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Is it illegal or possible to create a bootable Windows7 cd from Vaio Recovery Discs ?

Q: Is it illegal or possible to create a bootable Windows7 cd from Vaio Recovery Discs ?

My aim is to have a Windows 7 bootable cd as Microsoft is going to kill Windows XP on April 2014.

I have Vaio laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with 4 recovery discs that I created but I haven't used it so far as Vaio never gave any trouble.

Is it illegal or possible to create Windows 7 cd from my Vaio laptop Recovery Discs so that I can use on my another desktop that has Windows XP SP3 as Windows XP era ends on April 2014 ?

Preferred Solution: Is it illegal or possible to create a bootable Windows7 cd from Vaio Recovery Discs ?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Is it illegal or possible to create a bootable Windows7 cd from Vaio Recovery Discs ?

The recovery disk is only for that one Vaio laptop only. It won't work on any other machine as contains the operating system, drivers for that machine and activation key. It not only wouldn't work but would also be illegal. Why are you so concerned about XP coming to an end? It doesn't mean XP is going stoping working. It's just the end to support. Get a backup program and do I regular backup so you can get it back up and running should something should happen.

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i have just installed windows 7, from xp with no problems. but im not sure how to now use my recovery discs for my sony vaio so i can install all my old programs and software, adobe, click to dvd etc?? do i use the recovery discs as normal, system recovery, then applications recovery? will it then delete windows 7 and install xp back onto my pc? any help would be greatfuly received, thanks.

A:windows 7 and using vaio recovery discs?

Quote: Originally Posted by JOHNYUPSIDEDOWN

i have just installed windows 7, from xp with no problems. but im not sure how to now use my recovery discs for my sony vaio so i can install all my old programs and software, adobe, click to dvd etc?? do i use the recovery discs as normal, system recovery, then applications recovery? will it then delete windows 7 and install xp back onto my pc? any help would be greatfuly received, thanks.

Hey Johnny and welcome

Did you do a clean install or upgrade?

You cant use a vista recovery (or backup) to install apps in win 7. If you did an upgrade they should already be there.

Do you have a windows.old folder on you C: drive?
If so you can use the easy transfer wizard to import your settings, etc

waiting on info
Kenn J++

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Does anyone know why this PC would create 5 recovery discs when I use its option to create recovery media?

5 discs?

I thought that to restore the PC to factory condition would just take a single disc...so I'm just wondering exactly what is being put on 5 blank dvds?


A:Sony VAIO All in one PC recovery discs

I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB47GM. It used 4 DVDs. When I bought my Vaio it already had almost 17GB of installed "stuff". The operating system, trial products of anti-virus suites, Microsoft Office, Vaio Care Diagnostic tools, etc. I suspect that your computer had even more "stuff" factory installed.

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The HDD on my 2009 sony vaio vgn-ns205n failed and I had a new HDD installed by the chain where I initially acquired the laptop, (not by Sony). The repair service re-installed Vista Business as the OS. I have the VAIO system recovery discs I made (as instructed) when the laptop was new, but when i insert the first recovery CD in the DVD/CD drive and restart the laptop it re-boots just the same as if I had not put a recovery disk in the drive. (I checked, the recovery discs do have files stored on them so I assume they burned correctly)
In researching the problem:
1) I have seen references to changing the BIOS to make the CD/DVD drive boot first; I cannot find anything called BIOS on my laptop.
2) I have read comments to the effect that the recovery discs will only work on HDDs installed by Sony, but I do not find this info documented anywhere
3) I went to Sony support; the tech first advised that I was not following the instructions exactly - like "turn on laptop, insert disc, restart laptop" is somehow tricky. Then he said my hardware was bad and i should send the laptop to Sony for $200 bucks. (The HDD & CD/DVD worked just fine when I reloaded my anti-virus

Is BIOS called something else on older laptops? Is it true the recovery discs won't work because Sony didi not install the new HDD? Any suggestions how I can restore my HDD? (yes, I do have all my personal files backed up elsewhere, but that's a different topic)
Tech Support Guy System Info Ut... Read more

A:sony vaio recovery discs not booting

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I am wondering how to create my own recovery discs because my OEM (ASUS) does not provide any. I need one that includes all my drivers and software provided with my computer as well as none of the existing software installed. Thanks in advance.

A:Create Recovery Discs

There should be a recovery partition on your disk. You can create the disc from there. Else you can also make an image which may be even more practical.

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Movie shaker glitched. Audio OK but video screen is WHITE. Do not recall how to use Recovery discs to JUST reinstall the Movie Shaker software. Tried using just the application recovery disc but that did not take me to software installation. Do I start with SYSTEM RECOVERY DISC ONE and will that take me to program installation without any danger of inadvertently starting system recovery....do not want to wipe any drives.

A:VAIO Movie Shaker re-install (XP) -How to use Recovery Discs

Application disc #1 finally booted from my DVD drive. I re-installed Movieshaker BUT problem of white preview screen persists. So, audio but no video visible on preview screen. I did export and that works so video is not missing but simply not visible in preview window. Any ideas appreciated.

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Just picked up my first Win7 computer, and it came with no discs. No surprise there, but I'd like to make some recovery discs, but not the kind that Windows says you can make. I don't want access to tools for recovery, I want access to a physical install of the OS and the drivers.

Like the discs enterprise people get when they buy their machines. I must be googling wrong, because all I'm finding are results that teach me how to create a recovery tools disc, which isn't quite what I'm looking for.

Can anyone offer any advice?

A:How to create system recovery discs?

Hi DnDer, could you please give a bit more information?

What favor of Win7 do you have? x64, x86 home, professional, ultimate?

Do you have more than one hard drive in your system OR more than just the C: partition? You need at another (different) partition large enough to hold a system image.

Did you system come preloaded with lots of software installed or just the basic OS?

I am assuming you want to create something that, in the event of a failure of your system, you have something that will allow you to restore your system to the state it was in when you picked up your system (and at stages after this).


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I bought a laptop through Best Buy that came pre-installed with Office 2010 and an activation code or whatever. But it didn't have installation discs, and they nearly insisted that I pay to have Geek Squad to it, along with a bunch of other stuff I didn't need. Is there any way to create a recovery disc of the program, not just the files? If Geek Squad can do it, there must be a DIY method out there, right?

I'm Running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.

A:How can I create recovery discs for programs (not OS)?

Have a look at this previous thread on the same question, but don?t set your hopes too high.

Cloning an installed program?

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The Gateway process to create OEM Recovery Discs did not work on my computer so I have to purchase discs somewhere.
Where do I purchase the discs that SHOULD have come with my computer.

A:create OEM Recovery Discs did not work on my computer

Those Discs are not install DVDs they are repair discs. What happened when you tried to use them?
This tut will show you what you are able to do. The first paragrah explains the potential, the rest shows how to make the DVD, which you do not need.
Create a Recovery Disc

Once you get to the recovery options, this will show the next steps:
Startup Repair

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I custom ordered from HP my HP ENVY Laptop 17t touch laptop.  I have tried repeatedly to create recovery discs for it and I keep getting an error message.  It isn't the drive because I have successfully burned a number of discs with no problems. After giving up on the discs, I purchased a USB thumb drive.  After wasting time with that, it failed.  Not only did it fail, but it ruined the USB drive.  HP owes me for that because I cannot delete the dead partition it created thus reducing my space by fifty percent. I believe it has to be the software that shipped with this computer especially if there are no problems with the USB drives or the disc burner.  I checked for updates and there aren't any.  Obviously this hasn't been reported. As a precaution I used Symantec's System Recovery to back it up until HP comes out with a solution.

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Ok, so I got a new laptop last week - old one's done with, shortly after the wireless card fried it stopped wanting to start up, it still does, it has to be plugged in and it takes a few tries though. And with said laptop, being HP, it has a recovery partition, which can be burned to disc - which I would like to do to reformat and get my full 160 gigs, or at least put my 320 from my old laptop in and still have all the spiffy programs and such. HOWEVER, when I go in to the recovery manager to do so, it says I cannot create the discs because I do not have a drive capable of doing so. Any idea on why this may be and how to get it working?

Laptop is an HP Pavillion tx2500z CTO Entertainment Notebook running Windows Vista Home Edition. Any other details just ask

A:Solved: Unable to create recovery discs

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I tried to update to Vista SP1 on an older Sony Vaio and consequently hit a brick wall with a corrupted volume. I've tried a TON of tips/tricks from various forums which included Startup Repair and various command line options. NONE worked and I am forced to use the Sony Vaio recovery discs. Will this delete any/all personal files already on the drive, or will they get shoved in a folder somewhere?

A:Will Vista/Vaio system recovery discs delete personal files?

The factory recovery process will overwrite and destroy everything that's currently on the C: drive. That's why you are supposed to keep backups of all your personal files on a separate drive or on optical discs while you are able to do so, and not wait until disaster strikes which prevents you from copying anything.

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I hope this is the correct Forum subsection to post this.

So I made a mistake while taking on a friend's problematic sony vaio laptop. They were wanting to install a newly purchased Kaspersky av, but after uninstalling the old version of Kaspersky there was a problem with an unresponsive usb mouse & mouse pad. I wasn't able to resolve the issue through various repair programs and manually reinstalling the driver, which was giving off the error code of not being properly installed or functioning. With owners consent, I decided to let Vaio Care to bring the computer back to factory condition. (I wish the owner had the owners manual to this thing.)

I made sure to backup all of the files that the owner needed saved, but failed to make any sort of backup recovery disk for the computer. Not sure if it's too late to do so, but the computer will not boot to windows any longer. I get a white blinking cursor on a black background immediately after Vaio disappears from the screen upon bootup, but cannot do anything with it.

I made a windows 7 home premium iso dvd, and when booting from it I reinstalled windows onto one of the 3 partitions on the hd (the largest of the 3 which was labeled "Primary" type). Of the other two partitions, one was labeled "Primary" and was named "System Reserved" but only 101MB, and the other was labeled "System" and was named "Recovery" and is 7.7GB. When installing, the computer does a ... Read more

A:HELP Windows 7 clean install on Sony Vaio laptop w/o recovery discs

Hello newtechy and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think the best thing to do is a clean install following the instructions in this tutorial that was prepared by one of the Forum experts. There's a special note for Sony Vaio owners at the bottom.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

I have a Vaio and I followed these instructions. I can say from personal experience this will work. I eliminated all Sony factoryware (Vaio Care, Vaio Control Center, Vaio Gate, etc) and I haven't missed any of it. The most important thing is once the computer is up and running with all Windows Updates, make a system image. When all of the additional programs are installed and updated, all personal tweaks are made, etc and you're sure the computer is working the way it's supposed to, make another system image. This can be your go-to master image that would take the place of that hidden recovery partition. And it would be even better because it would be more up to date than a factory recovery partition ever could be.

Have your friend stick to a schedule of maybe one a week or once a month and make a new system image. The more frequent the images the more up to date a restore will be. This can eliminate the need for recovery disks as well. Depending on which imaging software you decide to use, it would be a good idea to create a "system repair disk". This is just a single disk that will let you boot the computer should the entire operating system crash. From this single d... Read more

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im using vpceh25en sony vaio laptop, i have changed my os to windows 7 ultimate from basic version, now i need to use basic version, i have recovery discs but i dont know the steps for installing os. can anyone give me the steps to do it...

A:how to install windows 7 basic from recovery discs for sony vaio vpceh25en

Reinstalling can wipe out what you have on it right now but it's simple as inserting the recovery disk and rebooting the pc.
First make sure your pc is set to bood off the dvd drive first, this is done in bios under boot options. To enter bios just hit which ever key it says to enter setup. Insert disk 1 of the recovery disk and then follow the on screen instructions.

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I have a HP laptop. If I use the HP Recovery Manager, it will only allow me to make 1 set of recovery discs. Is there a way to create multiple sets e.g. using Windows 7's Backup and Restore etc? Also, what is the difference between a system image and a system repair disc?

A:Is there a way to create multiple sets of recovery discs for Windows 7?

Yes, make the restore disks - then copy them using a disk copier/burner.

A system image contains a "snapshot" of the entire system - this includes all files and the location of the files on the hard disk so that the system can boot when it's restored. Some system image programs also contain code to restore the system image to the hard drive (but not all). As an example, the HP recovery disks contain a system image and are able to restore that image.

A system repair disk contains a "live" operating system that can run in memory from the disk. It also contains a few repair programs that can help to fix things. On some systems this repair disk can also be used to restore the system image to the hard disk.

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As with most new home computers these days, the manufacturer will include a bootable recovery partition on the hard drive instead of sending you a recovery CD.
I?m currently building a new system with windows 7, and after installing some of the most common applications I want to create a bootable recovery partition on the hard drive, as well as a bootable image on a CD.
The question is I?m not really sure how to do this?
I know of programs such as Norton ghost and Acronis, but I was looking for an easier solution, perhaps a free program?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How do I create a bootable recovery partition?

Hi -

The recovery partitions are found on pre-manufactured OEM systems. You can create a system inage on a partition, external drive, DVD, etc...

See "system image" - from Microsoft, Windows 7 Support -



Regards. . .



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Hi All

I installed Windows 7 on a formerly Vista Business computer. Now I would like to know, does a clean installation of Windows 7 automatically create a recovery partition or backup? Or do I need to format the Recovery Drive D(from the Vista installation) and make a backup on that drive (D)?

Thank You

A:Solved: Does Windows7 Automatically create recovery partition during installation?

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How do I create a bootable XP Recovery Console CD when no XP media is available

A:create bootable XP Recovery Console CD when no XP media available

ARCDC - Artellos.com recovery console

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Ok, just got done with a complete recovery of a dell 1501 laptop.
Went through a ton of updates and actually had to restart due to a failure in the update process along the way.
It is now in top shape, with all updates spyware, antivirus addes, crapware removed etc.

NOW i am curious, is there a way to make a bootable recovery disk ( DVD) from the current disk image?

So that when this this goes to heck again they can just pop the disk in a bring it back to where it is now?

I have acronis true image 2009, but haven used it much to know if it is capable of this.

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I have been fixing PCs for friends and family for years, some of them are really good at screwing up an OS a only couple months after i install a fresh copy of xp or 7. i would like to be able to create a restore method simple for them to use to reset there machine back to my initial installed state. was thinking something similar to newer PCs F11 restore method or something i could add to a bootloader in 7 or xp making it a "dualboot" with just the OS and the recovery.

A:create a bootable recovery partition to restore a pc. like oem's F11

Since you'd be loading a backup image into a Primary partition created for this purpose, it can be reimaged using F8 System Recovery Options.

However this is not optimal because if you're making your own backup image then it can more easily be saved externally so it's also available in case of HD failure - or you can do both.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery

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Good afternoon!

I have been working diligently on trying to 'blow out' my partner's laptop (A Gateway that has VISTA on it), and have prepped my USB drive until I hit the proverbial wall.

On my recovery disks (there is a set of two rewritable CDs that we purchased from the Gateway manufacturer), there is NO bootsect.exe. After researching and reading a bit, I realized that the dilemma was that only the manufacturer DVD installation disks had this particular file on it. However, after spending the money on recovery disks, I just cannot see spending any more on an older laptop that will be replaced within the year (or less).

So, what I am looking for is a solution for downloading the bootsect.exe on my USB, in addition to how to finish the process using recovery disks versus using the installation CD. Any help would be much appreciated! (CANNOT use the CD drive on the laptop as it seems to have malfunctioned...the laptop is used predominantly for email and gaming.)

A:Trying to create a USB bootable key to run VISTA recovery disks

Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux

You can use any live cd from here

The LiveCD List

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Hi, during a visit later this summer I plan to finally create recovery media for three of my out-of-state, technologically-clueless family's computers; and also for one or two of my own. I do have a clue, but not exactly a HUGE one.

I don't want to partition or leave TI running on any of them, all I want to be able to do is create CDs or DVDs that they can pop in to recover from any problems they might have that I can't help them figure out by phone. Their systems will probably never need to have new recovery discs made after the first time, as the only thing that changes on them are security updates and easily-reinstalled popular freeware. All the PCs are XP SP2, and of strictly "average juice," meaning none upgrade-able to Vista (not that I'd upgrade voluntarily, regardless). Two are about 5 or 6 years old. (Actually there's also an old W98SE laptop I might use TI on if the version I get works with it, but that one isn't at all important to include.)

So since my needs are few, might an earlier version of TI be best for me? For example smaller; easier on the machines; maybe simplest too? I think I've read that TI -- maybe only earlier versions, not sure -- isn't always very reliable for creating DVDs, which is all I DO want to do. So if that is something that is improved in more recent versions, I guess I should go with that. Or, in case the following round-a-bout method is any more reliable with TI, I could do it for all t... Read more

A:Solved: Only need to create XP-based recovery discs: earlier version of True Image best?

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I'm working on an Inspiron 1545 where the Windows 7 Home Premium install was utterly hosed.
I used the factory restore but what it's restored will NOT boot. It starts and I get a BSOD with a STOP error stop: 0x0000007b (0xfffff880009a98e8, 0xffffffffc000000d, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)
I've tried it restoring over the screwed up install (keeping *nothing*) and I connected the drive to another computer to delete the OS partition. Factory restore again got me exactly the same STOP error.
Right now I have it on a command prompt in the recovery partition, showing as drive X: I know the stuff to do BCD repair is in that partition, Ease US showed me all the hidden stuff. But what I'm looking at now, anything like that which *might* work is *hidden*.
What good does it do to hide the tools required to do the repair?! I've followed several how-to's on fixing this but in every case where it's at the point of having a command prompt to the recovery partition, the folders and files needed to do the fix are kept hidden.

A:Inspiron 1545 recovery fails to create bootable system.

Have you run a full diagnostic on the hard drive?  On a system this old, it's not uncommon that the drive may have failed - it's well beyond its design life.
F12 at powerup to get to the diagnostics.

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Has anyone ever created a USB Bootable Flash Drive of their Vista HDD Recovery? If so can you help me create mine? I know you can do it for newer OS and that Toshiba provides a tool to do this.


A:Satellite L300D-13S - how to create USB Bootable Flash Drive for Vista Recovery?

Something like this is not possible. I have older machine tool and I can confirm that USB recovery media cannot be created DVD only.

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if i have a real valid personal serial number of windows 7 but not an oem disc and download one from da net, and input my own real serial number would this be considered illegal

im askin cos i did not receive an oem disc with my computer when i bought it and i am from the Uk if that helps


A:are oem discs illegal?

Most newer model laptops have a recovery partition that you can use to restore the PC.

You are usually prompted to create recovery disc with newer laptops.

If thsi was never done you can usually order a set of recovery disc from the manufacturer.

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Hi, I'm trying to create a bootable USB flash drive from the "BIOS Update (Bootable CD) (Version (none)-1.05)" file for the X1 Carbon (Gen7), to no avail. I use PowerISO to "burn" the ISO to the USB flash drive. I tried formatting it in FAT32 and NTFS and also a RAW copy to the flash drive, but it won't boot. How do you do it? Thanks Daniel

A:How to create a bootable USB flash drive from the "BIOS Update (Bootable CD)" ISO?

Did you get it to work?I mean: It's nearly 2020 now. People have been making iso files forever that you can simply cp copy or dd write to a device.In my opinion: Providing these garbage iso files is just bad service from Lenovo.Lenovo, please improve in this front. Thanks.

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My problem is not with this computer... I have also Compaq cq50z-100, Windows Vista Home Premiun SP2... my problem is this... Somehow I got a virus...after being so 'effing careful to boot. Now when I start my laptop, I get a quick flash of the command prompt window followed by a quick blank blue screen ... and then these 2 things repeat themselves and then nothing works except my mouse will move. So I tried what I know, recovery and such. It will not do anything in safe mode at all either. It will not let me change the boot drive order ( I guess that is what it is called), to the disc drive to run the recovery from my discs. So I got a friend to look at it. He says that my operating system is fried. He said I need to call Acer and buy an operating system disc set. Ok my question is this... are these discs different than the set of discs that I made when I first got my computer, the ones I call the recovery discs? Also why would I need to get them from Acer? Wouldn't I get them from HP or Compaq since this is who I bought my computer from? I am holding off spending the money to buy these new discs until I am certain that they are what I need to fix my computer. And if this guy really knows what he is doing. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

A:Operating system discs vs recovery discs

Your friend told you to call Acer for help with a Compaq computer? If so, I wouldn't go to that friend for any more technical help.

If you already have recovery/restore/operating system disks (whatever you want to call them), then you don't need to purchase anything else. You need to boot from them. Explain what you mean by "it will not let me change the boot order". Does that mean you don't know how? Your BIOS is password protected? They keyboard doesn't work?

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I'm getting very nervous that I haven't made these impt system recovery discs. I bought 10 CDs at the time I bought PC and was assured they were the right type. When I got ready to create the discs, my PC said I would need 18 CDs. I backed out at that point so don't know if the ones I have are the right kind.

I'm going out this week to buy some more, but still have doubts I'm getting the right kind.

My HP guide says I need: CD-R

What I have is: SONY CD-R AUDIO (compact disc digital audio recordable)

Have I got the right kind? Thanks so much. Fox

A:Solved: What kind of discs needed to make "System Recovery Discs"?

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I have tried to make two different bootable discs, one for the windows memory test, the other for memtest86. both of them took me to the same prompt, something about caldera...or something with the prompt being A:/> (i think). definitely nothing like the screenshots displayed on the memtest86 page. neither of the tests would run. so i think i am making the discs wrong. i use nero smartstart>Data>Make Bootable CD.

is this right?

A:Solved: Burning Bootable Discs

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Someone told me to use Winodws7 Lite usb bootable, becouse is beteher then XP but i have only 512 rams DDR2 and Intel Celeron processor 2,53 Ghz , i downloaded some windows7 lite but i have problems , i know how to burn to USB using rufus etc...press any key to boot i press and nothing hapening
Someone have a good link for windows7 lite? thanks

A:Windows7 Lite usb bootable?

Sorry, but Windows 7 Lite is not a legal copy of Windows, and anything illegal is not allowed to be discussed here as per the forum rules.

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I started an upgrade (clean install) of Windows 7 Home premium on my VAIO VGC-RB64G machine which had XP MCE as the operation system. I have an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS vidio Baord and ViewSonics display.

The install seemed to be going find and got to the point where it restarts the machine and is then running on Windows 7 which seemed to be going fine and it contiued the install. I left for a few minutes and when I came back the screen was blank and I could not get it to give me a display on the screen.

I tried a wired mouse and still got no response (screen completely black with no cursor or any kind of display).

I then tried to use a rescue disk which seemed to boot up but still had no picture eventhough the blue light indicated that the display was active.


A:VAIO XP MCE to Windows7

richlenz, welcome to the forums
are you using the HDMI or DVI output to your monitor?
Ideal is to use a VGA / D-Sub, but your board doesn't have one, right? Do you have onboard video?

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5 ways to use bootable Linux live discs (3 web pages).

Live CDs, DVDs or USB drives let you run Linux without actually installing it. Here are five reasons why you should.

-- Tom

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Hello there. I have a Sony Vaio desktop model VPCL235FD. There seems to be an issue with the BD-rom It is a pioneer BD-ROM model BDC-TD03. It reads regular DVD's and CD's, but will not play Blu-ray anymore (it has before). When a BD is inserted, the reader doesn't even engage. It does appear on the drive, but I cannot open it with any program. VLC comes up with an error saying the it cannot be located. I researched the CODEC library and AACS library and downloaded them and installed them properly (I think) and still no dice. Has anyone else had this issue, or have any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Sony Vaio BD-Rom not reading Blu-ray discs.

See if this helps.


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Hi guys and gals,

I own a Vaio VGN-NR11S, running Vista Home Premium SP1

I found a guy had posted here (yosefisgod) with the exact same problem as mine. This is that the disc drive has stopped reading discs. His problem was even exact to mine as he stated that his disc would stop and start three times before stopping all together. It's a shame he didn't leave any contact details as I would love to know if he resolved the problem.

Up until now I have had no problems with the laptop at all. I do not even use the disc drive that often, apart from to burn the occasional disc with iTunes.

I've read that uninstalling burning programs can help. I have uninstalled anything that was there except for what came with the Vaio and itunes, as I don't want to lose all purchased music.

I've deleted the upper and lower filters, and reinstalled the device, with no results.

It's strange how an audio cd will bring up autoplay, but DVDs and games do not. I have drive F: and G:, F: doing nothing when I click it and G: with the error message Application not Found.

The device is a MAT****A DVD RAM UJ870QJ

I have just got the latest update from Vaio which included a firmware update for the driver but still nothing.

As an expat working in Afghanistan it's not possible for me to take it in to a store, and won't be for atleast another three months, so any help here will be MUCH appreciated.

I have emailed Sony, but no response

Thanks in Advance
 ... Read more

A:Vaio VGN-NR11S Not reading discs

Just used the event viewer and found:

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom3.

It says on the internet that the cause of this can be a dodgy cable, but if this is the case, how is it reading CD-Rs?

The exact disc i just used was a Verbatim

Thanks again

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can i use bcd commands in XP for making windows7 bootable (my D drive ).in simple words, window7 setup files are located on my D drive . i want to load my windows7 setup files but using from windows xp.

A:bcd commands in XP for making windows7 bootable

I don't think XP has any BCD commands. You will probably need to boot to the Install DVD or Repair CD and run from there. You can run some commands with the Win 7 Install DVD in the drive, but they are accessible in the boot folder on the DVD.

If you want to share you situation, let us know. A snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window attached will help.

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We have a laptop that we used Ghost to create an image, Ghost broke it down into three (3) files totaling about 5.2gb. We've used Roxio 6.0 in the past to make bootable CD's and DVD's, however those we single disks. Now this image wants to use 2 DVD's, there is an option to create a CD/DVD using multiple disks, however the problem is when I try to make it bootable it changes to a single disk. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance..

A:Recording a Large bootable image to Multiple Discs

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System: Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21Z
O/S: Windows 7 Home Premium
Hi there all, I know this will sound dumb but I haven't got a clue when it comes to setting up playing blu-ray discs on laptops.

A friend of mine has a Sony Vaio with full HD that they bought recently and we cannot get it to play blu-ray discs.

I've had a look online and all I've seen is people saying there is no software preinstalled on Windows 7 to play Blu-Ray discs, can anyone recommend any free software or help us as to why it's not working please?

I'd just like to add that the laptop has got a blu ray disc drive. (UJ-220)

A:New Sony Vaio laptop won't play Blu-Ray discs...

BurnAware Free 6.1 Download - Freeware Files.com - Audio & Video Category
The setup program includes a toolbar which does not have to be installed to use the software.

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Hello I have a SONY VAIO PCV RZ10 / RX 800 and have a cracked CD 3
system restore disc, does anyone know where i can get / buy this CD (apart
from Sony) or could someone guide me to get the system working again
in doing the System BIOS? Can the system be started again without
the discs? Or is there no way that the system can be restored to
factory conditions without the aid of a disc? Please advise! Regards ST

A:re SONY VAIO System Restore Discs

The Bios is the motherboard Chip that controls the hardware but does not have anything to do with Windows. You can boot into Setup (Bios) to see if the HDD is showing up there.
If the HDD is detected, then run the Recovery Tools by pressing F10 at bootup. Or contact Sony for a Recovery CD.
You can also use a Retail Version of Windows to reinstall. Be sure to backup all data first.

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NOTE - I need to compute three different types of salary and that is base on the job type. Hourly, Paid Piece and Sales Agent. So I figured if I used int for the job type I could easly create a method to match the int. Well, I can't get the method to be reconginzed and I don't know or see what I am doing wrong. It seems pretty straight forward - can anybody help me? Please??
import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

public class jobs
public static void main(String[] args)

Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

String name; //Name of Employee
int ww; // Work Week Reporting on
boolean validWw; //indicates if the work week number is a valid input number
String typeWork; //Type of work the Employee does
String he; //Hourly-base Employees
String pe; //Piece-based Employees
String sa; //Sales Agent Employees
int hw; //Hours worked
int jT; //Job Type
boolean validHw; //indecates if the hours worked are a valid input number
int hs; //Hourly salary
int sd; //Salary due
int pp; //Number of pieces produced
int wp; //Wage per piece

//Request inputs about employees from user
System.out.println("What are the total number of emplyess for this pay week?");
int numEmpoyee = input.nextInt();
System.out.println(); //creates a blank line
int r;

for (r = 1; r <= numEmpoyee;r++) {
System.out.println("Please enter Employess First Name. ");
name = input.next();

System.out.println(); //creates a blank line
//Work Week Input Section
System.out.println(&qu... Read more

A:Method - trying to create/call and keep getting illegal start HELP

I can be classed as a beginner, so someone correct me if I'm wrong here...

But in your second method, where you wish to print stuff (via 'System.out.println', you have, for example:
System.out.println("Employee name: " + name);
However, when you first start the second method, you are not calling to the name variable, the same as 'jobType', 'pp', 'wp' and 'sd' in the first line of the second method - this line:
public static int calSalries( )
As I said, I class myself as a beginner, so if I am incorrect, I apologise for posting an irrelevant response.

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My computer has many corrupt files. I have done both sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r multiple times, but the corrupt files still remain. Unfortunately, my HP's recovery manager is also corrupt so I decided to do a full factory restore. Because I couldn't do a full factory restore from the computer, I ordered the discs from HP.
When ever I try to do a recovery from the boot menu (F8 or F11), I get the following error:

"Boot Manager:
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

I insert the disc, but nothing happens. The computer returns to the same steps. I even tried going through control panel and Full System Restore. Again, I get the same steps. When I press enter, it allows me to boot Windows 7 or do a memory diagnostic test.

I appreciate any help.

A:0xc000000f Recovery Error - System Recovery Discs not being processed

Hello and welcome sunnyxm well if yo are trying to just reinstall try this it will save all the bloatware from HP being loaded anyway.


Forinstalling I prefer a disk to be honest but if you want to try again this isthe one to follow
CleanReinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 make sureit is the right version ie Home Premium or Ultimate whatever you have a codefor and then the language and do not use the ones with a large "N" or"old" beside them.
You can use a disk or USB stick with this.

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windows 7 ultimate
dual core with.2gb ram

A:my compaq presario A900 dvdrom is not reading any bootable discs

please help
my win 7 is not working and i am unable to install a new window

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I wasn't sure whether to post here or in removable media.

Since restoring my computer is a pain because I have to reformat with the eMachines disc, uninstall the useless programs, then install my programs, couldn't I just create discs that do what the eMachines disc does, but with what I want?

So, right now, my computer is exactly the way I like it, perfect spot for a fresh start point. What I want the discs to do, is the 1st disc would reformat the main drive (C:\) to NTFS, then would tell you to insert the 2nd disc which would start copying files over, which would tell you to insert the 3rd disc, etc, until it has copied my whole system back to how it is (now).

And if I can't do the method I just explained, is there anyway/any method to do what I said in the first paragraph? Any programs or guides? Thanks.

A:Creating bootable discs to restore your computer to current state?


Originally Posted by Ryu Hitokiri

I wasn't sure whether to post here or in removable media.

Since restoring my computer is a pain because I have to reformat with the eMachines disc, uninstall the useless programs, then install my programs, couldn't I just create discs that do what the eMachines disc does, but with what I want?

So, right now, my computer is exactly the way I like it, perfect spot for a fresh start point. What I want the discs to do, is the 1st disc would reformat the main drive (C:\) to NTFS, then would tell you to insert the 2nd disc which would start copying files over, which would tell you to insert the 3rd disc, etc, until it has copied my whole system back to how it is (now).

And if I can't do the method I just explained, is there anyway/any method to do what I said in the first paragraph? Any programs or guides? Thanks.

I use Acronis True Image to do just that, It is the easiest program and most friendly one out there very simple to use anyone can do it...

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Hi Everyone,
I have a desktop Sony Vaio PCV E31M the one with the tv tuner built in running XP
we had a virus which was removed but The viao PC is still running very slow now and i thought if i restored it back to its default thereby cleaning the hard drive of all programs and reloaded just the software that I use on a daily basis it might help.



Best regards

Mark j

A:Sony Vaio PCV E31M restore Discs needed help please

Hi Mark,
Did you already ask from Sony?
It is possible to do system restore without CDs, with Winnit32.exe. You can find very detailed instructions, just Google.

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I have a Sony VAIO. I cannot import video from DVD-RW mini-disc finalized from Sony Handycam DVR. I have tried "Click to Disk" as well as just a copy command. It worked once and never again. However, it works consistently with video finalized on DVD-R mini-discs. Any help is appreciated. Thx. Sparky

A:DVD-RW discs won't import to hard drive on Sony Vaio

I don't know if this will help. Good luck:

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I have a VAIO laptop that froze a few days ago during internet browsing and not won't boot up into windows.

I have tried the startup repair with no success. I read another thread where someone was having a similar problem and it turned out to be avast anti virus. I don't run avast - I do however have AVG and have heard that can also be a problem.

I can get into the command prompt by using the Windows DVD to boot or also by going through the repair menu. I have run a chkdsk /r /x and also chkdsk /f /x but neither resolved my issue.

I have seen some awesome advice on the threads here and hoping someone can walk me through some diagnostics to hopefully get this resolved.

Thanks very much!

A:SONY VAIO Windows7 won't boot into windows

I also did this below and it did not fix anything
cd windows\system32\config
C:\windows\system32\config>ren default default.old
C:\windows\system32\config>ren sam sam.old
C:\windows\system32\config>ren security security.old
C:\windows\system32\config>ren software software.old
C:\windows\system32\config>ren system system.old

C:\windows\system32\config>cd regback

C:\windows\system32\config\regback>copy default c:\windows\system32\config
C:\windows\system32\config\regback>copy sam c:\windows\system32\config
C:\windows\system32\config\regback>copy security c:\windows\system32\config
C:\windows\system32\config\regback>copy software c:\windows\system32\config
C:\windows\system32\config\regback>copy system c:\windows\system32\config

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Hi Guys!

I am new to this forum and not very tech savvy so please bear with me! My mums laptop, an esystem 1201, has been getting slower and slower and slower until today it finally gave in. This stemmed from a virus that we got a couple of weeks back, that i got rid of but for some reason its slowed down ever since.
Anyway, we decided today to insert the "backup1" disc into the computer, to do a full system recovery. These were the discs that the "Tech guys" software asks you to create the first time you use the computer, for any such things such as this and the discs were created without any issues at the time. I Put the disc in, came up with all the menus, selected "full destructive recovery" and it ticked away, asked me to take out disc one, put in disc two, then asked me to take disc two out and put disc one in. Did all that, then i get the error message "Error: Recovery image missing Please restart and try again". This happens around stage 3 of 5, which is the "Installing vista" stage.
Can anyone give me any advice on what to do? I tried a couple of suggestions I found on the internet, which included creating another disc but that didn't work. It makes it look as though you are installing vista for the first time, and when I click on "repair" as suggested on the site (Because the disc is not a first time installation disc) it is supposed to find the back up from the CD. Instead, I get a message that says... Read more

A:Full destructive recovery - recovery discs do not work?

Just wondering, have I posted this in the correct section!?

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