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Sleep/hibernate issues, aswell as scrolling issues

Q: Sleep/hibernate issues, aswell as scrolling issues

Hello everyone,
Its my first post here.
I dont know if you could offer some help, i have been having allot of problems with my acer aspire 5738Z recently. I think the issues are with vista itself but i may be wrong. i will list the issues bellow.
1. It doesnt like going into sleep or hybernate, 9-10 times it will jam and i have to hold the power button to turn it off then restart it. this happens if i let it reach the time its set to sleep aswell.
2. Whenever the first problem happens and it jams, it wipes all of the passwords and usernames from forums and login pages etc ?
3. Today the scroll part of the touchpad has stopped allowing it to scroll, it just moves the mouse around but wont scroll at all. ? i did a bit of research into it and some people say you can change the sensativity with the button that should be in the taskbar, but my button isnt there even when i tell it to show all the time ?

Sorry again if this is in the wrong section. just so much problems i havent a clue where to start. Maybe somone could shed some light on it. Hopfully its something i can do myself.
I have read about driver updates etc but i was a bit cautious to do that as i havent done it before.
Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Sleep/hibernate issues, aswell as scrolling issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Sleep/hibernate issues, aswell as scrolling issues

Does anyone know ??
i could try to explain it better if needed

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Howdy. I recently got Vista and am having some serious issues keeping it from sleeping/hibernating. I don't want it to sleep/hibernate and have edited the power scheme, disabled hibernation, etc. It continues to go into sleep/hibernate mode and then has trouble booting when I come back to the computer. I have programs I like to keep running while I'm not at my computer and need the system to stay up unless I specifically turn it off. Anyone have any ideas how I could do this?

A:Issues with Sleep/Hibernate.

Hi Vladikhi,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

In Step Two step 4 of this tutorial, did you set the Put the computer to sleep to Never.

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

If this fails to help, then this tutorial will show you how to completely disable all Sleep modes.

Removing the Sleep function in the Shutdown menu

Hope this helps you,

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Laptop: Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook
Treated me great so far, few virsus, some heating issues, etc.
Issue: about a month ago I started to notice that when I shut my laptop, which is almost exclusively how I stop using my computer, it fails to sleep like it always did in the past. Now everytime I turn back on my laptop it takes me to the "unexpected shutdown" safemode type screen, I hit normal startup and it prompts me to check for solutions, which never bares fruit and luckily both Explorer and Word save recent work, otherwise I would have been writing this post a lot earlier.  Also fyi, my power option settings have remained the same throughout this problem and since I first tweeked them when I first bought this computer years ago.
Thank you in advance

A:Sleep/Hibernate Issues?!

What you could do is simulate closing the lid and see what happens. Laptops which offer the 'Hibernate on closing the lid' option have a switch which is operated by a protrusion in the lid entering a small hole in the base, usually mounted close to the line of the hinge. I would suggest activating this switch with a pencil tip or similar and watch the screen to see what it does.
I will admit that this is not an option I am fond of for two reasons. One is that I was taught to switch computers off, not put them to sleep; and second, my wife brought her ( then nearly brand new ) laptop home from work one day in a nearly melted condition - it hadn't gone into hibernate !
Chris Cosgrove

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Laptop: Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook
Issue: Start Menu > press 'sleep' > computer goes to sleep. Press power > 'Windows Error Recovery' screen > Start Windows Normally > No applications were saved.
luckily Explorer and Word have recovery options otherwise I'd really be upset.
Power Options have not changed.
same issue for 'hibernate.'
Thank you for your help in advance!

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My laptop doesn't Sleep or Hibernate correctly after I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. When I put my laptop into Sleep or Hibernate, its screen and hard dive seem to turn off correctly but not its power light and fan that remain working, and It cannot wake up from Sleep or Hibernate by pressing any key or tapping the mouse. I have to press the power button for a while to cut off all power so that I can turn on and resume working again, all opened documents and programs still remain open only for Hibernation but not for Sleep. However, when I put it into sleep or hibernate again after the first issue, sometimes it works correctly if I do not leave it open too long. My laptop is: "HP Pavilion 15-p005tx Notebook PC, Model:G8E11PA"I have already proceeded through this following link but it does not work:http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-power/problems-in-shutting-downhibernate...   

A:Sleep and Hibernate issues in windows 10

Hello Joejab39. This is a known issue in windows 10 for some hp laptops. HP and Microsoft are aware of it and Microsoft is working on a fix which maybe released soon so keep checking the windows update and also the hp updates.Temporary fix: When turning off the laptop select restart and when it restarts, simply select shutdown within a minute of the restart and it will shutdown as expected so you will not have to force shutdown it time and again. I know it's a bit time consuming but works. Hope it helps

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added sleep so that the Win 7 computer can be manually placed into sleep mode. Thing is sometimes when I hit the power button instead of the thing saying resuming windows I get the message that the computer was not shut down correctly and to START windows. Doesn't sleep but seems to "crash". This can happen when I manually do a sleep request from the start menu or when it does its' own after inactivity.

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I have had my Asus laptop for about 3 months now and I have been continually having issues with the sleep and hibernate functions of my laptop. My computer goes to sleep/hibernates fine but whenever I try to wake it up it looks like everything is going fine for about 10 seconds or so and then it freezes and turns to a blue screen and says something about dumping my physical memory (I assume it means ram?) and then it restarts itself. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.

A:Asus laptop hibernate and sleep issues

Check online for current motherboard drivers.

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 Check around 15-20 seconds in the clip.  Anyone else has/had this issue? I have updated all the drivers and even did a clean widnows install which didn't help. 

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Ever since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, this SoftThinks Agent Service is taxing my HDD to 100% slowing things down.
This is related to Dell Backup and Recovery software. I can kill this service and that's that but every-time I start up, this happens.
As for sleep mode, I will come back to my laptop and raise the lid, hit the keys, move the mouse, nothing. I hit the power button and nothing. So I hold the power button and then hit it to boot up, so clearly there are issues in relation to sleep mode and something shutting it off. (others have posted the same)
I installed all newest Intel drivers on your site and I read 1 user stated to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage, which I did. Intel Management Engine remains as I am still trying to troubleshoot. Are you testing all these new drivers you are putting out for download? Do I need to go back to Win8.1, your site said my laptop could be upgraded.
Please advise and "do the needful".

A:Inspiron 3542 - Win10 upgrade issues - SoftThinks Agent Service utilizing 100% HDD & sleep mode/power issues

same thing here as far as the power issues. you must remove the 2 other intel things that were installed along with the Intel rapid storage
intel security assist
intel management engine something or other (cant remember the exact name) 
i still have the intel graphics and chipset drivers installed without any problems. it was just the intel rapid storage stuff that caused all the power , sleep mode problems..

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There are three major issues I have with my laptop, and I was wondering if anyone else had them too.. I have not contacted dell support yet, but I will in the following weeks if I don't somehow figure out what's is going on myself. 
I've had my laptop for a little bit under 2 months, so these are the things I have noticed. 
Issue number 1: When you plug in the power cord into the computer, the screen freezes on what it is currently on. I noticed this issue because occasionally when I plug in my power cord, and try to use the mousepad to select something, the mouse pointer is gone! I have to unplug-replug the power cable to get the mouse pointer to show again. I have no idea what the cause of this issue is. It seems to have to do with the screen
Issue number 2: when I carry my E7440 around in my bad, or have it shut for long periods of time >3 hours (I just simply close the lid), the computer will SHUT DOWN. The thing will shut down completly, even though I simply closed the lid! At first I thought it was just going into hibernate, so I disabled hibernate in my power settings. But nope, even when the computer is asleep, it will occasionally shut it self down for no reason at all.
Just now, I closed the lid on my laptop, and put in in my bag, then walked to my office about 10 minutes away. When I sat down at my desk and opened my laptop, to my surprise, it had shut down by itself! All of my open windows, browsers, and applications were closed, and upon ... Read more

A:E7440 - sleep Issues and display issues

Update by original poster! This does not work!
1. Press F2 when booting and go to setup.
2. Go to Power options and disable the "block sleep" feature .
3. Save and reboot.
4. The system seems to now go into hibernate when closing the lid.
5. In fact in Windows, you can't see the sleep option anymore.
This takes longer to wake up the laptop but at least all work is intact.
Let me know if it helps you.

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Hello,I am having a lot of issues with my new XPS 13. The computer is not going to sleep after having the laptop lid closed, it just burns through its power supply. I have checked all setting and it should not be doing this.
Also, I am having wake up issues sometimes when I close it and open it up again within a short frame of time, say, 5-10 minutes. The screen will remain black and I will have to restart the machine.
Is there a patch or driver I can install to resolve this? This is really frustrating from such a high-end machine, opening and closing should be the least of my concerns...



A:Sleep Issues and Wake Up Issues-xps 13

What is the exact system model? What is the current OS installed on the system?
If the system was working fine earlier, then perform system restore to restore the machine to an earlier point where it was working fine.
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1n3X2po - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check.
Reinstall the chipset drivers and the video drivers from the vendor site - intel.com or geforce.com (if applicable)
Create a new local admin account and check. 
If you are unable to find the required drivers and relevant info, then provide the exact system model and the OS installed on the machine and I can provide the right links.
Keep us updated.

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In an ASP frame page, I currently use the following Javascript to use buttons to scroll up/down my main frame in another frame:

<INPUT TYPE="button" Value="Down"
<INPUT TYPE="button" Value=" Up "
This seems to work, but on some of the pages I have that as the Main Frame, i have included IFRAMES (for example, to display a word doc, etc, but still maintain some colour scheme).
I need some way for these buttons to scroll down items in the iframe's scrollbar if there is one, but still be able to scroll the main window if there aren't (any page with an iframe does not have it's own scrollbar so the browser hasn't got 2 to contend with)

That's as clear as mud, isn't it!!

I would appreciate any help/suggestions, please!!!

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/568676/scrolling-issues-after-windows-update/ - Hamluis.
I too, am having scrolling issues - probably just after the recent update! Using Windows 7 home edition, and I have a wired old trackman trackball by Logitech and at first scrolling was affected in Firefox, but now scrolling is not working even in installed apps along with IOS functions (using win explorer to search for files, etc.)  I want to know HOW to fix this issue!!!

A:Scrolling Issues

Hello there, 

Initially let’s put the computer in clean boot and check. 
To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kind of startup is known as a "clean boot." A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

Follow the steps below:  
1. Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrator rights.
2. Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER to start the System Configuration Utility. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue. 
3. On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then click to clear the Load startup items check box. (The Use Original Boot.ini check box is unavailable.)
4. On the Services tab, click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click Disable all.
5. Click OK, and then click Restart.
6. Check if you still have the issue.
Refer the link below for more details: 
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows 7: 
Hope this helps! 

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Hi all,

When scrolling in IE/Firefox the window doesn't move down; it's like it refreshes for each step of the way. CAn someone please help me get reid of this annoying effect?

P.S. Sorry if it's not clear but that is the best description I could come up with!!

P.P.S Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Scrolling Issues

How are you scrolling? Wheel on the mouse, spacebar, arrow keys?

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I had to reinstall Office 2003 after a reformat of Win Xp. When I try to scroll vertically through a Excel spreadsheet I am encountering a slight delay in the scrolling. Is there a setting to make scrolling more uniform? It worked fine before the reinstall.

Thank You,


A:Scrolling Issues

AFAIK, this is not an Excel issue, but an OS issue.

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The only way I can scroll is to hold the right button down on the vert slider and drag the curser. Release the button and scrolling stops. The right hand space on the touch pad doesn't scroll. Tried to change settings for the mouse but any attempt to change settings causes the window to stop responding. Message via task manager sez "windows common shell DII not responding". Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks. BTW I did search but didn't find anything applicable.

A:Scrolling Issues

Did you you try uninstalling/reinstalling mice in device manager?

Make a system restore point first.

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Well, I don't know what my brother did but after he used the computer I'm now having problems scrolling when I browse web pages.

The screen appears to lag as I bring it down instead of it being smooth. The page seems to be refreshing itself or something like that. I had this problem before & I remembered it was something to do with installing some graphic card programme or something like that but I forgot.

Help appreciated.

A:Scrolling Issues

is your graphics card installed?

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Hi there! I recently received a new T450s and after performing a clean install of Windows 7 and updating my computer, I find that scrolling with the trackpoint (using the middle button we all missed) is broken. In every application, scrolling is either insensitive, barely works, or most often randomly jumps a page while scrolling, as if someone was pressing PgDn every few seconds. I started with version of the UltraNav driver, but it was simply unusable. Downgrading to version helped things somewhat, though I am still nowhere near an acceptable point. Adjusting settings has had no impact. Two finger scrolling on the trackpad works beautifully in every application. Suggestions? Comments?


Go to Solution.

A:T450s scrolling issues

Have a look at this thread?https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/Spotty-scrolling-with-trackpoint-X250/m-p/205...

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I feel like pulling my hair out! I hope that someone can help or guide me in plain English that I can understand. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. Found this site by searching Google.

Here's the problem and what I have tried.

I use a mouse for scrolling & clicking.

For a few weeks now, I have noticed that when I scroll either downwards or sideways--- it pauses.

. Then it finally will scroll correctly. Same thing happens sometimes when I click a link. It pauses --almost like I didn't even click it all.

THought I just needed a new mouse-- so went out & got a brand new one--same thing happens.

Got rid of Spysweeper and switched to Trend Micro. Still the same problem.

Switched to Windows browser from Firefox---to see if the scrolling & clicking would be better---it wasn't.

Contacted my internet provider for whatever good that would do!

Anyway, this is so annoying and is slowing me down ? I am asking for someone's help ---please?

Any ideas in PLAIN ENGLISH that I can understand to help solve the slow clicking & scrolling?????

Pretty please??????????

Thanks for any help or guidance.

A:Scrolling Clicking Issues

Have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

It may also be an issue with your Ram, you could try Memtest for that

Mind you, if you run CCleaner and turn off as many not required Startups it may help

Although I've stated doing the above (which I would)
There is the possibility it's a faulty HardDrive that requires CheckDisk on your system Xp or Vista. Or possibly a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive

Other possibilities:
Computer/Motherboard drivers requiring updating
CPU overclocked, or running too hot, or damaged
Mouse connection faulty, or Motherboard issue

I think I covered everything

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Hello, I have an sl400 running Vista.  Lately Ive been encountering auto scrolling issues.  I would be browsing the internet fine then when I go to My Computer, the scroll bar on the side keeps scrolling down like as if it has a mind of it's own.  The moment I move my cursor out of the My Computer window it and onto a webpage the scrolling stops.  But as soon I place the cursor back, it just keeps scrolling down.  To resolve I have to reboot the computer.  Any idea what could be causing this??  I have run virus scans with NOD and Malwarebytes but nothing comes up.  Any inputs would be appreciated.

A:Automatic scrolling issues?????

I've got the same issue....on 4 laptops. Two are T60s, one is an R61i and the last one is an R61 with vista. The other three are runing xp. All the OS's are up to date as far as SP's and other updates. The only thing that these PC's have in common is that I put memory in all of them. I'm not sure if it has to do with some special 'hot key' or if there is a problem with the aftermarket memory. If anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this, please let us know .

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When my machine hibernates, it fails to switch off the psu, or crashes before it gets to that part, it does however, save the hibernate file.....

if i manually press the power button and hold it in 4 seconds, the machine turns off.

when i turn it back on, i get no gfx card output, the machine just sits frozen, then it turns itself back off, then after a 2 second pause, it powers back up with a beep and boots, restores from the hibernate file, and tells me windows encountered a problem shutting down.

if i choose shut-down or restart windows they behave fine.

i really hope they can fix this as it really seems to run better and more visually stunning than xp, but i think i may need to go back as with this being a htpc my electricity bill is growing.....
p35 mb and q6600, ati3450, no driver issues in manager, but some usb power issues from the energy report.

A:More hibernate issues....

have you got the latest motherboard drivers?

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Hi there,

Ever since a few days ago I have been experiencing problems my mouse scrolling wheel. Basicly it does not scroll at all.

Scrolling up or down simply doesn't work, with ONE exception. It works perfectly in Internet Explorer, I could outscroll any playah in IE. But everywhere else, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop or whatever, it simply doesn't react to anything.

I have tried using different mice, and the problem persists with all of them. I have tried upgrading to the latest version of IntelliPoint and checked its settings, I have unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in, but all to no avail.

Anyone able to lend me a hand with this?

A:Mouse scrolling wheel issues

Have you checked the scroll wheel properties in the mouse software?

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my pages scroll funny, sort of like a 3 line jump, up or down and a page refresh "wave" goes thru the page. does not do this in word or other like applications. all pages and files view normal when not online. Thinking maybe the onboard vid card/grafics card?
have checked all connections, proved out the monitor.
Ideas? its a gateway gx401o media machine with mostly onboard cards, no add ons or upgrades other than service pak 2 and IE7. worked fine for 3 months after the ie7.

A:website page scrolling issues

sounds like video card drivers try reloading for your restore disk

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Hi everyone, I just received my spectre x380 model 13-4110dx. After spending months researching laptops I settled on the spectre and had it shipped all the way from the US to little Bangladesh here. Needless to say, issues popped up as soon as I turned on the thing, so here goes:TOUCHPAD:This is the big one. I am used to having the page move down with my fingers while two-finger scrolling, but the scrolling direction is reversed by default with coasting enabled. However, when turned off reverse scrolling and coasting in the synaptics settings it seems to work on some applications and not anothers. I tried resetting the computer and reinstalling the driver software AND I also tried installing the latest drivers from the synaptics website. Nothing's working so farHEAT:The bottom tends to run very hot even with normal web browsing, so much so that I can't place the thing on my lap for very long. I setup the fan to run always from the BIOS, but its still the same. At this temperatures I'm not sure how long the hardware is going to hold out Sorry for the long post, I'm really hoping you guys can help me figure things out

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Hello - My husband purchased an hp 15 pavillion laptop about a year ago and has been having issues for about as long. He never returned it, so we are trying to figure out how to fix. There are two main issues: Screens flipping in Outlook: He gets redirected when trying to write an email. For example: he just opened Outlook to send an email. He opened the email to compose, and as he started to write the email, the screen popped back to his mailbox. He would alt+tab to the email screen, start to write then again, it would switch back to the mailbox. Uncontrollable scrolling: He will be scrolling down and suddenly he will be scrolled up to the top of the page. It happens with programs and online. It's almost as if the system doesn't want him to scroll down. Just now he was looking at pics and when he scrolled down, the system pushed him back up. He could never view or get to the ones below his initial view.  Again, this occurs both on and offline, all programs.These occur intermittantly. There doesn't appear to be any trigger and I don't see him doing anything that consistent besides trying to scroll down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dick E I am also having this issue.. it started briefly a few weeks ago after a WINDOWS update.. .. it happens on all browsers.. and regardless or usb, p2p or wireless mouse.. the right scroll will move clicks only down ,, than unknown  time frame.. up .. and this will happen off and on .. I am not sure  what Priscilla is using.. but I have Logitech wireless keyboards.. one model I am unable to locate the SCROLL LOCK button .. the other one has the SCROLL LOCK but it does not stay locked.. I have gone into Control Panel under mouse settings and tried to tighten up the settings  and under internet and removed GPU and smooth scroll.. and I do have logitech  Set Point.. it is still doing this little 2 step dance..   Any Suggestions ...??  Priscilla?? I hope yours is the same or close.. if not please break down so someone can help us fix this .. thank you thank you.

A:Scrolling Issues After Windows Update

HeyRoxie,I'm asking a moderator to separate these messages. While they may be similar I don't think that the same 'fix' will solve both problems.With wireless anything I always consider a fresh battery as the first step in problem solving. Cleaning the 'eye' on the underside always helps.

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Hello everyone, I searched a bit both these forums and others but haven't found the solution to this problem I'm experiencing. I recently bought a used T430 and I've been using it for the last couple of days, trying to get used to trackpoint and all. I performed a clean windows install and installed a Win 10 education my university provides. I followed the advice on Lenovo webpage about letting Windows update do its thing first and then run the Lenovo System Update utility to update drivers as necessary. Everything's working nicely other than some issues with the trackpoint buttons (the 3 buttons just below the space bar are called the trackpoint buttons I guess?)  Anyway, the issue is that before I did a fresh install, the middle button when pushed entered the scroll mode which then let me scroll using the trackpoint. Now it still enters the scroll mode but also does a right-click when I let go. This leads to an issue where a right-click is performed at every scroll step(if that makes sense) which leads to wonky scrolling. One other issue is that the right button does nothing at all. I expected the middle button to only have scroll functionality and the right button to simply right-click.  Things I've tried so far: - Manually removed the pointer device and ran Lenovo system update again to update the UltraNav drive, and also disabled auto-driver installation of windows update. The driver version installed by System Update is Read more

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So I recently got my T460s as a work machine and I love the device, except for the touchpad experience. Compared to my personal device, a Surface Pro 4, I am left very disappointed in this regard. Using two fingers to scroll is a nightmare. It often freezes mid-scroll, and immediately after scrolling the cursor would reappear, jump somewhere, and a click would be performed. Sometimes, this click would highlight text on the webpage, other times, this click would click on a favorite in the favorites bar and force me into another site. It just isnt a smooth scrolling experience. Something is definitely wrong here, and I just hope its not a hardware issue. I am running Windows 10, and I have all my drivers up-to-date, including the Synaptics driver. I tried going into the Synaptics settings and disabling the touchpoint like some have suggested, didnt work. I tried rebooting, didnt work. I tried disabling two-finger scrolling, rebooting, then re-enabling it, didnt work. I tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing it, didnt work. I dont know what else do to. Has anyone had any luck with this? UPDATE: I've isolated the issue to it happening only in Windows 10/Modern UI apps, including the Microsoft Edge browser. The mouse cursor disappears in these apps when scrolling and jumps around after scrolling has stopped. But this isnt the case in say File Explorer, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Word.

ThinkPad T460s: Intel Core i7-6600U, G... Read more

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Hi, I have Dell Inspirion laptop with windows XP which was working fine for the last 2 years. Now, when the system goes on standby or hibernate, when i try to restart it, the fan starts but the monitor becomes a kind of blueish screen and nothing happens till i reboot it. It could be a result of some programs i removed ( i tried to be very careful but its possible i made a mistake) but now i don't know how to fix it. I don't want to change the power settings to 'system standby - never/hibernate - never' . I just want to get it back to where with the touch of mouse it would restart when on standby and with the touch of power button it would restart from hibernate,

Will really appreciate any help on this!

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I'm using the ultranav middle button to scroll (I live for this feature which is why I've been buying thinkpads since time immemorial) However, on the t460, scolling with the middle button/nubbin is painfully slow in Word 2007, and Adobe Acrobat/Reader is a nightmare. In Word its just slow and you have to use a lot of pressure on the nubbin (there appears to be no setting to change this). In Acrobat, it's agonizingly slow (in both Reader and Pro) and will "stick" on if you try to go to fast and just scrolling for multiple seconds after you release the button.  Stragely, the trackpad scrolling works fine in Word, though it is still bad in Acrobat.  In addition, the middle button scrolling will frequently slip and stop scrolling, sending the pointer to the bottom of the page.  Nubbin/middle button scrolling works (oddly) extremely well in Microsoft Edge... Please help! Middle button scrollig with the nubbin is the best feature on these machines.  Using: T460 Windows 10 64-bit with the latest drivers. 

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I'm running windows 10 AU and I'm having  a lot of issues with webpages that load dynamic content.
The scrolling will just not register while content is loading.  This results in a terrible user experience as scrolling will stutter or freeze completely while viewing wepages that load content on demand.
This occurs with 2 finger scroll as well as using a mouse.
I contacted microsoft and the said it was a dell issue.

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My notebook USB ports remain powered up when I put the computer into hibernate... I often keep my laptop connected to peripheral devices and it's a PITA to have to disconnect all those usb devices after hibernating the computer...and then reconnect them all when I need the computer again... (in my audio recording studio)... Is there any way to tell the computer to POWER DOWN ALL USB devices when the computer is put into hibernate mode?

A:usb issues - ports still powered during hibernate

PS: I AM NOT a "student"!  I have over 50 years of experience building, consulting and programming computers, including (alas) well over 20 years of experience with Windoze... I don't know why that's under my screen name nor where to change that...

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Well, more just a single issue, actually.

When I click the left power button in the start menu (the yellow one), it's supposed to "hibernate" my machine, rather than doing a full shutdown. [My work machine does the same thing.]

How I got to here:
- Bought the machine from CyberPower;
- Disassembled it (it was bought April '08);
- Reseated the HSU using new thermal compound;
- Reassembled it;
- OCd the CPU to 3.8 Ghz.

The machine runs stable, never exceeding 45-deg C using RealTemp.

Anyway, now, when I click the left power button in the start menu, the machine will go into hibernate mode, then the HSU fan and other fans kick up into high gear, then stop, and the machine comes back up from hibernate.

I now need to do a full shut down (using the right arrow menu shut down option) each time I want to turn the machine off.

Thoughts? Ideas? Something incorrectly connected somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

A:Vista x64 Hibernate Button Issues?

Hi rhitrix and welcome to Vista Forums

Have a look at the following Tutorial Power Button

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I have been struggling with this for weeks now.I have a brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen laptop. Windows 10.Upon delivery I had noticed that the laptop woke by mouse or keyboard stroke and there was NO power management tab in device manager mouse/keyboard (which usually allows to unflag the option).I had managed to fix it through a mix of BIOS options, registry editor etc. A few days ago I had a problem with connecting HDMI monitor. I have thus updated the driver of Intel UHD Graphics 620. The monitor now works properly, but...I am back in trouble with the sleep option. Currently there is no sleep among the options in the power button. There is no sleep option in power options. If I go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\System Settings,  and select "Change settings that are currently unavailable" there is no sleep checkbox. Already tried:- Regedig Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power, CsEnabled is set to 0.- Edit group policy. All policies relating to sleep are set as "Not configured".- Reinstalled drivers for Intel UHD Graphics 620, no improvement. Any way to go back to previous driver? Any help? Thanks

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So basically two finger scrolling is beautiful and smooth on internet explorer, but very laggy and poor in Chrome and Firefox. It is the only thing that kept me from using Chrome, but the lack of extensions on IE is getting to me. Anybody know a fix or workaround?

A:2015 XPS 13 - Two finger scrolling issues in chrome and firefox

So the SmoothScroll chrome extension helps a little, but I still notice some jumping now and again. I've read that it's the 200x scaling that causes the problem, and that the latest Windows updates solves the issue, but I have the latest updates and haven't noticed any difference. I'd try seeing if you can handle changing the scaling.Hopefully we'll get some drivers and patches soon

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I'm encountering a number of random scrolling issues within Edge and other Universal/Modern/Store apps. When scrolling a web page, the page gets "stuck" and won't move within the browser window. Edge itself remains responsive - I can reload the page, or close its tab. And other tabs remain unaffected. Also, links on the page itself still work. I can actually interact with the portion of the page that's visible, just not scroll it in any direction. Reloading the page doesn't fix it, but if I close the tab and reopen it, then load the page again, it works (happened just this morning on "Dilbert.com" when viewing one of Scott Adams' blog entries).

I've noticed this behavior in at least one other app: Readiy (an RSS reader app). In the main "All Items" view, the list of articles will often become "stuck," much like a web page in Edge. I've also noticed the behavior occurs more often when using the touchpad in the Type Cover of my Surface.

Note: I'm running the Insider Preview build 10532 on a Surface 3 (not Pro) w/4GB RAM.

Anyone encountering anything similar?


A:Random Scrolling Issues with Edge and Other Universal Apps

Yep, me too.

I've given up on Edge for now, I've switched to Opera, works fine.
I'll try it again after the next update.

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After a few minutes, I have problems scrolling with the touchpad in Google Chrome. The bug is currently documented as Chromium bug 647038 ( https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=647038 ).

I have Kaspersky as well. It is documented in the forums: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=708b040eaa4b878bc02cd7da4fb2ca7c&showtopic=358864

May this be a touchpad driver bug? Anyone is experiencing the same?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite AM 300 Laptop running Windows Vista on a 32bit Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 8400 @ 2.26GHZ 2GB RAM.

I have three problems.
I have a constant keystroke that appears on screen. That looks like this<+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++> it justs keeps going and won't stop. I have gone through the Task Manager to see if there is anything odd and nothing sticks out of the ordinary. I have also googled and nothing similar appears.Windows is extremely slow to load. I have gone through all the start up processes and config with no obvious obstructions.Finally, I have the power and button options to put the computer into a sleep mode or hibernation depending on what I press. The computer doesn't go into any of these states and the result is going through the very long drawn out complete start. If I choose to start Windows any way other than normal my screen has the appearance that the video card is stuffed as a picture of multiple colours.
If I can give any more information please ask away. My first priority is to stop the constant keystrokes.

Thanks, I'm really hoping there is some hope out there.


A:Constant keystrokes and startup/Hibernate issues

Hello HelenP,
These sort of problems are horrible.
I would start by checking the file system. (link to tutorial below), and of course check that the key is not stuck, the obvious is always the last place we look.

System Files - SFC Command

Download these two free app and run them.


CCleaner - Home Backup Registry When Prompted.

Also, go to the manufacturers site and see if there are any driver updates, video, sound, and chipset.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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So at this point i have two fully updated zbook 15 g3 systems that i am attempting to use the Thundberbolt 3 Dock.  Both systems when you use hibernate or sleep and remove the dock you have issues. The machine when disconnected from the dock will then wake up dead.  You will then hold the powerbutton and the machine will sound like a tug boat blowing its horn.   I have updated ALL drivers as per the HP Support application. I have updated the Bios to the latest avilable.   -- N81 Ver. 01.12 2016-11-01  Please advise as to the next steps to get this issue resolved. 

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I was playing a computer game when all of the sudden it got pretty choppy. I decided to try to update my drivers. Originally I installed one that I wasn't sure if it was compatible or not, but it worked decently until the problem happened later.

So today I attempted to solve the problem again. I looked up some solutions and was told 'Delete everything that has to do with NVIDIA drivers off your system and download the new driver. Restart, install what you DL'd, restart.'

This worked once even though NVIDIA apparently decided that customer service isn't their forte and only offered video cards that went way past the mode I had. So I went to http://www.tweakforce.com/ and downloaded the latest driver.

When I came back (before installing) I got a slow-scrolling internet screen and a really low resolution. I installed the driver and went through with it again; however when I came back Windows said there was new hardware (for like 6 different things), none of which it could automatically install. So I thought the driver must've been bad and deleted it and tried again with another one.

When I tried installing this one I got the error: "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." I have no idea what to do at this point, but I still have a slow scrolling internet and no way to install any NVIDIA drivers (hell, I don't even know which drivers I should try t... Read more

A:Slow-Scrolling Internet and Video Card Driver Issues

I was playing a computer game when all of the sudden it got pretty choppy. I decided to try to update my drivers. Click to expand...

That's not the first step I would have taken. Rarely do drivers 'just go bad'. You may have another problem.

The rest of your post is a bit confusing. Also note that the latest Nvidia drivers aren't always the best choice. Drivers for laptops usually have to come from the manufacturer.

Maybe this forum will help.


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Hello everyone, I got my X1 Yoga 2nd gen a couple weeks ago and noticed some issues with the display: 1, When I scroll up and down in Chrome and OneNote, there is sometimes a line quite noticeable on the screen very similar to what you would see in a screen tear of a video game, except the line isn't straight. The shape is like this: +++++            +              +                 +++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                              +                                                                                 + It doesn't happen all the time. I haven't noticed a pattern, but it's frequent enough to be a bit annoying. Has anyone else had similar issues? Should I contact Lenovo to swap the screen? 2. The brightness changes quite randomly while I'm actively using the computer with stable ambient lighting. With the brightness change, the warmth / tone of the colours also changes. I'm using "native" fro... Read more

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Hey everyone, I got my X1 Yoga 3rd gen a couple days ago with an HDR screen, and noticed that when I scroll up and down in Chrome and OneNote, there is a screen tear quite noticeable with a zig-zag shape is like this: +++++            +              +                 +++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                              +                                                                                 + I had the same problem when I got the 2nd gen X1 Yoga, which was fixed after a graphics driver upate from Lenovo. Anyone else experiening this issue? Is there a way to ask if Lenovo is aware of this issue / plans to release a driver update to fix it?  Thanks a lot,Jack

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Hello. I have a dell refurbished laptop and for the most part it has been saweeeeet. But, lately there has crept upon my lovely machine two problems. The first is the scrolling cursor. First, its at the bottom and then it might scroll sideways and sometimes it will just shoot to the top corner with amazing speed. I have tried installing a regular mouse but it wouldn't work. I have shut it down several times and rebooted, but I don't want to keep doing that. No matter how patient I try to be that cursor will not stay in a sit position so I can actually click on something.
The second and newest problem (began yesterday) begins when I attempt to turn the computer on. After it does it little almost sign in before it gets to the sign in, it blanks to a dark screen and screams this little alarm sounding something like the stock market closing for the day. It doesn't quit until I do the hard shut down. The first time it did it, it just did it for a few seconds and then quit. Today, a total of 5 times.
I am lost with all of the lingo here, so please if you would like to reply, talk to me like I am 2 because with the computer knowledge I have I would have to agree that I am really 2 years old.
Thank you and have a groovy day!

A:Dell laptop issues - scrolling cursor and alarm sounds

Mouse cursor - reboot and go into the BIOS (F2) and disable the touchpad which may have failed. If you have any warranty on the machine, I would take it back to the retailer/outlet.
Screeching - this could be an overheat or fan failure warning. Can you check if the fan is running (you may not hear it over the din but can you feel air movement?).
You may be able to check the fan status in the BIOS

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About 2 weeks ago i started having sleep issues. It used to work perfect for over a year, I figured something went wrong and couldnt get sleep to work consistently. Thought a reinstall might fix it.

Now on the new install, about a week. I am still having issues. Sometimes the computer will wake in the middle of the night around 330am and other random times. Also sometimes the computer powers up when coming out of sleep but monitor doesnt come on. I installed the updated drivers for mobo, video card. And disabled the network from being able to wake the computer (something I actually want on). I also tested with stock speeds on mobo, cpu. Same issues, have also tried stock with increased voltages. No luck.

What should i do its driving me crazy?
I remember seeing a way to see a log of what caused computer to come out of sleep? Since I just reminded myself, I will go and check all connections inside computer.

A:Blank screen after sleep, and other sleep issues

try this link it should help to explain

Sleep and hibernation: frequently asked questions

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Hello, as the title states, I am having issues with my two finger scrolling with my touchpad. My computer is a new alienware 15, and I am currently running windows 8.1. I do have two finger scrolling enabled, and it works, it just acts weirdly and I would like help understanding what is going on.
This first and primary issue, is that while scrolling up or down a page, I will randomly jump way down the page or way up the page. I am not able to reproduce this issue consistently, so I haven't been able to properly measure it, it just occurs randomly while browsing. I believe it always jumps down while scrolling down and vise versa, but I'm not sure. And I believe the distance of the jump is about equal to page up or page down, but that might just be wishful thinking. I have no idea what is causing this, I have completely disabled tapping, so it shouldn't be zone tapping for page up and page down, but I don't know what else it could be.
The next thing isn't really an issue, but more something I'd like to understand the significance of. When I start the two finger scrolling gesture, a little box appears (seemingly in a random location) and shrinks away almost instantly. It seems to have nothing to do with where my mouse is, nor where my fingers are on the trackpad, so I really don't understand what it's communicating to me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Issues with two finger scrolling on the alienware 15 synaptic touchpad running windows 8.1

I had the exact same problem, very annoying, I have Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, but the touchpad is Synaptics as well. So after a lot of searching on this issue, there was one possible solution: Remove the manufacturer driver, and install drivers from synaptics website. www.synaptics.com/.../drivers.php
If you cannot install the driver from synaptics website, (mine failed the first try), then you have to follow these steps:
1. After uninstalling the manufacturer synaptics driver, go to the lower right side of the screen, and click settings -- > power --> hold Shift key and press Restart.
2. A blue screen will appear with options. Choose Troubleshoot --> Advanced Options --> Startup Settings --> Click Restart.
3. After that, your computer restarts, shows u a numbered menu, choose number 7, which will turn off driver signatures.
4. When you are back in windows, download and install the driver from the synaptics website and install.

Hope it works, it worked for me.

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