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Reinstalling C309a printer after updating to Windows 10

Q: Reinstalling C309a printer after updating to Windows 10

I have a C309a printer (USB) which was working fine on my Sony Laptop with Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10 and downloading a w10 Ddriver from Windows Update, I clicked on Solution Center desktop icon to check printer ink, got a blank white box. Ithen went to your site and downloaded complete C309a software and attempted to reinstall several times unsuccessfully. At one point got a message that printer appeared to be functional so I successfully printed and scanned a document. However have no solution center anymore. How do I get it back and reinstall entire HP 309a succesfully?

Preferred Solution: Reinstalling C309a printer after updating to Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Reinstalling C309a printer after updating to Windows 10

@RLP9302 Welcome to the HP Community Forum. Help, Instructions, Examples:Install Full Feature Software - Printer Section(s)Section titled The Windows 10 Printer Frenzy If your printer is no longer supported, try the Driver (software download) in:Section titled: Bits and Drivers=================================================================You can contact HP and ask about your printer situation -- see what you need / should do for your individual situation if it differs from the norm.Contact HP Support ? Web Assistance Portal If you are in the USA / Canada, fill in the Web form and leave contact information:Contact HP ? USA - Assistance HP Tech support/ Customer Service ? Some English Speaking CountriesIncluding UK and Europe ================================================================= HPSA version 8.x - non-HP platform This is a new version of HPSA that does reportedly work on non-HP platforms; the program may run on your Sony computer. I cannot verify; I have HP systems in my home office. You might install HPSA (HP Support Assistant) the latest version (8.0.26.x), add your printer device to HPSA, and then let this new version of the program guide you to install any new updates for your printer. Support HomeClick the "Identify Now" button on the right side of the screen >Accept the offer to download and install the latest HP Framework (HPSA) program onto your system. When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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I bought my HP c309a about 1.5 years ago, and have not used it much (150-200 pages in total) since I do most of my printing at work. I had not used it for 3-4 months but needed to print some documents one evening. I switched on the printer and got the following error message: "The following ink cartridges appear to be missing or damaged" (it showed symbols for yellow, magenta and black).
I tried to print anyway but some colours were missing (mainly black).

I had new genuine HP cartridges at home so I replaced the cartridges and switched on the printer again. I got the same error message again, but this time for cyan and black.
A bit weird since I had replaced the black a minute ago, but I thought it might be old.
Went out and bought a set of new genuine HP cartridges and replaced all just to be safe, switched on the printer and got the same message again regarding cyan and black.

At this point I realised that something was not quite right so I had a look at the manual, and also did some research for this particular model on the web. I then proceeded with cleaning the printhead and the "cradle" for the printhead with distilled water. No difference.
After even more research and reading forum after forum with people with similar symptoms I decided to replace the printhead. A new and genuine HP part again.
Again no difference.

It still showed an error message for missing or damaged cartridges (sometimes they even vary between yellow, cyan and black)... Read more

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Hey guys,

Are there many updates for windows 7 ultimate 32bit I should be aware of? I am planning on doing a clean install on my PC. Are there alternate methods for downloading the updates and installing them without being connected to the internet? I was thinking somewhat along the line of downloading the updates at work [fast internet] and transporting them home onto a flash card.

If internet is required, my only option is using my phone as a modem and download the directly to my PC. But it doesn't represent much

After having installed the updates, is there any way to save the updates so they can be installed at a later time whenever I feel like doing a clean install of windows 7 again? What about making a restore disc with the updates installed?
Thanks ahead,

A:Reinstalling & Updating Windows 7 Ultimate OS

You can get pretty much anything offered in the way of an update as an individual download, but you have to know what you're looking for.

Yes you can keep what you've downloaded for future reinstalls, but some updates get superseded by later updates, so your updates could become outdated.

An image would work, but be prepared to do additional updates as soon as you restore if any time has passed since the image was created. I don't let my images get more than a couple of months old before I replace them.

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is there a way to reinstall windows 7 after updating it to windows 10

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OK I am looking to update firefox without doing a full reinstall. Does anyone know if this is possible? The way things are setup here I can install spacific files a lot easier than reinstalling the entire package on a users desktop

A:Updating Firefox without reinstalling

Kingerhlc said:

OK I am looking to update firefox without doing a full reinstall. Does anyone know if this is possible? The way things are setup here I can install spacific files a lot easier than reinstalling the entire package on a users desktopClick to expand...

The folks at mozilla.org always advise you to uninstall the current version with Add/Remove programs and then to install the new version of Firefox.

I have not found it possible, yet, to do what you are talking about.

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I'm not sure this is the correct section for this question. If not I apologize. I just got a new modem to use to internet on multiple computers. I got the wireless Dell laptop hooked up to the internet with no problem. But I have been unable to get a internet connection for the desktop. I get some error message regarding the computer trying to find the IP address but it's unable to do so. I called my internet service provider and the guy, who use to work with Dell (the computer I have is Dell Dimension 2400) and he said I may need to update or reinstall my "network card driver". And that Dell should be able to help me through this. Or I could get a wireless card to use for the desktop computer.

I also should mentioned that originally, when I had the regular modem, the installtion desk from my internet service, prompted me to use Ethernet cord. So I was using that at first. I had a problem with internet explorer (which I eventually resolved myself by uninstalling McAfee) and I think it was the Bell South customer service rep that had me switch from Ethernet to USB. Since then I have experienced connectivity problems, even though I have DSL. I tried to reconnect it to the Ethernet card before but Dell and Bell South could not help. So I just went back to using the USB. But unfortunately this wireless modem only has a Ethernet outlet.

I guess my question is, is there anyway I can update or reinstall the driver on my own? I'm asking because I called D... Read more

A:Network card driver - reinstalling/updating?

Let's figure out what you have first. Plug the cable into the computer and the router and reboot the computer. Then do this:

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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Hi. I'm new to the forum and not quite sure how else to proceed with my BSOD issues.

I play WoW, but only started playing again recently after a few years break. I updated my Radeon HD 5670 driver and started getting black screens, errors, driver non-responsive/restarting, BSOD's, etc. I made some changes per posts/articles that I read, renamed a file, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, downloaded suggested files like a JMicron package and Alien Autopsy, etc., and the problem persists.

When I play WoW, my driver stops responding and restarts, which leads to black screens and game restarts. Although this only happens when I first log in, then the game usually plays but with fps rates hovering around 40 on average (my fps never used to be so low). In the last few days, I've noticed a marked slowdown in fps and a weird screeching noise when there is talking in-game but it is not constant. It comes and goes.

I'm also getting BSOD crashes. Sometimes one or two in a day, and sometimes I'll get lucky and it will skip a day. This is now happening when I'm not playing the game and going about my usual business--emails, social media, GDocs, etc. There was one incident a week or two ago where my OS wouldn't even load. I kept having to hard restart and it finally worked.

I can follow instructions pretty well but am not particularly tech savvy. I'm hoping there is an easy fix like an earlier driver version or something similar.

Thank you for any input.

A:BSOD crashes after updating/reinstalling Radeon HD 5670

Stress test your graphics card with Furmark

I recommend running it for around 30 minutes


Furmark will increase the temperature of your GPU rapidly so keep and eye on your temperatures

If that finds no problems then please try updating your graphics driver to the latest version.
Here's some instructions.

How-To Install AMD Catalyst? Drivers For A Windows? Based System

I also want you to run Furmark as it looks promising that your GPU is failing.

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Installation failure of HP C309A Photosmart Premium. Error message is:
"The specified service does not exist as an installed service."
Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Installation is wireless on home network.

A:HP C309A Installation Failure

You appear to have a HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer C309a
(Part # CC335A/CC335B/CC335AD/CC336A/CC337C)

You might want to add and save this site in your browser's favorites/bookmarks list so you can readily refer to it when needed.

This is the most current full-feature software driver package for it.

The "Solve a problem" section may be helpful to you.


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I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Dell, and when I scan an image to my pc it changes my desktop resolution to a very low setting. Thanks for any help with this problem.

A:HP All In One C309A changes my desktop resolution when scanning.

The HP software that you have installed may not be Vista compatible or you have it in Compatibility Mode. Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel and uninstall all the related HP software, then reboot as needed. Make sure the printer is disconnected.

Then download and install the latest software from HP: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=2093&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=ca&lang=en&product=3737195

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I have a PS C309a printer connected to my wireless network. I have a Vista x32 laptop and a Vista x64 desktop. Both had the C309a up and running, it may have been with SP1 or even pre-SP1 when they were originally set up and both worked quite well. I uninstalled the printer from the desktop while troubleshooting another problem (which turned out to be the video card). Now I want to reinstall the C309a printer but the program can't find the printer. The laptop is still working fine and I just installed on a friend's laptop (XP) with no problem. I'm thinking the issue may be related to Vista SP2, but before I go to the trouble of uninstalling SP2 I'd like to know if anyone else has run into this. The printer worked fine after SP2 was installed.

A:Solved: HP PhotoSmart C309a on Vista x64 SP2

try installing the printer while hardwired to the desktop to determine if its the computer or the network and the computer

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my hp psc 1410v printer keeps reinstalling the drivers for the printer and asks to register it after i bring the computer on from vista stand-by mode. just wondering what can caus that?

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I recently reformatted a Dell computer running Windows XP, and upon reinstallation of everything I failed to unplug the dp d145 printer from the USB port. It now will not work. There are no error messages or anything, it just doesn't work at all. I have no idea what's wrong with it. The copier works, so it's not a printer issue, it just doesn't work with the computer. Any suggestions?

A:HP Printer not seen (after reinstalling XP)

uninstall the software from add-remove programs.

Unplug the printer.

Remove it from the Printers folder if it remains.

Then reinstall exactly as per the instructions.

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The problem is each time I turn the computer on, I get the message new hardware found and it reloads the printer. Even though I have that driver loaded already. It loads as many times as I turn on the computer and calls it Copy 1, 2, 3, etc. I have tried 4 different printers and the same thing keeps happening.
I also get found new hardware each time I use the same flash drive
Also, If I turn the printer on or off while the computer is on, it reboots the computer.

cheers to anyone who can solve this problem for me.

amd 64bit, winxp pro, sp2.

A:Printer keeps reinstalling

Did you leave the install disk in your cd rom?

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I just got a new computer with XP pro. I downloaded the drivers for my Lexmark Z51 printer. XP says driver not signed, but I got the printer to work. Now XP keeps re-installing the printer every time I reboot, or turn the printer on.

I have emails in to Lexmark, but they are not known for their support. I just want the darned thing to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:XP keeps reinstalling my printer?

Wellcome to TSG.

Shut the printer off and disconnect it. Uninstall the drivers. Reconnect the printer and turn it on and let windows load the drivers. XP has the Z51 driver in its database.


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I took my computer in for service to erradicate a nasty trojan that snuck past my virus protection software. They had to completely wipe my hard drive clean and then reinstalled windows xp os.

I brought the computer home and have been reloading programs and trying to reconnect printers, etc.

Anyway, I have a crazy problem. My printer ports keep disappearing! My main printer has been installed and it works fine right after the computer is booted up. then the next time I try to print it doesn't. When looking at the properties of the printer in the control panel--it is easy to see why the printer can't print---there are NO ports listed. It is really connected to LPT1 and if I restart computer then it will be fine with the first thing that prints (usually whatever didn't print from prior to the shut down). All of the different ports show up as they should be. Then they disappear again!!!

The tech already tried a remote access repair to my computer. But it didn't work---he didn't know what the problem was and all he did was reinstall the printer (which I have done many times) and chose a different driver. Doesn't matter--it is fine when computer first comes on then....gone. even if I just put it into standby--when I wake it up---no printer. :-(

Also, my secondary printer which is a USB connection has the exact same problem so it is not the printer.

Any suggestions?? Has anyone ever heard of this problem before/

thanks in advance for any assistance


A:printer problems after reinstalling XP

This only happens with printers? You can plug in any other USB device and it will continually work fine?

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I have an HP OfficeJet K-80 printer/copier/scanner. It worked OK until recently. I could print or copy but not scan. HP Image editor software would not respond to any of my clicks. So, I uninstalled then installed 3 times. Each time I get an error message near the end of the installation process:

"Unable to start the application--the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered."

I don't know where the required Java software is supposed to be located nor where I can obtain it.

A:Problem reinstalling printer drivers

I'm working with HP tech support on this problem. It turns out that Java VM is not included in my current version of XP/SP2. I tried downloading Java from Sun's site, but got an error message there also when I tried to install the package.

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I work for a college and we have a number of network printers shared, when we connect to a network printer it installs the driver and everything is fine but after we reboot and try to print again to the same printer it asks to install the drivers again, this happend repeatedly.  This is only happening on vista and windows 7 machines.I have heard that this is a known problem for vista machines and that there is a fix available but i can't find it anywhere.Any help would be appreciated

A:Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

Hi Chris,
if it works on 75 percent of the clients I would do the following thing. Your clients are probably in a domain environment. I would copy the security descriptor (SID) from a properly working client with subinacl.exe (A command line tool which you can download
from MS download) and push it to a not working client and test if it solves the problem.
I thing this is the easiest method.
Subinacl is a the most powerfull tool ever !
With kind regards,
Cengiz Kuskaya

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I have Dell Inspiron 531 desktop, Dell 946 printer.

Everything went to hell when I installed Zone Alarm firewall -- because I can't sign onto the internet without closing Windows firewall every time! -- after seeing someone here recommend it and before seeing additional posts regarding how much trouble it causes. And it did. I did a system restore to get back and running, but multiple things are still haywire.

The printer is the most pressing. I thought I would try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, so I followed Dell's directions here:


I did these things as directed:

Double clicked on the icon
Rec'd prompt to Run
Clicked continue
Clicked OK to unzip files
"All files were successfully unzipped"

Then they say, "Follow the prompts that appear to install the driver. If prompted to restart your system, click OK."

But I don't have any prompts! Instead I'm looking at a screen that says "Computer, OS C: drivers, R145315" across the top. I'm in the install folder, right? But what do I do next? I've got folders that say "apps", "common", "drivers", "install", "pubs", "tools" all "date modified" today. If I click on the install folder, then I see folders that say "config", "English", "x86". None of which looks like ... Read more

A:Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

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Friend's XP laptop I upgraded to Win7 here in Germany has a Lexmark X7170 printer which installed fine using its software package (he wants to scan). But the problem is he only wants to plug it in when he uses it, and every time he plugs it in now it tries to reinstall the drivers, making a new copy of the printer in Devices and Printers instead of recognizing the one already installed and set to default.

I have tried turning off Auto Device Installation but that only affects going to Windows Update, so it still scans the PC for drivers to install for a new Copy of the printer every time its plugged in, and for some reason doesn't find the needed drivers in their folder.

Is there a way to resolve this. It is using a Vista software package for this older printer, but it prints and scans fine if we can resolve this issue not present when he had XP.

I'm pretty sure its buggy software. The only version of the 7100 software I could get to work is the English version. Now when I try to delete the only listing in Devices and Printers it gives an Access Denied. I'm going to try reinstalling in recommended Compat Mode.

A:Lexmark 7100 printer keeps reinstalling when plugged in

Check if there are any Lexmark Services that aren't running before the printer is plugged in.
If there are, start the Service(s) before plugging in the printer and see if that helps.

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I was working on getting the Canon ImageClass 4150 machine to work on a machine with Vista installed. I downloaded the new driver and upon trying to install the installer informed me that I needed to uninstall the previous instances of "MF Drivers" in order to reinstall.

I ran a utility included in the setup zip file that is supposed to remove previous Canon drivers in the 4100 series. I removed it from Add/Remove programs and also in the Device Manager. I've searched the computer (including hidden files, etc) and can't find any previous instances of the driver. Can't figure out what else I need to install.. Any help please?

A:Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150



MF refers to the model group...ignore the fact that the second link refers to Win 7. Both links are provided as just info to consider.


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I can't seem to update my printer, I keep getting an error code.My warrenty ran out, my printer is 2 yrs. old.Do I have to have a warrenty to recieve updates?When requesting chat is says I may be charged a fee? 

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As the title says. 3 year old laptop that otherwise is still great, now useless due to Lenovo not updating the bios and preventing me from updating windows which made adobe illustrator and photoshop stop working, can't download codecs, etc. Windows support said until lenovo updates the bios I'm out of luck and have a useless machine. I can browse the internet and use apps that haven't tried to update... Lenovo was a great machine. I was a big fan. Due to lack of support for older machines and this ridiculous issue I would never recommend any business professional like me to purchase one. To have it literally just stop working one day due to lack of software upkeep on lenovo is just silly. Is this how you make people buy new computers? It worked, except I'm going to go to best buy and ask them to sell me a machine that won't stop suddenly due to the manufacturer not keeping it up to date. For the record this is the second time this has happened and lenovo updated a few weeks later. I use this for work and can not deal with my apps not working for weeks while I wait for lenovo to roll out updates... SO, dear Lenovo, update the bios of the y50-70, serial: CB36361936

A:My y50-70 is now useless due to lenovo not updating bios preventing me from updating windows.

What version of Windows are you running right now, what version are you trying to update to, and what error are you getting? Per Lenovo (see link below), that model is compatible with Windows 10 1809, but has not yet been certified for Microsoft's just released May 1903 update. Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1809https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht507291 When Microsoft makes major OS updates, the manufactures of hardware devices in your system such as like Intel, Synaptics and Realteck etc. may need to provide updated drivers to computer manufacturers such as Lenovo etc. so their hardware will work properly.  Windows 10 version 1903 is just now rolling out, so I cannot believe that Adobe is requiring version 1903 for codec updates etc.    I also find it hard to believe that it is a BIOS issue, and would guess that most likely Microsoft is blowing you off with that excuse, because there are many Y50-70 systems running Windows 10 already using the old BIOS. Windows 10 Drivers page for Lenovo Y50-70https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-note...    Cheers,

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After installing HP software for my HP officejet 4680 printer, I get a screen requesting an installer for the following file "GP Basic Service2.msi" I am unable to get it off the screen unless I uninstall of the suite. Help?

A:Solved: Reinstalling HP Software for Printer J4680 officejet

If you don't already have it, here is the support and software update site for the HP Officejet J4680 All-In-One printer.

Here is the "Solve a problem" section that you can browse through.

You didn't mention if your computer has Windows XP, Vista, or 7.


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Has anyone tried to install from the HP CD-ROM the new XP software for an HP1100Ase printer/scanner? The setup.exe program runs fine on my Win98 PC but not on my WINXP PC. I get a message about Director Player 6.0 saying "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run." When I click on OK nothing else happens. The PC has 1GB of RAM and Norton System Doctor indicates that 700MB+ is available. Of course HP support is unavailable on weekends.

A:Updating HP1100Ase Printer Software for XP

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Hello i Have the above problem while I try to share a printer on a domain network.
My windows firewall (localy) is also damage, is that the problem that I have to solve first?

Windows 8  - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties  [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved.  There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.   [OK]

A:Windows 8 - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved. There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. [OK]

You may need to reinstall the printer. Remove the printer driver from Control Panel\Programs and Features, then add the printer from Devices and Printers.

Please note that if the printer driver is not in the list in Devices and Printers, I suspect that the printer is currently not compatible with Windows 8. In this case I suggest you contact the printer manfuacturer for more information.
Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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After loading 64 bit drivers for my canon mx700 printer, updating the firmware on my Asus RT-AC66U router and my intel wifi drivers on Monday, my laptop started crashing instead of going to sleep.

It began doing so last yesterday morning, or Monday night, and did it again last night.

A:BSOD after updating Intel Wifi drvs & pixma mx700 printer SW & drvs

Hi spookster.

You said you updated intel wifi driver, that means the driver to Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6250 AGN. But if fact it did not update.

Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250: The drivers for this device are not installed.
Try it: Intel? PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7

Also, if you disconnect the TOSHIBA External USB 3.0 USB Device, what happens? Probably your computer does not support USB3. If the

Another test, try to downgrage the drivers to scanner/printer.

Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type ?msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the ?Startup? tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
Let us know. Will concentrate on this one below after seeing your reports.

Log Name: System
Source: Disk
Date: 2013-11-28T14:12:43.178
Event ID: 11
Task: N/A
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: N/A
User Name: N/A
Computer: Ken-PC
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.

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1. I set up Vista Business on a freshly-formatted hard drive. I then joined my computer to a Windows Server 2003 (SP1) domain and gave my domain user account administrative privileges. 2. I then installed Office 2007 Enterprise Edition and transferred my files and settings from my old WinXPSP2 hard drive to the Vista system using the transfer wizard from the Vista DVD. 3. I then used the add printer wizard in Vista to install network printers all of which worked fine when I printed test pages. The domain installed XP drivers for the printers.4. I then took my system home, resumed from hibernation, and used the add printer wizard to install a Canon ip 5200R inkjet printer using Vista's in-box printer driver and create a standard TCP-IP port for the printer. (The printer has a static IP address on my home non-domain network). When the icon for the local Canon printer appeared in the printers window, the icons for all the network printers disappeared.5. When I returned to the office, I found that I was unable to use the add-printer wizard to add the network printers back to my system. The add printer wizard sees the network printers, but when I select a network printer I receive an error message with connect to printer at the top and the message "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Make sure that you have typed the name correctly, and that the printer is connected to the network."Can somebody help me troubleshoot this?

A:Windows cannot connect to the printer. Make sure that you have typed the name correctly, and that the printer is connected to...

I have a network with a PC (XP) with two local printers that I could print to from my Vista Business laptop either wirelessly or on the wire. 
I too experienced this problem after installing SP1 (which was a nightmare unto itself) on the laptop. 
This "fix" worked for me. 

Go into Control Panel
Underneath the Hardware and Sound category, click on Printer
Click on Add a printer from the top menu
Click on Add a Local Printer
Choose Create a New Port with type of port remaining Local Port, then click Next
In the Port Name box type the path to the printer you wish to connect to and Click OkEx. \\mycomputer\myprinterIf the computer you wish to connect to is named Bob and the printer is called HP then the path would be \\Bob\HP
In the Install Printer Driver
screen, select your printer from the list or choose Have Disk and find the location of the printer drivers on the computer then click Next and then click Finish.
You should now see the printer installed in the Printers window.
Right-click on the printer and click Properties
On the General tab, click Print Test Page to test the printer.
You should now (hopefully) be able to printer from Windows Vista to this networked printer without any problems.

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I have trouble installing a HP Color LaserJet 8550N printer (has JetDirect Printer Server 600N with IP address of to my XPpro PC.
I was stuck when Add Printer Wizard ask me to “specific a Printer”. I selected “Browse for a printer” and came up with nothing (no printer). I tried selecting “Connect to this printer” but I do not know what name to type in (Example is \\server\\printer). I tried selecting “Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network” but I do not what URL to type in (Example is http://server/printer/myprinter/printer). Therefore, I cancelled the installation.
I had then installed its Printer Utility. The utility is capable of finding the printer and showing me it’s Properties. However, I still ended up with no printer listed to use in Printers and Faxes.
So, XPpro is a step backward in this case.
I could install this printer with printer server on W98/ME because their Add Printer Wizards allow me to use either the IP address or the hardware address to locate the printer server.
I hope I have described my problem well. Please help!


A:Can not install a HP LJ C8550N printer (with Printer Server card) to Windows XPpro

Double post.
Sorry Randy, its against the rules of the forum to double post the same problem in different forums. It makes resolution and follow ups too hard for many......

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Canon do not support their BJ30 printer on a Windows 7 64 bit OS, and do not supply drivers. Does anyone know how I can use this printer on this OS, by perhaps using similar drivers etc? Thanks.

A:Printer Driver needed for Canon BJ30 printer on a Windows 7 64bit OS

on another forum, someone has managed to use the BJC-85 printer drivers to work with windows 7 - doesn't
say if 32 or 64bit windows 7 though

also have read here

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I have trouble installing a HP Color LaserJet 8550N printer (has JetDirect Printer Server 600N with IP address of to my XPpro PC.
I was stuck when Add Printer Wizard ask me to “specific a Printer”. I selected “Browse for a printer” and came up with nothing (no printer). I tried selecting “Connect to this printer” but I do not know what name to type in (Example is \\server\\printer). I tried selecting “Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network” but I do not what URL to type in (Example is http://server/printer/myprinter/printer). Therefore, I cancelled the installation.
I had then installed its Printer Utility. The utility is capable of finding the printer and showing me it’s Properties. However, I still ended up with no printer listed to use in Printers and Faxes.
So, XPpro is a step backward in this case.
I could install this printer with printer server on W98/ME because their Add Printer Wizards allow me to use either the IP address or the hardware address to locate the printer server.
I hope I have described my problem well. Please help!


A:Can not install a HP LJ C8550N printer (with Printer Server card) to Windows XPpro

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Not all my lightweight gateways are updating automatically.  Is there a way to force the update?

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I have add printers before on networks but for some reason can't see this one, here is the setup and problem

DSL--MODEM>Wireless Linksys Router? 1st computer dell dedktop windows xp sp2 home it wired to router no problem works great. Printer hooked to desktop works great.

2nd computer is a dell Laptop windows xp sp2 home with wireless card and connects to the network just fine.

They have a new printer a HP Officejedt Pro L7500 all in one printer, scanner, copier, and fax. ON the laptop I go to control panel and printers and then add a printer and go through where it tells to check for network printer and I do and it shows the computers but not the printer, I look on the desktop for the share name and it was HPOffice so I even typed that in on the laptop but still can't see it.

I have a network setup just like my buddy modem>wireless router>2 desktops and a laptop. MY printer is hooked to the first computer which is aldo wired to the router and on my lap top (which is the same as his a DELL Inspiron I did the add printer and it saw my printer and added it right away.

On my buddies I shared the printer from the desktop computer and did the same thing on his laptop as I did mine but it just doesn't see his. Can someone tell my what I am doing wrong. I even ran the add a home network on the desktop then the laptop and that didn't help it just isn't picking up the printer. I tried to run the disc for the printer on the laptop but only get a l... Read more

A:Solved: 2 windows XP SP2 Home-Router-Printer-Can't add printer on 2nd computer

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Hi to all.

I am having an annoing problem with shared printers.

The user that share a printer lose the default printer in any case when another user print on this shared and it turn immediatly default printer only for the user that share the printer.

The printer shared is a label printer without network port and all was working very well before this , in my opinion, unusefull improve.

All user have the " not manage default option" , win 10 pro but seems that "default option" do not effect at all with shared printers.

It is clear that is a very bad working for the sharing printer user that have to check every time what the actual default printer.

any suggestion or is it a win 10 bug ?


A:Shared printer problem with windows 10 printer default manage

Not a Windows bug. Helps to know the model and manufacturer of thr label printer.

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Hello there,

My name is Ed.. I have a Widnows XP with my HP Color Laserjet printer connected, which is Share on my Network Workgroup.

I also have new Vista Computer, I've got the Vista connected to the Share Printe from XP, but, once, I shutdown and restart my Vista computer I loose the printer share connection to my Windows XP/Hp color laserjet printer. I try to access the printer from my Vista it said access denied.. I have to delete the printe and locally again reconnect the printer.

I thank you in advanced for your help with this dilema.


A:Printer sharing access denie Windows Vista to XP Printer

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I am running windows xp pro, I had installed sp2 and found usb problems. In trying to fix the problem I accidentally deleted the port the printer was using, the "virtual usb port". I have recently removed the sp2 from my computer which helped in other areas but my printer is not being recognized by anything since deleting that port. Does anyone know how I can get that port back. All other usb devices work fine, scanner mouse keyboard ect..With power on to the printer it shows "printer not responding" or "printer offline". The printer is a cannon s9000. If it helps I am running a Abit kt-7a raid mobo, 1.4ghz amd athlon, win xp pro build 2600. I thought of installing xp on top of the current install but wasn't sure if i'd make things worse..Any help greatly appreciated.

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I have downloaded the bois from the lenovo official site. But when I am updating its show the error message not for this notebook . I have lenovo g500s laptop .other people also facing same issue for the same laptop .please help ...Thanks in advance...

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A:Lenovo g500s bios updating problem. While updating...

The correct version of BIOS update has been just released - BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Now there should be no problems with it's  installation.

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I downloaded Windows 10 when Microsoft offered it..now my printer Lexmark X8350 will not work and I went into lexmark to download the drivers, however there is no driver for windows 10 ..Now what do I do..buy a new printer..jerrysgirl777

A:windows 10 and lexmark x8350 printer . my printer won't work...

Hi there @jerrysgirl777?Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you cannot get your Lexmark printer to print after upgrading to Windows 10. I am happy to help with this. If there is a driver for your printer for Windows 8.1, then you could try that, otherwise I would recommend that you contact Lexmark support. It is possible that  they have a workaround that would allow you to print for not until a full service driver becomes available. Lexmark X8350 - support.lexmark.com

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I have a new Lenovo Windows 7 PC. I have a Brother MFC-9440CN printer directly attached to it via USB. Per instructions, I did NOT install any Brother software on the new PC. I just connected it via USB and the PC automatically installed the drivers, etc. Printing from that PC to the locally attached printer works like a champ. I have set up this printer via a network share (called BrotherMFC) so I can use this printer from other PCs.

I have a Dell desktop Windows XP PC (that used to be the computer that had this printer locally attached) and a Dell laptop with Windows Vista that I want to access this printer via the network. On each of these PCs, I have gone through the "Add a Printer" wizard and I selected network (vs. local) printer and find the printer share. However when I select the printer share and click OK, it appears to try and install software or something and says the printer driver on the printer server is incorrect. How can this driver be "incorrect" when it is the driver the new PC used to install? Is there a "special" driver the system needs to act as a printer server properly? Or is there any known compatibility issues of printing via a network share form Windows XP and Vista PCs to Windows 7?

I know the most optimum solution is to get a wireless print server, but this solution of using a network/printer share over the network has worked great and saves me having to spend $80/$100 on a wireless print server.

Thanks for any he... Read more

A:Incorrect printer driver: Windows 7 printer server

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP

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Can anyone tell me and give me a step-by-step instruction how to synchronize MS Outlook 2007 with the printer HP Office Jet Pro 8500?

All I want to accomplish is to make a 'Scan to Email' and MS Outlook being the program responsible for it and therefor automatically should open. I had done this with dozens of printers but somehow can't get it accomplished with the HP Office Jet Pro 8500.

What I do is:

- Click 'Scan' (on the printer touch-screen menu)
- Click 'Scan to Email' (on the printer touch-screen menu)

Then, the following message appears:

No Network Connection
To use this feature, the All-In-One must be connected to the network
For more information, see the documentation

I DO NOT want a network connection or anything. I just want MS Outlook to be the responsible program..... plain and simple - nothing fancy or special...

Everything else, fax, printer & copy, work without any problems at all.

Please help....

Thanks a lot,

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Hi all,

I just reinstalled windows. After going thru a-lot of problems (tried to install windows on SATA drive without having a floppy) i succeed. I thought that was the end for my problems (for now at-least) and started installing my drivers. also formatted all the other partitions and restarted the computer. Before restarting everything worked properly.
When the computer booted and the windows loading screen went on I thought it'll take it a few seconds, but it went for like 10 minutes and didn't stop loading. I decided to grab something to eat and went for about 10 more minutes. when I came back it was still loading so i decided to restart.
When windows got to the safe mode screen i decided to choose try the last best setting and it helped. windows loaded properly but didn't have the drivers i installed before, so I installed them. restart again and windows not working again.
back to take the last best setting and back to windows working. I did it step by step (installing a driver and rebooting...) but didn't installed RAID controller and USB driver.
Since i don't need them i decided to not installed them. but my problem occurs when i try to update windows. Internet Explorer stops working as soon as i go inside "windows update" or "microsoft update", but i know it worked before i did the first restart.
Also going to the Automatic Update tab in System Settings gives me an error.

What should i do?
Thanks a-lot

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A:Windows update not loading and more problems occuring after reinstalling windows

I have found that installing drivers it is best to do one at a time and make sure the system boots before installing another. That way you can figure out which one is giving you a problem.

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After several system restores, my Windows Media Center now has a "scratching"sound at audio when opening the program. WMC is not on the (programs & features) list to uninstall the program, to reinstall at (add features to Windows 8.1). I have
a screenshot of the (error) message with (search everywhere) on the PC. Since this is a audio problem, I figure its time to update the driver. But I also figure after (3) system restores, some files are "missing" from the WMC program. 
Question: Is there a way to uninstall/reinstall the WMC program to reset (add features to Windows 8.1), to reuse the product key?
I can't refresh the WMC, it will stay on since its from the Windows Store of APP's. That just leaves a total OS reset to rebuild "all" programs for time consuming tasks. I guess its just my day.

Lee Payne

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printer wont go with windows 10 do i need update

A:printer wont go with windows 10 do i need update for printer

angmar58 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your printer and wanted to help -- but need more information. Please provide us the detailed model number of the printer, as there is no generic answer to your question.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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Dear Team,

I need your help with the following issue.

After reinstalling a new coly of windows 7 i cannot find my pictures in folders windows.old.
The strange think is that i cannot find the pictures and the files that where in a sub folder inside a directory.
The capacity of my hard disk shows that files are not deleted but i still cannot find them.
Can you please help me???

Thank you!!!

A:Recovering files from windows.old folder after reinstalling windows

try some 3rd party software to get your lost files back. MiniTool power data recovery tool is a nice one and you can get free licenses when they give licenses away.

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Hello Guys. I have a dual boot system of Windows XP installed on drive C: and Windows 7 installed on drive D: of my machine... the problem started when i re installed my windows xp on drive C: I lost the dual boot screen, now i can only boot on windows xp. How can I restore my dual boot screen so that i can also boot on windows 7. Thank you for any feedback and help.

A:Solved: Windows 7 dont boot after Reinstalling Windows XP

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The problem is during the middle of the installation, at the expanding windows processes it says there's multiple corrupt files on my C: harddrive, which is where I'm attempting to install the OS on. It says to run chkdsk utility utility, but anything beyond the screen with bios always says there's a disk load error to start, or another error which I can't remember but would only allow me to restart to remove the error. Is there anyway to access the corrupt files or to let me run chkdsk utility?

A:Reinstalling windows after windows recovery options failing to help

You should be able to run the DOS version of the drive manufacturer's own analysis tool. It will attempt to fix any errors. Maybe with success, maybe not. If it fails, you may have a warranty claim.

How confident are you that you have error-free and legitimate installation media? Was it burned from an ISO? Borrowed? Bought in DVD form?

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