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Windows explorer don't refresh when deleting/moving items to recycle bin (win 7 32b) etc etc

Q: Windows explorer don't refresh when deleting/moving items to recycle bin (win 7 32b) etc etc

For God sake ... is Microsoft going to do anything about this problem? It's been so many months now!!

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Preferred Solution: Windows explorer don't refresh when deleting/moving items to recycle bin (win 7 32b) etc etc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm reposting this topic under a new thread because Microsoft has erroneously marked the previous thread as "Answered" and is either not paying attention to subsequent posts, or is ignoring the issue. Previous thread can be found under: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproui/thread/8afb8b65-900c-4f42-b1df-3c2394417b6e/

Restating the problem from joeboxer:


This thread discusses the following glitches during file operations, in which file states are not properly updated until a manual refresh of the display (note from ppanish, in my case I don't believe a refresh resulted in an update of the displayed information):
After moving files: A) moved files do not disappear, or B), all moved files disappear but pop-ups report "Could not find this item" for each file.
After deleting files: deleted files do not disappear.
After renaming files: renamed files continue to show former filenames.
After creating a folder: created folder does not appear.
After emptying the Recycle Bin: emptied bin is not shown as empty.

The most successful resolution to this problem was presented by Deckard on 1/22/2010 as follows. Users please note, it is much faster to search for DontRefresh since these are the occurrences you're really interested in... Read more

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Just a curiosity/paranoia question, that I have no doubt someone (brink?) knows the answer to.

I am aware when you move an item to the recycle bin and delete it, you are not actually removing the data written to your drive, simply removing the location from the index. So, my question is kinda twofold:

When moving a file to the recycle bin, does windows actually write a second copy of the data in another location, ie, the recycle bin, or does it simply change the location of the item in the index, from it's original location, to the recycle bin.

Secondly, assuming that there is no second location written, the index location has simply changed, when securely deleting the recycle bin, with an app such as eraser or ccleaner, is the data actually overwritten in it's original location, or, because it was "recycled" before it was deleted, is it still in tact in it's original location?

Paranoia I'm sure, but curious none the less. . .

Thanks for all your geniuses!

A:Securely deleting items from recycle bin

If you use Ccleaner go to lower left and check wipe free space and run a scan. It will clean $Recycle Bin. It will take a while.

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Dear All,
I have been searching a solution for this strange issue for long. I'm an IT Admin in a windows domain where few PCs are affected with this issue. When users delete files, it gets deleted permanently and do not go to Recycle Bin. Users do get alert that file
will be deleted permanently. I searched a lot and tried few solutions found. Let me brief what I tried so far;

This is the Recycle Bin Properties dialog box, which is strange that I don't see drives there.
After doing a lot of search, I tried few solutions. One is to delete $Recycle.Bin folder for all drives and restarting computer. Then tried deleting a single file. Though this method recreated $Recycle.Bin hidden folders, it didn't fix my problem.Then I found somewhere that booting in safe mode and then deleting a file would repair any issues with Recycle Bin. Tried that as well. Didn't fix my problem.

Please note that all of above actions done and screenshots taken are from an Admin account. Is there anything further I can try to fix this issue? Why did this happen in first place?

Thank you all

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I have had this problem for a while but I have just ignored, but now that I am moving around a lot of files it is getting very annoying.

The problem: I am running windows vista 32 bit on a dell inspirion 531. When I try to move or delete files in windows explorer the screen that pops up to show the progress freezes. The file is moved or deleted successfully but the pop up remains. I can then cancel the pop up but the cancel screen also remains. I have to open up task manager to close windows explorer. This problem happens in spurts, sometimes all files do this and sometimes no files do this but it is always all of them or none of them.

This problem first presented itself a couple of months ago so I have no idea what the last piece of software was installed.
I believe I am up to date on all windows updates, including service pack 1, this problem came before service pack 1 was installed.
Is this a common problem with Vista?
I will be happy to provide anymore information that is needed.
thanks in advance for all of the help.

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after moving to new location or deleting to recycle bin any files or folders AND ONLY after closing the last open folder in the taskbar, after those, when I try to open any folder,
explorer crashes and needs to be restarted (Windows Explorer has stopped working... Windows Explorer is restarting)

If those two are not performed (moving/deleting + closing last opened folder) there is no issue.

I ran SFC /SCANNOW, which has found and fixed 1 issue, but explorer still keeps crashing.

Where else should I try start troubleshooting (with less impact possible)?
Thank you!

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This behavior just started within the past week or so. When I delete or move files in Windows Explorer, the files just stay in the right-hand pane. They DO get deleted or moved, but I have to hit F5 to refresh the view.

This never happened before, until about a week ago.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

A:Windows Explorer doesn't update view when moving or deleting files

Hi Ken, Have you added any programs, or did updates just prior to the start of your problem?

BTW, "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

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Ok, apparently I've been just reading here for years and didn't register. Silly me - Sorry! It's an attestment as to how good the site is really. Anyway, I think this is my first question and I am soo appreciative of all the great advice found here it's saved me many times. Thank you!

In XP's Win. Explorer when deleting a file I have manually do View | Refresh in order to really see it is gone. Most people are used to it just disappearing, and don't believe that delete still really works like it used to. The view refresh thing is getting old. Is there any way to make the refresh automatic when something is deleted? I have tried setting all folders to be alike and checked all the "classic" settings for file handling (details etc.) Thanks - yep as you can figure I'm new to XP.

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Sorry for my amateurish question, but my workplace is using Windows 7 and I am discovering some things that are different to XP.

When delete a file, windows explorer does not show that the file has been deleted.

I have to press F5 in order to show that it has been deleted.

Is there something I am doing wrong?


A:Explorer does not refresh when deleting file

Hi again Lee. This seems to be a common occurance and I've not seen a fix for it other than what you are doing, refresh explorer. This happens with my PC as well.

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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
One of the greatest problems now is that whenever I use files and folders (moving, renaming, deleting...) there is NO automatic change in file explorer, desktop or recycle bin unless I refresh them manually. Is there a fix for this ?

A:Automatic refresh doesn't work in File Explorer, Desktop, Recycle etc.

You can try
SFC /Scannow
from an elevated command prompt.

Then there's
DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image - Windows 10 Forums

Failing that, you could try an in-place upgrade repair install.

But I understood from your other post you are trying to upgrade to the anniversary edition. If you can succeed with that, that may well resolve that as you will have a new copy of Windows, unless the problem is caused by a setting which is copied over.

Note that the anniversary edition resolves the bug where an item is deleted from explorer search list and the display was not refreshed.

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Namely Libraries/HomeGroup/Network/Control Panel (and Public on a Vista Machine).

I found posts on these the other day, but my RegEdit doesn't have a CLSID folder, only CLS, so I couldn't follow those tutorials.

A:Deleting items from the explorer left nav tree

Hello LilSing,

This should be able to help you delete these items.

Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Homegroup - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Network - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Control Panel - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Hope this helps,

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Hello everyone, for some weeks now my PC has become very slow deleting or moving in Explorer and deleting or moving on the desktop. I have used all the software I could find to give it a good scub but nothing seems to work. Any ideas what I can try next? Thanks in advance.

A:Deleting,moving very slow in explorer. Why?

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This very annoying problem just recently showed up on my computer. When I delete, move or copypaste a file anywhere, the progress bar for Windows explorer gets stuck. The task itself is completed but the progress window hangs up. When I hit "cancel" the window reads "canceling task" but remains frozen. I'm forced to go into Task Manager and kill explorer.exe to get rid of it. Explorer.exe also hangs up on basic tasks like renaming files (which causes the window to crash) and using the search function in an open window.

Here's what it looks like...

I've already rebooted, virus scanned with two different scanners, defragged my drive and cleaned out all my temp files.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Deleting/Moving/Pasting progress bar won't go away, other problems with explorer.exe

Not to be a d*$k, but I'm going to bump my thread because the problem is getting to be really annoying and interferes with my basic use of the computer. I'd appreciate some attention

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Hello forum members,

I have not had a problem for a while regarding my desktop icons not refreshing,but have recently had my recycle bin display as the full icon when it has nothing in it!?!
When I click refresh in the recycle bin menu,it remains "full"(I have even checked to see if its full by opening the "bin,but nothing shows up aftyer opening it!!),and I was wondering if anyone familiar with this particular problem might have an easy solution??

A:full recycle bin icon refresh problem in windows xp

robo5050, Make up a simple small text file in Notepad and save it to your desktop than right click it and delete it. Now right click your Recycle bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.


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Good afternoon,
Hopefully someone has experienced this and can offer advice.

A user is deleting files, but they are not appearing in the recycle bin

- user is deleting from her computer, and not a network location, or flash drive
- computer is not partitioned - only has a "C" drive
- computer is W7 32-bit
- user is not a local admin
- Use has 6 different recycle bins (right-click on RB desktop icon > properties > recycle bin location); some of the locations are "My Pictures", "My Videos" etc.... We are not able to manage the size of
these locations.
- all of the RB locations are set to "Custom Size"
- have tried:
a. deleting everything out of the RB
b. (running as admin) RD /S /Q C:\$Recycle.bin
c. set to view hidden & system files/folders, gone to "C" and deleted the $RECYCLE.BIN folder. clicked yest at all the prompts, including: Do this for all current items

** after both b & c, rebooted the computer

So far, nothing has worked. Might anyone have any other suggestions?


A:Recycle Bin: deleted items not appearing in recycle bin

Hi jkotsonas, welcome to seven forums.

Not sure if this is your issue, but with different users, each will have his/her own recycle bin and as such, items from one user won't show in another user's bin.

Is this the issue?

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My phone was set up for Google Drive for 30 days. It apparently sent to my recycle bin on laptop after the 30 days. I didn't recognize what was in the recycle bin and hit empty. I now know they were all the pictures from my phone. Can someone help me retrieve them? Thanks in advance.

A:How to I restore deleted items in recycle bin windows 10?

If they were in the Recycle bin and you emptied it, then I would say that you can Kiss them Good by.

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Refreshed my computer. I didn't re install some of the old programs. How should I delete them?

A:Deleting programs after Windows 8 refresh

Open Computer. Navigate to Program Files or Program Files (X86). Delete the folder for the programs you did not reinstall.

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I am seeing old entries of phantom folders in My Network Places in Windows 7. In XP you could just delete them, but there is no selection for this in [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Windows [COLOR=blue !important]7[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. Does anyone know how to delete them?

A:Deleting phantom items from network places in windows 7

I had the same problem. Microsoft decided to make this difficult for non-advanced users:

1. Open a command prompt
2. Type "net use" (no quotes) to see a list of networks
3. Type "net use /delete" (no quotes) and the exact name of the network from the list you just generated.

A more detailed explanation is here:

How To Disconnect Non-Mapped UNC Path “Drives” in Windows - How-To Geek

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I don't know if it is related to windows backup or not but initially when I setup the computer I set an external usb harddrive as the location to perform backups.

I started noticing that with two particular folders the files would occasionally disappear but I could always recover them from the backup location. I checked all the settings but couldn't determine why it would perform the backup and then delete the files after the backup was done. That seems asinine and I can't imagine why that would be default behavior.

The files in these two folders are sometimes used a lot but sometimes can be weeks without being accessed.

So after months of this happening where a few weeks would go by and my files would be gone when I would try to access them, I finally disabled the backup convinced it was related to when those were being done.
Now... it appears that it just deletes the files and because it isn't doing the backup I can't restore them.

Has anyone heard or seen an issue like this where when configuring to perform backups to an external drive, something getting screwed up where the files in the original location are deleted after they are backed up???

Thanks for any ideas...

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I've been using the RTM version of Windows 7 Enterprise through my companies gold partnership msdn program. So far I'm really impressed, a great improvement on VISTA.

However a problem I used to get with VISTA, which was solveable, now haunts windows 7. That is Vista used to spend a lot of time trying to preview AVI files, stoping you from renaming, moving or deleting them. The fix I had with vista:-

ECHO Un-Registering shmedia.dll...
REM Remove Media (e.g. AVI) preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\shmedia.dll

However this doesn't work with Windows 7. I don't want to disable all previews, just the video files, mainly AVI. Any ideas?

Also on the new Windows 7 toolbar, I don't like how much extra space the notification icons take up (e.g. the ones near the clock), there all really spaced out. Anyway this can be changed? On vista and XP if I have a double height taskbar, you get three rows of notification icons. Now you just get two, even with the new larger windows 7 taskbar. I've hidden just about as many as I can, but still takes up 1/3 of my task bar.

A:Windows 7 Problem moving / deleting large AVI's

I don't have a solution for your problem, but I'd just like to remark Windows 7 has quite a few glitches when it comes to video and multimedia. Among the other ones I've noticed, thumbnails previews are EXTREMELY inconsistent. Some work, some don't. That is with videos playable by WMP. And even with the same codec, some work some don't. Also there's still things to be ironed out with MOV files support.

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I have been trying to refesh my laptop(ENVY dv4) and have been unsuccessful. It keeps saying COULD NOT FIND THE RECOVERY ENVIRONMENT. INSERT YOUR WINDOWS INSTALLATION OR RECOVERY MEDIA, AND RESTART YOUR PC WITH THE MEDIA. I do not understand what this means. Can anyone help please?

View Solution.


Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome onboard ! - If your computer came with Windows preinstalled by HP (a.k.a. OEM Windows)- If you want to recover your computer to factory default condition - If you used the F11 option or started it from inside Windows and you received this message, perhaps the recovery partitions are broken/not intacts/missing.You will need to purchase and use HP recovery media to restore to factory default settings. Option 1) You can contact HP support to see if they can offer you original recovery media for this computer (a.k.a. recovery DVDs or USB). Info >> http://support.hp.com/bg-en/document/bph07143 Here is how you can contact them :>> http://support.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp>> http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html Option 2) If there is no recovery media at HP, you can try to contacthttp://www.best2serve.com/page/rcd_landing   OR   http://www.computersurgeons.com/ Once you get the recovery media, here are instructions how to perform the recovery:>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC3sUc3lr3E  Please, let me know if this works.

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I'm facing a weird problem wherein if i delete some files , the recycle bin icon does not refresh on it's on , it still shows the empty icon until I press F5 to refresh the desktop , when the icon refreshes to show full recycle bin icon .

What to do?

PS:- I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro x64 ..

A:Recycle bin icon does not refresh on its own. What to do ?

Have a look here - may help My recycle bin icon won't refresh automatically.

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My recycle bin icon won't refresh automatically.

A tutorial on fixing this would be nice.

I have Windows 8.

Right now I have to press F-5 key to get it to change from full to empty or vice/versa.

A:My recycle bin icon won't refresh automatically.

Hello Medab,

To fix this, you would need to remove the Recycle Bin from the taskbar, do the tutorial below to fix the non refreshing Recycle Bin, then do the tutorial above again to add the Recycle Bin back to the taskbar.

Recycle Bin - Vista Forums
Hope this helps,

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Hi there,

This is a fairly minor issue but nevertheless one I would like to resolve. I have a brand new desktop PC with Windows 7, and have discovered that when changing the Recycle Bin icons to custom ones, the Bin no longer refreshes upon deleting a file or being emptied. This can be fixed by refreshing manually, but I don't want to have to do that every time.

The only fixes I have been able to find for the problem are for the standard icons Windows uses, so arn't much use to me.

As I understand there's something that needs to change in the registry, but I have little idea as to what.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


A:[SOLVED] Recycle Bin refresh problem

Hi, you will need to navigate to this registry key:-

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\DefaultIcon] and under name in the right payne highlight the entry and select modify, should look like this:-

You need to insert YOUR file name for the Icon you use, don't forget the .ICO,0 at the end (important).

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I don't keep any icons on my desktop. Everything I use is on the Vista dock. Unfortunately, the recycle bin on my dock doesn't refresh when it's full/empty. The recycle bin refreshed fine when it is on my desktop. But, like I mentioned earleir, I don't want to have ANY icons on the desktop. I saw all the tuorials to fix the refreshing problems for the recycle bin, they only apply to the Recycle Bin on the desktop. They aren't helping me in my sitation. Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Help! My Recycle Bin Doesn't Refresh (on the Dock)

Hello Songking, and welcome to Vista Forums.

See if deleting the Recycle Bin from the dock, then putting a new copy on there afterwards will allow it to refresh properly.

Hope this helps,

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I have tried the fixes posted on this forum, I have windows home pre. 64bit.
and the full and empty reg. comes up in dll. I am not a pro so any help would be nice, thanks.

A:Custom recycle bins do not refresh,

Hello Buck, and welcome to Seven Forums.

What custom Recycle Bin icon are you referring to? How was it created?

First double check to make sure that the default Recycle Bin has it's default "empty" and "full" icons set for it.Desktop Icons - Change or Restore Default Icon
If you are referring to a Recycle Bin icon on the taskbar as in the tutorial below, then after you do the above, delete the one on the taskbar completely, and completely start over in the tutorial to create a new one.Recycle Bin - Pin to Taskbar
Hope this helps for now,

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The recycle bin does not show any deleted items--the space under name, location, date deleted, etc is entirely blank. When I right click and go to empty recycle bin, it confirms that there *are* files to be deleted. Any ideas? Thanks

A:can't see any items in xp recycle bin

Make up a "dummy" file and delete it to the recycle bin. Then go and empty the recycle bin. See if that straightens it out.


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My recycle bin full/empty icons won't refresh automatically.

I need to press F-5 key to refresh them.

I have tried lots of ways to fix it.

I think it may have something to do with the icon cache, not sure though.

I am stumped.

I looked in the tutorials here but found nothing.

Maybe I didn't look hard enough?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello everyone. I'd like to know why win7 64bit decides by itself to auto refresh a window minute and literally the next second or two later it does not.
Lets say, I save a pic from the net, just before I go into the browser I already have my downloads folder open. I save a couple pics and I go back to the open folder and the pics are there at the bottom (I sort by date modified). I go back to the browser save another pic or anything, I go back to the folder and the pic or whatever is not there, so i have to refresh myself. I was just in that folder 10 seconds ago I seen no reason for it to not refresh now when it just did it 10 seconds ago. Now, I have not changed any setting regarding this or any explorer action. I can't even find an auto refresh option anywhere.
So how is this possible? What the heck is wrong with this OS?

I must say, I will soon be at my wits end with this OS. I paid $300 to spent more time organizing and moving files around. A lot more time. They have really screwed up explorer this time around. Explorer in XP was essentially perfect (I never even touched Vista on my machines. My wife has Vista). I'm starting to believe that win7 was just a money grab and that of the many problems with this OS will not be fixed in any hotfix or service packs, but win8 will be all better just as long as you spend another $300. Its also be... Read more

A:Explorer windows auto refresh then don't auto refresh. Why?

We have a thread for this kind of thing. I can't find it at the moment. I think unsubscribed from it on accident, but I'm pretty sure its in general discussion. Explorer is working like it always does. It can be annoying that it doesn't always refresh, but I'm sure you can find a pattern, like how many added files it takes or how long it takes to "auto-refresh". The reason you don't here anything bad about Windows 7 is for three reasons. 1) you haven't looked hard enough. There are plenty of news stories with Mac lovers saying its Vista with a new paint job. 2) XP was as unstable as Charles Manson on Crack at the best of times when it first came out. 3) Vista was, well Vista. MS claimed it would run fine on 512MB of RAM, so people were installing it on old computers, and new computer were being bought that were seriously underpowered. When it wouldn't run worth a crap, everyone hated it. Not to mention the incompatibility issues that no one saw between 2000 and XP. If you didn't use Vista at all, the changes do seem a lot more drastic. If you don't like it, go back to XP SP3. Problem solved!!!!!!!

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I deleted something and could not find it in the recycle bin, and it shows 3 items in there, but when I empty the recycle bin, it said 6 item deleted. So I guess my recycle bin is not displaying all the item?

Wondering anybody have had similar problem?

Thanks in advance for any fix!


A:recycle bin not showing all items

Hello Aine,

It sounds like your Recycle Bin is not refreshing properly. If so, then this should be able to help fix it.

Recycle Bin

Hope this helps,

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I installed Windows 7 on my PC. I did a fresh install, but besides the system disk, I have a few other hard drives installed, as well as some external USB hard drives.

By revealing the system files (on the windows explorer settings), I'm able to see the folder that is used to manage the recycle bin items on each partition ($RECYCLE.BIN). So far so good, but the problem is that within that folder there are two sub-folders with files.

One of those sub-folders is related to the W7 recycle bin and the other folder (who's content was acessible only after changing its permissions) has a considerable size (about 7GB of stuff that was deleted within the previous installed operating system - Vista).

If I try to access the content of that sub-folder that belonged to Vista, I'm redirected to the actual recycle bin. Nonetheless, if I try to access it on the command line, I can see the original files (with their filenames changed to shorter ones).

My question is: what is the easiest and most secure way to delete the old recycle bin content? Emptying the recycle bin doesn't work, because W7 ignores the old content (that is stored on the older sub-folder). I come up with one of two procedures: delete those files on the command line or delete the old sub-folder on Windows Explorer.

Any suggestions?

A:Delete old recycle bin items

Quote: Originally Posted by nfh

I installed Windows 7 on my PC. I did a fresh install, but besides the system disk, I have a few other hard drives installed, as well as some external USB hard drives.

By revealing the system files (on the windows explorer settings), I'm able to see the folder that is used to manage the recycle bin items on each partition ($RECYCLE.BIN). So far so good, but the problem is that within that folder there are two sub-folders with files.

One of those sub-folders is related to the W7 recycle bin and the other folder (who's content was acessible only after changing its permissions) has a considerable size (about 7GB of stuff that was deleted within the previous installed operating system - Vista).

If I try to access the content of that sub-folder that belonged to Vista, I'm redirected to the actual recycle bin. Nonetheless, if I try to access it on the command line, I can see the original files (with their filenames changed to shorter ones).

My question is: what is the easiest and most secure way to delete the old recycle bin content? Emptying the recycle bin doesn't work, because W7 ignores the old content (that is stored on the older sub-folder). I come up with one of two procedures: delete those files on the command line or delete the old sub-folder on Windows Explorer.

Any suggestions?

If you are absolutely certain there's nothing in there you're going to want just trash the entire recy... Read more

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When I delete an item, it does not say (do you want to put it in the recycle bin) it says ( are you sure you want to delete this item. ) and if I change my mind and want it back it is not in the recycle bin. nothing goes in there. where does it go?.. I never have to empty it. I don't like that. can some one help me fix the problem. I am not sure even when it started doing that.

A:Deleted items not going in recycle bin

Right click the 'Recycle Bin' on your Desktop. Click Properties. Is 'Do not move files to the recycle bin', checked? Is 'Display delete confirmation dialog', unchecked?

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Hi I have XP and my recycle bin items don't show. I redid the whole registry due to a computer virus. Now the thing still doesn't show! I thought it may have just been a corrupt file. I noticed a link someone suggested to someone else.....


But it didn't work for me.
The recycle bin hid items also upon removing Norton, so that's not the problem. I did remove manually the user info so I didn't have to log in with a password everytime I start my computer but don't think that's it. It seems like Windows has a lot of problems for people who want to see recycle bin items.

A:Recycle Bin Items Don't Show

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Weird problem... I have some items that just can't be removed from my recycle bin. I always get a pop saying that cannot delete because it's being used by another program. Even when there's no programs running (except for the ones in the background).

Now I have an idea of why this is happening but i need some more assistance to finally ridding the problem. The problem only happens when i delete a file that's on my external hard drive. Also... i should add... that this problem only happens to files that i delete from the OPEN or SAVE AS windows rather than deleting from the file folder itself. For example if I were to go to a folder in my external hard drive and delete a file that way it's not a problem to empty it from the recycle bin... but if I was saving a file or opening a file from an app and I delete it from that dialog box those are the files that just can't seem to be remove from the recycle bin.

I know it's due to my external drive because when I turned it off the files are not in the recycle bin anymore. Now i tried using the Task Manager to turn off all processes dealing with my external hard drive but I still can't remove those files from the recycle bin; unless there are other files that i need to stop the process of.

Any suggestions? Oh yeah... I have a Maxtor 200GB external hard drive (if that is any help).

A:Can't remove some items from my recycle bin

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Hi, I've been backing up data on my computer only to open up recycle bin the other day and find most of the files missing. I was very confused. Then i realised i had recently deleted 2 or 3 large files in size of 2 or more gb and that the recycle bins capacity is 4gb Has recycle bin deleted my older items because there wasn't enough space? I need to find or restore the old files. Im guessing the recycle bin dir in c: has now been modified showing the current status. Can i recover any older recycle bin dir or any files which list the files that were in recycle bin before is was modified and deleted old files? I have tried free undelete programs but they all only show the current recycle bin contents, i need to find the old contents. I also mucked around with some security settings of recycle bin and corrupted it. I had to empty it. Does this mean a new recycle bin file has been made? How can i restore the old contents.


A:Lost recycle bin items

Things shouldn't go in the trash unless you want to get rid of them. Chances are that the files have been partially or totally overwritten and unrecoverable. Any chance at recovery was lost when you kept using the machine. When files are lost, you should shut down immediately so they won't get overwritten and then move the drive to another machine for recovery.

If the recovery apps can't find anything, they are probably gone for good.

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i noticed when i open the recycle bin my items in there dissapear but when you click empty recycle bin it deletes so many items.Could someone tell me where to go to change this setting
Os is xp pro

A:Items dissapear in recycle bin

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I running windows xp pro.

When I open my recycle bin anything I've deleted shows up for about a second and then disappears from the window. This happens when I open the recycle bin or use explore.

Even though you can't see any items if you go to empty recycle bin, it asks if I sure that I want to delete the X number of items. So the items are there except I can't see them. This would cause a problem if I need to restore.

Any suggestions, thanks

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CD/DVD will not refresh in windows explorer. If a different cd/dvd is placed in the drive, it still shows the name of the cd or dvd that WAS in the drive at the time of boot up. This creates a problem trying to run any application or game that requires the cd be in the drive to play. It does not see the new disc.

Has anyone ever run into this?


A:CD/DVD will not refresh in windows explorer

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When I delete an item from a folder, it still shows up in the folder until I manually refresh it with F5


Item in folder:

Deleting item:

The folder after the item has been deleted, until I press F5 to refresh the folder:

Can anybody help me with this problem? It's getting to be quite annoying when trying to organize things.

A:Items do not show as deleted until I manually refresh

Well, there doesn't seem to be a hotfix for this problem yet.

Here's the support article: Desktop items disappear after renaming them on Windows 7
..the first social.technet page: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/...-3c2394417b6e/
..the second social.technet page: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/...d-9f3b2644fad6

Here's a possible solution:

Quote: Originally Posted by Deckard @ social.technet.microsoft.com

1) I backed up the registry.

2) Searched for occurrences of the word refresh and found this key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{BDEADE7F-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F}\Instance
which contains three subkeys. One of them, curiously enough, is DontRefresh and it has a value of 1 (turned ON)

3) I then changed the value to 0 (turned OFF) and hit F5 to refresh and save the now changed registry.

In other words...

Backup your registry.
Open regedit (start > regedit > enter)
Search for "DontRefresh"
Modify DWORD Value to 0

The apparent causes for this are:
Having UAC Turned OFF
Having the folder/files in question being shared on a network.

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Windows 7-SP1

This is only happening on my internal data drive ( E: ), system drive ( C: ) and external drives ( F:, G & H: ) are OK.

If I delete up to 6 items in a single operation (folders, files or a mixture) the items show up in the recycle bin. But if its 36 then 30 items will not be in the recycle bin, and the 6 that are there are not the first or last 6. If its 80 items then 74 wont be in the recycle.bin etc, etc, If I delete 200 items in a single operation from the C: drive then all 200 will be in the recycle bin.

Weird. I tried creating a fresh $recycle.bin on E: (by removing it), that didn't fix it.

This drive also contains E:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-117609710-2025429265-682003330-1004 which I believe is the recycle bin contents. If I remove this directory will windows create a fresh one?

I ran chckdsk on the drive in mid-May no errors reported and SMART say its healthy, anyway its not a hardware issue.


A:Not all Deleted items show up in Recycle Bin

As a quick experiment you could use sike command line utility to send files to the recycle bin and see if it acts any differently. The program is free. No nags, tracking or advertisements etc. on my site.

Edit: If you run sike in a command prompt with no params it shpws a usage dialog.

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I have just bought a new pc with Vista Home Premium x64. Problem is that the recycle bin won't show deleted items. The bin just looks empty. If I click on empty recycle bin it prompts me if I want to delete these 16 (or whatever number) items, so they must be there but will not display. I have tried displaying hidden files and checked in recycle bin properties that files are not deleted rather than placed in the bin to no avail. If I click restore items nothing happens. Can anyone suggest something please? Thanks

A:Deleted items do not show in recycle bin

Hello willcocks,

You should be able to fix that using this tutorial

Recycle Bin

Hope it helps


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about 4 months ago, but about every 2 weeks these same items appear in the recycle bin again and I have to delite them again????

I have delited other items from the bin and they do not come back, it's just these 15 items come back to haunt me!!!!




A:This is wierd, I deleted 15 items from recycle bin....

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I have a client whose child has deleted his important business files - no back ups
Then, they emptied the recycling bin...
I have tried recuvva, then removed the Hardisk and via Easeus, commercial Stellar data recovery, 7 data recovery and wonder share amongst others - none seem to find the deleted documents....
Ive also tried deleting a test file on my 8.1 machine and nothing finds that either.
Has anyone ever had success in recovering deleted items from win 8.1 recycle bin, if so, what software? Or is it a feature that they are gone forever once deleted due to improved security?
Ive spent hours on this!
Many, many thanks!

A:Can't recover items deleted from recycle bin

Hi HammerJeff Unfortunately, there's never a guaranteed way to recover a file that you deleted. When you delete a file, you have to be sure that you'll never need it back, because the chances of getting it back are really slim. Free data recovery software can only do so much, and none of them even guarantee that they'll recover anything and if they do, it won't be 100% of what was deleted. The same goes for paid software. If that client had important business files that are critical for his job, one solution could be to go to a data forensics company and get them to retrieve the deleted files from the drive. Assuming that no other major read/write operation has been done on the drive that could have completely ereased the trace of these files, they may be able to recover them. However, these kind of services are quite expansive so I hope for your client that if he pays for them, it's worth it.On a side note, the free software I use for data recovery are Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery and GetDataBackNTFS (there's a portable version made from the paid version). If these fails, I usually tell the person that there's nothing more I can do.Good luck with that client and the case.

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Am I correct that deleted "Recycle Bin" files still remain unseen on the hard drive? If so, is there any way of removing the deleted "Recycle Bin" items without affecting anything else on the HDD?

My original and now #2 computer has a very small HDD (15 GB). I have cleaned out everthing but the OS and installed programs. I would like to remove the one GB of "My Docs" files I put into the "Recycle Bin" and then further deleted from there, if indeed they are still resident on the HDD. My intent is to hopefully increase performance of that machine, which also has a very slow processor and only 190 MB RAM. Right now the OS and programs occupy one-half of the HDD. I am running "XP Home" on that computer.

I will only use C #2 for reaching the Internet should my #1 computer "go down." (I would be lost without that daily exercise!) C #1 is fully backed up weekly to an external HDD.

Thanks for your patience with me. {redoak}

A:Do deleted Recycle Bin items take HDD space?

When you put something in the "recycle bin" all windows does is hide the item from you and only allow you to see it via the waste bin. So it still counts towards how much space is being used on the hard drive. Once you delete items from the recycle bin they are no longer counted as used space on the hard drive. They are still there and sometimes recoverable but now the space is marked for Windows to reuse when it needs it.

Deleting items in the recycle bin should not effect anything else on your HDD.

If you want to delete something without it going in the recycle bin highlight the item and then hold down the shift key while pressing delete. Check the recycle bin and you won't see it. Beware that you can't recover an item if you do this.

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I have gone thru several threads regarding people putting items in the Recycle Bin only to have them not be visible when they open the RB (both in Windows XP and ME). Several of them stated the RB indicated a number of items when they click on "empty", but none of the items are showing. I have seen several answers regarding this - but one, which worked for this "dummy" was to remove the check on the recycle bin box in my Window Washer Program. Some of you may also have a cleaning program which is causing this? Took me quite a while to determine this was my problem. Always ready to share my computer ignorance with others. At least now I can get back my mistakes thrown in the RB. lol!

A:Solved: Recycle Bin Items Not Showing

Unknown third party utilities add by a user can throw anyone. Thanks for sharing the tip.

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When I delete files or shortcuts, they go to my Recycle Bin. The Recycle bin has an icon indicating there are items in it. When I click on the Recycle bin and open it, the deleted files show up for a second or two then disappear. So at this point I'm unable to select and restore deleted files. They are still in the recycle bin, since if I right click on the recycle bin it asks me do you want to delete # items.

I've checked the Recycle Bin properties, and it doesn't have the delete files immediately option selected. My folders properties are set to show all files and file extensions.

Any ideas?

A:Recycle Bin not displaying deleted items

Here are the instructions from the site that issues this patch:
To use the file: Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be viewed in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting Edit.

The website claims that this file will replace and\or repair the registry values for your recycle bin. The Firefox browser will not work when downloading the recycle bin patch. You will have to use Internet Explorer browser.

This patch is only for Windows XP.

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