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Hp rp5700 power supply unit (PSU) replacement

Q: Hp rp5700 power supply unit (PSU) replacement

What type of PSU i need to replace the 240w PSU in the Rp5700 please help me.

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Preferred Solution: Hp rp5700 power supply unit (PSU) replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've owned my Compaq Presario SR1030NX Desktop PC for two-and-a-half years, and learned a lot of important information about PCs these last couple of months. My PC has a generic 250-watt PSU installed; after using a wattage calculator, I've learned I should be working with 300-500 watts. The original PSU was a cheap Bestec, which burned out last month; it lasted only two-and-a-half years. The wattage calculator shows that I'm using about 284 watts. Is my PC at risk?

Do you believe the burned out Bestec PSU is an indication that I need a more powerful PSU, or it was just its time?

Do you believe that the burned out Bestec PSU allowed my PC to get damaged? There's no noticable damage, but who knows what's going on inside the tower.

Do you believe the installed generic PSU is allowing any damage?

Which PC Power and Cooling or Seasonic 500-watt PSUs do you recommend?

A:Power Supply Unit Help

VIP_EJC said:

Do you believe the burned out Bestec PSU is an indication that I need a more powerful PSU, or it was just its time??Click to expand...

Maybe some of both. You hardly ever see a Bestec last more than 2-3 years.

VIP_EJC said:

Do you believe that the burned out Bestec PSU allowed my PC to get damaged? There's no noticable damage, but who knows what's going on inside the tower.?Click to expand...

If the Bestec caused damage, I believe it would be evident by now.

VIP_EJC said:

Do you believe the installed generic PSU is allowing any damage??Click to expand...

Unless you are having a specific problem, there would be no reason to believe so.

VIP_EJC said:

Which PC Power and Cooling or Seasonic 500-watt PSUs do you recommend?Click to expand...

Both are excellent manufacturers. Choose the one that best suit your needs and budget.

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i have an Emachines 370 and my Power Unit has packed in...
i am trying to find a replacement but i do not know what i can or cannot place in my computer...

the PSU model No is: ATX-250-12E
its made by: BESTEC

i have been reading in some forums that it will be better to increase the wattage from the 250 i have to something higher... but im not sure if that would be compatible with the computer... i dont mind having the same wattage as my computer worked fine before, i think it was just a little old.
if anyone has any suggestions please let me know


A:Power Supply Unit

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I am running
ASUS M2N-VM DVI GeForce7050PV + nForce630a Socket AM2 Motherboard
AMD 64 x2 Duel Core Processor 6000+ 3.00 GHz
4g Ram
250g sata Drive
Nivida Geforce 8800GT
550W psu
Vista Ultimate

But my cpu runs at 100% and slows everything down ue to over heating. once i start to run an program, play a game watch a film!This happens, could this be to low wattage psu and recomend this one! as i got told this could be the problem!
Cheers Dave

A:Power supply unit!

Your PSU is fine on watts, but can't say without the brand.. but I doubt has anything to with your problem. You mention overheating but I'm assuming that's your guess and not coming up as a warning. Usually a pc boggs down due to having too many processes running. Just because you ONLY are running a video, doesn't mean you don't have 30 processes running in the background. Best thing is to eliminate most programs that start with Windows. Change services to manual instead of auto in adminstrative tools/services but don't if you're not sure what you are doing. A good app is WinOptimizer that helps you turn off unneeded services if novice and help clean up your registries, etc. Also Vista is known for acting up so doesn't shock me it would freeze up. I do use Vista Ultimate but with the headaches it brings and you really need to maintain it and quite fragile as an OS.

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Could somebody advise me: do I need a new power supply unit?
Occasionally the PC screen goes black, then returns, then goes black and returns. Becomes very slow and then completely freezes. The PC is very noisy at times and has restarted randomly although this does not happen very often.

Following one of the common crashes: when I turn the PC on again it will often do the same thing again ( go black, and then return, black and then return: possibly at the login screen!)

Also in the past the screen has just gone off (the screen says NO SIGNAL) and when I restart the boot screen appears scrambled and its all "messed up". I fix this by turning the power off at the wall for some time and then turning the power back on at the wall.

With most of these problems, when I leave the PC turned off it works fine later in the day or the next day but this is not really ideal.

Also: I am considering upgrading my graphics from 128MB PCI to 512MB AGP in the future, so would I need a higher voltage? (400w FROM 330W)

Thanks for your advice

A:Do I need a new Power Supply Unit??

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my pc turned off today an d when i pressed the power on button, nothings happens. No power or anything. I do hear a low humming noise near the PSU. When I unplug the cord or switch the button off in the back, it stops. I opened my system and i had a green light on the motherboard. Is my power supply unit fried?

A:Do I need a new power supply unit?

If you can't turn your PC on at all it's probably fried. I'm guessing you are using a stock PSU from the likes of Shaw? This has happened to my computer before on 2 seperate occasions. My suggestion is invest in a new PSU from another company like Antec, seasonic, Thermaltake... anything but shaw - AND look up reviews for them before you purchase, a little research now can stop a lot of hurt later.

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I have a gateway computer with a 200 watt psu and I need to upgrade to A 300 watt psu for A new video card. I need help so I know exactly the right psu I need. I will try and give all the info I know.
My psu is-
Newton power ltd
model number-nps-200pb-119c
Output 200 watts max
20 pin
I dont know much about the rest heres all i know about my pc.
Intel Celron 1.30 ghz
512 mb ram
Gateway ship date-5/1/2002
Model-300s ltd
st. Louis micro atx tower case.
Thats all I know about them, so plz give me any help!

A:Power Supply Unit

Here is a good one, with 18a on the 12v rail. Should be more than enough for your needs.


The only part I am unsure of, is the fact that you are sticking it into a gateway. Wait for someone else to confirm that you'll be able to use it with your system, but the PSU linked above is amazing for the price.

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I'm clueless on what this does - what are the benefits of using one and why is there a fan? Where do you put it? Do you need it? Sorry if this is a primary question I just need to know if I want to build my own gaming computer.

A:Power Supply Unit

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First time poster looking for a bit of advice.

I want to use a PSU from a tower as a 12v power supply in my garage for testing 12v electrical items,
I have a 400w unit(I believe it will deliver a constant 12v with 10a maximum load) I have plugged this into a power supply but I do not get any output, I am guessing that it needs to be connected to a motherboard to get it to work? If this is the case is there a workaround so I can use it free standing as it were on a bench and just tap into the 12v output?

A:power supply unit

Paperclip pin 15 & 16 of the 24pin connector.

Reference here: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-manually-test-a-power-supply-with-a-multimeter-2626158

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after frying my psu, i purchased another stock psu from the same brand and model hp pavilion elite.

my pc is hp pavilion elite m9350f

1.is it okay if i purchase other brand of psu?

2.does hp package pc is limited in its own model of psu that i can only use stock psu with 460 watts?

3.can i use another brand of psu and stick it inside of the cpu stock casing, will it fit?

4. is it okay if i replace the stock psu with other brand that have higher watts like 700watts, will it not destroy the components?

A:PSU (power supply unit) compatibilities

Yes to all (except 2, which is the opposite)

Here's all info on your HP product:

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Is it possible that due to insufficient power output from a malfunctioning desktop PC Power supply Unit (PSU) / SMPS just one of the IDE slot does work but not as it should whereas all other slots, I/O connections may work fine on the MB? IDE connection problem like Windows booting with just one HD but won't boot with 2 HD (Master and slave) or the drives are working but only in lower data transfer speed like MWDMA or PIO. NOT Ultra DMA. Any thoughts.

A:Desktop PC Power Supply Unit Help

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I want use my computer power supply unit (12V) to my laptop computer. I am having a old computer with good power supply unit. If I removed the power supply unit from the old computer it is not working. What is power good in computer power supply? How can I start the power supply unit without connecting connector in to the old computer? Please write me in details. Thanks in advance for any assistance

A:I want use my computer power supply unit (12V)

Why would you want to use a desktop power supply to attempt to power a laptop? Completely different applications and even though you would be using 12v DC you could still damage the laptop...or worse. The power good line is for the power supply to receive a signal from the motherboard that it is getting all the power signals.

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MY PSU blew up, there was a popping noise and it smelt like smoke and afterwards my computer wouldn't turn on. So today i bought a new PSU and Im not sure if i connected everything properly but my computer turns on but the screen shows a weird rainbow pattern.I connected the main power connector, the +12V connector(4 pin) and the peripheral connectors. There are alot of extra cords that has no place to connect such as the serial ATA power connector and the PCI express connector (6 pin).

A:Trouble with Power Supply Unit

sorry problem solved... broken video card

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I built a rig with an Antec 550 W TruePower some three years ago (Asus PC4-800 MoBo). A year and a half later, my Western Digital ATA hard drive failed, after a quick reboot by pressing the reset button. Since the failure was machanical, it was beyond repair. I then installed a different brand of HD (Seagate 250 MB ATA). Just recently however (and under similar circumstances, i.e., after a quick reboot), I found out that my "new" Seagate HD had died as well! Granted, both were still under warranty but my data got lost.

I find it really strange that both hard drives had completely failed under similar circumstances in such short time, especially if the HDDs are from different manufacturers. I had built many rigs over the years (especially with Western Digital HDs) and never encountered anything like this.

So, to make the long story short, the question I have is this: Is it possible for my PSU to be the cause of the hard drive failures--especially the ones where I have my OS on? I understand that Antec makes good products but you never know. If that's the case, do any of you know any good power supply units? I guess I read once that wattage rating is not as important as amperage output; would this be true?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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I have an ei system 204. here.


I bought a new graphics card yesterday. here


i now need a new power suplly and was wondering wether or not this would work with my pc here



ps. could i have a quick repliy please. and sorry for the spelling..And what kind of ram do i need to buy for it??

A:Solved: new power supply unit

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Am not a Geek, but am getting used to working inside computers (have actually installed RAM cards, Video Cards, Optical Drives, and recently even a couple of Hard-Drives, and with everything seeming to function so far, and to my amazement!!!); however the next operation is a lot more daunting, as am going to have to try and install a much more powerful Power-Supply-Unit (PSU) in order to be able to install a far better Video Card (that needs at least a 400-Watt Power-Supply, while the PSU that is in the computer at the moment is only 350-Watt, same as my ancient clapped-out Asus!!!); sometime this week a 550-Watt PSU will be arriving, and am totally out of depth with stuff like this.

Have not got a backup PC, am absolutely dependent on the computer literally for survival purposes (for a non-Geek am very Geeky in an enormous number of ways as literally cannot survive without access to the Web) so if things go wrong during the installation am going to have to send the computer to a racketeering "computer repair shop" who will charge me more than i forked out for the computer, to get the PSU operating!!!

Will very much appreciate anyone reading this post, who know how to install Power-Supply-Units, if you could describe any potential pitfalls (am not able to afford to get a Tech shop to install it) to watch out for.

Have not got a Printer and so cannot print out from the Web, schematics on how to do it (incidentally the Motherboard of my PC is an AsRock ... Read more

A:How To Install A Power-Supply-Unit???

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We have two HP ProLiant ML 350 which were both diagnosed to have defective power supply unit(P/N: 379123-001). We are having trouble of finding where to purchase this power supply here in the Philippines. Can you tell us if the power supply is available in the Philippines and where to buy it together of how much one power supply costs? Thank you for your immediate response. 

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I want to replace the DVD drive in my XPS 8910 with a Blu-ray burner.
To do so, the service manual instructs “Slide the power supply unit release latches towards the unlock position.  Rotate the power supply unit away from the power supply cage unit.”
I have tried this and have been unable to budge the PS after sliding the PS release latches to the open position.
Where so I place my hands on the unit?  Does it simply lift up from the outside edge moving straight up or what?

A:XPS 8910 How to rotate power supply unit

I found the solution.
Unlike the imageof the open computer case on page 44 of the service manual, the case should be sitting in a vertical position.  In a vertal position when the release latch is moved, the weight of the power supply unit eaisly swings out after a gental push because of its own weight .
If the open computer case is as shown on page 44, the weight of the power supply unit works against an easy removal.

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So I have a newly custom built pc and basically because I'm stupid I plugged my pc in an extension cord that wasn't surge protected I didn't actually know at first that it wasn't because I knew that nowadays most are but this wasn't and my pc randomly shut itself off so today I got a new power cable to my supply and when I plugged it in nothing happened so I plugged it in to my tv which has the same power cable and it didn't turn on do why did my cable not work did the Psu mess the Lead up or is the Psu just completely dead ​

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Hello all,

Specs of my computer:

E5200 Dual Core processor overclocked to 3.0Ghz
Geforce 9600GT with 512mb of dedicated GDDR3 Memory (2GB of DDR2 RAM)
7.1 HD sound card with front mic input and aux out
12cm Rear and 2x 8cm side cooling fans with front LCD control (And CPU cooling/heatsink fan)

I took a picture of my power supply unit, here it is:

When I play games, I get shut downs (E.g. I get a BSOD and the computer restarts) - Though this is like after one hour of playing)

So I'm wondering, is my Power Supply Unit, good enough to handle the fans, graphics card and everything else?

One other question, my computer stays at around 41 degrees celsius from around 32 degrees celsius (When I don't have any game running), is that high or does that sound alright? (Just to make sure my computer ain't overheating)

Thank you.

A:Solved: Power Supply Unit good enough?

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Hello, believe it or not, a tiny mouse managed to enter into the power supply unit of my computer through the fan. I found it there (electrocuted when I opened the psu to try to see why it stopped working from night to morning.
After removing the dead mouse, I inspected the psu and at first sight, nothing seems to be burned or burst, even the fuse is Ok.
My question is: What components on the ups may have resulted damaged due to the shortcut caused by the mouse (I found it attached to the area where the power cord is plugged)
Secondly, would you please be so kind as to provide me with a step-by-step guide on how to attempt troubleshooting or repairing this ATX psu with such a singular problem?
Power Supply specs:
CODEGEN switching power supply
ATX2 03(P4)
400 Watts max.
Model:200X1 Made in China

A:A mouse killed my power supply unit

I think it would be better to purchase a new PSU, not repair unsafely the old one. (go for 550Watt this time)

As for the UPS, this should be OK, but this will need testing too - ie without plugging into the computer first.

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Hi. Recently got a brand new PC on an auction website and have had nothing but trouble from it. Today it's PSU started making a continuous extremely loud whining noise like a jet-liner taxiing on the airport, and the whole system was going crazy; the OS kept crashing etc, and before long it crashed again and could not be restarted. This prompted some Web research on the PSU (an ISO-500PP 420 Watts) and was not surprised to see that they have got an appalling reputation with fake "technical specifications" on the label. Am not writing this for help advice, as the PSU is stuffed. Primary reason for writing is to warn people, if you are buying a PC make sure that the PSU is not an ISO!!!

A:Noisy Power Supply Unit That Now Won't Start

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I have an emachine model T2984 with a psu bestec model ATX-250-12e , can i replace it with a antec 350 watt psu ? the guy at staples had no clue , and im not sure either.

A:Solved: Power Supply Unit ..Wattage?

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Hello everyone,  So my graphic card is getting really old and am thinking of upgrading it (still not sure if i want the GTX 980 or 1080 cause i usually play on PS4)  Anyway,  I just want to know if i need to upgrade my Power Supply as well ?  If any expert here can tell me what is the Power Supply power that my model got shipped with then i can just look out if it s gonna be enough or not.  thank you

A:Do i need to change my power supply unit before upgrading my...

Hi, Power wise, definitely you need more power from GTX 750 to GTX 980 or GTX 1080 750: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-750/specifications980: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-980/specifications1080: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/10series/geforce-gtx-1080/ 750 consumes 55W - 980 consumes 165W and 1080 consumes 180W. Regards.  

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I going to buy this barebones kit from newegg
which is this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856101039

To put in a Core2Duo Processor.

And for Graphics a XFX GeForce 8600GT XXX 256MB.

The internet the reviews on the graphic card says it need
a 350W power supply. The Shuttle PC from Newegg only has a 250W power supply.
We have a problem here there is not enough power. Now what.

Can I swap in a 350W power supply or do I need a special one since it is a compact pc.
Or Am I stuck ? ? ?

I'm just looking for a decent card that is between $150 to $200 that is direct X 10 and plays some high end games decent.

A:Power Supply Unit in Shuttle SG31G2

Don't worry, you will be fine with what's in there. That video card doesn't even require external power.

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My PC (an AsRock N68 VS3 FX) has only got a 350-Watt Power Supply Unit in it and this severely restricts what Video/Graphics Card that can be used; have got a GIGABYTE RADEON HD 5450 1GB DDR3 Video/Graphics Card lying around but cannot use it as it needs at least a 400 Watt PSU to drive it.

Meanwhile, recently purchased a monitor (a Viewsonic VX2260s-LED 22 Inch 1920x1080 Black IPS LED) that has only got a VGA and DVI Port on it (am using it with a DVI cable connected to a GE FORCE 210 1GB DDR3 Video/Graphics Card) and am bitterly disappointed with the poor graphical quality, especially when watching videos and movies.

So am wondering: if a 450-Watt PSU was installed in the PC, and the HD 5450 Video Card installed, would this make a noticeable difference to the quality/resolution/clarity of what is seen on the monitor???

The 8ms Response-Time of the Viewsonic is sure not helping matters either, and have been looking at buying an AOC e2450Swh 23.6" LED Monitor Black Full HD HDMI (apparantly it has got a 2ms Response-Time) and would like to ask here if there would be a very dramatic graphical-quality improvement if a monitor like this was hooked up to the GIGABYTE RADEON HD 5450 using an HDMI cable???

Am not a Tech (as is fully proven by the monitor a salesman suckered me into buying!!!) so desperately need advice on this stuff; have got poor eyesight and need the best possible affordable equipment to generate good quality graphics.

Thank you, will be very grateful fo... Read more

A:Power Supply Unit + Video Card

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I'm guessing specs aren't important here since this is a tangible physical problem. Basically I want to remove my old power supply unit and replace it but it's proving difficult.

I can easily unplug the 4 pin connector from the motherboard but then the socket for this seems to be blocking the release catch for the 20 pin connector, making this seemingly impossible to remove.

Please see the image if this is hard to follow.

I could be doing something wrong of course.

Any advice would be appreciated. It's driving me mad!

A:Problem replacing power supply unit

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Thanks to the answer to my Power Supply question, I have been able to do more research. This has led to other questions. My computer is 7 years old and has been pretty reliable. The fan in the Power Supply unit is definitely making noise and, of course, something needs to be done about it. My question is this: If I replace the Power Supply unit with a new one, about how long can I expect the computer to last me?  I was actually thinking of purchasing a new computer towards the end of Year 2017 anyway, but now that the computer fan is acting up more, I am unsure whether I should just go ahead and purchase a new desktop computer or just replace the Power Supply unit, if the fan would last 1 or more years. (I am going to try to purchase the exact Power Supply Model #: PS-5301-08HA that is in my current CPU that worked very well for 7 years) PS: This computer I have now is my very first one, so I still have a lot to learn about the different aspects of computers). Thank you for your response. 

A:Would It Be Wiser to Change Power Supply Unit or Purchase a ...

Hi, Use a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of your seven year old PSU. If the above fails to correct the problem then a standard ATX PSU (5.5 by 3.5 by 3.9) should work. Check here for the OEM PSU from HP partnumber.  Check this site.  My old HP DV9700 came originally with VISTA and it's still running.  I did upgrade to Windows 10. 

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Greetings all. I scoured the forums for an answer, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. To be brief, I own an M91p SFF (Model 3227). I've already maxed out the RAM. I need to upgrade the PSU as much as possible because I'll be running Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (no need for or interest in), and want to install the GT 1030 card. I can't seem to find any definitive PSU information about this machine. So, I'm asking - what is the MAXIMUM watt make and model you've found to use? I've seen posts give some vague information, but not enough so that I can actually order one. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi Everyone, I need to upgrade my PSU (Power Supply Unit) in a HP 6005 Pro Microtower. The current PSU output for the computer is currently the factory installed 280 Watts. I am looking to upgrade to 400 Watts or more. Any suggestions on product or advice leading me in right direction would be greatly appreciated. Here's what I'm doing:In order to use dual "monitors" (1 monitor and 1 HDTV), I recently installed the Diamond Radeon HD 5450 (low end, I know) in the HP 6005 Pro Microtower. In order to fire up the card the system requires 400 Watts. I installed the graphics card because it is HDMI and VGA ready, which should allow me to utilize both my HDTV and my monitor.   

A:Power Supply Unit - Upgrade - HP 6005 Pro - Windows 7

Hi: Your model uses a proprietary power supply with a 20 pin system board connector rather than the standard 24 pin connector. I do not know of any other power supplies you can install that have this setup, and that will have more wattage that will directly replace the one in your PC.

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Hi, my power supply is ant Antec Quatro TPQ-850 850W or something like that. Anyways, It constantly produces this very soft and very fast kind of crackling noise, like the noise of Pop Rocks candy in your mouth. Thats the best I can explain it. Everything seems to work fine, but this noise kind of concerns me. And the weird thing is, I sent my first Antec TPQ-850 PSU back because of this noise, and the new one they sent to me still makes the same noise. Should I be worried? Or could this be a normal noise? Should I try again for one without the noise?

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Power Supply Unit wierd noise?

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yah the title explains it all I am looking for a 400watt PSU for a small desktop computer because I dont want to buy one and then dont have it fit


A:power supply unit for a dell optiplex gx270

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I have more than a dozen donated PSUs.

Does anyone know of a decent but cheap tester to verify the safety of these Power Supplies?

Kind regards


A:Solved: Can anyone recommend a PC Power Supply Unit tester?

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must reads:

15 PSU's put to the test:


PSU calculators:



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I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideacentre 700 series desktop computer from Best Buy.  Though the performance seems to be okay, I've found one 'feature' that is extremely frustrating...the motherboard has a proprietary PSU connector.  The 725W aftermarket PSU I purchased can't be installed because the Lenovo motherboard has a 10+4 pin connector for the PSU whereas the aftermarket PSU has a 'standard' 20+4 pin connector. Since Lenovo advertises this as an "Easy to Upgrade Powerhouse", do they sell an adapter to use aftermarket PSUs?!  If not, is anyone aware of an aftermarket solution that I can purchase?  I would think that enough people have encountered this issue that someone would offer a plug-and-play adapter cable. I've already reviewed the following post on this forum, but it primarily desribes a solution that involves cutting wires and using a paperclip as a jumper.  It also mentions a 24-to-10 pin ATX adapter cable at a site called Moddiy, but a later post says that this adapter unfortunately doesn't work.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-E-H-K-M-Q-Y-and-ErazerX/IdeaCentre-700-10-Pin-Atx-Connector/td-p... Is anyone aware of an adpater that will work? Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,

Im having a bad run of things at the moment. This is my girlfriends PC;
eMachines 620
XP Home SP3
Celeron 2.7G
1.0 GB Ram
NVIDA GeForce FX 5200
Soundblaster Live value Sound Card
Netgear WG311v3 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter
140GB IDE UDMA hard drive
400w basic power supply

Last week it just started just shutting off on its own (no automatic reboot) so i figured the 10 year old 300w PSU had died. So to be sure i attached a power supply from another machine to test it and all was well, no shut downs after a 24hr bench test.

So i bought a new basic 400w power supply for it as its a fairly low spec system and just installed it.

It boots up fine and runs fine. It restarts fine but when i go to shut it down from windows it goes through the usual procedure and then when it powers off i.e. the CPU fan stops the fan keeps going in the PSU and a clicking sound is coming from the drive with the OS on and the drive activity light on the front of the case is flashing in unison with the clicking??!!

Any ideas any one?

many thanks

A:Solved: Shut down problems after new power supply unit installed

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Could someone take some time and give me some advice on what power supply unit and graphics card to get.

I am not looking for products, just general specifications which will help me find a good product.

As far as a power supply goes, what wattage would i need? Also are there any other things i need to check before i buy.

With a graphics card i am looking for a 256MB card but prices range wildly from 50-300. Does anyone have any suggestions for a 256MB card?

MB, Processor and RAM are listed below


A:Building a computer, confused on what Graphics/Power Supply unit i need

Use the power calculator to help you work out what PSU you need
As for the graphics card it really depends on what you are using the pc for.

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Hello everyone,
About 1 week ago I was on my computer playing a game (League of Legends), and all of a sudden my monitor shuts off (no signal going to sleep) i found this really strange because that happened out of nowhere. And my computer still remained turned on (well i could still hear the fans moving) So I turned my computer off (holding the button for 10s) it turned off, so i waited about 10 seconds and turned it on again, but this time i noticed that when my computer was powering up it didn't make this *beep* sound from the mainboard that it usually does when it boots up, and again my screen was still showing no signal. So i decided to turn my computer off again, unplug everything and plug everything back in. Turned my computer on... Still no beep sound, still no signal on my monitor, so i looked at the back of my computer and out of pure stupidity changed the voltage on my PSU (computer power supply) the next thing i hear is a loud BANG and i smelt a burned smell and some smoke came out of my PSU...

So 2 days ago I went out to buy a new PSU, the guy at the shop said it was 550W and should be fine for my computer, so I opened my computer up, took the old PSU out, replaced it with the new one, turned my computer on and to my luck no other components were damaged from the death of my old PSU, the computer booted up fine, and it's still the same computer for performing normal tasks like browsing the internet.

But now my problem lies here. When I go to play game... Read more

A:Solved: Could my new Power Supply Unit (PSU) be causing performance issues on my comp

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Hi All I hope you can help me. I have an ThinkCenter Edge 72 with the little cabinet. I want to be able to play CS GO on it. I plan to add a GTX 1050 videocard. But the standard PSU are only 180w and the GTX 1050 need 300w. I have found the following PSU which fits the dimensions. But can you tell me if I can use it i.e. if it is compatible with my Edge72 3493? This is the new one: https://www.inter-tech.de/en/products/psu/tfx/tfx-300w I am looking forward to your advice

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Hi, Could someone provide me a link to buy a replacement power supply for my laptop please? OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 15-ax004naW9T95EA#ABU Thanks kindly

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I am looking to replace my XPS 410 Power Supply do I need to use a Dell PS or can i purchase a third party PS. I want a 600W PS. I am running Quad 6600 cpu, 2 DVD, 3 Sata Hard Drives and Nvidia 8800 Video Card.  Any recomendatios?

A:XPS 410 Power supply replacement

You can run any retail ATX power supply in the 410. I would recommend getting a modular PSU so that you only connect the wires that you need and put the others away until they are needed. This will help with not getting a clutter of wires that block the air flow.
I went with a 650W modular, I have the Q6600, 2 DVD, 4 HDD and an nVidia 8800GTS in mine.

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My power supply bit the dust and I was wondering if it was safe to replace it with a higher wattage supply. The one I had was 300 watts and I was thinking of going with a 400 watt power supply. Is this okay or risky?

A:Power Supply Replacement

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Recently the fan on my 600 W Cooler Master Power supply started to make increasingly loud noises. Upon investigation I found that the fan was locking up and then fighting to spin. I tried dusting down the system but had no luck in getting the fan to function properly. So yesterday I went out and purchased a new 650 W Antec Power Supply to replace it. I powered down my system, shut off the power supply, and removed the power cable. With an ESD strap tethered I documented the connections, removed the cables, and replaced the Cooler Master with the new Antec PSU. I then powered the box back up heard it post, figured it was fine and put my monitor back on it.

This is where my problems begins.

My system configuration is as follows:

motherboard: nforce 6801 sli
vid card: 8800 GTS
HD: two 76GB raptors in a RAID 0 for my OS
HD: two 500GB 7500k drives in a RAID 0 for storage
PSU: 650 W Antec
OS: Windows XP

When I power the box up all fans are active, the hard drives spin up, the mother board posts normally, and displays the "FF" status on the motherboards LED indicator signaling a normal boot process. The BIOS runs and I see it detect my two RAID stripes and it indicates that they are healthy. It gets to the boot from CD check and goes to a blank screen. It does not progress any further.

I am not of the opinion that the old PSU somehow damaged some system components as the actual power output was fine and my system functio... Read more

A:Power Supply Replacement Help

The only thing I can think of is you maybe unseated something a bit when reconnecting stuff. With the power off of course go through and reseat all the power connections, data cables, and add-on cards.

Any reason you didn't just replace the fan in the PSU rather than the entire PSU? Maybe put the old one back in temporarly just to see if it works still.

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Am looking to get a new power supply to replace my Hiper Type R 580w that seems to have ran out of life. Looking for around the same wattage (asus power calculator reckons I need around 450w), not looking to spend ridculous amounts of money.

Any suggestions??

A:Replacement power supply?

Here's an OCZ 550 Watt modular PSU with a combined 50 amps on the +12 volt rails for $65: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341022 ($44.99 after M.I.R.)

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I have a ThinkCentre M81 which has been regularly shutting down without warning and then re-booting.A technician saw that the power supply does not appear to be the correct type and suggested that I replace it.The M81 manual indicates that the model is equipped with a 280w power supply.  The Lenovo website lists a 240w power supply as the replacement model for the M81.Will using the 240w power supply cause the same problems?Why doesn't Lenovo offer the 280w power supply that it indicates comes with the machine originally.Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a really quiet fan replacement for an ATX power supply?

A:Power Supply Fan Replacement?


Here is a good site for this kind of hardware comparison, though you will have to search for a place to buy the brands mentioned or others...

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