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[SOLVED] USB, hard drive issues and auto run issues

Q: [SOLVED] USB, hard drive issues and auto run issues

On my laptop which is now about 6 years old I have been experiencing a few issues. First as the laptop is so old it has seen its fair amount of system restores but one thing I have been noticing is that my hard drive space is disappearing. The laptop started with 160gb (shows how old it is) split 80gb between the different partitions but now it only has 69.5gb per partition, so does anyone have any clue how to restore the space?

The second problem I am having is with installing my printers, I have successfully installed two wireless printers on my desktop pc but when it comes to connecting to the printer I must first setup a temporary link with a usb to one of the printers but when I connect them together it does not pick it up. But if I plug other devices in then run fine, anyone got any ideas?

The last issue I am having seems to be some sort of autorun problem, for example when I insert a install disc the autorun box pops up but does not display the install and I only have the option the view all of the files so I have to find the setup application within the disc myself. Any ideas?

I know I am asking about a lot of issues but any help is appreciated.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] USB, hard drive issues and auto run issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] USB, hard drive issues and auto run issues

Hi try this for auto run Fix Windows 7 AutoPlay Dialog Box Missing or Not Appear, Display and Pop Up ? My Digital Life
for question one are you saying you have 69.5 gb free on each drive partition
on question 3 did you install the driver for the printer which is the default

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About a month ago my hard drive froze up and I replaced it with a Western Digital Caviar Black 500 gb Sata drive. I used an external USB hard drive enclosure to remove files etc, the old hard drive still worked, just wouldn't boot the OS. Well since then I had problems with boot up. At first it was just that restart wouldn't work out of Windows XP. The motherboard would beep, display it's identity and stop. Sometimes it would stop after detecting the CPU and the memory but not continue on to even look for the Hard drive or anyother bootable device. Now it takes two, three, sometimes four tries to get it to proceed to detect the hard drives and occasionally freezes on the Welcome screen to XP. When I check the event viewer it seems to get into loops of security checks, running the same one over and over. The last time I checked the System events, it showed none prior to the current boot up. I am also getting hard drive errors. No bad sectors, just corrupted files and messed up index entries.


Amd Athlon 64, 200 MHz 3200+ about 3 years old
Winfast NF4SK8AA Motherboard
3 GB Ram, 2 x 512 Kingston, 2 x 1024 Lifetime
Asus branded - Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS
Windows XP Home, SP3

I am also having no problems once the computer actually boots, no BSOD's, nothing untoward. Also after it's going awhile, seems to start and stop no problem. It's feeling like an old car right now.

I am wondering whether to replace the current gen... Read more

A:Boot issues, Hard drive error issues

First, I would certainly change out your power supply because generic ones are often garbage. There are tremendous deals in the 450-550 range reputable psu's.

Second, check out this superb tutorial on USB by LookinAround: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic122125.html

Third, run ChkDsk.

Fourth, I think it would be good for you to run a harddrive diagnostics. Your manufacturer will provide a free utility to do so.

* By the way, I have the same cpu on my second rig and it is a solid one. Steady as she goes...

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I have purchased a Maxtor hdd it is 40.9 gig 94096u8 and the mother board
is an asus p5ab the bios is 1008
the problem i am having is when it dose the auto detect at boot it hangs and
will not reconize the drive i would like to be able to use this drive if at
all possible.


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Ok so i have this portable hard drive and today when i went to use it it shows that there are no files on it. its a 55.89 Gig drive with 8.0 gigs free space. when i go to disk management it shows the drive as having a healthy partition but also shows a second drive that is the same size that is un-partitioned and i only have one drive that size. any suggestions?

A:Solved: Hard drive issues

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I would really appreciate some help! First off, these are the specs of my current computer:

Athlon 2500+ 1.8ghz
Kingston 512 mb DDR
Western Digital 160 gb hard drive
Western Digital 30 gb hard drive

I am selling this computer and decided to use DBAN to securely wipe it. Afterwards, I installed Windows XP. Then I removed the 30 gb slave drive (Windows was installed on the 160 gb primary drive), but when I put the machine back together and booted it up, I got the error: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER."

So I tried the Windows XP disk. At the menu screen, I tried both repair and install. First they spend a ton of time trying to "examine" the hard drive ("Examining 131070 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on Bus 0 on atapi..."). One time, I timed 4 min, 40 sec. I did get to the repair console, I tried "FIXMBR," it gave no error, but it didn't seem to do anything. Then I tried the install Windows option to overwrite my current installation. It showed my current partition (NTFS) on the drive that I can't get it to boot into, I chose to delete it, create a new partition, and install windows there.

However, Windows just goes to a Formatting screen, then says "Setup is copying files...," only to restart and return to the "DISK BOOT FAILURE" error. Please note that the formatting Windows said it did probably never worked because it still shows the original partition.

To recap: I wiped... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Drive Issues

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ok i have an external hard drive that i use on my mac and my pc the problem is on the mac it is set to read only and does not give me option to change this. I plugged it into the PC to check the setting and full permissions are set for read and write. what am i missing here?

A:Solved: hard drive issues

Is it formatted in NTFS.

Mac can read and write Fat 32 not NTFS

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I bought an external hard drive enclosure and took out my slave drive that was in the computer installed it into the enclosure. Thought all would go good , but when I plugged in the power cord and usb cable Windows XP did not recognize it. The instuction booklet that came with the enclosure does not help at all neither does the cd. I am running Windows XP home edition on a HP pavilion xt 963 ,Intel Celeron CPU 1200mhz, 256 mb ram ,not sure if usb ports are 1.0 or 2.0 but according to the box the enclosure is a 2.0 but backward compliant. I have also unsuccessfully tried to install it on a computer running windows 98, 184 mb ram , AMD 3d processor. It comes up on both as being an unknown device. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: USB external Hard drive issues

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So My Hard Drive sounds like it is going. Every once in awhile it will do the whirring click click thing and freeze my computer. So i bought a new hard drive and was hoping just to copy my old one onto my new one.

I was told to use Norton Ghost, and did use it to copy my old hd to my new hd. However, in order to do that, i had to set my new hd as G Drive, my old one was C Drive.

Then when i unplug my old hard drive, and only have my new hard drive connected, Windows wouldnt boot up properly. So i was advised to do a windows repair, which reinstalled Windows on my new hard drive.

Ok.. So here is where the problems started..
When i start the computer using my New HD, designated as G drive, none of the programs work (including windows untill i did the repair).. and im thinking its because all their file paths are all C drive and the Hard drive is now G drive.

I dont know for sure that that is the problem.. but it is all i can come up with. I cant re-designate the new HD to C drive either because it wont let me change the letter designation on the core boot drive.

My question is this, If that does sound like the problem.. Is there anyway i can copy my old Hard drive, to my new hard drive.. and Have my new Hard drive set to C drive?

It seems to me, that if i could do that, it would make everything work. I could just swap out the hard drives, and it should work the exact same (In theory).

I ended up just putting my old hard drive back in, and disconnecting my new one to g... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Drive Swapping issues.

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I ghosted a 80 gig hard drive to a 500 gig hard drive. When XP boots up I have to go into F8 mode and click on Last Known Configuration then it boots fine up until XP recognizes the hard drive and tells me that I need to reboot. If I say no I can use the computer just fine. If I reboot then I get the Blue Screen 0X0000007B. If I go into F8 again and do the same as above it just repeats again. How can I get this to boot on its own.

Thank you!!!

A:Solved: Issues with new hard drive install

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Hi guys

I have recently moved into my partners house and am experiencing problems with my external HD

Where i lived before i had the hard drive plugged into my wireless router and therefore could see and use it through my network connection. It connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

My partner has cable internet. The modem for which connects to a Belkin router (F5D8233-4v) This provides the house with a wireless connection. When i attempt to plug my hard drive in to the back of this again via the ethernet cable the router lights up to show a wired connection. But i cannot find the hard drive on my network places!!

I have attempted to re-boot a few times but i still cannot find it!

Can anyone give me an idea where i am going wrong?

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Network Hard drive issues

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I'm not sure this is the right board for this question, but I am completely flummoxed and have read so much that I'm on info overload! My HP dv9600 laptop was doing fine and just froze one day.
-I ran BIOS diagnostic and it said to replace it.
-I put my hard drive in a docking station, used another computer, and found that my HD could be read.
-I transferred all my data onto a 2T external hard drive. My data is safe.
-I used my recovery disks that I dutifully made immediately after buying my laptop in 2008.
-I reinserted my HD into my laptop and used my recovery disks to reset my computer to factory settings.
-Everything seemed to work with the process. At the end it said to click finish and the computer would restart. I clicked finish and my laptop goes into this loop of bringing up the BIOS splash screen, screen goes black, shows splash, goes black, and then eventually stops with a one line message "Operating System Not Found."
-I went into BIOS and discovered the HD is not recognized...No IDE found
-I did the recovery thing again with my disks...same results.
-Bought WD Blue 1T HD from Amazon
-Installed new HD and used my recovery disks.
-Same final screen, hit "finish", and the computer restarts with the same results...looping until eventually get "OS not found."
-Tried lots of different things with BIOS. Finally, changed boot order to boot from USB HD using my old HD.
-It appeared to load Vista! Said it detected problems and asked... Read more

A:Solved: New Hard Drive and BIOS Issues

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I have bought a new 1TB sata hdd to use as my main hdd and keep my old hdd as a storage hdd.

Currently I have:

SATA1 The old Sata as C: Old Win7 installation here, and boots from this
SATA2 The new Sata as D: New Win7 installation, bios won't show this as bootable.
SATA3. DVD drive.

If I switch them around and stick my new hdd to SATA1 then it doesn't boot even though it has Win7 installed. If it's on SATA2 and the old one is back on SATA1 then it boots with 2 windows options.

Second issue is that I want my new D: drive to be C: and vice versa. I am a bit concerned about doing it through Disk management as I don't want to risk losing both OS's unless I can boot up my Win7 setup through external hdd as mentioned below.

Third issue is; my Win7 is a digitally bought version which is in my External hard drive in a folder. And I am not sure If I can just boot with that and format my c and d to be able to rearrange the volume and boots etc.

How can I set my new secondary SATA drive as my main C: drive and let the computer boot from it. As far as I know SATA's jumper settings are for something else than declaring master/slave.

A:[SOLVED] Issues with Installing Win7 on a new hard drive

Hi -

Both drives have Windows 7 installed on them?

I would remove the old HDD, connect the new 1 TB HDD as SATA1, wipe it will KillDisk, then install Windows 7 onto it.

KillDisk - http://jcgriff2.com/killdisk_imgburn.html

You'll need to activate and validate the OS. Activation problems may occur as the keycode is currently used for Windows 7 on the old HDD.

Contact Microsoft and explain new HDD purchase - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950929

Then connect the 2nd HDD, transfer over the user profile folder files, e.g., Docs, Pics, Music, etc... then format the 2nd HDD.

Info on the digital copy of Windows 7 you purchased from the Microsoft Store -


Regards. . .



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I'm running an AcomData 160GB external hard drive via USB through an external USB 4-port hub. A few days ago, I noticed that the external hard drive will receive power, but the the desktop cannot read it. Other times the desktop will read it, but the external hard drive will keep resetting itself. I can hear the external hard drive start up, but then it will shut off. I've tried deleting some files that were recently downloaded and also have tried a different USB cable. I managed to run an antivirus program on it, but that came back clean. I know the USB port from the hub to the desktop works because I have a printer and a bluetooth device activated through that hub. Any ideas besides throwing the component through my window? I don't want to reformat because there are games and music that I cannot retreive or replace on that drive. Please help, thanks.


A:Solved: AcomData External Hard Drive Issues

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I recently (just yesterday) downloaded a virus that was embedded into a cracked software program. It immediately took my administrator privilages away (acces to control panel, etc) It also deleted some icons on the desktop, and replaced them with "naked ladies" and "tits'n ***". I scanned with AVG, which detected a trojan horse, which was deleted. I also scanned with spybot S&D, it also detected a trojan and various spyware, which was deleted. The virus seems to be gone, but Spybot is blocking a registry change by "lanmanwrk.exe" The name looked ridiculously suspicious to me so i told it to auto block, it usually attempts every 4 seconds to take action. I've also caught it running in my processes, I would then end it. I still have "VIRUS ALERT!" down by my clock. The problem i am having is that I cannot "double click" open my hard drive. It seems the virus turned it into a network drive. I right click on it to view its properties and it says 0 KB, network drive, RAW format. The name was changed to "Y:" I only have 1 hard drive and 1 CD drive that is not appearing in "My computer" When I right click it gives me the option to disconnect it, I accidentally did this with the CD drive and it has not since appeared. When I double click on "Y:" it says "Y: is not accessable, the device is not ready" I've done a HijackThis diagnostic scan and these were the results.
Logfile... Read more

A:Solved: Computer is almost clean, hard drive issues help!

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Whenever I boot up my computer; the monitor doesn't work so I'm using the built in S-Video cable to my tv. It performs the usual POSTs test, and then it says.

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".

How do I go about fixing the issues.

Note: I've tried using an XP CD to perform a Recovery Console but, it doesn't show on my TV so I have no clue what's going on. I need to fix the Graphic card which is a ATI Radeon X300, in order to use the Windows XP CD. A reinstall out of the picture but worst-case scenario, I will do it.

Help me fix the Graphic Card problem and then I will be able to tackle the hard-drive problem!

A:Solved: Two Problems: Graphic card issues and Hard-drive

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I'm at my wit's end with this one, I can't seem to find the same issue discussed anywhere online and just tried Seagate's Help Centre who seemed far more interested in selling me data recovery services than even attempting to figure this out

Yesterday, all of a sudden my Maxtor Basics 500GB External Hard Drive started coming up with a message saying something like "E: is not accessible, access denied"

After much reading of forums and finding people with similar issues I tried a few things (the one that kept coming up most was going into disk management and renaming the letter of the drive). None of the stuff worked but at some point the error I was getting changed from the accessibility error to "You need to format the drive in E: before you can use it".

I should point out that there's quite a lot of stuff on the drive, I don't want to format it!

What interesting is that I have downloaded a demo of some recovery software and all my files are still there and appear to be fine. However I can't really afford 80 dollars for the license key and am desperately hoping there must be another way around this without resorting to data recovery?

Not sure what other info I can give at the moment - I'm on Vista. Also when I go into Disk Management it says that the type is RAW - I am reasonably, but not entirely certain, that yesterday up until the point when the error message changed it was saying that the type was NTFS... Read more

A:Solved: External hard drive issues: not accessible, now needs formatting.

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I have an ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX motherboard which has SATA 2 and SATA 3 ports. I've tried fiddling around with BIOS options and my hard drive is recognized by the motherboard as seen in this picture:
The computer will boot to the screen where I can select to boot into safe mode or normal boot. Regardless of which option I select, the computer will restart right after, as seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2IKg4C_UYE

I've tried booting the hard drive with another board and everything works fine (hard drive isn't the problem). I've also tried booting the entire system using another PSU and I get the same result as in the video linked above. I've come to the conclusion that it's the motherboard that's causing the problem and that I should RMA it. What is the community's opinion?

A:Solved: Motherboard won't recognize hard drive, SATA port issues?

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been using firefox for quite some time now, and got infected with the bagel last week, and some things started shorting out, such as images not loading period, and other random annoyances...my solution was to export all my bookmarks, uninstall firefox, reinstall firefox, add all my extensions back, and import the bookmarks. total time, 1/2 hour, but now everything works. so yay for me.

except for one thing. the text will not wrap to fit my monitor, and it seems to expressly happen in TSG, which is where I spend about 90% of the time. I've checked every setting I can, looked in the about:config, and googled it, but cannot find an answer anywhere. Any ideas?

I am willing to bet that it's in about:config. Think I'm giong to go root around in there for a bit.


A:Solved: auto resize issues

opened about:config, searched for wrap, changed it to true......

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Hi, having some really frustrating issues with my laptop and had to create a profile on this site as nothing seems to be working. I have an Acer Aspire running Windows 10 (version 1511, OS Build 10586.36). I have been travelling for a while so haven't updated for quite some time, I think it was an update from a few weeks ago. Most things seem ok but seems to be a problem with the USB drives. Prior to the update, I had an external mouse and four extrenal hard drives (1 NTFS, 2 exFAT, 1 HFS+ which I connect use with Paragi HFS+), all of which worked fine. However, after the update, the external mouse works fine but only one of the hard drives (I think an exFAT one) appears in Windows Explorer. The mouse still works when I connect it. All the drives show up in the Devices list (and I can eject them). I have both USB 2 and USB 3 ports, neither work. The hard drives all still work on my girlfriend's Mac so there is no hardware problem. A quick search online seems to say that I should change the letter on the hard drive but when I go to disk management to change the letters, I get an error along the lines of 'The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-tp-date.....' It then tells me to refresh/restart, both of which I have done. I have even tried to run as administrator and then I get an error saying the path is not specified or something like that. I have no idea where to turn now. Can anyone help please?

A:Hard drive issues

Hi @fac1987 and welcome to Tenforums.

I see you've posted this in two different threads - same problem, right?

- Do you have System Restore turned on and can you restore to a point before the update, to see if the problem is resolved? If so, I would uninstall the Paragon program, run the Windows Update, and then reinstall the program.

- You are referring to Paragon HFS+ software, correct? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the program? It could be a case where the Windows Update messed up the Paragon drivers, and a reinstall may correct it.

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Hi, having some really frustrating issues with my laptop and had to create a profile on this site as nothing seems to be working. I have an Acer Aspire running Windows 10 (version 1511, OS Build 10586.36). I have been travelling for a while so haven't updated for quite some time, I think it was an update from a few weeks ago. Most things seem ok but seems to be a problem with the USB drives. Prior to the update, I had an external mouse and four extrenal hard drives (1 NTFS, 2 exFAT, 1 HFS+ which I connect use with Paragi HFS+), all of which worked fine. However, after the update, the external mouse works fine but only one of the hard drives (I think an exFAT one) appears in Windows Explorer. The mouse still works when I connect it. All the drives show up in the Devices list (and I can eject them). I have both USB 2 and USB 3 ports, neither work. The hard drives all still work on my girlfriend's Mac so there is no hardware problem. A quick search online seems to say that I should change the letter on the hard drive but when I go to disk management to change the letters, I get an error along the lines of 'The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-tp-date.....' It then tells me to refresh/restart, both of which I have done. I have even tried to run as administrator and then I get an error saying the path is not specified or something like that. I have no idea where to turn now. Can anyone help please?

A:Hard drive issues

Hi @fac1987 and welcome to Tenforums.

I see you've posted this in two different threads - same problem, right?

- Do you have System Restore turned on and can you restore to a point before the update, to see if the problem is resolved? If so, I would uninstall the Paragon program, run the Windows Update, and then reinstall the program.

- You are referring to Paragon HFS+ software, correct? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the program? It could be a case where the Windows Update messed up the Paragon drivers, and a reinstall may correct it.

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Ok everybody heres the issue. I have three hard drives lets call them 1, 2, and 3 number one has the the operating system on it. This needs to be the master. 2 and 3 need to be slaves. I jumpered 1 as master and the other two as slave. everytime i plug them in and turn on the machine it trys to make 2 the master. When i unplug number 2 and just leave 1 and 3 plugged in it loads the op sys and all but in the very first boot screen where it lists the drives 1 is labeled as primary slave. even though it is jumpered as master. What am i doing wrong here this is the first time i have ever had this problem. please help and thanks in advance!

A:Hard Drive Issues

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My wife's Inspiron 17 5767 started making HDnoises.....tic tic tic......until it got louder and louder then failed completely The laptop was still under warranty so I sent it back to Dell....they replaced the harddrive and sent it back. It's only been two weeks and the hard drive is making the same noise again....tic tic tic. Well before it went all the way out I bought another hard drive and loned the laptop HD......I then put t the laptopn and guess what.....tic tic tic. So I got the hard drive that Dell"replaced" stuck it in a dock and it didn't make any tic tic tic noises....ran quiet as it should. Now, my question for you geniuses.....what other hardware would casue the harddrive to go out ?? I want to figure it out before I contact Dell again. Is it the MB ???

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My laptop has two hard drives, both around 17 gig each.
The C drive however for some reason is full, though when i check all the files in the drive it adds up to 12 gig and so windows continues to tell me to free up hard drive space otherwise it can't run, and no matter how much i delete it still says it's full.

Could any one tell me a way to fix this problem?

A:Hard Drive issues

Windows XP?

Try going to start -> control panel -> system -> advanced-> performance settings -> page filing. You probably have another GB or two here being used. Lowering this too much and you lose performance. I set mine to 2.5 fixed my physical RAM. You might want to lower this a little, but be careful! Too low can also cause instability.

Also, you will have some hidden partitions and files taking up some space. Windows wants a minimum of around 15% free space, likely you will either need to remove programs or get a bigger drive.

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Ok, so i had a working 200 gig Maxtor Hardrive that stopped working when i moved my computer from my place to my dad places. By stop working I mean it still shows up in windows, but does not display a capacity and says the drive is not yet formatted when I try to access it. I don't know if moving my computer was the cause, but the problems came about when I moved it.

So I figured it came disconnected or something while i moved my computer, however all the cables are fine and it detects it correctly in BIOS just as before. But for some reason windows decides it to have no capicity and not yet formatted, even though it should be and I have data on it.

Any Idea how to fix this? if not then how to retrieve the data? (data isnt critical, just annoying if i lose it). Im afraid to click format for obvious reasons too.

A:Hard drive issues.

Try data recovery software.
There are free ones on the net just google it.
Free one

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Hope someone can help with this issue.

The HDD in my Pavilion 7955 XP got hung up in the SP1/soft Restore issue.
(can explain further if needed)

I do not want to loose the photos on this drive so I took the HDD from a spare
computer and installed it as the master. Using the Restore discs I obtained from HP, I began loading. All was fine until after disc 7 when it said "could not create user partition." I followed the steps given for this exact issue on HP's website with no luck. I cannot get to dos to run fdisk.

My next thought was to take the original XP HDD and install it as a slave on another PC running W98se and pull the files that way. I can see the HDD in device manager but there is no drive letter and I cannot access it.

Is there a step I am missing? I have tried setting the jumpers to both slave and cable select positions.

A:Hard Drive Issues

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woah ive had soo many problems with this . i reformated .. and . bam my 200 gig is reading . 31.4 . its a westren digital . my bios is updated and is readin it at 200 gig
ive tried the maxor patch and reformating it again .. i think the person that instatlled it had this issue the first time around .. but i dont kno how he fixed it . i'm running a P4 2.4 ms 6577 768 ram ect ect .. any ideas i dont kno what to do .

A:31.4 hard drive issues . should be 200 gig

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Hello, I am new to these forums and going to start off with saying thanks for taking a look. My Computer started crashing over the weekend which I believe is RAM related issue but figured I would try out these forums to see what other say. MY computer is about 6-7 years and has worked fine up until recent. I?m running Windows 7 Ultimate edition, 2.6 GHz AMD dualcore processor, 2 GB of RAM, 600 watt power supply. I am writing this from work so to get more detailed about my system set up I will have to update later after work. Well about a week ago I started having start up issues but didn?t think much of it because I would just restart it once and everything worked fine. Well over the weekend I wanted to upgrade my RAM to atleast 4 GBs so I shut down and took one stick out to verify the type needed. Well when I put it back in I evidently didn?t sit it in all the way without realizing it and start the PC up. Naturally problems occurred and didn?t start up properly. I still had the normal start up with post and the graphics card logo. The windows logo came and then a BSOD came up doing a physical memory dump. My first thought was the RAM so I turned off the PC and went to check the RAM and noticed the problem and it was so hot it was like toughing a hot oven. Fixed the RAM problem and everything started up fine at first and when I got to my desktop everything was going really slow and getting program errors as if they were starting to not respond one by one over about a ... Read more

A:RAM or hard drive issues

Well, hello and what are this "old" computers complete specs and model?

"Went to check the RAM and noticed the problem and it was so hot it was like toughing a hot oven"...
Not good! The motherboard and or power supply may have caused this and they are now in need of replacement. 6 or 7 years is very old for a computer with XP let alone Windows 7

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ok, here is how my story goes...
Awhile ago I got a hd from someone... A friend or something. I put it in a comp alone, no operating system found, so I tried to install windows, but it said no HD was present (ps, I check all my cables constantly. its not a power supply issue >_<) so I put it in as a slave with another hard drive to try n format it, this master was a perfectly fine running hd, never had any issue with it, windows xp on it and everything. Anyhow, when I put this screwy HD in as a slave, it caused the master hd to do the same thing, I was upset I lost a good HD by trying to fix another one. So I tried to fix that master with another one, and it plagued another HD and caused it to do the same thing. I stopped after that.
So basically, I ask you... What happend? and Can I fix it?

A:Hard Drive Issues.

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Hello everyone , So I have come to "SevenForums" because i have a few issue..

So let me get to my SSD

I pretty much use my SSD to Record games/gamepaly but when i am recording half way through a game my SSD just decides to disconnect it's self.. it will reappear if i restart my system. Now in the boot menu my RAID is set to IDE I think it's called that anyway. Now I have been told to switch it over to AHCI but when I do that I get some problems.. like starting up issue, Slow at loading Windows, Weird crashes..

I am going to give some information on my computer
CPU: AMD FX 4100 Quad Core

If you need more information please let me no

A:Hard Drive & SSD Issues

You should be using RAID if you have 2 of the same make/type of hard drives. If you are using RAID you need to have ACHI enabled and AHCI should have been set up (driver installed) before installing the OS. Other wise when changing from IDE to RAID or SATA to RAID by enabling ACHI, you will run into such problems and even BSOD's.

Personally I would start from scratch, clean install OS on SSD and use HDD as storage. Making sure that you're not using a RAID set up and checking your BIOS for SATA configuration on the hard drives.

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To make a long story short(er), my hard drive is having issues. It started when I plugged in a backup drive after it had fallen to the ground. After plugging it in and seeing it no longer worked, I left it in overnight. Now the main drive which never left it's cradle or became unplugged, is no longer loading up. Let me rephrase it... It loads, but it loads to the windows 10 system recovery keyboard selection screen which won't let me select a keyboard. I've tried several things to no avail. I've also had a friend come over and he also had no luck.

For the sake of being thorough, I'm going to just swallow my pride and take your suggestions from basic remedies to advanced ones. I do have a windows 10 dvd. I also have a laptop (running vista). I do not have another desktop, but I am currently thinking of swapping hard drives to another computer somewhere to hopefully save my photos etc.. Unfortunately with my backup dying a day earlier, I don't have a backup for my files currently.

A:hard drive issues

you might try a docking station, i got 1 and managed to get all the stuff off my dying drive,
this is the same as the 1 i got

Dual 2 5" 3 5" IDE Sata HDD Hard Drive Disk Dock Docking Station USB 2 0 WIN 7 | eBay

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Hey Guys Merry Christmas. I'm trying to avoid replacing my hard drive. (Dell Inspiron 1720 vista os) i've tried several things including a software called HDD regenerator, which a lot of users say does work. But i can't get the program to scan & repair the hard drive, because the BIOS needs to be IDE not AHCI, but on this laptop it's either AHCI or ASA. Any thoughts? BTW thanks for your previous replies!

A:Hard Drive issues

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hi guys please could someone confirm that my hard drive is on it's way out. if so is it repairable. only hard drive C is the issue.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8189 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 845678 MB; F: Total - 305241 MB, Free - 289506 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-78LMT-USB3
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


A:hard drive issues

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I have a usb 3.0 2tb hard drive that works fine on a windows 7 machine. When I plug it into Windows 8, it see's it but doesn't let me access it, gives a ton of errors in the event log, and slows down the pc. I am an techy with 10+ years experience and I am at a loss as to what's wrong. I hope someone here can shed some light.

examples of event errors
The IO operation at logical block address xxxxxxx for Disk 3 was retried.

The device F:\ (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 3 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.


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Alright, me and a far more computer-savvy-than-myself friend of mine have been hard at work trying to fix a hard drive space issue on my computer.

Every day or so, it seems I lose another Gigabyte or two of hard drive space, with an absolute max on my hard drive of 139 GB. I've got a hard drive space visualizer that I've been using to track down where this space is being used up, and it doesn't seem to register. The space is just gone.

Solutions we've already tried include the following:
Defragged the hard drive, thinking it might be a packing issue(whatever that is). Didn't work.
Ran two seperate high-end anti-virus systems(Windows Security Essentials, and MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware, one after the other, both updated to the latest versions. Found some viruses, but the problem is still ongoing, and my friend says this is not typical malware behavior.
Deleted restore points, under the impression that it may be restore point bloat. As soon as I did this, I actually lost another 100 MB of hard drive space, meaning this is not the issue.
The classic blobs.bin problem. File's been deleted, and coming back, but not at a rate fast enough to warrant it being this particular hard drive issue.
Internet file overload. Checked them, and they're not big enough for them to be the problem. I'm not getting very many new temporary internet files, and the problem persists and gets worse by the day.
Hence, problems we've eliminated include viruses and malware, packing issues, restore poin... Read more

A:Hard Drive Issues

Run Treesize - see where space is being used -

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

The other issue could be with VSS/ System Restore. Download this app; extract the batch file; save to Documents -



RIGHT-click on the BAT file, select "Run as Administrator".

A Notepad will open with the results - save as text file. Upload and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .



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Hello again all, i have a curious problem. I have recently installed a new hard drive in my computer and i have been having problems with my computer freezing. the screen either freezes or goes screwy, like the v-hold on an old tv is a bit off, and it freezes like that. when i restart, it gives me a hard disk failure.this has happened twice, and i cant seem to isolate what it is that seems to trigger it. i do notice when it freezes, the only way to correct it that i can surmise it a hard reboot. i do notice that when it freezes, the orange light on the front is stuck on. the first time it happened, i figured it was just trying to load, but after ten minutes of being frozen, i restarted it, then got the hard disk failure. i waited about a hour and tried again and it worked for a few hours, then it froze again, with same hard disk failure. again i waited awhile and turned it on again, and here i am. it seems like an overheating issue to me, but when i opened the computer, nothing seems to be hot.

my computer is a compaq presario sr2010nx
operating system is windows xp home i believe sp2, but not sure.
processor is AMD Sempron 3400+
old hard drive was 120gb
new hard drive 160gb

A:Hard Drive issues

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First and foremost, anything I may say below probably will seem stupid, but I've only just started doing "Hardware Things" installing CPU's video cards etc etc... But anyway I'll get on with it.

My problem is this, as I'm new ot hardware I'm bound to make mistakes and the mistake is this, I buoght a new HD, and before I obviously researched what, kind i need eg SATA, and if I have any spere places for it to go, and I do. But like a total idiot guess what? I have place for it, but don't have a spare Power connector and the connector to the motherboard, (Both of the wires that connect to back of hard drive. Also, It didn't come with screws (Which I'm not happy about) So Can anyone guide me on a few things:
-Where should I go online or in the UK to get what I need (Wires and which screws etc..)
-When I have go the wires, I know how to obviously connect the wire that goes into back of HD and in the mobo, but the power connector I put in my HD, then where do I plug the "Other end" in.
-Last question, What should I do to make sure this HD I'm placing in is set as secondary.

My new HD I'm fitting is a 500 GB Western Digital, any further information you require if you feel you can help me, I'll be sure to get it ASAP/



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I have two western digital hard drives. Both are set as slave drives using cable select. I set one to slave and attempted to boot it up in two different computers. On BOTH computers, it causes them to hang after the memory count (detecting IDE drives). When connected, they won't allow me to get into the BIOS in order to get them detected. I have tried one of them as a master disk and the same thing happens. It certainly appears that the hard drives have gone bad, one for no apparent reason. (it was working fine when I last disconnected it) Any ideas as to what MAY be going on other than they have failed?? Is there something I'm overlooking??

A:Hard drive issues

have you tried them seperatly and all diffrent settings , master, slave , cable select.

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So I've been having a problem for some time now where my hard drive has been running extremely slow. I didn't know for a while what might've been the problem, but I've been noticing recently that anything installed on my external runs just fine, and anything on my main HD runs at maybe a tenth of the speed and kills my computer's ability to do anything else. I've run a disk check, with results of everything's fine, as well as ActiveSmart to check the disk (says everything's fine except the temp, which I can manually verify is not what it claims, considering it claims it is 215C). Not 100% where to go from here.

Couple other pieces of info: no crashes or blue screens (IE and Firefox, both on the HD, do lock up, though), Samsung SV0602H (according to ActiveSmart)
Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
2 MB Ram
NVidia GeForce 7600 Video card

A:Hard Drive Issues

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I am having a problem with the computer starting up. It is making a load clicking noise what I start it up. When it goes forward, it is telling me that there is not a Operating System detected. So I tried to run a fully recovery and nothing, it wont even do that. Is the hard drive done? HELPPPPPPP

A:Hard drive Issues

Have you tried booting off of a boot disk and then running scandisk from the boot disk? When you do run a surface check of the disk [it will be one of the options]

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Hello all,

I am having major problems with my pc.

I went to turn my pc on yesterday, and found i had a missing driver that is needed for windows to boot from dos. I repaired it by using the windows disk, rebooted my pc and now my hard drive has disapeared.

What i have done to troubleshoot is,

Changed sata header, changed sata cable.

My other hard drive shows up no problem and my DVD/RW

When i went to run the error test it kept saying i had no Western Digital Drive, i rebooted 3 to 4 times and it then found the hard drive, ran the Western Digital lifespan test and had no errors at all. rebooted my pc and it booted into windows.

Shutdown the pc to reboot and it had disapeared again.

Also, when the BIOS goes through its checks, where it does the memory test and showing the BIOS details, yarder yarder yarder, it stops and says 'detecting IDE dirve'. Well i don't use IDE anymore so this option is turned off in BIOS. it was even doing this when it did get to boot to windows.

This is very annoying as i think i may need a new motherboard, but does anyone got any ideas whats going on or what i can do.

A:Hard drive issues

Hello LuckyStar, reseat the SATA cable of the hard drive and then remove the CMOS battery and put it back in. Then enter BIOS and let WD hard drive be at the 1st boot device. Reboot the pc.

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History: Main PC had continual crashes, had to restore 4 times in 10 days. Reformatted everything, won't come back. Install hangs at 23% and says cannot find file on CD. Have 2 windows XP Home cd's and both gave same problem. The continued 23% on both cd's eliminated in my mind the cd-drive. Hard-drive or other system failure was left.

Hooked up Main PC's harddrive (40gb, 7200 rpm maxtor ata133) to Second PC and it auto-ran chkdsk...well it fixed like a thousand things no joke. It moved around a ton of indexes. Also said something about deleting an orphaned index.

The messages that keep re-occurring are:
"File record segment 820 is unreadable"
"File record segment 821 is unreadable"
"File record segment 822 is unreadable"
"File record segment 823 is unreadable"
What does that mean? Hard-drive bad?

It also says "Unable to read security descriptors data stream" at the end.

A:Possible hard-drive issues

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I have a computer I am trying to get the files off of. It's a Dell Vostro 220 with a 750Gb Seagate Hdd in it. I try to boot it and no boot media can be found. I go into the BIOS and I can see the Hdd, but when I run a diagnostic, it says there is an error 2000-0146. I pull the Hdd out and connect it to another computer. It does not show up in the file manager in This PC. I go into Device Manager and can see it listed in Disk Drives. Says everything is working. I go to Disk Management and it says Unallocated. I right click and all I can do is Properties and Help. All other options are greyed out (and those options were only extend, shrink, or delete). I also have the option to initialize drive, but seeing as my point now is to recover the contents, this wouldn't be a good thing. I then went into the command prompt, thinking maybe I could just assign a letter and maybe be able to have it accessible. It was already assigned H and had 0 volume. So now my question is, how can I recover the files off this Hdd? All suggestions will be considered and appreciated. Thanks for considering this.

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i'm in the process of getting my new computer all working. I'm having a problem with it recognizing my 2 additonal hard drives, they arn't seen in the bios even! what could be the problem? both are set on slave.

A:hard drive issues

Good Morning lightsareout, if they are on the same IDE, one needs to be slave and one master.

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I don't know alot about PC's but I have more than common knowledge on them. My problem is I have a IDE HD that needs formatted. My PC uses SATA HD connections. I do have IDE ports. I need to know the steps of formatting this hard drive so I can install newer windows on it and install in into a older PC. If I can get some assistance I would much appreciate it. If you need more information let me know. I go out of town almost every week so give me some time to respond. Thanks.

A:Hard Drive Issues

First what you will have to do is tell your computers BIOS/Cmos to boot to CD first, then floppy, then your SATA. You might require special drivers for your sata controller. Anyways, put your windows disk in the CD rom drive and let it boot up to the setup. Once your in, follow the steps shown. If it tells your "Cannot find any hard drives" then you will have to put the Drivers for your Sata Controller on a floppy, and when it enters setup, push F6 to install those drivers so it can recognize them. Windows setup should be able to partition and format the drive for you.

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Hey guys,

So I have a Dell Dimension XPS gen. 2 (I know it's old). I decided to purchase a new hard drive for it. I got a new SATA 1.5 TB. My old hard drive is a 75gb IDE. I upgraded to Windows 7 on my old IDE. I then installed my new hard drive, formatted it, and then installed Windows 7 on the new hard drive. For a while, when I turned my computer on, the system would ask me which Windows 7 installation I wanted to boot from. I corrected that problem by booting the one from my SATA and then going to MSCONFIG and deleting the old installation. Now my system automatically boots from the SATA.

I thought I was good to go, and so I tried reformatting the old IDE to use as extra space. The thing is, Windows won't let me. I then restarted the computer to change the BIOS settings. I wanted to change the current setting (CD, C drive, DISKETTE) to CD, R drive, DISKETTE. I don't know how to add the R drive (my new SATA) to that list. Furthermore, if I try to turn off my Master IDE from BIOS, and restart, Windows won't boot from my SATA and will either allow me to retry or go to BIOS settings where I need to turn the Master IDE on again. If I leave the Master IDE drive on, and unplug the IDE, the same thing happens. Windows won't boot anything. It's as if my new SATA is dependent on my old IDE to boot.

Some people said it might be because the SATA isn't my primary booting device. I don't know how to change my SATA to that status. Others said... Read more

A:New Hard Drive Issues

You are booting from the IDE drive then transferring control to the SATA drive. This is why the IDE drive must be present.

I suggest you unplug the IDE drive then use your install CD to do a repair installation. This should cause Windows to identify the SATA drive as the primary boot device, then write the necessary master boot record and boot files to that drive. They are not there now.

Once you have done this and can make the system boot without the IDE drive present, then you can reconnect the IDE drive and reuse it. The system may again try to boot off of it, and this won't hurt you, but you will be able to stop it by wiping out the boot portion of the master boot record. Just be careful to not damage the partition table, which is also there.

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I guess I'm becoming the hard drive freak dude....

Ok so I left Western digital and their lack of support and took up on two 160gb each Maxtor hard drives which came with hand book instructions and cd (bootable and with a program fordiferent OS) and installed them like 2-3 weeks ago, Both worked fine and I got my data up and runing. until sunday. I got on one of the drives at about 120gb and i think sunday before a normal restart i passed over 128GiB (137GB) since i remember I had like 25 gb free out of the 152gb that the drives have. On restart the drive name change and like with the western the computer was running slower, the drive in cause was shown and is shown as RAw and not FAT32.

First thging DOES ANYONEEEE have any ideea how you can recover your data in such cases or is it just lost???.....
I think the problem is with the File system and the old 28 LBA mode for writing stuff to the drive. My pc is not new (it's a HP 466 Celeron from '99) but i'm pretty sure it was not a old system problem but rather that issue..

SO IF YOU BUY BIG HARD DRIVE make sure guys to check the companies webpage (like Maxtor and Western) every day since they keep changing their stuff as problems appear with the 137gb barrier.

So today I went and checked those webpages too. SURPRISE maxtor, has changed in the past two weeks their info on drives instalation for over 137 gb.

In the hand book they said that it is enough to USE windows XP + sp.1 with a ATA 100/ 133 contr... Read more

A:Hard drive issues .....

just too add. I'm not sure if it was putting more then 137gb on the drive or what. Right before restart it also accted funny for a while. actually for like a couple restart before it went on RAW format. I was not able to install any programs , as it stopped at instalation and froze the taskbar every time i tried to instal like Norton Antivirus or the Widnows update. (first the windows update had that problem and then i tried to put norton to see if there was a bug).. But now without any fixing since the drive is in raw instaling works and i put norton antivirus and utilities op just to see NO VIRUSES.

so.......any ideeas

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