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Solved: SOLVED: Samsung Gusto Picture Download

Q: Solved: SOLVED: Samsung Gusto Picture Download

I have figured out how to download pictures from the Verizon Samsung Gusto. I saw pedroguy asked about this November 2010, but the thread died.

1) Download BitPim
2) Under "BitPim Settings", for Phone Type, choose "SCH-U750 (Alias 2)"

I don't know anything about BitPim, I just played with the settings until it worked.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: SOLVED: Samsung Gusto Picture Download

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My samsung PS50C680G5K has developed a pink screen with "islands" of green, picture outlines can be seen, sound is ok.
On connecting to the mains I get the usual click and solid red light, turning on produces firstly a blue screen then seems to decay to black then quickly to pink and green, where it stays consistent. I get a perfectly normal PC Media picture via VGA input. The logic board LED Flashes it's normal green.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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In short

I have a samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked fine. but from yesterday i can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If i made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .

any advice?
Thanks and best regards from Argentina


A:No picture Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX

Try the monitor on another computer, even a laptop and see if it operates normally. If it does, the problem is with the computer. Post back...

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This is the third laptop I use with a Sumsung LE32B450C4W monitor. The other two plug in with VGA and look superb on the monitor. I have connected this HP laptop with HDMI and the picture quality on the monitor is really poor - colours are all wrong and text is pixellated.  Do I need to install drivers onto the laptop for the monitor? I'm at a bit of a loss!  Thanks so much.

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I have a Dell e7450 and i am trying to connect it to a Samsung Series 6 6400 55" via HDMI.
The laptop shows that it is connected to the TV because when i go to the display properties the TV comes up. 
On the TV it shows that something is connected to that source.
Yes i have checked the laptop is on duplicate screen.
I have reinstalled the graphics driver.
I have tried every HDMI port on the TV but the tv still says no picture connected.
Different model laptops work via hdmi with the TV.
I have tried the dell Laptop with another TV via HDMI and it works fine.
How do i get it to work???

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Hello all,

This Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook has been returned to us for the 4th time because the customer consistently complains that the notebook apparently shows graphic issues, even though we have tested it with every testing tool we have and these issues could not be reproduced. The specs are:

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook
Intel Core i5 2537M @ 1.40 GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

The Notebook was sent back to us and was tested for almost 2 weeks and the problem could not be reproduced. The steps taken so far:

Graphic test with FurMark - 3 times for 8-10 hours
CPU test with OCCT - 3 times for 8-10 hours
RAM test with Memtest - 1 time for 7 passes
BIOS updated to the newest version
Intel burn-in test - 3 times
Daily normal use tests - 7 days
Graphic drivers - last 2 versions used and the customer says the problem still happened.

The Notebook runs completely stable when it is with us, but as soon as it returned to the customer for the second time, this problem appears its nasty little face. I have included a picture from the customer showing the graphic problems she has experienced. This problem we have not had at any time it has been with us for testing.

Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction, because we have all but expended our testing options.

*Pictures attached*

A:Sporadic graphic issues ; Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook w/Picture


I can think of two possibilities:

Could this be an unstable power (wall socket) issue? Has the owner tried to run this laptop just from the battery, and maybe a different wall socket/outlet, to see if the issue still occurs?

How is the laptop used? Is it possible it is being used on a blanket/lap where the air vents are being blocked, causing the GFX card to overheat?


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I am trying to resize a family protrait to fit on a website,it has to be 100 K
i have cropped it as much as possible, is there another way to make it smaller ?

Thank you

A:Solved: Solved: Resize Picture

Not sure if this one will do what you want, but it is free, and is found here www.showyourphotos.com/photoresizer_free.html


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I've done this before, and have searched, searched, and searched and can't find a way to do it again.
For example, I was downloading updates for Studio MX this morning. Only 2 downloads at a time would be active, and the rest would just sit there waiting. I know there is a registry tweak to fix this, but I can't find it. Google+Forum Searches=Nothing


And I know that some people who read this thread use download accelerators. I used DAP, but didn't like the ads. I used FlashGet, but didn't like the ads. Anyone else know of a good accelerator/leecher?

A:Solved: Allow IE to download more than 2 files per site/Recommend Download Accelerator

Hi Atomic Taco

You can download a file to do this for you here:
Scroll down to line 55, right side of column.

Or, manually edit the Registry using the steps here:

Finally found the actual Microsoft article on this:

Let us know if that works for you.

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Hi! i just recieved a digital camera for my birthday, but was not givin the floppy disk or cd softwware and was told i had to download it. The camera model is Canon Digital IXUS v3. I've tried to search Google.com for help but found nothing but Japanese sites. Obviously the camera is from Japan, and obviously i do not understand Japanese...
if there is anyone that does...or even better, anyone that has any suggestions to getting the software for this camera (by downloading it), please respond!!!

thanks a bunch!

A:Solved: [SOLVED] canon digital software download

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Hi! i just recieved a digital camera for my birthday, but was not givin the floppy disk or cd softwware and was told i had to download it. The camera model is Canon IXY digital 200. I've tried to search Google.com for help but found nothing but Japanese sites. Obviously the camera is from Japan, and obviously i do not understand Japanese...
if there is anyone that does...or even better, anyone that has any suggestions to getting the software for this camera (by downloading it), please respond!!!

thanks a bunch!

A:Solved: (Solved) canon digital software download

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I have a Samsung 840 Pro 512Gb SSD.

The Samsung Magician software recommends:

"Over Provisioning (OP) helps maintain performance and lifespan.
A certain amount of disk space will be allocated for use by the SSD controller.
Note: using a raw partition may cause damage to your data."
Trying to follow the recommendation, I allocated 60 Gb for OP by shrinking its partition accordingly.
This left me with 60Gb of unallocated space.

I opened up Samsung Magician and found that the "Note: using a raw partition may cause damage to your data." warning was still there.

I interpreted the warning to mean that the 60Gb space allocated for OP, is not properly prepared and needs to be formatted; so that is what I did.

Opening up Samsung Magician again I noticed that the warning never disappeared, but is still there.

At this point I have a suspicion that this warning is not meant as an indication that my OP is not set up properly , but is meant to be a general warning to make sure your SSD primary partition is formatted and not raw.

That would of course make no sense either, because your SSD primary partition could not cause damage to your data because being unformatted, no data could ever get onto it to be damaged.

I am totally perplexed.

Maybe Samsung's instructions are deliberately designed to be ambiguous , so that people in their mid 70's cannot use their products?

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong if anything?

A:Solved: Samsung did it again

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I bought a Samsung YP-U3 mp3 player the other day. it came with no driver what so ever and it is not recognised by my computer. when i go to control panel> Add/Remove Hardware [ it comes up on the list and when i double click it, it says its is working normally.

could someone give mem adequate information for my complication?

A:Solved: Samsung YP-U3

you need to goto Samsung's website and find there download page and enter your exact model number of the mp3 player (there are quite a few that start with YP-U3 so you will need to figure out its exact model number) and enter the number in the search box and click ok, once it brings you to the page for your model look for a tab that says software and click it then download the program samsung media studio and install it which should install the appropriate drivers for your mp3 player.

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I read the manual for my new SSD, it says I need a usb to Sata adapter cabel, in order to install the software.
But the cable did't came with that ssd, and the cable is really expensive. My computer regonize the ssd through the sata cable inside the pc case. Do I really need this cable?

Have googled a while, and everyone says different things.

Anyone here, who is sure if I need this cable or not?


A:Solved: SSD - Samsung EVO

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when hooking up a samsung 570 FS to a dell dimension with 200 i am getting an error saying directx? all new drivers have been loaded?? is this an os issue?

A:[SOLVED] Samsung 570 FS/W2000


Its asking for a version of DirectX which you may not have. Go to Run and type DXDIAG. In the first tab will be the version number.

For the latest version, go here:




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My Samsung 22 incher just arrived. To my disappointment, when I turn the brightness down past 80, it starts making a high pitched hum. Looked it up on the internet, and some of the monitors sure do that. Does anyone have a solution?

A:Solved: Samsung 2253bw Hum

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I have a Samsung YP3-U3J QB/XEU mp3 player which I have not used for some time, but now I have gone back to it. I now find that the EmoDio software does not even work. The EmoDio badge box appears on my screen, and it is otherwise unresponsive. In fact, in order to close the badge box, I have to do a restart. Is there any way that I can download mp3 music on to my player as I used to, or is it obsolete? It is three years old. When I connect the player, it does not appear on my list of computer discs, otherwise I could drag and drop. This does not seem to be possible Allan.

A:Solved: Samsung software

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hi sir/madam,

i have pay new Samsung SH-W162C, its DVD REwriter.SH-W162C

i have no problems with play DVD and PC-DVD games but won't copy from my folder to DVD Rewrite disc. i try many times, its not working, i think problems with my PC.

im grateful if anyone help me.


A:Solved: Samsung SH-W162C

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HI I Can't Find Samsung Drivers for Samsung Sens R525 Model Code NT-R525-AS55B. It's For a Korean student at my dorm.

A:Solved: Samsung Drivers

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Heya folks!

I got one of these recently and my windows xp fully updated computer doesn't see it.

It came with a cable to link it via usb to the computer but no software to act as a mediator.

I have seen a program called 'Data Pilot', but it costs money to use.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your time to any who offer some viable solutions. Thank you!

A:Solved: Getting my Samsung Cell to see my PC

Ok....the first site I went to didn't show anything but drivers. I went to a second site and they listed 'support' as an option. I followed some links and I got a program called Samsung PC Studio. Looks like it does what I need it to do. I'll mark this un' solved. ;-)

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I have the above laser b&w printer, with the cartage MLT104S NL. (this is the correct one for this machine) 1 day as printing the paper became low and between runnings the machine stopped and I added paper. But the machine didn't restart, instead I received a message that the cartage was not compatible with the machine. It was a minute ago b/4 I added paper. I have tried to reboot the computer, turn off the printer, unplug the printer, still same notice and printer looks like its going to start but the red light reappears each time. I phoned Samsung, we tried the same things that I did earlier, no go. The man did suggest that I should but a new printer. This one wasn't expensive but it worked well. Total amount of sheet since new around 250 max.My operating system has nothing to do with it. This printer ran perfectly with xp and also now with win 8. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Samsung ML 1675 v

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I have just bought a 2nd hand Samsung Jet. I logged into the mobile facebook page and it worked fine. I installed the phone software to my PC and proceeded to update the firmware to the latest version.

Everything updated fine and everything works, however when I now try to log into the mobile version of Facebook all I get now after I have entered my login details is a box that keeps coming up saying it is redirecting to fb something..... and no matter how many times I click okay to redirect the box keeps coming back up.

Every other site works just the facebook site. Also does anyone know the gmail IMAP settings for this phone? I really don't want to use POP3 if I can help it. I have read that samsungs have problems with IMAP.

Thank you for any help you can provide me on this

A:Solved: Samsung Jet S8000

OKay it seems that the problem with facebook was with facebook mobile itself as it's now working. So that just leaves the IMAP4 settings for the Samsung Jet. As I have said I have googled these and put them in... but it doesn't download the messages. DOes anyone have IMAP settings that work?

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Hi everyone; I would like to know if there is a fee program I could download that is better then Windows Movie Maker. I make CD'S of my grandchildren with movie maker then tun them into DVD'S using Sonic My DVD but I get sick of Windows Movie maker freezing up all the time and having to restart computer all the time. this is the only program that ever freeze up my PC. Thanks in advance for any help

A:Solved: Picture CD

It sounds like these are photo slideshow videos you are making in WMM? If so there's another free MS program to try called Microsoft Photo Story. Its a little more specifically aimed at making photo slideshows that you can then output as a video file and from there, make a CD or DVD.


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Hello everybody! I have a new Acer 19" Widescreen monitor (whoopie) and I am not getting full screen when I watch a dvd! I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: get the picture?

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When I find a picture in internet explorer and I save it on my desktop it says no preview available. But when I save the Picture to a folder it shows me the picture. Is this normal???

A:Solved: Picture

The problem is that you are trying to use a thumbnail in an icon only
area. This does not work. The desktop will only display Icons. It
will not display thumbnails.

If you want to change the folder icon to something else then you have
to change the icon in the customize area. Changing the thumbnail
image does nothing to the icon on the desktop. However once you
change the thumbnail image and then go to the desktop folder in
Explorer and choose to view thumbnails then you would see your custom
folder there. But you would still only see an icon on the desktop.

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hi i have a problem with my desktop i have no picture on the screen the com fires up ok and the hard drive spins i have tried the com on the hdmi port on the tv and still nothing the vga socket on the motherboard i think is disabled so i cant use that i think the graphic card has had it is there any way of turning th graphic vga port on the motherboard on with no screen i have tried the a bios reset with the jumper and removing the battery but nothing is working any help would be much appreciated.

A:Solved: no picture

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< hi, dose anyone know were i can get a pic ture for |

A:(Solved) picture

User panel

edit options

at the bottom


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bought a new graphics card today to replace my aging 8800gt its a Powercolor Radeon HD6850 however when booting up its not getting a picture on the monitor it stays in standby..although the keyboard light comes on and dvd drive flickers so i think it is booting up..i'm not sure because i don't have a motherboard speaker so i cant hear the post beep.

i tried 2 monitors and dvi and hdmi connectors..same problem on both monitors/cables.

any ideas?

these are my specs with the old gpu

OS MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz
RAM 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
MONITOR VX2260WM @ 1920x1080
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1) (BFG Tech)
MOBO ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5N-E SLI (Socket 775) (nforce 650i sli chipset)
PSU Corsair HX650w

A:Solved: no picture with new gpu

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A couple of nights ago I tried to turn on my comp and their was sound and everything, just no picture whatsoever. It's a SLI setup and I've tried starting it up with each card by itself. I've made sure that it's plugged into the monitor well, and used two different cables. My question is, Motherboard or Video Cards? I updated the drivers about a week before this happened, but would that keep anything at all from showing up (no start-up sequence even shows up)? I'm due for an upgrade anyway but you know how the prices are out there. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks

A:Solved: No Picture

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I know this can be done, and As this forum has helped me out soooooo much in the past, I thought i'd give it a try.

This photo was taken at a Foo Fighters gig in Birmingham UK last year. I waited in the freezing cold for an hour to meet dave grohl, however, when it came to, my sister had been friggin around with my camera, and it messed up the photo. Whereas, I took her photo and it turned out as clear as day.

So I was wondering if someone could fix this photo, as its the only one I have.

I've uploaded it to imageshack, the link is as follows.


I hope someone can help.


A:Solved: Can You Fix My Picture???

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This is certainly a new one to me. I'm trying to watch a few videos I downloaded. RealPlayer is playing the sound, but there's no picture! Could it have some to do with my settings? Or is this a new form of DRM? They are personal movies, not copyrighted stuff. So I doubt that's the problem. But you never know. Any ideas?

A:Solved: No picture

We can definately rule out the whole DRM thing. Because I just downloaded and watched the videos on my father's computer. And he has the same OS as me (Windows XP SP2). It's obviously my computer that's causing this. Incidentally, I'm also having trouble getting my AOL media player to play video. Again, it plays just fine on my father's computer. I've tried the obvious stuff (making firewall exceptions, changing preference settings within RealPlayer itself). What else can I check?

It seems to be mostly WM files that won't play the video (only sound). Please help me! This extremely frustrating for how much I've spent on this computer.

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i just got a compaq presario 5000 series and when i turn it on nothing happens so i opened it up and checked video card and it seems to be hot on one of the chips could that be the problem thnxxxxxxx man" i love this forum"

A:Solved: no picture!! need help!!!!!!

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I have a samsung r580 and everything i try to boot it wont let me recover or do anything at all to get to a page other than a blank login screen

A:[SOLVED] Samsung r580 not booting

Do you have Windows XP or Windows Vista/7? Your profile says Windows Xp.

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-Samsung Mobile phone USB driver Software
-Samsung Mobile phone USB Modem 1.0 Software
-Samsung Mobile phone USB Modem Software

These 3 under programs and features, i keep trying get rid of, but they keep refusing to, some say they do, restart and still there, other say, there was prev drivers installed, and uninstalling current can't occur?

A:Solved: Samsung driver/Software

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Does anybody know the parameters for a 7200rpm, 80 GB Samsung HDD? My bios is set up to auto detect a new hard drive, but it sort of freezes and won't do anything, including let me out of the bios. When the computer first starts to boot it lists the new hard drive. If I let the computer continue to boot, the next page has the configuration and instead of having the primary master, primary slave, secondary master, etc. listed, it stops at the primary master and has no info about it.
I had hoped that just in case the bios wouldn't recognize the whole 80 gigs, I would download a drive overlay from samsung, unfortunately they have an endless loop asking me to register. (Please register before downloading, I register, try to download, and it sends me to the register page again.)
If someone could please help me get my new master hard drive installed - I would be forever grateful!!

A:[SOLVED] Samsung hard drive

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I have an RM Professional P10 laptop, I think I'm right in saying it's actually a re-badged Samsung P10.

The hard drive failed recently and I replaced it and re-installed XP Pro but the Video Controller (WGA compatible) and PCI Modem are highlighted in yellow in the Device Manager. I did require a wireless driver but managed to find that. I presume Samsung drivers would be ok - if I could find them. The problem I have is that if I go on the Samsung site I'm asked for an actual model number, I think P10 is merely a series identifier not an actual model number.

I've looked underneath the laptop and about the only numbers I can find are 1700-256, P/N NV200 and S/N W037939502. I presume the 1700-256 refers to the processor speed and the RAM fitted.

There's an RM telephone number underneath the laptop but it comes up as number unknown...

Anyone any ideas?


A:Solved: XP drivers for Samsung P10 laptop

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HI, My Laptop is a Samsung NP300E5C its model code is NP300E5C-A02CA it is also windows 7 64 bit home premium these are the drivers that I need to install

Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter
Bluetooth Device ( Personal Area Network )
Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
WAN Miniport (IKEv2)
WAN Miniport (IP)
WAN Miniport (IPv6)
WAN Miniport (L2TP)
WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)
WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
WAN Miniport (PPTP)
WAN Miniport (SSTP)
I don't know which Drivers to install from the website can u plz tell me

The Website http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/model/NP300E5C-A02CA-downloads

A:Solved: Samsung Drivers install Help

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I have a samsung sw-248f cdr-cdrw drive it opens by itself can someone tell me how to fix this

A:Solved: Samsung CDR-CDRW Drive

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Hello,I bought new DVD-R because my old one died yesterday.But my new one doesnt want to read discs.I can open and close it but it's not reading discs.I tried to update drivers,on my father's computer it is working.Even the last one is working on my fathers PC.So,I am using Windows Vista SP1 ,and yes I know its the worst windows I can have...

Here are my specs:

4GB of RAM
Nvidia Quadro FX1700 - Graphic card
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHZ - Processor
560 GB Hard Disc

I have to upgrade graphic card soon.

So,I tried to update drivers,and it says I have the best drivers,here's the pic,take a look please.
I tried to connect old DVD-R and new DVD-R to my father's computer,they are working fine,both.

Please help,if you need to know something else,just ask !

Quick update:
My new DVD-R is same like old one.

A:Solved: DVD-R Samsung sh 224db won't read CD

You appear to have a Samsung SH-224DB SATA 1.5 Gb/s DVD Burner

There's no driver to install.

Once the drive is installed in its bay and its power and data cables are connected and the computer is turned on, it'll automatically be recognized and detected.


Why hasn't Windows Vista SP1 been upgraded to SP2(which was released in May 2009)?


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my dvd player (samsung ts-h352a) has been having issues lately meaning that it very rarely reads any cd inside. It's light will slowly pulse but it does not sound like it spins up and then reports that there is no cd in the drive. all cd's are original manufacturer copies. I went to the samsung site to upgrade the firmware and it has offered me a *.bin file that has no windows assosciation. when i look for drivers through device manager it looks for only *.inf files. what am i doing wrong, any suggestions to alternate fixes perhaps?

cheers, Hrtbob

A:Solved: samsung dvd firmware issue

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i had to wipe hardrive on a samsung n150 plus after removing norton/mcaffee due to various issues. since then it has become extremely slow and also will not let me go into start-up to make adjustments for start-up. this is doing my head in ,any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: veryslow samsung n150plus

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Hi There,

Any ideas on why a laptop wont power on. The ac adpapter has a light on so there is power there. But when plugged into laptop, no lights come on and I am unable to switch on.

Is this just likely to be a faulty adpater, or could it be motherboard issues?

Any ideas pls.


A:Solved: Samsung x20 - Any ideas on No Power??

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Hello I recently purchased a nvidea GTX 650 and the PSU needed to run the card properly. Now I have just purchased a

Samsung UE32D5520 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LED SMART Internet TV with Freeview
and I noticed the HDMI slot on the graphic card is too small for an HDMI to HDMI cable.
I have connected the PC and TV via the VGA port and switched to generic PnP 1080p display in windows.
All works fine ... in fact I am well pleased. But my pessimism will not go away....
1) Im I getting the best out of the setup using VGA?
2) Do I need to download Samsung drivers for PC?
3) What is the mini HDMI looking slot in the back of my graphic card that actually says HDMI but is too small?
Many thanks in advance for any help

A:Solved: Samsung 32" Display

RobMidas said:

1) Im I getting the best out of the setup using VGA?Click to expand...

HMDI will give you a full digital signal and it may give you a slightly better picture. It'll also carry digital audio if you using the TV for audio output.

2) Do I need to download Samsung drivers for PC?Click to expand...

No, and there may not even be any.

3) What is the mini HDMI looking slot in the back of my graphic card that actually says HDMI but is too small?Click to expand...

Could be a Mini-HDMI port: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882678052

Or DisplayPort: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort

Or Mini-Display Port: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_DisplayPort

Any of those can be easily converted to regular HDMI unless the TV has a native (mini)DisplayPort

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So this is something that started almost a month ago, but I haven't really had time to sit down and fix it until now.

OS: 64-bit Vista
Mobo: ASUS P5K
DVD-Drive: Samsung SH-s203n
PSU: OCZ 600W Powerstream
VGA: Nvidia 8800gt 640mb

If I had to pinpoint what just preceded the failure of my dvd-drive, I had been installing some firmware for the drive itself. There were two firmware updates, so I installed the first with what seemed like no problem, then after reboot, I did the second one and walked away since it seemed to hang a bit (if I remember correctly). The computer restarted and nothing with the firmware program was there... so I figured that it installed. Generally, since that point, I've been having trouble with the drive.

The drive read properly in the Device Manager, with no yellow caution signs, and it shows a CD Drive with my harddrives in the Computer (formerly My Computer) window. The green light on the exterior of the drive is light, but it doesn't flicker with activity. Pressing the eject button does nothing (not even an interior whirl of a motor). Paper-clip ejecting to manual put a disc in does nothing as well; the disc doesn't read, and again, it's silent.

I've tried unplugging the molex as well as the SATA cords from the back of the drive, restarted, and restarted again with them plugged back in--no changes. I've also uninstalled the drivers from the Device Manager and restarted with no changes (the drive shows up in the ... Read more

A:Solved: Samsung SH-s203n isn't reading anything

So I figured I'd redownload the firmware and give them ago again. There were two: the oldest didn't even read the drive, but the second read it and updated it.

Aaaand cue the pie in the face. It works now. Ta-da!


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Hi, i was hoping that some could help with a small problem.....

i have a samsung sh s182d dvd-rw that i was using for a while, i installed it myself (i knew that wasn't a great plan) but i've either done somthing stupid or.... well even stupid'er... any way...
it say's i've no driver or i've got a corrupt driver, i tried to dl the drivers from samsung's site, but it's a firmware liveupdate thing, which i guess would be all right but, i seem to have lost my e: drive (dvd-rw) from "my computer" ??? so it can't find the drive and i can't load the installtion cd because i have no drive...

but i thought it would work with the drivers that xp has.... it can't find a better driver than is all ready installed?????

any help is well appreciated

A:Solved: samsung sh s182d driver

The communications between the drives are standardized, which is why you don't need to install drivers. XP has drivers, Samsung doesn't actually make any. If you have any other DVD drives in your computer and they work, then it's not a driver problem.

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