLVED] HP Deskjet 672C Printer

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Yes I Have A HP Deskjet F4100 All-In-One Printer & I'm trying To Install It On A Computer With Windows ME.. Is There Anywhere I Can Get A Compatible Driver??

A:Solved: HP Deskjet F4100 All-in-One Printer

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I have recently installed a Mustek 600 CP scanner. After installation, my HP DeskJet 682c printer is not functioning fully. I have to press the resume button several times during printing and when it does come out, the graphics are garbled and the text is huge. I think this is because they both share a port. I searched the internet for third-party troubleshooting on the specific scanner and found the scanner uses up a port and does not allow for sharing with a printer or other peripheral. They suggested I return the scanner and buy a new one but this is no longer an option for me. It seems to me that there should be some way to ensure use of the scanner and printer out of the same port. Is there any software that I can download or anything I can do to ensure this? I'm not looking at buying anything else just to solve this problem but I would appreciate your advice on what would help.

I am running Windows 98. Any other details you need I can provide when you ask. Thanks in advice for your help.


A:hp deskjet 682c printer and mustek 600 cp scanner problem

Your scanner almost has to be designed to share a port. Your printer doesn’t have a throughput capability (both in and out for parallel). You must have the printer hooked up through the scanner which must have both in and out – meaning it is designed to share. All parallel scanners are designed to share. It might not do it very well, but that is the nature of sharing devices on the parallel port.

Where did you get the cable you are using for the scanner? Does it say IEEE1284 compliant on it? Your printer needs that two way cable, and since it is going through the scanner it needs one as well.

Mustek isn’t up right now, but make sure you have the latest driver for it from their site. Also get the latest driver for your printer from HP – they might have improved the shared port performance with a driver update.

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The printer is a usb printer several years old.

I'm not sure why my printer port says 'ECP printer port (LPT1).
I don't know what ecp means.

I had this printer working but then put in a new hard drive. I downloaded the driver from hp and ran it. I saw the printer in the printers' windows set as the default printer. But I get an error message saying the document failed to print.

When I unplug from the computer the USB to the printer and then plug it back in, I hear a tone. But I don't see a message saying new hardware found when I have uninstalled the ecp printer port (LPT1). Also the hp software doesn't detect the printer when installing the drivers for it.

I went into the registry and deleted hp deskjet 6122 in two places and then reinstalled after several attempts at trying to upgrade the driver to the one from hp and also from running the hp setup program to install the printer.

Should the printer usb cable be unplugged when running the HP software to install the printer if the ecp printer port (LPT1) device is removed?

Should I change the port from 'ecp printer port (LPT1)' to 'printer port (LPT1)?

Should I uninstall all my usb ports and then re-install them?

A:Solved: HP deskjet 6122, ECP printer (LPT1)?

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Hi Folks,

After I installed the new Mozilla Firefox browser, I've been unable to print. I don't know how that could happen -- I don't see the connection. I tried reinstalling the printer software, but that didn't work.

Do you folks have any idea what could have happened?

Thanks in advance!

A:HP Deskjet 932C Printer Problem - won't print since I changed browsers

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I´m a newbie here, and doesn´t know too much how does function this site, I´ll try to help where I can, but I came here to ask something that is bothering me.

I´ve just bought an Epson Deskjet USB printer (C42 UX) and installed it correctly (it worked alone, when "filling itself")... The problem is using it under my Windows 98 SE OS.

First, I had no USB ports, so I bought also a PCI to USB card adapter and installed it and Win98 could detect it OK.

Second, I tried letting the printer turned on and booting the system. It detected something and installed an "unknown device".
It seemed not important, so I installed the drivers of the printers... but when the driver installation tried to check the printer port it didn´t detect it, and I couldn´t detect it ever since.

After this, I have tried a lot of things... Checking the BIOS to disable any unused port/device... enable anything related to USB (which I had to disable again, ´cause seemed to be an *onboard USB port*, but as it didn´t have the actual ports, I didn´t see).
I also tried to remove the "unknown device" and turn on/install the printer after the boot. And also install it via control panel... but nothing worked.

I tried checking with the Epson support here, but they´ve said that it is a problem with the USB port, so they couldn´t help.
Windows won´t let me install any driver from the Epson CD directly for this device... it says "The specified location does not c... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Deskjet USB printer doesn´t install correctly

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 I am from India and bought  Think Centre M710t  ProcessorIntel Core i5-7400 Processor ( 3.00GHz 2400MHz 6MB ) Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64 Memory4.0GB + 8.0GB PC4-19200 DDR4 UDIMM 2400MHz  GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 Hard Drive1TB 5400 rpm  I think PSU is also 180W. I am planning to change the graphics because it is not running games like witcher III smoothly even in medium and low settings. Since the graphis slot is compact and PSU is 180W i am confused will the Nvidea 1050GTX or other GTX series above 900 will work or not.Thanks in advance. 

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When I print any document the printer feeds a page through the printing head but does not try to print anything. When trying to print a test page I get the message that the test page failed to print but a page is again fed through the printer. The printer status shows 'deleting' but does freezes in this status. I am running Windows XP Professional and have also been through the help actions but have been unable to solve the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks Dave

A:HP Deskjet 5550 series

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Here is the solution if you want to install your HP Deskjet 3600 series
(mine is a HP deskjet 3647) on Windows 7100 RC 64-bit

1) Click on the windows-button ("start"-button) en click on "Devices and printers".

2) Click "add printer" on top of the window

3) Click on "add local printer"

4) Choose "use an existing port" and choose "USB001 (virtual printer port for usb)" and click "Next"

5) Click on the "Windows update" button

6) Wait, this will take a while!!!

7) Choose "HP" as Manufacturer, "hp deskjet 3600 (LIDIL)" as printer

8) Attach the printer and click ""Print test page" to test printer.

9) Your done!

10) This works also for network printers!

A:HP Deskjet 3600 (3647) series driver (Solution!)

Welcome aboard wolf7.

I concur. Installing the driver that matches your hardware is a long standing solution that few users are aware of.

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I have Deskjet 3050A J611a series and my operating system is Windows 10 64 bits. I have found the link to download driver for windows 10 but it does not download. The link is as follows:- http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Deskjet-3050A-e-All-in-One-Printer-series---J611/... It rightly detects the operating system and then gives two options viz 1.  Cancel 2.  Change but does not give any option to download driver for windows 10. And underneath it another message shows up:- We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again. Let me mention here that I log on to my laptop with Administrator rights. Please help. Thanks

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I have an HP 1300 printer which used to work great with my old computer (OS Win XP). I bought a new HP notebook (OS Win Vista Home Premium 32-bit) but can no longer use the scanner function.

The printer used to copy, print, and scan (with image or OCR options), but now it only copies and prints. When I contacted HP, they said they are not coming out with a driver for this printer to make the scanner functions work.

I was using HP Director for scanning, and that appeared on the Start Menu. Now HP Director does not appear in the Start Menu, even after I installed the original software that came on the CD with the printer. Also, when I push the Scan button on the printer, it does not scan.

What can I do to get the scanner (OCR and image) to begin working again?

A:[SOLVED] Need Help with HP 1300 series printer

You'll have to hire a driver developer to write a Windows Vista driver for you (if it's even possible). This'll be way, way more expensive than purchasing a bunch of new printers!!!

The software doesn't install because it's not compatible with Vista - and HP told you that they wouldn't be coming out with a version that is compatible.

Have you tried installing the software in Compatibility mode for Windows XP? That may help - but there's no guarantees that it'll work.

You may want to try a dual boot with XP - or a virtual machine running XP in order to get it to work. I can't help with that as I'm not very good with printers.

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I am having trouble printing from this printer. On the printer itself, it says the prnt-hd access cover is open...i have no clue what it is( i am working at school, where all the manuals and such are gone), and I am unable to access the hp live chat at the moment to ask questions.If someone could possibly tell me what this cover looks like I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for the help,

A:hp 2500 professional series color printer problem

Hi Ilya

It means that the print head access cover is open. Over on the top right side that you remove to access the print heads.

User guide here.


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Hey all:

As the title says, I would like know how to accomplish two sided printing with a HP 1315 Series Printer (Printer/Copier/Scanner). I have read through the documentation but it did not really have an answer.

This has probably been posted before and if so, could you link me to the previous post?

Many thanks,


A:Solved: Two Side Printing with an HP 1315 Series Printer

You are unable to do double sided automatic printing as the unit does not come with a Duplexer. What you will have to do is flip the paper over manually, etc. Duplexers are the printer part that do the actual flipping/printing on the opposite sides of the paper, and according to HP's site, it does not come with one.


Duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper)
Click to expand...

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I am trying to install the title device on a Win 7 computer. Kodak no longer supports the device. I have installed a new driver but my system does not even recognize the hardware when connected or the original install disc last used on a Vista machine. I seem to have found a way to unzip and have a valid current driver available but unless the machine recognizes the hardware I cannot proceed.

A:Solved: Installing Kodak printer dock series 3

First and foremost, follow the manufacturers instructions for installation. Performing steps out of order can often result in devices not working or not working properly. If you don't have the User Manual, you can get it here: http://resources.kodak.com/support/pdf/en/manuals/urg00367/PD3_GLB_en.pdf

Lack of device recognition, would seem to indicate a hardware fault. Either the device itself, the cable, or the computer/USB port. Even without drivers installed, Windows should recognize hardware is connected.

Uninstall the software/drivers, reboot, and install again.

Try using a different port and/or a different computer.

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I have one of the above printers and all I can get from it is 'please load paper in the autosheet feeder' if I have to listen to this one more time then the printers going in the bin. I have used printers for about 15 years and I know how to load paper. I've come here hoping someone here has had this problem and has solved it. It worked a few weeks ago I am going to try a system restore back as far as I can go I'll post back if it works.(just thought of doing this)

A:[SOLVED] lexmark 2400 series printer due to be scrapped

If it is not seeing the paper it's a printer issue not a Windows issue that a restore will fix.

The printer must have a sensor in the tray or paper path that detects paper.

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I have my printer for a while and never installed it cause i don't needed it.
But now i need it for school. The problem is it won't install.

It's an All-in-one printer.

I have deleted the printers in configuration and also in the servers in file.

The CD is a little damaged and when i try to install it with the CD it starts copieing it gives and error setup can't copie 'lxcehelp.hl_' i think that's because my CD is damaged. When i press cancel i can continue the setup. But then it gives an error that sais 'wavs.exe needed' that i need to check if the given location is correct. I searched it in my computer but can't find it. When i type wavs.exe in google i only get german sites.

I also tried downloading it from lexmark.com ( there isn't software for P4310 there only for P4330 and P4350 ) and a site i found on this forum but also that doesn't work then when it's at 'extracting Thumbs.db...' it sais 'access denied' in my language. When i press ok the whole installation shuts down.

I've searched in my computer and try to install it over and over again but still no succes. I hope someone here can help me now, and otherwise i think i'll throw the printer trough the window

A:Solved: Problems With my lexmark 4300 series ( P4310 ) Printer

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Everytime I start my PC it starts Windows Installer and attempts to install HP 1210 printer, even though the printer is already installed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, using Add/Remove programs and the original install CD twice, but it still attempts to install at every startup, as well as randomly.
Any suggestions on what my next steps should be?

My PC:
Toshiba Satellite


-- cleso

A:[SOLVED] HP 1210 Printer (1200 Series) Installs at Every Startup?

Run msconfig
Go to the startup tab and take a screenshot by pressing the printscreen key.
paste it in paint and post it over here.
also take a screenshot of the task manager,hp installer and post over here

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I got this Printer new (HP Deskjet F218) and the scanning works and actaullt makes copies, but when I tried to print something from Microsoft Word 2007 a problem occurs saying " Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup "

And some thing with Microsoft Excel , an error reading, " Your file could not be printed due to an error on HP Deskjey F2100 Serie on s. There are several Possible Reasons:

There may not be enough memory available. Try closing files and programs you aren't using.

If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver.

THere may be loose cable or a bad connection between your computer and the printer.
I've isntalled the HP Deskjet F2100 program twice and it still brings in the same error. The usb is connected correctly. The scanning works because I copied some images onto the computer so there must be a problem somewhere... The printer is connected straight to this computer and is not being used via network connection. I am Running Vista Ultimate with the specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
2046MB RAM
Gigabyte Motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT

If the extra info helps lol
Printer is new got it couple of days ago.

A:Solved: HP Deskjet F2180 Problem

ive solved this problem easily, im returning it from where i got it from and get my money back haha! nice and simple, there shouldnt be any complications with installing a simple printer! that comes with a cd.

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Thx in advance for input :

error writing to LPT 1
unknown system error

comments : I have external Iomega Zip drive and HP ScanJet 5P as part of my system. The printer starts to print word document and stops mid stream. In the past I have shut down computer, restarted and it works. I'm thinking of uninstalling printer and scanner and reinstalling. In the past I have had .dll error messages(I may have inadvertently deleted some .dll a while back when moving scanner files from C drive to Zip drive, my system has never been the same since.) Your consideration is appreciated and lunch is on me if we ever meet.

A:{SOLVED} HP Deskjet 722C print problem

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Using HP 648C Deskjet printer, the problem is that when i try to print
something the paper and power led start flashing and my screen says
that i am out of paper when i have plenty of paper. I can get rid of the
error message and the flashing leds by shutting off the power and
turning it back on but the problem comes back when i try to print
again. Can anyone hell me with this problem?

A:HP 648 Deskjet printer

Georg: Checkout this website and see if any of the links solve your problem......


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I posted this same question a couple of weeks ago and got no replies, so I am trying again...hopefully someone will read it and have an answer.

I just got an HP Deskjet 320 portable printer and attached it to my Compaq 4110 laptop. I am running Win 95 on the laptop and installed the drivers that I downloaded from HP. The printer prints quite nicely except that approximately every 3/16 of an inch there is a white line. Other than that the print quallity is super. Does anyone have any suggestions as what I might do to alleviate this problem?

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I have an HP Deskjet 320 portable printer and have installed the drivers on my Compaq 4110 Laptop computer. Brand new cartridge in the printer. When I print it prints bars of print approx 3/16 high with white lines between them. The bars are printed great. Does anyone have any idea how to eliminate this problem?? Does the same thing when printing text.

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To change printer properties one can either go to settings-printers-properties or to the properties tab on the window that appears after the file-print menu. When I change printer properties using the first option, I find that the settings are not changed unless I change them again using the latter path. This happens repeatedly when I change the "print in greyscale option".

A:HP deskjet printer

I just double checked mine, I have a DeskJet 640 C, and an OfficeJet 600, and it stays changed on both....when you change it, are you hitting ok, or just closing the box?

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I cannot get my DesKjet 720C to print in colour even after I turn off the check in the "print in greyscale" box under colour. I noticed that the apply button at the botom of the window does not activate when I change properties.

A:HP Deskjet printer

Check your color cartridge. It could be clogged too. You can clean the jets via the printer properties.
First make sure you have version 10.3 of the Hp drivers.


the newer version 10.3 isn't much different feature wise, but it could have some fixes. That is what version I use.

Check the settings in the printer properties too. Make sure your print quality on normal and the proper paper type selected. Put colorsmart II on automatic. Disable ICM.

You may have to uninstall the older drivers first. You could also remove the printer from the device manager, have windows detect again and then install the 10.3 drivers.

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I'm running Win XP Pro on an AMD 2000 Thunderbird with 512mb memory. I have an HP Deskjet 500 running on my parallel port. The printer is working fine, but whenever I send something to the printer, my system practically comes to a standstill until the printing is complete. Seems like this should not be happening!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this?

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I'm running Win XP Pro on an AMD 2000 Thunderbird with 512mb memory. I have an HP Deskjet 500 running on my parallel port. The printer is working fine, but whenever I send something to the printer, my system practically comes to a standstill until the printing is complete. Seems like this should not be happening? I went to the HP web site to get a newer printer driver and it shows one available, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the +_)(*&^%$#@! to download!

A:HP Deskjet 500 Printer

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Hello all

I''ve tried to install this printer to an Acer 2.8G machine running WinXP with MS Office 2003. The wizard said if USB that Windows would automatically install it., and duly reported it as being installed. Unfortunately nothing prints, the printer goes through the motions, but a blank page results. It shows as being installed.

Any ideas - thanks

A:Solved: Problem adding HP Deskjet F2100 - Windows XP

Uninstall using the uninstall utility on the CD HP provided with the printer.

Please see:


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