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Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working!

Q: Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working!

Ok so I just got a used Intel Dual Gigabit 1000/PRO PT PCIE network adapter.

My Hardware is as follows:

Intel i7 3770k
ASUS Z77V-PRO mobo
8GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD 7850 video card
Audigy2 ZS PCI sound card

I have the most up to date BIOS on the motherboard

So I installed the network adapter into 1 of my 2 free pcie slots.
In BIOS I disable the onboard LAN adapter.

Load into windows and I get a new hardware installation message saying that the drivers for my "Xeon processor E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor PCI Express Root Port - 0155" has been installed and ready. That is my first WTF.

I try to install the newest Intel drivers provided by the Intel website, I get an error saying "There is no Intel Network Adapter installed on your computer" error. 2nd WTF

I have no tried numerous combinations of using my 2nd free pcie slot in the mobo, no change in situation.

THe odd thing is, is that on the network card when its plugged in and computer turned on the green lights on the ports are on solid (not flashing) as I have no cable in them yet. So I dont think the card is dead. The card was used but looked to be in perfect condition.

What is the problem, can anyone help? I cant find any other people having many issues with these cards online.

Preferred Solution: Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working!

Just a guess but I think your Intel Dual Gigabit 1000/PRO PT PCIE was designed to work with a Xeon processor and a matching motherboard.
I believe it would be completely different circuitry from your motherboard and cpu.

Intel? PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter Product Brief

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I'm out of ideas. Tried several different drivers, and settings. Using a fresh install of Windows 7 RC.

The drivers all seem to "work", by which I mean Windows 7 has no problem with them, but no driver I've tried will let the card actually talk with anything. It keeps trying to find a DHCP address and always comes up with a 169 address. Even when I specify a static IP it still won't see anything on the network.

DHCP is working for my on board NIC, and this card works in my XP installation on this same PC.

The driver that seems to "work" the best so far is this: Download HP Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Driver 13.5.00 Rev.C for Vista64 Driver for Windows Vista64 - Softpedia

With that driver I actually get all of the nifty features in the driver properties page, and I've run all of it's diagnostic tests which all come up green.

Also worth nothing: I had this same problem with Windows 7 Beta.

Any ideas?

== Matt

A:Intel Pro/1000 GT Gigabit Desktop Ethernet Adapter

Hi mmseng,
Even though it should not matter I wonder what happens if you to go the properties of that network card and uncheck the box for I.P. v6 and just leave I.P.v4 checked? Make sure the Network card does not have a static I.P. set ( I assume you want to use DHCP) and also make sure your router is setup correctly.

I'm thinking maybe you had a static I.P. set on your network card when you had XP installed and when you installed Windows 7 it got wiped out. Maybe your router is set to use static I.P.? hmmm

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My Vista Home Premium computer crashes hard every week or so and then restarts itself. Then it displays the "Problem Reports and Solutions" screen with this message: "Download and install the driver for Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Adapter". Problem is, I don't have this adapter in my computer; I have the Intel 82562GT 10/100 Network Connection, original equipment in my Dell Dimension E520. Its driver is up to date.

What is causing this problem and how do I correct it?

A:Download and install the driver for Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Adapter

Looking at the specs on google, it list your computer as having an onboard adaptor.
Are you using an additional card? If the answer is yes then go into your bios to disable your onboard adaptor.

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This is a builtin device to motherboard, Intel server S875WP1-e

I tried different cables, and moved switch next to PC. I also tried Ubuntu.
The cables do work at gigabit speeds.

So does anyone know why?
It is enabled in the bios. And latest bios p18 is installed.

I tried installing the intel win32 drivers for ethernet, and it errors saying there are no intel adaptors are present, yet they are. This board has 2 builtin Intel ethernet controllers..

A:intel pro/1000 ct gigabit ethernet never can connect at 1000 only 100

What is the make/model of the switch? Is the switch gigabit capable?

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I'm using an Intel 82579lm Gigabit Network Adapter on my Windows 10 Machine, however, the maximum speed I can achieve over this connection is 116 Mb/s. The connection speed is correctly detected as 400 Mbps

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I've been looking for the latest driver for this for while, as I've been having a lot of networking issues with this component. Driver Agent and Version Tracker say it's not the latest version, but I don't know where else to turn than here, as I'm still having problems. I have the February 8th PROset Intel drivers straight from their site, does anybody know if there are more recent drivers?

A:Drivers for Intel 5266DC Gigabit Network Connection Adapter

Some help anybody?

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When I start my pc the internet connection doesn't want to work and gives this message:
The Intel(R)82579V Gigabit Network Connection adapter is experiencing driver- or hardware - relatedproblems
But when I restart the pc, it works fine. This has been going on for a while now. My hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago and after replacing it and having the whole pc programmed by an IT company, it still gives the same problem and I have to restart again. I'm
worried that all the restarting will cause damage?
Also, after the reprogramming, my pc is very slow while using photo editing programmes such as LR6 & Photomatix.
Thanks in advance

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My NIC stops working by showing a yellow "!".  I disabled it., uninstalled it, tried to update it, the problem remains the same.  Shutting down the computer and/or Reboot it will prompt the error message:  "PXE-E05: The LAN adapter's NVM configuration is corrupted". But, it will boot properly after without LAN network connection.When I tried to update it, it will stop by prompting: "Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer".  In the BIOS, I reset it to the default, checked the boot order (the NIC is the last one in the list, which is normal).  I disable WOL. The problem persists.I don't know what to do now.  Since it said, while updating the driver, No Intel(R) Adapter is present.  In device manager, the adapter is still present with the yellow "!" .I restored my laptop to a previous Restore Point. Nothing! I would appreciate if someone could provide me with a solution! Thank you! Below is all the error messages when trying to install or update the driver:    

A:Intel(R) 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection stops working with a yellow "!"

Hi There, I'm sad there is no one to help me with my persistent, unsolved case with the NIC of my Laptop Lenovo X201 Tablet.  No one in this community to say even a word.  The Laptop is still working normally without the wired network connection. Someone from an Intel Forum suggest: " The eeprom on the NIC is corrupted, you can try reflashing the eeprom by checking with your laptop vendor for BIOS update."  I downloaded the lastest BIOS update from support.lenovo.com, to realize my BIOS is already up-to-date, because it's the same version than I'm trying to install.   Is there another way to reprogram the corrupted EEPROM on the NIC?  Please, help!

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I've recently booted my laptop to windows 10 and found that all my drivers were missing and after that I tried downloading drivers on another computer and installed it on my notebook but the wireless adapter was still not working and ip config command is blank and says that media is disconnectred.I went to device manager and i found that intel(R) dual band wireless adapter 3165 is not starting i don't  know the reason please suggest me a solution for this. Thank you.

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Hi! First of all, I'm sorry if my English is bad. My laptop is running on Windows 8.1 Single Language. I just bought this about a month ago and I'm having this weird problem.

Cases that my network adapter connects to my computer:
1.) After restart
2.) When the network adapter successfully starts and then shut the computer down then start it again

Cases that my network adapter does not connect to my computer:
1.) Turning the computer on after a few hours from the last shutdown

I have done the following things:
1.) Update the driver
2.) Not allowing the computer to turn off the network adapter
3.) Uninstall and reinstall network adapter
4.) Release and renew IPv4 address
5.) Disable Proset services
6.) Disable Bluetooth driver and services
7.) Set WLAN AutoConfig to automatically start

Is this a hardware related problem or a driver problem? Do you know how to fix this?


A:Network Adapter problem - Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7

Not enough information regarding which model of wireless adapter you have, what mfg & model of router/gateway. Download Speccy from piriform.com and post the URL it gives you after you run the tool.

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In the device manager network adapters the Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection has a yellow exclamation mark. Under Properties I get "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" Anybody knows what it means and how the problem can be solved? Thanks!

A:Intel 82566 Gigabit Network Connection

Hi caracostis and welcome to Vista Forums

The error message, This device cannot start. (Code 10) indicates a problem with the currently installed device driver. To correct this, click the Update Driver button on the Driver tab to run the Update Driver Software wizard. Don't try to automatically find a driver. Instead, choose the manual option, and then select the device.

Here is a link to the latest driver from Intel:


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Stupid question.....

What is the purpose of the intel 82566DC gigabit network connection.

I'm just wondering if it is a wireless adapter??

I hope not, because I have been using a d link wireless USB adapter. I hope I'm not using two of the same thing!!

A:what is the intel 82566DC gigabit network connection

This is the hardwired network connection for use in a desktop pc. It is for use in connecting via a hardwire, (Cat5e, or better yet Cat6), connection to a router/modem for access to the Internet.

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We have been having quite a few problems with users complaining that when they resume from sleep it has a really hard time connecting to LAN / WIFI. Both devices has had their drivers updated in April which included a fix to our problem. The Wifi driver has a silent /unattended install section in the readme, so that was easy to fix. But the lan driver refrences a DOS driver that is 2+ years old so it dosen't include the fix. The driver in Question http://support.lenovo.com/dk/da/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-t-series-laptops/thinkpad-t44... ----------------------------------------------Unattended Install  This is for system administrators' use only.  For unattended installation, Ethernet driver for DOS (e1000.dos) is prepared.  Obtain the additional package, "Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software for DOS"  to use the Ethernet drivers for DOS.---------------------------------------------- Normally there is a section like this (From the wifi driver) ----------------------------------------------Unattended Install  This is for system administrators' use only.  1. Refer to the Manual Install section, and download and extract the file.  2. In the step 11 of the Installing files section, uncheck the checkbox next     to "Install ..... now", and then select Finish to cancel installation.  3. At the command line, execute Autorun.exe with the [-quiet] / [-q] /  &nb... Read more

A:Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software - Silent install option missing

1  Extract Driver package on local HDD2. Locate SetupBD.exe.    32 bit:\APPS\SETUP\SETUPBD\Win32    64 bit:\APPS\SETUP\SETUPBD\Winx643. Click SetupBD.exe and run installation.
use "/s" option

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I have an HP dc5700 m and want installatie a ADD2 videocard ( HP Intel DVI ADD2 SDVO (PCIE) card for dc7100CMT ) Who know where I can buy this one on internet.

A:HP Intel DVI ADD2 SDVO (PCIE) adapter for dc7100CMT, dx6100 ...

Hi: Why not just install a standard PCIe x16 video card?  The dc7100 supports a regular PCIe x16 video card unlike the dc5700. I put a used Dell Radeon HD 2400 PCIe x 16 card in my dc7100, and it worked great. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-CP306-ATI-Radeon-HD-2400-Pro-256MB-High-Profile-PCI-E-PRO-Graphics-Card... Otherwise you can probably use the Dell equivalent DVI ADD2 SDVO adapter... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Silicon-Orion-ADD2-N-DualPAD-PCI-E-DVI-D-Adapter-Card-P-N-Sil-SC-0066-B1-TMP...  

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Intel didn't certify drivers for these cards on 2012 or W8 and I'm not interested in buying new NICs (at enterprise/server grade prices) for a development environment.

Has anyone gotten them to work properly?

I also have a bunch of MT NICs as well but those are really old so I'm not worried about those but the PT NICs are the biggest thing I'd like to get working (duals on W8 and quads on 2012).


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Last night Win 7 did an automatic update and it's causing havoc with the network adapter. I'm not 100% sure what information you need but this is what I think will help. I'm hoping someone here can help me.

Adapter = 82578DC Gigabit adapter from Intel.

Core = i5 (I mixed up which cpu is in which comp)

Win 7 x64 Professional Service Pack 1

It was working last night prior to the automatic update from Windows without issue.

I downloaded and installed the latest software for that adapter. Version = (date of driver Feb 2, 2012). The driver came as part of a PROSet Version directly from Intel.

In the Network Connections Properties Tabs, I am told that the device status is, "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I've tried easy things like uninstalling and re-installling, disabling and re-enabling. Turning the router on and off.

I hoping someone can help. Cheers!

A:82578DC Gigabit Network Adapter - Error Code 10

The connection software often times will cause more problems than it solves. Have you tried uninstalling the connection software?

Have you tried to uninstall the latest Windows updates?

You might also try rolling back the driver to the previous version.

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Hi there Can I upgrade the wireless network adapter on my Lenovo Yoga 700 14isk to a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 ?. The orginal network adapter is a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165  Kind regards

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Hi there Can I upgrade the wireless network adapter on my Lenovo Yoga 700 14isk to a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 ?. The orginal network adapter is a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165  Kind regards

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I have an Asus P8P67 pro mobo with the Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection network adapter built in. It currently is using ver 11 driver.
I found the latest driver (PROWinx64.exe) to update it (I'm having some issues).
When I try to update it, I get an error box that says:

"The installed version of Intel Proset is not supported for upgrades. You must uninstall it before installing this version".

When I go to Device Manager to uninstall the Gigabit Network Connection in order to install this update...Windows re-installs it before I can run the update. Thus I can't update the driver. How do I stop Windows 7 from automatically updating this driver so that I will have time enough to manually update it with the downloaded newer driver?

I'm Running Windows 7 64bit

Any ideas?

A:Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection upgrade issues

Uninstall through Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Uninstalling through the Device Manager is only temporary and does not actually get rid of the driver. Basically, it just disconnects the device from the driver. As you found out it will reinstall itself every time you restart the computer.

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I have recently purchased a new system, and since the first time I booted it up the on board gigabit network card is unable to start. I get the following error when in device manager:

Device cannot start (code 10)
In order for the device to work, whilst in device manager, I must uninstall the driver and then scan for hardware changes. Doing this re-installs the driver and the network card will connect to the network. All is fine.

I'm running an Asus P8Z77-V with a Intel Core i7 3770K and a Corsair 16GB DDR3 Vengeance. The on board network card is an Intel 82579LM.

I have already updated the BIOS to the latest version, and I have tried installing the latest drivers from ASUS and Intel directly with no luck. Interestingly I only will get this error on a cold boot, if I sleep or restart the computer I do not get this issue, and the network card connects automatically, which is why I'm thinking its probably a software/driver issue...

Just wondering if anyone else has any further ideas to try and debug this?

A:Intel 825879LM Gigabit Network Card - Cannot start (Code 10)

update the network driver.
First, download the network card driver from manufactuer's website, Intel Download Center
Then reinstall the driver:
Click the Start Button, type "devmgmt.msc" (without quotation marks) in the Start Menu Search box and press Enter.
Double click to expand "Network adaptors".
Right click your network card and click Uninstall.
Check "Delete driver software for this device" check box, click OK.
Restart the computer
If windows does not auto configure the appropriate drivers at startup, install the downloaded one manually.
If it does not work, Go for a System Restore.

Let us know the results.

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Precision T7600
Workstation more than capable to run Windows 10 x64 1607
Windows 10 comes with some default driver (dated 2016) that installs & works OK.
But does NOT provide WoL at all!
Only one I managed to get working with WoL is:
Completely NO GO (as nothing gets installed, there is just no driver for this hardware) is:
Intel® Network Adapter divers release 21.1 for Windows® 10https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/47549/Intel-82579-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller
Anybody has any idea what is so "special" about this very hardware? Obviously SUBSYS_04951028&REV_05 is very Dell specific
Anybody has link to any newer driver that does provide WoL?

A:Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection Windows 10 driver

What version of BIOS?
Sure this is a driver issue vs a power or sleep state issue in BIOS? If BIOS is powering the NIC down, it won't WoL regardless of what driver is installed.

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trying to install latest driver for my Network Adapter & I must be doing something wrong.

Found at Intel this driver which appears to be most current = Network Adapter Gigabit Base Driver for FreeBSD*

File name = em-7.6.1.tar.gz & I used 7-Zip to Extract Here which created a file name of em-7.6.1.tar, then used 7-Zip again to Extract Here (or untar I suppose) to create em-7.6.1. However all that exists in the newly created em-7.6.1 folder is an src file & a couple of readme's.
In other words there is no Application as I would expect to see in a driver install. Don't see in the src file any names like 82567. I did from Device Manger try to update the driver by browsing to the src file & was told I already had the best driver installed.

Currently the driver I have installed is dated 6/25/12, version & is provided by Microsoft.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Did I unzip/untar inappropriately?

thank you,

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Unfortunately, at my school you need a dual band wireless adapter in order to connect to the internet. With my current laptop, there are certain requirements it must meet in order for it to work.
it must be a full height card. An adapter will not work as the antenna wires won't go that far.
It needs to have 2 antenna ports. I have found a few ones which fit all the other specifications, but they appear to have 3 ports.
Obviously it must be PCIe-mini and dual band, as stated in the title
Does anyone know what one to get, or even if there is one that meets those specifications?

A:buying laptop PCIe mini dual band adapter

Your post is confusing for a few reasons:
Laptops do not have expansion slots, PCIe or otherwise. Everything is expanded through the external ports.
Very few laptops are made with dual band adapters right now. It is curious that a school would require something that is only available on top end laptops.
Wires? Network connectivity is done through CAT5 or 6 Ethernet wiring or wirelessly.
Dual band refers to the frequency of the wireless signal: 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
The antennas on a wireless device correspond to the channels that the wireless signal is sent out on. 2 antennae do not equal dual band.
Full height or half height cards are only configurations. The configuration of a card has nothing to do with performance. Where are you going to put a full height card for desktop PC in a laptop?
PCIe-mini makes a little more sense, but contradicts the earlier need for a full height card. These are opposites.
Perhaps it would be better to explain what you are trying to do.

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My HP Envy 15t-k000 works fine, but is slow. I thought it was my internet until I did a troubleshooting and discovered that the reason I am not getting the superfast speeds I am supposed to be getting is because my computer doesn't have a fast enough network adaptor. Currently it has the Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 it came with. I looked at the service manual and couldn't find an upgrade in it. Is there a module I can replace it with that will allow for the 1G speeds? The part number for the laptop is G0T55AV. Thanks!

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A:My HP Envy network adapter doesn't support gigabit speeds. I...

Hi: The adapter you mentioned...Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 is the wireless network adapter, and I do not believe that card will connect any faster than 72 MBPS. Your notebook comes with the Realtek 10/100 ethernet (wired) adapter and it cannot be upgraded because the ethernet chip is part of the motheboard. If you want a gigabit ethernet connection, then I recommend you purchase an external USB to RJ-45 gigabit ethernet adapter. You won't find any wireless card that will go beyond the AC rate of 867 MBPS and you would need an ac router to achieve those speeds. You would also have to take the entire notebook apart to replace the wireless card and if your notebook only has one antenna attached to the atheros wlan card, you won't be able to upgrade to a faster wireless card. A suitable AC card would be the Intel 7260 wireless card if your notebook has two antennas attached to the atheros card. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/wireless-products/dual-band-wireless-ac-7260-bluetooth.html

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Network Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver Windows 10Options?10-11-2015 12:08 AMProduct Name: HP Pavilion dm4-2070usOperating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)Laptop: HP Pavilion dm4-2070us OS: Windows 10 64-bitProblem with Network Adapter Driver Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver not working on Windows 10I have had this laptop for last 3 years running on Windows 7 just fine, but few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows 10 when wired internet connection stopped working. Whenever I connect Ethernet cable in the network settings it shows "Unidentified Network" "No internet access". I tried updating the driver, uninstall and re-install the driver, call Microsoft for help but nothing seems to be working. And there are no driver updates for Windows 10 on hp.com Is there any solution for this problem? Please help.

View Solution.

A:Network Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethern...

Hi Mrstenter,The link (atheros.cz) that you provided had the same problem. However I found solutionon the below mentioned link. It had the driver I needed and it worked!!! No both my wireless and wired internet connections work. SOLUTION: Downloaded the driver from driverscape.com, double click to open, double click setup appliction file, select option repair during installation and then simply follow the prompts. Restart the computer after installation. Mine worked. Thank you so much for your help. http://www.driverscape.com/download/qualcomm-atheros-ar8151-pci-e-gigabit-ethernet-controller-%28ndis-6.30%29 

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I recently reformated my windows vista home premium 64bit because it was showing corrupt internal drivers, everything was working fine until trying to set everything up after the format. I tried to establish a connection to update windows and mydrivers, but in the device manager it shows my network adapter with a "!" unable to fix it when reinstalled,

We currently have Verizon fios, it was working fine before the reformat and it continues to work fine for everyone who has wireless.

help?! D:

A:there are driver orhardware problems with the network adapter "realtek family PCI-E Gigabit ethernet NIC"


I had this problem as well, and found that a Windows update seemed to cause the problem. Fortunately I was able to download the LATEST ethernet driver from Realtek, and this resolved the problem.

You may also try to go to Micro$ost update and do a "custom" Search for updates, if I'm not mistaken there is a Realtek NDIS update there, this may help.

I am assuming that you have a wireless connection. If not, I suggest that you ask a friend to search for your particular driver at realtek, and have him download it for you.

Do you have the Driver CD or DVD for your motherboard? - The ethernet driver will be found on that CD.

You can also try to "update" the driver from the device manager:

Open device manager

RIGHT click on the driver with the "i"

select properties

click on the driver tab

click on the update this driver button (you must have your driver disc loaded into your ROM)

In the next pane, select "browse my computer for driver software"

HOPEFULLY the OS will scan the disc and load the necessary NDIS files from there

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I edited this question a few times because new stuff keeps coming up. Sorry for all of that...

I have 2 different Medialink Wifi adapters. They both show my network on my dad's PC but won't show my network on my PC. My PC just recently started taking longer to connect to my network and now when I turned it on it just won't see my network. When I plugged the older adapter into my PC, my network came up for a split second and then disappeared. I am restarting my PC now but I am getting frustrated with this thing. If it's not a BSOD from a bad cable or bad drive (as diagnosed by you guys) then it's something like bad Wifi or my graphics card fan getting disconnected from the graphics card motherboard.

My PC is about 10 feet away and has always had 4 out of 5 bars for strength. If it were my adapter going bad then I would not be able to access the internet from this PC I'm using now.

edit: I plugged the adapter into the USB slot right on the board instead of using an extension dongle that connected to my front panel USB port. It seems to have fixed the issue but this brings up another point. Should I just get a PCIe adapter with some long antennas? That seems to be the best option at fixing my connection. I need my connection right when Windows shows up because I have a few startup programs that need an internet connection and if they don't detect a connection then they will just crap themselves. Steam, Skype, Origin, and Skydrive.

A:USB adapter not working like it should. Should I get a PCIe one?

Hi thready,

Longer antenna doesn't mean greater wireless coverage, the higher the dBi means greater coverage. Please see the different specs here.

edit: I plugged the adapter into the USB slot right on the board instead of using an extension dongle that connected to my front panel USB port. It seems to have fixed the issue but this brings up another point. Should I just get a PCIe adapter with some long antennas? That seems to be the best option at fixing my connection.

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Relevant Hardware:
Mobo - MSI XPower MS-7666
Network Adapter - D-Link PCIe Wireless Xtreme N

This is a new build of mine and this is the last little bug to be ironed out. My network adapter is not being recognized by windows(it does not show up in device manager. The card has power as the LED on the back flashes consistently on and off. I have disabled the two on board ethernet ports so there should be no interference there. I have tried the card in at least two other PCIe slots and still nothing. I have tried installing the drivers but the setup program fails to find the card. The last thing I an think of to try is testing the card in another system but it might be a few days before I can make that happen. At least that might tell me if the card is DOA or if maybe it's my fault. Any thoughts, help or input will be much appreciated, thank you.

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Just finished replacing the DC plug on my Y460P. Every time I tried to plug in external power the internal female receptical moved into the case making it impossible to charge. After spending $7 on a complete new plug assembly I ended up having to glue it to the inside of the case to hold it in place when the charger was inserted. Seems a common problem and fix. Anyway, I can once again recharge my battery. For reasons unknown during the disassembly/reassembly my WiFi card stopped working. I've got the standard issue Intel N-1000. Device manager shows it working properly but when I access the adapter through the network connections I find the on-screen slider in the off position. Clicking the slider moves it to on momentarily only to have it quickly return to off.  The position of the external Wifi switch makes no difference. I've tried booting the machine with the card removed. Checking device manager w/o the card shows (as expected) the card missing but no other errors. Reinstalling the card and rebooting causes the card to reappear in device manager but still showing as off in network connections. Disabling and reenabling makes no difference. I can buy a new WiFi card for less than $8 but, since the one I've got is showing as working properly, I'm skeptical that a new one would fix the problem. Anyone run across a problem like this?  Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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 7260 . hmwwb intel network adapter and the product compatible with HP Pavilion DV73020 el buongiorno,devo sostituire la mia scheda di rete che ha uno standard WIFI 802.11 N con una che ha lo standard 802.11 acquale quella  compatibile con il mio notebook pavilion DV7 3020el.grazie- Max Di Pardo good morningi have to replace my network adapter that a standard WIFI802.11 N with a that the 802.11 AC standard that which it compatible with my notebook Pvilion DV7 3020elthank you Max Di Pardo

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device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and then underneath the bang with WAN Miniport (IP) #2. When I check the properties of the device It says it is not working properly. When I attempt to uninstall the device it tells me that the device cannot be removed because it is required to boot the system.

A:device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and

go into your bios and under boot options, remove network/internet as a boot option if it is listed.

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For a Dell Precision T3600 (motherboard 08HPGT and 0PTTT9) the adapter works StarTech.com x4 PCI Express to M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter Card - for M.2 NGFF SSD - interface adapter - M.2 Card - PCIe x4 (Manufacturer Part Dell PEX4M2E1y Part #: A9406270)? Thank you very much.

A:StarTech.com x4 PCI Express to M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter Card - for M.2 NGFF SSD - interface adapter - M.2 Card - PCIe x4

It depends on what you plan to use it for.  It should work if your plan is to use the drives as storage devices.  It will not, however, work if your plan includes using the M.2 NVMe drives as boot devices - this system is too old to support booting from an NVMe device.

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My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L500D PLSK0A-00U009 And i can connect to the internet fine but the speed is incredibly slow and no matter what i do i cant fix it ive tryed Reinstalling and fiddling with the settings and with no luck. Does anyone know how to fix the problem with the speed im having www.speedtest.net test shows the speed at 0.52kbp/s Download and upload at 1.45kbp/s Please help

A:Problems with Realtek RTL8187SE Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps PCIE Network Adapter

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I'm interested in installing this card in my E510 and was wondering if anyone else installed this type of card, or something similar, in their E510 and powered it with a 15-pin SATA cable.
I have a Corsair CX430M power supply providing power to an SSD using a 15-pin SATA cable. I'm planning on using a SATA cable extender to connect the extra SATA connector to the card.
Has anyone done such an installation successfully? Thanks!

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I have had this problem for a couple months now. Basically, my wifi drivers keep failing/uninstalling and my attempts to save them/reinstall them continue to prove unsuccessful. It will occur both during use/on startup that the wifi driver will disapear. (no ability to connect to wifi/does not appear in device manager) I have tried reinstalling drivers with some success but no permanant solution. I am running the latest version of Windows 10.  The error follows a linear progression 1. Wifi looses internet access2. All other wifi networks cannot be found 3. The wifi network I am connected to cannot be found4. Device Manager Error (It says: No drivers are installed for this device)5. The driver is not in device manager and I can only use ethernet In the events log (when I can see the device) the error is Device not started (NETwNb64)Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&SUBSYS_40708086&REV_BB\4851B7FFFFD2D64C00 had a problem starting.Driver Name: oem61.infClass Guid: {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}Service: NETwNb64Lower Filters:Upper Filters: vwifibusProblem: 0x15Problem Status: 0x0I have attempted MANY fixes, which include:Restarting computer Repairing drivers Windows updatesUninstalling/Installing drivers (Including Intel,,,,, 19.10.0, Atheros and Broadcom "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"Disabling/Enabling DriverSystem Restor... Read more

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Cannot get gigabit performance out of Nics in Win 7.. Locked 100 mbps. My motherboard is an Evga 590 Sli Am2 motherboard, with dual gigabit nics. Having established that there is really no benefit to using both nics at the same time in another post, I am now posting because it seems I am only getting 100mbps out of my nics, even though all the cables in the network are cat 5e, and both the router, and switch in the network are gigabit capable.

I started researching this problem some time back on the net, and came across threads where other folks were able to resolve, by installing their specific network driver from mobo maker, as opposed to the network driver bundled with chipset from nvidia. I did some footwork then with drivers, and was able to get my machine running at full gigabit speeds. It ran this way for the past few weeks, then when transfering a 1gb file from one machine on the network to another the other day, noticed that the speed was locked at 100mbps. I went under task manager, network, and noticed that the speed was back to 100mbps.

I am posting here to see if anyone has any advice. The only option on my nic controller config and the one I used to get it working before, is auto negotiate. Gigabit is not listed.

Any help greatly appreciated..

A:Gigabit nic stuck at 100mbps in Gigabit network.

I am guessing you checked this already, but can't hurt to post the info in case not.

Right click your network adapter in the device manager. Choose properties. Then advanced. For the link speed/duplex mode, choose 1000 mbps/full duplex or whatever setting is the closest to that. I don't have gigabit network so I can't say exactly. Also, if an update for the firmware of your router is available, that is always good to install.

If both nics are onboard, try disabling one of them (if not in use) in the bios or device manager.

Here's my settings though, where I'm saying to look. I know you said auto-negotiate is the only option. You're sure about that after checking again, right? Weird problem, heh. Perhaps another machine on the network is set to 100 mbps, thus defaulting your router to work at this speed also?

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Hi everyone,

I have the following weird problem and couldn't find any solution despite long troubleshooting...

Network architecture:

PC 1: Win 7 Gigabit Card Driver Updated Cable Cat 6 2x1.5TB Western Digital 1xSSD 64GB

PC 2: Win 7 Gigabit Card Driver Updated Cable Cat 6 1x1TB Western Digital

PC 3 (Brand New): Win 7 Motherboard: Gigabit P55A-UD5 All Drivers Updated especially Realtek ones Cable Cat 6 SSD 64GB + Raid5 on 4disks

Trendnet Gigabit Switch

Ex1: Copy PC1 to PC2 = 40-50MB/s >> OK

EX2: Copy PC2 to PC1 = 40-50MB/s >> OK

EX3: Copy PC1 to PC3 = 5MB/s ????!!!

EX4: Copy PC3 to PC1 = 50MB/s >> ok

EX5: Copy PC2 to PC3 = 5MB/s ????!!!

EX6: Copy PC3 to PC2 = 50MB/s >> ok

To sum up:

Given the transfer speed the gigabit network is working.
PC3 is the problem. When copying data from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 transfer speed are OK however when PC1 & PC2 are copying to PC3 the transfer speeds are ridicously slow. How can such a weird situation happen ?

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your insights.
NB: Firewall / antivirus (NOD 32) deactivated

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Am having trouble getting the XPS to recognize this adapter and the SSD drive attached.

Lycom DT-120 M.2 PCIe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter
MyDigitalSSD 480GB (512GB) BP5e 80mm SATA III 6G M.2 2280 NGFF SSD

I planed the MyDigitalSSD drive in the M.2 slot, and successfully installed OS and made it a boot drive (off the M.2 slot).
Now, I would really like to make use of the PCIe adapter. Any help and pointers would be appreciated.

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My laptop will no longer connect to the internet. It can't even locate available WIFI. After troubleshooting the following problems were found: "The Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 adapter  is experiencing driver- or hardware-related problems""A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken"    As for the 2nd problem, all of our other devices are connecting just fine to the internet so it has to be the first problem. I have 46 days left in my warranty. Where the heck do I even take my laptop to get looked at? Can I do anything to resolve the problem at home? HELP please!

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Hi. I recently upgraded my windows to anniversary version last week and after several hours I notice that there's something about my wifi connectivity. I am 10 meters away from the router but the wifi indicator at the right bottom show full bar but my connection still very slow and it should be only 2 bar like before. After several munites of connectivity it disconnects itself and when I tried to connect it again it says that can't connect to this network sometimes no network found. I restarted my pc to and it connects again and disconnects again after 5 minuntes. Help me do dome something about this..

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I have Lenovo y700 gaming laptop. It has windows 10 home operating system. Since past few weeks wireless adapter(Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165) is showing abnormal behavior. Many times wireless/wifi available connections list becomes empty. I have tried installing latest drivers from both Lenovo and Intel website against Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 adapter. I suspect windows 10 updates has done something wrong. Sometimes after trying installing drivers again and again fix the issue but appears again after few restarts.

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For some reason I cant upgrade my network adapter because I cant uninstall the old drivers. I've tried everything i can think of including deleting it from the device manager, add/remove program, and even the registry. It's asking for a file called PROSETDX.msi which there are many of but none of them work. HELP! TIA!

A:Intel Network adapter

Hello there, um.. you don't need to uninstall your old drivers to upgrade them (unless you already tried that and it didn't work)

Usually i update my drivers via the device manager, right click the device i want to update, update driver, find the driver on my PC (or something), search for the folder where you have the driver and click next..

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Hello everyone.
I have an Intel PRO/100 M network adapter and I can't find a driver for it, for Windows 7 x64.
Windows XP (32 bit) can recognize it automatically.
Windows Vista (32 bit) does not have built-in drivers for it, but it can get them from Windows Update without me having to search for them.
But Windows 7 (64 bit) can't find them. I have searched everywhere for drivers for my network adapter, but I can't find them.

Does anyone know where I can get a driver for my adapter?

Here's the hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1229&SUBSYS_00098086&REV_05


A:Intel PRO/100 M network adapter

Quote: Originally Posted by oviradoi

Hello everyone.
I have an Intel PRO/100 M network adapter and I can't find a driver for it, for Windows 7 x64.
Windows XP (32 bit) can recognize it automatically.
Windows Vista (32 bit) does not have built-in drivers for it, but it can get them from Windows Update without me having to search for them.
But Windows 7 (64 bit) can't find them. I have searched everywhere for drivers for my network adapter, but I can't find them.

Does anyone know where I can get a driver for my adapter?

Here's the hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1229&SUBSYS_00098086&REV_05


You can use the vista 64bit driver if you install it in compatibility mode. to do that right click the installer>properties>compatibility>check vista


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Hey there!

So, I recently installed Windows Home Edition 64x onto my computer. However, when I tried to install a driver so that I could access my internet again, it said that the Intel(R) Adapter was no longer to be found when my prior version did have it on the computer. I've been looking into trying different drivers and I've heard that depending on the type of motherboard you have, that has something to do with which ones you want to install. But because this computer was custom built by a friend I'm no longer in contact with, it makes finding out this information a little tricky. I'm just not half as computer savvy as they were. I collected this information based off of other tutorials if it would help any and attached it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Intel R Network Adapter Not Present?

Welcome to the forum,

I would like you to provide a couple other pieces of info, we need to know what motherboard you have, CPU-Z will give us that,

CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID

After you open it go to the mainboard tab like this,

And either post a screenshot or tell us the manufacturer and model.

This file here will give us your hardware ID's,

System Information File - Create in Windows

Just looking at the file you uploaded I see a lot of basic drivers from the installer, so you may need several updated.

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I recently reinstalled Windows XP on my desktop and I have gotten the internet to work through my modem, but it only gives me a speed of 12.0 Mbps. From the Dell Driver Downloads page, my network adapter is a Intel Pro /100 VE Network Adapter, but when it is installed, I cannot access any web browser. It says I am connected, and firewalled under Local Area Connection, but my browser does not work. Like I said, my modems' adapter is the only thing keeping me on the internet, but I want to break away from it and use the 100 Mbps Intel Adapter. What do you think is wrong?



A:Intel Pro /100 VE Network Adapter Problem

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