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lm sensors output on Yoga 720

Q: lm sensors output on Yoga 720

Can anyone print the output of lm sensors on a yoga 720 laptop? I would like to know what sort of sensors it has.

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Preferred Solution: lm sensors output on Yoga 720

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


1) What kind of sensors does Lenovo 720 have? (temperatures, voltage etc..) 2) Can you control the fan using "fancontrol" in lunux? 

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Faced a problem with a network adapter of the system. I had done a factory reset of the system the soln didn?t resolve my issue. Called for service of the laptop and the component is replaced and the network adapter is fine for now. After reset my sensors of the system stopped working like the auto rotate, the accelometer etc. I'm unable to find the fix for this. I have tried disabling-enabling, uninstalling and updating the driver settings in Device Manager - Sensors.The person who came for replacing the network adapter does not know either, he suggested resetting the system again. Can anyone please give me a solution to this problem. This seems like a software issue only. 

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Yoga 2 Windows 10 orientation sensors not working

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As of recently, machine was acting a bit weird. Recently, on starting or waking up from sleep if the sensor is active the colors would change after 15 - 20 seconds - not dimming as I would expect but turning very yellowish... it gets resolved if I go to the color calibration in the windows settings  (funny, not even the whole process, first 'next' button changes it back to normal colors...). Subsequently, sensor will dim the screen if there is less outside light, etc... i.e. acting normally.  However, it is not one time occurance. Doing a proper calibration did not hep either. When I restart, the problem is still there. If I turn the sensor off however, it stops.  Any ideas? 

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Hi! My new Yoga was working great. However, suddenly the volume does not work. When I hover over the sound icon it says "No audio output device is installed". When I click on the sound icon it immediatley takes me to a box taht says "detecting problem" and then no problem is detected. I need help please! Thank you!!

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Hi Just bought a Yoga 910. Have a USB-C to HDMI converter. When plugged in, the computer can see the TV - it is in the list of devices. And the TV can see the computer - the HDMI indicator is highlighted. But there is no video output from the computer. TV showns the message 'no signal'. Intel multi screen function says it can't detect the TV. Any ideas please. ThanksJon

A:Yoga 910 - no video output

Welcome to the forum.
Is your adapter from Lenovo? Yoga 910 Platform Specifications indicates that both HDMI and VGA dongles are available but does not give part numbers. If you have a Lenovo adapter then perhaps you could call Lenovo and confirm that it's the correct one.
In this thread Yoga 910 USB-C Adapters user PhilipHendry says, "I've used this Dell USB-C to HDMI Adaptor and it works perfectly with the 4K monitor at 30hz I've got a work." Other posters on that thread report problems with other brands of adapters. It seems that the Y910 is particularly finiky about this. 

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I am very frustrated at this point because I cant find a solution to my problem, I recently bought a Samsung 4k monitor, to try to use my laptop to power the monitor and that way begin a desk setup, I also got a Micro HDMI to HDMI, I am able to get 4k at 30hz only, I tried both HDMI and I get the same, even tho Samsung claim you can get 60hz in HDMI 2 in this monitor, I will list everything I have and what Ive tried, so far 0 result to get 60hz, I am now using the monitor in 2k 1440p in 60hz because the lag in 4k is just super annoying at 30hz, please someone give me a solution for this, thank you all for the time and efford to help. My Laptop (Yoga 710) : http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/700-series/Lenovo-YOGA-710-15IKB/p/88YG7000772 My Monitor : https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-U28E590D-28-Inch-LED-Lit-Freesync/dp/B00YD3DBOC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi... I also bought this in Amazon thinking it would solve the problem throught Displayport but I dont get a signal when I connect, I tried different hdmi and all, no signal whatsoever https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M7149Y6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  Thanks Again every1!

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Hi to everyone, with my previous pc i listened to music with a toslink on TRS cable plugged into an av receiver. Now, with the yoga 710, it seems, that it is not possible to do as well. is it that the soundchip is not able to give out digital audio signals or is it a software/driver issue? the digital audio output signal is not listed in the audio devices list. thanks for help specs: yoga 710-14ikb; i7; 8gb 

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I broke my screen and completely removed the top half, cables and all. Until I can find a replacement, I wanted to use to an external display, but now I'm not getting anything from my mini-HDMI port... Any one have any idea why?

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Hello everyone,I was reading something on my computer and I wanted to listen to music, but I couldn't hear anything. I thought that I maybe muted sounds but it wasn't the problem apparently. I looked at the audio icon and it shows red x. And when I move my mouse to the icon it shows that "No Audio Output Device Is Installed".   Maybe some of you know some kind of solution to this problem. Thank you. 

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Appreciate some help I am using the lenovo usb c to hdmi adapter (GX90M44577) on my yoga 900 13isk2. My monitor is a HP Envy 27s which supports 4k.  I've been fiddling all day but cannot get the resolution beyond 2560x1440. I know that the adapter only supports up to 30Hz and i don't mind that. The problem is I cannot even set it at 3840 x 2160 at any frequency! Please help!  

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I have a problem with my audio output.sound only in the left channel!Any suggestion?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Yoga 900-13ISK - Output soud problem!!!

Hi there, Pedrogonc ?
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Did the issue persist same with headphones as well?
Please share the system model number for further assistance.
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  if you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Hi guys, I need to stream live screen to TV,  due to existing coax cabling I decided to use HDMI to QAM Modulator, I cant get Video signal, I tried the same thing with Asus and HP laptops - it works fine, but not with my Y700.  I use h264 encoding, [email protected] resolution and QAM 128 if it will help anyhow. 

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Two days ago, my internet was being slow, and I had the adapter reset as per usual through the WiFi troubleshooter. The adapter for the first time caused a BSOD when doing this. So I thought "Fine, its a one time thing", I didn't get the chance to get the error message but the cause involved the adapter, I know that much. When my laptop restarted, I noticed a nice little "x" on the speaker tray icon. Scrolling over it, it told me that "No Audio Output Device is Installed." Nothing I did would fix it, including the basic solutions across the internet such as uninstalling the drivers, etc. While looking at the drivers, not all of them were missing, only maybe one or two, definitely one in the Sound, video and Game Controllers area with the name (MEDIA) in it (that much I remember, I believe it was from NVIDIA too), along with one that was put into the "Other Drivers" area, or whatever it was called, by Intel but with a yellow exclamation mark on it and it related to audio. I got the problem to be fixed by doing a system restore back to the 10th, before some updates occurred.Last night, my keyboard was malfunctioning (not allowing me to backspace, only allowing me to type in certain areas, not allowing me to use the letter "C", and telling me to backspace by hitting "Alt + LeftArrow." (And this was occurring in multiple browsers, not just one)I did another system restore and the audio problem reappeared, but this laptop is quite new, I've ran out of restore points to go back to.... Read more

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I am not able to get any sound from my speaker.  Any assistance would be appreciated.   Thanks.

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My mini HDMI output has stopped working. No video no sound on the external screen. I've updated everything- Windows, Intel Graphics drivers, all the critical updates on the Lenovo companion app but still no luck. The computer doesn't even seem to recognise that the output is connected (the little sound that plays when the cable is plugged in doesn't play). I have tested the cable and monitor on another lenovo device and all works fine.  Frustratingly the output seems to work when connected via the Thinkpad Dock.  Also of note: the advanced display settings no longer takes me to the desktop verison of the application. Even if I go through the control panel, but takes me to the basic windows 10 interface, Anybody have any ideas- I really need to be able to project from my computer

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I put together a system about two years ago and just recently my Antec True Power Trio 550W fan stop working. I replaced it with the same model. The psu fan then read to be running at only around 750 rpm, the psu temp said 127 C, my heatsink fan said it was running at around 1600rpm and cpu's are running at around 52 C idle right at start up.

So, I returned that power supply, got a new one, installed it and I still have the same problem with the temp readings and the fan speed won't even show up in the bios. My new psu is Antec Earthwatts 500w. Obviously it isn't the psu that's the problem.

I gave my system info in my profile. I'll list the two lm sensor readings:

**Here's the lm sensor reading from the first new psu (true power trio):

Adapter: ISA adapter
VCore: +1.11 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +1.74 V)
in1: +12.04 V (min = +5.44 V, max = +3.54 V) ALARM
AVCC: +3.20 V (min = +0.91 V, max = +1.50 V) ALARM
3VCC: +3.18 V (min = +1.71 V, max = +2.85 V) ALARM
in4: +0.78 V (min = +0.51 V, max = +0.51 V) ALARM
in5: +1.55 V (min = +0.03 V, max = +0.54 V) ALARM
in6: +2.38 V (min = +3.40 V, max = +3.30 V) ALARM
VSB: +3.20 V (min = +0.59 V, max = +0.00 V) ALARM
VBAT: +3.20 V (min = +3.07 V, max = +3.57 V)
Case Fan: 0 RPM (min = 77 RPM, div = 128) ALARM
CPU Fan: 1630 RPM (min = 84375 RPM, div = 4) ALARM
Aux Fan: 753 RPM (min = 188 RPM, div = 32)
fan4: 0 RPM (min = 10546 RPM, div = 128) ALARM
fan5: 0 RPM (min = 112 RPM, div = 128) ALA... Read more

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What are sensors, and what are they about?
In the Control Panel, I just found Sensors. I never heard anything about sensors before.

A:What Are Sensors?

There is no Sensors in my Control Panel.
What happens if you click on it?

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Q: Sensors

I am building my first computer and everything is going o/k but one thing I am not sure of.
The case I am using which included very brief instructions, has 2 sensor leads coming from a display unit at the front.
You can press the mode button on the front to show the temperature of the area where the sensors are located.
I would like to know where is the best place to fit them, and how to fit them are they just taped somewhere?


I'm aware that software to detect motherboard temperatures is not all that accurate.

What I'm hoping is that it is relative, in that it reads the same from day to day, under normal conditions.

I've looked at Mother Board Monitor. I like its interface but suspect that I can't use it due to it's age.

The circuit board in this computer is a ASUS P5P800. It's not listed as one MBM can be supported by.

Any ideas??

A:Temperature Sensors

I would agree, that while not necessarily accurate it should be consistent.
If its (say) 8 out onle day, it will be the same error the next day, in all probablility.

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OK, Got my new pc saturday 19th. Booted up everything is fine. The spec is:
AMD athlon XP 2600+ (2.08GHz)
1024 Samsung DDR pc3200 @ 166mhz
ASROCK K7 Upgrade-880
NVIDIA Geforce 5900XT 128mb
160GB Maxtor HDD 7000RPM

Okay, i decided to install MBM5 and Sisoftware Sandra lite to check temps as i new AMD ahtlon were hot running procesors. At the moment the ambient temp is 60 degrees (yes celcius), and can get to 67 degrees under stress (the bios reads the same). I found this out when playing HL2. I have a cheap AKASA HSF, and intake fan at the front and exhaust at the rear. For me these temps are too high, my system is set to shutdown at 75, and thats too close for me. Although AMD say upto 85 is ok, thats next to meltdown!

Im going to install another exhaust fan, a new heatsink (any suggestions on which one? im thinking the coolermaster aero 7), and some pci fans.

One thing though, i heard if a CPU core temp is around 60-70, when you touch the heatsink it should be hot and only be able to touch it for around a second. However mine is only warm, and i can keep my finger on it. Does this indicate sensor failure on the MOBO?

Please help some, im panicking!


PS the new heatsink will have to be Socket A / 462

A:Overheating or sensors?

The temps are too high. What's your room temp?

Put the computer in an open area.

Update the mobo bios.

"coolermaster aero 7" - Do not ever get that. Unless you like hearing a jet fighter flying around you. A much better HSF would be Thermalright and Zalman.

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Hi all,
Got a friend that got himself a fan controller, he has only had it a couple of weeks and he has managed to damage both of the plug in temperature sensors.
Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK where he can buy some replacements and what part number they may be??
He has a Maplin electronics shop just around the corner from him but i have been unable to find any sensors in their catalogue or on their website (because my internet connection had been slower than a 56k dial up for a week and a half so far). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Temperature Sensors

The part numbers for the sensors from "a" fan controller. Riight.. You had better hope there are some markings on the sensors or something in the controller documentation/labels so one can figure out the exact type of temperature sensor used.

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. The temp readings on my speedfan were very high, cpu reaching 85C in game, cores 95C+. I recently applied arctic silver to my cpu, and my temperatures dropped. Now my cpu is 35C in game and cores around 50C. At any rate, prior to applying the thermal paste, i noticed after leaving my computer idle for about 15 minutes that my cpu was reading at 115C. I kept a closer eye on my temps and found it would spike randomly either idle or in game to about 115C. I was not sure what the cause of that was, or if that was even accurate, as I thought that kind of temp would melt it. While playing my game today, I tabbed out and checked speedfan which was already running and everything was normal, so I continued playing. 30 minutes later or so I tabbed out again and checked the temps again and everything was normal except my cpu was reading 115C again. Upon restarting my computer, it was then reading 26C idle. Am I to assume this is a sensor problem, as I find it hard to believe it is getting that hot all of a sudden. And if it is, is there a way to fix it? Here are some SS's that show specs.


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I recently discovered the topic of sensors which have been implemented in Windows 7. I'm trying to find the location sensor so that my computer can automatically update my weather and time to whatever location I'm in. However, the only sites I have found is source code for developers. Does anyone know where I can download a usable location sensor so that I can enable it on my machine? Thanks!

A:Location Sensors

i ran into this today, was wondering the same thing, cept i stoped with the idea upon learning i'd need a location sensor. please if anyone knows, i'd like to get the most out of my windows 7 so please let me and yaco know where to find this, greatly appreciated.

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I have an HP Pavilion and I am getting a message right after turning the unit on that the CPU fan is not working and that it will power itself off in 5 seconds. When I open it up, the CPU fan is working, but the chassis fan is not. The chassis fan appears to be OK since I can plug it into the CPU fan connector and it runs.

Is there are way that I can trick the MB or BIOS or whatever it is that is saying that there is no fan, so that the computer will boot?

More details:
The fans have 3 wires. On the chassis fan connector without the fan attached, the pin that goes to the blue wire is shorted to ground, as is the black wire's pin. The red wire's pin starts at 12V right after power on, but quickly goes to 0V.

I tried connecting the blue wires of the chassis fan and the CPU fan to the connector of the CPU fan, and the CPU fan continues to turn but the chassis fan does not. I am guessing because the chassis fan controller doesn't detect any rotation and shuts off the power to the fan. I could connect the two fans to the one cpu fan connector, and they would probably both run, but I am guessing that the unit would still shut down since nothing is running off the other fan connector.

It just seems a waste to throw away the MB just because of the lousy fan rotation sensor. Maybe I just need to quit whining in cough up the money...

A:Tricking MB fan sensors

sounds to me like there is a fault somewhere in that particular circuit. If it was working correctly, you could simply properly connect a fan to it and all should be good.

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Hey all, what's up?

I was admiring the drop in system temps that I got by getting a larger case and more fans and I noticed that I have some sensors that I have no clue as to what they are monitoring

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about
Actually there's only one that I'm wondering about and that is the AUX one. I know where all the other sensors are, but this AUX one is making me think of what it's monitoring. I'm just curious to know if any of you have this and have tracked it down to something. The only thing I'm thinking of is the 3pin header that I have the PSU fan plugged into, but I had in my old case a case fan plugged into it and I didn't have an AUX label for it. All I had was the CPU, GPU, Motherboard, and GPU ambient, oh and the Hard Drive to.

Any ideas anyone? kiregar

A:Temp Sensors

Duh, that is answered in one of the Everest Q & A forums. I wondered about it myself. Don't remember the exact words, basically says:

AUX - May or may not be a valid reading. Can be a spare set of wires not connected to anything. If it shows up as AUX, Everest doesn't know what it is either, just that they identify a reading associated with it.

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My case comes with two temp sensors.One is for the cpu the other is for the hd's.Where exactly should i place the sensor for the cpu.Right now i currently have it on top on the side right near the fan,but was wondering if it could go on the heatsink?The hd's sensor is right underneath them but im going to move that on top shortly.

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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite M40X and I'm trying to use SpeedFan to control temperatures and stuff. But the thing won't recognize my fans or my cpu -- only the S.M.A.R.T hard drive. I'm supposed to be able to alter fan speeds, etc. but I can't.

On the SpeedFan website it says: "A simple ON/OFF function is available and it needs the device driver from Toshiba in order to work" for the toshiba boards. http://www.almico.com/forumvotes.php?id=126812
it's just not working! help!

A:Temperature Sensors

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I just installed SpeedFan on a HP DC7700 I use in the office at home to monitor temperatures. The list of sensors looks something like this:

Temp 1
Temp 2
Temp 3
Temp 4
Core 0

Trying to get an ID for Temp 1-Temp 4, and I'd like to know if HD1, 2, and 3 correspond to the system hard drives in alphabetical order of their names. On this PC, I have 3 drives, which are labelled C, D, and G. In other words, is HD0 hard drive C:, HD1 hard drive D:, etc.?

Setting up some meters using a Rainmeter skin. Processor is a Core2Duo...


A:Solved: Temperature Sensors

Try this great peace of software


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Hi, after an unsuccessful attempt of HP chat support on this issue, I've decided to post my question here. I have bought two pavilion x2 12, both worked perfectly, until today I found one of them cannot auto rotate. Known:1. Both PCs undergone same driver update and installed same software.2. There is no sensor in device manager3. The other pavilion works.4. There is no auto rotate option in action center and settings Done:1. Installed latest drivers(especially the intel integrated sensor solution twice)2. Updated BIOS nunerous times.3. Reseted twice, all data wipied4.. Tried to add the same sensor in hardware manager.(Looked up sensor of the working pc in device manager and install legacy  hardware in problematic pc, resulting This device cannot start. (Code 10) Failed to open lower target for IO handling) Any ideas?I think cloning  the working one's hdd to problematic one may works.

View Solution.

A:pavilion x2 12 not detecting sensors

After downgrading the intel integrated sensor solution driver, the sensors pops up in the devicr manager. Auto rotation back online.

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I just finished building my new machine, about 2 weeks ago, and everything is running well. I actually had a lot of great help from this site.

My last question regards mobo sensors for fans. When I was setting up the mobo and reading through the manual and other sites, I came across materials that referred to plugs that go into the mobo that are for fan sensing. Now the details are fuzzy but its supposed to be for fan control, speeds, temps and such. My mobo did not come with any extra connectors for this and I dont recall my fans having anything. Is this ok? If its all well should I just leave it alone or will I need this down the line?

A:ABIT IS7 Mobo Sensors

Any three wire fan header on the motherboard when connected to a three wire fan should be able to be controled by a hardware monitoring program.
Not necessary, just nice to monitor for failures

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Hi everyone

I have just replaced my deceased motherboard with an Intel D101GGC. I also replaced the culprit for the board's demise, my cheap and nasty generic power supply, with a Thermaltake W0084. My CPU is a P4 630 (3.0Ghz).

I have noticed that the fan speeds are lower, and the system WAY quieter than it was with the previous motherboard and PSU. With this in mind, I tested the temperatures using SpeedFan:

Temp1: 40C at idle, 40C under peak load (no change)
Ambient: 45C at idle, 47C under peak load
Remote: 45C at idle, 59C under peak load
CPU: 43C at idle, 45C under peak load

The room temperature is around 20C.

What do you people make of these temperatures? Is the CPU cooling really that efficient? There was a 12C variation between peak and idle CPU temps with my previous motherboard.

I don't know what the "Remote" sensor is, and was unable to determine it from Intel's documentation, but it seems to be behaving more like I would expect the CPU to under load. Can anyone tell me what it is? Could it in fact be the CPU temperature? Obviously, if it is, it is getting unacceptably hot.

Grateful for any assistance offered.

A:Temperature sensors - what am I measuring?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I`ve never been a big fan of Speedfan(no pun intended).

Download the free Everest programme from HERE. See what it says your temps are.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I just bought an X1 Yoga OLED with Windows 10 Professional preinstalled two days ago. However, the joy of receiving the laptop anticipated for months is quickly fading. It seems that none of the sensors (accelerometer, light, etc.) are working. With this, the screen won't rotate on my device if I put it into tablet mode and turn it upside down, the brightness won't adjust, etc. These are the things I already tried: - Installing and running different apps for sensor testing -> all say that the device do not have any sensors- Checking device manager for faulty or unistalled devices -> no errors or exclamation marks- Checking the bios (I/O) -> there is no section related to sensors whatsoever- Updating the bios to 1.15 -> still no section related to sensors- Updating to the most recent drivers using the lenovo program -> still nothing I am very frustrated with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I would like to disable the location sensors on Windows 7, so I found this website with a guide on what to do
How to Enable or Disable Location Sensing in Windows 7 and 8 | Gizmo's Freeware

but the problem is that in my situation, it says "Enabled" but all options are disabled and i can't change anything

this is a picture of my current situation and what I want to accomplish:

Would you be kind enough to help me?

A:Disable location sensors

I found a way to disable it with gpedit.msc

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Hey everyone, I recently got Speedfan, because I heard it was reliable and I was looking for a program to accurately tell me my hardware temps.

The only problem though, is that there are about 6 temperatures, and I'm confused about which one is which.

Here are the ones I'm confused about:

Sensor: Temp1
Bus: ISA
Chip: ACPI
I'm led to believe that this is the PSU?

Sensor: Temp1
Bus: ISA
Chip: IT8712F
I think this is the CPU because this is the temperature that changes the most during games, apps, etc.

Well, what I'm trying to ask is, are my indications correct? Speedfan doesn't label them for me, so I have to decide for myself what they are, and I need some help doing that.

Thanks in advance

A:Which sensors monitor which hardware?


I recommend
PC wizard 2006
Speed fan is great but hard to know whats what.
What MoBo?
Abit has a nice temps program too "Abit EQ"


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Hi, I updated my laptop from Windows 7 to WIndows 10, my Fingerprint reader stopped working, I've tried everything, Updated the BIOS, Installed and uninstalled a bunch of drivers, updated the SimplePass software to it's latest version, downloaded Driver Booster to check on any new driver that i couldnt find, even disarmed my laptop to check if that way it may work but nothing, The device status says that everything's ok and it's working properly but it isnt, can i have some help please?

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Does anyone know a good prog that monitors the temp of CPU and mobo so i can know the temp of my CPU and mobo?

A:Heat Sensors Monitor

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could you tell me how voltage measurements in laptops work? I see that in my laptop SpeedFan for example doesn't show voltages, BIOS as well. Is it like this that laptop motherboards don't have voltage sensors usually? Internet didn't tell me much when I tried to look for some answeres.

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I have a new Dell XPS system which apparently does not have temperature sensor for the various components. Can anyone help me with adding this function?

A:Adding Temperature Sensors

I purchased a Coolermaster Aerogate II and use it to constantly monitor 4 sensors and control 4 fans. You can go to www.ebuyer.com to buy one at around 30, there are several different models and makes available but I recon coolermaster to be among the best.

Hope that helps Rik. (p.s. u will nee 1 5 and a quater inch drive bay to fit it).

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Dear Members,
Apologies if I am asking this question in the wrong forum, but I really need this to be answered and I will appreciate if you can help me out.
I hope we all know about Home security alarm systems (such as ADT), these systems typically include
PIR motion detection sensors
Magnetic 2 part sensors for doors
Fire/smoke sensors
Key fobs
A central panel
The central panel contains a SIM, to use GSM based communication with pre-set numbers to send notifications in case of break-in or fire /smoke.
I guess this is the elementary stuff for experts here!
Anyway, these companies (like ADT) also maintain a ‘Command centre’ or ‘Control centre’ to provide a 24X7 monitoring service, command centre are used to monitor these thousands of security alarms installed at client’s houses.
I want to setup a command centre for my clients for very similar services. And I need to know what sort of software solution are available to manage/operate such command centre?
The command centre software should be able to monitor these installations using GSM connectivity with central panel installed at client’s home.
It should be able to send a heart beat signal using GSM interface (I guess , that’s the only way, cause land line can be disconnected and power can shut down (so no wifi)) to do the health check for the components installed? (* command centre will communicate with central panel only, but I hope central p... Read more

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So here's the deal.  I own a HP Z820, specced as follows:  2x E5-2960 v1, 2.90ghz - 3.8ghz turbo. 96GB DDR3 12800 RDIMM memory. GTX 1080. Current Firmware/BIOS updates.  I love this box, but the over engineered fan header leaves something to be desired for the cooling in the environment that i am working in. I never get to 3.2ghz Turbo let alone 3.8ghz... The fans don't have enough umffff to cool the system appropriately under high loads and the chips are reaching TCASE way before they get to the theoratical 3.8ghz upper limit of the turbo of this processor.  Which is funny because ive heard the fans rev actively during boot, but they never rev that high under full operational load... Not even close.  In short, I want to liquid cool my box, and my biggest challenge is to figure out how disable the silly fan header on the mobo so i can rip out the giant fan manifold and leave that space free for tubing and blocks.  Just for reference, HP employees, your liquid cooling solution for the Z820 is a joke... IF that 6 fan manfold is still there, i  consider it a failure...I want two water blocks that lead to a radiator i can mount on the rear or even the top of the machine... I'm giving the BMW, a hood scoop, as it were.  Does anyone know or is there a diagram as to how that receptacle where the fan header plugs in is wired? What signal is required back to the mobo for it to think its there?&nb... Read more

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I have tried out a number of different temperature monitors during my time helping within the crashing and debugging forums. I am now wondering if these monitors are accurate because they claim my desktop CPU is getting up to 76 C. Q9550 shows that the max is 71.4 C (or 76.4 C if one adds the 5 C), so I would be very surprised if my cores were actually getting to 76 C on a regular basis for the past two years without a catastrophic failure resulting. See the images attached for HWINFO, RealTemp, SpeedFan, and Core Temp in that order. I am wondering if the TJMax might be offset from 76 to 100 and that is causing the erroneous readings from my sensors.

Is there a better program for monitoring system temperatures than HWINFO, RealTemp, SpeedFan, and Core Temp?

A:More reliable software for hardware sensors?

I don't put a lot of faith in any of them.

Do any of them do anything other than try to read a number from the BIOS?

I've never made a study of them, but I don't really understand why they vary so much.

I use HWInfo, but don't take its readings too seriously.

I have a setting in my BIOS to set off an audio alarm if temps rise above a certain point that I can choose. As long as I don't hear that, I don't agonize over it.

What is the TJ Max on your processor? I wouldn't be surprised if you could operate for years in the 70s.

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So my hard drive recently crashed and I had it replaced. Complete factory reset, I have got everything working exept the fingerprint sensor with windows hello. I can add my fingerprints in the settings app but I cannot log in to windows with windows hello. I have tried several different drivers and numerous restarts but with no success. When I originally bought the notebook (right when windows 10 was released) I had the same problem until HP released the windows 10 drivers for my laptop (delivered via HP support assistant). This time around It does not work even though I have the latest drivers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So I finally went away and upgraded my hardware from FM1 to FM2, the performance is great as stock. However, since I got an unlocked chip, I want to overclock it.

Before this I wanted to stress the CPU to be sure it would be stable in it's stock core with it's turbo functions and such.
However, there is something funny. I use OCCT for tests. It was reporting that the CPU temperature was 0C unless there is load.

HWMonitor which supposedly reads from the motherboard directly (and OCCT doesn't?) says that on -idle- the CPU sits around 35 which seems okay and accurate, but if I select another window it randomly jumps to to 46 or 57 whereas OCCT only jumps up to 6C.

So I begin the stress test. OCCT is reporting temperatures of 30 Celsius under load, but HWMonitor reports that the temperatures are 77C? That's too close to what the CPU maximum temperature is registered at by the software, Max temperature should be 80, however in comparison to my older APU I would prefer to keep it under 65. With realistic readings of course.

The heatsink is as warm as the case, and the air being pushed away by the heatsink fan is colder than the air expelled from the PSU.

Would this mean my sensors are shot? And do you believe it would be a good reason to either replace the motherboard OR CPU?

Screenshot of test and temperature readings.

EDIT: While looking at the motherboard temperatures, there is a reading that fluctuates around 43-45 which would seem more adequate to the CPU, could ... Read more

A:Could my Motherboard/Cpu temp Sensors be broken?

Generally the bios doesnt lie and software can/does

Try some other software too see if you get two programs to agree

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The Asus Sabertooth motherboard comes with three temperature sensors and I was wondering where people who have the board have placed theirs.
Some research has shown that some users don't use them and others have all different locations.
What is your opinion on placement?

A:Sabertooth Temperature Sensors. Where do you place them?

Lot of options, cpu heatsink, gpu heatsink, ambient air, memory sticks are a few. CPU and GPU are better monitored with software. In one box I have sensors on the Northbridge, PSU and ambient air, another has coolant temp in and out of rad, ambient air, memory sticks, rad fan air in and out.

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