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File Explorer Keeps Refreshing and slows file transfers

Q: File Explorer Keeps Refreshing and slows file transfers

Is there some way to tell W8.1 File Explorer to stop trying to refresh the folder information? I have a folder with hundreds of MP4 files stored on a WD MyBook 4TB. As I try to add more files to the MyBook it takes 4 times longer that is did at the start when there were only a few files in the folder. All I get is the green bar showing what the status of the refresh is and it never finishes while I'm adding more files to the folder. The file transfer rate went from 140 MB's to ~40 MB's. Am I missing something obvious again? Help appreciated.

Preferred Solution: File Explorer Keeps Refreshing and slows file transfers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File Explorer Keeps Refreshing and slows file transfers

Have you tried disabling thumbnail previews?

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I'm really at my wits end on this one (I'm even seriously thinking mac for the first time in my life)....

I'm a photographer and ofter shot literally 1000s of images per week. Lately windows exporer crashes about half the time I am trying to move images from the CF cards to my hard drive... generally after about 10 or 11 files have transferred... sometimes it takes 5 minutes for explorer to get over the "stopped working" message so I can restart... only to fail again. This happens on my desktop with Vista Ultimate and on my laptop with Vista Home.

I can't find any help anywhere but I can't use windows the way it is working (not).

any ideas GREATLY appreciated.


Tom O'Connell

A:Windows Explorer crashes during file transfers

Just a couple more facts... both pc's have 4 gb ram, both are Sony Vaio, I have the problem whether I use Copy or Cut commands. The files are all RAW files at 12-14 mb each. It doesn't help if all apps are closed or not. It doesn't seem to matter whether the files are coming from a card via usb reader or from an external hard drive.

thanks again,


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Using Windows 10 Home.
This problem only happens if I'm performing a search.
If I search within a folder for say *.* and then delete a file, the list of files does not refresh.
The file remains listed even though it's been deleted.
If I manually refresh then the file disappears from the list. Same thing happens if I undo the delete.
I need to hit F5 to make the file reappear in the search list.

Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? Thanks.


Seems to be a Windows 10 prob. I went back to 8.1 and everything was fine.

A:File explorer not refreshing after deleting files in search

I've noticed this too... only in search results. Whilst simply opening a folder and deleting sthg is fine.

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Hi i hope someone can help me, ive been trying different phrases for days tryin to find an answer,
im running win 10 pro 32 and the way i have file explorer set up is in List view in name order,
the problem i have is because there are soo many folders when i right click and copy a name ( ie Tech Reports v23) then right click and make a new folder, that "new folder" is thrown into alphabetical order before i can paste the name in ,, usually as i try ive clicked in an empty location meaning i have to go through the routine of right click then rename then paste,, not fun when you have between 20 to 40 a day to do,,

so can anyone please help me in switching off the refresh while im working in that folder so it only refreshes when i manually right click once ive finished working

many thanx in advance

A:how can i stop file explorer refreshing when i make a new folder?

Hi, If you use the button (3rd right on title bar) to create the new folder, your cursor ends up in the name field of the new folder.
On the other hand, if I rt click empty space and create a new folder, what happens in mine is that the New Folder appears in the middle of the pane once it is created.
(Using list view in alpha order)
In Details view, in alpha order, it appears at the top of the list as displayed in explorer once I've created it.
But in neither of these cases does the cursor end up in the name field, and I have to right click to rename it.

Are you expecting that when you create the folder you should be prompted for its name?
Unfortunately that's not how it seems to work from a rt click new folder create. A bit messy.

XYplorer behaves as I think you wish: the cursor is left in 'New Folder' in the newly created folder, ready for you to rename it.
Some here use the free version, so you might consider using an alternative file manager.

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I installed a new 1GB SATA disk, using dynamic disk type. I noticed the file listing in Explorer slowed down, Explorer.exe peaks CPU for about 3 second, then the file list in the right side of explorer shows up.

I tried the usual fixes (spyware scan, uninstall of unneeded apps, even disabling of unneeded shell extensions), with no luck.

Then I disabled the new disk, and bingo, explorer works again like a snap. Re-enabling the disk in device manager slows things down again. Interesting detail, but if the disk is only active in Devices, but not re-activated in Disk management then the slowdown still occurs.

What is it with the 1TB disk partition? Is it too big for XP? Or is it the dynamic drive type the not fully working in XP?

-- Pedro
(E6600, 2BG, Asrock ConRoe865PE, WD1500ADFD, WD10EACS)

A:1TB disk slows down Explorer file listing

Update: Removed Spybot, apparently the latest Spybot 1.6 update caused the slowdown. What a change! Folders open like a snap, pages in browser load much quicker. 1TB drive is not a culprit, neither dynamic disks.

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I'm looking for a file manager that supports FTPES and SFTP transfers. 64 bit and freeware would be nice. Capivara would be fine, but lacks FTPES.

A:File manager for secure file transfers

Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server for Windows 7 - Secure, reliable, and easy to use SFTP server - Windows 7 Download

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Was just given a new DELL desktop PC, but it has no ZIP or floppy drive, only a CD-R/W. I have 10 ZIP disks (100Mb each) of backed up files from my old PC (WINDOWS98). What's best way (cheapest & easiest) to get the ZIP files onto the new PC so I can convert them to CD? USB cables? Or, buy a portable ZIP drive? Or, other?

A:ZIP file transfers

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I just "updated" to windows 7. I took the Hard Drives from the old PC and plugged them into my new build (along with my new 1TB HDD). How do I move my system settings (hopefully desktop, antivirus, and steam account) to my new PC?

A:File Transfers

Quote: Originally Posted by King J

I just "updated" to windows 7. I took the Hard Drives from the old PC and plugged them into my new build (along with my new 1TB HDD). How do I move my system settings (hopefully desktop, antivirus, and steam account) to my new PC?

If you updated there should be a windows.old folder, but did you format the new drive? if so that is called a clean install.

Now to import settings etc (which I dont recommend) run the easy transfer wizard. It will transfer most but not all. You will still have to re-install the apps, but the prefs may be saved.

We can be of more use if you tell us about your upgrade.

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, but here goes.

I have a new laptop and i need to transfer some files from my pc to the laptop, whats the best way of going about this?

If someone could list some options that would be great.


A:File Transfers

If you can connect both to the same network, you can enable file sharing and copy the files over.

You can copy files on the old pc to cd or other removable media and use tht media to copy them to the new pc

If you want to save all your files and settings, you can use the XP Files and Settings Transfer (FAST) wizard to create an image of them and save to cd or other removable media. This is a good guide to using the FAST wizard. Just be sure you have an up-to-date antivirus before you re-instate them!


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Need a step by step guide to transfer files from hard drive [m/s access exercises and homework] to flash drive. Know it must be easy - mind gone blank!! Thanx

A:file transfers

Maybe this could help:


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I am running msn 6.1 and i have a problem with my file transfers.

When an attemp for a file transfer is made i get signed out of msn and my internet disconnects.....i have contacted msn about this and i have been instructed to open TCP ports 6891 - 6900 which i have done......

maybe i did not do this correctly ? but im sure i have... does anybody know what could be causing this problem ?

ps. i am using a D-Link DSL-504 router

thanks everyone


A:MSN File Transfers !

If you don't find an answer here call tech support at D-link

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Not sure where to ask this but hopefully this is a good place to start.

I have an old Windows 98 machine with serial ports for external communication. I have a new Windows XP machine also with a serial port. I would like to transfer files from the 98 to the XP via the ports. I could use ZIP Disk or Floppies but I'm not sure I would live long enough. Can someone tell me how to do this vis the serial ports and maybe what software might be useful ?


A:File Transfers - W98 to XP

The easiest way is to take the drive out of the wn98 box and temporarily attach to the new one.

it works best if you attach to the secondary channel, the one with the CD/DVD drives.

How to slave a hard drive: http://www.dtidata.com/resourcecente...ve-hard-drive/

You may have to take ownership of the files first: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=308421

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CPU: 2.6c
MOBO: ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
HDD1: MAXTOR 120GB w/8MB Cache @ 7200RPM
HDD2: MAXTOR 300GB w/16MB Cache @ 7200RPM


In my BIOS setup, when I choose any of the above Hard Drives... I get taken to another page full of options... all are selected as AUTO... except the last one "32-Bit File Transfers" is set to DISABLED... with the only other option being ENABLED...

What does this mean?
What would ENABLING it do in terms of performance?

A:32-Bit File Transfers??

The ATA interface transfers data 16 bits at a time (we had 16-bit PCs when the standard came out). Since modern PCs are 32-bit then it is more worthwhile to take two of those 16-bit chunks and transfer them to the CPU or memory together.

It will give you a small performance boost if you enable that option.

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Is it possible to transfer files from a desktop to a laptop via the NIC. The file transfer only lists a serial cable and I don't have one. The only thing I have to connect them with is an ethernet cable.

A:File Transfers

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I just got a new laptop because my old PC crashed. I had someone come out and get my files off my old hard drive, he had to put them on my husbands MAC for storage. Now I want to put my those files on my new HP laptop. I have a HP personal media drive, but can't figure out how to transfer files from the MAC. Did I get the wrong devise for the job? If so what do I need?


A:File Transfers

If you have a network, make sure both computers are on it, share the Mac folder with your files on it, then at the PC copy the files from the Mac to your PC.

You should also be able to burn the files to a CD then use that to carry them to your computer.

I'm not familiar with Macs, but you might be able to use a USB drive to copy the files.

If none of these is an option, you can sign up for online file storage, upload the files from the Mac, then download them to your computer.

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hi all, i'm in change of a small part of my school's website, and my schedule is so very busy, that i would really like to be able to make changes to the website from home. However, my school has closed all ports, and the server is not ftp. I was wondering if it was possible to write a batch file (or otherwise) that would run every so often on the server and pull files from another server (eg, my personal website, or some free hosting thing) onto the website drive? i would appreciate any ideas you people have about this. can it be done? and if so, how? thanks

A:file transfers

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I just got a new NAS and am backing up my computer. I just wanted to know how long a 10Gb transfer should take over the network? I know there are many variables but am just curious as to how long you believe it should take. I have GB network but that I know has nothing to do with a NAS.
patriot pcnasvk35s2

It is connected directly to Ethernet 1GB switch. Nothing is wireless in the connection. It all goes through an AT&T router/modem from 2wire a 1702HG Gateway.

A:How long should file transfers take?

How long should file transfers take?Click to expand...

until they are done

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I have just bought a new laptop and would like to transfer all my data and systems settings from my old laptop.

Specifically all the IE favourites and some random files.

I use Windows Xp, and i just want to know the easiest way to do this, ie not setting up a network if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.

A:File Settings Transfers

If your old laptop has usb then a pendrive would suffice for backing up and transfer of your old files/ favourites/ email contacts list etc.

If its just word files and favourites you should be able to do this via floppies, you can use a program such as diskspan to move files that are larger than 1.44mb.

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Hi guys,
so i am using sygate as my personal firewall; and just now, my brother that's using his pc on the other room was transfering large files from my computer to his computer, 3 large files actually, and sygate took all my memory i mean really slow so i had to terminate or exit the program, and before i closed sygate the transfer speed was 3MBYTES/s and after i closed it it jumped up to the normal speed and the transfer quickly finished.
so the question is how can i make sygate let the information pass as quickly as it normally would without sygate on, and not to take all the memory on my computer

A:Sygate and file transfers pc to another pc

Huh. Well, assuming you're behind a firewall between you and the internet, I'd just turn off your personal firewall temporarily for the file transfer, then put it back up again.

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I just got a new NAS and am backing up my computer. I just wanted to know how long a 10Gb transfer should take over the network? I know there are many variables but am just curious as to how long you believe it should take. I have GB network but that I know has nothing to do with a NAS.

A:How long should file transfers take?

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I have windows xp professional. My problem is I can receive but cannot send file transfers via msn messenger. I have no problem sending or receiving with yahoo messenger or icq. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get this function back? Will wait for your reply...Thanks Cheryl

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I've searched the internet and I can't find a solution for this.

I have several USB 3.0 external hard drives and they all seem to exhibit this problem. First, I had a Western Digital MyPassport SE 1TB with USB 3.0. Transfers of 1GB or less are usually fine, but once it gets higher than that, the drive disconnects. It disconnects before the transfer is complete, usually disconnecting about 5 seconds after transfer begins. I thought something was wrong with the hard drive, so I had it RMAd. New drive came back and still didn't work.

This year's Black Friday gave me a Western Digital Elements 1TB also with USB 3.0 capabilities. Same as before: files bigger than 1GB will not transfer. And yesterday I was graced with a Western Digital MyPassport 2TB but unfortunately the same problem occurs.

For all of these drives, I can transfer large files through USB 2.0 connections, no problem. I would be happy with this but... I was really looking forward to using my computer's USB 3.0 connection for the faster speeds. I've tried updating drivers for the port but I still have the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here are links to the hard drives:

Western Digital MyPassport SE 1TB (mine was new):
Newegg.com - Refurbished: Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB USB 3.0/USB 2.0 Black Portable Hard Drive WDBACX0010BBK

Western Digital MyPassport 2TB:

Newegg.com - Western Digital My Passport 2TB USB 3.0/USB 2.0 Portable Hard... Read more

A:File transfers through USB 3.0 keep disconnecting

why not have a look at my paste "My Method to fix the windows 7 mouse randomly freezing issue "
I think you can not use usb3.0 now, I might be wrong.

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Not sure if this is the right forum or not to post this, but I just purchased a new Dell computer and want to know what is the easiest, most efficient and most economic way to move all my files from my old Gateway to my new computer. I'm going from Win ME on the old computer to preloaded Win XP Home on the new one. I also have dual hard drives on my oldie and moving to a single HD on the new one.


A:File transfers between computers

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Hi guys,
so i am using sygate as my personal firewall; and just now, my brother that's using his pc on the other room was transfering large files from my computer to his computer, 3 large files actually, and sygate took all my memory i mean really slow so i had to terminate or exit the program, and before i closed sygate the transfer speed was 3MBYTES/s and after i closed it it jumped up to the normal speed and the transfer quickly finished.
so the question is how can i make sygate let the information pass as quickly as it normally would without sygate on, and not to take all the memory on my computer

A:Sygate and file transfers pc to another pc

come on guys no one?

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Hello & let me thank everyone now for their time.

This last week I was told that burning data files to DVD's should be done in the Vista master fmt not open / live. So I lost 30 hours on a Vebatim 4.7g DVD disc.

Since then I have meticolusly used the Vista mast fmt & burning icons etc, finished every write to the Magnavox 4.7g +R DVD & today, Viola! no can see the files with 3.44g free on 1 of 2 disc I'm burning to!?!?

"This is eating my lunch, give me Unix & a tape drive anytime!"

By the pattern I just quoted above I copied all the #2 disc files onto a new dir on the hard driive. I added what was missing then did a mass copy onto a new DVD+R. Worked, kind of until I tried to add some other files.

O well here's the solution, kinda.

Favorite Movie Quote "Information Please!"

A:Windows DVD file transfers.

I would recommend against using "sessions" on any disc media. It's just asking for problems. If you want to save data to CD or DVD try a few brands. See which work best in your burner. Then use:
dvdinfopro.com - Home Page

to see who made them. Once you know the discs will burn well, get spindles of 50 or 100 cheap at one of the reputable online stores. Also I recommend burning data discs using Imgburn

I used to fool around with "using CD as a floppy" type of stuff like InCD. You're lucky if you can read the stuff back on the same machine awhile later, never mind on a different machine. Even burn erasable discs as if they were CDR or DVDR. Your chances of being able to read the data back off are much higher.

With Imgburn you need to format the erasable disc as CDR or DVDR the first time you write to it. After that just do a "quick erase" before reusing.

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I find myself having to move many large data files (telemetry data) across our ethernet network with Windows systems. It takes forever to move 50GByte files from one PC to another using wintdows Network Neighborhood.

Is there such a utility that can move these large data files much faster than Windows drag n drop stuff? I read an article where one organization transferred an entire 4.2GB DVD movie over the internet in 10 minutes using standard ethernet protocols. Why can't we all move files like this?

Any thoughts?



A:Faster File Transfers

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Hello is there anyway to limit file transfer speed on the local area network (not the wan port)? I have a tv tuner farm on my server wich I use to stream live tv to other computers on network. Problem is when I start a file transfer it maxs my connection leaving tv unwatchable. I am running windows 7 hp and have a wired gigabit network. Thenks in advance. cheers

A:File transfers hog all bandwidth

Does your router support QoS?

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I'm having problem transferring large files from the inernal hard disk of my computer to an external hard disk. The transfer freezes when I am copying a large amount of data. Last week I emptied the recycle bin of the external hard drive, and not I cannot really understand what's happening.

A:File Transfers problem

You could try TeraCopy: http://codesector.com/teracopy

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I have just bought a new laptop and would like to transfer all my data and systems settings from my old laptop.

Specifically all the IE favourites and some random files.

I use Windows Xp, and i just want to know the easiest way to do this, ie not setting up a network if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.

A:File Settings Transfers

xp has a file setings transfer program off the start menu in the programs - accessories - system tools -file transfer wizard.
As long as both computers are networked then it will transfer all your settings.

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Hi everybody

I have a simple question that will probably yield a simple answer, but it has had me scratching my head...

I have a desktop pc which I use as a server. I have two laptops that access the files on the server through mapped network drives, simple enough.

When I move files from one location to another on the server the file transfers are quick. When I use the mapped network drives on the laptop to move the same files they are much much slower.

I cant understand why this would be the case. Are the files stored in RAM on the laptop with the remote access or is there some other reason. How can I get around this issue?

Many thanks in advance.


A:File transfers slow

I assume your laptops access the server via 802.11g. The theoretical speed there is 54Mbps/sec - but in reality it is less because of the overhead. Compare that to the speed you can transfer files inside the server. That is limited by the speed of your HDDs and depends whether you go from one HDD to another or within the same HDD. But it will be a lot faster in any case. Figure that the disk transfer rate is 10 times faster than 802.11g - that is an approximate number and depends highly on the type of disk (e.g. Rpm) and where the from and to folders are located.

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I am repeatedly have problems transferring large files between my VISTA Ult 64 machine and my XP Pro 32 bit machine. While trying the transfer files from the Vista machine to the XP machine, the file transfer usually stops and drops off. If I do the transfer of the files from the Vista machine via the XP machine, the files transfer without a hitch. It appears that the transfer cannot be initianted from the VISTA Ult Machine.

Someone must know why this is occurring.

A:Problems with Large FIle transfers

You might give TeraCopy beta a try.

I've been using the 32 bit beta for quite a while. You can change the settings for
buffer sizes in the Options.ini file until you hit an optimum. The other issue may have
to do with file sharing permissions firewall etc.. but at least Vista Shell Copy issues will be out of the loop.

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I've currently got a computer running Windows 7 64bit and a HTPC/hard drive backup.
These are connected to a linksys router via ehternet cable.

The HTPC normally runs OpenElec (a Linux distro that is stripped down to run xbmc only).
I am able to access this machine from Windows 7 just by typing in the IP address of the HTPC in windows explorer. Here I can copy files to and from the HTPC. I think this uses Samba or SSH to do this.

This works well for copying a few files but not for copying lots of data (100gb+) as file transfer speed seems to get progressivly slower. I've been told this is because the drives are formatted to NTFS and Linux kernel doesnt handle this very well. I would rather keep NTFS and see if i can find a useful bootable utility to help me when I want to transfer lots of files over LAN.

Is there a usb bootable program that fully supports/ is optimised for NTFS drives so I can run it on the HTPC? This is so that I can access HTPC hard drives from my Windows 7 PC and transfer files faster over LAN.


A:Boot disc for LAN file transfers

WinRe/WinPE is the way to go I think. Lots of infor available from Google:

boot winre from flash drive

Once you have that you have full NTFS support and I think networking.

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when i copy a large group of files (say a couple of gigs or so) to a different folder it runs at a whopping 8-10 MB/s to copy them, i know vista had an issue with copying files but this was meant to be fixed, is this a known issue with win7? i notice it happens on both X86 and X64.... now i KNOW my hard drive is capable of doing 80MB/s (roughly) and does on Ubuntu, so i assume its an OS issue,

now maybe its just me, but surely an Operating system should be able to do something as simple as copy files at a decent rate?

A:ridiculously slow file transfers

It's not the OS.

There's something wrong with your setup. You can begin by installing the latest chipset/sata/motherboard drivers.

Also use HDTune to help you diagnose.

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Even if the work computer is connected to a network but I don't need it to transfer files between the computer and another device like flash drive or smartphone, can the company's IT department still detect it? Of course I know they can see websites I browsed.

I can't back up files directly from Galaxy S4 to S6 Edge+ since the latter doesn't have a microSD slot. So I thought a good time was to transfer from the S4 to my work computer and then to my S6. A few minutes after saving the files to the machine, the folders suddenly disappeared. Now I'm freaked out wondering if my company's IT may have seen it since some media files are porn, and I didn't even use Internet for file transfers. I asked an IT guy on my floor and he told me he's not sure.

A:File transfers between devices detectable by IT?

Yes, they can. At my workplace, where I am an admin, I have had several instances where people have been terminated for transferring non-work stuff to work machines, and work stuff to non-work machines.

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I have a question. I want to get a new hard drive w/ larger capacity for my Dell Inspiron 2600. Is there a way to copy only some files from my old hard drive to my new one? I know there's a way to make mirror images of the hard drive but I don't want to do that.

A:new hard drive and file transfers

Yes, and you can even keep the old harddrive in the computr as an extra storage drive. Set the new harddrive as Master and the old drive as Slave using the jumpers on the back of each drive but do not connect your old drive until Windows setup is done as to avoid a Dual boot system which you don't want). Use your Windows CD to partition, format and do a new install of Windows on the new drive. After Windows is done installing connect yuor old drive back in as a Slave and all the files will be there on the second drive. Once you move all the files you need off the drive you can format the drive using Disk management in 2000/XP and have it for extra space or to seperate your data from your programs.

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Hi all, first time posting here. I'm trying to copy a large number of files to my home server, and having issues with my connection.

Running XP SP2 and using Allway Sync to copy files to a server running Windows Home Server over my wireless connection (Which is a realtek RTL8187 USB-based card). I start copying files, and after an indeterminable amount of time (Between 1 minute and about 20), I will get an error message stating "Semaphore timeout period has expired" followed by "Network path not found". Even more perplexing is that my entire internet connection is lost at that point, and I must release/renew or repair the connection.

My computer is the only one on our network with this issue, and my wireless connection is otherwise rock solid - I can even FTP countless files to the server without problems.

So far I have tried giving myself a static IP at the router (D-link DIR-625, firmware 1.09, hardware revision A1), and disabling NetBT/NetBIOS over TCP-IP on my machine. When I do that, I lose all ability to connect to machines by name, and must use IP number, so instead of //server/storage I must use // for example). I've also stopped the Wireless Zero Config service on my machine. Also, I ran WinsockXPFix to restore a bunch of default settings to my 'net connection. Any suggestions or ideas?

A:Connection dropping during file transfers

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I backed up almost all of my files from an old HDD before it dropped dead from I guess old age? lol But the HDD was a small one at I believe 40GB or so, and the file system used on it was the FAT32. I recently bought a 300GB HDD, and have been running things really well off of it, but I remembered that I put about 4.5GB of saved music, pictures, and documents on my sister-in-laws computer. I was retrieving them to put on my computer, now that I have sufficient space for it all, and I remembered that the file system that I am using now is the NTFS.

My question is...will I be able to put those FAT32 files into my new HDD running NTFS, or will it mess up the computer? I don't want to screw things up here, I have worked very hard fixing problems that occurred with this computer before I got ahold of it from my sister-in-law(for free) because of viruses, and other things like .dll files that she removed, and now that it is running fine, I am really cautious about doing things to it that I am not sure of.

A:File Transfers of FAT32 to NTFS

FAT32 and NTFS are file systems for the Hard Drives not for the files themselves, files on FAT32 and NTFS systems can be interchanged without damage to the file system or files.

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I have the D-Link 704p router and I can't seem to get file transfers to work. I can send files but I can't receive them. I've tried A LOT of settings and searched the net for answers etc but it just doesn't work. I was wondering if someone here have this router and is able to receive files over ICQ. If so, could you please post step by step how you managed to get it working?

Thanks in advance.

A:D-Link 704P and ICQ file transfers

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Greetings all,

I've got several "user accounts" set up on my XP pro computer (some with administrator access, others with default user access). My question is: Is there an easy way to transfer the "My Documents" files from one account to the other, or, preferably get one account to have access to the files in another account? The file transfer wizard seems only to think I want to transfer between computers, but not between accounts on the same computer. I'd rather not recopy the files to the other accounts, anyway, as that seems to use up the hard drive quite a bit faster. So, in the end, I'd really just like one user account to have access to the documents of another user account.

Thanks for your help!

A:File transfers between user accounts

Hey Croaker,

Just share the files you want to share. Add the user accounts you want to see the files and share it. Right click the file and go to the properties option. Then go to the sharing tab. Click share this folder. Go to the permissions option and choose the users you want. You could give the users limited use of the file (like read only).

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I recently got a Cisco/Linksys e3200 router and have two desktop computers hard wired to it. One is Windows 7 Professional and the other is Linux Mint 12. The problem, however is with my laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

The router setup was extremely simple and I get decent file transfer speeds between the desktops and between the Linux machine (wired) and the Windows 7 HP laptop (wireless). The problem is between the two Windows 7 machines, and is far worse in one direction. I got reasonable speeds when I copy from the laptop to the Windows 7 desktop (initiating file transfer from the desktop), but I am basically unable to initiate file transfers from the laptop. I can see both desktops on the network, and can see shared folders, though discovery of them can take a really long time. The real problem is when I attempt to copy a file from the Windows 7 desktop to the laptop. It will say it is discovering the files to be transferred for several minutes (even if it is only one mp3), then, if the transfer does start, it will move along at 10-15k/second.

I've googled the issue and haven't been able to find an answer. It's extremely frustrating. Let me know if there is any more information that you need and I will try to provide it. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Problem with wireless file transfers

I should add that the internet connection speed of the laptop, connected wirelessly, is fine.

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I was in the middle of a large 150gb transfer from one drive to another. as an afterthought, I saw small 50mb file I wanted to transfer from a different drive origin, to the same drive destination as in the bigger transfer. These are all serial ata drives, with latest drivers, though some are connected via usb, some are internal. Anywho.. My second transfer looked like it was going to go across pretty quick, and then it froze all together.. for like 7-8 minutes, during which time, the other big transfer looked to be hung. Frustrated, I tried to cancel the second transfer. It reported it would have that done for me in 5 seconds, but then 3 minutes later, still trying to cancel.

So I started this post, and just seconds ago, it managed to cancel itself. I am wondering if there is a good way to force it to stop, or if there is problem with my system that I can proactively address. I have never been a huge fan of the way Microsoft handles multiple transfers.. or even single transfers for that matter.. What can be done?

A:File transfers hang when transfering two or more...?

Ive used TerraCopy for a long time .... leaves Microsofts copy function in the dust....Get it --==> here

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I have been trying to reload all the data back to the pc after reinstalling windows. whenever I try to copy a folder larger then 10GB it will copy most of the files but then crash with a BSOD the error info is listed below.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: 0000000300000000
BCP3: FFFFF88002DB28E8
BCP4: FFFFF88002DB2150
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

All the research I have done leads to a memory error but i have run Memtest already and it has passed.

A:BSOD on large file transfers

[1 - Novice] How to ask for help with a BSOD problem

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I have two questions..I have two accounts on my XP "User" and "Jaime". I would like to consolidate both into one saving files of both but eliminating duplicates. Can this be done?
Also have erratic mouse movements. Not dirty, new mouse. Have MS Intellipoint. I'm an intermediate level user so as much info as possible is appreciated. Links to help would be fine or if it is easily explained in this forum....Thanks.

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My two computers are wirelessly networked. My desktop is running XP and my laptop has Vista. I have been experiencing the strangest problem lately. When I try to copy a file to XP from Vista (usually a 350mg avi or mpg4 video) everything is fine, but if i try to copy to Vista from XP, using the exact same folders, it slows down to 80kb/s at BEST. It's so slow it's pretty much non-functional.

I've looked up this issue and I've tried the following:
~All firewalls and virus scanners are disabled
~I've tried starting the transfer from XP and from Vista, same issue: transfer to XP is good, to vista is crap.
~I did "diagnose and repair" on both computers' network connections
~On Vista I disabled Windows Features Windows Meeting Space and Remote Differential Compression
~I made sure both computers were fully updated and rebooted

NOTHING has fixed this issue. It seems so strange that I can transfer one direction and not the other (other posts had problems with network transfers, but didn't specify if it was directional). I sometimes get the error "The Path is Too Deep" whenever it looks like a transfer might actually make good time (usually right after a reboot).

Has anyone else ever experienced this issue and managed to fix it?

A:Strange SLOOWWW file transfers

My suspicion is that it has something to do with writing the file onto the Vista. Maybe little free disk space? Defrag needed? Writing to USB connected drive?

I assume that you are using an ad-hoc wireless connection. But, if you are using a router try two additional tests with only one connected by wireless--one with the Vista connected by ethernet and the other with the XP connected by ethernet. Does either way make a difference?

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I am doing a large file transfer (multiple files equal to ~5 GB) over my 100 mb lan from windows xp pro to windows vista. The file transfer starts out from full speed of my lan and gradually slows down over 2 minutes until it is only 100 kb/s. What could be causing this problem?

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Hi everyone.

I have an WD External Hard Drive that is giving me problems. Copying from any of my other drives to my WD Drive works fine but when i try to copy from my WD to another drive (Any of my drives) It stalls/crashes, windows explorer becomes unresponsive. this happens with everything from drag and drop to cut/copy and paste. It starts the transfer fine and about 20 to 40 percent through it just stops and no message displays. When I hit cancel It just stays there. I have to restart the machine or wait a while for windows explore to crash and restart.

I recently converted the drive from fat32 to NTFS via cmd so I would not loose any of my files but that didnt fix the problem. I ran a disk check no fix either. defragment didnt help. I have looked all over the web for a solution and nothing has worked. I dont know what else to do.

I started experiencing this problem when I upgraded to windows 7.

My file consist of mostly video and are on average 700mb each.

Please help.

My set up:
HP Pavillion desktop
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
7gb ram
Pentium Dual Core CPU 2.50ghz
640gb internal drive
1tb WD External (This is the one with issues)
250gb Seagate external

A:File transfers WD Hard Drive

It sounds like the drive is dead. You could try professional recovery, but that can run several thousands of dollars. In the off chance that the enclosure has a problem, you could try connecting the drive to your PC internally.

This is why backups are important. Drives fail all the time.

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