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Low Disk Space Even After Deleting Data

Q: Low Disk Space Even After Deleting Data

I am very confused. I am running Windows XP on my home PC. All of a sudden, even though I have not recently installed or downloaded anything, I had less than 200MB free on my C: drive (which is a 230GIG drive). I started getting the pop-up warning in the system tray, so I went to Properties and did the Disk Cleanup. There was nothing abnormally large in the Recycle, Compressed Files, etc. In fact, I was barely able to clean any space off this way because everything was already taking up next to no space.

After this, I moved over 20GIGS of data on to a completely separate external drive (not a partition of the C: drive). I looked at my C: disk space and it was still around 200-300MB. I noticed as a kept the C: drive Properties window up that the space kept fluctuating throughout the day, going from 200MB to 300MB to 500MB (that was the max I have seen it at), then back down to 300 range and then back down to below 200MB, then back to 300... all the while, I am not downloading or deleting anything. (In the time I have been writing this, it has gone from 218MB to 318MB to 253MB to 316MB. It even got down to 76MB.) This could be completely normal behaviour, but I thought I would mention it anyway.The Low Disk Space error keeps popping up and then disappearing, popping up and then disappearing as this data fluctuates.

I am running a full virus scan but nothing has come up so far and it is almost done. It runs in the background anyway, so a virus surely would have been detected. I have not executed anything odd lately aside from downloaded MP3s. I use Microsoft Security Essentials for XP for virus protection.

I also ran TreeSize and everything appears normal. There is no space gathered anywhere that is unfamiliar or strange. What makes me wonder if it's even displaying the right amount of space available is that my computer is running perfectly fine. I ran Check Disk but it failed (it could not proceed with Phase 2, no reason was provided for the error). After that, I proceeded to delete another 22GIGS of data from my Games directory. I have some heavy duty games like Gears of War which is 12GIGS and Criminal Origins which is 6GIGS, so I deleted a few of those larger ones that I don't play anymore.

In total, I have deleted over 50GIGS of data, either by moving the data to another drive or uninstalling programs... so the data is not going into my Recycle Bin. My Recycle Bin is empty.

Can anyone shed a little light on this issue? Nothing in Google or other tech forums has been this exact problem. I cannot figure out what is wrong and why the space is reading so low all of a sudden. It seemed to happen overnight, it wasn't progressive. I really, really, really do not want to reformat, so please -- any other suggestions are welcome.

Preferred Solution: Low Disk Space Even After Deleting Data

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Low Disk Space Even After Deleting Data

Try to find out what is using the space.

These will allow you to visualize your disk space usage:

Disk Space Fan
Visual Disk
Disk Pie
Directory Size Calculator

How big is the C:\Windows\Installer folder?

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PC runs on Windows XP Home SP 2, with latest patches and IE 7.0 and Firefox (latest version). Computer is going to be four yrs old next month. Hard disk C (format NTFS) has a total capacity of 27.94 GB, according to right-clicking on hard disk C and according to Disk Defragmenter. Currently, 15.05 GB are occupied (53% of the hard disk). I have been deleting stuff to free up space and haven't been saving anything particular to the disk - but still I lose .01 GB EVERY DAY (day before yesterday, I had 15.07 GB, yesterday .06, and today 05 GB). Why do I keep on losing space in spite of my emptying the caches of both my browsers (Firefox manually, IE via Disk Cleanup), running Disk Defragmenter and properly deleting old files and programs I no longer need via control panel? Has this something to do with the Temp folder (in the WINDOWS folder)? It is currently more than 51 MB in size, most of the files end in .tmp and are indicated in blue. Only few of them have their names written in black. It looks quite full, with something like 2.500 objects in there.
So: why am I losing .01 GB every day although I'm trying to free up stuff?
PS: I am NOT at all well versed in computer lore.

A:Help: I keep on losing disk space even though I'm deleting stuff!

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I got a message stating "Low Disk Space". It suggest that I delete files to increase the amount of disk space. Every time I delete a file, the amount of free disk space decreases rather than increase as one would expect.

The computer operating system is ME. The computer is not on the internet (different computer). I have run anti-viras software, Reg/fix, defrag, Norton Internet Security,and emptied the Recycle Bin, but no improvement.

My Computer says that of 40GB, I only have 17MB of free space when I should have over 10GB of free space.

What is going wrong?

Any idea how I can correct this problem?



A:Deleting files DECREASES disk space

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I am working on creating space on a laptop. It has a 250 GB HD. Out of this, apparently almost 25 GB is taken up by system backup/restore partition (I think). So the total disk appears as a 224 GB disk. I started to backup files using the Toshiba Disk Creator but frequently got errors saying it could not continue writing to the DVD because it may have scratches or something to that effect. This happened several times.

After this, when I was actually successful in writing to another DVD, I deleted the folders on the disk that I had backed up to the DVD. Thus I was expecting the free space to go up. But it didn't. I tried using ccleaner, and I also tried rebooting thinking that after reboot I will see more free space. But it didn't.

Eventually I started using another disk burning program (ImgBurn) since I was fed up with the Toshiba Disk Creator and then I noticed that suddenly by free disk space went up from 44 GB to 104 GB. So I thought the problem might have been that Toshiba Disk Creator was creating some kind of cache for storing temp files, but when I looked in AppData I did not see any large files or even a large number of files from my previous unsuccessful attempts at writing to DVDs. Since the free disk space went up, I was happy and I continued using ImgBurn with better results. But after I deleted the folders that I had backed up, I again noticed that sometimes I am not seeing the free disk space go up.

I would appreciate any pointers as... Read more

A:Free disk space does not increase after deleting files

Two questions:
(1) How are you performing the deletions?
(2) How do check how much free disk space you have?

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I recently used File Shredder to shred a bunch of my files thinking it would free up the disk space like deleting it would have; except it didn't. Is there a way to free up the disk space after shredding the files? What kind of program should I be looking for? I've used WinUtilities to clean up some duplicates and registry files without doing too much damage.

I'm running windows vista (64-bit) with and original 220 GB hard drive, now down to 47.7 GB because I can't figure out how to free it up.

A:Deleting shredded files to free up disk space

You can try CCleaner to delete temporary files.

If you're confused what's using up all the space on the disk, try one of the following disk analyzing utilities:
1) RidNacs
2) WinDirStat

Hope it works for you.

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I have win xp 32bit machine.
I've been having this weird problem for a very long time:

Say i have 5GB of "free space: on drive E.
I delete 3GB of files.using shift+delete (Note: to be specific, I mainly have video files and pdf files on this drive)
So you'd expect to find 8GB of free space on drive E.
however still I've got 5GB of free space on E !!!
(note: I just use righ click>properties to see how much free space i have)
I run Disk Cleanup, delete everything that it offers to delete (bunch of crap and temp files)
and STILL I'm not getting that extra 3GB that I deleted!

I noticed that on my drives there is this folder:
where "sometimes" my deleted files show up in there and after deleting them from here using shift+delete the 3 GB that I was expecting to be freed will become free and available. but this is not always the case.
Alot of times those 3GB worth of files dont even show up in this folder, and i know that i've deleted them already
So why is the space not becoming availabe yet. What is wrong with my sys. and how can i fix it?
Thank you all in advance


A:Solved: Disk space remains the same even after deleting files

Hello Vince and welcome to TSG

Could you try downloading Spacemonger and see whats actually hogging your disk space.

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Recently I made a few videos with fraps that took up around 110 gigs of space, so I decided to compress all that and upload to youtube, the amount of space the videos are taking up are now down to 70, but my free disk space hasn't increased, in fact it's decreasing as if I never deleted the videos, it isn't decreasing on it's own only if I make files, so basically it'll take up space and it just stays that way for some reason.

I've looked around the internet for a solution, I have tried:Disabling automatic backup, that didn't do anything.
Scanned my computer with malwarebytes to make sure it isn't some worm, nothing found.
Used disk cleanup, cleared up 900 MB but the free space still didn't change.
Used CCleaner, cleared up 500 MB but the free space still didn't change.
Used disk check, nothing bad was found.
Used WinDirStat, everything seems fine as it should be, but theres 100 gigs of <unknown>, and I have no freaking clue what it is.
Used SpaceSniffer, found absolutely nothing that would take up that much space

I would use defraggler, but it will take WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long so I'd use it when I have no other option, there's gotta be another way other than literally waiting over a day for defraggler to finish, and chances are that it wouldn't change anything as well meaning I would have wasted a bunch of time, if defraggler doesn't help I'll just reformat the whole thing.

Any suggestions?

Additional information:

298 GB HDD
Wi... Read more

A:Free disk space does not increase after deleting files

Welcome to the Seven Forums Jack101.

I suggest that instead of using Defraggler you use Puran Defrag and carry out a boot-time defrag.

Now about free disk space. Sometimes the correct free disk space shows up after a reboot. However from your message it would appear that you have already tried that but without success. Another way to find out how much free space exists is to open the Command Prompt and use the "dir/p" command. Please try that and check if the free space shown is identical with what you see with your method and report back with the command prompt screen shot after dir/p has been executed.

Good luck.

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Hi. Not so sure this is the right place for this. If it's wrong, I apologize, and hope someone will be so kind as to direct me to the right forum or help me anyway.

I've been burning DVDs and deleting files off my computer, but instead of increasing the hard disk space, the free space report when I go to My Computer and click on C: keeps decreasing. Is there a way to refresh it and check what's going on? I've been installing some apps, yes, but none so large as to take something like 7 GB of space all at once.

Thanks so much!

A:Hard disk space keeps decreasing on record even if I'm deleting files

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Hi Guys,

Sorry if it has a already been posted.My System was working fine yesterday.I turned it off and came back today and tried turning it on.It took the System to Automatic Repair and got stuck there
- When ii restarted it. it said "Select a proper Boot Device"
- I Booted into BIOS and it stopped getting Detected
- I reseated the HDD and it was getting detected again
- I took it out and connected a friends system and checked
- It took a while to Start his OS.
- Then In Computer Management my hdd being shown as "931.2Gb Unallocated"
- How to get it Back..
- I have 6+ years photographs on it.
- Can anyone please help me with it?
- I checked this tutorial "http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/26829-convert-dynamic-disk-basic-disk.html"
- But not aware which option should i use so i can recover my data back.
- Can anyone please help me with it please
- It is a western Digital 1TB HDD

A:Hard Disk Unallocated Space. How to get data back.


The only thing I can think to try is to boot into Partition Wizard, and then attempt to recover any partitions on that HDD using the Recover Partition Wizard option.

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.


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Hi, all, (yes I am computer handicapped. I'm coming here to seek information),
Lately, I've had this issue with a popup appearing that looks like this:

Pretty sure it's due to my ignorance. I was told to "make a backup" a while back. I think I did so, probably on this "DATA (D:)" drive, but I can't remember, and it would appear that it was a bad idea, because my computer seems to complain about it a lot.
I think these are my "specs". (Someone please tell me if these aren't my specs).

Well... I looked up some help. This is the page I looked up: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01508532
I took a screenie, here:

"Make sure you have created a set of recovery discs before using these steps. If the system stops responding, recovery discs can be used to perform a system recovery."
What does this mean...? Should I back up my files? Um... Any tips on a good way to do this? I have some flashdrives available to use for this, if that's what it's talking about. What files though? All files? Just "system" files?..... What about "registry" files? One of my family members said I should "back up" my "registry".
I appreciate any advice and wisdom I can get.

A:Computer Handicapped Person is "Running out of Disk Space on DATA(D:)"

The link http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01508532 is for Windows Vista
Error: Low Disk Space. You are running out of disk space on Recovery (D:) (Windows Vista)
You are in the Windows 7 forum so I’m assuming you have a Windows 7 computer
--- The specs appear to me that they are for your computer as you probably got then in your System dialog box
Create a System Repair disc if you haven’t already done so
How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc
Yes please do back up your data. Do you have an external hard drive or flash drive to back up onto?

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I received a warning message on my Sony Vaio laptop to clear up space because I'm running out of it.  I looked on my C drive and was down to 9.34 GB of hard drive space out of 500GB.  I know I'm at least supposed to have 150-200 GB's left.  So then I proceeded to delete a few 1gb+ files(even cleared them out of the recycle bin) and went to check if I had more space and nothing changed.  So I decided to update Malwarebytes when I notice that my drive space is still decreasing to 8GB's now.  
Next I decide to reboot in safe mode with networking.  I update Malwarebytes again and it picks up nothing after a full scan.  So then I decide to update and run SuperAntiSpyware Portable.  It actually picks up two registry entries from BHO-FBI Money Pak and some tracking cookies. I quarantine those files and boot back in regular mode and I notice the drive is still losing space.  I figure their has to be something wrong because when I'm in safe mode with networking their is about 137GB of space left on the drive.  I'm confused as to what to do next?  This is very weird.

A:I can't recover disc space when deleting files, space keeps fluctuating

Have you checked to see how many restore points you have? I'll leave the possible malware aspect of your issue to others here more qualified.

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I done a lot of reading on this topic but everything i try does not seem to help, now i found this really nice topic from HP to fix this problem. But the main problem is after i done what they said it did not look like i have anything to delete in the Recovery D, So i am not 100% so could someone tell me if there is anything that can be deleted in my recovery D i will show the Image of it.


Here is a link to photobucket showing the recovery D full.

http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa389/TheCenter2012/Windows Vista/RecoveryDfull.jpg
And here is a link of what inside the recovery D as i look inside as it said from the HP link above.

http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa389/TheCenter2012/Windows Vista/FilesinrecoveryD.jpg

Close up pic of the files here the link.

Now is there anyway to solve this problem ?

A:Error: Low Disk Space. You are running out of disk space on Recovery (D:) For Vista,

Hi and welcome

We could use a screen shot of the drive D partition but probably your backups are stored there and you can delete the oldest to free up some space. Make sure you have another before you delete it. That partition is tiny bTW 9 gigs is way too small to be effective.

Ken J

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Hi everybody, I've made a lot of progress with this external drive, but I seem to be stuck now.


Unidentified problem with 3TB external drive (USB 3.0 enclosure) that the computer suddenly started treating as RAW. Spent the last two weeks running CHKDSK /r repeatedly. Slowly got through many hundreds of indexing errors. Now I get as far as "verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 5)," but I seem to have hit a wall here...

CHKDSK won?t go any further because there is "Insufficient disk space to fix the security descriptors data stream."

Microsoft?s advice (Error Message:) is of no help to me. They say to ?delete some unneeded files from the disk and try again,? which doesn?t help me since I can?t get the drive to mount or stay mounted long enough to copy the files onto a different drive.


The drive behaves differently each times I power up its enclosure, but it is usually one of these things:

Drive doesn't mount.
Drive mounts after a few minutes. I see a generic "Local Disk L:" in Windows Explorer but, when I try to explore its folders, the computer takes about 15 minutes trying to read it (I can see the progress bar moving slowly across the top of the screen), and then says that "The parameter is incorrect." Drive disappears from Windows Explorer.
Drive mounts after a few minutes. I see the full Volume name that I originall... Read more

A:"Insufficient disk space to fix the security descriptors data stream."

Someone? Anyone?

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At change of system disk in a desktop or laptop (internal hdd) as in my case from win 7 to 8 or 10, 

after rechange data on data disk had problems of ownership because other system disks as mentioned above

change ownership attributes, so that chkdsk has to run.

On the other side connected data disks to pc by usb 2/3 do not show any problems, obviously only when internal system disks changes and data disk is intern too.

I see this even if data only have ownership everybody. After change of systemdisk and rechange there are these problems

but not everytime, but sometimes with data destruction by chkdsk to folders like found001 and so on.

Perhaps this only at my personal pc, perhaps general, but rare people would use different system disks with different operation system of windows 7, 8.1 and 10 in a laptop or desktop pc.

Perhaps I have a fault there, I dont know.

Is there a solution, can I prevent this in future times or do I have a fault ? Or is this a problem in windows architecture which cannot be solved ??

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Help please! I did make a post on the Technet Forums not to long ago and [H]ardForums a few weeks ago just found this site today really hope some one out there can help me. I just copy pasted my Technet Forum post... Please help!

This is for a Windows 8.1 used as a Home Media Server, Every thing was working fine and then one day when I turned on the Server I was unable to access the Storage Space, and windows was telling me I needed to Format the drive. at first I thought some thing was wrong with ether the motherboard or a hard drive died. I moved the Storage Space Drives to a older system that I know works, and Was getting the Same Error. I reinstalled Windows 8.1, same error with Storage Space. The Manage Storage Space control panel was asking for me to add 2 more drives So I added them, Same error. Below are a few screen shots of what I think was important to show to get help. I am no IT pro, I am at the limits of what I know so please Help!!
Storage Space Window

Format Error

PowerShell "Get" Cmdlets

Event Veiwer Error
I really am at a loss of what to do, and it is some what frustrating but I know the data is still on the drives the Storage Space control panel shows most of the drives with space being used. So something must have gone corrupt Is what I am thinking So I did a " Repair-Virtualdisk-FriendlyName" and as of this posting 7 hours 3 minutes have passed and it is still at 0 % complete, at this rate it will take days maybe even weeks :/ I... Read more

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I'm asking this for someone else.

Drive C total capacity is around 24GB, when selecting all files in C:, it shows 12GB used, but only 2GB is left in free space. What's wrong?

A:Solved: Incorrect disk space, low disk space

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I recently cleaned my computer with CCleaner and then shortly after, I got this message saying ' You are running very low on disk space on C:. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here.'
I'm confused. What I just did was supposed to HELP increase disk space, not to decrease it.
Any help is appreciated!

A:just wiped free disk space, says HDD low on disk space?

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Hi everyone..

My external USb Wd mybook box has 1 tb Seagate Sata 3 and i use original Wd disc as W7 installed... in My PC Case as sata II

Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc...
I have Get Data Back NTFS (and i used before plenty of times for recovery, loss data or unwanted deletions) but..

This time im stuck.. Becouse the disk i try to recover includes 870 gb (about) used disk space (only audio files) only 50gb (about) empty space... Thats too big for me to recover to other disks.. i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle..

I have about 300 gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL510 Notebook..
So my question is
wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first, can i take them slowly to this 300 gb spaces (i know i can) and after create somehow emty space (deleting those recovered 300 gb + 50 on corrupted disk) and
use that empty space for more recovery. ???? Or smilar solutions.. Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some
equipments upgrades..
Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces (don't know how)

I know i look silly in situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files..

E-how happened (not necessary to read these part)

according my experiences Thats the mistakes... DOn't do those at the same tim... Read more

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.

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Hello to all.

I have a problem with my windows 7 pro laptop that shows only 7,49/100 GB free memmory. I tried to delete all shadow copies and previous versions. Also did chckdsk /f which give me 0 errors, tried to search in hidden and OS files, but there arent any big files, diskcleanup with system files cleaned about 1 gb.
Then I downloaded winDirStat which shoved me that I only have 43Gb of data on my c: drive. I don't have any ideas what could be done to increase free disk space. Please help

A:Windows show low disk space, win dir stat shows different space

In My Computer, click the Tools menu then on Folder Options then click the View tab and tick "Show hidden files and folders" then untick "Hide protected system files and folders", click Apply and OK.

Then, go into c:\ windows and delete all the files in blue which statr with a $ symbol. They are only folders that once contained Windows Updates you no longer need to keep. Then scroll down to the Software Distribution folder and to Download. Empty that folder.

Look in Control Panel>Power options and make sure Hibernation is turned off then in System, adjust the size of System Restore so it takes up only 4% of the disk space.

Restart the computer and see hwo much space you freed up.

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I recently formated my desktop, I have everything saved on the (F) partition, and i formatted the primary partition (C) which leaves me with huge chunk of Unallocated space that is unable to use. Everytime i try to create a new partition, it says that space is not enough ( i even tried creating the min amount of space 8mb) when the space available is almost 500 Gigs.
I tried researching the web but no help... please help me im running out of disk space and i dont want to delete anything

A:Unallocated disk space error, Can not partition volume space

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Am I the only one to notice and complain over this in W8.1.

This morning a new Adobe Flash update has appeared, KB3079777. The update is sized at 17.9mb. Nothing is running on the PC, its idle and with no disk activity. Free space is 55.4GB. I apply the update and free space immediately falls to 54.9gb. This behaviour is consistent with every such patch applied. Now over time, that space will return which suggests that something else is going on here. But what ?

A:Free disk space & space used by a single Flash Update.

Looks like it is just me then. Today brought a 4.6Mb W8.1>W10 computability update. My free space changed from 55.2Gb to 54.7Gb.

Sounds about right. Ho hum....

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i wanted to copy a cd image (4.18GB ISO format) from partition F: (NTFS 9GB free) to partition D: (FAT32 12GB free space) and windows gives me that crap there is not enough space and i should do a disk clean up..ok i made a disk clean up to partition D: and there was 3GB of system restore files!!! maybe coz i deleted 6GB earlier anyway i deleted the system restore files and i turned it off so i have now 15GB free space on partition D: and yet it tells me there is not enough space..

i tried a trick i thought i can use winrar to archive the ISO image and select the destination folder on the partition i wanna move it to..but at like 80% winrar popped up a message that only NTFS partions can have files with file size more than 4GB..i hope theres nothing wrong with my windows or my hard disk..and i wanna know if theres a way to move that ISO image..thanx in advance.

A:Solved: 15GB free space and it tells me not enough disk space??!!!!!

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So I was always able to run a game called pirate101 by kingsisle on my mac and its virus free so I know its not the problem. One day it stopped working and I kept getting told to install and download Mcafee virus protection but I don't understand whats
wrong. It said I had 29.00 GB of disk space available but now it says there's only 21MB available I don't see how this is possible.

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How do I merge the 18 gb system drive, that has no drive letter, with my c: Drive.

See screen shot:

A:Runnig out of disk space...7% of free space left.

You can not merge it. Right click on it and try to shrink it to about 350MB.

Another solution: Um. 55GB (yes, GB) System Reserved Partition?! Solved

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HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space http://www.vistax64.com/images/smilies/cry.gif

when i try to install software it comes up with (drive)not enough disk space..when i have 30gb left..

when i attempt to create a restore point twice 1st came up with 0x80070070 and 2nd was

when i load a picture it says not enough picture please close some apps/free up disk space

when i uninstall a software it says an error occured while writing installation information to disk.check to make sure enough disk space is available, and click retry or cancel end the ..

my computer has 1 harddrive split into C and D partitions...its an ACER 57357 with 4gb ram,2.16ghz-667mhz fsb-1mb l2 cache, 320gb harddrive, 4500m intergrated graphics

A:HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space

Originally Posted by npm1

HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space http://www.vistax64.com/images/smilies/cry.gif

when i try to install software it comes up with (drive)not enough disk space..when i have 30gb left..

when i attempt to create a restore point twice 1st came up with 0x80070070 and 2nd was

when i load a picture it says not enough picture please close some apps/free up disk space

when i uninstall a software it says an error occured while writing installation information to disk.check to make sure enough disk space is available, and click retry or cancel end the ..

my computer has 1 harddrive split into C and D partitions...its an ACER 57357 with 4gb ram,2.16ghz-667mhz fsb-1mb l2 cache, 320gb harddrive, 4500m intergrated graphics

We could use a screenshot of your disk management console


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Hi everyone!

This is my first post on this forum

My Hard Drive is almost full but I don't understand why. I've check how many space was left on my C:\ with its property windows and it says "22GB left" but when I enter the C:\ drive and I select all the files and then toggle the property windows, it says that only 92.5 GB is used...Is there any "invisible" files that I don't see?

Check the attachement (in french sorry ) for more informations


A:Disk Space doesn't show real used space

Quote: Originally Posted by holytoutant

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on this forum

My Hard Drive is almost full but I don't understand why. I've check how many space was left on my C:\ with its property windows and it says "22GB left" but when I enter the C:\ drive and I select all the files and then toggle the property windows, it says that only 92.5 GB is used...Is there any "invisible" files that I don't see?

Check the attachement (in french sorry ) for more informations


A free utility named "Folder Size" will show you the disk space used in an easy to view GUI;

Folder Size - Freeware file size analysis. Check the directory sizes, folder sizes and file sizes on your computer with this freeware tree size analysis tool.


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Setting up a new box, Vista sadly to say. Installed MS Office XP Pro and get the following error when closing MS Word ONLY. Excel saves without any errors.

The disk is full. Free some space on this drive, or save the document on another disk. Try one of the following:
*Close any unneeded documents, programs, and windows.
*Save the document on another disk.

I've moved the file location and same error. I cleaned up the drive including removing all restore point except the last one.

Now this thing has a 250 gig drive but it is also used for security in a mini mart with 8 cameras. There are about 145 Gigs of video from the security cameras on this box. At this time I am just setting it up, no cameras are connected, and the security program hasn't been set up yet. I just moved the files from the old drive to this one. BTW the old drive crashed.

I've tried the detect and repair in MS Word and no help. I have uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled and no help and even went into Properties and set the user up on quota with no limits and still no help.

So now I am at a loss and have no idea what to try next. Really don't want to delete the security files because it took 6 hours to transfer them to this computer and unless all else fails this isn't a option I want to use.

Now on the old box, which had XP Pro this, was not a problem so on Vista it should not be either but then Vista is a MS Software so this is understandable. Actually, the old box had a 15... Read more

A:disk space is full. Free some space on this drive

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 I have a computer that has their "c: drive" almost full (221 gb drive). Every time it boots a message comes up saying "Windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started your computer. The total paging file size for all disk drives may be somewhat larger than the size you specified." So first I tried adjusting the Virtual Memory BUT, I only have a drive C and a previous drive that is no longer there. So I am not for sure what drive to set my virtual memory to because there is not enough space on C drive with it being almost completely full and the one drive is non-existent. I am sure its a easy fix and im missing a step but i appreciate the help guys   Thanks!

A:Low Disk Space "Temporary File Space Error"

I would type Run in the search box. Start it and then in the Run box type %temp%. This will open up the temp folder for the current user. These files are safe to delete. Log in to every other user and use the same command. Once those are deleted, use Ccleaner to clear all the browser cache then set the Paging file to 1.5 times the RAM on the system.

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We just placed a new Dell Dimension. It has a 40 Gig hard drive.

User keeps getting this message:




This machine has over 30 gigs of free space. It's impossible that there is a disk space issue.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Some sort of mis-communication or setting?


A:Disk Space Error - 30 Gigs free space

It should be a configuration setting. I'd call Dell if you just got this machine. Their "english" is a little suspect though. It sounds like some hokey Dell software reminding you to back up your drive. When does the message appear? After it boots?

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I get this Error Message: "Low Disk space. You are running out of space on Recovery E:" Please tell me why i get it and how to turn it  off. It happens every 10 mins I just bough the PC there is no way anything is running out of space there is basically nothing on it

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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I have frequently received the "Low Disk Space" error, even after deleting several files on my PC. I went to Settings-System-Storage, and in my "Other" folder it says there's 648GB of space being taken up, but when I click on it, none of the subfolders show that any of them have that many GBs in them. Thank you for the help!

A:Windows 10 Low Disk Space/Phantom Space

moved to W10 as unlikely to be a malware issue

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My C drive shows 2.98 GB free. I have deleted tons of programs and files, and it remains at 2.98 GB free. I'm also getting messages that my D: partition is full (I have never messed with it, so ???). Have run chkdsk /f, ran the dell repair utility that took all day yesterday, said everything was fine. Tried to reinstall Vista from the DVD and got a message that I need 7 GB of free space, so it aborts. You can hopefully see my problem, i.e., not enough space to reinstall Vista, but can't get the space I need no matter what I do. Have run disk cleaner and everything else, too. Hibernation is not turned on. System restore is not turned on.

My c drive is 288 GB on a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop with 4 GB of ram. Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

I have wasted 2 days on this and need help BADLY! Thanks in advance for insights!

A:Cannot reclaim hd space by deleting files

Cleaning Up Your Disk Drives in Windows Vista - O'Reilly Media

Follow this and you should reclainm a lot of space.

Also read this, with special attention to Brink. He has helped so many, so why not you.

How Can I Delete Volume Shadow Copy from C: Drive

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Has anyone come across this problem before?

In Word 97 I have a document which is quite long and broken up into sections. I also have excel tables copy/pasted into the document. In the header is only the Draft Date. In the middle of my document, it seems that the margin space for the header actually takes up half the entire page. My text starts in the middle of the page. The page setup-Margins are all OK. I have checked everything I can think of. I cannot get rid of this "extra space". I have tried deleting the headers entirely - does not remove the space.

A:Word 97 - deleting header space

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using XP SR2 I tossed out bunches of useless files, then did a disc clean up and a defrag
AND I noted that instead of the HD's free space increasing it actually was LESS than before I tossed all those files AND it was not an insignificant loss indeed over 100MB
what gives?
How do I get back my free space??


A:Free space on HD gets LESS after deleting stuff

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On my Windows XP pro computer I have an 80 gb hardrive. The drive was formated to NTFS. I got an error message today that said I was low on disk space so I took my 40+ gb movie collection and started copying them to cds. After a successful burn I would delete them from my hardrive. Unfortunatly I soon noticed that my movie files (upwards of .5 gb apiece) were not giving me extra space after I deleted them. I checked my recycle bin, no movie files there, but i emptyied it anyway. I also checked my Nero folder to make sure it hadn't saved any of the ISO's, it hadnt. Does anyone know why deleting these movie files has no affect on my disk space?

A:Deleting Files, but does not free up space

Do you have Norton Utilities (or equivalent type application) installed? If so, sometimes when you delete an item and empty the recycle bin, you still need to "Empty Norton Protected Files" to free up the space.

Also, did you try rebooting and checking the disk space? I'm not sure if that does anything, but worth a try?

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As you can see from the screenshot, somehow I have acquired a partition of unallocated space of approx 195 GB...I want to delete this partition, adding the extra GB to my main, OS:C partition, but I cannot figure out how to do it...Can someone help? Thanks a lot,

Steve in Kansas

A:Deleting Unallocated Space Partition

It is already deleted, that is why you can't.

What you can do is grow your C partition into that space (forget whether it is called merge or grow or expand).

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I have win XP, and I noticed recently that when I delete files (I've deleted more than 1 gig of stuff, AND I cleaned the recycle bin afterwards), my system's reported free space did not increase! What's going on here? I've turned off windows indexing service already, so I don't know what else to do to reclaim my free space

A:Can't free up HD space by deleting files

did you run defrag after emptying the recycle bin ?

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I have win XP, and I noticed recently that when I delete files (I've deleted more than 1 gig of stuff, AND I cleaned the recycle bin afterwards), my system's reported free space did not increase! What's going on here? I've turned off windows indexing service already, so I don't know what else to do to reclaim my free space

A:Can't free up HD space by deleting files?!!!

may be you should defrag

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Okay, my hard drive is set up as follows:

[OEM Reserved-------][2GB FAT Partition][Win7 System Reserved][Win7 Actual OS]

Can I delete the first two without it rendering my Windows 7 installation unbootable?

A:Deleting space BEFORE Windows 7 Drive?

Hello Govindp, welcome to Seven Forums!

Yes there may be a way but before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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This just happened right now actually. My Drive C: suddenly ran out of space as I was using it so I checked out what was wrong. After running Disk Cleanup I saw Temporary Files was eating a whopping 8 GB of space! So as would any other person I performed the deletion using Disk Cleanup.

You'd think it would be all fine after that but the problem is that 8 GB of space did not return. My Drive C was still the same space as it was before the deletion. I performed the Disc Cleanup again and saw everything was okay that it said it cleared everything.

So the question is why didn't my space return? I'm thinking it's either my space did return but my HDD isn't updating the values, or the space didn't return meaning all that space is still there somewhere.

I've already preformed the following:
- Emptying Recycle Bin
- Using CCleaner
- Performing chkdsk
- Limited the System Restore

A:Drive C space did not return even when deleting files

Try running TFC by Old Timer.


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I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 1100 with Windows XP Home Edition installed on it from a friend.
Soon came to find out that this said laptop had been split into two different Partitions.
C drive; 5.75GB
D drive; 22.54GB

I deleted the D drive partition through the Computer Management - Disk Management screen, assuming that after deleting the partition the 22.54GB of hard drive space would merge with the remaining C drive.
However, it did not and I now have 22.54GB of unallocated hard drive space just floating around.
Also, when I restart my computer it still gives me the option of using one partition or the other even though I supposadly deleted the other partition.

So, how do I completely get rid of this partition and merge the unallocated space with C drive...

THANKS in advance,

[ps. but not really immediate important, neither one of my shift keys work. I figured maybe something got spilled on one, but then went to try the other and no response either. No problems with any other keys. Find this wierdly annoying.]

A:PARTITION - problem with deleting/unallocated space

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Hey, guys. Windows Vista user here and I'm losing free space it seems by DELETING files.

Last week I has 289 GB free of 455 and now I have 304 GB. For some reason this number keeps rising after I empty my recycle bin and run the CCleaner scans. Is this normal? Sorry if it's a stupid question.

A:Losing free space by deleting files!

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I had recently installed EaseUs Todo Backup Home and by default it created a "My Backups" folder in my C drive. I had saved a BacKup Image of the size of 38GB to that folder. When i deleted that Backup image, still i am unable to recover that space of 38GB. I will really appreciate, if anyone can help me to recover my free space of 38GB on my C Drive. Thankyou in advance.
Note: I tried with Ccleaner by using "Wipe the Free Space" on My C Drive, it didn't Help.

A:Unable to Recover The Space after Deleting The File.

EaseUs Todo Backup Home still active, correct?  Did you delete the backup image within My Backups using Explorer or ETBH?

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Ok I think I am bugging u all too much with simple and stupid question but it's the only place where I can look for help.

Now I have a very long last of name,every name is contained in one line.

The only problem I have this time is that in some lines,there are 'spaces' after the name like

hello (4 spaces here)
cool (3 spaces here)

Please tell me how can I delete all the spaces using WORD or EXCEL or any other thing * DONOT TELL ME TO DO IT MANUALLY PLEASE *

A:deleting space from every line (i promise last question)

I answered this in here,



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OK so I downloaded around 10 episodes of this show from youtube onto a folder. then i added that to my itunes library from there. now ive seen all of them so i first deleted the 10 songs from my folder. but then when i checked my itunes library and resynced my ipod, the videos were still on my ipod. so i deleted the videos from my itunes library now. However, I dont think they are actually deleted from my computer as it was almost instantaneous when I right clicked and selected Delete and they all deleted (Its was way too fast). Any ideas/help? Oh and I have Revo Uninstaller. Don't know if that helps or not.

A:itunes help - completely deleting storage space

Generally speaking...deleted files on a volume of any sort (containing a recycle bin account) are not erased until the Recycle Bin is dumped. Then that space is reclaimed as free by the drive/volume.

Sooo...deleting anything from your system...only moves it into limbo (unless the file is too large for the Recycle Bin) and it is removed when the Recycle Bin (desktop) is emptied.


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