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Word 2000 - Spell check switch between english and french on it's own

Q: Word 2000 - Spell check switch between english and french on it's own

Windows 2000 2003
Travels with file from computer to computer

Dictionary avail is only the system one.
The language options is only ENGLISH.
French is not even available for me to select.
I have a 4mb file with multiple headings, multiple topics, Thousands of hyperlinks.

I type status and info into each "topic" section, cut and paste from other files, and emails.

Hyperlind to file names.

I think it is related to a hyperlinked document name that starts with h3nnnn_-_all.pdf.

But, it will be checking spelling, and all of a sudden it will want to change normal english words to their French equivalent.

It complains there are too many spelling errors for it to check. I then created "my own library" to put all the technical terms in to reduce the number of errors. I put most of the english word errors that it wanted to convert to French into it, and that reduced the number of complaints, but it is amusing / annoying.

I cannot figure out how to find where the dictionary change is invoked within my file. Any ideas?

This might be related to my problem with the "too many edits problem" if that one is a heap problem. Don't know how to change the heap size of word 2000.

Preferred Solution: Word 2000 - Spell check switch between english and french on it's own

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Word 2000 - Spell check switch between english and french on it's own

Hi Redsox2004,

Word documents, and different parts of a document, may be set in a different language (Tools / Set Language) than your default .

If you have copied from other documents then the copied text may be in another language.

You can set the text to not check spelling if it is causing you a problem, e.g. if you do not have the dictionary loaded for the language required. (same Tools / Set Language option).

You can see the language any text has been set in by looking in the status bar at the bottom of your screen.


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Issue since moving from IE9 to IE11 in the office

I've changed the Language Preference on IE11 to add both of them, English by default
Microsoft Office is already set to use both language

Although using Internet Explorer, we are having an issue where it only seem to spell check one language, giving errors when typing words in the other language.

Read on the internet some people that added both language in the keyboard layout, but that's not an interesting solution because first the French keyboard layout does all the English keys and second people tend to accidentaly switch language while typing
using shortcut or whatever

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated


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For some reason when you install Office, it automatically install's Word 2k Spell-check in French as one of the default language(s).

How do I take it out (French) and just have English as the sole language for spell-check.

An announcement by PG&E:

In an effort to help out in the current energy crisis, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

PG&E Customer Service
San Francisco, CA

A:Word 2k Spell-check in French ??

Tools > Language... > Set Language

Choose English (US)

Click Default, say yes. Oh, and you might turn off detect language automatically if it's on.

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Recently I have had to remove the SysProtect pop up/Vundo Virus...everything seemed fine.
Then as I was spell checking a letter in Microsoft Word 2003, it kept saying I had spelled several words wrong that I knew were correct. (I'm not a great speller, but I know how to spell "available")
Upon closer inspection I see the spell check is checking in FRENCH?
I can find a way to change it. I'm thinking it's a side effect of my recent virus woes.

I'm open to suggestion here.

A:MS Office Word 2003 Spell Check FRENCH???

There are two things you could Try. Open Word, go to Tools, Language, Set Language and make sure French isn't chosen.
Also click on start. all programs, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Language Setting. Make sure your default version is set to English. We had a problem recently with Asian Typography being installed. We found once we removed all Asian languages from the Enabled Language window it solved our problem. Possibly you might need to remove French from there if it is showing up?
Hope this helps.

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We are having a strange intermittent problem here. We have XP Pro, and Office 2003, with templates created for our people to use with Word. These are basic templates for faxing, letters, etc. but with our very plain text logo on them. Everyone uses them, but for a couple of them, their spell-checker comes up in French. This only happens on the company templates and not to everyone. I've checked all the language settings and made sure they were set to English, but it still happens. I open the same template on my computer and all is fine. So it seems to be machine specific problem. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Thank-you, I've learned a lot from reading here. It's a fabulous resource!!!

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When spell checking a document in Word, the spell check is changing back and forth from French to English. Make this stop (please!). I checked under options-spelling/grammer. English was checked. I changed it to None, but it's still doing this. What next? Please help.


A:Word 2000 Spell Check Problem

If you've written a document, that language is already set. Changing it under those options doesn't help for EXISTING text. So, Ctrl+A FIRST and then change the language.

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I have latin documents that I do not want Word to check for spelling and grammar, otherwise it would go through every word. Is there a way to stop Word from doing this without losing the function with documents I do want to check? As usual any help will be appreciated.

What I am getting at, is that I do not want the documents opening with all the red and green lines underneath words.


qui tacet consentit - who keeps silent consents

A:Word 2000 Spell and Grammar check

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In Word 2000, in one particular document, when I use spell check it uses French instead of English. I change the default language to English but it still uses French. Any other document uses English for spell check so it's something with this particular document. It's a document up on our network which I've opened from three different pc's with the same result. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Word 2000: Spell Check not working

Before changing the language, hit Ctrl-a to select everything.

Also, once you have spellchecked a document and accepted it, you must go to Tools-Options, Spelling and grammar tab, and hit Recheck Document to have it act as if it had not been previously spellchecked.

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I would not dream of using Word without the benefit of its spell check. However, I get distracted and annoyed by the squiggly lines indicating possible errors. Is there a simple way I could turn it off completely, compose the document, and turn it on again for checking?


A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2000 spell check

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Here is my situation- I want to be able to use both an english and Portuguese spell check on the same computer. I am currently using an enlish version of Word 2000 and hence an english spell check. I can select the Portuguese language in the drop down in Word, but all it does is -Not Underline- in red all the words that it doesn't recognize.

On another computer I have a Portuguese version of Word 2000 and it works just like its english counterpart (providing spelling error correction suggestions etc).

I have copies of both versions of Word.

I am not sure of the process of getting both "full packages" of spell check for the different languages to be accesible on the same computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi everybody!

My concern here is that I would want to switch my "French" Windows XP into an "English" one. Indeed, I am going to give my laptop to a Nepalese friend, and he cannot read French.

Thank you for your assistance!

A:Switch Windows XP language from French to English


The problem is that there is no ?switch? to change the language. You can change the keyboard layout but not the language of Windwos itself. In such cases you have to make a new and clean installation of Windows using installation disk.

I don?t know what notebook you have exactly but all drivers and tools for your Toshiba notebook you can find on Toshiba homepage.

By the way: If you install XP, I would recommend Service Pack 3. It contains important security updates.

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I have just purchased a new [refurbished] laptop with a licenced copy of Windows XP Professional SP3 pre-install [i.e. I do not have a Windows CD]. I have tried to install my Microsoft Office 2000 from CD but am unable to install the "Tools" [and therefore Word Spell Check] because I get the message "Window files must be installed for your installation to proceed. Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD now".
It does not specify what element of service pack 3 is missing/required. I know that I could upgrate to a later version of Word but I have searched out a suitable refurbished laptop so that I can continue to use Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000. [I know, I am a ludite!].
Any suggestion, please?

A:Microsoft Word 2000 & Windows XP Spell Check Problem

I've installed Office 2000 a few times, and it often calls for the operating system disk. You'll need to get a hold of one. Is there someone you can borrow it from?

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I want to be able to have French spell check on my Windows mail in addition to the English spell check. Do you have any idea on how to accomplish that?

A:French spell check

Spellcheck in Windows Mail should be available in English, French, German and Spanish. You would of course have to switch between them in order to alter the default language.

If they are missing then check this tutorial out: Windows Mail Spell Check

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I just got a new computer. an emachine w/windows XP.
I have outlook express for my emails & I have the check spelling & recomend a correct spelling, well it does that , but in french. It won't give me the option to change it.???

A:spell check is in French

The same thing happened to me a long time ago; I don't remember the fix I used at the time but I do remember a google search provided the answer for me very quickly on this particular problem..I wish all confuser problems were this easily fixed!Hope this helps..Please let us know.Go Here: http://www.google.com/search?q=fix+for+out...lient=firefox-a ranger72

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I am running Windows XP with Outlook Express 6. Recently I had to have a new harddrive installed. Now the spell check on out going e-mails is in French. When I went in to change it back to English with the drop-down box, there were no other options but French. How do I fix this? I see that other users have also had this problem, but the answers were all "outdated" and I could not get into the answer...

A:Spell Check Stuck on French!

As far as I'm aware, OE doesn't have it's own spell-checker. It has to rely on the spell-checker of Microsoft Office.
If no Office apps are installed, the OE spell-checker doesn't work.

If you do have any Microsoft Office apps installed, please read this: http://www.answersthatwork.com/Down...ker_is_French_after_Microsoft_Office_2007.pdf

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Does anyone know how to change the language settings in outlook express?

A:Outlook express does spell check in french

Perhaps Microsoft can help with this.


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I installed Office with all options.

I noticed in some docs (not all) that words were being checked by French spell checker.
I removed french and spanish proofing tools.

I then go to docs that were using the french spell checker and when I do a spell check I get the below error.

"Word cannot find the grammer file msgr2FR.dll or msgFR32.dll for French (France)."

What to do?

A:French spell checker for word 2k

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I am aware of a very common problem concerning Outlook Express only being able to spell check in French after you install Office 2007 but, I am NOT USING Outlook Express. This is a fresh installation of Office 2007 with no prior Office installations existing on the system. The system is an iMac running Parallels 3.0 with Windows XP Pro installed on the virtual machine.

The symptoms: The user will be creating or responding to emails when suddenly, she realizes every word is underlined in jagged red as if it were misspelled. If you right-click for suggestions, every word suggestion is a french word. Auto-correct even auto-changes a few words into French format.

If you save the affected item as a draft, close the email, and then reopen it, the spell checking is back to normal. I've checked the Regional Language settings in XP + keyboard layout .. all English US. I've checked all of the language settings I can find inside of Word and Outlook, all read English US.

I'm at a loss! Recommendations? Thank you very much


A:Outlook 2007 switches to French spell check

Hi Sixstringr1981. Have you tried the steps here >> Turn on automatic language options ?

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I have recently been cleaning up my computer and removed some older versions of Microsoft. I have Windows XP, and I'm using MS Office 2007. I am still using Outlook Express for email. All of a sudden in the email, my spell check defaults to checking with a French dictionary. When I found a drop down menu for language, only French was shown as an option. Can someone guide me to the location to change the default language to English? Many thanks.

A:Outlook Express spell check reverted to French

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Did this happen right after you installed Office 2007?

If so, here is an old thread with a possible solution.

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Windows XP Professioal SP2. Dell 8200

I thought I had posted this question (my first) but a member came back and told me that it was not in the proper place. I'll try again.

After a recent disk crash I had to reinstall Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. Upon using my Outlook Express 6 I found that the Spell Check dictionary was French.

I found a website that offered the OE2 as a solution but it was not responsive.

I would appreciate some assistance to solve this problem by restoring my English dictionary.



A:Solved: Outlook Express Uses French Dictionary To Spell Check


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my windows word 2007 spell checks in french. powerpoint also.. how do i fix?

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I have word 2002 installed and when I use the spellcheck it allways resets to ENGLISH US, is there a way to set it up for ENGLISH UK?

Just carnt find out how to do this.

A:Solved: Spell check English UK/US

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I run Microsoft Office on a Windows XP pro platform. It is a Hungarian version and I only have a Hungarian spell check. I write e-mails in English (with poor spelling) and would like an English spell check. I understand that OE 6 uses the spell check facility on Microsoft Office. Can I download an English version of the spell check from somewhere?

A:English spell check for Outlook Express 6

Hi Brighter

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

You can get a free (English) spell checker for Outlook Express here:
Spell Checker for OE 2.1

Let us know if that works for you.

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Hello everyone,

I just received an email that the new Microsoft Office 2010 has been released.
I've never actually bought one but might plan to do that now. Though I have a question.

I pretty much prefer all my software to be in English, including MS Office, but will I be able to do a Dutch spell check with the English version?
Or do I have to buy a Dutch language pack for that?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Is the default limit 3 computers? Because I can't read anything about that on the website and the FAQ (see below) is not helpful to me.
"The number of computers software can be installed on is managed by the number of activations allowed, which is outlined in the product activation section."

A:Solved: English Office, Dutch spell check?


bottom link scroll down a bit to see dutch

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My office computer runs Vista and sometimes the keyboard language switches over to French. The strange thing is that the keyboard is only in French within Microsoft Word. In any other program (Chrome, Excel, Notepad...), it's still in good ol' English. Also, the selected language at the bottom in Word is still English, so it's still spell checking the right language. Once I restart Word, it goes back to English. There must be a sequence of keys I'm hitting that switches it to French. Or...?

A:Microsoft Word and the keyboard switch to French

Quote: Originally Posted by buggaby

My office computer runs Vista and sometimes the keyboard language switches over to French. The strange thing is that the keyboard is only in French within Microsoft Word. In any other program (Chrome, Excel, Notepad...), it's still in good ol' English. Also, the selected language at the bottom in Word is still English, so it's still spell checking the right language. Once I restart Word, it goes back to English. There must be a sequence of keys I'm hitting that switches it to French. Or...?

ARe you:

using a legit, english language office?

What keyboard layout?

What language setup up (eng-us, en-uk, etc)?

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Sorry for asking a Word question in the Wind 7 category, but applications were not listed in the topic list.
I edit engineering documents that contain the word "hole" hundreds of times.  The spell checker stops at every instance, stating it is a commonly confused word.  Is there a way to modify the commonly confused word list?  Unlike unconventional
spellings, there seems to be no way to add it to the dictionary as something that needn't be checked.
Thanks, Eric flyboy

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A:Spell Check In Office 2000

Sharon- Yes, there is.
Open Word;
open help;
select Microsoft Word Help;
select Answer Wizard;
type in "import dictionary" (no quotes).
It will tell you several ways to do what you want.

You also might get more hits if this question was in a different forum - it's not quite a hardware question.

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I have been having problems with the automatic spelling checker in MS Word (XP Pro version). Despite having set the default language to English (US), it keeps cycling through other languages, including French, which I have never used. Could this be a macro-virus or is it something simpler? I have several anti-spy programmes running, including HJT, and run an up-to-date version of Norton AV Pro.

It is a minor irritation right now, but I would like to find out why this is happening....

A:Spell check - MS Word

Is this office xp? You mayh have enabled support for other languages in your settings. I do not have office xp so am not sure where that setting is

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my spell check isn't working? It used to underline words in red if spelled incorrectly and it's not, it also would catch mispelled words when I 'ran' spell check, it is not

Can someone tell me how to fix this, I am typing a legal doc for my boss and don't want to give it to him with spelling errors!


A:Word-spell check

In WORD, select Tools, then Options. Select the Spelling & Grammer tab and make your selections there.

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Hello does anyone know how to get microsoft word to spell check when it is set to spell check and it isnt doing so??

A:help with word spell check

Hi lamf

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

What version of Word are you using?
What operating system are you using?

See if this helps:
Open a Word document:
Tools > Options > Spelling & Grammar tab > Check or Recheck Document button > OK
This should reset the Spelling & Grammar checker.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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OK, I recently had my Windows 8 upgraded to Windows 10. Spell check works OK in Windows Live Mail, and in here but not in Word Pad.
Question, How do I get it into Word Pad?
Probably a simple solution but, my 77 year old brain needs a lift some times these days.

A:Word Pad spell check

I have moved to business application forum and changed the title to reflect the issue
word pad spell check

Word pad does not have a built in spell check program

you could consider installing one of the free office suites , like openoffice https://www.openoffice.org/download/index.html
that has a word editor which includes a spell check

there maybe a free add in for word pad, but i'm not aware of it right now

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Happy New Year

I have two PC's both running 98SE and they are networked.

My daughter would like to update the spelling check program on the PC running MS Word 97. She would like to transfer her personal word list from the PC with MS Word 2000 to the one with MS Word 97.

My questions: 1) Can this be done? and, 2) How, and do we need to anticipate any problems or concerns?

Thanks for any help.

A:MS Word 2000 to 97 Spell checker

It should, but I can't verify, be as easy as copying the custom.dic file to the W97 machine

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hi everyone,

I'm running an English version of Microsoft Office Windows 2003 on my pc (windows xp) and love how it always tells me with those red lines if i'm spelling something wrong. as I have to communicate a lot in German, i was wondering if it is possible to spell check my german in the same version or will i have to get a german version of Word and install that along side (is it even possible to have two versions on the same machine)?


A:Word spell check bilingual

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i have a Vista home premium 32 edition.

1. Once by mistake I okayed i to be added as a word in the spell check. Many times I type in i as there is not enough pressure on the shift key. Question - how do I restore my word dictionary to undo i as an incorrect word?

2. My spell check does not pick up small case for the start of a sentence/paragraph? How do I fix that?


A:Word spell check problem

Hi kapilkaaiser & welcome.
What version of Office Word are you using?

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Have a user whose spellcheck will not work in Word 2007. I have checked all the settings under proofing and checked to make sure there was an add-in enabled that would stop it. I checked under the language button to make sure "do not check spelling..." was not checked. I have deleted Word from the registry and opened to recreate the subkeys. None of these things have worked. Any suggestions I haven't already tried?

A:Word 2007 spell check

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I got this laptop from mom a few months ago and everything was in english, that wasn't a problem to me because i could find my way with it anyway.
But since i need to write alot of letters for classes i need to have the Dutch Spell check. ive tried to change the custom dictionary for dutch only, but there's no Dutch in the language list. So does anyone know if i can download the dutch dictionary for word 2007? it would really help a lot

A:word 2007 Spell check

I have Word 2007 (from Office Enterprise 2007) and I checked and it has two different versions of Dutch as language proofing options (Review / Proofing / Set Language). Perhaps you didn't install all the languages when you did the initial install and running it again to get the others will give you the option. Make sure you don't actually have it before you look for options or purchase add-ons that will provide it. If I have it, it seems likely that you do as well but just haven't found or installed it. I did not buy any special language options with the suite (unless Enterprise includes some that other suites don't - I'm not sure).

The Dutch Language pack for Office 2007 (much more than just the dictionary or just the Proofing Tools) can be purchased at: Microsoft Office Online. I could not find a free download of just the Proofing Tools for Dutch (in effect, the Dictionary as you are calling it) at Microsoft or on the web. But it's only about $25 so it's not that expensive if it will be so useful to you.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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I use MS WORD for medical transcription. An extensive catalogue of medical terms have been added to the spell check feature over time. I know wish to transfer my complete MS WORD program to another (upgraded) computer.

The problem I'm having is that I'm not sure where the data files reside in WORD for spellcheck (ie the resident medical terms which I have added).

Two years ago when I last attempted to transfer the program to a new computer, I LOST ALL OF MY MED. TERMS. This was a major setback.

Feedback would be appreciated.


A:MS WORD spell check question

The words in your custom dictionary are stored in:
CUSTOM.DIC, a .txt document
This is usually in the Program folder under MSOffice/Office.

I would assume you could save the file to disk, and then, when you reinstall Word, insert it in the appropriate folder.

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We are editing a document created by another user and Spell Check is not finding mis-spelled words. Hitting F7 jumps directly to Grammar checking. Under Tools/Options/Grammar and Spelling checking 'check spelling as you type' has no effect.

This behavior is only exhibited in this one document and it travels with the document.

A:Word Spell Check Turned Off

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I have Microsoft Office 2007. Word won't spell check. I don't know what to do. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. Whatelse could be wrong?

A:Word 2007 spell check

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I hope someone can help me. I have spent hours and days searching the net for answers. I have checked all of my word internet options along with diagnostic repairs. I have even checked registry keys to no avail. My spell check underlines misspelled words. However, when I run spell check it turns the correct words from black to grey and won't let me replace my misspelled word with the correct options listed. I hope that makes sense. I am college student and I had to manually fix all of my errors. I know that sounds week but when you have numerous classes that is very frustrating. Please help!!!!

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I am using XP Pro and am working with a word document that had fields in it where I can tab to the next field to enter info. I can only run spell check if I turn off the protection which is fine. But then I get the message "The spelling & grammar check is complete. Text marked with "Do not check spelling or grammar" was skipped. Does anyone know how to remedy this? I have a document with definite spelling errors and it won't catch them. I have also deliberately misspelled words to test this and I can't seem to figure it out. HELP! Thanks, Lance

A:Word in XP Spell Check Problem

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I have a 120 mghz, pentium running Win98 and Office 97. When in Word my spell check will not check or underline mispelled words even though it is on. Any suggestions?

A:Word 97: Spell Check Not Working

Is this for all documents, including new documents? If so, close Word.

Find your normal.dot file and rename it to abnormal.dot (if there is more than one, rename them all). Relaunch Word.

Let me know if that does not work.

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When making forms in Microsoft Word (2003), is there any way to enable spell check for the areas that users can input data while still keeping the form protected?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



A:Using Spell Check in Word Forms

Here you go, SED.

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Dear all,
My vista laptop won't spell check in Word. I have tried a number of things to try and solve this problem but none seem to work. I have gone to WORD OPTIONS; PROOFING and checked all the appropriate boxes and it still won't check my spellings. It works for the grammar but doesn't even pick up made up words that I try to test it with! I have checked my dictionary and ran the Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

I have watched the tutorials and read one other post with the same problem but there was no solution for it.

Please help!

A:Vista Word won't spell check

Don't know if this will help, but it can't hurt... go to the control panel > programs and features, mouse over "micrsoft office" and choose "change" (top of page, see attached), then when a new screen comes up, choose "repair".... maybe it wasn't installed 100% .... good luck

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Running XP Pro
3 users
only admin spell check works

What am I doing wrong
would like all user to use spell check

Thanks for HEL[

A:Solved: Word Spell Check

Hi canwolf

Check in the Registry for these keys, and give the other users sufficient permissions:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\Spelling

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\Grammar

This article goes into more detail:
WD97: Spelling, Grammar Not Available in Word Running on Window 2000 or Windows XP

Let us know if this works for you or not.

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