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L440 - Display still blank after replacement

Q: L440 - Display still blank after replacement

Hello everyone, I replaced my screen on my L440, because it would not show any sign of being alive anymore (external monitor workds fine). I used this "opportunity" to upgrade it to full hd, also replaced the connecting cable.Nonetheless, my screen is still always dark - in Windows, as also for the bios or post screen (external works fine here).Depending in which panel I install, the old low res or ne full hd, the resolution on the external monitor responses to that (clone mode).Thus I assume, the both cabels are fine, both panel are fine, the system recognizes them. But why is it still blank.Also tried to trigger closing the lid with a magnet (next to the webcam), only shutsdown then.Any ideas?!

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Preferred Solution: L440 - Display still blank after replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My laptop really works fine - there's just one point annoying me: For a few days now, I don't have any on screen display anymore for all FN keys: no volume, brightness display - no problem. No Caps display - ehm. No selection for display changing or wifi/bluetooth - I don't have an idea to do it otherwise. No bluetooth entry in the system panel neither. WLAN works fine, but Bluetooth is off. I want my black on screen alerts back! I tried with updating the power management - nothing changed. I tried to reinstall the power management driver - nothing. What can I do?

A:L440: No On Screen Display for FN keys

One hint says you could activate the on screen display in the display settings. What, please, is the Display Settings dialogue called like in German Win7? I can't find it.

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I started having issues yesterday, the day after I installed teamviewer a program that is on my iPad also to remotely control the laptop. At first the screen started freezing when I was in the middle of a Java game. So I restarted the laptop only to have it freeze at the main screen (after login).

The screen would freeze the display would change to a very low resolution (I think). So I kept restarting it only to repeat. Until eventually once past the windows logo the screen would turn black and blank. Sometimes the display would turn on black and blank and other times it would do that after the logo.

A few times I managed to get it to go into safe mode and I restored to a few days ago but it made no difference, I also tried many other things like changing some settings but nothing worked.

So after like 2 or 3 hours I Rolled back and disabled "nvidia quadro nvs 135m" (since I read it might be causing the issue and I should uninstall it which I couldn't), once I disabled it I restarted the computer and made it to the main screen without issues, and I could even load my game. I enabled it again And restarted the computer only to have the same issues so I disabled it again after finally getting into safe mode.

I don't know if it works fine now, I left it on at most for 5-10 minutes without any issues and I never actually logged into the game to see if it works.

I figured out that in my display settings instead of showing my main monitor it only sho... Read more

A:Display screen black and blank- is mobile pc display the issue?

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... Does your Laptop have dual Graphics ... If that is the case go to Dell Website and Download the Driver there for your Graphics ...

I would also suggest you read the Link below ...
NVIDIA Drivers - Avoid Problems

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Hi fellow lenovians. Inspired by numerous posts on the Internet on how to replace the LCD on T520 I decided to do a similar surgery on my machine. My Lenovo T520 came with a 1366x768 screen, a LP156WH4 (TL)(BL1) which uses LED as backlight and I wanted 1920x1080 instead. I searched ebay for "B156HW01 V.4" and ended up ordering this one. In hindsight I should have paid more attention to the word compatible in the item description because the monitor I received was a Chimei N156HGE-L21. I'm wondering how the seller defines "B156HW01 V.4 compatible". Funnily, according to the ebay link it uses CCFL  as backlight while the Chimei seems to be using LED as backlight ? which is fine since the original LCD uses LED too. Disassembling the old LCD and mounting the new one was very easy. However, upon switching laptop on I get exactly the same experience as this guy: The laptop turns on, there is backlight, the harddisk is running but the screen is blank. I can use the Fn + brightness up / down buttons to increase the lightning, but even with a strong flashlight I don't see a faint of the Windows splash screen on the LCD. If I put the old LCD back then everything's fine - except it's not the new one...  Now, before returning the LCD I'm wondering if there's anything I should try? There's backlight so I don't think it's the inverter. I can almost only imagine the LCD being faulty?

A:Lenovo T520 replacement LCD - there's backlight but blank screen

There is no inverter with LED backlight.  As inverter converts direct current to the AC needed by a CCFL. You have no inverter so the fact that your backlight comes on means the new screen has an LED backlight.  A CCFL scxreen would have a separate backlight connector, typically a 2-wire plug with one pink and one white wire.  Make sure the cable is making a good connection, otherwise, I would assume the new screen is bad.

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I have replaced a cracked screen on my HP laptop.  Whilst the new screen is connected correctly and has power, windows does not display on the screen. I have plugged the laptop into a seperate VDU via a VGA cable and the homescreen appears.  I have performed the updates the HP website recommends, new BIOS, drivers and can see vis MS tools that the laptop has all the latest drivers but the screen still won't work. Any ideas as to why this is and how to fix it?  Thanks Since posting this message I have accessed the BIOS and that does not show up on the laptop screen either and only appears on the VDU instead so I am stuck with regards what to do next.

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Hi guysHas anyone replaced display of the UHD that have 40 pins on connector with the display (FHD 40 pins with 60 hz or 120 hz) in the Y50 lenovo UHD laptop? Is the BIOS capable of detecting this change or not?Does the refresh rate change to 60 hz or 120 hz after replacing to the FHD display?My main question is, whether the (48 hz locked refresh rate) problem is solved by replacing display? I want to change the screen to full HD if this have possible.my detail laptob:uhd screen 40 pins: samsung FLLTN156FL02L01CPU: Intel 4710Graphics: 860 GTXThank Regards

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Hi, I have Elitebook Folio 9470m with 1360x768 HD screen (part no. 702871-001) and i want to replace screen with 1600x900 HD+ screen (part no. 708771-001). So, I'm wondering if i replace the displays will i suffer any problems with my current system configuration and is it even possible to replace screen if it has different resolution from the one that came with laptop at first? Thank you. 

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A:Display replacement

From the Service Manual: Manual There is a 1366 x 768 panel and a 1600 x 900 panel and there is only one cable used for either panel so yes, you could replace your panel with the higher resolution model and the screen will display at the right resolution.  Post back if you need help locating the part or installing.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I'm trying to work on solutions for a friend with a Toshiba A15 S127. The display has gone dark. I believe it is the backlight that has gone out since I can vaguely see the desktop when I shine a light on it and the funtion-f7 didn't make it brighter.

I have two concerns regarding purchasing a replacement display.

1) Is it relatively straight forward to replace. I have cracked the case on an old Thinkpad and a Mac laptop so I don't mind trying, I just want to understand the risks first.

2) Several online articles indicate that the inverter may also be the cause of this problem. Is the inverter part of the replacement display or part of the main casing internals? I hate to spend to much on a display only to find I have to spend more on an inverter or have I got this pattern backwards.


A:laptop display replacement

Could be either the inverter or the backlight, no easy way to tell except by replacement. That often means its cheaper to have it done in a shop, rather than buy both parts.

Grtting the laptop apart can be a problem unless you follow the disassembly instructions (if you can get them), but having it still work when reassembled is even more rare...

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Hi. I want to replace 1366x768 display in G580 with 1920x1080 version. Is such uprade possible at all?

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Hello -  I have a situation where my laptop screen has been smashed in transport. I tried to phone the UK repair center for a quote (my machine is 2 months out of warranty) - but because the machine originally came from the US they are unable to help me.   Could someone please advise on the best course of action here - I am happy to pay to get the screen replaced, but I need to know how to do this.

A:Broken display - how to get a replacement

Hey @profaniti,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums to ask questions and get answers! I read your post and see that your display is damamged and needs to be replaced. To better assist you, could you please provide me with your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?) so that I can find your product specifications?  Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day! 

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Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to purchase a new lid for my dm4 1101ea notebook. The hinges are loose and I was advised to replace the entire lid. unfortunately i cannot find a replacement product on the internet. I went to a repair shop and they could not find one either. Any advice please? thanks,van12


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A:looking for replacement lid (display cover)

HI. To find the top cover you have to search on pages like ebay, Amazon or similar: Display back cover 608208-001Display Screw Kit (not illustrated; includes screws and screw covers) 608212-001 http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-New-HP-Pavilion-DM4-1000-2000-Serie-LCD-back-cover-636936-001-608208-001-US-/281219267004 DM4 series Right and Left Hinges hinge sets 608214-001 http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Pavilion-DM4-series-Right-and-Left-Hinges-hinge-sets-608214-001-US-shipping-/280985982671 Ordering HP Certified Replacement Partshttp://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00372736 Manual service:http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03106715 Regards.

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Hello to all.So, since the terrible banding issue that affects the Lenovo Z50-75 display Full HD version (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Z50-75-Gradient-colors-color-banding-dark-dim-d...) will not be clearly resolved by Lenovo, I'm searching for a replacement of better quality that can solve the problem at its root.I think that the only way is to buy an 8-bit display, here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks/Change-HD-Display-To-FULL-HD-G50-45/td-...someone has found a solution by using an AUO B156HAN01.2 display, but in a G50-45 laptop, and I'm not sure it can be also good for Z50-75.Anyone knows some compatible display for this model? Thanks in advance.

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I want to upgrade my laptop's display panel. I wanna know if AUO B156HAN01.2 panel is compatible with my laptop. It has the same resolution, and 30 pin connector. Its a ips display, but my laptop came with a tn panel with model AUO32ED. 

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Good morning.My y50-70s display got ripped (pink colors, ghost images)Looking for displays to replace my own. Had chose 4 models:LTN156HL02-201B156HAN01.2B156HAN01.1LTN156HL06-C01Do they compatible with our laptop and which one is better?

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I have cracked my display. And Ive found where to order the new display. I just don't know which one to choose because I don't know the full product name for my machine. In the help center it lists only: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC,  serial # 2CE2250R0R, and product # B5R01UA#ABA.  I want to know if its ok to order this  replacement display for it: 682089-001   In stock  DISPLAY RAW PANEL BrightView High Definition - Speaker mesh included  RoHS: COMPLY_2.04 Mike

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The display was hit amd some of it has black spots. There are 3 different part # listed:737657-001   HD,SVA (1366x768), 200 NITS737658-001   HDD+,SVA(1920x1080), 250 NITS737659-001   FHD,SVA(1920x1080), 300 NITs How do you tell which one I should have?

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A:EliteBook 840 Display replacement part

Powered up  did a graphics display it is 1366x768 there is only 1 pn for that

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the hardware im using only allows 16 color mode.
So if it possible can i locate the adapter in my tower and remove it and replace it with another one from one of my older compaqs?
And how to remove it.....
Note:Computer im using----compaq presario 5050
Computer im gonna take adapter out of to put in the compaq 5050---compaq prolinea 575e

A:Graphics/display Adapter Replacement

The reason you only have 16 colors is because the video driver is not install or it is corrupt.

Go to Compaq's website and download the latest driver for teh video card and you should get high colors and high resolutions

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I have an HP ENVY DV7 7212NR and i need to replace the display as it is cracked. I have already obtained the replacement screen but need instructions on replacing it.

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When I power up all signs show the system is working except no change in display. No flicker no glow nothing from display.

A:where can I get a replacement display screen for my HP Pavil...

Hello NormD69,  1) Is your PC under Warranty http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarranty    2) Have you tried connecting to External Monitor, are you getting the Display ?    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee  

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 Like others here, I've was disappointed by my x240 TN display. So I found an 1080p IPS display on ebay with what I think is the correct FRU: 04X3922. It fits fine but is completely blank on bootup. I go back to the TN display, and it has no backlight! No way to increase it's brightness. A tech replaces the original TN display with another TN display (and the motherboard for some reason); no difference. It goes to the service depot and comes back fixed. What the depot did I don't know, but I end up with the i7 instead of the i5 so that's cool. Like an idiot, I try this again... exactly the same things happen. Somehow I have a 1080p display that disables the video-out's backlight? Is that even possible?  I should say at one point in the first attempt, I switched screens while the computer was hibernating, and the 1080p display did come up with a tiled display at the wrong resolution, but the computer could not readjust resolution or detect it on bootup. So two questions: a) Is there a way to force max brightness on bootup? b) What happens if I send the laptop in for repair with the IPS display? Will they repair it based on what's in it now (IPS), or what it was originally (TN)? Picture of suspect display attached. 

A:x240 display replacement woes

To follow up, I got it fixed under a warranty repair, then tried another IPS screen of the same type (FRU 04X3922, LP125WF2(SP)(B1). This time it worked great. My guess is that the LCD cable was damaged, either the wire or the connecter. In fact they changed the connector design now so that it has a hinged clip to hold it to the display's connector.  Despite my difficulties, I fully recommend this upgrade... IPS and the extra pixels really make a difference. 

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Hi, I am relatively new to the thinkpads, but really enjoying my new X270.  The only problem that I have is that mine came with a 1366x768 display. I thought this would be fine as I am using the laptop only for text editing and statistical analyses, but it on using it for a while I realize that I would like to update this to a full HD display. Now the issue is that I have three year on-site warranty that I do not want to lose. My question therefore is: - how can I update the screen without using warranty? I know it is FRU, so that it must be installed or replaced only by trained service technicians, but I am not entirely clear on what trained service technicians means. Does this imply that I have to have it replaced by one of the lenovo registered companies that also perform warranty or can I have it replaced by a local computer shop? The latter would be way easier for me as I live in Amsterdam where there is no Lenovo service provider, but many shops around. - Is there a list somewhere of the screens that would be compatible with my device? I've tried finding such a list online, but have been unable to do so. (model = 20K5S0VM00). All help is really appreciated!

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Hi all!So my display has been flickering the past few months. I have located the issue to be the display panel cable (right where the cable travels from the display section of the notebook to the motherboard through the hinge). Perhaps it is a design flaw where the cable in continously pinched as it is opened and closed; which could explain why it is faulty. Anyways, for this particular model all I need is a compatible display panel cable. I have tried Amazon and eBay but they are for the G6 series. I wish to order one and repace it myself. Please can anyone give me a link to the cable to which I can buy it and finally get this issue sorted!Many thanks!

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HI,I think about replece my  display. Do someone know if this one will be good: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/LCD-Screen-LED-Display-B156HTN05-1-1920X1080-FHD-edp-30pin-120HZ-with-Gsync-...

A:Lenovo Y720 display replacement

Hi szczablik,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per HMM  (hardware maintenance module) Page # 66 Lenovo tested Y720 with 3 other display module, please find the details below.
Please click here to get similar discussion thread and more information.
I hope the above information helps.                   
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Tap that kudos button if I helped.
If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Notebook Satellite l850-dlw.

If it's possible to replace current TN+HD matrix with better IPS+FullHD, what models are recommended?

I read that this is possible if the signal and loop are two-channel (models of which support a resolution of 1920 ? 1080 10 bits), but I don?t know if this is true for my model?

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Hello there,

Thanks for your time in reading my post.

I've replaced a cracked screen on a laptop with a like for like replacement from a seller on eBay.

I fitted the screen, powered on the laptop and it's instead displaying what it should be 4 times above and below each display. It's almost as though the screen doesn't support the resolution or refresh rate.

Now I don't understand why this is when it's a like for like replacement and the real strange thing is the first time I tested it when it showed the HP BIOS Start up screen it WASN'T displaying properly... but when Windows loaded it did display properly.

The problem I've now got is Windows won't load and I can only boot in to safe mode (this was already a problem before, Windows sometimes wouldn't boot). In Safe mode the screen doesn't display properly.

Please help!!

A:Display/Resolution problem after screen replacement

Typical cause for Safe Mode to function and not (normal) Windows is a video driver issue.

The screen not displaying the BIOS or Safe Mode correctly sounds like a hardware fault. I don't know that you can adjust the display at that level. Just like with a desktop PC, if the BIOS or Safe Mode display is corrupted, there is a hardware fault and the resolution is usually hardware replacement...typically the video card.

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My display has stopped working all of a sudden...works well on the external/secondary display..I am not able to find a new display in india..kindly guide me as to where can I order it in india..

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I recently replaced my Lenovo Yoga 2 pro touch display, it was cracked and touch went crazy, the crack was from the side which made it usable by disabling the touch drivers. After a while i decided to replace the screen and get back the touch feature. but now i'm suffering that i cannot use it in tablet mode for the following reasons: After screen replacement, when lid is closed it thinks that it is in tablet mode and screen stays on and doesn't go to sleep mode as it was before replacement, while if I put it in tablet position screen goes off and it goes to sleep mode thinking it is in closed lid position (i think). if i just  lift it up only 2 mm from tablet position it gets back on.Please advise !!   

Tablet position screen goes off or sleep depending on windows config..jpg ?2513 KB

A:Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Display issue after replacement


Tablet position with slight up lift.jpg ?2475 KB

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Trying to locate a replacement power cable for a 27es Display Monitor. Thanks

A:replacement power cable for a 27es display

Which cable?   Please be more specific.

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Hello Community I have a ThinkPad Helix (1st Gen) N3Z6CGES running Windows 10. Bought it back in 2013.Long time i was very happy with the device. Smaller issues, no big deals.Among others: Some static Windows control buttons burnt into the screen. Therefore, in September 2017 I decided to give it to a certified dealer, before my ThinkPlus service runs out.They changed the screen and since the Helix has this new screen, I have the same problem as it is seen in this video:Lenovo Yoga 3 14 freaking around... [YouTube]Exept for my phantom touches only occure in the lower corners of the screen. Which doesn't make it any better, though.Rebooting gives me a break for a few minutes, but then it start again out of nowhere. Sadly, for some time, after the repair i haven't used the notebook at at all, so I didn't realize there is this problem.During this time, of course my ThinkPlus Service and the warranty for the device run out. But then again I needed my notebook very urgently, saw the problem and didn't have the opportunity to give it to repair again.I improvised and turned off the touch screen in the Device Manager. I could only use the digitizer, but at least i was able to work with the Helix. Few days ago there was a Windows update and i noticed that this update resetted my settings in the device manager. I was able to use the touch input completely problem-free again and felt happy like a little child, not knowing how much is missed this comfort!The problem w... Read more

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Ok so had a this machine for 18 months and suddenly had issues with the OS on attempting to reinstall it as a fresh install it was refusing to write to the hardrive, so I figured the hard drive had died. Purchased new HD and encountered same issue, So i figured i had a problem with the sata ports on the Motherboard. Bought replacement Mother board and Installed barebones, CPU/fan RAM and HD using on board video. Now monitor does not power up so i am unsure if i am getting into BIOS.
Intel quad core
Kingston branded RAM
Original motherboard: Biostar G31 upgraded to Biostar G41
9800Gt PCI-E video card

I have replaced the motherboard and installed just the CPU/fan RAM and internal speaker.
When starting with RAM out i get an intermitant beep which suggested it is getting to the BIOS?
I have tried using the on board video on the motherboard and also with the PCI video installed both give no response to the monitor.
The monitor works on other PCs
I get no lights flashing on the keyboard (ps2) when starting up if it is plugged in.
I have made sure there is no standoffs touching the bottom of the new motherboard.
I have removed the battery from the motherboard with Power Dissconnected and reset the CMOS jumper making sure i wait for about 5 minutes each time.

Any thoughts on other possibilities, I think there is a chance it could be the power supply or possibly even a dead processor, I would like to try to eliminate all other options before i spend more ... Read more

A:Replacement motherboard, display issues, (other topics no help)

...and suddenly had issues with the OS...Click to expand...

What were the original issues with the OS that caused you to try reinstalling the OS in the first place?

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My E7440 with touch, fresh out of warranty, decided to flicker randomly the screen on/off and with vertical lines.I contacted a Dell service partner in my country, brought a new display assembly and that got installed today.
The problem is that 5 minutes after Windows was actually on, the display was off forever after. The display is active only between boot and Windows start.
Until now, I tested the following:
Windows 10 Pro x64 15063.483 (working previously)- the first startup after display change, Windows used a Compatible driver- the moment that a Microsoft provided "Intel" driver installs, the screen is off forever.- Dell provided drivers (Intel HD 4400) - no longer install - "No Intel GFX HW found".- Windows and Intel applet cannot see the LCD panel.- It works only with "VGA Compatible Controller".
Windows 7 Ult x64 (working before W10, had the SSD)- startup after SSD change - auto restarts before logon screen.- removed the Intel driver from Safe Mode and Windows starts.- the Dell provided drivers (Intel HD 4400) installs. The moment they install, the screen is off forever.- It works only with "VGA Compatible Controller".
I'm using the latest BIOS, A21.
What I'm thinking: either something got broken, or the replacement panel is so "new", the BIOS or video drivers or someone does not recognize it as compatible with E7440.
Any idea what I should try next ?

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I need to replace (or just mend if replacements are no longer available) the front display bezel on my Vostro 1320. According to the Dell service manual, you have to remove the display assembly, which entails also removing the battery, hard drive, WLAN card, hinge cover, and keyboard.
Is it really that complicated.? A non-Dell website (www.laptopinventory.com/.../LCD) suggests that all you need to do is remove the screw covers and screws and pry off the bezel. I don't want to go ahead with this without checking.
Thank you,

A:Vostro 1320 Display Bezel Replacement: Is it Really that Complicated?

Hi Terry,We’re listening. We’ll surely check for available options and assist you. We request you to Private Message the following details to check for more details. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.1. The service tag of the system. 2. Your email address. 3. The registered owner name of this system.

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Looking for recommendation for low priced video display adaptor upgrade for old integrated . I have a Pavilion HP p7-1054 Desktop.  It has performed well, but I think the integrated legacy display adaptor is limiting some editing software that i am trying to use. The old integrated adaptor is an AMD Radeon HD 4200 which is no longer supported by AMD.   They even said that it runs best with windows 7.   So, software written for newer versions and for later developer tools are limited. So,  my preference would be to hear from someone who has updated the same old integrated display adaptor with good results. But, I will be glad to hear from anyone who knows of a good upgrade for this product between 50 and 100 bucks.  Don't do any gaming, but I want to use one photo editor that the makers say is built to use a card with larger memory and at least open GL 3.3.   Of course, most newer cards are already up to 4.x. Thanks. 

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Hi all,

I had a problem with my power supply earlier today and I established it was faulty so I went out and replaced it. The installation was a breeze all the plugs right in etc etc....Like clockwork.

So, I go to turn the machine on and everything is going. I can hear/feel the HDs, I can see the active lights on the DVD/CD drives, etc, etc....except no picture! I've tried reseating the cable in the card. Nothing.

The monitor acts as if the tower is putting out nothing. I have an older video card, which I can put in to test that card but I doubt it's that card. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. The craziest thing is that the whole computer was working fine about 6 hours ago.

Anyway, so, my computer works, but I just can't see anything so if someone could please offer up some help that would be unbelievable. Although I am not quite at the point where I don't know what else to do and have to bring it in to repaired, I am almost there....So HELP!

Thanks, Everyone helped a lot last time,

EDIT: I have tried using an alternate Video Card to no avail. And btw, both were in the AGP slot.

A:Power Supply Replacement/Display Card Issue

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Can i replace just the screen on this assemble that coveres the touchscreen?

20180110_185155.jpg ?2934 KB

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so i have a ideacentre b540 and when you turn it on the screen flickers red/pink and green all over.  basically it looks like scrambled porn from back in the 80's and 90's.   i connected another display via the hdmi and that screen comes up perfectly.  so i'm thinking that the display needs to be replaced.   anyone have any suggestions or sources to buy the screen?   or perhaps i just need the backlight display as the glass itself is fine? or is this a known issue with an easy fix? thanks.

A:ideacentre b540 image issue/display replacement

Hi ac2b  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Since the external display is working fine , we may eliminate possible drivers issue. 
At this point it may be either a cable or the LCD module . 
If you have the tools and experience on reseating ( unplug and replug the LCD cables page 55).
Click on the page link and check if theres anything impinging the cable .
If cables are isolated as good then it may be needing ordering the entire LCD module/ panel . 
Check for the Lenovo part number for the LCD using your serial number here or on the sticker behind. 
If you could provide just the machine number so that we can confirm.  Keep your Serial Number confidential. 
Look up for your warranty here and you can also call tech support for the service or parts pricing and availability. 
Update us how it goes. 

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Hello, i have some issues with the display of my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260. It shows some yellow spots on the display, especially in the lower corners. I have already contacted the Lenovo Support Team concerning warranty. But Lenovo claims, that my Laptop is no longer covered by the warranty, because i have removed the lamination sheet of the display and replaced it by another one. So now i want to exchange the display on my own. Is it possible to order a display without any further services, so that i can do the exchange of my display by my self? I havenīt found any website (including Lenovo) that offers the display seperately without any installation service. So i just want to have the spare part. I got the following Model:Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260 with a Full HD DisplayType: 20FES00000 I would be grateful for any help.

A:Where can i find a replacement display for my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260?

Hi Kle,
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As I understand that you are looking for the spare LCD part for your Thinkpad Yoga 260
The FRU for this model are listed below:

00NY971 - 12.5",FHD,noGlare,TP,TPK+AUO
00NY972 - 12.5",FHD,noGlare,TP,TPK+INX
00NY973 - 12.5",FHD,noGlare,TP,LBO+INX

Source - Thinkpad Yoga 260 Partslist
The 00NY973 can be purchased from here. And for assembly of LCD you can follow the HMM for Yoga 260, page 79
I hope the above information helps.Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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Hi, This is varun from India. I have HP ENVY Touchsmart Sleekbook 4 with me. Recently the display: back panel  was damaged. I took it to the HP World service center, they said that it has to be changed but its not available with them. I wanted to know where can i get the part for replacement. i got to know that it costs around Rs. 2000.00 only but because of unavailability i am not able use my laptop and it is further damaging. please help me with a HP genuine hardware store in India from which i can get this replaced Thank you

A:Hardware: Replacement of damaged display back panel: HP ENVY...

Hi, Please bookmark the following link which chows all parts of your machine:             http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=C2K73UA Please check the list to select the right part (you may need to buy the whole part, not back or front) and order from there or search online such as eBay. My suggestion: show them the list and ask them to order the right part for you. Regards.

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My display is cracked, and when I check parts surfer, there are three display options. I removed the display assembly and there is not a parts sticker on it.  How can I tell which one I need to order? Any help would be appreciated. The serial # is: 5CD62820TV. Product # N1R85UA 833712-001         SPS-DSPLY HU 13.3 FHD TS W/FHDC BEO AHS828822-001         SPS-DSPLY HU FHD TS SKL NSV828823-001         SPS-DSPLY HU QHD TS SKL NSV

A:HP SPECTRE X360 - 13-4103DX Display replacement part's quest...

It's the first one. If you go to the HP parts Store and search the part number you get a list of models the part is used in and yours is included in that list for that screen: https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=090AAE0AEFA14124A48735B23D92B724&SearchIn=P... Click on the hyperlink on the screen part number to get the list of models. By the way you can do a bit better than this on price.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I just purchased a used IdeaPad Flex 15-20309 laptop with a broken touch screen. Can a newer Flex 15-2 screen work or it the screens specific to each model? I'm waiting for the shipment to come so am not sure if it needs the glass or entire display assembly but want to be ready to order parts and analyze the repairs after it arrives. This laptop comes with an i5 processor. I would like to install an i7 so it can be a better gaming laptop. What is recommended. Price is important but want some bang for my buck. Thank you ahead of time. 


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My Inspiron 13 7348 ( servic tag 4w6yj52)was physically damaged.
one of the two hinges between the display unit  and the base assembly had detached from its cover and parts of the plastics were broken (1. Display BackCover,  2. base assembly.)
1. I uninstalled the base assembly cover
2. I uninstalled the Display BackCover.
then I could clearly see the damaged parts
I opened a service request at Dell site. then I was talking to the part list sale department.
I send them the photos of uninstalled parts (1 & 2) 
I asked Dell to have the price for these two parts.
I wanted to purchase these two "Display BackCover & base assembly " (with some attachments on them) 
Surprisingly they  to force me to buy the whole display unit which includes the SCREEN and costs about 200$
The Display BackCovly was easily uninstalled , with the guide of the user-manual doc.
I did not succeded to convince DELL that the back-display-cover,  should be sold separately 
the Laptop works OK, with the ability to move the display.
Please Help 

A:backup cover display and base assembly replacement for Inspiron 13 7348

As is common on hybrid systems, the entire top assembly is fused together with adhesive.  It's all but impossible to disassemble the upper assembly without destroying the glass, LCD and/or defacing the back plastic - as Dell informed you, the entire upper half of the system must be replaced as a single unit.
You'll find this design very common these days on all systems of this type.

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Howdy, I'm running a nx9420 on Win 10, 4GB, 1TB hard drive. I have 2 issues. I have the display set to never go dark on both battery and AC. But the screen goes dark after 5 minutes then I have go the ritual of putting my password to get back to my screen. Next same notebook. different problem. When I bring it out of hibernate, the WiFi on the screen says IK have no connection. So I have to reboot to bring it back. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:Blank Display

Those are very old machines. Originally Windows XP. Both issues you describe would occur if the chipset and/or video drivers do not quite work correctly. What is the description of the "display adapter" in the device manager? The X1600 Radeon expressly is said "not" to support Windows 10 but it can be sort of forced to run Windows 10. How do you have it set up? 

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The display always goes blank for about 3 seconds when I:
plug in a usb stick
add a second monitor - by switching a kvm attached to the second video card output

The display sometimes goes blank for about 3 seconds when I:
start a movie playing from a virtual drive or change which iso is mounted on a virtual drive.

This problem started when I installed the 64 bit version of win7 to be able to use all of my 4 gb memory, with a view to adding some more on top of that in the future. Wtih the 32 bit version there was never a problem.

I have reinstalled the driver for the video card - nvidia 7600gt - downloading the latest version, but this does not change the problem.

When I remove the video card and use the onboard vga there is no problem.

I found this quite old thread about the same kind of problem
Screen Goes Blank
but I have swapped out the memory for different memory with no change in the symptoms, and besides, the problem occured exactly when I changed from 32 to 64, so the 64 bit driver for the nvidia card seems the prime suspect.

I've done a lot of googling but I can't find anything about this kind of problem with this symptom so I don't know what to do next.

A:Display goes blank

My guess is a driver is having an issue.

Without more information no one is going to be able to be specific.
The on/off the display is pulling is more than likely the resetting of a driver occurring though. In older versions of windows this would have resulted in a full crash, fortunately windows 7 is able to reset the faulting driver sometimes.

That sounds like the behavior you are experiencing. Without creating some minidump files to scan for the offending driver anything I said would be total guess work right now.

If you are willing to go to that effort (it will take a bit of doing)
I suggest activating driver verifier as a first step.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

The ideal is to create a minidump or crash report with some more specific information.

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Not sure i this is a hardware problem but, here goes...

When I start up my computer I see the first couple of load up screens but then the display goes black and flickers slightly but I cannot see anything else. The computer is still working and sending some kind of signal to the monitor because, other wise it would go into stand-by mode but it doesn't. By accident I found that, if I left the monitor switched off and gave windows the time to load, then switched the monitor on it worked ok.
In addition if I launch a program that alters the screen resolution - such as a game - sometimes, but not always, the screen does the black screen with a slight flicker thing again. The only way to do anything about this is to hit the restart button on the computer. I've tried control/alt/delete and hitting just about every other button/combination of buttons on the keyboard but nothing gets the screen to return to normal.

I'm running:
Windows XP Home Version 5.1.2600, SP2, Build 2600;
Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe ACPI Bios revision 1015;
AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4200+, X86 Family15 model, stepping 1, speed 2211MHz;
NVIDIA GForce 6800 GS with NV4_mini.sys driver;
Viewsonic VX922 TrueColour monitor at a screen resolution 1280 x 1024
I have 1gb of DDR 3200 ram.

Hope somebody out there can help.

A:Blank Display

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Hello, 1 year ago while trying to clean the lcd connector / ribbon I forgot to remove the battery and apparently burnt a few pins on both the board / ribbon. However, it never had an issue until now. My screen colors are screwed up randomly. Few days ago I just put my laptop to sleep and turned it back on and it was like this. It does switch back to normal randomly as well. It can take a few minutes or an hour. I don't know it's just random. I tried re-installing the graphics driver but nothing changed.If you can see to the left of "M2X3" there 2-3 burnt pins on the connector of the display. It was 1 year ago and I never had this issue before. Also something I think worth mentioning is when I boot I see a cached image of the desktop before I restard / shutdown while it's booting, along with a bunch of pink lines.Any suggestions guys? Did any one experience something similar?

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