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Battery light turns on, but computer won't turn on

Q: Battery light turns on, but computer won't turn on

Yesterday, I spilled a little bit of coffee on my laptop. It got on a few keys but not a lot at all. It worked fine, then I didn't use it for a few hours. Went to go do some school work and it wouldn't turn on and hasn't turn on since. When the charger is plugged in, the light comes on and it charges but no other lights come on and the computer won't turn on. I tried a hard reset but that didn't work. I really don't want to lose everything on my computer, I need it for my classes. I took it to my colleges tech department and they cleaned it and said there didn't seem to be water damage to the motherboard so i'm not sure if he just missed it or if something else is the problem. SOS

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Preferred Solution: Battery light turns on, but computer won't turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


when i turn on my computer the LED light doesnt turn on so my webcam and my mic think my computer is off so they don't work.

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I have a HP Probook 4730s and it has an i7 processor, 8gb ram, 700GB HDD. I have this new software program called Corel Videostudio Pro. I am in the middle of rendering a large 20GB HD video and all of a sudden the computer shuts off. And the weird thing is that I cannot turn it back on, even when plugged in. I can only turn it back on when I remove the battery and replace it.
What can I do to finish this rendering of my video without the computer shutting down?

A:Computer turns off, can only turn on when battery removed and put back in?

Install this software CPUID Hardware Monitor and check your system temps when you are rendering the video, I suspect an overheating issue.

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i have a dell latitude c640 i believe and the light on the battery will stay green until i plug the adapter into the computer then it goes off
i have a friend who fixes computers and we ordered a dc jack. he installed it into the mother board but its still isnt working

thanks in advance for your help

A:battery light turns off when i plug it in

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I have a Mini-Notebook, NB500-108, running Windows 7, and it never had battery issues until now.
For some reason, battery stopped charging at 99%, then at 98% and now at 97%.
Tray icon says "plugged in, charging" but it never reaches 100%.

Besides that, the led light never changes from orange to green, like it used to do before.
That is annoying because I can't see if battery is totally charged when the machine is turned off.

I've already tried a lot of suggestions in order to recalibrate battery:
1. Flashing BIOS;
2. Uninstall/disable Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method in Device Manager;
3. Full discharge/full charge;
4. Half discharge/full charge;
5. Removed the battery and pressed power button for 10, 20, 30 seconds...;
6. System restore;
7. Same beahaviour with a Linux live pen.

None of this worked. Any comments on this, Toshiba Support?
Thank you in advance.

A:NB500-108 Battery charging stops at 97%, led light never turns into green

>None of this worked. Any comments on this, Toshiba Support?
Toshiba Support? This is a user-to-user forum dude? you will get some comments from community members ;)

I think it could be a faulty battery?since lithium batteries would start losing the own performance after being charged for 400-500 times, I would assume that your battery is affected? it?s just a theory but I think it?s worth to test a new part

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The kids let their laptop run all the way down, and now we can't get it to boot back up. It's been plugged in and the battery light is on, going from orange to white, but otherwise there's no sign of life at all. No noise, no screen flicker, etc. I've read through posts describing similar problems and seen suggestions to remove the battery, but this unit doesn't have a removable battery. I've also seen various suggestions to hold down the power button while unplugged or try the Novo button, and have tried both with no luck. Is there any other way to bring this brick back to life?

A:100S won't turn on (but battery light is on)

Hi smcindoe,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I would encourage you calling in technical support for inwarranty repair.
The hardware manual here do offer power checkout guide (page 21-22) to help isolate the ac charger but since it can charge the battery from purple to white, then internal parts should be checked further.
I hope this helps you on how to proceed.
Update us how it goes best for you.

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The kids let their laptop run all the way down, and now we can't get it to boot back up. It's been plugged in and the battery light is on, going from orange to white, but otherwise there's no sign of life at all. No noise, no screen flicker, etc.
I've read through posts describing similar problems and seen suggestions to remove the battery, but this unit doesn't have a removable battery. I've also seen various suggestions to hold down the power button while unplugged or try the Novo button, and have tried both with no luck.
Is there any other way to bring this brick back to life?

A:IdeaPad 100S: won't turn on (but battery light is on)

Hi smcindoe,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I would encourage you calling in technical support for inwarranty repair.
The hardware manual here do offer power checkout guide (page 21-22) to help isolate the ac charger but since it can charge the battery from purple to white, then internal parts should be checked further.
I hope this helps you on how to proceed.
Update us how it goes best for you.

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My computer is getting power but screen is black and amber light turns on for 3 seconds then nothing.  I tried draining the power but still no change

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when the laptop was new , I never saw the option to go for batteray conservation mode ( was windows 7 then ) ; the laptop used to sense it's plugged in all the time , a pop up came to accept battery saving mode - things were good.I upgraded to windows 10 64 bit & things remained good : " battery conservation mode work ".Lately , it stopped - I turn it on , it turns itself off ( from Lenovo vantage ) ! what to do ? I redownloaded the original power managment driver , & many other things , no use :-(

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Hi all,
I got my new XPS 15 9550 2 days ago. Everything went fine at first but tonight when coming back home the laptop won't turn on. I tried the following (both with AC adaptor plugged in or not)
If I press power button the battery status lights blinks 4 times white and é times orange repeatedly.
I tried pressing power button for one minute - nothing.
Pressing Fn key and power button - then the keyboard lights turn on  for about 5 seconds then turn off, and same blinking of the battery status lights as described above.
Any idea what to do ? Dell technical support doesn't seem to work on week end...

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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the power management on my T570. I have two batteries, and I think the main one to be used is the battery 2. Sometimes, I'll be working unplugged, and my computer randomly turns off. Not the usual "Windows turning off" sequence, but an immediate blackout with no feedback. When I turn the computer back on, I see that Battery 2 is at 0% and Battery 1 is now in use. It does seem to be a problem in the power management, no? Thank you,Fred

A:My computer turns off immediately when Battery 2 reaches 0%, even if Battery 1 is 100%

Sounds like power management or battery reporting status wrong.  Are you still under warranty? If yes, call support first.  Can you get (borrow) another battery to try?

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Hey guys. The PC I'm on right now has been turning itself off randomly when I am using it. When it does this the power light is still showing, mouse is still lit up usb sytick still lit up etc.
What could be the cause of this and how can I fix this??

A:Computer turns itself off and power light stays on

Is your computer going into hibernation and are your temps OK?

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Hello, SevenForums Community

My Computer is giving me a problem for 1 month!

The problem is that, my computer Freezes randomly, while that is happening my HDD red light Turns Solid RED!

This is totally random, but it happens more times when i'm playing games (ex: Skyrim , GTA San Andreas , The Sims3).

But this happens also when i'm on my desktop.

This problem is making me bald , my pc "back in the days" could run Crysis 2 without a problem, now it freezes randomly.

I hope that you can help me, SevenForums Community.

If you need any information about my Computer tell me.

A:My Computer Freezes randomly while hdd Light turns solid red.

Hey LeonPT, welcome to Sevenforums

First remove all non-essential cards from your machine, i.e sound, modems etc, etc.

Download burn and run memtest from PassMark MemTest86 - Memory Diagnostic Tool. This will test your PC's memory. Leave it running for a few hours.


Download the manufacturers disk for your hard drives. Test and ensure that they are functioning properly.

Remove and clean all components contacts and clean the CPU fan and any other fans in your system.

Report back with results.

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Hello everybody!
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 with an i5 4440, 8 gb of ram, and 1 tb of hard drive. I purchased an evga 500 watt PSU and successfully installed it. My pc worked normally and everything was fine. I then purchased an evga 1060 sc and attempted at installing it into my pc. After installing it I started up my pc and it turned on. The fan for the gpu didn?t spin so I turned off my computer, opened the case, unplugged the 6 pin then plugged it back in. I turned on my pc again but it made an odd sound before the power button flashing orange then completely shutting off. Now every time I turn it on the light turns orange and the fans spin for a split second then they stop. Any assistance will be much appreciated...

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I have an EMachines GenuineIntel 1690 mhz processor, with Windows XP PC. One day the computer shut itself off and would not come back on and, since I was in the middle of taking online job training and could not afford to miss even one day, I rushed out and bought another pc. I put the non-functioning one away in a closet. Recently, I took it out of the closet and plugged it into a power outlet with a new power cord. To my surprise, it turned on, but it turned off by itself after about one hour or so. I kept pressing the on button but it would not come back on. Also, I think I detected a funny chemical smell. The fan is on, by the way.

Any idea of what could be wrong? Windows loads perfectly and runs perfectly while it's on.

Thanks - Jose

A:Computer Won't Turn On/Turns Off

Take the side of the machien off an with a bright light look at the capacitors. The capitors are the small can like objects on your motherboard. See if any have swollen bulging tops, or are leaking a brownish looking fluid. If you see any with these characteristics this indicates bad capacitors. You may also smell a amonia like smell.

You can look here to see what you are looking for.


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I don't know a lot about computers in general. Lately I have been having problems with my Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 8.1. my first problem was that the brightness wouldn't change. There was a windows update that fixed it. Then yesterday my computer said it had a virus (it was Windows Defender I think) it said that Pokki was a virus. Pokki has been on my computer by default and it is just now finding out it was bad? Then yesterday when I tried turning my computer off, it turns off then it turns on 5 seconds after. I don't have any virus protection besides the default one. I just want to be able to turn off my computer.

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I was on my computer when the screen went white, computer would not restart unless I unplugged it from the power supply. It came back on but then a few minutes later it went black and it has not came back on since. The light comes on in the front but that is it. I took the side of and when i try to turn it on the fan in the back jumps a little and a led comes on. I don't know much but I am mad it quit working. It is less than 2 yrs old Gateway Gt 5012 Media Center. Please HELP!!!

A:Computer will not turn on, light only

First try would be to test the PSU (fan in the back thingy where you plug the mains cable in). Do NOT try taking it apart. Ever. You can check it with either a proper tester or by fitting another PSU on a temp basis.

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As the title says, if I turn my computer off, wait for every hard drive to stop spinning, then turn my subwoofer off at the switch on the back (not stand by mode) it will turn the computer back on again...

I thought it was some kind of WOL or something, but i've turned all that off and it still keeps waking it up.

Any ideas?

WIn 7 Home Premium x64

A:When I turn my speakers off my computer turns on...

Hm, very cool poltergeist material.
I've never used subwoofers or had any nice speakers for that matter, but how are the speakers set up? Do any other speakers have power buttons, if so this doesn't happen when you turn them off? How many plugs are there going from the speakers to the computer, and what exactly are they? I remember in my old computer's BIOS there was a "wake on mouse input" and/or "wake on keyboard input", could you have something similar to that enabled in your BIOS?

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Ok i have a problem, i recently replaced my mobo in order to use a dual core i have, while installing it, everything seems to go fine, i do not see any loose connections or anything of the sort. So i hooked it all back up and turned it on, then i waited for a couple secs and no display came up, so i tried to turn it off but the power button will not turn it off and the reset button does nothing, i do not know what could be causing this but the cpu is running and everything i just cannot get a display and im hoping i did not fry anything...any ideas what can cause this/ and how to fix it?

A:Computer Turns on but no display, then will not turn off

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I have a HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF PC desktop with HP Compaq LE1711 monitor. I had it for about 5-6 years and it was working fine. But today when I tried to turn it on the light turned red and it started buzzing/beeping. It flashed red and buzzed nine times. I tried unplugging it but it didn't work.

A:Computer won't turn on, red light and buzzing

Hi: See the troubleshooting guide at the link below for the beep code interpretation and troubleshooting steps. Appendix A, starting on page 52. http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=4024556&docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c01...

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Hi guys please help me to turn this new computer on.
This is a new computer that i installed and it worked for a month until motherboard went faulty. I sent the motherboard back and got a new one but now i still cannot turn it on after i install everything correctly (i hope). The led light on motherboard is at green so it should be receiving power from psu but when i pressed the front panel switch to turn on and nothing happens. After the first few attemps the fans spins for 1 sec then went off. After that few attempts my computer simply does not respond when i press switch.

It shouldn't be a problem with my psu since i just bought a new psu to test and i still having the same problem.
I disconnect everything from motherboard except cpu, heatsink, 1 RAM and PSU but my computer still won't turn on.
I even pull the 2 pin switch wire out of the 2-pin slot on motherboard and try to turn my computer on by using screwdriver to touch the 2-pin slot on motherboard and no luck.
I insert LAN wire into back panel and no light come out.

My spec:
Corsair cx600
Intel CORE I3-2100 3.10GHZ
Asus P8P67 LE
Kingston ValueRAM 2GB 1333MHz DDR3
Coolermaster Elite 330 Case
Sapphire HD 5670 512MB GDDR5
Seagate 320GB SATA-III

Any chance they sent me a faulty motherboard again?
Any help would be grateful

A:Motherboard light on but computer will not turn on

Make sure that the motherboard is not shorting to the case. Place the motherboard outside the case on a piece of cardboard... Install the CPU/heatsink, memory, and video card. There's no need for a hard drive at this point. See if the board posts at all. Make sure you connect the 4 or 6 pin power supply plug to the connector near the CPU

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A few months ago i built a system through a popular computer company, ibuypower, and was initially pleased with the performance of my PC. I was then forced to take a few months away from the system due to work, during which it was stored in a safe dry location. Upon returning the system had the issue stated in the title. I have replaced the power supply with a far better one (went from 450w to a 700w) and the same issue peristed with the new power supply, which works with the tester it was shipped with. I've read about it possibly being the Ram, so i have ordered a 16gb ddr3 ram upgrade (2x - 8gb sticks) and they should be here within a week. I also read that it may be the CMOS battery but those are unable to be shipped through the mail so im having trouble tracking those down here in Japan. If somone could help me figure this out i would greatly appreciate it. I've cleaned and tested everything i can and i can't find an issue other than it physically wont function. Also, in case anyone was wondering this thread was written from my laptop, not the PC.

Much Apreciated

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Is it possible to make a specific software that i have downloaded on my pc turn on automatically whenever my computer turns on without me having to do anything?

A:How to have a software turn on automatically when my computer turns on

You can add it to the starup programs. Here is how:

1. Make a shortcut of this program on the desktop.
2. Press Start and type shell:startup, then press Enter
3. Drag the shortcut of your program into the folder that just opened
4. Close the folder

With the next boot, that program will start automatically.

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Background: The desktop is about 14 years old. I look at old files from time to time and it has worked fine (but very slow) up until the other day. I can get into BIOS, which I reset to the default, but not into safe mode.

When I turn the computer on it starts loading as usual. The Windows logo comes up then it goes into a black screen while it loads. After about a minute, when it should start populating the icons it appears to shut off and then immediately turn on again and repeats this cycle over and over. Any ideas what it could be?

A:Turn Computer On, then turns off, then on. Repeats cycle.

Power supply...

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I had my daughters computer serviced accouple months ago...she went to turn on her computer this morning and she said it was "glitching" so i went and turned her laptop on and it does turn on but it goes to the hp screen and then cuts off and does this repeativly without even touching the power button...how do i fix this?

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I had my daughters computer serviced accouple months ago...she went to turn on her computer this morning and she said it was "glitching" so i went and turned her laptop on and it does turn on but it goes to the hp screen and then cuts off and does this repeativly without even touching the power button...how do i fix this?

A:Computer turns on and loads to HP screen then turn off

Hi @dukedevil74, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that when you turn on the laptop, it loops at the HP logo screen. In order to better assist you, can you provide the product number of your laptop? If the computer locks up at the HP or Compaq logo screen or the Windows loading screen, try cleaning the computer vents with compressed air. Restart the computer. If Windows 10 opens, you are done. If Windows 10 does not open, go to Troubleshooting other issues with computer not starting. Let me know how it goes. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards, 

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When i went to bed my computer was working fine. but when i woke up (8 hours later or so), When i press the power button nothing happens, not even a choke to try and start up. The weid thing is that when i turn on the rear power switch, the motherboard green LED is on. So im not sure if this is consistent with PSU failure? I would have that PSU failure for sure but now im not certain.
i have tried:
Using a known good power socket.
switching the power and reset buttons on the motherboard to see if it was the siwtch
Short circuiting the on switch on the motherboard.
When i unplug the motherboard power cable from PSU, the green LED turns off, when i plug it back in it turns back on.

Does anyone know if its a PSU problem or somethign easier? Because it's really throwing me off. I think i have to be getting power, since the mobo LED is on.

A:Computer doesn't turn on, but mobo LED light on

Hello and welcome to techspot.

I'm not good at all when it comes to this case, but coincidentally, i have the same issue last year.So i decided to write some possible reasons :
1. PSU failure (+12V A rail is too low)
2. Capacitors leaked
3. Heatsink and thermal gel not installed properly
4. Few drives problem such as HDD or optical drive
5. short circuited cables inside the case.

So far, when this problem happens to me, i could not turn on the PC whenever the HDD is attached. But when i unattach it, the computer would on.
Or another issue, i have a fan in the case which i have not installed yet. Accidentally, when i move it with a pincer to the correct position, the metal parts of the fan get in contact with the CPU case. Straight after that my computer turned off, BUT the CPU LED is on.

Well, let's find out more about your computer, can you give your system specs here?

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Problem: computer won't turn on when pressing the POWER ON button in the front of chassis.

the color green light blinks continuously when i press the POWER ON button, with the interval of 2 seconds, there are no sounds coming from mobo, and the fans are not working also.

processor: intel core 2 duo e6850
ram: 4gb ddr2
hard disk: 300gb + 500gb western digital
mobo: intel dq35mp
power supply: http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=36




A:Computer Won't Turn On (Green Light Blinking)

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The computer turned off on its own after approx 15 min. It had been running slow and the CPU was staying at 100% usage. The computer is bare bones factory set up. I just purchaed second hand from a 5th grader  who only used it for school learning programs. ---  Ive added only search engines. Opera - Safari and - Modzilla I performed the suggested steps shown on HP online troubleshooting. If I need a new power supply, what exactly is the part in the computer and can I purchace I new one? PS When it gets up and running, what part do tou suggest that I can I relace/upgrade to run faster? NOTE: Im Poor Steps Ive performed:  Which No Power or Boot issue are you experiencing with your HP computer?Nothing happens when I press the power button - no light or sound or anything.  What type of HP computer is showing the issue?Desktop computer Pavilion Slimline s5123w  Perform a hard reset (All-in-Ones and Desktops)No Help  Verify the power source and power cord of your desktop computerNo Help  Disconnect external devices from the computerNo Help  Check the power supply voltage switch (Desktops)No Help  Remove any added internal hardware from your computerNo Help  Remove power from internal devices then check the power supply light (Desktops)No Help - still no power light - noise or anything

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Hi, My battery seems to hold a charge very well. However, the problem is when I try to move my laptop on battery power; it suddnely turns off. It also shuts down when jostled or bumped. The battery is great when the laptop is stationary. I noticed this problem when I move from one class to another: The Aspire V works great during class, but the moment I shut it and put it in my backpack it shurts down and I need to reboot it for the next class. The laptop is great when it is plugged in. This seems like a hardware issue but I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help!

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My computer will turn on once in a while but not all the time. I tried a new power cord but still doesn't turn on. The green light stays on in the back of the computer. Any suggestions as to the problem.

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Help please! My family and I own the HP Envy 23 all-in-one PC. Unfortunately most recently it has stopped turning on. There power light doesn't show nor are there any noises/ beeps. We have checked the power source, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. We purchased a new adaptor (120 W). I've tried the F10, down button, enter button sequence using the wireless keyboard. Nothing has worked.

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Hi, my Dell Inspiron 9400 is 6 years old, but I've never operated it on battery. Yet my battery light (right-most light on right hinge of screen) is flashing orange. How come?

A:Dell Computer battery light flashing

Time to replace your battery, even though you say you never used it, the battery is used to some extent each day and over time batteries will go bad. Getting six years of use on a battery is very good indeed.

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I have a Compaq Presario, Windows Vista Basic, around 3 gigs of RAM.

I recently rearranged my room, and when I went to go plug everything back in for my computer, the power supply light started to flicker when it was fine the day before.
I don't remember this ever happening before; it's still green, it just flickers rapidly and I can hear it.
I thought it was a temporary thing, but my power button is completely unresponsive and it will not turn on.

I have had my power supply replaced twice prior, and I fear I may have accidentally surged my power supply when I plugged it back in.
I would like to know if this is the only cause, I have tried different outlets, and even checked to make sure that I didn't mix up my power supply cable with my monitor or printer, but the results are the same.
Even when I unplug any power source, the light flickers and gradually dies, as compared to going out immediately.

The last time I replaced my power supply was around October of 2009, due a faulty fan.
The time before, was October 2007, when the power supply just shorted out.

This time I am completely confused since it was working the day prior, and wonder if my moving it would have caused something. It seems so unlikely, but due to my bad history with power supplies, I am prone to assume it is the same problem.
But if anyone has any other suggestions, please help.

Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: Power Supply light flickering, computer won't turn on

Since you moved the computer I would open the case and make sure all the powersupply connections to the mobo and peripherals are tight.

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I have an HP desktop. I accidentally hit the standby button on the keyboard. It started to put my computer into standby but seems to have completely powered it down. I couldn't turn it back on at all. I've tried hitting the power button and unplugging the computer. Nothing works. There is a green light near the power cord in the back blinking and that's it. I've tried unplugging all peripherals before plugging the power back in. I've also tried unplugging it and pressing the power button a few times before plugging it back in. I just can't get it to turn back on.

A:Computer wont turn on after standby - power light blinking

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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.

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I took my computer with me in a hurry and didn't bring charger. Battery length wasn't very long since it was older. Computer is a Lenovo G570 so nothing special but I have all my pics/documents on it and didn't backup or upload copies online so they are very important. So, it runs out of juice and dies hard. When I plug it in & try to restart it, it only lights up for a few secs and then light goes off. Nothing happens. So, I tried other AC adapters and still the same. I buy a new battery and same thing. I take the hard drive out of the computer and try to access the files from another computer but it never brings it up. I plug it in and it brings up the drive and tries to access it. It shows that it is loading it but when it gets to the end, it never opens the files. Is it dead? Is there anything I can do to be able to get my files? Thank you in advance for any advice. I very much appreciate the service, although, feeling very bummed right now as I anticipate the answer.

A:Computer died & now won't restart..battery light for 30 secs

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This morning I came to my computer and it had a BSOD from my wireless adapter driver. This has happened a few times before. But when I turned it off and tried to turn it back on, it wont start! As soon as I press the power button, the lights flash and the fans get one jolt of power causing them to spin and die out immediately and then everything stops in under a seccond. What could be causing this? I did add a new new hard drive to my computer yesterday, but it has restarted fine a few times since then, and unplugging it didn't fix the problem. Other than that, I can't think of anything that is different that would be causing this. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Computer turns off immediately after pushing power button when I turn it on

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i had tried to turn on my dell optiplex 380 to power on but failed.when im on my pc that had sound like shock "ted"inside the desktop.how to fix this?are my power supply was dead?

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We got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend who had upgraded to another computer and we can't get it to work. It ran fine before he brought it to us, however, once we got it here and tried to power it up it wouldn't start at all.

On the power supply in the back the green light blinks and clicks rapidly when the cord is plugged in, and pressing the power button does nothing at all.

Interestingly, a few minutes ago I took it out of storage, (we got the computer months ago and gave up when we couldn't get it running) plugged it in by itself and it powered up just fine, the fan turned on and everything! So I opened it up and cleaned out some of the dust (I didn't have it plugged into a monitor or anything, I just wanted to see if it was still doing the same thing it had months ago) and, lo and behold, when I tried to turn it on again with everything plugged in, I got the blinking/clicking green light and no power up.

What could be the problem here? I know the whole thing isn't totally shot because it DID power up just fine a few minutes ago. But now we're back to the blinking clicking light (instead of the steady green glow that usually happens when the power supply cord is plugged in). It leads me to believe that something's loose, but I don't dare mess with the power supply box unless I know what I'm doing...

Another question is, if the power supply isn't fixable, would it be possible to replace it with the power supply ... Read more

A:Solved: Power supply light blinking/clicking, computer won't turn on

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My Dell Inspiron 5558 Battery light continuely blink Amber and then white light just 1 time for each and can't find what mean by that light code

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Somtimes I turn it on and it stays on for about three seconds then turns off then on for another three seconds somtimes the lights are very dim red and the fan barly spins and most of the time it dosnt even turn on. Will this happend to me about three month ago and one day it just started working normally but now its been broken for a while and I tried to fix the power button I seen that was the problem on some forums but that didn't work I tried alot of things but nothing seems to work and just turned it off one day and it stopped working so i dont know if its the power source but just give me something to try please.

A:My comp turns on for 5seconds and turns off or dosnt turn on at all

Have you tried checking on the fan/ ventilation? i use to have this problem with my P3. fan was jam with debris/ dust. when i boot up, it was fine, once i go in to window it freeze. After i got the fan moving (cleaning the dust) it works fine.

Hope it works for you.

Oh, Zenosincks mght have a point there too. Thought my experience was on the CPU. Cheers,

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Hello everyone,  I am facing this problem from the past few days in my Lenovo G510. Whenever I plug in the charger for charging the laptop, both the power light and the battery light with orange color, starts flashing and the laptop stops charging.  The color of the battery light changes to orange, even if my laptop is nearly 50% charged.Can't figure out, what is the problem? Any help will be appreciated!

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So today I was just watching a YouTube video, not gaming, not doing anything too intensive. Suddenly my computer shuts off with the power button blinking green. No BSOD, just powered off and won't turn back on. I tried unplugging the power cable and holding down the power button for 30 secs with no luck. My computer is pretty hot idle at 60 degrees Celsius. But it's been this way for years with no problem. Could something overheating just by watching a YouTube video? When a CPU overheats it goes into blue screen right? So it can't be my CPU. I have a cooler master PSU. CM is a trusted brand. And I also have an MSI motherboard.

A:Computer randomly turns off with green blinking green light on power

Doesn't necessarily mean the screen will blue out because of heat problems mate run the BIOS and post back the readings for the CPU temp (seems a tad high to me for idle) and the CPU fan speed.

The other thing to do is check out the PSU as well via these
PSU - Jump Start


but try the BIOS first and if you do the PSU stuff DO NOT attempt to open the device itself you just need to measure the volts on the leads. However volts does not necssarity mean enough current (amps)

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The only other problem I have is when I cut the computer off and try to turn it back on the amber light blinks in the front and turn on at all, I have to take the battery out of the board to get the PC to come on!! It's a Dell Dimension E510

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My problem is actually similar to the following:
This thread however had no responses.

I know a little more about my problem and hope it can be solved here.. Sorry for making this post so long, but this problem is a real bugger and I'm giving all the info I can.

The problem: When the computer doesn't start
When I plug in the computer, pressing the power button does nothing. This problem is aggravated in winters (weird but true) and when the D-Link ethernet card is plugged in (whichever slot).

When it does start:
In summers, I leave it powered for sometimes, say 20 min.
Gradually the power light on cabinet starts blinking rapidly (on pressing the power button).. a little later the HDD lights also start blinking. The CPU fan turns in jerks and in sync with these lights. A little later, the computer boots normally and works fine after that.
Also, operating it increases the temperature, and subsequently the computer can be made to start without problems.. till it cools down or I disconnect mains.

How I have to start it when it doesn't:
In winters, the above procedure doesn't work. Then I can try one of two things (I usually avoid turning the comp at all, use my laptop instead, since I don't like either method)
I can point a hairdryer from a safe distance at the motherboard, and keep the power button pressed. It starts in a little while.
OR, this is possibly a worse method..... Read more

A:Computer startup problem: power light flickers, fans turn in jerks

Have you replaced the BIOS battery? after 5 years its is most likely dead or nearly dead by now. Get your multimeter on it and check it's voltage (my money is on this)
Have you tested the CPU fan to see if it spins up OK, test on another PC if you have one?
Have you tried booting up to just the POST with NO drives connected with power?
Tried another PSU? Does this PSU work OK in another PC?

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