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AMD Radeon R5 M335 not working on Inpiron 5559 (win8.1 64-bit)

Q: AMD Radeon R5 M335 not working on Inpiron 5559 (win8.1 64-bit)

The AMD card won't work,The load is all on the intel graphics card,I tried everything from installing the AMD drivers to disabling the Intel drivers,nothing seems to work and my FPS in the games I play is quite for the specs I have on this laptop..Anyone got a similar problem? or Is it windows related?

Preferred Solution: AMD Radeon R5 M335 not working on Inpiron 5559 (win8.1 64-bit)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: AMD Radeon R5 M335 not working on Inpiron 5559 (win8.1 64-bit)

You can't run the AMD GPU independently of the Intel GPU - the AMD GPU is just a co-processor.
Does the system recognize and have drivers loaded for BOTH GPUs? If so, are you using the AMD Control Panel (or context menu) to choose the AMD GPU for the applications you want to run with it?
The AMD GPU depends on the Intel GPU to function - and there are often settings that need to be changed for certain games (and in fact there are still plenty of games, many older ones, that will not run with a hybrid GPU setup).

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I bought it last year and as it turns out not buying an i7 outright was a mistake, could anyone help me in identifying available i7 CPUs which are compatible with this model (preferably with a turbo boost frequency > 3 GHz).

A:Upgrade CPU on Inspiron 5559(i5-6200U/8GB/2GB AMD R5 M335 ) bought sept'16

You can't change just the CPU -- that is soldered to the system board.  You'd need to replace the entire system board with one having an i7 CPU onboard.
This isn't an inexpensive upgrade -- you may be better off selling the system and buying a new one.
If you really want to do the upgrade, you'll need this:

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I am interested in buying a laptop. It has a AMD Radeon R5 M335. Is this good for games like minecraft and subnautica. How does it compare to the intel hd graphics 520 chip.
thank you,

A:AMD Radeon R5 M335

If you're interested in buying a laptop for gaming, you need to focus on its other hardware and not just on its graphics device.
The processor, graphics, RAM, etc. are all important.

If you submit the webpage links to the laptop models that you're interested in, the hardware/gaming experts here can advise you better.


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My computer, a laptop, crashes every time I play a game. The times into gameplay are inconsistent, however it does it for both high-end games like skyrim and fallout as well as lower end games that should run fine. 
Specs:Inspiron 5559OS: Win 10 Pro, 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.60 GHzRAM: 8 GBGPU: AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GBProcessor graphics: Intel HD graphics 520Hard Drive: 453 GB used of 931 GBIt shuts off by simply going black and turning off. (note: when I power it up, the monitor usually doesn't turn on i have to forcefully restart it)

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My computer, a laptop, crashes every time I play a game. The times into gameplay are inconsistent, however it does it for both high-end games like skyrim and fallout as well as lower end games that should run fine. 
Specs:Inspiron 5559OS: Win 10 Pro, 64-bit Processor: Intel(R) Core i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.60 GHzRAM: 8 GBGPU: AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GBProcessor graphics: Intel HD graphics 520Hard Drive: 453 GB used of 931 GBIt shuts off by simply going black and turning off. (note: when I power it up, the monitor usually doesn't turn on i have to forcefully restart it again)

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I have just got a new Dell inspiron 5559-INS-0863-SLR notebook. It has, Core i7-6500U, 16 GB DDR3L 1600MHZ RAM, Intel 520 + ATI Radeon R5 M335 4 GB graphics
Ran Quantum Break with both Integrated GPU (Intel 520) & ATI R5 M335. ATI is giving very poor performance even in the Lowest settings possible (around 15-25 fps). I know it's not a fancy GPU but should atleast be able to handle at Low settings. When on integrated GPU, game runs with similar fps or a bit better (in my opinion). ***??. Dedicated GPU should be better than iGPU!!! Ran MGS V:Phantom Pain, current ATI R5 M335 gave lower fps(~20-25) with similar settings compared to my old notebook GPU ATI Radeon HD 7670M 2GB(~30fps).
What's wrong? Am I doing something wrong? Any solution??
Using latest Crimson 16.7.2 Hotfix driver

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I recently purchased an Inspiron 15 5559 | i5 6th Gen | AMD Radeon 4GB. It came with a 4GB RAM that I had upgraded to 8 GB (there was one 4GB RAM in Bank 0, DIMM A; I added another similar RAM in Bank 2, DIMM B). System Information would show 8 GB Installed Memory and 4 GB Usable Memory. But the second RAM has never worked. After trying all basic troubleshooting tips (e.g. msconfig, etc.). Nothing has worked.
Today I tried juggling both the RAMs and the DIMM slots. Both the RAMs worked in Bank 0, DIMM A but none of them worked in Bank 2, DIMM B, which leads me to believe that my Motherboard is damaged. However, if it was damaged why/how does system information detect 8GB Installed Memory.
Thanks for any help.


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i recently have problem with my usb 2.0, sometimes usb 2.0 is working but sometimes is not working, how i solve that problem ?


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I recently purchased a 5559 from Dell with Windows 10 pro installed as standard. Its running perfectly except that I can't get the microphone to work under any circumstances. The webcam works fine via skype but no sound is picked up. Under recording devices I only 2 items, 1 is Microphone, Realtek High Definition Audio, the other Stereo Mix. Microphone is enabled and I've checked boosts etc.Realtek Driver version is
Playback is perfect.

A:5559 Webcam Microphone not working

Chrisrobertsza,You can click the link below for resolving webcam and mic issues in Windows 10.http://dell.to/2gx0Z78

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Today I installed windows 8 and attached my external monitor into the computer using a HDMI cable. I have a Dell inspiron n5010 (graphics card: ATI Radeon 5000)

I have spent literally all day trying to get the drivers to work so that I can open CCC to modify the scaling of the monitor. I have had no luck of launching the CCC. I have followed many procedures from different websites/forums and had no luck. I've tried using CCleaner, multiple fresh installs of the OS and even drivers directly from Dell (their website and a CD I got with the laptop)

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks heaps.

A:Screen underscan (Win8+ATI Radeon 5000)

CCC install ok but won't open? Have you checked event viewer for the error? Try and launch CCC then go to Control panel --> administrative tools --> event viewer. Check the logs for recent errors to see if there are related. it will most likely be in application.

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I have tried everything I cant think of.  All internet searches and dell documentation seems to indicate:
Alt + PrtScr should capture the active window.
PrtScr works and captures the entire screen.
Alt is working (alt+ctrl+delete)
I have tried both alt buttons.
This laptop is only a couple months old and I am assuming it has never worked as this is the first time I have attempted to capture just the active window.
I use this regularly at work and it is clearly not working on my home laptop
What am I missing?

A:DELL INSPIRON 15 5559 Alt+PrtScr Not Working

I'd suggest you press PrtScr key + windows logo key to capture the entire screen. I also suggest using the Snipping tool on the system as well. Please type Snipping Tool onto the [Cortana] search box, you'll see the tool.
How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 (Print Screen ...

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My laptop is locked. It only shows the Dell logo. So I tried factory resetting. Did F8 but doesn't work.Help.

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I have the Dell Inspiron 5559 for a while and working perfectly.
One day the shortcut keys in the keyboard stopped working (volume up, down, mute, etc.).
I didn't find any relevant driver in the site and updating all other drivers didn't help.
I'm running windows 10.
Any idea about what can i do about it?


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I have a problem on my new laptop Dell Insiron 5559.It worked well for some weeks, but now, the integrated screen doesn't work.
The led twinkle white and orange; and the computer seems to work fine except the screen. An external monitor connected by HDMI is working perfectly, but it is "alone": windows doesn't even detect the integrated display.
I also tried some tests procedures:
From the dell support website, every display test is performed on the external monitor.
The tests triggered at start (when pressing Fn + Power) also use the HDMI screen, and detect an error:
Error Code: 0415Validation Code: 121740Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
The strange thing is that when I start the other test procedure (by pressing D + Power at start), it is the integrated display that is used, and shows perfectly the different colors.
Can someone say what's wrong with this computer?

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My Laptop, an Inspiron 5559 64 bit, running Windows 10, Version 1703, Build 15063.447. 
The only recent change, OS was upgraded to Windows 10 Creator several weeks ago. Overall there are no issues, as a matter of fact, I am using the Laptop composing my question.
However, after a period of inactivity, the Touchpad stops responding, frozen, in my estimating it goes to sleep and does not wake up. My trouble shooting efforts include, downloading and updating driver, to no avail. The only way to get back touchpad is to reboot.
Please note, touch screen services remain operational and responsive.
Any guidance troubleshooting the issue will be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 5559 touchpad stops working after sleeping

Hi ecr1014,
Any damages noticed?
Does external mouse works fine?
Run the diagnostics by pressing F12 during startup and let me know if touchpad responds in that screen?
Update the Touchpad driver and also update the BIOS.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.

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Hello Guys,

Recently I installed windows 8 Pro but facing Problem in Graphic card Drivers. I have Hp g6 1105 tx Laptop and having AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in installing drivers And tried everything like I install the amd drivers from HP official site then amd install latest drivers like 12.8,12.0 12.1 and update intel driver and search lot of material regarding this in internet but all in vain please help me out?

A:AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in Win8 Pro 64 bit

I have the exact same problem and its driving me nuts,so waiting for amd to get tech team on it.

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Dell inspiron 5559 HID-complaint touch screen is not working. I have to keep it disabled because all of a sudden it starts to sense different touches uncontrollably. Sometimes it works just fine for a day, but it keeps happening. I have restored the laptop to factory settings, but it did not work.  I have checked for drivers updates, but they are none.  Please help me with this. Thank you in advance. 

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I have this computer since 2 motnhs ago, the screen freezes, the computer crash and I need to force the laptop to shut down and restart. I was looking for some solutions on this problem and found that theres a lot of people having trouble with the intel HD 520 driver and windows 10, I have tryed uptdating the driver and the problem persist.
It happens all the times I use the laptop, its just a matter of much will it take to happen, it is always different and random when it crash, its not only with certain app or software.
I would really apreciate if you could help me.

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Service tag <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>
Took it to a service center - they did some patchup - gave it back to me - I come home - the display issue reappears.
The laptop is within warranty. Looks like a hardware issue, but support is not helping.
What do I do? Who can I escalate in Dell India?
Inspiron 5559
Service Tag: <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK> | Express Service Code: 6<Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>
Product ship date: November 08, 2016

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hi all
i have bought dell inpiron 5559 laptop from one week, i cleaned windows 10 pre-installed from the factory and installed windows 7 by converting hard disk style from GPT to MBR and allowing unsecure boot and changing boot sequence from UEFI to Legacy Roms
after installing windows 7, all Onboard i/o ports are not working except DVD-Drive
 for example i inserted a  USB flash memory and it wasn't recognized, i tried to install another windows and use another USB flash memory and the problem is still exist
is the operating system recovery image on dell support can solve the problem and get the laptop to its original state ? if i burned to to flash and tried to boot from it will it work and recognized or should i burn it to DVD as DVD is the only working devices right now ?

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Hi, i have a dell inpiron 580, it was spaces for 4 rams, i have 3 rams so far 2gb each, my question is that how much ram space do i have? people keep saying that if i use 4x4gb im good but thats going to be 16 gb and my computer says that the max is 8gb

A:Dell inpiron 580 max ram

Go to Crucial.com to see what the max is now. Some older computers have been updated, but adding more ram would be a waste of money. 6 GB is plenty for the old model computer. Save it for a replacement.

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 I'm having a problem where it says "Display driver stopped working and has recovered".  I see where several others have posted about this, but I'm unable to locate a fix here or reply to other similar posts for some strange reason.  I have a 4 month old Inspiron 15 5559 laptop runing Windows 10 Home x64. The problem occurs intermittently  when I go to the tomshardware.com forums.  It occurs most often with Firefox (version 45.0.1) but it also happens with IE11.  It happens usually after I post a note there, then click the back arrow a couple of times to go back to the listing of all the posts.
 According to Device Manager, I have version  When I tell it to scan for an updated version, it says I already have the most current driver for the Intel HD graphics 520.
 Please advise how I can get rid of this problem.  Thank you.

A:Inspiron 5559 "Display driver stopped working & has recovered" leaving black screen. Win 10.

I have the same issue with Inspiron 7559. But, not just in web browsing. It happens in Word, Peachtree, etc. So, my thoughts are the problem is a Windows 10 display driver issue, which should be fixed by a driver update provided by the manufacturer. I did a system scan on Dell Support Assistant (thy actually are run every week) and my system has the latest drivers, according the DSA. Get on the stick, Dell. Interesting thing is, it doesn't show up in the System Events in the Dell Support Assistant software - not even as an "info" point. It's like Dell is ignoring the Windows error.

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see pics. how can I get this fixed so I can boot? pc was given to me, but I don't have the vista CD or DVD.

I do have windows xp on cd. is there some way I can install this?

thanks for your help

A:cant boot dell inpiron 531

Several things to try. With this your computer will go back to the day it was purchased. No documents updates etc. Lets try this and if does not work, post and we will try method 2.

Many times during boot tap
Ctrl + F11 or F8 - Access Dell computers Dell System Restore (DSR) partition on many different models.
If one does not work try the other.

You may have a bad hard drive. We can test that too. If you do, you must replace it before anything works.

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ok i was on dell.com and i came across a manual for the inspironE1705 and there its states : A removable (or discrete) video card is optional and present only if ordered by the customer. Standard video is integrated on the system board and is not customer removable., does this mean that when i buy my comp i can order it with a removable graphics card. i believe so. if so my big directX10 problem is solved and i don't need to get a desktop to be able to get a dx10 card.

A:upgradeing inpiron E1705

Nope, no discrete DirectX 10 cards have come to the market yet. You also probably don't have the best power supply, which would need replacing. Start a thread following this;


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I just received my new dell 15/5000.  After setup, I noticed that the touchpad buttons are integral with the touchpad itself, meaning that movement on the button moves mouse pointer which is very annoying.  Is there a way to fix this?  Also, while checking drivers for touchpad, it appears it only has the generic microsoft drivers.  Searches on the dell driver download for this model do not show the "Dell" driver or software like seen on other models when searching this problem.  It appears that with the dell software, you can adjust the touchpad area and move it off the buttons.  Please help. 


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Dark Angel

Posts: n/a

Microphone Wont Connect
ok well i got a brand new laptop a dell inspiron and i've been using my
microphone on it for awhile but every time i plugged it in it would have a
pop up asking me if it was a microphone or other things. so accidently i
clicked dont show this pop up again and now my mic wont work properly. what
can i do to make it work right?

Dark Angel

05-14-2007 #2 Doris Day - MFB

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Re: Microphone Wont Connect
Dark Angel wrote:

> ok well i got a brand new laptop a dell inspiron and i've been using my
> microphone on it for awhile but every time i plugged it in it would have a
> pop up asking me if it was a microphone or other things. so accidently i
> clicked dont show this pop up again and now my mic wont work properly.
> what can i do to make it work right?

You could try sticking some other thing in it and maybe that will fix it.

Love and Kisses,

My Microsoft Hero (he loves this company!) ... YouTube - Ballmer
Title Says It All ... Amazon.com: Windows Vista For Dummies: Books: Andy Rathbone

Doris Day - MFB

06-21-2007 #3 Matt M

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Re: Microphone Wont Connect

"DellCA" wrote:

> The audio card on your computer can detect what is plugged into the
> different audio ports. It does this to try and make configuring your
> computer for s... Read more

A:Inpiron 6400 Microphone Help Needed

Ok I've found a way to sort it, I created the guest account, then pluged the microphone in while logged onto Guest. It then asked what it was i had plugged in. I chose microphone, then relogged into my main account, and the microphone was still working, so all is good

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My friend just gave me his Inspiron 1200 (laptop)and I formated it and installed WinXpPro with sp2. My purpose for this labtop is to host servers. If I am going to do that I do not need the labtop screen to be open all the time. When I do close it, the screen goes black. Which is normal, but when ever i open the screen it is STILL black. Only way i can do anything is by using LOGMEIN. (remote access) I was wondering if anyone here knew why when the screen is closed and the labtop is still on, why does it stay black when opened. thnx in adv.

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I have a Inspiron 3674 and the motherboard is not working. Can anyone tell me what I should be aware if I purchase a used or new OEM motherboard and replace it. I have try using a motherboard from a second inpiron 3647 and didnt work.

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Initially I has only 1 partiotion of 500 gb. I tried to make two more partition. But seems some problem happen and not laptop is not able to start.
So I tried all ways and last I got win 7,8 CD from friends and try to reinstall overall OS..
Now i facing error like this disk is of GPT partition style. cant install window.
Could you please help me here. Should i changed my partition to MBR or IS there any installable of win 7 or 8 available that will use GPT disk format for installation?

Prashant Deokar

A:Unable to install Window 7 or 8 on Inpiron 5520

Hi Prashant Deokar,
Yes you can install Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 on GPT partition. You just need to format the hard drive completely. You can create or delete partitions press "shift+F10" this will open a command prompt and you can use diskpart to convert to GPT. You may refer to the Microsoft link: http://bit.ly/QJ0FEh.
* Note: This step leads to complete data loss including pictures, music files, videos, documents and applications. Please disconnect any external peripherals as well.
Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply for any further questions.

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i didn`t find my answer here or on googlee so I hope you could help me
How can I wake-up my inpiron 15 7000 with a wireless keyboard connect through a usbb dongle.
thank you.

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My computer touch pad doesn't seem to work properly since Ive had it, when i try to use it the pointer moves around erratically if at all.  The strange thing is that when i connect my computer with the Ethernet cable the touch pad scrolls and works perfectly fine, Ive tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling but still have issues, has anyone seen this before? Im also have issues with the battery not charging, says this is not the recommended battery.... please help

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Help - my Dell is having continued BSOD today! This is the error I'm getting this:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 50
BCP1: FB209FE8
BCP2: 00000001
BCP3: 8252596B
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:

Can anyone help please?

A:BSOD on WIn Vista (Dell Inpiron 1525)

Please provide this info to get us started: http://www.techsupportforum.com/1871981-post2.html

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What Antivirus works with this build ?

~updated 05/01/2011~

*AVG - Doesn't work on 7850 (Work on 7955)
*Avast - Doesn't work on 7850 (Work on 7955)
*MSE - Doesn't install on 7850 (Install on 7955)

Avira - Works (reported by Dwarf)
PC Tools AV - Works
ClamWin - Works (no real time protection)
Panda Cloud Antivirus - Works (reported by Bill2)
NIS 2011 - Works (reported by yowanvista)

What else have you tryed?


A:Working Antivirus for Win8

That's worrying. PC Tools AV is not too great I hear. I'm still waiting on a download so can't try anything yet. What about Avira?

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previously i had windows 7 in HP Probook 4430s

fingertouch was working fine to lock and unlock the pc...

recently i installed windows 8 enterprise in same pc...

but this time it is not at all working...
Plz help...

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Hi everyone,I just reinstall win8.1 on my y50 (old one got virus and i format it and reinstall the OS)so when i try to use OKR , it shows that "Current System can not support backup"does anyone know why?Also what other preinstalled software does laptop come with?Thank you.

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My inpiron M731R-5735 when powered on has black screen and starts beeping 7 times. can anyone please help

A:inpiron M731R-5735 black screen 7 beeps

When did the issue start? Is there any damage on the system?
The 7 beeps indicates a CPU failure, however, it seems more like a motherboard issue. 
Download the service manual here - http://dell.to/2iOuy9w - disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to release any static power. Then try connecting with the adapter only / battery only.
Remove the memory modules / HDD and try powering on the system. If the issue persists, then replace the motherboard.
If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
You could also order the parts here - http://bit.ly/2iOBMdz
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi there,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. Your forums have provided a lot of support to me in the past and I am usually able to sort out most things, but this BSOD issue has really got me stumped. So thanks for all the help in the past and thanks in advance for any help you can give me with this issue.....

I have had my computer for a few years and it has always ran fine - with stock parts. A few weeks ago i upgraded a few things and this has resulted in a really unstable system and multiple, random BSODs (or should that be BSsOD?!)

In the same sitting I changed a few components as follows....

I swapped out the old GeForce 310 GFX card for Nvidia Quadro 600 (now updated to driver 311.50)
I swapped out all my RAM (4 x Kingston 1GB Sticks supplied with the machine) and replaced them with 4 x 2GB Sticks Kingston Value RAM - Making sure it was compatible with the computer as per the System guide from DELL - all have been tested with Memtest and no errors found
I started using a cheap 4 way USB splitter to connect a Wacom tablet and a USB Lacie drive
Since I had the tower open, I swapped out my 3 year old CMOS battery and replaced it

That's about it.... After that, upon startup I would have multiple BSODs and it has never gone away...

It happens pretty consistently when the machine is started after a few hours off... like overnight - but having a fresh CMOS battery in it, this makes no sense to me...

If you persevere and keep rebooting up after the crashes, the m... Read more

A:BSOD on Dell Inpiron 560s after installing new RAM and new GFX card

Kingston "Value Ram" has a history of incompatibility problems and should not be used. Regular Kingston is OK. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users support forums and the Kingston Value RAM was always problematic. I've seen similar posts on other forums about the Value RAM.

Because many Dell's have a history of compatiblity with non-Dell branded memory (there is no pattern on the compatibility issues except for the "KVR" memory) we always recommended Crucial Memory as it is guaranteed to work in Dell's. Computer memory upgrades for Dell Inspiron 560s Desktop/PC from Crucial.com

The memory may not be the problem but that is the first suspect.

As you replaced the memory and the video card, did you do both at the same time? It is best to only do one thing at a time, then if problems develop its easier to troubleshoot.

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http:[email protected]/2054110901/

I have a ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility. This appeared one morning when i turned my computer on. It is affected by applying pressure on the underside of the computer. It can even go away for a short while. I have tried reseating the video card but that did not fix the problem. I have also tried an external monitor, same there.

The only thing i can come up with that i have'nt tried is using some kind of solvent for cleaning the graphics card pins and connectors.
Or reapplying thermal tape to the gpu, beacuse the gpu is in contact with the copper heatsink on the underside of the keyboard. My computer is several years old so i thought the thermal tape already there has stopped working or something.

Since applying pressure in the area of the graphics card sometimes makes the problem go away for a while i think it's worth trying other solutions then buying a new card.

Does anybody recognise this? Did you solve it?

Lots of gratitude to anyone who helps!

A:Inpiron 8200 - Screen is messed up - Picture included

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Windows 8.1

My bootup time is ~2.5 mins without fast bootup.

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I have just updated from win 8 to 8.1 and since then my touchpad does not work any ideas

A:Touchpad is not working after Win8.1 update

Well finally found that if i roll back to previous driver all now working did not realize that driver had changed must have been part of 8.1 upgrade

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Not sure what happened but I want to factory restore windows 8, but when I go to change pc settings it just goes back to start page.

A:Factory restore win8 not working


Welcome to Tech Support Guy

You should see this screen when selecting General - please see my screenshot

If you do not try holding the shift key down whilst clicking on restart
That is Windows key + C
then settings
then power
then hold shift key and click restart
then do you have the options including troubleshooting etc

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I'm having this strange issue that I noticed a few hours back ... for some reason when i change power plan from the taskbar batter icon, the screen brightness doesn't change, no idea why/what could trigger this as I've not updated the nvidia driver for a while now, not sure I think 6month + or so .. and it was all working fine.
Also beadvised I haven't updated windows for a while ether ... so its probably not the fact that a win update caused this as I haven't updated for a while and last I check .. and once again about 6month or maybe 8months back .. it was working fine.
Also if i right click on the batter icon "adjust screen brightness > the vertical scrollbar" .. when i move it left or right ... nothing happens.

Strange thing is .. when I use the laptop on batter or there is power outage .. the screen brightness gets reduced as it should be.

This thing really isn't effecting daily usages however as its an issue, I would like to get it fixed if possible, any ideas?

System specs:
Asus X555LF
Wndows 8.1 64bit
Intel? Core? i3 5010U Processor
NVIDIA? GeForce? 930M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM

Thanks in advance.

A:Win8.1 brightness change not working

Also on another note probably the graphics drivers are working fine or atleast the nvidia one is .. as I can games like blade and soul etc just fine .. no visual issues or anything. Could it be that the intel driver or some other ms driver related to the display adapter got damaged somehow maybe

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After upgrading to Win8.1 from 8.0 I noticed that I can no longer search anything under 'Settings' (Winkey + W). I am still able to search for files and the web (Bing ads and all that) however (ie. under 'Everywhere' or Files). I have already rebuilt the index and rebooted/shutdown a few times and it still does not work. Anyone have any idea what's going on with it?

A:Win8.1 search not working for 'Settings'?

FYI, you are not alone. The Win 8.1 Preview search worked like crap and the new 8.1 Final seems to be just as bad.

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Thanks to this great forum I was able to install Win 8.1 on my laptop (Dell Studio XP 1340).
Resolved here: Windows 8.1 RTM installation fails on Dell XPS 1340
As per advice I got here I had to disable Bluetooth in BIOS to be able to install the system.

Now with the system up and running I would like to use Bluetooth. The device is not listed in Device Manager and no driver was installed. When I enable it in BIOS system will not start, it crashes with error (https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8ith0xljh...2020.34.11.jpg).

I found the driver which should be installed. So with Bluetooth still disabled I tried to install it. It's in exe so I can't really get the driver files. The SW asks for Bluetooth to be activated by a switch. I have a button which normally turns Wifi+Bluetooth on/of .. but with BT disabled it does not work, obviously. And the only option is 'Cancel':

Any ideas or experience with this?
Thank you!

A:How to get BT working on Win8.1 + Dell XPS 1340?

I don't suppose the .exe is a compressed folder with a self extractor? If so, you might be able to open it with something like 7Zip and see the files inside.

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My old Gateway desktop crashed, is non-repairable, when I tried the harddrive into the newer Gateway, it came up blank blue screen......checking file system on G, CHKDSK verifying files.......& nothing came up on it, a computer tech at the store checked it, said it was working & had 16G on it,.........can I buy a backup device, & try to transfer it to the working computer on a new blank hard drive?

A:How do I transfer a hardrive w/win8 to a working pc?

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This post is both a complaint and a call for a solution that is a real troubleshooter.
The problem is: After I've updated my notebook to Windows 8.1, I've noticed the screen wouldn't power back up from sleep. I instantly google'd for answers and I found out it would get fixed if I installed both latest Intel HD and AMD drivers. All set and done, problem was finally fixed, and everything appeared to work just fine... Until I installed Left 4 Dead 2 and tried to test it: The video performance was incredibly <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> . I was like "Jesus, it's only L4D2 and this graphic card can't handle even the menu scren!?". So I google'd it, because a HD 8850M that doesn't run a game as old as that isn't normal. My solution was: Install generic AMD drivers. And the problem was over. Not only that, I was able to play even Battlefield 4. But then I locked the computer and wasn't able to wake it back up... again...Long story short: I'm pissed about it and I really wan't to know: Why the <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> did you guys put Intel HD Graphics and AMD HD Board altogether? If I have a <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> 8850M why the hell am I going to need a <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> Intel HD Graphics? If you guys had this brilliant idea, why aren't you able to develop a decent driver, one t... Read more

A:Inpiron 15R 5537 - Bad game performance or unability to Sleep/Hibernate?

Guys got the solution
I did this on my Inspiron 15R 5537 with AMD 8850M on Windows 8.1
1.Update the Bios version to A08 link : http://www.dell.com/support/home/in/en/indhs1/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=6D4JN&fileId=3381798009&osCode=WB64A&productCode=inspiron-15r-5537&languageCode=EN&categoryId=BI
2.Uninstall display drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller in SAFE MODE
3.Install Intel Graphic Driver from Dell ver link : http://www.dell.com/support/home/in/en/indhs1/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=Y3FHH&fileId=3321814127&osCode=WB64A&productCode=inspiron-15r-5537&languageCode=EN&categoryId=VI
and restart
4.Install Latest AMD Mobility Catalyst 14.4 from AMD support site link : http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/mobile?os=Windows%208.1%20-%2064#amd-catalyst-packages
and restart
5.Open CMD as Admin and type "  powercfg -restoredefaultschemes  "
6.Download and Open AMDEnduroFix_DX9 and click apply Fix and restart link : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwMfCsXwjEEeeEZKWFVpMzM2b28/edit

no sleep/Hibernate problems and gaming performance is very good.
The name in Device Manger will be AMD R9 M265X but ignore it. Don't worry

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