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Accept TPM OR Reject TPM

Q: Accept TPM OR Reject TPM

The following configuration change was requested for this computer's trusted platform module (TPM):Clear TPM.

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Preferred Solution: Accept TPM OR Reject TPM

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


This is a standalone system with wifi internet connection.  I had a hard disk failure and replaced the disk and reinstalled Windows 8.1.  No changes to the internet link, and internet access is normal after login.  Any suggestions? 

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I keep getting security certificate "accept/reject" error messages while surfing pages on Opera and IE and it even shows up on Pidgin! What's goin' on did I install a tweaking app or somethin'.How do I fix this thnx.Oh and my comp freezes sometimes too,vga corruption the screen gets all garbled,I'd love to keep my comp on all day,so I'd appreciate some help on that too.I would accept the freezing (vga corruption) as a monitor prob (I bought this monitor second-hand a few months ago),and I did complain,but the storekeeper dismissed it as a cpu problem,so now I'm messed up.Nvm I got firefox and it fixed my myspace login and a whole bunch of certificate error msgs.

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Audio jack from laptop only accept the first device introduced and if i want to exchange headphones with speakers the speakers dont work,but if i restart and insert the speakers work very good,please tell me how to solve the problem 

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I found an excellent pre-built PC deal. The system uses quality parts and is cheaper than the cost of the separate parts + shipping by $125.00. Plus, I would have to spend time building the PC. The only problem are is it ships with Windows 8 only.
Is Windows 8 a deal killer ?

A:Would You Reject A Pre-Built PC Because Of Windows 8

Yes it is. But if you want the pc just buy Windows 7 and install it. Or find something with W7 installed.

Does it come with a touch screen ?

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In all of my apps and even in the Run box of WINXP w/SP2, The entry cursor shows in the box, but it just ignores any data I try to enter. Since I can't enter sfc in my Run box, I can't check my OS. I've run several Spy and AD Detectors, and scaned my AVC Virus Detector with nothing found. Since I can't even enter my a/c number in my bank's online screen, I've got to get this fixed promptly. Any ideas?
Edit/Delete Message

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Here's the situation I'm trying to resolve:
I have an application that periodically takes a series of .csv files and stuffs them into an Access table. What I'm trying to do is to have Access reject any entries with the same Primary Key (a date/time stamp), but to do so QUIETLY... That is, to NOT pop up any warning windows, etc... just fail, and trudge on....

Surely this can't be TOO difficult??
Thanks for any help you folks can offer!
Joe (oldmainframehack)

A:Access: Reject dups QUIETLY

Jow, run the Update Query from a Form Button, but before running the query set the System Warnings to Off and then after the query has run set them back to On. Like this
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
Docmd.OpenQuery ("Queryname")
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

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I have a document saved on my laptop(windows 98) and it was created by Microsoft Word. I wanted it on my other computer that has Windows XP. So, I just sent the file to myself as an attatchment. It was received, but when I clicked on the attatchment it would not open. There was a message saying it was "unsafe". It is a .doc file. Why does Outlook Express reject it and what can I do to move it over. I tried "save as" but it tells me the file already exists, so I can not change the type file it is, in some way, like somebody at work suggested. Thanks for advice.

A:y does outlook express reject .doc file?

Open Outlook Express
Go to Tools | Options | Security tab

Uncheck Do Not Allow Attachments to be saved ....

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=861795">

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Hello, all.

I have a quick question.

Right, my little brother has a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate (x32). He also has a PS3 webcam (I forget the actual name of it). He is allowed to use this webcam on his PS3, but not on his computer. The problem is that he keeps defying the rule in place, and plugging it into his computer, and using it anyway.

My question is basically asking if I can set up some kind of policy on the laptop, to make it reject this certain piece of hardware if it is ever plugged in. I uninstalled and deleted the drivers, but that didn't stop him. My brother is not very technically skilled, so I doubt he'd be able to bypass or remove whatever rule I put in place.

I have researched this online, but come up with nothing. I'm probably not using the right keywords.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Is there a way to force Windows 7 to reject certain hardware?

Well you can disable the hardware the normal way, but he sounds resourceful enough to figure out that little trick. It might be possible to create a hardware profile that denies the use of the webcam. Though the easiest thing might be to set up a task that automatically shutdowns the system if the webcam is connected.

I don't think that would be that hard to do using the task manager.

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Firstly, this is my first post to the group so please bear with me...I am NOT very technical, but I am intuitive. I don't know if anyone has had this problem but I hope someone can help.

I am running EMC 10 on Windows Vista. Every time I try to copy a non-copyrighted DVD, I can successfully get through the first stage. When prompted to insert a blank disc, I do. The tray reopens and I get this message " Insert disc...Please insert a blank disc in this drive. Possible disc types are DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DOUBLE LAYER, DVD+RW." This happens every time I try to copy a dvd using any of the copy applications. Every time! I have every type of disk suggested and have tried this using each type...no success. I've tried copying the disc to the desktop and the hard drive. This only allows me to play it on a computer, not a DVD player. Please note though,as unusual as this sounds, during the course of trying to find the problem, I was able to make a copy only once from each selection on the Roxio menu. These were "Copy DVD", "Copy Disc" and "Burn Image" When I tried a 2nd time, thinking I had it fixed, it would not let me and the same window popped up over and over again. I've spent countless hours searching all over this computer looking for some setting or way to solve this problem. I'm at the point now that I may go out and buy other software other than Roxio to see if that is where the problem lies.

I am able to bu... Read more

A:destination drive reject problem

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I'm trying to stop receiving email from an internet address. I tried to setup a custom recipient with the smtp address of the sender I want to reject. I added the custom recipient (Rejected Mail) on my delivery restrictions tab. However I'm still receiving mail from that address. Can anyone offer any ideas on what else needs to be done so that this sender is properly filtered? thanks for your help.

A:Reject mail on Microsoft Exchange Server

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I am looking to prepare a report comprised of docuemnts sent to various units of the business. All units were instructed to use 'Track Changes' in Word, and I would now like create a Macro that will only reject changes the correspond to formatting (ex. font size, spacing, etc.).

I have a macro that was created previously for similar documents, but was not properly tested on documents that had a large number of changes. Now running the macro with documents completely freezes the file and does not execute as desired. Here is the macro currently being used:

Sub FmtChanges()
Dim revFmtRev As Revision
For Each revFmtRev In ActiveDocument.Revisions
If revFmtRev.FormatDescription <> "" Then
End If
End Sub

Since there are many documents and they are all quite long (some exceed 200 pages), it would save a ton of time to use a macro such as this to complete the task.

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide!


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HP Presiro running up to date XP home, outlook express

yesterday everything running just fine. powered down the computer last night as I normally do.

booted up this morning and internet access via explorer runs fine. attempt to open outlook express and I get error password rejected.

I have not changed anything.

Any ideas to help me solve this are appreciated.


A:cannot connect to outlook express password reject

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How do I prevent Windows 10 from installing itself or even downloading itself on my computer? Is there a place where I can opt completely out of this alleged "upgrade"? Thank you.

A:How do I decline/reject the upgrade to Windows 10 PERMANENTL...

Hi, You may want to check out the 'Never10' freeware described in the following article. http://www.howtogeek.com/228551/how-to-stop-windows-7-or-8-from-downloading-windows-10-automatically... Regards, DP-K

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I am trying to send emails from my Outlook 2013. The message is stuck in my outbox and then I get this message "0x800CCC69 :555 555 the system is configured to reject emails from 197.24....". I contacted my ISP and they asked to install an antivirus and remove malwares in the network of which I did but the problem still exist.
What is the real cause of this problem? and How do I deal with it?

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I have a Laptop Asus that have been infected by dangerous Trojans and when ever I tried to run antivirus in Safe Mode, it just shut it down. Is there a way around this virus to be able to install Antivirus sucessfully in order to eliminate trojans?? Or shall I resort to reformat the whole drive again reinstall operating system?

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Hi there everyone, I have a new problem that it seems nobody else has ever had as I can't find any support via google or yahoo.
As a photographer the issue is quote inhibiting.. Basically when I go to delete an image in bridge, it comes up with 'are you sure you want to send this image to the recylce bin' and I click 'yes' then it moves to the next image.. just like its supposed to BUT the image I 'deleted' has not moved from the folder.. it has not gone.
The same happens if I try to 'reject' an image. and yes I have 'show rejected images' selected.. yet just as with delete, when I try to 'reject' an image nothing happens.

* If I hit the delete button, 'do you want to reject this file or delete it?'
If I hit reject OR delete.. nothing happens.
If I hit 'control and delete' it asks me if I am sure I want to delete it.. then the fires remain.

I have a laptop with adobe Bridge on windowsvista, and no problem. My old pc was on windows xp and no problem.
This problem seems to be specific to windows7?
Does Adobe bridge
not support win7?

A:Adobe Bridge will not delete or reject images in Win7

Hmmm where are you saving your images?
You might not have ownership/control of the current folder.

I just tried mine and had no problem.

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I have these 2 contacts to whom I can never send emails together. My email to them is always returned and undeliverable. I can successfully send them emails separately. I am not sure if they have spam programs installed in their email system or not, but I am just wondering if spam program can block the emails for multiple receivers.

Or what else is a possibility of blocking my emails to them? Thanks

A:can spam filter reject incoming bulk emails?

Posted via Mobile Device
When a message comes back undeliverable that message comes from the ISP's smtp server because it cannot find the user on the system. You sure the address is correct. I have made the mistake in the past of having the same person in my address book twice but their email address had one charcter transposed.

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I am FED UP! I keep my passwords in a LastPass vault. I don't enter them manually. I copy and paste. Human error by me is not the problem! The problem is website and application error.

My vault says that I had to change my support.mozilla.com password in 2014. I tried to post last night. I got a password error message, so I jumped through the hoops to set a new password. The website accepted my new password. And then the very next moment when I tried to use it to log in, they give me another password error! It looks like I will have to create a new account and hope the same perversity doesn't follow me to it.

My ability to use LastPass on my default browser is limited, so I decided to bring back Sticky Password. When I did, I was shorn of my premium status, and it rejected the Master Password I had stored in two places. I am waiting for their help to set a new password.

Why can't these folks do better?

Computer: DELL Dimension 2400
CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2658 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard: DELL 0G1548
Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB
Drive: WL120GPA872, 117.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-7)
Drive: W... Read more

A:Websites & software constantly & continually reject valid passwords--why?

Is there something in Advanced Options to avoid?

I make them 20 characters long if the website or application permits, and I use all character types.

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Search and advertising giant Google has taken one more step in relegating Flash to the pages of history. From July this year, it will no longer accept Flash display ads.From June 30, developers with Flash-based display ads can forget uploading them to Google's AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Instead, they'll need to output display ads in HTML5.Phase two of Google's plan to go "100% HTML5" begins on January 2, 2017, when Google will no longer run Flash display ads on Google Display Network or through DoubleClick.Source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/google-to-reject-all-flash-animated-ads-in-new-html5-push/Yet another nail in Flash Player's coffin. This will reduce the attack vector of a lot of malware.

A:"Google to reject all Flash-animated ads in new HTML5 push", via ZDNet

Alright Google!!

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Is there any way to reject an e-mail in outlook, so that it sends the sends a reject e-mail back to the sender, making it appear to them that the address that they sent to is invalid?
I would rather do this like you can in "mail" in OS X then simply try to block spam from Outlook 2003.

A:Reject Spam mail in outlook, as in OS X Mail

There are many such applications to do this, such as MailWasher.

However, please think carefully about it.
Spammers send out spam that depends on clicking a link or on an embedded HTML code requesting an image download that registers the "hit" with an entirely different website that the one the spam originated from in 99% of cases.

They never check the original outgoing mailbox, in fact most are probably shut down by the ISP shortly after the payload was sent.

"Bouncing" the message back therefore has no effect, its not seen or noted.
All it does is chew up yet more bandwidth, for which we all indirectly pay for in ISP fees.

Mailwasher is good to allow you to view the email header and delete it from the ISP server, so it's never downloaded at all. Just don't bounce it, for everyones sake.

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I recently changed ISPs and added a Netgear wireless router to the modem. I configured the modem and router useing my PC laptop, and generated a WEP Key with 64-bit encryption. I was able to successfully connect with my WEP Key on my PC and on my TiVo, but my Mac (which is a new MacBook) will not accept my WEP Key, saying there is an error in joining the network.

The dropdown menu in the AirPort window has four choices: (1) WEP Password, (2) WEP 40/128-bit hex, (3) WEP 40/128-bit ASCII and (4) LEAP. I'm assuming that since my WEP key is set to 64-bit encryption, that I should use the first option, which is what I have been trying.

I was able to connect my MacBook to my old wirelss signal, which I have not disconnected it (it's cable-based and runs from a different modem/router; my new ISP is DSL-based), and that signal also has a WEP Key with 64-bit encryption.

I also tried disabling the WEP key encryption for a time, and then I was able to secure a connection to the new signal, but I want to maintain the encryption. Please help.

A:Mac Won't Accept WEP Key

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Hi, is it possible to incluse a tick box on a html form which then 'energises' the 'Submit' button?

E.g. I have a form which i want people to read and agree (via a tick-box) to a disclaimer before the submit button on the form is energised.

I do have a vaugue knowlege of Html, but am stumped on this issue.

Thanks, Paul.

A:Accept 'Tick-box'

You need something other than HTML to accomplish this. SOme sort of active scripting. I an sure there something that can be done with Java type form validation.

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My daughter's HP laptop (windows XP) was running fine. Battery just ran out, she plugged the computer in and now it will not let her log back on (and she is sure she is typing her password correctly). Any suggestions?

A:Won't Accept Password

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Ok, I've got a dual P3 700 at work that we really can't use in it's current state at work. It's a fiery tower that was meant to be a print server from EFI . They won't even support the hardware on their website. It's got a Tyan Thunderbolt mainboard in it. They used their proprietary BIOS when they built it so you couldn't change the OS. After finally figuring out what mainboard was in there I went to Tyan's website and downloaded their version of the BIOS and flashed it. Now when I try to install 2K, I can partition the drive with no problems but it keeps telling me that I need to choose a windows 2000 compatible partition to install it on. It doesn't give me the option to format the partition in the setup. I am able to go into the recovery console and use the format command to format the partition, but it keeps giving me the same error in the setup. The hard drive is a SCSI IBM running from the onboard SCSI ultra 2. I checked all the BIOS & SCSI BIOS settings and they seem to be correct. I tried downloading the latest SCSI drivers and loading them before the install, but that doesn't make a difference either. I've also tried different partition sizes with no luck. What I don't get is why can I partition the drive and format it (in recovery console), but can't install on it? Can anyone give me any ideas on what to do? Thanks

A:Can't get Win 2K to accept partitions

Have you tried formatting with Partition Magic? I use version 8 to partition all custom systems that I build and I love it, it works grate! I have never had a problem using PM8.


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I have done everything I can think of to allow incoming RDP sessions, but it is not working.

I have checked the box under system properties/remote (Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer) and I have check the box under McAfee Firewall/ports and system services for port 3389.

I have also temporarily turned off the firewall....no good.

I know that system I am RDP'ing from works because I can get to a Windows XP machine.

Thanks in advance.

A:Will not accept RDP incoming

Quote: Originally Posted by mlvogt57


I have done everything I can think of to allow incoming RDP sessions, but it is not working.

I have checked the box under system properties/remote (Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer) and I have check the box under McAfee Firewall/ports and system services for port 3389.

I have also temporarily turned off the firewall....no good.

I know that system I am RDP'ing from works because I can get to a Windows XP machine.

Thanks in advance.

What version of win 7 are you using (starter,home,pro,ultimate)??
ken J

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I just bought some Maxell DVD-R discs which won't work with my Win7 drive.

I've never paid much attention to what I use before, but surprised about this. My other discs that work fine are Memorex DVD+R.

I verified my DVD drivers are up to date.

Please advise.

A:PC won't accept Maxell DVD-R

There have always been different types of DVD RW disks +R and -R being the main ones, check the specs of your Writer to see if you can burn the disks you have. Of course some systems can be temperamental and refuse to accept a certain batch of disks, A certain manufacturer's disks, or even individual disks of a specific batch

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Hello. I just brought home an HP All in One desktop. I sat and filled it in last night. I just tried to get on it and I can't get past the login screen. I wrote my password down and it won't accept it. It says my name and underneath, it asks for my psswd. My email is wrong. It says **REMOVED**. That's not me. I have spent 3 hours getting # after # from Microsoft and sites to log onto. Not ONE of them helps ant the online chat is worthless. Is anyone out there able to help me? I'm so upset. Thanks. Maggie

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I have an ABIT KX7333 board with AWARD Bios/softmenu 3. I am using corsair pc2700 ddr ram and an Athlon xp 1800+. Everytime I go into my BIOS and change anything, namely the memory CAS from 2.5 to 2, or anything with the memory for that matter, it won't boot. I know the memory can run at that rate but it jsut isn't working. Also, I am using an Nvidia GeForce 4 ti 4200 vid card, and I can't change the AGP settings for optimal use. The only thing I can use is the optimum performance defaults, which is not as optimal as I know it can be. I have the latest Bios update, what is the deal here? Any input would be greatly appreciated

A:BIOS won't accept changes....?

Possibly insufficient power, I've had the problem in the past while trying to run larger amounts of RAM at higher speeds. I had to go to a 400 watt PS.

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Is there ANY product out there that will allow a PC to accept Mac formatted disks (zips, floppys, etc.)?

A:PC accept Mac disks?

Chris286 said:

Is there ANY product out there that will allow a PC to accept Mac formatted disks (zips, floppys, etc.)?Click to expand...


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Try as I might, I can't insert a cd in the CD drive.
It has been working and I've tried EVERYTHING that's
on the help line, but really, it doesn't have a cd in
and when I try to put in a cd, it just goes in a bit and
then won't grab and pull it in. Feels like it's butting
against something hard and already in.

This is for a Mac OS X
Version 10.3.5
Processor 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5

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My new laptop that I had only been using for a few days, suddenly won't accept my password. I KNOW it's the correct password, but it says no. I never set up Password Retrieval, since I only had it for a few days. What do I do?? I absolutely can NOT get on!

A:Won't accept password

sorry, but we cannot help with password issues, per TSF rules.




Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

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My Intel 975xbx (rev. 304) will accept three 1 GB sticks of Corasair XMS memory, but when I put a fourth stick in, I get the three beeps and it won't post. I have tried all four sticks in different combinations, so it isn't a particular module that is "bad". I followed the voltage settings recommended by Corsair and have tried altering them, but I can't get all four to work at the same time. They were all purchased together, by the way. I can't find anything on Intel's site or Corsair's sited about a known problem. Any help would be appreciated.



A:Bad Axe won't accept 4 sticks of ram

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By some reason Win7 only wil run with 1 x 2 GB RAM.

First i couldn't install Win7 - i got BSOD wit somthing about VSMRAID.SYS and IRQL NOT EQUAL.
Then I try to remove som hardware, and when I removed one of my to 2 GB RAM, then Win7 was installing perfect.

Afterwods I tryed to inset the second 2 GB RAM again - but then BSoD came again.

What is wrong? Why do Win7 give BSoD?

Win XP was OK with 2 x 2 GB - Why is Win7 not?

RAM: 2 x 2 GB GEIL, PC2-6400, DDR2-800
Mainboard: MSI P45 Zilent/Platinum with the newest BIOS.

Please help me :-)

A:Windows7 only accept 2 GB RAM


Welcome to 7 forums

In this regard, i guess the problem is with the 2 GB RAM or the RAM slot. The issue is not with Windows 7.

► Lets say RAM 1 works, RAM 2 caused the issue.

* To find if the defect is with that RAM or the slot, remove the working RAM 1 and place the RAM 2 in that same slot.

* If your Windows works fine, then the problem may be with the other RAM slot. If the RAM 2 causes BSOD now, then the issue is with the RAM. You may have to replace that RAM 2.

* Additionally, you can try interchanging the RAM slots and boot up !.

Hope this helps

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I am running Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, SP3 in a corporate environment. I use IE7 version 7.0.5730.11.

When I try to add a website as a favorite it doesn't "stick". I can see it on my favorites list...but then without any other action from myself it will disappear. Something is deleting them. The weird thing is...not all get deleted. Some stick and some don't, but most don't.

What is going on!??

A:IE7 won't accept new favorites

Welcome to TSF

Seems to be a common issue but no real solution

Is your Favorites folder in the default location:
C:\Documents and Settings\user account name\Favorites ?

Try the procedures in this article:

Uninstalling /reinstalling IE7 may help. If XP SP3 was installed after IE7,
it should be uninstalled before uninstalling IE7.
IEBlog- IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3:

When installing/reinstalling IE7 disable antispyware/antivirus programs and
follow other tips/warnings at http://www.ie-vista.com/known_issues.html


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I bought a 15inch notebook in November, paying for Microsoft Word ,Home and Student package. It worked okay until January when Word became disabled, I received a message saying my subscription had been cancelled.(I'd paid to have the package permanently). I was advised to type in a product code. I typed in the product code HP had given me but got a message saying code was no good. I phoned up Microsoft. They said the code hadn't been activated by the seller and was of a type only given for trials anyway.I emailed the HP sales consultant. I got a reply which told me to contact technical support: no link, email address or telephone number. I wrote back, telling them to sort it out or at least pass me on to someone who could.After this I received a text telling me the product was going to be collected from me this Wednesday, Feb1. I got an email from the sales consultant implying i'd asked for this. There's some mention of a replacement but I haven't been told when this is going to be.I phoned up today and I could tell the guy speaking to me was giving me a load of guff. he said the product could only be fixed by them collecting it. He said he'd email as to when a replacement would arrive but I knew he was making it up and the email hasn't arrived.They want to collect the laptop on Wednesday February 1. If I let them collect it I've got no idea when a replacement will arrive and they might try to argue there's nothing wrong with the laptop.I've... Read more

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i wonder if you can help a complete novice with a problem i have. until yesterday my laptop which has vista home edition running, worked just fine. i started it up earlier today and i was met by various error messages. the main message was "the service cannot accept control messages at this time" i got this when trying to update my anti virus ( Norton ). i also got it when trying to open up ccleaner and some other windows programmes. some programmes , like "convertx dvd "worked OK , itried to do system restore but got the same message. i started up in safe mode and managed to do system restore, taking my laptop settings back a week. i restarted in normal mode only to be met by more errors " host process for windows services stopped working and was closed " " application layer gateway service stopped working and was closed ", and also the " service cannot accept control messages at this time " i still cant access the programmes i mentioned , i even tried the repair your computer option on my laptop, and the last known good configuration option ,no change. so I'm stuck. anyone any ideas? is it a virus? or is there a solution you can help me with. sorry its a bit long winded, but that's what has happened.

A:the service cannot accept...

has anybody any ideas how to solve this. would a complete reset work? if i do it what will i lose? programmes I've loaded? emails? sorry but I'm very new to PCs so any help would be very much appreciate, thanx

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Hi everybody,

it's my first post here and I have a serious problem.

My old laptops motherboard burned, so I stripped the RAM and HDD an threw the rest away. I bought a used Toshiba Satellite Pro without the HDD.

I put the old one into new laptop. But I had set HDD pw on my old laptop. I remember it 100% correct but the new computer does not unlock the drive. It says: HDD Password Invalidate Press any key to continue.

I tried going through Bios but it says "Registered". AndI cant select the Drive, going up/down on the list they just skip this drive.

I also tried booting straight from windows Disc to format and reinstall Windows but it askes HDD password before even booting up the disc.
Any Ideas how I can get rid of password or get the computer to accept it?
eidt: I dont necessarily need the data from the disc. I do lose some valuable pictures but I am happy if I can just format and install new wimdows.

A:Failing to accept HDD PW

howdy and welcome. You may want to re-read the rules page, as we will not assist in bypassing passwords.

Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

thanks for understanding,


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This is about not being able to accept cookies, I E version 6.

I have changed and re-changed setting in internet options. I put the bar at accept all cookies. I have shut down my firewall and this did not help. I am using Zonealarm.
I have seen this addressed on several news groups and no one seems to have an answer. I have searched the knowledge base and tried several suggestions, no help.

Starting out, I E 6 was working okay, and then it quit accepting cookies. I asked for some knowledge from this forum. It was suggested that I use I E version 5.5.

I have Win98, Pentium II, 233 mhz, 196 megs ram, 32 g hd, plenty of room.

I used a program call IEradicator to remove I E 6. (http:\\www.98lite.net)
This did seem to remove I E from my computer. I ran it twice. I scandisk and defraged, ran regclean, scandisk and defrag again. I installed I E version 5.5. I still can not get this computer to accept cookies. I discovered that the internet options drop down was the same as version 6. This options menu still has a privacy tab included. I donít think that this is part of version 5.5.

I still canít accept cookies.

Does anyone know what to work over, to help me correct this main problem?

I know that I can empty all data and reformat. Might be what has to be. Did not want to do this.

A:Cookies, can not accept

Here are two possible ways that may help .

Double check your settings ( close & reopen ) to make sure everthing has been done correctly & the changes have stuck .


Dear Fred: Let me tell you of a simple way I have come up with
for managing cookies. It may not work for everyone, but it
works for me.
In the Internet Options (Security tab), I set both the
Internet zone and the Trusted Sites zone to Medium security.
Then, in the Internet zone, I disallow cookies that are stored
on the computer, while allowing session cookies. In the
Trusted Sites zone, I allow both. Whenever I run into a site
which needs to store a cookie (like eBay, Amazon, cable TV
listings, etc.) I add that site to the Trusted Sites zone. At
the end of the day, I have on the drive those cookies which I
need to keep, and all others are history.
To make this even easier, I use a small application called
Trust Setter, which puts two buttons in the IE toolbar, Add to
Trusted Sites, and Add to Restricted Sites. Get it from
http://www.jasons-toolbox.com/ScriptRepository/ .
Available by right clicking on the unwanted page .


Cookies present a dilemma. On one hand, chances are you want to accept cookies from some sites
(for such functionality as savi... Read more

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HP DX2450 Microtower. This system comes with HP branded Windows XP install disk and a restore disk(among others). I wanted to perform a repair install on XP. Inserted the HP restore disk, system reported it sees a valid restore disk and ask for the Windows install disk. I put in the HP Windows XP disk, when it got to "install Windows" , I chose "repair an existing XP installation". When it finished installing, it ask for the product ID. I looked on the CD, in the i386 folder/unattend.txt, bottom line is the product ID. When I put in this key, it tells me it's not a valid key. Now I'm stuck. How can this not be a valid ID when it's on the same disk used to install Windows, and what can I do now?

A:Win XP will not accept product key

Often the product key is on a stick attached to the computer.

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Can anyone assist with the following?

i Fitted new Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe mobo, board with a P4 3.2 gig processor, the board does post.
However on completing the IDE scan the following message appears.

"An ultra ATA/66 (or faster) drive is connected with a 40-pin IDE cable on the primary channel.
Drive speed is downgraded to ultra ATA/33 mode"

after seeing the message the PC suggests a hardware change has taken place but will not boot from the primary drive,
The correct IDE cable is used (in the correct cofiguration) in the primary IDE slot.
in the BIOS the drive is seen but it appears not recognised?
The boot H/D drive is A seagate Barracuda ATA 1V (model ST38002 1a) 80 GIG.
relitively new with W XP loaded.

If anyone has come across this before i'd appreiciate some guidence.

Regards Libraryman.

A:Mobo will not accept my H/D

have you tried with a different IDE Cable?... just asking...

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system crashed got it back with Dell support can not upgrade to w8.1

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My mobo will accept up to PC100 and i have 128 mb of pc100 on it now.Will it accept a stick of pc 133 instead of pc 100.Will it reject it or accept it, and will i have repercussions from it. What would it do etc..

A:Will my mobo accept this ram?

More than likely your motherboard will accept it, but it will only run at PC100 speed. And I doubt you will have any problems, just you will not be running the ram at it maximum capacity. If you could give us some more info, like what kind of mobo, ram, etc. you have it would be good.

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did a restore and password wont work, cd drive is broken so cant use any recovery cd's. need to know how to bypass password to get to desktop. Can't use cd drive for anything. Cant do full system restore with f11. NEED TO BYPASS THE PASSWORD TO GET ONTO DESKTOP PAGE!

A:Won't accept old password

Visit this link-http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/05/27/forgot-windows-administrator-password-ways-to-recover-and-reset-password-in-vistaxp20032knt/

But i think you might be still needing a workable Cd drive.I am not sure whether you can boot this software from a USB.

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