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Thinkpad W550s SSD hard drive issue - Error 2100 can't see drive

Q: Thinkpad W550s SSD hard drive issue - Error 2100 can't see drive

Hello. I have a Thinkpad W550S running windows 10 and outside of warranty that started crashing , basically the screen freezes and after a while the system reboots showing that it can't see the SSD hard drive which happen to be an Adata SSD drive. The error that I get is "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD) Press Esc to continue:.. I tried rebooting, restarting, taking the battery out, taking the hard-drive out and bascially did everything and standing on my head, and somehow, was able to get it to come back up and boot windows. when in windows, I ran the Lenovo Vantage app and ran the diagnostics.. I ran the full test and in the middle of the hard drive test, it crashed the system so I rebooted the system, and ran Vantage again and this time I only ran the list of hard drive tests and the results showed every test passes including all the SMART tests and it failed the "Full Disk Scan Test" and gave the result code: WHD0440V00400-WO7AED. See attached photos. Now I'm wondering what that means? Any help and/or suggestion is much apprecaited. Hooman

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad W550s SSD hard drive issue - Error 2100 can't see drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey guys, my drive broke down recently  2100 Detection Error on HDD0 on my t420 thinkpad. I tested the hard drive on another computer as well via sata cables and it isn't turning on. So I figured on buying another HDD right? Well I have been looking up online about this issue and I saw that another possibility for harddrive malfunction could be my motherboard, data controller or something else shorting the hard drive. So I don't want to buy another hard drive and have it be shorted again. So my question is whether I am free to buy another HDD or if something is shorting my hard drive and if so how can I test to make sure that nothing in my thinkpad is shorting the hard drive.  Specs:Lenovo Thinpad T420  refurbished i7 8gb ramHDD-2.5"-SATA (some generic looking hardrive I can't anysort of brand on it ) pic attached

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Hi ,
This morning when i was browsing on my W510, all of a suddent the pc got hanged and restarted.

and showed a messge : Hard drive error 2100: HDDO initilization error (1)
I hard restarted the pc and ran hard disk drive diagnostics program. and results were pass for both "controller diag" and "read verification and speed test "

After restarting the windows normally, the pc is working fine, May I know why this error is caused.
Are there any problems with my hard drive. please help.
I have attached the system information .
Also please let me know, these errors occur only because of hardware errors or this might happen even due to software issues.


A:Hard drive error 2100: HDDO initilization error (1)

Initialization error on HDD0 (Main hard drive)
Reseat the hard drive
Main hard drive
System board


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I have an x1 carbon 4th gen. I bought my laptop and upgraded the hard drive to the samsung 950 pro. Unfortunately, my laptop does not seem to recognize the new SSD. Can anyone help me here? I am extremely frustrated to be honest and I have no idea what to do. Thanks.

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Hi have a problem with my x61s.Two days ago the computer started doing weird things under vista. I had to make a hard reboot. Since, vista never boot up. The hard drive is not even seen by the bios. And I have a "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error".I went on google to find a solution and I found this :http://www.gottabemobile.com/CommentView,guid,32b17bc1-db16-4f37-a4c4-f40e53d37342.aspxBut (there is a but) the solution I found only works for Hitachi/Fujistu/Toshiba, and my hard drive is a Seagate...http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=MIGR-63685The problem seems common. I'm a bit disapointed, as I used the laptop for a week... I did no backup, and I'm afraid I've lost a whole week of work...If any one has an idea ...

A:"Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

No one has an idea ?...

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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I need to get information off of a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop's hard drive, but it has a proprietary connector that's essentially the same, but it's actually a female slot connector, like the plugs on really old floppy cables. I can't find an adapter for this anywhere. Does anyone here know where I can get an adapter that will make it a standard 44 pin laptop connector?

A:Solved: Presario 2100 Hard Drive...

What brand of drive? Are you sure that you have the connector/adapter off the drive?

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I have a failed HDD.
In the past I have usually been able to help myself to at least retrieve any data from the HDD.
But this time the problem seems to be different. If it has any bearing, this is the first time since upgrading to Windows 7 and operating for I can't remember how long, since without any issues.
As I always have in the past, this HDD is formatted with a separate partitions (1) for the OS and program files, and (2) for my data. This has usually this been enough to retrieve my data by installing the drive in a second Thinkpad using a second HDD adapter and retrieving the data. These days I also keep most of my data on a NAS but I do have some folders on a D:\ or Data drive which I would like to retrieve.

This time however I cannot even 'see' the drive at all. Not when I try to boot from it, or as a second HDD using an adapter. It is not even visible under Disk Management in case it needed to be initialized (again?) So this time, I seem stuck, unable to help myself:

In the first instance, I get the Error 2100: HDD0 (Hard Disk Drive) initialization error (2) when booting from the drive.
When I press ESC to continue, the computer tries to initialize the HDD or something, and from memory, I think displays an 'unable to boot from any device' screen and shows the status for the devices without any operating systems.

When I try the same with the affected HDD but this time with an installation disc inserted, I do not see the 'Press any key to boot from CD or DV... Read more

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I bought the toshiba satellite 3 months ago with Windows 8 pre-installed, and last week I updated to Windows 8.1. For three days the computer would freeze (every few hours) and I would have to restart by holding the power button. I only use it for school so all I used was internet and adobe reader, no games or anything.

Yesterday after freezing again I restarted but this time instead of seeing the desktop I saw a blue screen saying windows failed giving this error;


It began automatic repairs and tried to resolve the error but it didn't work. It brought me to a screen where I could chose to refresh, reset, continue to windows. I continued to windows a few times but it didn't work. I had no restore points set so I chose to refresh it. This failed so I chose to reset it to factory settings, this also failed. The same error came up after these attempts to fix it.

I brought it back to the store and they told me this was common after the 8.1 update and said I needed to reinstall windows for $150. I know how to do this so I made an .iso of 8.1 and tried to reinstall which made more problems.

I inserted iso DVD and it was unable to boot. I also tried using a bootable USB using windows DVD/USB download tool, but it also failed to boot.

I checked BIOS and it was set as USB>ODD>HDD>ethernet. The USB only booted when I turned off secure boot and changed UEFI to CMS. When windows installer came to the partition screen it had this warning;
Windows can... Read more

A:Error when loading and possible hard drive issue (3 month old pc)

I brought it back to the store and they told me this was common after the 8.1 updateClick to expand...

Maybe it's common with the PCs they sell, but it is not common in general.

Sounds like the hard drive is defective. But maybe it's a larger problem. If you don't want to take advantage of the warranty I suggest that you replace the hard drive and hope that is the only problem. Do you have a way to install/restore Windows 8.1 after replacing the hard drive? If not, considering your minimum cost to repair will be nearly as much as a low-end PC--buy a low end PC to use while this possible lemon is undergoing warranty work. I don't normally advise buying computers at WalMart, but they have a selection for under $300 with free shipping or in-store pickup.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1440 using since 2010 suddenly I saw this error message "internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive" when I turned it ON. Then I tested with other HDD drive from other laptop and it booted fine. Then realized that HDD was down brought a new samsung SSD 120GB drive and installed on my laptop and trying to install the Windows 7 from a CD still seeing the same error when turned ON.
Please help with this issue.
Thanks in Advance

A:internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive.............Please help

Thanks guys!!!!!
My bad after I installed the SSD the CD that was in the DVD Drive was the Applications/Driver CD instead of Windows 7 disk. I just realized  and installed the Win7 on my new hard disk my laptop is back to normal. Thank God! I saved 500 to get the new laptop.

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My Sony computer that I have had since 2000 or so is store bought and came with windows xp. I believed it had two hard drives in it until earlier this year when I found out it came with one partioned hard drive. I now have two physical HDD and three that appear on my computer. I need to restore my computer and would like to make my partioned drive appear as one. I will have all my backup files on my second physical HDD. If it makes things easier at all I do not have a windows install disc only system restore discs that came with my computer. If this isn't clear enough please ask me to try and clear it up.

A:Partion Issue - Making a partioned hard drive a single drive in windows

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Well it has been a fun couple of days!

Trying to restore a mistake on my Windows 7 ultimate x64 hard drive that Ubuntu started to overwrite.

So far I have
1. Backed-up / Copied all my files so whatever is done to this HD is ok.
2. Restored the partitions
3. Tried FixMBR / FixBoot / Chkdsk / Rebuildbcd

In the recovery console it sees my OS just fine

But when I boot my Dell XPS desktop after post it says 'Disk Read Error' press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

I don't think it has anything to do with the bios - I've put the hard drive in another dell and it did the same thing (tried different Sata cables too).

I think there is a peice I'm missing somewhere with these partitions (see attached). I currently have my non-booting drive in another dell and you can see it as Disk 1 in the screen shot.

Any suggestions for getting this thing back to booting? I can access all the files from it fine when I have on this computer (as the 2nd hdd) which leads me to believe there is just a boot issue somewhere.

Can I repair install Windows 7 on this hd even though it is the 2nd hard drive on the computer?

I'm trying to avoiding a wipe and reinstalling all the programs so I'm hoping I can somehow fix this last peice.

Your help is greatly appreciated - thank you!

A:Disk Read Error - Boot Issue...Repair Install on 2nd Hard Drive?

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.

1) Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

2) Fix MBR.

3) Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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I recently bought a new DVD RW drive to replace my old one which had a burnt out laser. When I put in the drives I set up my secondary hard drive and my new drive as cable select and attached the master connector to the hard drive and the slave connector to the DVD. I booted the system and immediately got a boot error saying it couldn't locate either of the IDE drives. So, I spent the next hour or so trying every possible jumper combination setting and got the error no matter what upon boot. Finally I put them both back to CS and just skipped past the error because I was sick of messing with it. To my surprise, the drives showed up in My Computer and functioned but at a very very slow speed. I ran a PC Pitstop scan and it showed a drive speed of 2mb/sec which is really slow. So, clearly something isn't being detected properly. For some reason also, my BIOS doesn't have any "auto-detect" option to try to detect attached drives so in the BIOS it just has two unknown devices attached to the primary and slave IDE drives.

Any help would be much appreciated.... thanks !

A:Solved: IDE Hard Drive and CD drive detection issue

And the make and Model of your PC???????

my BIOS doesn't have any "auto-detect"Click to expand...

use "Load defaults"

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I am having a serious problem with my pc.Windows disk is showing me these following errorsBoot sector of the hard drive disk is damagedBad sectors on hard drive or damaged file allocation tableRead time of hard drive clusters less the 500 msHard drive doesnt respond to system commands40% of hdd space is unreadableWhat does this mean and can I fix itI cannot access my documents folder or other programs Any Help would be greatI tried the defrag thing but it didnt workEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum, at the recommendation of forum staff. ~ Animal

A:Critical Error Hard Drive not found. Missing hard Drive

When you say "Windows disk". Can you give a little better description of just what\where the warning message is coming from?

You "tried the defrag thing but it did`t work".

Where did you go to access the defrag? What does "it did`t work" mean?

The reason I am asking these questions is not to give you a hard time. There is a virus going around that is very similar in it`s behavior.

I am just trying to find out exactly what it is we are dealing with.

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Hello. Today had this problem, trying to load my laptop. I have wd 320 GB (ATA, HDD). Reseted hdd multiple times, reseted BIOS to standarts, tryied to use recovery from BIOS - no result. Also coudn't find explanation what does (3) and (2) means. Hope, there is a solution. Thanks.

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Hi, I bought my P50 like 4 months back and suddenly it has started to throw this error when the machine is starting up."2100: Detection error on SSD1 (M.2)". I have run the tests in BIOS mode and all the tests got passed. I have faced the error 2 times now and after keeping the machine down for few minutes and switching back on resolved the issue. But I can't be sure it will solve the issue next time.Just bit of a background to the error. I have started my machine this morning, and from Windows login screen machine sudddenly restarted saying "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION". And on the restart I got the error. I do have a feeling that this not related to actual hardware, but firmware etc.  Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thanks.Jaliya

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I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop, spec. is i7-2640 processor, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive. The problem is that it often freezes and when restarted it suggests no hard drive, "No boot device found". If I go into the BIOS there is no hard drive, if I boot into the diagnostics screen (F12) and run thr tests on the hard drive it comes up as passed, if I then restart the laptop it will boot into windows 7 Ultimate.
Evertime it freezes it won't boot after a restart unless I run diagnostics then it will start OK.
My thoughts are that it is hard drive, although all tests I have carried out on it suggest its OK, one of the times it booted into windows I ran the Seagate seatools and it was fine.
Anyone any suggestions as to the cause?

A:Laptop hard drive issue -- no boot device found/disk read error

Sorry, message at start is "A disk read error occurred", not sure if that makes any difference to your thoughts.
I reformatted and reloaded the software to see if that made any difference but the problem still persists.

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So the same issues i had in Windows 8 Release Preview too and i was hoped to be fixed in Windows 8 RTM but still the same! So the issue about HDD is that i'm using two hard drives; one is Western Digital which is primary with Windows 8 installed on it and the other is Hitachi which i use it for data or recovery and so after installed Windows 8 after 20 minutes goes to sleep and then when i click on its partition which is currently "Local Disk D" i have to wait for a few seconds to get back it to normal but also when i click on Hitachi's partition after 20 minutes it freezes my system until it back it to normal, so this issue i didn't have before in Windows 7 it newer went to sleep but now in Windows 8 yes so that makes me very irritated and i don't know what to do and the other issue about DVD Drive which i had also in Release Preview but not in Consumer Preview is that after i restart Windows 8 for the first time after i get "Desktop" of installing process i can't see then the drive into "My Computer" it lost from there and to get it back i have to to "Command Promt" and to paste this: "reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001" and then it's ok but without doing that it will lost from Windows Explorer. So what exactly are these issues ? Is that becuase we still don't have any chipset drivers or what ? THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH

A:Hard drive and DVD RW Drive issue on Windows 8 RTM

Bump please!

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After about 18 months of use, I am repeadedly receiving the following errors on my Thinkpad Twist S230U (Model #3347CTO): 2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)Press Esc to continue. (On Startup) or   Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you. (0% complete)If you'd like to know more you can search online later for this error: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED (Windows 8 BSOD when I am in Windows) I am periodically able to login, so on my last login I did a complete refresh ran all the disk utility options, and did a complete refresh.  I just finished installing the 150 or so updates, did another run through the disk utility applications, and it is still doing it.   Any thoughts? I'm worried that it will get to the point where it won't startup again (and it is a huge pain when I am working and it goes BSOD on me).  There was nothing installed or any physical shock to the machine that would have led to this happening when it did.

A:2100: Detection error on HDD0 and BSOD on Thinkpad Twist

Hi Glennschatz,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with HDD drive on ThinkPad Twist S230u.
I suggest you to check with Lenovo diagnose tool, through which we can identify the exact error from that.
Below is the link to enter the downloads page and install Diagnose application and check accordingly, please click on "Select Product" then in "QUICK PATH" enter the MTM no. select the exact model.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards.

Hemanth Kumar

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Hi there guys! First of all, it's my first time to post something here. Just recently purchased a Thinkpad Twist. However, after a few days, all of a sudden, I always get the error 2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HD). I'm not sure what exactly is the problem though because after a few minutes, when I restart, it'll load Windows 8 back and eventually after a few browsing and use of computer, will force restart stating there's a problem encountered, etc. Once it restarts, it gives the same 2100 error again. Please help me guys as I'm really frustrated. I can't seem to use the computer normally without force restart due to error and loading windows 8 thereafter due to 2100 error.

A:Thinkpad Twist s230u 2100: Detection Error on HDD0...

I have the same problem. When I reboot the computer it keep on showing this error and it happened very often. But when you try a few time reboot it may be OK . So frustrated......I will call the support center...

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Hi Lenovo Community,  around April/May I bought a T470 and since then my Notebook is crashing from time to time out of nothing with the apparently famous "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" error.First this error screen shows up:     First error messageAnd it is shortly followed up by this one:Second error messageBefore starting this thread I had a look into the community and the older posts. This seems to be a problem which comes up often with all kind of Lenovo Notebooks (ThinkPads and also IdeaPads) however there was no thread for the T470 model yet and the suggested solutions (mostly only to update the drivers) didn't really solve my problem...!All my drivers are regularly updated via Lenovo Companion and yet the problem still comes out of nothing...Does anyone have an idea?Thank you.Best Regards,GT500M

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Hi Guys ! I have been getting this error for a while now. Since august I think. It happens very randomly and I don't know what triggers it really. I tried to put another m.2 and it worked perfectly, no errors. But with the factory m.2 I get this error and I never got the way around to fix it. When I first got this error I barely could start my computer. 9/10 times I got the error and I couldn't start the computer at all. I replaced it with another m.2 and worked fine until I decided I wanted to put the factory one again ( because it has twice as much storage ). Now I still get the error but rarely. Casually. In very random situations. I still find it very frustrating and I was hoping someone has any solution. Thanks and have a nice day   

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Hi Guys ! I have been getting this error for a while now. Since august I think. It happens very randomly and I don't know what triggers it really. I tried to put another m.2 and it worked perfectly, no errors. But with the factory m.2 I get this error and I never got the way around to fix it. When I first got this error I barely could start my computer. 9/10 times I got the error and I couldn't start the computer at all. I replaced it with another m.2 and worked fine until I decided I wanted to put the factory one again ( because it has twice as much storage ). Now I still get the error but rarely. Casually. In very random situations. I still find it very frustrating and I was hoping someone has any solution. Thanks and have a nice day   

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Hi, my son's laptop will not boot.  Error says: The operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors. File:  \windows\System32/drivers\spaceport.sys   Error Code:  0xc0000185  You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media.  If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer. This is a W550s model 20E2-CT01WW originally bought (May 2015)with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 but subsequently upgraded to Windows 10 during the free upgrade period.   We never created recovery on any media for either Windows version.  I know there's supposedly a way to reset to factory (would need a little help with that), but I suspect he would lose all his files as well as we would be back down at Windows 8.1 unable to get the free upgrade to Windows 10.  Since we can't get any boot on this, I don't see how to run any driver fix tools.  Any ideas on how to proceed here?

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Hello everyone,
One fine evening while watching a movie, my laptop stopped responding and in frustration I switched off the laptop by holding the power button long enough to turn off. Next Morning it showed a blue screen and a message to recover my windows, which I failed to do and by the afternoon this message showed up. Detection Error on HDD0 (main HDD) and hence forth I've been unable to install windows from a USB drive since ( and I suppose) it is not able to read my HDD. I do not care about my data at all, I just want my laptop up and running. If I can have the data back it will be perfect otherwise I don't mind not getting my data back. I know for a fact that my Hard disk is fine because I went into command prompt, diskpart , and list disk, and saw the status of HDD as healthy, this is after the error (detection error on HDD). SO my question is: Why this error? IS there a problem in the motherboard? Why the error shows once and then doesn't show the next time and then comes up again.

A:2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD); Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

The error might be bad sectors, but I'm not sure. if my guessing is correct, you might have to get a new drive to replace. also you need to reinstall OS

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Received a Brand New Lenovo T470P Laptop. Trying to build with windows 10 1809 through SCCM. The Task sequence is keep on failing and the Hard drive response too slow. getting Blue screen of Death(BSOD) and after some time will get 2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD). I looked at the forum for this error. Every one suggesting to contact Lenovo support. Please advise. Thanks Reddy72

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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X301 with 48-gig hard drive that is insufficient for my needs. Lenovo says that it has a part that would allow me to increase the size of the hard drive but that it is difficult to install.

This is the part: 43N3406. This would replace the current hard drive and cost per $380.

If I am going to open up the ThinkPad I would also like to increase the RAM, which is now 3 gig.

My questions are, how difficult would it be to install the hard drive? Would it be better to get an external hard drive, which would mean carrying around another part? Do you have any general instructions if you think it can be done?


A:need more hard drive for a ThinkPad

i would not be spending $380 on a harddrive
and if you are running a 32bit operating system it wont use much more than 3GB of memory anyway

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I have a old Thinkpad 600 laptop which is in good working order. It has a 3.1 GB hard drive. I want to put a larger one in. How would I find out the maximum GBs that would work in it? Thank you.

A:Thinkpad Hard Drive

Contact IBM.

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I just switched the hard drive in my thinkpad laptop, thinking that the bootable recovery disc would boot up... but it didn't. The screen comes up for other settings, but I don't know what I need to do, no instructions. Anyone know where I could find some?

A:New Hard drive in Thinkpad

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I just bought a new Thinkpad P71 which came with 2 drives: - 1TB SSD PCIe TLC OPAL2- 500GB 7200rpm HDD I'm looking to replace the 500GB with a SSD drive. Would the following SSD be a good option, or would you recommend another SSD? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078211KBB Thanks!

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I opened a strange email the other day. Night before last I began getting "hard drive" error messages. I also get messages about drive clusters, system restore messages referring to critical errors, etc. The computer will not let me open files on the first click. Sometimes it takes five or six double clicks to open files.

I initally thought it was Check Disk but the basic removal techniques for that did not work.

I am getting data integrity and hard drive integrity messages too.
I have to this point:

1. Backed-up data
2. checked for cleanliness issues
3. Enables topic reply
4. Run disabler for CD emulation software
5. Run DDS
6. Created GMER log

Not sure what to do now.

A:Hard Drive, drive clusters, critical error messages


If help still needed post fresh dds + gmer logs, please.

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I am planning to purchase the new ThinkPad P71, but I would like to replace the default optical drive with an extra HDD. Is the Ultrabay Drive Adapter III (P/N 43N3412) the correct accessory to do this? I cannot find mention to the exact part number to use in the user manual currently available from site. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I bought an old Thinkpad (2007 I think) Ultrabook, with i5 core and a wiped clean hard drive. Unable to boot-up this laptop. What can I do to get this unit up and running? Any help would be appreciated.

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Red box appears which reads:

Hard drive not installed: If operating system not found, reinstall hard drive.
Hit any key to exit.

Then it reads: Operating System not found

WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED????The system worked fine yesterday

Any suggestions? Or did I fry the machine

A:IBM ThinkPad t-20- Hard drive not installed

So if you enter the BIOS setup it doesn't see the hard drive either?

Try finding the hard drive on the laptop and make sure its is securely connected. Try pulling it out and then putting it back in to reseat the connection. On IBM's this generally isn't too hard to do, just look for an access panel on the back, side, or bottom.

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Hi All,

I have an old Thinkpad R31. The screen no longer works but I believe the hard drive is in working order. I've bought a new Thinkpad R52.

Can I make the hard drive from my old Thinkpad an additional external drive to my new Thinkpad, so that I can access the old files? If so, how do I do it? Is there some external drive container I can buy and just plug in the old drive??

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated as there are some vital old files on my old machine that I really need to recover.

Many Thanks

A:Can I access the Hard Drive in my old Thinkpad?

That should not present a problem Journo have a look here.
You can see it's powered by USB which was my main concern.

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My Thinkpad L450 came with a 500GB drive (Seagate I think). The OS was Win7 pro which I upgraded to Win10 pro. I would like to upgrade the HD to a much larger capacity (not really care about performance, so not considering SSD). From the document for L450, it supports 500GB to 1TB HD. I want to know whether I can replace the original 500GB HD with a 2TB HD (same speed, 7200rpm). Thanks in advance.Sorcerer

A:Hard drive for Thinkpad L450

Hi sorcererstone,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding Hard drive upgrade for ThinkPad L450.
2TB should work fine IMO as a primary storage but still suggestion will be to order from vendor with good return policy. 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!

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I have an older IBM Thinkpad I-series in which the hard drive has gone for the big on. I need to replace it but I am finding it difficult to get a straight answer as to the largest drive size that it would recognize. The original hard drive was 4.8 GB.

A:Thinkpad I-Series Hard drive

This may give you some help here.
The spec will need to match and so there is likely to be very little choice.

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Have had an IBM Thinkpad for 2.5 years, and today I started it up by holding the start button in, and a strange whirring sound came from the laptop. It then booted up, and I was checking some things out online, when the whirring sound started again, and my little light up icon that showed hard drive activity started lightin up. Scared, I turned the laptop off.
Now, it is no big deal if it is a hard drive failure, replacing one in a laptop can't be that hard, but is the start button hooked directly into the hd? I' m not realy familiar with it, and need a little advice.
I really don't know what else it could be. I was thinking that if I could get another hour out of it, I would transfer all my data before it comletely died.
Thanks in advance.

A:IBM Thinkpad-Is this hard drive failure?

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Dear Lenovo: I would like to clone the aging, impacted hard drive in my ThinkPad R60 9456CTO (80 GB, 5400 RPM) to a new, larger hard drive (1TB, 7200 RPM). [full system details below]I?ve read posts in the Lenovo forum as well as other sources but I have a couple questions to fill in gaps:Before I even think about going farther, the most basic question: will the 1TB, 7200 RPM hard drive work in this computer?Regarding the Security Chip and the Predesktop Area (PDA): There is a statement in another post* to the effect that disabling the PDA is not necessary in models later than, say, R52. Can I successfully clone this R60 hard drive without disabling the PDA, or should I still disable it?. * https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T61-and-prior-T-series/Cloning-Hard-Drive-Including-The-Predes...In the event that I do need to disable the PDA: I previously made one false start on cloning. I went into the BIOS set-up to disable the Security Chip and Predesktop Area as instructed in procedures for cloning that I?ve found in various sources. But stopped when I encountered the warning below in the Options area for the Predesktop, about the PDA being ?reclaimed? and ?overridden? [over-written?] by OS tools. I appreciate the warning, but I would like to know what actions/ events might cause that, and how to prevent it.  Thank you very much ?CMarkey System DetailsCOMPUTER: IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad R60, Type 9456CTO, S/N LV-AW630 07/01, with original hard dr... Read more

A:Cloning Hard Drive, ThinkPad R60

Rather than waiting for answers, I went ahead and tried it. Shirt answer: it worked. New 1TB 7200 HD running smoothly. Did NOT need to disable PDA. / CMarkey

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My friend recently gave me a laptop of his that was having problems, telling me that I can have the computer if I can fix the problems with it. It is a Thinkpad, and I believe 8891 would be the model number, but I can't be certain. After looking into it, and speaking with a gentleman at Best Buy's Geek Squad, and searching the internet, we decided that the hard drive had been fried. I was getting a blue screen that said Unmountable Boot Volume. So I purchased a new hard drive for it. I am quite certain that it is the correct drive for it because I brought my old one into Best Buy the next day, and they helped me choose the one I needed for it. A WD Scorpio Blue. Model number WD2500BEVT. When I replaced the hard drive and put in the disc to reload the O.S. on it, I got to the first part of the blue screen that I was supposed to choose an option. After waiting a few minutes for it to read the computer or whatever it is doing at that point. The computer tells me that it doesn't recognize, or didn't find the hard drive. The new drive did not come with any disc to load this drive onto the computer. I am by no means a computer expert, but I have reloaded O.S. on my parents P.C. after it crashed, but never had these problems. But then again, I never had to replace the hard drive. I'm asking for any advise, because I don't feel like the money I would spend on this older (2005-ish) computer to take it in and have it worked on professionally would be worth... Read more

A:My Thinkpad Will Not Recognize New Hard Drive

What is the OS and the model of the drive?
What disk are you using to load the OS?
More paragraphs, please.

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I have a thinkpad i series 1200, model number 1161-CSG. The hard drive that came with it broke (it now rattles when shaken), and i have a new samsung 40GB hard drive for it. I installed the new hd in the laptop, but the hd doesnt appear under the system information in the BIOS setsetup utility. The Bios setup utility doesnt have an option that would seek out any new hardware, as it should be automatically detected.

I have now upgraded the Bios to the latest i could find on the ibm website (v1.10f), but still the hard disk doesnt show. The harddisk cant be formatted until the laptop recognises it.

The recovery disks that were supplied dont work as the hd cant be found, niether do my XP install disks, for the same reason. The pins on the hard drive are the same as the hd i took out (for the master\slave option), so i dont think it is that, but i do not know what else to do.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, as i am stuck.


A:Thinkpad not recognising new hard drive

could be when your old HD went tits up, the controller card shorted out. That is why your new drive isn't showing under BIOS.

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