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Yoga (11s i3) Crashes when external hard drive is plugged into usb port

Q: Yoga (11s i3) Crashes when external hard drive is plugged into usb port

My Yoga 11s laptop almost always crashes when I plug in my external Wesstern Didigital My Passport 500 GB hard drive. As soon as I plug it in, screen goes dark. It sometimes is difficult to power it back on, sometimes takes several minutes of pressing the power button. Once I reboot it, with the external drive already plugged in it's fine. But is very annoying to deal with. I've also had issues with the Yoga not waking from sleep mode some times, where I have to hard power it down and reboot, maybe related? Any one else see this problem?

Preferred Solution: Yoga (11s i3) Crashes when external hard drive is plugged into usb port

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Yoga (11s i3) Crashes when external hard drive is plugged into usb port

I have the same problem with mine (11s i5). I also have the startup problem at times when no external USB devices are connected.

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Is there any free program, that can automatically synchronize the file changes in the specific folder (including all the subfolders) in my internal hard drive to my external hard drive when it's plugged in? I mean, that I use my external hard drive only when I'm copying files to it, not all the time. It's so laborious to copy the changed files file by file to the external hard drive with Windows . I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

A:Automatic sync when external hard drive is plugged in

Try this program:
Super Flexible File Synchronizer


Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.
You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. The software works with local hard drives, network drives and any other mounted volumes. In addition, it comes with support for FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and Google Docs. You can use ZIP compression and data encryption. On Windows NT/2000 or higher, the scheduler can run as a service - without users having to log on. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Exact Mirror, and SmartTracking.

Super Flexible File Synchronizer Features

Here's a list of some of the basic capabilities of Super Flexible File Synchronizer. To get a full impression of the available features, it is recommended to download and try the software and take a direct look at the available options.

Synchronizes or Backs Up Files and complete folder structures in different locations, such as a PC, laptop, or online storage. There are no limits in terms of file sizes, the number of files, or filename lengths. The program fully supports Unicode characters so that it can copy filenames in all languages.
Each sync job is saved as a profile so that you only need to s... Read more

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I have a Maxtor 500gb external hard drive, it works fine, but ever since I bought it, My Dell Dimension 9200 hasn't been booting up. I switch the power button on, and I just get the bios loading screen and it just stays there. I have to disconnect the hard drive before switching it back on...I think the bios is trying to boot from the external usb source and I know the boot order can be changed from the BIOS but I wanted to come here and see if anyone can point me in the right direction before I start messing with it.

Any help is appreciated..

Peace out.

Dell Dimension 9200/XPS 420
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
500 GB Hard Drive
Nvidia 7900gs

A:Solved: PC doesn't boot up when External Hard Drive plugged in...

This is a fairly common problem without a common solution. On 2 of my machines, after trying it for the ump-teenth time, the machines suddenly started to boot with the externals plugged in.

I'd suggest trying to boot the machine and then letting it sit for as long as practicable. It takes some BIOS a long time to self-adjust to this new device for some reason. Also, try taking a look in the BIOS and try different USB settings, such as that for "legacy" or "DOS" USB compatibility. Try them all.

And definitely check the boot order. If USB is near the top, move it lower on the list or remove it altogether, if possible.

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[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
The thread is rather long. Only read what you think important. Skip the rest!

We have a serious but mysterious problem. We have spent already one week but drawing a blank.
Two hard drives have been crashed and failed (unreadable). One computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart (no memory dump produced).
I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk (Buffalo MiniStation Lite: HD-PE250U2).

Formatting USB external hard disk
Originally I would like to use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed. We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS. I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo, or run its free program.

Case A: Multi-transfer causes system crashes?
The first time we met the problem.
We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive, about a few years old. We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active at that time. The whole system completely froze up. It doesn't respond at all. Only a hard restart could help.
Restarted. Tranferred again. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active.
Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare!
Windows restarted. Chkdsk was running. Saw many lines of messages with:
&... Read more

A:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes

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I am not sure if this is hardware or software issue.
One of my USB drive is not recognizing my Western Digital external hard drive.
I have to plug the external drive cable into the other side of my laptop in the combination SATA/USB socket.
The USB drive in question works with other things like headphones.
For example--today I plugged the drive cable into the uncooperative socket. The Unlocker for the WD drive showed briefly. Since the WD external drive is password protected and Unlocked drive opens first, asks for the password, then the file drive will open.  I put in the password into the Unlocker drive.  The Unlocker drive disappeared but the file drive, which should appear afterward failed to appear.  There was nothing in Windows Explorer on the left file tree showing the WD drive was even present, although it was plugged in.
Then I plugged the WD external drive cable into the other socket and it worked normally.
Suggestions for fixing this appreciated. 
Win 7 Pro 64-bit
Sony Vaio
Dual Boot configuration with Linux on the other partition.
The internal HDD has 500 GB total split between the two OS's.
RAM - 6 GB
CPU - Intel Core i7 Q740 1.73 GHz
Let me know if anymore specs are needed.

A:USB Port not recognizing external Hard drive

Changed title to "USB port" from "USB drive", the drive connects to the USB port/connector.

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For Christmas I received a 180GB external hard drive. When I got it, I plugged it into my computer, set it up, everything worked without a problem. At some point,not long after, I had to restart my computer for some reason and I did not eject the hard drive before doing so, when I restarted the drive was not recognized and no series of plugging it in or restarting things would make it work in the port. Eventually I discovered that plugging it into another USB port would make it work (I have one USB port and 4 USB 2.0 ports). That worked until I needed to restart again, then the second port would no longer work with the hard drive. This has happened each time I have restarted, and the last time the hard drive was safely removed before restarting. I am down to my last working USB 2.0 port, none of the others will work with my external hard drive. I now have to restart and am scared that when I do the last port will no longer work with my external and I will no longer be able to use it on my computer. Any suggestions on what I can do or theories on why this is happening?

A:External Hard drive/USB Port Problem

Odd situation. Have you tried looking for a BIOS update for your motherboard or an updated driver for your USB?

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In addition to regularly backing up my Win 7 Home Premium PC on a USB, I also copy all of the important files from my PC to an external hard drive, which I removed from a non-working laptop about a year or so ago. Until yesterday, no problem plugging the external hard drive into my pc USB port and copying, however, yesterday there was the message "USB Device not recognized". I plugged the external hard drive into a different USB port and it worked fine. However, when I use the USB port that the hard drive did not work in, that port does work with my other devides (camera, mouse, headset). So, is there a problem with the USB port, though it works with other devices, or the external drive which works in a different port. And, should I be concerned that there might be additional problems in the near future with the external hard drive?

Thank you in advance for your help. Jane

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I have an external hard drive but whenever I hook it up it doesn't reconize the port as being a USB 2.0 so it doesn't operate a top speed. I checked in device manager and in BIOS at start-up and both so High Speed as being enabled. I have no problem using this hard drive on 2 other computers.
The driver I have for this is:
Driver Version: 5.1.2600.0 Driver Date: 6/1/2002
I found the following driver available:
Driver Version: Driver Date: 05/23/2006

I didn't download or install the new driver yet because of the below message:
Extra Info: **VERY INPORTANT INFORMATION** This is a package utility which installs INF files that inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality such as USB and AGP. Updating drivers may not change driver date and version number. Download Location 2 is a The Intel? Application Accelerator enables faster delivery of data from the hard drive to the processor and other system level hardware you might which to download to your system. Second NOTE: Periodically, Intel releases updates for the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility. These updates are primarily to address new chipset releases. From time to time, a new version of the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility might be released that could contain a bug fix. Intel generally recommends that you do not update to the newer version if you are not experiencing issues with the version of the Intel ChipsetSoftware Insta... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Not Reconizing USB 2.0 Port

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My Seagate 1tb external hd is not recognized by the usb 3 ports,  the usb 2 port works fine.  Had the same problem with the same drive on my ASUS q302la and was advised by ASUS to disable legacy usb support in the bios and that worked, but there is no similar bios switch in the Starwars bios.

A:Seagate external hard drive not recognized by usb 3 port.

Hello @jerryemery, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I read your post about the USB port issue, and wanted to assist you! Try reviewing the following resource, and let me know if it helps:USB 3.0 External Hard Drive not recognized in Windows 8.1/10(Not an HP supported Web site). Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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HELP!!!  My external hard drive was damaged in a move and the USB port that attaches to the computer has become detached from the card that has the SimpleSave software on in order to access the data on the hard drive.  I have looked everywhere to find out how I can access this data without it, but no answers.  I need to purchase a new card with the USB port on it but cannot get through to HP Customer Service.  Can anyone help me in order to retrieve my data onto a new external hard drive.

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I have a 2 TB Western Digital My Book 3.0. The USB Port on my hard drive broke, so I can no longer access it on my laptop or desktop via USB. Is there any other way for me to access my data? Would I have to open it up?

A:USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

Short of taking it somewhere for repair, it sounds like you're going to have to open up the case to get inside the drive. Once you've done that, you have two options:

1) If the connector is still functional you can connect it to your computer with the case removed and transfer your data, or

2) You can disconnect the bare drive from the guts in your case and connect it directly to your motherboard so that you can read the data from it.

....or purchase another enclosure of the correct size 2.5inch or 3.5inch

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OMG! My Maxtor external hard drive was accidentally bounced off the hardwood floor. It is a back-up to my 7 year old PC suffering from the whirr of death. I started to copy files from the ED to my laptop but was not even close to finishing the process when it fell. Years of music, photos etc are all on the drive. It gets even better -- the PC is dead.

The data port has broken off/pushed in and and is rattling around inside of the the casing. Power to the Maxtor appears to be working fine. What should I do now?

A:External Hard Drive data port broken - Help!

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I got errors from Google that my computer had a virus but nothing I ran could find a virus, then the machine would not boot. It would get to point about the time windows tried to load and hit a blue screen. When it rebooted it would ask if I wanted to boot normal or safe mode and then start the whole fail blue screen over. I tried taking the drive out and connecting to my other machines as an external hard drive. When the drive connects to my other machines it brings the other machines down hard - blue screen exactly as if I had tried to boot on the original machine.

The goal is to get the files off the bad drive. I was just shocked that connecting it to my laptop or my other desktop took those machines down just like I was trying to boot the bad drive from the original machine. I am open to suggestions on recovery of any kind.

The original machine is a Dell XPS 8300 Intel Core i5-2320 processor Windows 7 64 bit
The drive is a Seagate 1 Tb 7200.12
The machines I tried to connect faulty drive to as external hard drive were both Win 7 64.
The external hard drive bay is Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive

Thank you

A:Hard Drive Crash - Trying to connect as external drive crashes all

There may be a couple of vectors to the virus. One for the boot sequence, another as an autorun in its root folder. I would try usb tethering the drive to a machine on which autorun or autoplay is completely turned off (as in, no exploration), or maybe better, run a Linux live session off a usb stick or dvd. I recommend LinuxLite.

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i know you all work so hard, i'm sorry to bother you, but i'm hoping someone will be able to help me...

my 3mo. old used simpletech 320gb ext hd w/ replacement mini b to dual male usb cable ...i have committed some sins like, leaving it plugged in for long periods of time or accidentally pulling out the cord (and i want to mention that the other day after that happened, i could hear, very faintly, like the drive was skipping a little ...and i could not internally stop the drive and had to disconnect it once more to make its blue light go off) - but after that i plugged it in and it seemed to work okay still...) and, now the mini b connection (which i think stayed in place before) is now so fragile that, literally if i barely breathe while resting the drive on my lap (w/ my laptop) the drive will no longer be recognized by my computer... i have to be PERFECTLY still, i can barely get in to look at my files before it happens again...

do you think i should try a new cable, or duct taping the mini b (not too firmly though, because pushing the plug also makes it disconnect) in place ...or do you think i physically damaged the mini b port when the cord accidentally pulled out? ...do you think my files are toast?

i know you all work so hard and might not have time to help me but, thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this...........................

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I have a 1TB external hard drive and my Yoga won't detect it. The same port detects my cell phone, and other storage devices.  I'm not technologically savvy, so if anyone has an idea of how to get it to boot again, and can give me step by step instructions, that would be great.I can't find a tech support phone number anywhere.  Thankyou

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I have a Toshiba 2TB Canvio USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive, it was working yesterday but I am now having problems with accessing it today.
I connected it today and in my computer it shows up as Local Disk (G:), when I click onto it to try and access it file explorer crashes and only sorts itself out when the drive is unplugged.
I tried uninstalling the driving and had no luck with it, can't access anything that involves the hard drive to format it either

Is there anything else I can try?

A:External Hard-drive crashes when i try to access it

Hello and welcome to the Tenforums!

Interesting problem. I, too, have the same external drive but when plugged into my USB3 port it shows up as TOSHIBA EXT (E: ).

This suggests to me that your registry has got corrupted in some way because it should not be showing up as a Local Disk. Can you check how it appears in Disk Management (right click on the start button to access this)?

To restore your registry the simplest way would be to restore your system to a restore point before this happened, but that all depends upon whether you set up W10 to create restore points or not. Hopefully you did.

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i have a wd external hard drive and have been using it for 6 months but now every time i plug it in my computer performs a crash dump showing a blue screen and then restarts please help all my files are on it

A:external hard drive crashes laptop

Firstly I would connect the external to a desktop computer to see if it works well there. If it does, I would copy all the critical files to removable media.

Also if you have access to another Exteranl drive try it on your computer to either rule out the computer as the problem or the external drive. It could also be as simple as a bad USB Cable.

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Lately windows explorer has been crashing every time I turn on my external hard drive. And since then I also seem to have lost all my cookie information since I now have to reapply my passwords. I have created a log using VistaForums SysInfo but I really don't know what information I should provide the forum with to solve this problem. I was using a program that searches for duplicate files when the crash happened. Also as soon as I turn off the external Hard Drive explorer seems to work fine and I am always being asked to format the external hard drive.

A:External Hard Drive crashes explorer

You obvioiusly have a virus what virus or spyware protection do you have?

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Hi, I have Unbuntu OS installed on an external hard drive  and I want to boot my Yoga 900 from the external hard drive. It seems that it doesn't recognize my external hard drive. How to fix this?

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Just re-installed my win7 but still getting crashes. I have uploaded my files on Omega external hard drive but when I try to connect error code 43 appears.

Un-installed the driver for the Omega but still can't get it connected.

Any free software could help repair such thins? My Logitech webcam Pro 9000 also keep on disconnecting.


I reverted back to Win 7 Ultimate and it still crashes. It has asked me to run the repair programme from the disc and I tried but there is no option for repair but install.

Could I get it repaired on internet please?

I had my files stored on external Omega hard drive when I first used Win 7 but now it doesn't recognise my USB connection.

Any solutions please?

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Hey there,
I was wondering if any of you could help me with a little problem. I just changed computers, and copied all of my files from XP onto an external hard-drive. When I plugged this HDD into Vista I could open the hard-drive it's self but not the "Freecom Sync" briefcase which contained all of the files on the hard-drive.

Any suggestions?


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1TB external hard drive is spinning when turned on, however my laptop is not registering the HD properly- previously it would come up with the hard drive name (G: VERBATIM) however now it just says G: Local Disk and comes up with the error message "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it".

It emits a tone when the HD is removed so obviously it is acknowledging the device, and it does still work, but it just isn't opening at all. Whenever I go into Windows Explorer and attempt to access the drive (or even just right click on the drive) Explorer freezes and I have to reboot.

I am running Vista Home Premium SP2, however the same problem is occurring on an XP laptop. Ideally I don't want to lose what's on the HD, there's about 400GB worth. Much of this is .avi's though, which going by other threads could be a factor?

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Windows Explorer crashes when external hard drive is attached/accessed


Normally in this situation I would recommend that you went into the Device Manager console and tried to uninstall then re-install the driver for the hard drive; but since you experience this on another machine as well it seems as though there are one of two possible causes - either the filesystem may have become corrupt to some extent, or the PCB in the external enclosure has developed some sort of fault. I would say try and take out the hard drive if possible (and if you don't mind potentially voiding any warranty that may remain), and install it either in an available desktop or another external enclosure and see whether or not you can access your data. If you cannot I would say the cause is the former unfortunately.

Hope this helps.



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Hey All, I'm having an issue with my L480 laptop. I need to set it up with two external monitors, one connected through the HDMI and the other through the USB-C port. I've been using an HDMI to USB-C adapter to do the second connection. However, for some reason, the computer won't detect the montior if I plug it in to the port next to the one for the docking station, but it will work fine when I plug it in to the charging port.  Has anyone experienced this or know what would cause it to happen? Not too sure what to do at this point, any help would be appreciated!

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Hi there, I got a new Yoga X380 that is connected to the USB-C dock. The dock has (besides monitors, ethernet and some USB stuff) a Microsoft LifeCam connected via USB that I used already on my old device for some years now. And here the trouble begins: When I connect the webcam to the dock, I get a flickering picture from the webcam so I cannot use it for video conferencing at all. When I connect the webcam to the X380 directly, it works fine, but this is quite impractical because I have to plug in/out two cables every time I leave/come back to my working place. Similar issues with a Microsoft StudioCam that I tested, too. Any ideas what I could do?  Thanks a lot and best regards!

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My Yoga 11s shuts down without any warning when it's plugged in. It may operate for a few or several minutes but will always eventually shut off--completely, almost violently and requires a reboot. This issue only occurs when plugged in. No problems with sudden shut down when running on battery power. The battery fully charges without issue when closed and not in use. I have been just making sure I keep it charged and use it unplugged. However use often extends beyond the battery life. The random and persistent shut off has become extremely frustrating.  What is the problem? Any solutions or ideas?

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Recently I was transferring some files to a USB backup drive (hard drive, not flash drive) when the drive suddenly crashed. Since I wasn't able to do a soft eject, I pulled the USB plug out of the PC and the PC went back to normal.

Now whenever I plug this same drive in to this PC, it freezes. I tried it in a couple different USB jacks and same thing. I then tried a different USB drive and that one worked.

I then tried plugging the effected drive into my laptop. It had a hard time reading it, but eventually managed to open it. I ran a chkdsk on it from the laptop and it said some errors were corrected. The drive now operates smoothly on my laptop only. Plugging it into my PC (where the initial crash happened) causes the same freeze up every time.

Not sure how to proceed with fixing this issue. Anyone have any ideas/experience with this sort of thing?

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Hello - I wish to connect my 24" Dell monitor (it has every port imaginable) to my Lenovo Yoga 720 WITHOUT using the Thunderbolt port. Is this possible? I am a Jazz musician and I with to use the external display for (1) reading complicatedf [e.g., classical piano] sheet music and (2) for use with DAWs (digital audio workstations, such as Abelton, Pro Tools, etc., where there is LOTS of info crammed in tight and a large monitor is needed). My Yoga's TB port is used for a 500 gig Samsung external hard drive.  The Samsung houses my music programs (e.g., the DAWs, Ivory piano, Easy Drummer, etc.), and I placed them there for the fast speed (this really helps eliminate the latency on the pianos).  I don't need fast speed with the monitor; my prior Lenovo G780 worked just fine with my 24" Dell monitor; the G780 had an HDMI port. I don't find a "TB dock" that has (1) HDMI, display port, etc. AND (2) another TB port.  Does such a thing exist? I've tried the crappy "USB montitors."  They (1) suck and (2) are not 24". Am I screwed here? Thanks, - Jeff Newton (Jazz saxophonist and pianist)    

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When I first bought my Yoga 910, I also bought a USB-C j5 Create hub that has one USB-C, two USB-3, HDMI and Ethernet. I was able to plug this hub into the second USB-C port on my laptop (the one for video, not power) and use it without any external power. I was able to use the hub to play video on a TV via the HDMI adapter. However, after an update at some point, that changed. Now if I don't supply power to the hub, it is not even recognized by my laptop and attached devices (including the TV) do not work. Also, the power USB-C port doesn't support data of any kind, meaning it is only good for plugging my power adapter into. I thought at one time I could use it as a USB hub. Is there a setting to change how these ports operate? The USB-C port should supply enough power to the hub to operate "normal" devices like a phone or a memory card adapter. I should not need external power to operate it.

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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


A:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }

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Hallo all!Please Help!!!i'm trying to connect my new Lenovo Yoga 730 i15" i7, and i'm trying to connect it to an external monitor via the HDMI port using a standart HDMI cable but it won't work! i've seen there is issues regarding...is it not possible at all?btw- i'm trying to connect to samsung monitor and it worked fine with my preivious YOGA 3.what should i do?thank you very much ...

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Hi everyone. Fairly new laptop (less than 6 months) which recently has been crashing in a really odd way when doing certain tasks. No BSOD or anything, just straight shuts down. I use Skyrim to test it because it usually causes a crash within the first few minutes. What usually happens is I start up the game, get into gameplay (past title screen loading screen etc.), it plays fine for a few seconds then the fan will start going apebleep and the laptop completely crashes a few seconds after that.
The strange thing is this only happens under a few conditions. The battery setting has to be set to high performance and the charger has to be plugged in. The crashes never happen when the machine is running on battery alone and they still happen when I remove the battery and just run the laptop plugged in.
It doesn't seem to be an overheating issue; both cores stay around 45 degrees even when the fan starts to go crazy (max is 52 and 49). Changing chargers didn't help either, both the one that came with the laptop and a store bought one lead to crashes.
Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite s50t-B running windows 8.1
i7 4510U cpu
8GB ram
AMD Radeon R7 M260
Really appreciate any help at all. Thank everyone.

A:Strange hard crashes on Toshiba laptop when plugged in (overheating issue?)

Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028504
While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility:  http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
Also, Please provide this information (even though you're not experiencing BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/576314/blue-screen-of-death-bsod-posting-instructions-windows-10-81-8-7-vista/

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How can i hook this up to a  external monitor? does usb c to usb c work to connect to monitors usb c port? i tried this and monitor doesnt recognize it. doesnt make sense. usb c to hdmi does power monitor but how come usb c to usb c doesnt work and cant get detected by monitor?

A:lenovo yoga c930 usb c port ? can it power a external monitor?

I don't have a C930 and you don't say what kind of monitor you have, but the 2 USBC monitors I have used need a separate power supply connection.

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Connected an IOGear compact dock to the laptop's USB C. Connected monitor #1 to the dock's HDMI port.Connected an HDMI cable to monitor #2 and used an HDMI to mini display port adapter to connect to the docks mini diplay port.I used the "Extend Display" setting on the laptop.I can only get display on the laptop monitor and one of the external monitors.  I can't get the display to work on both external monitors.  Second external monitor is not detected.  Help please. I am told that a plugable usb type c docking station would work, it has two "Disply ++ Ports".  Suggestion is to use an HDMI to DP++ cable to connect to the dual external monitors. Haven't tried it yet, does anyone know whether that'll work?

A:Need help connecting Yoga 910 13IKB with 1 USB C & 1 USB 3.0 port to dual external HDMI monitors

Easier still is to just use an HDMI splitter.

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So last night I plugged an external DVD drive directly into my USB port on my hp p030nr. When I plugged it in, it instantly shut off. Kind of made a spark sound. Now the laptop won't work at all. Did the hold the button for so and so time and unplugged everything. Nothing worked. Also when I plug in the chord there's no light indicating that there's power. So I'm wondering what I need to do to fix this? Like buy a new motherboard or if a fuse just blew on the motherboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Plugged external DVD drive into laptop, now it won't work

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Hi - Here's a puzzle for you - I wonder if anyone has a clue as to how I can sort this problem that has been going on for 6 months...

My Athlon XP 1800+ (1.5ghz, 1.5 GB RAM), KT4 Ultra mobo, WIn XP SP2 PC kept locking up (screen freeze no activity possible) at random times (up to 6 or 7 times a day), so I ran virus checks, spyware checks, disk tests (replaced one of my RAID 1 array disks), monitored temperature, replaced the PSU etc. etc. Reinstalled Windows and all my essential software, all to no avail. There were no relevant looking alerts in the system logs, so it didn't seem like a software failure (which was to be expected, IMO). It looked to me like time for a new system and I started pricing it up.

Then one day I plugged my USB external hard disk back in to the usb hub (it having been unplugged for some time), and it stopped happening. Ran it for a few days, no problems. Unplugged the disk and the freezes started again. I have since then kept the disk plugged in and have had no real problems, so it seems as though it is something to do with this.

A caveat is that, if I switch my computer on and wander away leaving it for a while I sometimes come back and find it frozen, but if I do stuff on it straight after boot up, it's fine for the rest of the day.

Has anyone got the faintest idea what might be going on? or how I might go about tracking it down?

I have worked with computers daily for 25 years and I have never come across anything like this one!

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A:System freezes if External drive not plugged in...

What do you have on the the external drive?

maybe your computer is trying to search for something on that drive?

or maybe it needs something there.

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Hi Peeps!

I just got a new Dell computer for recording audio, almost finally got it setup and now suddenly it won't boot unless a usb storage drive is plugged in!

It also shows the two internal drives as non-raid in green when booting up.

I searched for a fix online and check the boot order in BIOS. I'm not sure I have a recovery disk either as the one I received with the new PC says Operating System (Win 10 Pro) "this disk is only to reinstall the OS on a Dell pc"

It boots fine when I have this external usb drive plugged in that only has some files....no OS for sure!!

Can anyone help?

A:Windows won't boot *without* an external drive plugged in

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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite click mini not reconising external hard drive or external DVD drive

Originally Posted by rachel.nickells

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

Is it usb powered? If so does the hard drive spin up? Are there any clicking noises from the drive?

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I want to get an external hard drive/dvd burner combo if there is such a thing. To make this question as simple as possible...I need a hard drive that my camera can be plugged into with the firewire. I also need the hard drive that is able to plug in to the USB2 slot on my computer, because
my new Dell doesn't seem to tolerate a firewire card which I installed and then took out and returned to the store. It froze my computer and I tried everything to stabilize it but had no luck. It did work long enough to download 10 min. or so of video and I burned that onto a cd. Thats when I found out I had a dvd-rom not a dvd burner......long story I know. Sorry. I just want to figure out the most economical way now to save my movies and burn them to dvd also using either another external dvd burner or maybe there is a hard drive/dvd burner combo?? Or should I just get two separate externals?
Again: I need the hard drive/burner to plug into my computer with usb2.
Then the firewire from the camera would go into the hard drive/burner to download the movies.

A:Solved: External Hard drive OR External Hard drive/dvd-rw combo?

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Have read others with similar problems and different types/models of Yoga laptop and none the wiser. Also finding the screen attached to my laptop very diffficult to read . Often text is truncated and I have to adjust zoom to 50% to see whole window. External monitor will also solve this problem. Have downloaded new drivers but discovered they're for different Yoga models so unsurprisingly they don't work. Any suggestions gratefullly accepted. 

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I am running WHS but the same principal applies as 7. I have a HP N40L Server and have no problem sharing anything internal or external after it is connected following standard procedure.

My question is, is it possible to make Windows 7/WHS automatically share plug and play storage devices. The Server is over Wi-Fi and sometimes for big files it can be too slow and is easier just plugging in a HD.

1. File is too big to rip directly to Desktop or Laptop from Server.
2. Plug in storage device to Server via any of the four USBs on the Servers front.
3. Go back to my regular Desktop or Laptop
4. Go to My Computer and notice the new drive has appeared under the Sever with my other internal shared drives
5. Drag and Drop to and from Server and Computer as I wish.

A:Automatically Sharing USB External HD or Flash Drive when plugged in

Hi and welcome to SevenForums.

Sharing external USB drives is no different to sharing internal drives.

I have a 1TB WD drive, and a Seagate 1TB USB drives connected to my Windows 2008 R2 server, which used to run Windows 7 x64. The drive is shared for client backups. If the drive is unplugged, there is occasionally a problem reconnecting for a few seconds, but once it syncs everything is fine.

Copying large files over a network (even a gigabit network), to a USB device is slow, compared to copying to internal SATA drives, bit it most certainly is doable.

Over Wi-fi you might find regular copying of large files somewhat frustrating.

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Here's exactly what I did:
I have a 3TB Seagate hard drive that I primarily use with my Windows 8.1 machine every day. I turned off that computer, unplugged the drive, and plugged it into my Windows 7 laptop. I moved (not copied) about 2GB from C:\ImportantPhotos to the external drive to Z:\Photos\Unsorted. The files moved in about 7 minutes. They were gone from my Windows 7 laptop and appeared fine on my external hard drive.
I then plugged the hard drive back into my Windows 8.1 primary machine and turned it on. When I went to navigate to the Z:\Photos\Unsorted\, I saw ImportantPhotos folder and was pleased to know this was a success. I mean, why wouldn't it be? However, when I clicked the folder it gave me an error about the folder not being available, and now the folder is completely gone. I tried to view the folder back on the Win7 laptop, and it was still missing completely.
Where did my files go? Did I lose them completely
(Possibly relevant: There was definitely activity on the external drive, as the parent folder (Unsorted) shows Date Modified time of exactly the time the files were moved.)
THANK YOU for any help help! My engagement photos are on there!!! If you need any more information at all, please ask!

A:Moved 2GB to external HDD using Win7, plugged drive into 8.1, folder gone

Hello, and Welcome
Hindsight is 20/20 but for important files it is always best to copy and not move. You can always delete the originals once you know the copy was successful.
That being said Unhide your files and folders as shown here. Do you see the folder on the external drive or on your C: Drive? If not then in the search box type in the name of the folder you moved the files to. Does a search find the folder?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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Hey guys!

My Zune 80gb stopped working a while back. It wouldn't charge. So I thought I would take out the hard drive and use it as an external 80gb hard drive. So I bought an 1.8" ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it.

All appears good with the installation. When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on & the disk starts spinning. Then Windows Vista does the whole "Install new Hardware" thing and calls it a "Disk Drive" and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and says hardware is installed and ready for use.

But the problem is I can't seem to access the drive. I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't show up as a drive I can use or anything. I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn't it couldn't find it either. I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it, but the Mac doesn't recognize it as anything.

Back in Vista, Using Device Manager, Vista notices the drive under the "Disk Drives" option as a "Disk Drive" and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft (since it has the Zune firmware on it) but I can't do anything with it ... And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists. I can't reformat it or anything.

Can anyone help me? I thought I read somewhere... Read more

A:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!


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