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Windows 7 OS consuming 100GB space ,how????

Q: Windows 7 OS consuming 100GB space ,how????

Thank's for stopping by,

I was wondering how just the windows 7 operating system alone takes nearly 100GB?
I am trying to use my c drive just for os keeping all other stuff in other partition-assuming this will speed up system!!! (HDD reading speed,my windows experience index lacks(5.9) just here).

Also keeping loads of stuff in the desktop will take more time to boot???

Just attached the screen shot of Windir report as rar file.

Your advise much appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 OS consuming 100GB space ,how????

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 OS consuming 100GB space ,how????

Hi Schwarzenegger

Can you run this tool

Double click the dds icon to run the tool.
Place a check next to attact.txt and click Start . When done, DDS will open two logs
Save two logs onto your desktop and upload them with your reply

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I am at the point of buying a new hard drive for an old computer. I've been told that it is possible to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu with a 80GB hard drive, but 120 GB would be preferred. I can get an 100GB (PATA/IDE) hard drive at a reasonable price. I just use simple email (not Outlook), internet browsing, MS Word, PDF documents. No games, no photography, no CAD/CAM or other activities that require a lot of space.

QUESTION: Is a 100GB enough hard drive space to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu?

Thank you,

C. (Bob)

A:Is 100GB hard drive enough space to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu?


Eighty gigabytes should be fine. Forty can be accomplished. A full Windows XP installation should be less than 20GB and can be slimmed down greatly. Ubuntu's requirements state 5GB. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a larger drive without need for multiple software installations.


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How ridiculous is this?

<img src="http://I.imgur.com/Q7dTVO2.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>

10% of my entire SSD space has been consumed to save old worthless files I have no interest in. How about a "choice" Microsoft? God, what is it that Microsoft doesn't like about offering us choices?
"Attention User: We are about to upgrade your system to the latest build. Would you like us to A)delete your old build and re-install fresh or B)Keep the old buggy outdated build on your system and have it consume lots and lots of valuable space?". I'm thinking option A? What the hell?

"We didn't want the user to have to make a choice". *sigh*

I should just format my SSD and install the new build myself. But Microsoft thrusts it upon me before I even knew what was happening. This is not the first time I've been thrusted upon by Microsoft.

A:Windows.old consuming 10% of my limited SSD Space

If you do not want Old Windows folder. You can simply run disk cleanup tool. In windows. It will get rid of it for you.

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I recieved a critical disk space warning. Upon investigating, I see the following in windows properties:

Size: 130 GB (139,943,833,819 bytes)

Size on Disk: 130 GB (139,735,876,052 bytes)

Contains: 285,101 files, 1,629 folders

I have run clean disk, symantec full scan and nothing ...

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.


A:Help Please - Windows consuming 130GB disk space

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I'm having trouble moving 100GB of free space to my C:\ drive. Whenever I right click the c:\ drive, the increase volume is not highlighted, so I cannot click. Can anyone help me with a solution or did I just lose 100gb? What happened was, I was dual-booted with Linux. I decided I didn't want the Linux partition anymore so I deleted it. Now I have free space from the GB's allocated for the Ubuntu partition. My computer I am currently running is a Toshiba Satellite C655. Thanks for all the help.

A:How to move 100gb free space onto c:\ drive help?

Welcome to TSG!

Does it say Free Space, or Unallocated Space?
Unallocated Space must be immediately to the right of the C: partition in order to expand the C: partition into it.

Free Space is actually part of an Extended partition, and can't be added to another partition by Windows. You'd need to remove any other logical drives from the Extended partition, then delete the Extended partition so it shows as Unallocated Space, then you can extend the C: partition into it.

Other wise, you need to use a 3ed party tool to shrink the Extended partition, to create Unallocated Space to the right of the C: Partition.

Partitioning Software:

EASEUS Partition Master
Gparted Live CD
Partition Logic
Parted Magic
Acronis Disk Director

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There are a number of these threads around the web, but none solved my problem. I found the solution in Vista itself, after ransacking Technet.

My problem: I had about 65GB of files on a 178GB HDD, but Windows and many other ways of looking at it showed only about 10GB of space available.

My solution: a program in Vista called vssadmin.exe -- the command-line admin program for the volume shadow copy service. Open a cmd window and type "vssadmin help" for details.

I ended up using the program's "Resize ShadowStorage" command to reduce my shadow storage from over 90GB (the max parameter was set as "unlimited") to 7GB. The smallest number allowed is 300MB, so I thought that would be enough. Does anyone think it isn't enough? Or too much?

One thing I had to learn by trial and error: the Resize ShadowStorage command shows you where shadows are made from and to. In my case, both were the C drive, but with a long string to identify the volume. I just used "C:" as the parameter in both for and to, and it worked. I regained almost 100GB in an instant. Very satisfying.

Hope this helps someone else.

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I install windows se7en by upgrading from vista; using se7en upgrade.
It takes for one hour and a half, then completed.
I go to check disk space on C, then it appears 117 GB used
therefore I find out system requirement of windows seven. It is just 20 GB for x64
So I think the remaining must be some updated files or required space for Se7en themes.

But what exactly are they from and what is it?
and how can I hand it

please give me some information.
thank you very much

A:vista upgrade to se7en;why over 100GB disk space?

Quote: Originally Posted by rukturna

I install windows se7en by upgrading from vista; using se7en upgrade.
It takes for one hour and a half, then completed.
I go to check disk space on C, then it appears 117 GB used
therefore I find out system requirement of windows seven. It is just 20 GB for x64
So I think the remaining must be some updated files or required space for Se7en themes.

But what exactly are they from and what is it?
and how can I hand it

please give me some information.

thank you very much

If you did a clean install. Some of the extra GB is from windows.old. Your old OS and all your files etc.

If you did an upgrade, some of that is your own programs, etc.

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I deleted a partition of 100GB which was Drive D
Instead of going into unallocated space, it became free space.
When I tried to create a simple volume, it gives an error that "there is not enough space on the disk for this operation"

If i try to delete it, then a warning pops up saying that it might be inaccessible on deletion and after accepting that it gives the error that not enough space.

How can I get this back?

A:100GB of free space is unusable, not able to create new simple volume

Looks as if you already have 4 partitions - that is all you can have on mbr disk.

Disk mgmt may be incorrectly reporting the oem partitions as primary.

Did you have 5 before?

Try a 3rd party partition manager - see what it says-this one is free and can handle gpt


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Dropbox users in the market for additional cloud storage without having to actually pay for it can take advantage of a new promotion from competitor Microsoft. Here's everything you need to know.

Read more

A:100GB of OneDrive space to Dropbox users, offer applies worldwide

I got my 100GB for 100 bing rewards points back in March of last year. Not sure what is going to happen when that ends... I have ~25GB of photos on it. Maybe the dropbox thing will still be effective when it comes time for me to renew.

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Running Vista 2000 SP 3 on an older PC. Just installed Norton 360 and clean things up a bit. Have a 500GB drive that was about half full before the Norton install. Went down to 25MB in a day. No unusual activity save for copying 100ish GB of photos onto a thumb drive.

I have deleted more than 1.5 GB of stuff and verified that the drive reflected that reduction in properties. It did. Then over the next half hour it filled back to 25mb left.

I have done all the obvious: compressed, cleared recycle, "cleaned" the disk. Again, this is not an issue of removing files. Something is consuming space. It appears to stop at 25MBs - which makes me think that there may be a virus - but I JUST installed and updated Norton and went through all that .... so I am befuddled.


A:SOmething is rapidly consuming disk space

I would suspect something went wrong with the Norton install. You could check the Norton folder in both C/Program Files and in C/Program Data. Check how large they are.


Edit: I also found this:


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I have had a problem with my C drive getting used up and it is about out of space now. I'm wondering if I may have some kind of virus. I'm inlcuidng a log from hijack this if someone could look it over and see if anything stands out. I'd greatly appreciate it!



here is the log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:02:24 PM, on 11/25/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\SSL VPN Client\agent.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Seagate\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\DkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Mcshield.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\VsTskMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\SharedCOM8\RoxMediaDB.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\SharedCOM8\RoxWatch.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svc... Read more

A:Something seems to be consuming all hard drive space

Have you reviewed posts here concerning the same question you are asking?

Here are some simple steps to get you started
run chkdsk /r at a cmd prompt and answer yes to the question. reboot so it runs to check for file corruption
run disk cleanup [programs/accessories/system tools] and check everything
run defrag [same location]

check your system restore points configuration. you may be saving too often or have too much reserved disk space for this operation

user explorer to search on *.* [which is everything] on your OS drive [usually c:]. Then click on the size column to sort by size to see where your largest files are contained.

If still an issue post the results of a chkdsk for review.

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I've recently been plagued with a pretty severe virus, which while i thought i had it mostly under control has covertly been filling my hard drive. I'm almost positive i've tracked down the offending file (C:\windows\system32\logfiles\wmi\trace.log) which is over 7 gigs. I'd like to just delete it but I'm not sure of the repercussions and doubt that this will stop the source of the problem.

Here are symptoms of the virus so far:

Unable to access task manager (fixed by manually altering registry)
Intermittent trojan adclicker/loader attacks (consistently deleted by synmantic)
Constant attempts made to alter registry item {192937EA-D3BB-45F5-9B33-ED6C3C358672} by "ec526bfb" (blocked by Spybot TeaTimer)
Spybot is unable to completely remove Virtumunde due to its being in memory but running at system startup yields same problem
5+ gigs of disk space consumed (C drive is listed as 0 free bytes)
consistent single popups in internet explorer
at starting of windows there are a number of blank cmd prompt windows which cascade slowly across the screen

there's probably more things which i haven't discovered yet... i have the system restore discs but only want to use them if my only other option is buying a new laptop. any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

running Windows XP SP3 (updated from SP2 yesterday)

A:Malware consuming disk space?

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I've seen a recurring post on many forums discussing the absurd amount of disk space being consumed by the C:\Windows\WinSXS folder.

I've done some testing in house to confirm the fact that the files in this folder are predominantly hard links to a small number of files and it's not really taking up anywhere near the space that Windows Explorer is reporting.

Here is a link to better explain what I am talking about:
WinSxS Disk Space Usage: It&rsquo;s Not What You Think (David's Blog)
Here was my conclusive test:

1). I took a virtual machine and created a new 200MB hard drive that I assigned the drive letter E:

2). I created a subfolder on E: called WinSXS. So, I had E:\WinSXS

3). I copied in a 13MB zip file into E:\WinSXS.

4). I then created 20 hard links to that zip file with the command shown in the link above (mklink /h hardlink#.zip original file

5). According to Windows Explorer, E:\WinSXS is now 267MB in size.....even though the entire E drive is only 200MB.

6). From a cmd prompt, running dir on E:\ shows 174,543,872 bytes free.

Therefore, tools like Windows explorer and TreeSizePro will report that that WinSXS folder is consuming massive amounts of space....while the true fact is that the folder is being misrepresented because the reporting tools do not understand the difference between hardlinks and real files.

A:WinSXS Folder not actually consuming lots of space

Sorry for dragging up this old post, but it answers a question I've been searching and searching for an answer to. I can confirm that on my system, when I add up all the root directories on my main hard drive then subtract the "size" of the WinSXS folder, I get the reported used space in the properties of my boot drive.

Thanks pparks from ending this tail chasing!

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I have a Acer Aspire 5315 laptop that is going on three years old with Windows Vista Basic. The computer has an 80 gig hard drive with two partitions split evenly. After a while I noticed it continually consuming more hard drive space on the C drive when no new programs were being installed. During regular use during the day (checking email from Gmail) I started getting prompts that the computer was running low on hard drive on C drive. The computer had 2 gigabytes of free space on the C drive initially. I rebooted only to find out that windows didn't give the space back.

I have tried doing a hard drive clean up with only marginal success in reclaiming part of the initial 2 free gigs on C drive. I have tried registry fixing programs like Reg Cure and other system tune up programs like System Mechanic and the problem continues. The laptop initially came with 1 gig of ram I have upgraded it to 2 (the max the laptop can take).

I noticed the problem started to happen after I had to use a restore point to fix a driver problem with my printer. Any suggestions of what to do is much appreciated or even what to try.

I had heard that laptops have a recovery console that may fix this this problem that resets it to factory defaults. Further information on this would also be useful.

Thank you in advance for any help!

A:Vista Consuming Hard drive space

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When I click on it, it goes straight to drive D. also it will not be deleted .. How can I remove it without losing the files saved in my drive D?

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Hi All,
My computer has been getting slower and slower recently, so thought I would do some house keeping. After some investigation it appears that my Windows Folder is over 100GB! I suspect I have some sort of Virus or Malware running on my pc.
So far I have tried:
1. Deleting the Temp files, didn't make much of a dent in the free space, there was about 500mb
2. Running a Full AVG scan then a Malware Bytes Scan and a CCleaner scan in safe mode and haven't dound any threats
The hard disk has never failed on me, so I know its not corrupt.
Any help / advice is much appreciated!

A:Windows Folder over 100GB

Download WinDIrStat. It will give you a good idea of what is taking up your disk space.

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I would like to create a template that has a .gif (company logo) embedded.

Problem: the logo consumes X amount of space, so if you have a 1,000 letters using this template, that would mean: 1,000 X .gif ##. (consume's too much space)

Solution??: How do I go about having the .gif associated with template, without being saved inside the template, meaning: you can have 1,000 letters, but with one .gif logo associated to all 1,000.

**I hope you can understand what I'm talking about**


A:Ideas Ideas (Template w/.Gif) w/ out consuming space

As long as we're talking the same person's PC, just link the logo instead. For instance, Insert-Picture-From file select the Link to file box.

Now, don't move the logo from its current location and it'll always link up. Send the document via email won't work unless the recipient has access to that location as well, such as a shared network drive.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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This appears to be a long-running, common problem with Windows 7 (and likely more recent OS versions).
It also appears to be an on-going problem, and needs to be actually fixed by Microsoft.
At some apparently random time after the system boots, one of the CPUs cores will become occupied at nearly 100% by a thread associated with something similar to "APCI.sys+0x1af7c".  With one core completely occupied by this thread and
its associated interrupts, the whole system becomes sluggish.
While this wild thread/interrupt series appears to be random, it is more likely to occur around the time that a cell phone is plugged or unplugged into the PC via a USB cable or possibly when using Firefox and streaming video from sources such as CNN or
YouTube (it does not appear to be a problem when streaming from Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and the like).
There are two ways to work-around this:
1.  Reboot your machine.  The problem will come back at some point, at which time you can reboot again.  This solution harkens back to one of Bill Gates' signature accomplishments from Windows 1, where he got people to believe it was acceptable
to hit the reset button on your computer multiple times a day.  Yes, the problem will keep coming back, but at least for some random period of time after you reboot your PC, it will not be sluggish.
2.  Disable "Wake on..." features from your wired network card (not wireless network), whether or not your... Read more

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I have Windows XP media center. My Windows Installer folder is consuming 76 GB of my hard drive, mostly in .msp files (over 200 of these, most at 300 mb), (also has a large number of .msi, .mst, .tmp files, but these are smaller)

Any advice on cleaning up this folder/deleting files would be great. I have researched it on this website and google, but still not confident of what to do. Saw an old post on this website - wondering if there is any new advice.

I'm a beginner on this kind of stuff, but I will bring my patience and diligence to resolving the problem. Thanks for any help you can give.

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I've had this problem for a while and have had to disable update because of the ridiculous CPU usage, I am told that there is a fix in the latest update but I can't install it because the checking for updates is literally doing nothing and consuming 50% of my CPU. I go onto "check for updates" and it is supposedly checking. Is there anyway I could install this update manually?
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 Update consuming 50% of CPU and not updating

- Visit this website (for the time being) EVERY month after the 2nd tuesday of the month (= MS Update day):
It contains instructions on how to get "Windows Update" moving again. Make sure you pick the right version (32 bit or 64 bit) for your system.

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I noticed that the hard drive was laboring on my Gateway Dual Core system running XP Media Edition. Task Manager shows a process calle aro.exe running at three listed locations, consuming over 90% of the CPU. I deleted each successfully, with no apparent complications, and the system ran dramatically faster until Task Manager showed that ARO.exe was running again. Does anyone have any idea what this process is, and why it gets initiated, especially multiple times?

A:Solved: The all-consuming process for Windows XP

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Hello. I have two questions and I believe them to be disjoint issues.
I notice that sometimes IE7 consumes a lot of CPU usage and freezes. How can I fix this?
I notice that there is a process called "MSASCui.exe" that sometimes consumes 100 percent of CPU usage and locks up windows. I researched and found it to be part of MS Windows Defender. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening so often?


Computer: IBM 570E w/330MB memory & 11.2GB disk.
IE7: v7.0.5730.11/Cipher 128bit
Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1593.0
Windows Defender Engine Version: 1.1.2704.0
Windows Defender Definition Version: 1.20.2743.1


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Hi everyone. New guy here.
Since upgrading to W10 from W7 SP1, I constantly have 'System interrupts' consuming half of my Process CPU% on taskmgr. It is also consistently in the upper 30s in Details percent. I have scoured the internet for solutions of which I tried several. NO LUCK.
No luck on MS support site either.


Laptop: HP Pavilion Entertainment
CPU: AMD Turion 2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M600 2.40 GHz
Memory: 4GB
System type: 64-bit, x64-based processor
Audio/Video: AMD High Definition Audio Device
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
Display: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

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Hi all - a couple of months ago my Pc wouldn't start up' it kept saying that i was missing a .dll file i telephoned packard bell & they said that the only way to sort out the problem was to Format & Re'install windows - Not wanting to lose all my data i did a system repair in which windows installed itself but supposedly kept all my Data & Files the problem is that i now have a locked folder on Drive D called (( Account.2117______Retrieved after unexpected restart )) Whenever i try to access or delete this file i get the obligatory windows Bonk sound and am told (( cannot delete account.2117 Retrieved after unexpected restart access is denied Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use ))
This Is the offending Pc Specs - Hope the link is ok http://www.packardbell.co.uk/produc...ower-6810-sli/productsheet-PB28300501-43.html

As you can imagine this is winding me up as this folder is over 100Gb in size & i don't need it any help to get Rid of it will be much appreciated.

Thank You all for reading - Damon

A:Missing 100Gb ?

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hey all,
my internet is uploading 100gb a month unintentionally and i dont know how to stop this.
i read on my bill that im "calling" an unkown number that uploads this much, yet i do not know this number.
i scanned for virusses but my anti-virus program(kaspersky) says my computer is safe.
i also do not have clients like bittorent, limewire,.. installed.
help would be greatly apreciated

A:uploading 100gb a month

Hi and welcome to TSG forum...
You might try contacting your ISP and have them check into it for you..

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Hey! in this path:"C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\AC\AVG Web TuneUp" conatins 100gb + of my HDD? can you help me fix? my computer have no space anymore. and as i delete a file. the size is getting larger, how can i fix it?

A:AVG Web Tune Up "gets 100gb + size in my HDD"

Hi Afi12 This is a known issue with AVG Web TuneUp and PC TuneUp products. Personally, I suggest you to uninstall these programs, and delete the C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\AC\AVG Web TuneUp folder. You aren't infected. Many users reported the same issue, and uninstalling the program and deleting that folder solved the space issue.Also, you might want to read the following.PC Booster/Tune-Up Program Warning!"PC Booster/Tune Up" programs are part of the worst programs you can install on a system. When it comes to messing up your system (Windows), these are as worst as malware. They are completely worthless and useless to use. The worst is that they'll often take action on your system without you knowing, nor authorizing it, which could lead to your system being altered in a way you don't want it to be or even worst, a "broke" system. Every feature they provide, you can either do it natively under Windows, do it via another standalone executable (which is way easier and safer to use) or they aren't providing something you need. Here's a few examples:Cleaning temporary files: TFC (standalone executable), CCleaner (installed), Cleanmgr.exe (in-built);Managing start-up entries: Autoruns (standalone executable), CCleaner (installed), Task Manager and Registry (in-built);Driver Updater: Not needed, all you need is to go on your manufacturer website so you'll be sure to get the right, official, working drivers for your computer or hardware;Registry Cleaner... Read more

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Some weeks ago I bought a new computer with Vista. One of the first things I noticed was that the disk space used isn't correct.

It now says I got 359gb of 460gb free, but I only used 60gb of space (selecting everything in the c-drive and looking how large it is).
I downloaded a file of some kb's (no, not malware, it had to do with my website) and yes, 8gb are lost, but the file is only some kb's.

I have this problem since I bought this computer. It's OEM, so it wasn't used before. 2 weeks ago or something I was infected with Vundo and, I know this sounds strange, it was 'recalculated', my free disk space was correct! I cleaned the compuer on MWR and I'm 100% sure it's malwarefree now, but it's back doing this strange thing.

Here are some screenshots:

Everything selected in my HDD:

Operating system is Vista, I updated already to SP1 and installed all the updates, but that didn't solve it.

A:60gb used in my HDD, Vista says 100gb

did u select hidden files/folders too?

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Recently my computer has been running a bit slow, so I decided to erase everything in order to get some memory back, to see if it will help. As I wasn't exactly sure how to delete everything on my hard drive, I attempted to just reinstall Win7 again, but with a clean install. I'm pretty sure I screwed something up here... I think I might have 2 copies of Win7 on my computer now, because after I did the clean install, I have over 100GB less disk space free now. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum)

A:Over 100GB Gone After Doing A Clean Install

Hiya pal
Have a looky over here ... Clean Install Windows 7

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I had win XP on my laptop and i reinstalled it so that i could start again as my laptop was starting to run slow. Once i had reinstalled win XP with the orriginal disk that came with my laptop my HDD only showed as a 10BG when infact its a 100GB. I think that its a partition problem but do not know how to sort out the problem.

Any help would be superb

A:I have a 100GB HDD and it only shows as 10GB

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ok im completely lost.

a customer was having problems with their computer, it seemed to be the hard drive. wont boot to windows, hard drive clicking like crazy, will boot to safe mode but really slow at accesing anything on the drive. what my plan was is to "clone" the drive to another. they really dont want to lose any information. the pc is a compaq with the back up partition no recovery cd of course. plus like i said they want to keep all of the information on the drive. so i downloaded acronis true image to use for the cloning process. now i was cloning the cusomers hard drive that was a seagate 200gb drive to a seagate 100gb drive i had laying around that i know worked fine, just to make sure the process would work without problems before i purchase the customers new drive. the customer was only using approx 20gbs and the back up drive was around 4 so i didnt think the size difference in drives should matter. the process seemed to work correctly at first. how ever the "cloned" drive would not boot.
so i threw it in another pc to see what was on the drive and it looked almost correctly except for the drive only had the "back up" part of the customers drive, not the whole thing inlcuding the C: drive. nothing was there for user files and all that, the main thing that needed to be "cloned". now the drive that i cloned to was only showing up as a 30 gb drive. so now i thought id use parted magic usb to go in and destroy all contents,... Read more

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I have a new drive that I want to install. I bought it months ago and only have the HD and cables. I put it in the machine and the BIOS recognizes it but I cannot see it in My Computer. I know in the good old days I could run FDISK , format it and be done with it. What am I missing now?

A:Maxtor 100GB SATA

Click start, run and type diskmgmt.msc and have a look for it there. If you are not sure what to do then take and post a screenshot.

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Hello to all.

I have a problem with my windows 7 pro laptop that shows only 7,49/100 GB free memmory. I tried to delete all shadow copies and previous versions. Also did chckdsk /f which give me 0 errors, tried to search in hidden and OS files, but there arent any big files, diskcleanup with system files cleaned about 1 gb.
Then I downloaded winDirStat which shoved me that I only have 43Gb of data on my c: drive. I don't have any ideas what could be done to increase free disk space. Please help

A:Windows show low disk space, win dir stat shows different space

In My Computer, click the Tools menu then on Folder Options then click the View tab and tick "Show hidden files and folders" then untick "Hide protected system files and folders", click Apply and OK.

Then, go into c:\ windows and delete all the files in blue which statr with a $ symbol. They are only folders that once contained Windows Updates you no longer need to keep. Then scroll down to the Software Distribution folder and to Download. Empty that folder.

Look in Control Panel>Power options and make sure Hibernation is turned off then in System, adjust the size of System Restore so it takes up only 4% of the disk space.

Restart the computer and see hwo much space you freed up.

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At last, my new system is here:

Athlon XP 1900+
Windows XP Home
512Mb PC2100 SDRAM
100Gb HDD
64Mb Geforce 3 Ti+500 graphics
18" LG TFT monitor
Videologic Digitheatre 5.1 speakers

I've read it's a good idea to separate applications, windows, downloads, even MP3s, and the swapfile....and more!

Where do I start, how do I start? I'm anxious to keep this system pristine from day one, so I haven't installed a thing and am writing this from my sh*tty old P200.

Any advice gratefully received

A:How best to partition 100Gb hard disk

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Im looking for a new harddrive to purchase. My current 80GB HDD from Western Digitial had 1gb left. So im on pricewatch and found this. Should I purchase this? Isnt sometype of refurbished hardwear?


A:Good deal? Should I trust? WD 100GB HDD

surf over to newegg, spend a little bit more and get blown away:
pick only disks with 8MB cache.

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is that usb or a SD card? or both, im confused by it. if its actualy real, why do sony bang on about there 32 and 64gb cards that there going to make and amaze people with.

also WTF is this
solar ram? and it comes upto 32gb, cant 64bit computers only use 16gb? wtf would use 32?

A:is this a 100gb SD card or USB drive? CES 2008

The first card is a dual card that can interface with both usb on the bottom and sd on the top.

The solar ram looks interesting, but I have no idea.

Haha, isn't this the same thing people said about hard drives when they first came out? People were saying, "who needs more than 1 mb of space??" haha.

Now, sorry to burst your bubble. But the atomchip website is a hoax. Just google it. hahaha

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Please send a link to a low level USB hard drive format program. I bought a USB 100 GB hard drive and didn't realize it was formatted for MAC computers. If I put a MAC OS on this drive can my IBM style computer somehow easily boot and run
MAC OS and software?

A:How to low level format a usb 100GB drive


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... what the title says plus do not know what file it is on.

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Is it still too early to get a SATA HDD?

So I want to get rid of my IDE HDD but I'm not sure if its worth getting a new HDD with the more up to date SATA connection. what do you guys think?

A:Can WinXP recognize more than 100GB at a time?

OOPS. You forgot to read the guides. Your question is explicitly addressed there:


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I have two 160GB disks. One is splittet in three parts. 20, 30 and 100GB. With Vista, I used the 100GB as my C:, but now I wanted my 30GB to be C:. When i formatted both partitions, everything seemed allright, installed Seven on my 30GB partition and left the 100GB alone as free space. When i came in to disk managment, I tried "New Simple Volume" with mye 100GB free space, new letter and so on. Then I get an error, "Not enough space left" or something. Tried less an less GB's, no go. Tried different volume types, no go. Tried 3. party software, no go.

Running RC 7100 Ultimate

What can be the problem here?

And I know that 100GB is not alot, but cant afford a new disk atm, and I need the space

A:Missing 100GB, partition problem

just use Easeus-Partition-Manager!!!
if the partion is visible just try to format once done u can see the disk space in my computer!!!

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So I was always able to run a game called pirate101 by kingsisle on my mac and its virus free so I know its not the problem. One day it stopped working and I kept getting told to install and download Mcafee virus protection but I don't understand whats
wrong. It said I had 29.00 GB of disk space available but now it says there's only 21MB available I don't see how this is possible.

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My Maxtor 3200 100gb External Hard Drive has stopped being detected/recognized by My Computer. By that I mean that It is plugged into USB Port 2.0 and it shows up when I plug it in except when I go to My Computer to access it, it is not there. I did not unplug it in any destructive manor or such and haven't installed any unusual software of recent. I had a similar problem with the Hard Drive a few months ago but I solved it by going on my other pc and fixing it there. But now it is not detected on either computer but does pop up when it gets plugged in on the bottom right hand side of my desktop (tray - or whatever it's called).

Here is a screen shot of Disk Management:

When I am in Disk Management. I right click on "Disk 1" I get only the following options: -Convert to Dynamic Disk, -Convert to GPT Disk, -Properties, -Help.

When I right click on the big rectangular block next to Disk 1 which has "Unallocated" in it I get: -New Single Volume, -Properties, -Help.

I have a lot of music, video and picture files on this HD.

Thanks in Advance

A:Maxtor 3200 100GB External HD Problem.

I would run checkdisk on it as it appears to have lost it's files partition and format. Im My Computer, right click the drive, the choose, Tools. Error Checking, Settings and check bot boxes.l

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Hi.. i just purchased a new CPU which is about a month old and due to software error, I had to reformat it using the Windows XP cd. My 250GB harddisk was previously partitioned to C: - 100GB. D: - 130GB.

While at the windows blue screen setup where I was required to choose the partitions, I deleted the extra partitioned and it showed that there was 230GB+ of free unpartitioned space left, nothing wrong. I made a similiar partitioned space of 100GB and 130GB.

Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to reformat it again BUT the problem is, I reformatted it when I have not went into the "Disk Management" to *activate* the unpartitioned space.

So when I was at the same blue screen setup I had deleted the "unpartitioned space" which did not show how much space it contained while the C: showed a visible 130GB.

When I deleted the unpartitioned space, to my horror the remaining space available was only 130GB with no other options available. And If I pressed "C" to create a partition I had to make a new one with only the 130GB left.

When I entered "Disk Management" there was only one Partitioned space available (C: 130GB) and the CDROM space.

Since then I have been trying to recover that 100GB but each time i reformatted it would only show a C: with 130GB+ and an unpartitioned space of 8MB. I have even used killdisk to completely wipe out all data but the same thing happens.

The strange thing is that killdisk can fully r... Read more

A:[SOLVED] 100gb of partitioned drive lost !

Are you installing XP with a CD that has SP2? If not, that would explain your problem most likely.

Only XP cds with SP2 can recognize large hard drives. Everything before XP SP2 could only recognize, you guessed it, 130 GB of space. Follow these instructions to slipstream Service Pack 2 into your XP installation CD and then retry the installation.


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Let me explain my situation. I have decided to upgrade to Win7 64-bit as Im currently on Win7 33-bit.
The problem I have is that i have a large 110GB folder of my backups. I don't have a portable Harddrive to put it on there so I need to be able to keep this folder onto my newly installed widnows.

I was thinking there should be a way to split my only C drive into two parts.. One which will remain the C drive and have the new windows installed on it. And the other part which would only be like 150GB big to put my backup folder on.

Just to clarify I would not want any new windows or any OS to be on that smaller part. Just my backup. Im worried I will loose the backup thats why im asking for assistance.


A:How can I install Win7 over my C drive but still keep my 100GB backup?

Yes you can make another partition and move your backups onto it.

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I have the Yoga 13 with 128GB of hard drive. For some reason my drive only has 100GB and with Office and Windows, I only have about 1GB left which causes me a headache constantly moving files around or deleting stuff to create more room. Questions: How can I find out where all the big files I might not need are and get rid of them? Why did I only have 100GB when I bought a laptop that said I would get 128GB? Can I expand the laptop and get 256GB or do I have to buy another laptop? Thanks for any help here!

A:YOGA 100GB storage too small. Can I expand?

mel1234 wrote:I have the Yoga 13 with 128GB of hard drive. For some reason my drive only has 100GB and with Office and Windows, I only have about 1GB left which causes me a headache constantly moving files around or deleting stuff to create more room. Questions: How can I find out where all the big files I might not need are and get rid of them? Why did I only have 100GB when I bought a laptop that said I would get 128GB? Can I expand the laptop and get 256GB or do I have to buy another laptop? Thanks for any help here!The OneKey Recovery System is a hidden partition that probably takes a good chunk of that missing space. Also, 128 GB is an estimate. No HDD/SSD will ever have the stated space or more. All HDDs/SSD will always be smaller than advertise. Install iOrbit Uninstaller, sort program from largest to smallest and then remove the large programs you no longer use. Use Disk Cleanup and before pressing the clean/delete button, select ?Clean System files?.... This way you can delete the Window?s Update installers left on your computer (usually takes up a few gigs if never removed). The above 2 recommendations will make a huge difference

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What would be the fastest method to transfer these files from one laptop to another?

A:Backing up files (100gb worth) onto another laptop ...

Put them in their own partition, image that partition using Macrium, then restore that image to the other computer.

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Finally got the okay from my wife to purcahse a new computer - Gateway but its new and is a pretty nice machine with some of the upgrades I used.

I had a Maxtor 3200 External drive on the old (Slowly dying) computer and was using it as a backup drive. I have been trying to connect it to the new computer. It does not read at all though.

IT shows "the files is corrupted and undetecable." What is perplexing about this is that one day ago on the old computer it was fine. It is backup files but it does have some important family photos which is why I haven't tried to format it.

I am running:

Vista Home Premium
Gateway GT5426E
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.6 GHZ
RAM 2.0 GB

Anything I can try to access this without paying for it or reformatting it

A:Maxtor 3200 100GB External Drive - Not showing up

file recovery tools

Techspot provides links to shareware and freeware for file recovery

Near the top of the welcome screen: dowloads ! file management ! recovery tools

So far I have not found anything that is totally free. I have bookmarked www.acronis.com for a 15-day free trial that claims to set up a 1-cylinder partition for storage of lost files found by it. This amounts to about 7.8MB (their estimate). Most shareware will display lost files detected by the program, but you pay to activate the recovery function. Other shareware limits the size of file recovered.

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