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Reinstalling MS Office with just a product key

Q: Reinstalling MS Office with just a product key

I'm shopping for an HP desktop. I like the p6610f that I can find on the shelf at Staples. It has all I need. It seems to come with a crippled version of MS Office 2010 preloaded. It appears I can pay about $119 more and get a product key I'd enter and convert my preloaded crippled version to a preloaded full featured version of the same set of components (Excel, Word, PPT, etc.). That's fine. I know how to do that.

My concern is: SEVERAL times in the past, my MS Office 2003 has crashed when my wife has tried to use it (she has a "limited user" acct on our current machine while I'm the administrator and I've never had a problem). I have always been able to reinstall it from the original CD which I have. That has not completely solved the problem but that's a subject for a different thread!

So if all I get now is a product key and something goes wrong, how do I start over again? Do I have to pay Gates et al more $$$ to get going again from scratch?!

Preferred Solution: Reinstalling MS Office with just a product key

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Reinstalling MS Office with just a product key

The trials of Office 2010 are available for download here: http://www.microsoft.com/office/try/?WT.mc_id=ODC_ENUS_OATProdHome_MonTry.

Also, you could go into control panel > add/remove programs and choose the repair option to repair the installation.

I hope that information helps you. Let me know if I can help you further.

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Microsoft office home and student 2007 came with my computer.  I need the key because I reinstalled windows and then upgraded to windows 10.  Can I give you my service tag # and you could look it up for me?  Thank you.

A:MS Office OEM Product Key for MS Office 2007 (home and student edition)

The only location for that code would be on a card that shipped with the system - if you have lost that, you're essentially out of luck and will need to purchase a new license.

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Hello Guys ,
So I have founded this site in Microsoft :
Upgrade Windows with only a product key - Windows Help
which i think it may help me to reinstall windows ,
So I have windows 8 and i used some programs to get my product Key
then , i thought if i downloaded windows 8 again from the site and used the same product key i have now it will work .
So , what do you think guys ?

A:Windows 8 reinstalling with the same product key

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

This will not work if you use an OEM or system builders product key.

Have you tried this? -> Refresh or Reset your PC from the manufacturer recovery partition. You don't need Windows 8/8.1 DVD/USB/ISO.

Computer Type Laptop
System Manufacturer/Model Number Hewlett-Packard Pavilion G6 2321ee
OS Windows 8 Single Language

If you have Windows 8 Single Language version (see screenshot below), then you must download Windows 8/8.1 Single Language version (see this link for help).

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I am the original owner of my Gateway desktop. I recently had my main hardrive replaced and found that my OS was downgraded from XP (Media Center Edition) to XP Pro (but system software still indicates MCE Service Pack 2). No MCE functions are working. I wish to reinstall my OEM XP MCE system software but am missing the product key. Remember, new hardrive. How do I reinstall w/o prod. key? I have all the original disks. Thanks.

A:Reinstalling XP (MCE) New Hardrive No Product Key

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hi guys first of all thanks to all making for such type of helping platform.Earlier i have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit original.Due to some reasons i have to format it.my laptop was not able to read that dvd so i used my friends dvd(win 7 64 bit) for formatting.now for activation i used my keys but it's not accepting and showing windows is not genuin.that original dvd is also not of use.i cheked microsoft site for direct downloading but all in vain.....................
So plz help me.Thank you

A:reinstalling does't genuin with same product key

Quote: Originally Posted by shanky1986

hi guys first of all thanks to all making for such type of helping platform.Earlier i have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit original.Due to some reasons i have to format it.my laptop was not able to read that dvd so i used my friends dvd(win 7 64 bit) for formatting.now for activation i used my keys but it's not accepting and showing windows is not genuin.that original dvd is also not of use.i cheked microsoft site for direct downloading but all in vain.....................
So plz help me.Thank you

Use this tutorial :
Activate Windows 7 by Phone

** Go to Step 2 - Activation by phone
Make sure you stay on line (step #9 ) and talk to an activation operator who will help you.

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I need to reinstall Windows XP Pro onto a laptop that I bought used and for which I don't have the original Windows disk. However I do have a copy of Windows; if I use this together with the Windows product key that is on a sticker on the base of the laptop, will it work OK? Could I run into any trouble further down the line?

A:Reinstalling Windows: Product keys

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Hi all
I am selling my PC and as such formatting the HD using DBAN.

When I buy a new PC (with no OS), Will I still be able to use my old Win7 disc and product key?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: reinstalling windows on new PC, old product key?

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Hello All,
I always come to this forum when having computer problems so I figured I would look for some help on my current problem as well. My friend bought a laptop from best buy about 2 years ago, runs fine great laptop. Another friend of ours must have at one point for whatever reason re installed windows 7 on it with some random key. Now it runs horrible, I decided to look at it for him and reinstall the operating system again to make it run properly. I have no disc from Lenovo so I saved the .iso to a usb drive.
I used Jelly Bean Finder to located the product key but at the time I had no idea of the previous reinstall so it pulled the wrong key, not the original! Of course the Microsoft sticker on the bottom is half worn off so I can only see 15 of the 25 characters of the correct key that I need. I called both Microsoft and Lenovo and none of them have keep records of the keys on there computers which I can't believe. I even went to Best Buy where the computer was purchased and they also do not keep records of the keys on the computer. No one has a record of the key, just the sticker on the bottom! So now I am stuck at the part of the install where you enter the product key, which I don't have. I could understand if I stole the key or something but it was purchased legit. I have no idea how to fix this and look forward to some input.
Thank you.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 No one can locate product key!?

You have lost the key... It is lost.
You can use an activator which you can download via torrent (this is illegal), or buy a new license.
That's all sorry.

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So I got a laptop around a year ago or so, maybe a bit longer, and replaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu fairly quickly. Well now the lack of video game support for Ubuntu has made me regret it, so I plan on reinstalling Windows 7 and simply giving it a tiny partition of the HDD. My question is how to use the product key I found on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. I don't have any sort of recovery CD or anything for Windows 7 that I could use, and obviously every trace of it has been wiped from the drive. I considered grabbing one of the cracked versions off of a torrent site and using my recovery key, as it would still be fully legal then seeing as I merely need the install, but I figured it would be better to ask around here and see if there were a way to get a clean install of it simply less the product key. I really haven't found any way to get an install disc unless I buy a new copy outright.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 with product key sticker

hi Neoncamouflage, and welcome to sevenforums,

you can download a legitimate iso from here.

as a side point, you say you're interested in playing games, and are going to give win 7 a 'tiny portion of the HDD'.

be aware that many modern video games contain a lot of multimedia data, and install sizes of 10 gigs or more per game are not uncommon.

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I am trying to determine why my Product Key is not recognized when reinstalling Windows 8.1 to my laptop. I obtained the Product Key from the BIOS using a utility since MS 8.1 download does  not recognize it automatically.  When I try install 8.1
obtained using the MS download tool, the Product Key is not recognized when I enter it.
My laptop originally came installed with 8.0 and I upgraded to Windows 10 but now need to go back due to performance of recent upgrades to 10.
Is there anyway I can recover my Windows 8 installation?

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I need help with retrieving my windows xp professional product key

A:Inee help reinstalling my Windows XP Professional set up product key

was that the original software used on the PC
if so,
there should be a label on the PC called a CoA label and that has the product key on

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Can I install Windows from a download (DigitalRiver) and use the product key that's on the bottom of the laptop so I don't have all the HP bloatware? I'm trying to do a restore using HP's tools but it isn't looking good (doing a startup repair now). I went to HP's site and found the drivers I need, just have to save them to a thumb drive.

A:reinstalling Windows on a HP laptop using the laptops product key?

Can I use Windows 7 OEM Key with a non-OEM disc? - Microsoft Community

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I bought Windows 2000 and Office Suite six years ago. I now have installed it on my new computer. The Customer Registration window came up and I typed in my original Product Key (25 characters) but this was rejected as invalid. I've checked it carefully and there are no mistakes. I think maybe the following has occurred but I need some help.

1. There is another number called 'CD key' on a yellow seal which is not 'product key' and I cannot find it.

2. The Windows 2000 licence is for only one computer (My booklet states "For Distribution with a New PC Only" although I bought it independently through a dealer.

3. This edition of Word 2000 is out of date and I have to buy a complete new one.

As far as I can guess CD key = product key/certificate ot authenticity and there is no other number so why is it rejected as invalid. My other theory is that Windows 7 64 bit does not support this software.

Can anyone who's been involved in this kind of scenario advise or throw light on the matter? I'd like to use my Word 2000 because it is a familar working environment and I have lots of files I need for my work at school.

A:Reinstalling Word 2000 and product registration problem

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I was cleaning my laptop by reinstalling Windows XP Pro.

I reformated first as it was FAT32 and I wanted NTSC next time.

When I tried to reinstall Windows XP Pro from the CD it went into set up mode and was all OK until I got to the product key - for some reason it no longer works. So I can't reinstall XP Pro and it is stuck in the set up loop. No idea why the key won't work.

I do also have a Vista Home CD and key but the system is stuck in the setup loop so I don't seem to be able to install that either. I've put the CD and tried to boot it but no joy.

Can anyone help?

Thanks Rob

A:Reinstalling Windows and stuck at set up due to product key no longer working

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Hey guys i need help, after getting a problem from a system app called Groove Music, i decided to uninstall amd reinstall it using Windows Powershell. After reinstalling the app, i went to the store and have an update from Groove Music which it wasnt supposed to be there before it happened, now its telling me that "This product needs to be installed in your hard disk". So i tried updating it, and its giving me an error, and now i dont know what to do. So please help me, i dont want to spend money for repairing my pc again. Thanks in Advance Lenovo Ideapad 15-IBYCeleron 2.16GHz2GBs RAMError in updating, cant updateWhat do i do?

A:System App Uninstalling, Reinstalling, "This product needs to he installed in your internalharddrive

Hello and welcome,
I'm fairly sure your post doesn't belong here in "Change the Future of Idea and Yoga".
Please tell us what device you have so we can move your post to an appropriate forum.

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So I made a nice backup using the win7 backup and restore default program- then the Win 7 and Office 2010 product keys were activated and I made a new back up- BUT want I would like to know if I restored from the first back up would it upset my product key activation and put me back to 30 day grace period or whatever?
I am refering primarily to the a back up disk image that I made.,
I am not sure exactly what back ups cover.

A:Reinstalling win 7 from backup made before Ms product keys activated

Quote: Originally Posted by colhaze

If I do a win 7 restore from a win7 back up that was made before I activated the win7 and office product keys will it cancel that activation?

It's hard to say, probably not unless there were hardware changes that cause activation to see a different hardware signature assigned to that key. But reimaging can cause activation loss.

I'm not sure why you are concerned about this. If you have the Win7 and Office Product Keys then you can reactivate them as often as you want. MS does not steal your software back from you when it thinks you've reinstalled it enough. At most you'll have to do phone activation and once they are convinced you do not have it installed on more than one machine it will be activated.

I've never heard of anyone permanently losing expensive software activation if they have a readable Product Key and go through the activation process completely.

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Hi, I recently purchased a Dell Xps 1340 laptop that came with windows 7 32 bit professional. After a few months, I needed to wipe the hard disk, and so I did. Before I did, I extracted my product key with a program that I downloaded off the internet. I got the following information:

Windows 7 Professional
Product Part No.: X15-37377
Installed from 'OEM' media.
Product ID: ******* match to CD Key data
CD Key: *********
Computer Name: ***-PC
Registered Owner: ***
Registered Organization:

Anyway, I had a RETAIL windows 7 professional disc, and I installed this onto my dell laptop. However, it keeps telling me that my product key is wrong when I try to activate. I have tried both 32bit and 64bit

any idea why this is happening? is it because I'm using a RETAIL windows 7 disc? If I try a dell oem disc, will that work with my product key?


A:Reinstalling Windows 7 after hard drive wipe - product key incorrect?

The Key that came with your dell is OEM and you should use a dell restore disk.

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I had to perform a clean install of Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720. I purchased the computer in 2007 with MS Office Home and Student 2007 preinstalled. I recieved no CD or product key. I need the product key to reinstall MS Office 2007. Microsoft does not supply product keys for the OEM software. 

A:MS Office OEM Product Key for MS Office 2007

Hi Preppie01,
The MS office disk is shipped with the computer at the time of purchase. Kindly private message me the service tag. I will review your account and take the case forward.
I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on ?Friends? tab at the top and then click on ?Request to Review? and finally click on ?Accept? button.
I am sending you a private message as well. Click on ?Inbox? to respond to the message and provide system?s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message.
Awaiting your response!

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Because my PC is so slow (my own fault mainly!) I have decided to reinstall Windows 7, repartition the dish and reinstall Office 2007 and only any really essential software.

My question is - will I have problems activating these Microsoft products, using my original (and legal!) DVD's and their Licence keys?

Also, having already saved many settings onto an external hard disk with Windows Easy File Transfer, are there any other tips you can give me to prepare for and carry out this reinstallation as easily and smoothly as possible? All help appreciated!

A:Reinstalling Win 7 and Office

Quote: Originally Posted by radcliffe287

Because my PC is so slow (my own fault mainly!) I have decided to reinstall Windows 7, repartition the dish and reinstall Office 2007 and only any really essential software.

My question is - will I have problems activating these Microsoft products, using my original (and legal!) DVD's and their Licence keys?

Also, having already saved many settings onto an external hard disk with Windows Easy File Transfer, are there any other tips you can give me to prepare for and carry out this reinstallation as easily and smoothly as possible? All help appreciated!

From what I heard , If your re installing it on the same computer it should work just fine, however if your installing it on another computer , the activation will fail.

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hi all

quick question.

I am about to reinstall my mothers computer with 7. She has an office serial but not the disk. I have a disk.

Can i use her serial and my disk.


A:reinstalling office 07

Yes, it should work fine.

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If I re-install Office 2007 do I have to unistall the original Office 07 I currently have on my computer first?(I have Windows XP)

A:reinstalling Office 07

You already have Office 2007 installed and want to reinstall it? Why do you want to reinstall it?


If you go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, click on and highlight Office 2007, then click "Change", it gives you the option to repair, add/remove components, or uninstall it.


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My HP Envy laptop has been replaced (due to a hardware fault) after only two weeks. How do I reinstall Office and McAfee - previously purchased but now no longer in use on the broken laptop - onto the new device, without having to pay again? 

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I stupidly deleted my Office XP a couple of weeks ago, but now I am needing to do spreadsheets and cannot reinstall Office XP for nothing.

I have turned on my computer, inserted the disk and waited for it do the wizard installer. It has asked for my serial #'s which I have inserted but it gets stuck like half way through. The installation progress bar gets stuck at the exact same location every time I try to load it. I have tried using the Add/Remove program as well but it seems to get stuck too.

I thought maybe it was my cd/dvd player and put it in the burner slot, but on that one it asks for my #'s and gets to the same place, but then says that it is corrupted or something like that.

Any help?

A:Need help reinstalling Office XP

Firstly clean the CD. Washing in warm soapy water, and drying with a lint-free cloth works wonders.

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I am about to reformat my HD, ditching Vista for XP (hooray!) and then will try to reinstall all my copy of MS Office 2007. This is a genuine version, and I have the product key, etc.

However, the product has been activated online, and I am wondering if I am going to have any trouble reactivating it. I have searched online and haven't found any definitive responses. Interestingly but not surprisingly, very little on the subject from Microsoft itself.

Is there a procedure I need to do, to make this whole thing easier? Should I copy any files from the Office folder before I delete everything?

I'm sure a proper procedure for doing this would benefit more people than just me, as this must be a common issue.
Best regards,


A:Reinstalling Office 2007 - how to?

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I just reinstalled office 2013 form a cd. It seemed to load ok, but I was never asked for a product key and I can't find any of the applications. What's wrong?



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I installed office 2010 home and business on my daughters pc. a few months later the motherboard died. I need to install office on my daughters new pc. do I need to get a new activation key?

A:reinstalling office 2010 on a different pc

There is no need, according to 19 clause of MSLT. You can use an old one.


a. One Copy per Device. You may install one copy of the software on one
device. That device is the “licensed device.”
b. Licensed Device. You may only use one copy of the software on the
licensed device at a time.

19. REASSIGN TO ANOTHER DEVICE. You may reassign the license to a
different device any number of times, but not more than one time every 90
days. If you reassign, that other device becomes the “licensed device.”
If you retire the licensed device due to hardware failure, you may
reassign the license sooner.

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I have wiped my computer and have reinstalled Windows XP, but now need to reinstall Microsoft Office. I have the disc, but not the folder with all the numbers on it. Can I still reinstall?

A:Reinstalling Microsoft Office

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I had a hugh trojan virus that stopped my computer. Dell remotely repaired it and I am trying to reinstall programs that were lost.
My Office Plus stopped installing with an Error message 2203 and said to contact help (PSS).
What am I supposed to do next?

A:reinstalling Microsoft Office Plus

Here are 3 links concerning the matter.
Read them and see if they help in any way.


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I recently purchased a HP stream 13. There is no MS office 365 product key in the carton, only a key for One Drive. Can HP advise me of the key or do I need to return the laptop to where I bought if from (TESCO) ? 

A:No product key for Office 365

Hi, It is a trial version. If you wish to use after 1 month or 2, you have to buy the key from Microsoft. By the way, what is your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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I have a copy of Office Pro XP. Does any one have the 25 digit product key, please.

A:Need Office XP product Key

Contact MS if you've lost your key, provide them with you purchase documentation and they will assist you.

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I have a laptop that has Office 2003 Basic. I want to upgrade my laptop from XP Home to XP Pro. Of couse fresh install. I want to re-install office 2K3 Basic after I install XP Pro. Since I already activated my Product Key is there a way to transfer that key when I have XP Pro running?

I really dont want to get another copy of Office 2K3. Since I have one I can just transfer, correct?

Thanks for the help.

A:Office Product Key

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I recently had my laptop repaired, basically most things were replaced.
However, they have also wiped my harddrive in the process.
So I had to reinstall Microsoft Office with the product key I have kept all these years. However when I went to the website I needed to go to in order to reactivate my Microsoft Office product it said I needed to log into my Microsoft account, and unfortunately I haven't got a clue what email I was using back in 2010! I don't really want to rebuy Microsoft Office if I don't have to.

Can anyone give me advice?
Should I try contacting Microsoft?

A:Help needed reinstalling Microsoft Office!

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A while back my Dell laptop decided to brick itself, so I am planning to reinstall Windows 7 (first time attempting this). I've backed up all my files, but I'm concerned about about reinstalling Office 2010 Suite that I had. I don't have a backup disk, only the product key. I'm worried that the key won't work again (on the same computer), and I'm not excited to purchase a new one. I've read that the product key can be used for up to 3 PCs, but my particular key cannot, probably since I got it from my school, rather than purchasing from Windows. If it is indeed not possible to use the product key again, is there a way to "back up" the installation to another computer, then move to my laptop?


A:Will my Office 2010 key still work after reinstalling Win 7?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I would imagine if you can find a download for it the key would still work,
As for recovery methods to this install I would guess you'd have to create a system image and recovery disk to transfer it to the new drive,

This is assuming you didn't buy a new machine and only a new hard drive ?

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I accidentally uninstalled office on my computer. It was the upgrade to Microsoft 10 Office, not thinking when I deleted that I completely deleted all my office programs. How can I reinstall Windows 7 I have a product key sticker, where office was installed on my computer when I received it. I just do not know how to use it to get Microsoft Office 2007 back. Thank you in advance for any help or information you can give!

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After a tedious upgrade to 8.1 (with HOURS of help from M/S techs- who were outstanding), all the problems with the OS are solved but reinstalling lost programs like Office 365 require reinstallation. I purchased several licenses and don't want to lose one of the precious licenses for a reinstallation. As well, the card with the product key for the licenses is not presently available to activate the reinstall. I have a Belarc Advisor sheet, but it does not show the product key for Office 15, but it does show the version that I have on this computer prior to the updates/restores, etc.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.

A:Reinstalling Office 365 after 8.1 upgrade and problems...

Can't say what was stopping the re-install, but it is finally installed once more.

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I've spent HOURS this morning trying to find solutions to some error messages I'm receiving when trying to install Office 97 back onto my computer so that I can reinstall the Office 2003 UPGRADE that I bought for it in 2003.

I called Microsoft and they would not help me because they no longer support 97.

I think I'm using Windows XP. I don't know how to tell. Sorry.

The problems all started yesterday when I needed to create a calendar in Publisher. In doing so, it gave me the message that the wizard was not installed and to use the set-up disk and reinstall it. OK, so I got my 2003 disk and put it in the computer.

We began to get these messages about some LIS tool that holds the updates or changes to the system? All still confusing.

At any rate, my husband and I just figured the best thing to do is to uninstall 2003 and then reinstall it and get the wizard then since there was no option to add the wizard any other way. But we found it could not be uninstalled! We tried everything and finally found a post that told us how to uninstall it and Office 97 since we couldn't find out how to get the wizard from there also.

Now, I cannot reinstall Office 97 so that I can reinstall 2003 and am getting these errors once the 97 installation gets to the end:

Error1: An error has occurred at changing workgroup database. I clicked OK
Error2: Set up couldn't create a SYSTEM.MDW file. I clicked OK
Error3: Set up has encountered a problem updating your sy... Read more

A:I'm close to tears about Office 97 and Reinstalling

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I installed Office 2003 professional - tried to set up my Outlook - entered the exchange server info wrong this locked up Outlook and stops it from starting.

I tried uninstalling Office and reinstalling but the same error stops Outlook from opening.

Any help is appreciated

Windows 8.1 updated to win 10

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i want to reinstall my microsoft office 2010 but it tells me setup cannot modify the file C:\programdata\microsoft\ windows\start menu\programs\microsoft office 2010 tools\microsoft office picture manager.lnk. verify that the file exists in your system and that you have a sufficient permissions to update it?

A:reinstalling microsoft office 2010


Are you logged in as administrator?

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I am reinstalling office 2000 small business and am starting to have a few problems. I dont know why. I have down this a number of times but i keep getting error messages that certain font files are not present. I did a searcha nd find the file, but they are not accessible. Any suggestions?

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I purchased MS Office Professional in June of 2004, but now it needs to be reinstalled. I have no idea what the 25 character product key number is. I was wanting to know if there is any way to retrieve these numbers? It seems like a waste of money not to be able to reinstall this program.

A:Trouble Reinstalling MS Office Professional

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i have lost my product key for microsoft office 10 and need assistance getting it. my note book came with it pre-installed so i was wondering if hp has tabs on their product keys. if so plz give me contacts and if not thank you for your time.

A:microsoft office product key

When requesting assistance, please provide the complete model name and/or product number of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq makes thousands of models of computers that are all different. Without this information it may be difficult or impossible to assist you in resolving your issue. The above requested information can be found on the bottom of your laptop computer or inside the battery case.  Most HP consumer class computers come with a trial or "Starter" version of Office and not the full Office suite. If you purchased a CTO (configured-to-order) computer and paid extra money for Office, you should have received a disc and COA with Microsoft Office product key. Please refer to your invoice to see if you purchased Office with your computer.  Please click the white KUDOS star to show your appreciation

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Bought the computer with MS Office Professional Plus 2010 installed. Now software is corrupted (programs/office/change - corrupted, reinstall).Before removing and reinstalling, I want to make sure if have the product key on hand. Is there a way to get it from Lenovo or otherwise? Microsoft support cannot help (tried already).I do NOT see a Microsoft sticker on the back of the computer.  

A:MS Office 2010 Product Key

Hi regulatorFix, welcome to the community,
The product license key would have been in the box or alternatively did you perhaps create a microsoft account in which case the key will be stored and retrievable through your microsoft account.

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I recently bought a new computer and I want to install the office xp pro disc that I already have. However, I cannot seem to put my hands on the case it cam in. I need to have the product key to install it. Is there a way to find the product key on the computer where it is currently installed? Thanks for any info.

A:Office XP Pro product code

Hello and welcome.

Yes there is.

Download and run:


I hope that helps?


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A:i could not get the product key for microsoft office

Please explain...what is the laptop model? When and where did you buy it? Why do you think you are entitled to a product key?

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I need my MS Office 2013 Product Key to reinstall it.  During a MS Windows 10 upgrade my PC hung and my only recovery kept my private file but lost all the OEM software. I know that my X1 came with a copy of MS Office, but the Lenovo order detail does not show that my laptop will come with a copy of  MS Office.  I have my order number and my model:  20BSCTO1WW ThinkPad X1 Carbon $1738.01. I have talked to the sales department and customer service.  They are no help.  They could not tell me the Product Key or even if I go MS Office as part of the pre-install. Could lenovo provide me with a product key for MS Ofice 2013, please? DOGGONE 

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