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Configuring Outlook on small network with Office 365 email

Q: Configuring Outlook on small network with Office 365 email

Ahead of a small library email migration to our own email (hosted by MS Office 365 + network domain), I am experimenting with importing pst files. Some users have Windows 8, some Windows 7. Most users will access email through the Office 365 web portal but for users with their own desktop setups it would be nice to configure their email at their own computers. Testing revealed, no surprise, a problem with Windows 8. I configured my own Outlook with 365 email after logging in to network. Emails came in. Great. Logged out of the network, logged in as another employee, tried to repeat the process and ran headlong into the "Switch to a Microsoft account on this PC." I don't want to do this.

The reason I logged in as another user is I will be responsible for importing pst files from the old email service hosted by a larger library system of which we are a part. My understanding is to do this I need a desktop install of Outlook (not available through the web app).

Question: Is there a way around the Switch to a Microsoft Account bit because now I can't even get back to my own Outlook email that was successful in the beginning??

I hope I provided a good enough explanation. I appreciate the collective wisdom here. Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Configuring Outlook on small network with Office 365 email

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Configuring Outlook on small network with Office 365 email

Oy! Realized I was using the stupid app from Metro Start screen. Using the Outlook under Programs area of Apps worked a treat. YAY.

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The complexity/messiness of my office network is getting out of hand and I'm planning to rip it out and start from scratch. I've got about 35 wired devices spread over 8 rooms, plus a couple on wifi. Internet is from a BT fibre and a BT business hub. At the moment a single router port goes into a 16 port gigabit switch, which then runs off to other switches in different rooms. I've also got a couple of machines acting as file servers.

I've got an accounts department that has a lot of heavy traffic internally, so I need to make sure that their internal traffic doesn't slow down the network as a whole. But they still need to also access the same shared files as everyone else.

Also, it would be great to support a guest wifi login, that allows internet access, but doesn't allow access to other devices on the network.

So, to configure:
Should I run all wired devices back to a single 48 port switch? Or run to a separate switch for each room?
Should I use 4 separate switches, one for each pair of rooms, each running into one the router's ports? (Would this allow greater concurrency?)
How would I separate the accounts department's heavy traffic from the rest of the building's network traffic, while still allowing file sharing?


A:Configuring a wired office network

Do you have a closet or central location where you can locate all the IT equipment?

Personally, I would identify a closet/room to have house the IT equipment. Spend the money to have drops installed in the wall in the various rooms and then have all the cabling pulled back to this central closet/room and terminated into a patch panel. This would necessitate at a minimum a wall rack installed. At each location where you want a network drop installed, I would have at least two Ethernet jacks per drop.

I would use a single 48 port switch that has stacking capability. If you out grow the number of ports on the 48 port switch, you can add another switch to the 48 port you have now and have it act like one big switch.

Guest WiFi isn't a problem with a business class access point. I would look into products from Aerohive, Ubiquiti, Aruba Networks, or Meraki. These devices have a captive portal feature much like what you see in hotel settings.

As far as the account department's heavy traffic, what do you mean heavy traffic? What type of protocol/traffic are we talking about here? Your network doesn't appear to pose a large strain on any current switch. Other than isolating the accounting department for possible network usage, is there any other reason why you would want to isolate their equipment from the rest of the corporate network?

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Okay so to start off the configuration at my office was DSL modem-wireless router-switch- 6 computers.
One computer could connect to the internet and the rest couldn't however every computer could get to one another over the network. We got a new DSL modem that has the wireless router built in. I disconnected the old wireless router and modem and connected the new modem/router combo. Now the one computer that could get to the internet can no longer do so unless I go in and auto configure for IP and DNS. This poses a problem because when I do so that computer can no longer connect to any other computer on the network. What do I need to do to straighten this out? We would like to still only have that one machine connect to the internet. I could have all the machines on the network auto configure but then they would all be able to connect to the internet, right? Thanks in advance for any help it is appreciated.

A:Solved: help configuring network at office.

The easiest solution might be to change the router's LAN address to match the previous router/existing static IP address assignments already set on all the PC's and then re-setup the static IP on the one that needs to access the internet correctly(as previously set).

I assume what is happening is that the new router is handing out addresses in a different range which doesn't correspond to the addresses already set on all the PC's. I also assume you are preventing internet access on the rest of the PC's by not entering DNS or Gateway addresses?

An alternate method, and there's actually several, is to enable filtering on the router to prevent internet access, most routers have some form of access control or internet restriction options these days. In that scenario you could switch to automatic IP assignments.

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I'm trying to configure all my email accounts (webbased/and regular) to microsoft outlook, however, I am having problems linking the hotmail accounts to it. I know there is a tab that you can click and it will link the email to your outlook but when I click send/receive it checks all the other accounts and gives me an error message for the hotmail accounts.

Can someone help me out?

A:Configuring email accounts to Outlook

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After installing my Alltel telephone to tether for high speed on my emachine desktop I have not been able to configure the Outlook Express email. Alltel does not provide technical support; likewise, on my hewlett packard I am not able to configure the Windows Mail on Vista with Alltel tethering.
Could anyone provide step by step instructions for installing the said email programs. I am using yahoo mail, and I need to have the Outlook Express, and Windows Mail installed for convenience of emailing from websites. Thanks for all assistance! The name of the phone used is: Alltel LG AX8600

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I had setup a network with 3 computers all using XP Pro. They were hooked into a hub, and the network was used just for file and printer sharing. Everything worked fine. They then got DSL and wanted to do internet sharing as well. I got a linksys router and hooked them back up. They all have internet now, but two of the computers can not access the third one. The third can access the other two. They can see the third computer on the network, but can not see any of its shares. When I try to open the computer over the network I get xxxxx is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource.

I have tried unsharing/resharing, uninstall/reinstall network components, nothing works. One other note I can send messages to the third computer using net send. It is in the workgroup, but just won't allow file sharing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:XP Small Office Network

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We presently have two computers networked in our small office. The network connection has worked for years. We replaced our old router with a Linksys router several months ago, and everything worked great. When one computer recently crashed, we replaced it with a more powerful computer running Windows XP (the other is running Windows98). Now these computers cannot "see" one another, although they both have access to the internet so I know the router is working. Both computers are set to "obtain an IP address automatically." The people we bought the new computer from won't come to us, and suggested I disconnect both computers and bring them there, but I want to resolve it without disconnecting. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:network in small office

Welcome to TSG!
Seems many have problems network sharing WinXP with Win98 or WinME machines.
I suggest installing Netbeui to aid in local communication of the two systems.
Here is Another Thread which lists some items to look for and supplies a nother link to del's post on setting up netbeui on a WinXP machine.
After you have successfully set up the netbeui protocol then shutdown and restart both machines.

Let us know how your are proceeding.


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Here is my problem. Where I work, we have 3 different routers connected together to make our net work. I want to change to one router. The problem is, I need a 24 port router with wireless connections. Is there a router out there that has this? We have a lot of equipment that is only able to connect through hardwire to the network. We also need to connect laptops wirelessly to the network. Do they make a large multi-port/wireless router?

A:Small office network.

There is nothing on the low end level of what you ask for.

My suggestion is take out the 3 routers out. Buy a simple 4 port wireless router and then buy a 24 port switch and piggy back the switch off one of the 4 ports. That gives you a grand total of 26 hardwire ports available (23 for the switch, 3 for the router with one port on each taken going between the 2), this gets rid of 2 routers and eliminates you down to only 2 devices.

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i am working with 4-5 pc's that i want to set a network up with. I don't want to set any of them up as a server. They are all conected to the same router and dsl line. what would be the easiest way to share files, i was thinking about setting up a domain and setting a few security groups. any responses or links would be helpful. thanks..

A:very small office network

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I am having a similar problem.. All the PC's are XP pro but we have no 'server' and want to password protect some shared folders. Problem is we have a generic login on each machine (each machine is used by multiple people) so can't use the machines login to act as the id to access the shares.

We need it to ask for a password when someone tries to access the shared folder.

An easy thing to do in Win98se but with XP i'm stumped.

Any suggestions?

A:Small Office Network

even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post, i am asked to design a network for a doctors' office. Below are the details and need some ideas.
The new office facility has three doctors' offices, one manager's office, a nursing station, five patient rooms, the receptionist's desk, a waiting room for patients, and a lounge/break room that doubles as a conference area for occasional meetings. There is also a wiring closet near the manager's office.
The doctors have asked for network access in each doctor's office, the manager's office, the reception desk, two ports in the nursing station, and one in each patient room. They would also like to have a public wireless network in the waiting room for patients, and a private wireless network that covers the lounge/break room and all doctor and patient rooms. You may assume all computer stations are within 100 meters of the wiring closet, and there is a false ceiling that allows for easy access to wiring in any direction.

A:Small office network

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Hi, i'm thinking of using wireless pci cards in the 25 pc's i have at my office to setup a network.
Are there limits to the number of pci cards/ connections that can be used on one network? Or are there other points i will need to take into account?
My office is just one open plan room if this helps.

A:small office wireless network

What do you plan to do with this network? Just copy an occasional file? Print sharing? Internet access?

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Hello everyone!
On our office we have a small local network that connects to the internet through one "server" pc with shared internet connection.
The connection is as follows:
pc 1 :
-windows xp professional
-shared internet connection
-connected to router and switch(http://www.alliedtelesis.es/p-2120.html)
-2 network adapters

All other computers are connected to switch and to the internet through pc1.

The problem is that if one connects to the network through cable , he can't share files with the one connected wireless.
So should I bridge the two connections on pc1 or should I connect the router directly on the switch?

Thank you in advance

A:Small Office Network advice

Anyone please?

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i have 3 computers one laptop 2 desktops all located in different areas of the office. i would like to share files between the three. i have tried using microsoft wizard to setup a network but am having difficulty with it. all three computers show up in the workgroup but i can not access any folders no permission i guess. i have tried turning off firewalls on all computers but still cant access. any help woul;d be greatly appreciated.

operating systemsfor all comp.-- xp

A:Setting up a small office network

Do you have File and Printer Sharing Enabled?
Do you have any folders shared?

Are the computer XP home or Pro and what service pack?
Do you have the same usernames and passwords on each machine?

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Friend of mine setting up a small business and reached out for help setting up a small network for the office. The goal is to have 2 desktop computers, one for his office, another for the receptionist. And ideally expandable so as and when the company grows other computers can be added. Also wireless so a laptop can be used and clients can access the net when they are on site.

They also asked for help backing up data.

Where do I begin to help?
What hardware and software to get them started?
What are key considerations?
What should he budget for equipment?
He's also looking to install a basic phone system. Should integration to the network be a consideration?

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How do I set up? Is this correct sequence?

1. From ATT modem DSL router to
2. Ubiquiti point to point then to
3. Ubiquiti point to point then down to
4. 8 port switch, from here to
5. Ubiquiti Access points then to
6. Pc clients

What is the role of the switch here? Does it needs to be configured in desktop Pc? Does access points needs to be configured as well?

Thank you

A:Help build small office network

is this a homework question? or are you actually trying to install a network using those varying pieces of hardware. If you are actually trying to install & configure, then I strongly suggest you call an expert in now & save money and heartbreak down the line when nothing works properly or the hackers take over the network.

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I have two computers in my home office connected to each other via a 4port hub. They do not have internet access. Both machines are running XP. I have run the network wizard setup on both yet I still cannot get the machines to see each other. I have checked the names of the computers and the workgroups and they seem okay. I have also checked the leads and the connections.
Am I missing something blindingly obvious or does anyone have any other suggestions please.
Many Thanks.

A:Small home office network

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I have 2 lenovo h320 desktop running 7 pro 64 and a dell laptop running 7 pro 32. I have a seagate blackarmor 220 nas as well as a netgear srxn3205 wireless vpn firewall router.

My first issue is setting up homegroup... I can create one on any pc and see it to join on the other 2 but when i enter the password it tells me I have a network problem. I can ping each pc's ip address from the others. I have checked all the typical fixes, ipv6 enabled... Need some help please.

Secondly, I need help understanding the network layout and how the NAS plays a role in the mapping. When I map the network it shows the 3 pcs all conected to the router and to the internet but it shows the NAS as other devices at the bottom. I have mapped a few folders from the NAS to each pc and can see as well as use them but not sure why it is not part of the map.

Thank you very much for help.

A:Need help setting up small office network with a NAS.

what I do with my nas is simply create a desktop shortcut of //
Where is the ip of the nas.

I have mapped it as a drive in the past, but this has always lead to a problem at some point. In xp it once lead to a slew of system errors when the NAS was turned off when the system was booted.
So I've dropped the mapping option for the simple shortcut.
The result is the same anyhow.

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hello everyone i have about 20 computer in one room. all windows 7, i want to setup some kind of network. i have one pc also with win7 and sheared one of the partitions on the PC for everyone to see... whats the best way or any ways to shear file between all computers....

A:Small office network setup

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'm assuming that there's no Windows Server (eg... Windows Server 2008/2012/SBS) in your network? What are the versions (Home, Pro or Ultimate) of these Windows 7 computers?

Will you be connecting all computers to the Internet as well? Do you have network switches? Is the setup going to be wired/wireless?

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Hi. I have a small office network to set up for database but i dont know much about it.. im more on peer to peer network ( sharing files and printers from workgroups).

here is the current setup:

8 computers running MS XP pro media center edition. with internet connected in a wireless with 4 port router.

Planning to setup:

Install a server and create a domain which will connect the 8 workstations

I would like it to run only on Desktop server (Pentium 4 3.4 ghz, 1g memory, 250 sata hdisk, Mboard Built in lan, vidcard, sound).

which is better OS MS SBS 2003 or MS Win server 2003 standard edition SP1. if you can teach me a step by step setup how to create domain and connect workstations easy.

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it. tnanks

A:Setting up a small office network

maybe better to use apache
most addon's free
and or make a linux server box if you can handle linux
apache is on the disc

my server now runs apache ,linux
are you going to have website to??
if not just need to go to SBS

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I have a small office with 3 pc's in and need to network them all together so we can share files etc over the network, on Windows 7, it worked fine then but now on Windows 10 it don't seem to work, the pc's are on private network and all connected via ethernet cables going from the each PC into one network hub with ethernet ports, it keeps saying enter your network credentials but not sure what they are and did not have to enter them in when we was all on Windows 7

I found out that my PC and the second PC is Windows 10 Home and the PC that is being used as the server called OFFICESERVER-PC is running Windows 10 Pro, would that make a difference?

Can anyone help please

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


A:Windows 10 small office network help

Please confirm that you have turned off password protected sharing.

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I am working on a network in a small office. It is set up where there are 6 winxp computers hooked into a switch and networked to the internet. Now the office manager wants a laptop in her office networked to her computer. I installed the network with a cat6 going from the laptop to the switch and cat5 from the pc to the switch and cat5 from dsl to the switch. i get internet on both laptop and pc, but they are not seeing each other and i need to printer share...anyone have any suggestions?

A:help! help! Small office network problems

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I'm acting as the IT guy for the small business that I work for. We're moving from a peer-to-peer network to a server based network. I have planned the network and purchased the server (Dell SC440), switch, and server OS (SBS 2003) to get everything up and running. I have a couple of questions before I do anything:

1. Can I connect the cable modem directly to the switch, or does there have to be a router between the to (and if so, why)?

2. Can I set up the network a little at a time without affecting some computers? What I'd like to do is:

-get the switch in place and connect all existing computers to it as-is so the p2p network is still in place and fully functioning

-connect the server to the switch and get it up and running

-one by one, connect computers to the server (domain)

Although I'm confident that I can get this set up properly, I don't want to take the entire network down at once.

3. Are there any good 'networking' books? I have the Windows SBS server books, but that is there anything that's more general to networking/IT and somebody new to it like me?

I'd be happy to provide any additional information necessary, and I welcome any comments or suggestions. Thank you!

A:New Small Office Network - Transition

You can't connect the cable modem directly to the switch. If you want the server to be the gateway for the Internet, you'll have to connect the modem to the server. If you want the Internet to be independent of the server, use a broadband router.

Your idea of migrating them slowly is sound, no sense in taking everyone down if you have problems.

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Hi all. I have a small office network to set up but im not TOTALLY sure how to go about it! I was hoping to iron out a few points on here.

As Im sure you'll ask for the details; here is the current setup:

4 computers running XP pro, networked together as a workgroup.

I am planning to install a server and create a domain.

The part where I am getting stuck is the email.

Basically, they all need email access, now Im wondering should I just set everyone up with outlook, or should I setup exchange server? - is exchange swerver useful in this situation or not?

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Help setting up a small office network

Truthfully in your situation I would just set up outlook and forget exchange. It will save you money and resources.

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I set up this new rig and every time I try to use Email in Outlook it fails. I use Yahoo and Gmail clients to send Email. I just wish for once I could set up the Email in Outlook to work. Or, tell me how to disable it. I blog about my computer business and I'd like to use Outlook.Thanks in advance,Alan

A:Office Outlook 2003 for small business

Do you get any error message? Does the program actually crash --as in, "fail to respond"-- or does Outlook simply not do anything and the program just sits there?

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I am using Office 2003 on an XP pro system. I merge my word document with an existing Access database to send out emails thru Office Outlook. Outlook shuts down, as in stops sending emails at random intervals. Sometimes restating Outlook will get it going but most times it comes down to removing all merged emails and re-doing the merge to get it going again. Sending in groups of 100 to 9000 at a time. The merge goes well, it is the Oulook. Help please.


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Hello friends, my first topic here and i am glad that this is the best place where i got in,,
ok i have a small offic that has 5 computer runing with internet by bt bussiness broadband, ihave 4 ports on braodbands that are connected to my computer,, now what i want to do is,, to setup network all 4 computers to my own main/server computer,, so i can look over the files and network on other computers,,,,,,the question is how to do this,/????

your reply will be greatly appreiciated,,,,


A:Solved: Setup my Small office Network

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This is my first time posting here, and god bless anyone that can help me because i'm about to tear my hair out. Ok, try to stay with me here.
We just opened a small office and are trying to network about 7 computers. We don't have a wireless router from the cable company, but have cat5 installed everywhere, so no problem. I have three computers plugged into the router, and they work fine, internet and networked. In the last port on the router, I plugged a second cheap router for extra ports. Four more computers plugged into that one, also fine, networked and internet. My problem is that the computers on the first router can't see the computers on the second, and vice versa. In short, I have a group of 3 networked computers and a group of 4. From what i've read it's probably an IP or DNS thing but I suck at networking and don't know. I have the first router set up as the DHCP server, it's disabled on the second one.

Here are the settings for the main comcast router:

And the secondary Linksys router:

I'll check back often in case you need any additional info. Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Small office network issue:

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I have a Desktop PC running windows 7. It is connected to internet via ethernet through wireless router. A wireless internet network is created named "XYZ". My office staff connects to the "XYZ" to use internet while working with their
laptops. We have created a shared folder called "AVN" on Desktop PC to store, edit and save files in that folder so that people working on the laptops can edit and save the work they do in the folder "AVN". All the laptops were running
windows 10. Recently few of them received latest update of windows 10. There after they are unable to connect to the folder "AVN" which was shared on the network "XYZ" via homegroup. Kindly help me to crate a stable network where all the
laptops can connect to internet as well as they can edit and save the work they do in the folder "AVN" that is on the physical harddrive of Desktop PC.

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Hello, I am the son of the owners of a small town newspaper, and am the normal computer technician for the office. There was recently a major computer failure, someone brought in a virus on a flash drive, and the virus scanner did not catch it in time, the machines were running Windows XP. When the virus was removed, it took a chunk of windows with it, and the computers refused to boot.
I asked my parents (who are the owners of the paper) if they wanted to try it out with windows 7, that way the UAC should catch any future viruses before they have a chance to embed themselves into the OS, or delay it until AVG can scan the device and delete it. Anyway, they said they wanted to try it, but I am having a very hard time setting it up. The network fails when I first turn on the machine, this includes Internet and networking with the three machines that are there. One machine is running 32 bit windows 7 while the other two are running 64 bit. I have to pull the Ethernet cord out of the 64 bit machines and put it in a different slot on the router to get it to connect, but the older 32 bit one works fine.
I am suspecting the router, when the troubleshoot feature works, it says "Invalid IP address" other times it doesn't work at all. Once the network is up and running, it works fine all day, until it needs to be restarted. Also, I run the computers without passwords when they start up, so when I tried to connect to the network as a "Work" Connection, I had no ... Read more

A:Need help with wired network failure in small office

There might be something of value in this article: Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

Also, make sure your drivers are up to date.

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I just started my own office and would like to set u a network in the office. I have setup networks( mostly wireless) at home. I woud like to setup a hybrid network. office will have one server , about 3 desktops , printer/scanner and one laptop. i am setting up asterix pbx ( a friend is helping with that) and voip phones. have to run wires across 3 rooms. would like to have wireless networking for laptop use. I have zyxel 550 mimo router and plan to extend it by adding a switch.

I need a basic idea about how to run wires. have to run wires across 3-4 rooms. my understanding is that i need one cable for each computer. So if i have a printer and computer in a room-- i would need to run two cables from two ports---right?

also need help with which cable to use cat5 cat5e? what other equipment do I need?


appreciate your help much!


A:need help in setting up a network in a small medical office

Basically the rule of thumb is one cable per device. I would use cat5e for this type of setup as it will give you room for expansion as cat5e is gigabit ethernet capable (assuming growth is always good instead of re-wiring infrastructure). This is the cable most often used in fast ethernet setups (100MBps).

Also keep in mind that the maximum length you can use for the cabling is 100M or your going to run into some serious issues.

You also need to use different ethernet cable types for the devices. For Example - If you go from Router to a computer, you use straight through. If you go from router to switch, you also use a straight through. The only time you connect devices using a crossover cable, is like devices. Ex - switch to switch, router to router.

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I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network.

There are RJ45 connections in every room which is cool, these all feed into a 48-port patch panel which the last guys left behind.

Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet, our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes.

Q1). If our modem goes into a router, and the router goes into a switch box, and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box, will this work? We will be using one dedicated IP, and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box, each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP. So does going through a router alleviate this?

Q2). Do patch panels have speed limitations? Despite being entirely passive, is it possible that the patch panel might only be 100Mbit? I haven't bought the switch box yet, so would like to know if there's any point going for 1Gbit over 100Mbit. Couldn't see a model number on it unfortunately.

Thanks in advance,

A:Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch

edanfalls said:


I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network.

There are RJ45 connections in every room which is cool, these all feed into a 48-port patch panel which the last guys left behind.

Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet, our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes.

Q1). If our modem goes into a router, and the router goes into a switch box, and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box, will this work? We will be using one dedicated IP, and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box, each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP. So does going through a router alleviate this?Click to expand...

you are correct on both points. the issue is where does the DHCP service originate {the router or a Domain Controller[*]}?

Q2). Do patch panels have speed limitations? Despite being entirely passive, is it possible that the patch panel might only be 100Mbit? I haven't bought the switch box yet, so would like to know if there's any point going for 1Gbit over 100Mbit. Couldn't see a model number on it unfortunately.Click to expand...

No, the panel is entirely passive and therefore invisible to the network. Active components, eg routers & switches could be f... Read more

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Hello everyone,
I've been tasked with setting up a network in a Doctor's office. I have thought about client-server setups as well as p2p. Being it's only going to be 5 or so computers I figured p2p would be the best option. Does anyone with experience in this have guidelines or recommendations I should follow in order to follow HIPPA standards as far as physical security etc goes?
Next, I already built some basic desktops that are more than suitable for the business. Any recommendations on OS's (They are currently loaded with XP Professional. My main concern is the server for electronic health records. That's the key in security here and I want to make sure it's done correctly. I have already have a SonicWALL sitting around for wireless N. This is my first true network setup and I'd like to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself and the business. Thanks for any help in advance.

A:p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office)


You really need to tread lightly with this and not think this is something you can just learn on the fly. There are serious legal consequences which can hold the Doctor, his practice, and you personally liable if the guidelines under HIPAA are not followed to the letter. You need to find someone with experience in dealing with setting up IT systems under HIPAA guidelines. I personally wouldn't tackle this job myself if I didn't have anyone guiding me through what needs to be done. And this is with past experience setting up and working with classifed government networks.

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Hi There,

I am new on the site, but have a problem with my small office network computers (XP small business Edition) (+-15 computers).

Certain computers (not all) continually shut themselves down, with no warning. Its almost as though someone disconnects the power and then turns on the PC. Some computers do this up to 20 times a day, whilst others do it every few days. The Server itself, used to shut itself down as well, but now seems to have stopped?

I have NOD32 on all the computers, and have also run Super-Anti spyware- but to no avail. One computer in particular, will shut down when the the antiviruses are scanning- so have run the scans in safe mode (This is one of the pc's that shut down up to 20 times a day). In safe mode- the computer did not shut down the entire day.

Any help with this will be greatly accepted and appreciated- Many Thanks for any help in advance!!

Many Thanks

A:Computers on small office Network Reboot themselves continually

PLEASE PLEASE can somebody help with this?????

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Howdy all...Happy New Year !!!

I work part time for a small non profit that specializes in helping high risk youth & their families.
They have a small network setup using Novell Netware with Win 98.
They have no email capabilities.
What would I need to do to set up email for them?
Anyone know of any good web sites that would help me?

Any and all help is appreciated

Thanks Much


A:Setting up email on a small network

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Dear Microsoft & Social Technet Microsoft,
Email that lays in the "Junk Email" system does Not allow deletion.
 This is technical problem that spans many types of Email addresses.
If Microsoft has the ability to Recognize Junk Email, then it should
 allow for its proper Deletion or Blocking.
Too many times when I select a list of Junk Email to "Block", I'm
   left with an Alert phrase that says:
   "This action can't be performed because the senders address
   "<~~~~.~~~~~~~~.~~~~~~~.com>" isn't valid.
   (Please see the image "BlockMailList-Cant(111216).png")

Then it STOPs the rest of the list from being processed.
When I try to match the Email Title to the designation in
 the presented list (that can't be performed), I am left with
 NO way to define which of the many emails that might be.
 (Please see the image "BlockMailList(111216).png")

The Alert Message does NOT match the Titled Email with the
 message.  The message is only the internal email addresses.
 Therefore, the two data lists can't be matched.
 (Please see the image ("JunkMail-IDsWontGo(5)(111516.png")

Lately, I've resorted to "Block"ing them One-At-A-Time.
 That is very time consuming and doesn't follow Microsoft Protocol.

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thanks for helping me in my previous post.

Now... i like to hear any suggestion, opinions, comments on this model i've made. pretty basic networking but i want to make sure i get it right or make it better before I turn it in as my class project. its in draft phase right now so I hope you like it.

model right here.


A:my small office network model (fancy pics included)

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How do i create an installation point to install office over the network and how do i install it to client computers?

I have visited microsoft's website and the procedures don't work!
Maybe i am doing something wrong, i don't know.

Can anyone help?

A:Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Network installation

You have to have the right version. I can't remember which one(s) will do it, I don't think retail or oem versions will. I think they have to be volume license version. To check if your version will, put the disk in the drive, and go to a command prompt. Change to your cd drive, and type setup /a. This will start the administrative setup if it's available. You can type in the product key once, and it will enter it for each pc you install it on from that location. Works quite well.

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I am first time around here seeking help.
We are in a small office and are currently using one Desktop computer as a File server by sharing a folder using the existing WiFi from Internet router. This was done by connecting one LAN cable from the Router to the Desktop and the remaining computers connect to the router through WiFi. This way, each user could browse the internet while also having access to shared files from the central Desktop.
We are in the process of shifting to a new office where some users are seated far away, also the maximum connections possible in the router through WiFi is 16. So, we have laid LAN cables and got 2 Low cost network switches (unmanaged...TP Link 1024D). At the moment we are not planning to purchase a Server, but continue to use the same desktop. Instead of continuing to use WiFi, it is planned to make use of the new LAN cables and Switches.
The problem is if I connect the File sharing Desktop on Port number 1 in the Switch, I will not be able to use internet in the computers connected through LAN cable (and vice versa). I need to use Internet as well as shared files from the Central Desktop.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I have a quick question here, on outlook express for pretty much every since i remember, the time on every email i have recieved has been exactly 45 minutes ahead of the time i have on my computer, so im getting email from the future? hehe

Is this an outlook express bug or does some email client that handles my email have a clock 45 minutes ahead that puts the time on my emails?

A:I have a small question about getting email from the future in outlook express

It could be your ISP or it could be their ISP, I forget which it is. IF all are 45 minutes ahead it is your ISP, if it is from the same person that is 45 minutes ahead it is either that persons settings or his or her ISP.

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Windows 7/Office 2007. I just installed Office 2007 on a brand new HP Laptop running W7 64bit. When click on a URL in an email, I get the following error message, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This also happened when clicking on an "Unsubscribe" link in a different email. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Outlook/Office 2007 - cannot launch url in an email in Outlook

Here's the solution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049#fixit4me

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I'm using Windows 7/Office 2007. I just installed Office 2007 on a brand new HP Laptop running W7 64bit. When click on a URL in an email, I get the following error message, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This also happened when clicking on an "Unsubscribe" link in a different email. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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User has Win XP Pro and Office 2003. She can send/receive email & attachments using Outlook 2003 directly, but if she tries to send an attachment through Office applications using the "File...Send..." feature, she gets the message:

"The host 'SMTP' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. account: 'POP3', Server: 'SMTP', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D".

In googling this error message I have found solutions for situations in which NO email can be sent, but none for this situation, in which email is OK when sent directly through Outlook but not through an Office application. I tried the Microsoft Community Newsgroup, but the only response I have so far is to make sure Outlook is set as the default, which it is. Does anyone have any advice?

A:Can't Email W/outlook From Office Aps

Hello snoopsmom!

What ISP (Internet Service Provider) are they using? Usually you can find help on setting up Outlook through the ISP Help Pages.


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Dear Microsoft & Social Technet Microsoft,
The Email problems that I've experienced in the past few months
have not gone away - no matter how much I write about them.
Can't read email properly while the Advertisements keep stalling the process.
Seems that the Advertisements should take a back seat to the Email -
 instead of interrupting them regularly.
I don't mind the Ads that have to come - for Microsoft to be paid -
but they should not interfere with Email.

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I installed office 2007 (full install after uninstall of office 2003) on vista yesterday and every time I open an office product, it gives me a message ?please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office professional 2007?. Then it pops a window with a status bar for ?Configuration Progress?.

I looked this up online and it said that this was caused by installing as a user, not an administrator. So I uninstalled office entirely, booted, and reinstalled as administrator.

Still doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

A:office 2007 configuring every time I open an office app on vista

that behaviour it's from all office versions till now, i didn't see that in 2007, create a new user and see if it does the same, generally office firt starts do that to configure the profile, if it works just backup our profile and make a new one for you


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Hi Friends,

I need your Help in Adding my Old Email to my Existing Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Email. I have my normal Incoming and Outgoing msgs running smoothly. However, I need to add another folder inside this email and add the old Msgs, so that I could view them when I need so ?

Appreciate if someone could help me step by step, being a novice on this, how to add this old messages to my existing normal running email in Office OUtllook 2007. Presently, I am running the COmputer on Windows XP ( SP2 ).

Hope that I would get a favourable response. THanks

Best Regards

A:Solved: Add Old Email to Office Outlook !!

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