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Edge records history InPrivate mode

Q: Edge records history InPrivate mode

Is there a way to disable this?
Recording history in an "InPrivate" window seems like a contradiction in terms, no?

Preferred Solution: Edge records history InPrivate mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Edge records history InPrivate mode

Well, that is rather interesting observation.

Did you observe that during your browsing or after you're done? Please post the screen!

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After the latest update which supposedly fix the InPrivate cache problem, it actually got worse. If you browse anything in InPrivate, the browsing history actually shows up in the regular session.

You can try:

Open EdgeOpen an InPrivate window side by sideDo some browsing in InPrivateNow go back to the regular window and check the history (1st button on the right -> 3rd clock tab), InPrivate browsing history shows up in there.

I've managed to reproduce this both on my tablet and my desktop.

EDIT: I'm running 10586.104.

A:FYI: Edge InPrivate now RETAINS and SHOW history as well.

Originally Posted by ToniCipriani

I've managed to reproduce this both on my tablet and my desktop.

Recreated it also. That is pretty bad.

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What I I need is a reliable method of opening a website using EDGE 'InPrivate' Mode. It would have been nice to have a simple single command-line method but apparently this cannot be done.

On a system with a brand new install of Windows 10 that has been in use for only a few days (The only change being to make Chrome the default Browser) I can get the suggested "Microsoft-edge:" to work from Win+R but not from CLI so not sure how to accomplish this from a script.

I was able to get Chrome to open a specific website using Incognito Mode from a single line command but have had no luck at all using Edge. The last post I could find was on a Microsoft forum and perhaps indicates that there is no way to accomplish this.

Failing a simple method , is there any way to create a script in batch,PS or VBS that would accomplish the same thing?

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Since receiving Microsoft's latest Anniversary Update I have not been able to use the New InPrivate Window as the feature remains grayed out. Does anybody have any help or suggestions as to how I can enable this feature as my searches and questions to other sites have left me frustrated?

Thank you,

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I thought I would try the new InPrivate function this evening and as I typed www.... a whole list of previously typed urls appeared below the address box. I asked my son about this and they were sites he had visited previously. Fortunately they were all "okay" (-;

But... he said that he had run two "cleaners" (CCleaner and East-Tec) as well as used the IE8 "delete browsing history". But... the typed in URLs remained even after a restart. Don't ask me why he uses those programs but whatever - they failed to clear the url history.

Anyone any ideas about this?

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Another doubt I have is:

I have a form to register applicants data. In it, there are the fields:

Candidate Address

and with the Candidate_Id filled in, it opens other tables concerning Professional Experiences, Literary Abilities and other Abilities.
What I need to know is how can I get to know if any of these data (including address, other abilities and others) been altered and how to list that. OR how to present a report or something of the last change for all the candidates.

Thank you

A:Keeping history of records

That is a pretty common issue with small databases that become more and more important...

Depending on how detailed you need to be, you could narrow it down to one to two fields: a date field to note the date of changes, and a text field that could indicate which information changed.

Bottom line is that it is something you have to create yourself.


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I know that I can add "-private" to the shortcut to open IE8 in the InPrivate mode. However, I want to go one step further than that.

My shortcut for this site http://www.techguy.org/ will open in the default browser. I want to know if there is anyway I can modify the shortcut to force it to open using IE8 In InPrivate mode.

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For some reason the inPrivate button in Microsoft Edge is greyed out and won't let me use it.

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Turned on file history. Initial backup successful, and files are being backed up per configuration. Trying to look at event log for file history and there are no records. What needs to be done to see file history records in the event log?

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At work I need to use a web application that only runs on internet explorer, and doesn't support tabbed browsing, so if I opened a new tab it could log me off, or just not function properly.
One of the features in that application is to display reports of the different tasks and projects in it. The reports are opened in a pop-up window, and it always uses that same window for all the
To override the application's 1 tab restriction, I also open it in an InPrivate browsing window, in addition to the one I have opened in normal mode.
My problem is with viewing the reports in the different modes [normal/inprivate].. I used to be able to view them in separate pop-up windows, one launched in normal browsing mode, and another in
inprivate mode. I got a new computer a few months ago, now running Windows7 professional, and IE 11 [version 11.0.9600.18230]. I'm not sure if I had IE10 or IE11 on my old computer. Now when I open the first report, it opens a new pop-up window in the same
browsing mode, and when I go to the other browsing mode and open a report from it, it will also be opened in the same pop-up window. I tried to play with IE settings, took screenshots from my old computer and tried to have the same settings, but to no avail.

Sometimes I need to do a visual comparison of a few things between two reports, like seeing if the same project had different statuses in different tasks, and currently I have to take a screenshot
of the first report or c... Read more

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My Facebook chat/inboxes don't show up at all when I'm browsing normally in Google Chrome, but when I'm in Incognito mode they work perfectly. I assume this has something to do with cookies or something similar. Just wondering how I can fix this?

A:Facebook PM's only working in Google Chrome Incognito/InPrivate mode?

I suppose you want to clear your cookies. It wouldn't hurt to clear the cache at the same time.

To clear the cache in Google Chrome
* Click on the spanner in the top right corner.
* Click Tools.
* Click the menu entry "Clear Browsing Data"
* Change the dropdown to "everything"
* Ensure that "Empty the cache" is checked.
* In this case, we also need to ensure that "Delete Cookies ..." is checked.
* Click the button "Clear Browsing Data".

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I noticed this problem only this morning when I saw that my Carbonite back-up was not working. After chatting with one of their support techs, we determined that something is wrong with my Internet Explorer 11. I normally never use IE, so I had not noticed. But, since Carbonite apparently needs IE in order to work, this is why Carbonite wasn't backing up.

So here is what happens with IE11...when I click on it (either the shortcut or the exe file), it opens but everything is white. I am going to try to insert a screen cap here:

Entering a URL does nothing and it stays on the same white page. Tapping "Alt" does not bring up the menu bar either. But when I go into InPrivate mode, I can at least get it to show some sites. As a test, I entered Yahoo and while it came up, there were no images. Like this:

Other websites came up okay, such as Facebook.
I tried to install a new IE11, but got an error that it was already there. I tried a couple different methods of uninstalling IE that I found in various tech sites but none worked. When I did a restart, it got hung up on the shutting down screen (over half an hour). I did a hard reboot and got a screen to wait for Updating Windows, which gave me hope it may have uninstalled, but it did not and the problem remains.

By the way, I downloaded the SysInfo and when I click on it, nothing happens...not sure why or if it is related to the problems? Any questions or information needed help me troubleshoot this, please ... Read more

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I still haven't been able to see my history on Microsoft edge even with the various suggestions.


A:history in edge

Here are a few screen shots to help out.
1 press the icon with three lines on the top right hand corner:
2 after that press the third icon and that's your history..

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My history does not show in Microsoft edge

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I've checked everything I know to check. I still cannot get any browser history. I get only the statement "You'll see your browsing history here once you've visited a site".

A:No Browser History in Edge

Have a look at this link and see whether it's any help at all, I'm too lazy to read all these....
Microsoft Edge and privacy: FAQ - Microsoft Windows

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Hello All,
I guess that the title says it all. I want to try Edge but I have all of my settings and history stored in Firefox. Some sites that I visit regularly I don't even know my password anymore.

I would to just like to migrate everything over to Edge if it is possible.

Rocky Bennett

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Is this normal?

From time to time in build 1803, MS Edge is remembering the last Window I had opened in the browser and the History in Edge shows this. How can I make it so that Edge opens to my homepage, Google.com each and every time on a restart or a bootup? Note that Timeline is turned off.

Or is this a feature in Edge by design?


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When I try to clear Internet History in Edge browser, I get the following message: "Some data couldn't be cleared. Please try again.". This is happening on 2 pc's and "trying again" does not clear. The item not being cleared is Browsing History, I have determined by process of elimination.

I have run SFC, DISM, Disk Cleanup, Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, MRT, and CCleaner and the Systems are clean and indicating no problems. In searching the Internet, I have found some posts regarding the problem, but with no solutions suggested working for me. (Clearing Internet Explorer, Increasing the Disk space to use, etc.)

Has anyone had this problem and found a suitable solution or know of a possible reason this is happening?

A:Edge browser will not clear all Internet History

Try using Ccleaner....all most all of us use it. It works and works very well. This will clear it for you.

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Hi All,

May i know where Microsoft edge stores the history for all uploaded document into particular website.

i uploaded docs from my computer using Microsoft edge.

Also, I need to have more information on how browser stores the history for all deleted files(PDF, JPEG files) , it would be better if i could get all the traces for the same.


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In IE I could right click the back arrow and see my history and select a previous page, I can't do that in Edge. I right click-nothing, I left click and hold and nothing.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?


A:Edge-When I right click back arrow it shows no history

Yes, everybody has a problem because that ability no longer exists. During testing, I turned in Feedback to MS three different times complaining about that but they haven't listened. I use that facility quite often each day in the work I do.

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I had started a thread earlier here, called "Cannot change name of New Folder. Can't add Search Provider".

Well, I reset the system to a System Restore that was quite old, and the renaming of folders problem seems to have gone away (at least for now). However, what is really bothering me is that IE11 is keeping track of every file I open on my computer, and when I click on the entry in History, it opens the file!

I have disconnected the computer from the internet, but desperately need help in terms of what to do!!!

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Microsoft Security Essentials updates arrive once or twice a day. This is good. What is not good is a that a record of these updates fills up the History List of Windows Update making it inconvenient when trying to check on other Windows Updates. Is there a way of looking at the Windows Update History without displaying all these Security Essentials updates?

A:Microsoft Security Essentials update records fill up Windows Update History list.

No response here, so this post transferred to the Miscellaneous Forum where it was answered.

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how can i add a new record between two existing recorfs in access 2003 ?

thank you in advance

A:add a new records between two existing records in Access 2003

Sorry I do not understand your question, in what way will the record be "Between" 2 other records?

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Why the setting in Edge to turn on IE mode is dimmed?
Edge> Setting> Default browser > Internet Explorer compatibility
I can successfully turn on IE mode by updating group policy, but this method is too difficult for my application's user.s
How can I have the setting enabled instead of updating the group policy?
Thank you.

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Using Edge 81.0.416.68 64bit I am not seeing the IE blue "e" so I am apparently still running in Chrome mode on two sites that require Internet Explorer:

I have configured the two required GPO's:

and I have used the v2 builder to create the list:

which outputs what I was expecting:

<site-list version="5">
    <date-created>05/04/2020 23:21:15</date-created>
  <site url="tgs/POPS">
  <site url="tgs/sites/projects">

Edge is seeing the list:

and the registry looks fine (to me anyway :) ) 

I have tried several combinations of settings in the ENT MODE SITE LIST MANAGER but not succeeded.  
I simply want the two sites specified to open inside Edge in IE mode. 
As soon as that is done, I will block iexplore.exe from running on machines as a security improvement.
If you have any idea what I am missing or doing wrong, I would appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Ian Ma... Read more

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Does anybody know if Edge has a Kiosk mode? I would like to use it on A surface 3 to have the on screen keyboard functionaltity.
in internet explorer it was  iexplore -k
Thanks in advance!

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I'm using Windows 10 and I'm trying to configure it so that when I open a certain page in Microsoft Edge, it will detect show to open it in Internet Explorer. I'm trying to do this by using Enterprise Mode. 

I read all the articles on TechNet and it seems to be configured properly, but it simply won't work! Here's what I did...I first used the Enterprise Site Tool to create my XML file, which looks like this:

<rules version="5">
    <domain exclude="false">helpdeskgeek.com</domain>
    <domain docMode="10">www.online-tech-tips.com</domain>

Next, I went into the registry and change these two settings:

1. User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list 
2. User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge\Allow you to configure the Enterprise Site List

For both, I entered the local path to my XML file. Here is where I think something is wrong. This is the path I am using:


When I type this into IE or Edge, it opens the file just fine, but like I said, when I visit the webpages in Edge, it just loads them normally. It does not give me a message to open the pages in IE. 

What am I doing wrong? I res... Read more

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Is there a possibility to set the default document mode in IE edge to IE 5 so that IE opens all webpages in version IE 5?

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Using Access 2003, Microsoft VB 6.5
I have an Access table with over 100 fields.
I created 3 forms and one subform (all bound to the same table), for the users to enter their information. Each field in the table is updated in only one form (e.g., cannot change the value of a field on Form1 in Form2)
Form1 includes 3 buttons which allow the user to toggle from one form to the other (including back to Form1, since the buttons part of Form1 remains visible even thought the other forms are open).
Form1 is opened in add mode from a Switchboard.
Form2 & Form3 can only be opened through Form1 (by clicking on one of the buttons).
The subform is on Form2. In most cases, the user will enter data into the subform before entering data in Form2's controls.
The Navigation Buttons, Record Selectors, Close Button and Control Box are all set to "No" on all forms.
The only way to close Form2 and Form3 is through Form1, which has an Exit button to (presumably) save the data and close all 3 forms.

At First, when adding a new record:
I would open Form1 in Add mode. The table has an index key, (id), which is an AutoNumber.
Form2 and Form3 were opened in add mode.
I assumed (wrongly) that all the data entered would be stored in one record. I ended up with 4 records, with different id #s, with data from each of the 3 forms and one with data from the subform.
So I changed my code to open Form2 & Form3 in edit mode, linking them with the id from Form1.
I still ended up wi... Read more

A:Solved: Access - Forms creating multiple records in "add" mode

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I can't use GP to enable Enterprise Mode in MS Edge as we have old AD (not sure if this can be fixed by adding some admx). 2008 Server (not even R2).
I have already enabled Enterprise Mode for IE11 via registry and it works fine on Windows 10. I have found an article (updated a month ago). Which mentions
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main\EnterpriseMode registry to enable it in Edge. But i don't have such registry on 1607 build. The article
So, has this registry moved somewhere else, or maybe it was removed recently? Is there any other way to enable EM for Edge other than GP?

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I was using the task manager and accidentally clicked on the CPU button and now I just shows the CPU and CPU history!! How do I get it back to the way it was, showing all the programs that are currently running? I would appreciate all the help I can get!!! Thanks

A:How can I get the task manager out of the CPU History mode?

Hi -

If this involves the Process tab and the columns, click on the view tab and select columns. Then check/un-check whatever columns you would like.

Regards. . .



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Hey all! I've been sporting my Lenovo Edge 15 for about two years now. I run Windows 10 and have done so since I first got the computer (I believe when I purchased it I upgraded right away). If you need more specifics I have this PC right here! Airplane mode works if I manually activate it via the wi-fi settings, but the hotkey, F7, won't turn it on/off.  The key doesn't appear to be broken, just the hotkey function it carrys, as using Fn activates the basic F7 function. All my other hotkeys work perfectly. Anyone have the same issue? Know of a fix? 

Sleepy animation student, does her best.

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Hello all, I bought my lenovo Edge 2-1580 in December, but recently, the display won't turn on after I wake it up from sleep mode. The rest of the notebook still turns on and the power button is lit, but the screen will stay black even if I move the mouse or press any keys. I have to do a manual shutdown and then turn it on again, which works but then the problem occurs again when it goes to sleep mode. I've updated the drivers and disabled the notebook from going to sleep, but if I manually put it into sleep mode the problem continues. I've seen this as a common issue regarding Windows 10 as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Edge 2-1580 won't wake up after sleep mode

I just resolved this issue recently with my Flex 3 1580, so hopefully my solution works for you.  First, update the video/graphics driver (intel or nvidia) from the Drivers & Software page on support.lenovo.com.  Test sleep mode again.  If the screen is still not turning back on, then update your BIOS.  Back on the Drivers & Software page, look for the latest BIOS update and run it.  In both cases, but especially for the BIOS update, make sure your laptop is plugged in.

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Recently my Lenovo 15 Edge (no longer under warrranty) and with a sealed in battery NOT in battery conservation mode is not charging when plugged in. I have gone through the forum looking for a solution. I cannot remove the battery like many suggest and I have installed the Lenovo power managment and checked that it is NOT in covservation mode. I have also checked that Windows Power Options is not in conservation mode. When I got to Lenovo Power Settings it alternates between battery is good and battery not installed. I have also tried calibrating the battery with no success. I have spent close to 5 hours working on this with no solution. Please help or send a Lenovo support contact number so I can call someone (even though it is not under warranty). This laptop is only a little over a year old and required for my business and now down to 16% battery life. Thanks so much.

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Currently we are using IE 10 with compatibility mode is IE=7 and we are upgrading the browser version IE11 edge mode.
The application work fine in IE 11 and IE10 with existing compatibility mode ie. IE=7 but when it is change to IE=edge the application is not working as expected in IE10 browser for examples page is not loading & unnecessary popup's whether as in IE11
it is working fine.
I tried as per the below link say edge mode in IE 10 is Internet Explorer 10 and edge in IE11.So i set to compatibility mode to
Internet Explorer 10 still the application is not working in IE10 and working fine in IE11
Please request to help us to resolve this issue.

Santoshi Ramaraju

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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E545 laptop with Win7 pre-installed.
Had it about 5 days, and just tried to boot F8 Safe Mode.
It refuses to acknowledge the F8 key and boot into the Safe Mode menu screen.
According to Microsoft website, F8 is supposed to work in Win7.
Is this a known bug in my hardware?  In Win7?
Or, I hope not, is my Windows installation corrupted?

A:F8 Safe Mode does not work, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E545

Are you tapping the f8 key repeatedly or just one time . . .
If msconfig is working you could just use it to force safe mode on the next reboot.

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I have the Microsoft Internet Explorer installed and made it my main/default webbrowser.
My problem is with Microsoft Edge though. Everytime i press ctrl+L(locking computer) and sign back in, a Microsoft Edge page just opens up with some countries name on the searchbar. It asked if I would like to make it my default webbroweser but clicked
the ''dont ask me again'' option. I closed the microsoft Edge browser, I locked my pc and signed back in and the same page opened again. I tried to find a solution in settings but got no luck.
Any of you have any ideas how to disable this ? Uninstalling the Edge isn't a option since it's a computer from work

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I recently did a google search and when I had entered a website from the search in the upper left hand corner it had something that looked like it was downloading something onto my computer that read PROMPT SCRIPT.
Worried about what it might be putting on my computer I unplugged the power cord. Now it remains in my history cache and won't delete.
If anyone could please help????
My computer also seems to be running funny and won't stay in STANDBY mode.

A:cannot delete history item and computer won't stay in standby mode can anyone help?

Try this:
Download CleanUp! ( Alternate Link if main link don't work) and install it.
Open Cleanup! by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (or from the Start > All Programs menu). Set the program up as follows:

*Click "Options..."
*Move the arrow down to "Custom CleanUp!"
*Put a check next to the following:
Empty Recycle Bins
Delete Cookies
Delete Prefetch files
[X]Scan local drives for temporary files (Please uncheck this option)
Cleanup! All Users
Click OK
Press the CleanUp! button to start the program. Reboot/logoff when prompted.

Also run these programs:

Please download Trend Micro? Anti-Spyware for the Web Utility (by clicking the "Scan and Clean your PC" button).Save it to your desktop.
Double-click the new icon on your desktop (tmas-web-scan.exe)
It will say "Loading TrendMicro definitions".
Once the definitions are loaded, the program will appear to close then re-open.
Click "Start Scan"
After it's done scanning, click "Scan Results"
Make sure all items found have a check next to them, then click "Clean Threats Now".
Click Exit.
Reboot your computer.

Download / Install / Update / and Run:
Adaware SE check for any updates before running it.
Get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. You can download it at this SITE
To run this tool, install to the hard drive, then open Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK t... Read more

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I've added -private to the shortcut of IE8, so that it opens automatically as InPrivate.

I've also changed the registry key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs, so that my default homepage shows at start.

Although everything works fine, it's a little annoying that my default URL don't show up in the adress bar, instead it says about:InPrivate. Is there a way to change this, so that my default homepage URL show instead?

A:InPrivate as Default

Fixed it myself. Simply added the desired URL after -private.

Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing Shortcut


Internet Website Shortcut - Create

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is there a way to disable inprivate browseing? or at least password protect the use of it.

A:inprivate browseing

Hi -Disable or Turn Off InPrivate Browsing in IE 8 << Is this the option you are looking for ??Please let us know how this went, as there are a few other options available -Regards -

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Was playing around with IE "InPrivate" browser and noticed something not so private about it.

InPrivate Browsing is supposed to keep your internet tracks from showing if you walked away from your pc and didn't clear the cache. However, there's a small problem with this.

Try this:

1. Clear your ie history cache
2. Open ie and choose to open a InPrivate Browser
3. On the first tab open google and search for anything you want
4. Right click on a few links to open them in a new tab. 2 or 3 is good
5. Now close all the tabs except the first one.
6. Check your history, it should be empty
7. Now open a new tab (not from any links) (ctrl + t)
8. If you see what I see, thats not that private

What you'll see is a list of the tabs you've closed, basically the same kind of history of your session thats supposed to be private.

The only reason I bring this up is there is a possibility that some one who believes because they closed just the tabs that they don't want seen isn't good enough. You have to close the window. Most probably will, but there is a chance that some one will have a tab open that there not concerned about and thus leave the window open thinking there protected because nothings in the history. It's a small oversight in my opinion, but it could happen. I don't believe that the new tab should show any past history while using this feature.

A:IE InPrivate Browsing

Was looking through some of my old created threads and came across this one. I just wanted to remind people that they must close the ie window completely, and not just the tabs they had opened leaving one open that their not concerned with. This isn't anything ground breaking as "in private browsing" is just local anonymity.

But if your young and have pesty parents who always want to see what you've been uo to, remember this little glitch. I and I'm sure many others never close the ie browser completely, but rather just the tabs I no longer am interested in. Well thats not good enough while using "in private browsing" b/c of this little glitch that when you open the default setting new tab, it shows all the tabs you recently visited within that ie window. It keeps just as much info as history does.

Again, this doesn't mean the internet folks can't retrace your steps, this is just for those at home looking over your shoulder. If you ask me, IPB is a joke and is nothing more than trying to make people feel safe to visit sites that they most likely would not visit otherwise, but like I said, this is local protection only and only when you close ie completely and not just some of the tabs.

There are much better ways to protect yourself, one example is what is known as sandboxing. Sandboxie is a free program that when your done browsing can completely get rid of every file and folder created while using it. Its really good for testing new programs too. Yo... Read more

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Every time I restart the browser the InPrivate Filtering gets disabled even if I had it enabled on the previous session. Is there anyway to fix this?

Also if you add a lot of rules to the InPrivate Filtering list will it slow down the browser?

A:InPrivate Filtering (IE8)

Yes, adding rules will slow things down considerably. Pages will take longer to render.

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I'm starting Internet Explorer 8 in InPrivate mode using "iexplore.exe -private".

That's fine but it starts up with an "InPrivate" tab stating "InPrivate is turned on". How can I get rid of this tab and display my home page on startup?

Many thanks.

PS hope this is the right forum to post this question in. Apologies if not.

A:IE8 InPrivate - how to get rid of info tab?

Hi tallphil,

To do that just add the your home page in the shortcut. For example if you wanted to start ie with google as your home page your would put:
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" www.google.com -private

Also if you want all of your toolbars to show go to tools->internet options->privacy tab-> then uncheck disable toolbars and extensions when InPrivate Browsing starts.

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using I.E. 8 InPrivate, when I click on a link that pops open a new window, the new window isn't InPrivate. I know this wasn't the case in the beta testing -- is there a way to change it?

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Is there a way when you first open IE8 to have it start in In Private Browsing?
I have looked all over Tools, Internet Options and can't fined it.
Thanks and God Bless Johnny333

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Hi,anyway to have in private browsing permanatly switched on in IE8??Can't seem to find anything in tools etc.
Thanks in advance.

A:Inprivate browsing

You can create a shortcut to IE that will launch in in-private mode:

Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing Shortcut

Right click on the desktop and select new shortcut.
Type this: "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore" -private
Click next, then name the shortcut.

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