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Gaming Monitor Recommendation?

Q: Gaming Monitor Recommendation?

Hey all,
I'm moving into a cramped apartment with 3 other people next year and won't be able to make room for my behemoth of a CRT monitor. (plus its a pain to move it around)

So, I'm planning on getting a LCD monitor to replace it, strictly for gaming purposes, and was wondering what you guys could recommend! I really have no idea where to start.

My gaming rig is top-notch and I'm willing to spend around $500 for the monitor. Oh, and I prefer quality over size.
Any comments, suggestions, and recommendations welcome!

Preferred Solution: Gaming Monitor Recommendation?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Gaming Monitor Recommendation?

Bumpy bump.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like to thank everyone for any replies beforehand. I have a dilemma on what single part of my computer I should upgrade to improve my gaming (I'm on a very tight budget 200$US approx.). Currently I'm getting choppy graphics and slowdowns in relatively old games like Halo, Area 51 and KOTOR (in a 1280x1024 resolution with mid settings)

These are my system specs

Processor: Celeron D 3.2ghz
Motherboard: P5LP-LE (Altair)
RAM: 1gb DDR PC3200 (400mhz)
Hard drive: 120gb Barracuda 7200
Video card: PCI-E geforce 6200tc 350/535 o.c @ 470/770 (runs at 40c idle, 52c high loads)
PSU: Bestec 300w 12v+ 19A

Also here's a link with detailed information about my motherboard

I would like to know what single component I could upgrade in order to be able to play those games flawlessly at a 1280x1024 resolution in high settings. Thanks again.

update>> I've been offered a P4 3.0ghz with HT, will upgrading to this improve my frame rates dramatically?

A:Please I need a recommendation on what to upgrade for gaming.

Does a full-height card fit or is it a slim-line case? Hard to tell.
If a full-size card would fit a 7600GT would be about the most I would think of doing (best option).
If only a low-profile card fits your options are very limited. This is the best cards that would fit:




There is a 7600GS low-profile but none I can see in stock (US).

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My son would like a new or refurbished laptop with some decent gaming capabilities. We've always had Dells but would be interested to hear what other people are using. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Need recommendation for gaming laptop

Gaming and laptops really dont go well together. It either comes to a performance issue or a heat issue. Now don't get me wrong you can game on a laptop but your performace will most likely suffer greatly.

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...and a mat.

Budget is around hmm.... let's say 75 dollars.

Mouse + mat specs should be suitable to play Counter-Strike / Left4Dead (1st person shooter game).

Thanks folks.

A:Need a mouse recommendation for gaming.

$75 US?

Where are you shopping from?

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what is the best gaming graphics card that i could buy for a price around ?100 (bit more or less) bearing in mind the power supplier i currently have is a 400w power supplier

thank you

A:recommendation for budget gaming graphics card

You are likely more limited by a 400W PSU than your budget. First check you vendor and sort by price, then check the specs for the one with 400W or less minimum PSU.
An nVIDIA 650 of some kind may fit you well.

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Hey, I'm looking for a new LCD Monitor.
Planning on doing dual setup.
Would it be better to get the exact same monitors? Or have different?

These are the things I am looking for:

- 22 or 23 inch
- 2m/s
- Good colour and brightness
- All the connectors and HDMI
- Good for gaming
- Good for pictures
- Good for movies
- Good all round and no problems
- No dead colors etc...

So what do you guys recommend me? Please don't suggest HP, LG brands.

A:LCD Monitor Recommendation? $200-$250

The DELL Ultrasharp series gets good reviews and is easy to setup UltraSharp U2311H 23 inch Monitor Details There's a 24" also and you can try the DELL Outlet as often there are returns that have never been opened that were returned with a system.

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Just asked this question on gdgt:

"I am looking for a good 23"-30" monitor (preferably closer to the 23" end) to compliment my new computer (my old 16" Sharp monitor (Sharp LL-T1620) is rather useless nowadays, to say the least).
I am looking for a preferably matte finish, don't mind about widescreen or not, preferably still manufactured/supported, must have HDMI and VGA ports (perhaps DVI instead of HDMI if it's an amazing monitor otherwise).

I would like it to be relatively affordable and a 'quality' brand such as LG, Sharp, Panasonic etc.
A recommendation from a first-hand user of one would be greatly appreciated."

...but then realised I would probably get a better and friendlier answer here
So, anyone got any recommendations?

(My 'uses' are typical computer usage (work (mainly designing some future websites for me) and web browsing), gaming and watching videos (films, tv shows and web tv networks such as Revision3 and TWiT)

A:Recommendation for a new monitor?

Quote: Originally Posted by biggles1000

Just asked this question on gdgt:

"I am looking for a good 23"-30" monitor (preferably closer to the 23" end) to compliment my new computer (my old 16" Sharp monitor (Sharp LL-T1620) is rather useless nowadays, to say the least).
I am looking for a preferably matte finish, don't mind about widescreen or not, preferably still manufactured/supported, must have HDMI and VGA ports (perhaps DVI instead of HDMI if it's an amazing monitor otherwise).

I would like it to be relatively affordable and a 'quality' brand such as LG, Sharp, Panasonic etc.
A recommendation from a first-hand user of one would be greatly appreciated."

...but then realised I would probably get a better and friendlier answer here
So, anyone got any recommendations?

(My 'uses' are typical computer usage (work (mainly designing some future websites for me) and web browsing), gaming and watching videos (films, tv shows and web tv networks such as Revision3 and TWiT)

I have a HannsG HZ281 27.5 monitor and would recommend it,they are a reasonable price and I find mines great!!

Hope this helps

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Im planning on buyng a 19-inch LCD monitor and considering the following, what are your opinions of them?:



LCD monitor (couldnt find a model no. )

Anything i should be afraid or wary of ?

A:LCD monitor recommendation

I would suggest you to buy View sonic it is the best

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Hi Guys,

I need your suggestion for buying an external monitor for my laptop.
But I can't decide between Dell s2218h and AOC 2281FWH.
I will use it for photo editing purpose only.
Please kindly suggest.


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I'm buying a new computer system and intend to buy a 19" monitor. My preference is shadow mask and not aperature grill. Need a monitor that displays high quality text as well as graphics. Would greatly appreciate
any recommendations. Have been primarily looking at View Sonic and
Samsung...but willing to take advice from fellow forum members.

Thanks very much...Cranberry

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Hey, building a new comp (will post the final specs here for review), but I'm looking at two 24" ASUS screens, and I'm wondering which one I should go for.
ASUS VE246H 24"
ASUS VE248H 24" <--- $10 more

Is the extra $10 worth it?
I couldn't find any conclusive comparisons to find a reasonable answer.

A:Solved: Recommendation for monitor?

ASUS VE248H 24" uses led backlighting which can outlast
the cfl bulbs on the other one.
Led lighting is supposed to provide more even lighting
and better picture contrasts.
Probably worth the extra $10.

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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum ahead of time.

Basically, I want to buy a new monitor for around 200 bucks. Most of my daily activities on my computer consist of typing on Office (school work), watching youtube and/or divx movies (usually avi format), on occasion playing 2d yahoo chess or other simple games, chatting on trillian, browsing social networking sites, and listening to music. I almost never play games. I may play one every once and a while, but it is really, really rare.

So which of these is better suited for me:

Asus 24":

Samsung 23":

Some people tell me the Samsung is better, while others say the Asus is because of the response time. I don't mind the extra 20 bucks for the Asus, considering it seems to have some better specs, like response time, which allows me to see more detail.

What do you recommend?

A:Asus or Samsung monitor...(need a recommendation)

They both have good enough specs to do what you need.
So it's a matter of preference,which do you like better.

If you can handle one that is a little smaller,you can get
this for $99 with free shipping.
Unless you actually need the hdmi input.

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Hi everyone,

Looking for recommendations for a cheap graphics card for a new Windows 7 32-bit business PC (Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower). The integrated video it ships with (GMA 4500 on an Intel Q45 chipset) is reportedly pretty lousy and $30-80 is worth it to me for multiple monitor support and freeing up all the system RAM. The actual graphics requirements are minimal. All the PC will be used for is Excel, Outlook and basic web browsing on two 19? monitors. Decent Aero performance would be a plus.

I thought that any card would be better than the integrated but after researching a little it appears that decent 2D performance in Win7 is not a given? 2D, Acceleration, And Windows: Aren't All Graphics Cards Equal? : Part 1: Laying A Theoretical Background

Ideally the card would be without a 6-pin power connector and as low power consumption as possible. The PC uses Dell?s ?88 Percent Efficient PSU? that I?m guessing is codeword for low-wattage. The thread linked below indicates problems with fitting even some single-slot gaming cards into the 780?s case due to size of heatsinks and fan shroud. But I?m not looking for gaming/3d performance so there?s got to be something that will work for decent office 2d acceleration. is GTS 450 compatible with Dell Optiplex 780


A:dual-monitor card recommendation for basic 2D office PC - Win7

Are you fine using 2 VGA or 1 VGA and 1 DVI or HDMI?
It looks like most of the cheaper cards, like the GT210, GT220, and GT240 have 1 VGA, 1 DVI, and 1 HDMI and I am not sure if they can do dual digital outputs at the same time.
GT210 will be the cheapest and lowest power option and there are over a dozen to choose from on Newegg.com.
I have been satisfied with eVGA and XFX branded cards.

I am currently sitting at a low powered desktop, 300watt psu, AMD triple core with an XFX GT240 and it works great, but we are only using 1 display on this machine.

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P50 with ThinkPad Workstation Dock. It is now paired with a old monitor and I wan't to invest in a good monitor.  I use it for different task at work, including regular office (word, excel ...), web browsing, digital drawing, photo editing, video editing (both HD and  4K 3840 x 2160) and viewing VR models in Sketchfab.  I'm looking at ThinkVision monitors and I wonder if whether HD, UHD or 4K is the right choice, I would be happy to get recommendations? Is it capable of 4K? If I buy two monitors, do they have to be similar regarding definition and aspect ratio? Specifications:Lenovo Thinkpad P50 Windows 10Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHz32GB RAM64-bitIntel(R) HD Graphics P530 Regards,Ron

A:Lenovo Thinkpad P50 - recommendation for monitor (docking station with monitors)

There is no right choice for everyone.  I will say that right now, I am using a ThinkVision X1 (4k) and it looks really good to me.  I really like the sharp text.  The speakers aren't great, which is common for thin monitors.  The viewing angles are good.  I removed the stand and am using a VESA-mounted stand, which I like.

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Sorry for the long text, I'm trying to send as much information i have.

Hello forums!
A few years ago i built a new gaming pc because i wanted to be able to play high quality games. But since day 1 i've had nothing but problems. Whenever i play one of my high quality games such as "Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3 or Primal Carnage" the monitor goes completely blank showing a "no signal to monitor" sign after gaming for between 5 minutes to up to 2-3 hours. The monitor sometimes also shows different color stripes either for examples: orange, pink or grey. The sound of my friends on skype usually keeps going for about 20 seconds before going silent, the sound of the game shuts off instantly or goes in a loop or starts with a loud buzzing sound. The fans and the LED's on my pc are still going but i can't control anything on the pc making me have to force restart my pc on the power button.
I've been on this forum before talking to this guy who is helping me but he's been quite busy lately so i need some extra help.
I've updated all drivers to latest, i never overheat, the GPU does not go over 51C when gaming and CPU never goes over 51C either.
I've upgraded my 650W powersupply to a 850W power supply and is one of the highest rated best performance power supplies you can find.
I tried to RMA my graphics card but they found nothing wrong with it and sent it back.
I bought two new sticks of RAM 4GB each, still... Read more

A:Solved: No signal to monitor/colorful monitor crash when gaming

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I have been looking for verification that if I buy the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG and attach it to my Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI that I will get full 2560x1440 resolution refresh rate 165 Hz with 1ms response as the Monitor specs are listed.
I can find no information that the HDMI will pass this level of output.
I have talked to Dell tech support and they do say that the HDMI port is connected directly to the  NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1050T i with 4GB GDDR5 but I also have seen information that HDMI will not support this.
So I am looking for verification on this configuration being compatible/able to output the full capabilities of the video card to the monitor via the on board HDMI output?

A:Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI Specs/Does HDMI out support full bandwidth for G-SYNC Dell Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

First of all, G-Sync as far as I know requires DisplayPort and will not run on HDMI.  Even if it does, I don't think even HDMI 2.0 has enough bandwidth for 1440p @ 165 Hz.  And even if it does though, all of the Dell systems I've seen have only had HDMI 1.4, which is only enough for 1440p @ 60 Hz.  But even if all of that isn't a problem, does the Inspiron 7567 have ONLY a GeForce GPU, or does it have an Intel GPU plus a GeForce GPU?  If it's the latter, G-Sync will definitely not work because in almost all systems that have both GPUs, only the Intel GPU is directly wired to the display outputs.  If your system has ONLY the GeForce GPU, then G-Sync should work in theory, but again you may have the bandwidth problems I mentioned above.

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The title basically says it. I'd like to get a monitor that works as a monitor with my Macbook Pro (I'll just get a HDMI connector) for general computer use, but one that is also suitable for gaming with PS3/PS4 with a low input lag as I like my competitive gaming, but also doubles as a TV, so has a tv/freeview tuner installed too.

Wasn't sure where to put this topic so went for random, anyone out there have any advice?

A:Monitor suitable as a monitor, TV, and gaming

It might help someone here to help you if you told us what country you are in, approximate screen size desired, and the most amount of money you are willing to spend.

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I picked up a new LGe Monitor (L196WTQ), installed proper drivers and set everthing up.
It produces garbled desktop icons and a marquee like box around my mouse that flickers inconsistantly, images on my computer and the entire web are all completely fine.
Games like World of Warcraft are flickering, garbled, and some things just shouldnt be there. Perhaps it has something to do with the Graphics Card? I have a Radeon 9800 Pro.
Below is what I mean by "Garbled".

Could someone help find my problem?

Oh yes, my screen size is 1440x900 and at 60hrz

A:New monitor and gaming

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I want a large lcd to play games and watch movies (as well as other computer tasks)

This one seems awfully cheap for $430 for a 32" :

Is it worth the extra $170 for this one with better specs?:

I've seen a Protron (Ultra) 32" and I noticed no problems with it, It wasn't as bright or responsive as my current 19" widescreen lcd but It looked alright. I always hear bad things about generic brands.

Will there be a noticeable difference so great that the extra money would be well spent?

A:Gaming LCD Monitor

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Looking for new set of dual gaming monitors. I like Samsung and ASUS. 22-24 inch is what im looking for. two monitors. Loads of mixed reviews of everything. Willing to spend around ?200 each. Any advice on whats best would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at Samsung S24A350H

or the 22 inch version.

A:New gaming monitor!

Get the Samsung 24's and don't look back. Maybe make sure they have universal mounting points for a riser stand and a possible third monitor later ! The Asus's are sweet but I would go with the Sammy's, I went with LG's and I wish I had waited for the prices to fall on the Samsung's.

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I need some recomendations on getting the best gaming monitor in the150-200$ price range. I really don't know anything about monitors, if you can give me the basics on what to look for I can do some of my own hunting. Also Id appreciate any links to monitors in this price range you peeps recomend.

A:Gaming Monitor

not sure about price range, but i'd be looking for:
19" widescreen tft
Resolution: 1440 x 900 (very minimum native)
Refresh rate of <8ms
DVI input

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Im looking for suggestions on what brand or kind of monitor should i buy. The specs thay i have in mind are; 1920x1080 res, 144mhz, below 4 ms, preferrably a VA panel since I play both competitive games and solo games which graphics and color are important and in my understanding, VA panels are in between IPS and TN.

Thank you!

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Right now i have $486 saved up for a new monitor. I will be using the monitor for mostly gaming, but i will also like to watch Blu-rays on it later when i buy a PS3. I have been eying the Dell UltraSharp U2410 24" monitor for a while now, Is there anything else i need to take a look at first.

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24" Black LED Monitor Full HD With Super Slim Design ​

Screen Size (Inch): 23.5
Screen Size (cm): 59.8
Screen Size (Class): 24
Flat / Curved: Flat
Active Display Size (HxV) (mm): 521.28(H) x 293.22(V)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Panel Type: PLS
Brightness (Typical): 250cd/m2
Brightness (Min): 200cd/m2
Peak Luminance Ratio: 98%
Contrast Ratio Static: 1000:1(Typ.), 700:1(Min)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Response Time: 4 (GTG?
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical): 178/178
Colour Support: 16.7M
Colour Gamut (NTSC 1976): 72%
Refresh Rate: 60Hz​

24" LED Monitor With Sharp Picture Quality​

Screen Size: 24"
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Panel Type: TN
Brightness: 250cd/m
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (Typ)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega ?
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Response Time: 2 (GTG)
Viewing Angle (H/V): 170 / 160
Color Supported: 16.7M


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Hi folks, my monitor blew up and I was looking at LCD monitors. I can't afford most of them, but was wondering about a couple that were in my price range. Is 21ms acceptable response time for gaming? This is the one I was checking out: http://www.directron.com/v293.html

Also found Acer one with 20ms in the same price range:

Otherwise, I guess I'll stick with CRT for now.


A:LCD Monitor for Gaming Help


Really it's confusing, some people complain of 8ms and 12ms lcds ghosting, while other people get 25ms lcds that they say have no ghosting at all. I think it has more to do with the quality of the lcd.

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I'm Looking to buy a Gaming monitor but i'm not sure which one to get. My Budget is 550$, i want it 27 inches or bigger. Any suggestion

A:Best gaming monitor

Hi, Welcome to 8 forums.

How about this? Amazon.com: BenQ High Performance Gaming XL2720T 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Computers & Accessories

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My spec are in my specs thingy. Nvidia 275 video card. Whats the best monitor I can get for around 200$? My video card can support way over 2560x1600 , how much do you have to spend to break the 1920x1080 barrier? Are they even worth it?

Also I am somewhat interested in a 3d monitor setup but they look pricey and I have no clue if they are worth it.

A:Best gaming monitor for $200?

Are you looking to game at that resolution? The GTX 275 will find it difficult to play GPU-intensive games at or over 1920x1080.

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Im buying this Dell UltraSharp 2209WA 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Its my first lcd , my lovely superbright diamondtron mitsubishi has finally bitten the dust

Ive done a bit of research and this is the monitor for me

problem is i know lcd's display best at their native resolution and for most things ill be running at at 1680x1050 , however with my current rig (and my upgrade being pushed back due to needing a new monitor) ill struggle to game at this res

so will it look/perform ok at 1280x1024 ingame? until i upgrade?

A:New gaming monitor

Hi archie

I use the Samsung 226BW which is a 1680x1050 monitor. Any game i play that my graphics card cant handle at 1680x1050 i lower the res of that game to 1280x800 in the games menu.

As 1280 is pretty close to 75% of 1680 and 800 is pretty close to 75% of 1050 its the settings i use for games like Crysis Warhead etc. You'll see when you get the monitor what is best but a setting of 1280x1024 will give you 76% and 97% of your native resulution and will make the image appear distorted

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I'm curious if the monitor in the link below is bad for gaming? I really don't know anything about monitor specs, so could someone please give me an idea on the quality of this monitor? I'm sure it's a good monitor, I'm just a little worried about the refresh rates of flat-screen monitors since I play online games a lot.

DELL E172FP 17-inch Flat Panel Color Monitor

Thanks for any help

A:Bad gaming monitor?

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I recently purchased a cyberpower gaming tower with the amd ryzen graphics card along with a Dell gaming monitor and when i power up the unit i get an "no hdmi signal" message both ends are plugged into the correct spots any clues as to whats going on?

A:Gaming monitor

For our users to assist in troubleshooting, please answer the following questions;
* What operating system?* What specific AMD Ryzen video card model?* What video out ports are available on the video card?* What specific Dell monitor model?

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Hi, some games only display in 1024x768 minimum, but their text and graphics look so small on my 17" monitor that I get eyestrain and have got to get a bigger monitor.
I think LCD's have replaced CRT's nowadays, so I think a 22" LCD would be fine, but shall I get a square screen one or a widescreen?
I only want it for playing games and flight simulations, nothing else.
Wouldn't a widescreen stretch the picure out and make it look funny?
What sort do you all use?

A:What monitor do you use for gaming?

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Just purchased a Mitsubushi 17" LCD monitor Model NXM76LCD. It has both analog and DVI input capability. My previous experienece with LCD monitors and games was very disappointing and I ended up taking them back. This Mitsubiishi unit works as good or better than my old Trinitron 19" CRT monitor. So far I've run M$ Combat Flight Sim (1,2 & 3) Descent 2 & 3 and M$ Midtown Madness. Video quaility is excellent. Native resolution is 1280 X 1024. Running it on and older Dell XPS R400, P2, 384mb SDRAM with an ATI Radeon 64mb AGP graphics card. OS is Win98SE. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a DVI cable (it didn't come with one) and see if that makes any difference.

Just wondered if any one else has tried this one out. Would welcome comments/questions.

Regards - Ray

A:LCD Monitor for gaming

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Is this a good gaming monitor? It is a Sceptre brand so I guess I can trust them.


The one thing that I like about this monitor is its 16.7 colors. I guess that means it's an 8-bit monitor right? I am planning on buying from newegg.com or tigerdirect.com. I just want a monitor that has good picture quality and fast response time. Should I get this monitor or can anyone recommend one that is better?

A:Gaming monitor?

16.7 million colors is 32-bit. It looks like an alright monitor. 8ms is the highest response time you would want on a gaming monitor.

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Yay my Chimei 22in monitor died after 4 years of good service​I paid about 350 for it when brand new​im looking around that same price range for a gaming monitor that will be running crossfired 6900s​im happy for a true 22in monitor but would be happy to go up in size if the price is right​thanks for the suggestions guys​

A:New gaming monitor

24 inch 1920x1080 is now the default monitor. No point going smaller. They cost <$200.

Other options include:
- Taking a risk and spending ~$300 on a 2560x1440 27 incher from eBay. Techspot has it on Xmas Shopping List.
- Spending a little more and getting either a 27inch 1080p monitor, or a productivity-oriented 1920x1200 monitor.
- Check out Dell website for more sizes and resolutions. You're gonna be paying for it, though.

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Thinking about getting a 120hz monitor to replace my current 60hz monitor, I have the money to pay for it;

Just need to know if it's worth it and if it even makes that much of a difference.


A:Monitor For Gaming

I would recommend a Benq Monitor

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Ok so for the past week or so I been lookin for a nice new monitor and I finally decided on these few...
This is for gaming, and just general stuff..but I want something good for gaming too definetly.

Samsung SyncMaster 17" 730B

LG Flatron 17" L1720PQ

Hyundai ImageQuest B70A

A:Best monitor for gaming?

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Hey i just built my first every gaming computer. I'm looking to buy a monitor under $200, it can be 19", but not 17". I want it to be decent. i've looked but i don't no what exactly im looking for... so help is appreciated, thanks!

A:monitor for gaming rig

Do you want widescreen or non-widescreen?

EDIT: If it's okay to be widescree: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116095
If you want non-ws: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009137
You can actually ger a good (by looking at the numbers) 22" monitor under 200 (after rebates): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236043 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236028

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I am using a KDS 19" CRT with sony Trinitron. I was thinking about getting a Flat Panel LCD or Digital. What is best for Gaming and WHY? I guess they (flat panel) are good for saving space but I cant tell if there is a difference in picture quality. I am thinking about upgrading my monitor to something larger (if there is one). Can you suggest name brands and type as well as your opinion?
I have a good system with a Gforce4FX for video card and the games I play are Everquest and Counterstrike and Heroes and other such...Please give me your pix.

Thanks in advance..


A:What type of monitor would you use for Gaming?

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Hi there. I have a KDS CRT 19" true flat monitor now. I like it but it really takes up way too much room. My girlfriend..(hehe yeah I know) says I should get a flat panel. I have heard lately that some of them are actually better for gaming than CRTs. I went to Frys (here in California, Orange county) and I did not understand some of this info...For example there was a Sony with the following..
Contrast ratio 500:1, Pitch .264, 260/M2, .12MS response time, also it had an extra britenes feature that is exclusive to sony it made it real brite. This monitor was 20". It was on sale for about 899.00. What do the numbers mean? What should I be looking for? What is ideal for gaming? NOW what monitors do you recomend? My price range is about 900 up to 1200. I play at 1280x 1024. I would prefer at least 19 if not larger monitor size. Also it needs to have a good picture to play DVDs as the 'puter setup is in the bedroom and girlfriend likes to watch movies in bed. If at all possible please paste links to teach me about these features and what they mean. If you have some best pics (for monitors) please post em..

Thanks way in advance.

A:Need help shopping for new monitor for gaming.

I'll start by trying to give a crash course in LCD.
Contrast ratio-- level of "blackness" and brightness ( sorta ). The higher the number the blacker the black and brighter. If you look on an LCD you'll notice that it's not quite black black if the contrast ratio is something like 350:1 or bright for that matter. So the higher the contrast ratio the better.
Pitch-- distance between pixels displayed. The lower the number the crisper the image.
Response time-- time that the LCD needs to " paint" the screen ( again sorta). Anything above 18 ms , you'll cry when playing ( it introduce ghosting or frame skipping).
Now if you're a true gamer ( DOOM III, etc..etc.. ) NO LCD CAN COMPETE with the good 'ol CRT. Since it seems you got cash i would suggest something like a Mitsubishi 22" Diamond Pro ( basically anything with a Trinitron tube). True, it's heavy and bulky but the pic... mmm.. like butha.. . Too bad Sony got out of the CRT production since they used to be the best.

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I am planing to buy new display monitor. so please guide me worth buying brand as short listed below
with IPS panel.

2. LG
3. AOL

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I would simply like to know what is best Gaming Monitor for Price? 19" is fine. I have done a search in the forums and have read so much that I am totally confused. lol.

These are among the list I have compiled. HELP, I am so lost...

Great Gaming Monitors:

19" Diamondtron AG monitor(Mitsubishi Diamontron Plus 91)

19" Sony G420

MAG 19" PureFlat 972PF-s

Philip 202p4

FD Trinitron 21 inch. however mine came in a HP P1110 so it's the same monitor just different boxes.

Any 19" Samsung flat-screen TUBE monitor

Samsung SyncMaster 19" CRT Monitor with DynaFlat Screen
Model: 955DF

The Iiayama Vision Master Pro 454
Vision Master Pro 454
ViewSonic P95f
Eizo T675

Sony A420
FP955 ------------ Over Priced
Samsung's SyncMaster 957DF --------- nicely Priced

As of right now I am possibly looking at the:
Samsung SyncMaster 19" CRT Monitor with DynaFlat Screen
Model: 955DF
at Best Buy for $199.00 no S&H charge.

Am I close?????

and when are those darn LCDs going to be ready for gaming AND affordable?

A:What is best Gaming Monitor for Price?

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Looking for a 24 inch matte finish monitor for around the 200 mark, main usage is games. A litle web surfin etc.

Please advise.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 6400+
Nvidea 8800gts 512
4 gigs RAM

A:Monitor for gaming recommendations please?

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Can you recommend a good but low priced monitor for gaming? One with g-sync would be cool. Keep in mind I'm on a budget.

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Just wondering if: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007R...323051?n=507846&s=electronics&v=glance

And some more info on it here: http://secure.syntaxgroups.com/products/specs.jsp?pid=lt26hve

Would be a good monitor for gaming? I mainly play WoW and CS right now.

So I was just wondering if it would look as good, or near as good a monitor ment for the computer?

My graphics card is a bit older: CHAINTECH SA5700L Geforce FX5700LE 256MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card

Will my computer be able to handle this monitor and World of Warcraft?

Thanks in advance.

A:Will this monitor be good for Gaming?

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So recently I've bought a small samsung tv and used hdmi cable to connect it to my laptop. My question here is that everytime I play games on my main monitor ( laptop), and try to click on a browser or skype on my second monitor, it refreshes by the screens going black and game being minimized on the main monitor. Is this suppose to happen? I hear that some second monitors are suppose to refresh but I believe I saw some people who takes control of the second monitor while main monitor has games on (streamers). It is my first time posting so if there are any more information needed, reply please

Also, if this is the wrong section to put in, I will handle it as well.

A:Dual Monitor While Gaming

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