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Can I convert web based e-mail to outlook

Q: Can I convert web based e-mail to outlook

I have to many separate mail accounts used for my business. I forget to check them all. Can I convert my web based accounts, over to my outlook, but have mail sent from my different business accounts. Let me know if this is not clear what I'm trying to do. I need to keep my existing addresses. There printed on all my business cards.
Win98se, outlook200

Preferred Solution: Can I convert web based e-mail to outlook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I convert web based e-mail to outlook

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Hello everyone.

I am trying to tweak a macro that was posted on this forum some time back, but I'm a bit of a N00B. The macro is from this thread that is now locked: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/...ue-date-reminder-based-on-excel-file.1129238/. What I am looking to do is generate two different emails whenever the value of a cell changes. All the data that needs to be part of the email is included in various cells. I've included sample data. If possible, could you provide code for generating the email and another for sending the email without opening Outlook (i.e., as soon as the value changes)? I've included sample data for your consideration. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

When Cell Value = In Progress
The email I'm hoping to generate (I've mapped it with the cell contents I'm hoping to pull) will be as follows when Column F changes to In Progress. The email addresses are in Column G.

Subject Line: "Web Request(s) Now In Progress"

Dear D2,

Your C2 B2 request has been received and is now in progress. Thank you!

My Signature

When Cell Value = Completed
The email I'm hoping to generate (I've mapped it with the cell contents I'm hoping to pull) will be as follows when Column F changes to Completed. The email addresses are in Column G.

Subject Line: "Web Request(s) Completed"

Dear D2,

Your C2 B2 request is complete and the changes are now live. Thank you!

My Signature

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Hi everybody!

I've got some problems with Netscape.. I'm working on a Windows 2000 Network and some of my computers have Windows NT or Windows 2K and some use Oulook Expresse, Outlook 2000 or Netscape.. But I'm actually updating all the computers to Windows 2K and I want all of them to only use Office 2003.. Those who have Outlook, the importing/exporting function works very well... But with netscape, only 4.0 version and previous ones are supported by the importing function in O.E. and everyone that have Netscape work with the latest version(7.1) so I can't import the mails.. I do for the address book, because there's an exporting function in Netscape, but not for the mail... I've tried everything and there's nothing to do with it... So what may i do? Is there any software that convert the mails? Thank you for your answers!


A:Can't convert Netscape mail to Outlook


Welcome to TSG


Importing Netscape 7.xx Mail into Outlook Express, or Outlook


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Let me know how to convert Outlook PST to Apple mail EMLX file?

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i have used the following to get automatic alerts setup when a due date is near:

but instead of this looking at the due date column, i would like it to look at a conditonal formatted column, which shows status as either "due" and "expired" depending on due date. i would like it send out to all those with "due tag and not "expired"

I have name in column A, details in column B, emails address in column C, status in column i, and reminder in column k
Somethng else i would like to do later on, if at all possible,is to get a particluar email from outlook be transfered to excel and and then emailed to specific people based on a status column. So if an email is recieved to say a project is extended or cancelled,, it contents is copied to excel and emailed back out to certain people.
Thank you for your support.

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HI, Its my first post here. I need to send reminder mails from outlook based on excel reminder dates.
For this i should not open excel neither i know VBA scritping for this.
Please provide help on this.
As i attached my file i need list of assets need to be calibrated ahead of 45 days of calibration due date.

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Hello Forum member,

I am working on an excel file with hundreds of records and tens of columns. There is a column"L" which gives the date when the license key given in column "B" of a particular software is going to expire. I need to check the column and send email to Person X [email protected] 3 months in advance so that he can take poper action to get the license renewed. It is too much of a manual work every week.

I am looking for a macro that can send an email to person X stating that license key value given in coumn B is due to expiration in 3 months from today(based on value given in column L)

I have seem a similar thread in the forum giveb below but i need changes to it. Unfortunately, the thread is closed and i can not contact the person who gave the solution. I am not able to modify the code shared to match my requirement.
Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

Can anyone please modify the code given in the above thread to match my requirement. Please!!Thank you!

A:Automatic Outlook mail based on a column value in excel file

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Dear All,

I am creating a tracker file for Purchase Orders in which end date in column 'J' is very important.
Column 'J' has following conditional formatting
1. If cell date is in between todays date + 14 days --- YELLOW
2. cell date <= today's date ------------------------- RED
3. cell valus > today + 14 days ---------------------- GREEN

So now when the cell turn Yellow I want the excel should send the mail to the concerned person whose mail id will be mentioned in same row of column 'G'

One more requirement there should be two mails. Reminder 1 & Reminder 2.

I use officer 2010 & mail is outlook 2010 & OS is windows 7.
This file will be on share point. This file may not be opened everyday.

Please reply with the procedure as I am not a programming/ IT person... I may not understand all terms.. please try to simplify the response.
Thanks in advance for all the help.

A:Auto mail from Excel to Outlook based on date in cell

Hi there, welcome to the board!

You'd want a location to mark when an email was sent. I'm assuming you want a worksheet change event for this, which will basically always run when a cell on this specific worksheet is changed. There are other events you could use to fire it off, like the calculate event. You could, if you wanted to, assign this functionality to a button, but then it wouldn't be automatic.

The below code does what you ask. It goes in the worksheet module of the worksheet your data is on. To get to it, right click the sheet tab name and select 'View Code', then paste this there.

EDIT: The locations to mark when an email was sent (btw) were columns K and L, as you'll see them set as constants at the top of the code. You can change those letters to any column you want to house it in. It just puts the current system date in those cells, and that will be checked when the values in column J are checked. If nothing is there it assumes an email hasn't been generated yet and will do so. But if it has a value - any value, it will ignore that row.

Also, I assumed a 'yellow' highlighted value was your first reminder, and a 'red' highlighted value was your second reminder. It uses this as text in the subject and body of the email.
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Const ReminderOne As String = "K" 'column letter
Const ReminderTwo As S... Read more

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a payment is 10 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. Q), with subject "Vendor Payment (Col. C) is due on Due date(Col. M)", and body "Dear Name(Col. P), please update the payment status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. Q) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scored the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of threads, I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,

A:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hello all,

I'm receiving mail alert based on date only, it is not considering the month into the account.. Kindly suggest..

Attached the excel file with macro...

A:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a project is 7 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. D), with subject "Project (Col. B) is due on Due date(Col. C)", and body "Dear Name(Col. A), please update your project status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. E) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,


A:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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I do NOT have access to Outlook Express 6 via the "Normal" methodology. My main PC's motherboard burned out and I resorted to pulling the HDD out of the system and making it an External HDD. This is the only way that I was able to save/access Outlook Express 6's .dbx email files.

So, I DO have full access to the old .dbx files from the old system.

Right after my old PC bit the dust, I went out and purchased a brand new laptop here that is running Vista Home Premium which of course uses Windows Mail as the Email program and uses .eml for the file extention.

I was able to resetup all my Email accounts manually as well as Import my old Outlook Express 6's Contact List files (.wab) format.

The problem I am having is getting the old Outlook Express .dbx folders and files to Import into Windows Mail. I KNOW the .dbx files are NOT compatible with WM .eml format.

I need to know HOW to convert the .dbx files to the .eml format so I can then Import them into Vista's Windows Mail.

Can someone PLEASE help me!

I would be forever grateful!

A:Solved: How to CONVERT Outlook Express .dbx Folders/Files To Vista Windows Mail .eml

Hi Katmandu

You have All the .dbx files including the Folders.dbx file?

If so, you should be good to go.

Copy the .dbx files to a folder on the Desktop.
Start Windows Mail:
File > Import > Messages
Select: Microsoft Outlook Express 6
Click: Next
Select: Import from an OE6 store directory
Click: OK

Click: Browse and Browse to the folder on the Desktop and select the folder containing the .dbx files. **Note** when I select my folder, containing .dbx files, it appears to be empty, continue on.
Click the: Select Folder button.​
Verify in the Windows Mail Import window that the path to the folder on the Desktop is correct, Windows Mail has a habit of duplicating the folder in the directory path.
If this happens click the Browse button again and this time Only click the Select Folder button.

Verify the path to the folder containing the .dbx files is now correct.

Click: Next > Next
The Import should begin, an Import Complete message will appear when the Import successfully completes.
Click: Finish

In Windows Mail there should be a folder labled Imported Folder this should contain all the imported messages. You can move your messages to other folders if so desired.​

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Microsoft is "upgrading" people's  @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @live.com, and @msn.com accounts, to a new Outlook.com (built upon the latest Office 365 infrastructure), which is INcompatible with Live Mail 2012 (and presumably older versions as well):  Effective late June 2016, Windows Live Mail 2012 will no longer synchronize emails, contacts, and calendar events from these email accounts.
People who use Windows Live Mail 2012 to connect to other email services, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or other services that use POP3 or IMAP protocols, do not need to take action. 
Is this another veiled attempt to force users to "upgrade" from Windows 7?
Users can still access their e-mail via their web browser(s).   Or they can use the new Outlook.com and/or a Mail app on Windows 8.1/10 

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Dear Fellow Experts of IE6,
I am now facing with a very peculiar problem.
I have a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S6130 notebook running on Windows XP Version 2002 SP1. The IE6 was bundled with the OS. My current IE version is Ver 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.050501-1526.
I have a 4Mbps broadband linked to a Linksys WRT300N Ver 1 router.
My problem started since about 3 weeks ago, and during that period I did not install any new hardware or software. The main problem is everytime when I tried to reply to an e-mail from any web based e-mail service like Yahoo Mail, GMail and others by pressing the "Reply" button, I will get a error "Page Not Found" error. The same problem occurs when I tried to forward my e-mails. However, I have no problem whatsoever in reading my e-mails, surfing the internet or downloading any files. The speedtest show I almost always have a 4Mbps download time.
I have a desktop with IE 7 having the same broadband connection through the same router and there is no problem at all with replying or forwarding to any e-mail. I also borrowed another much older notebook with IE6 and also do not face any problem with replying or forwarding to any of my e-mails.
I have tried all the remedial measures posted at http://support.microsoft.com.kb/326155 except meddling with the registry, a step which I am uncomfortable with, but failed to rectify the problem.
I did a virus and antispyware scan and all came out negative. I have also tried system restore and b... Read more

A:Unable to reply and forward any e-mail from any web based e-mail service

I have additional information with regards to my problem. On top of not being able to reply and forward any e-mail , I can't also compose any new e-mail or even if I succeeded to compose pne, I will not being able to sent it. I will get a "Page not found" error.

Thank you.


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While using XP, I used Pegasus mail as my e-mail client. Pegasus's mail filtering options included the ability to set a duration on a mail folder such that any message in that folder, older than the specified duration, was automatically moved to the deleted mail folder.

Is there any way to achieve the same thing using Windows Mail under Vista?



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I know how to change my default e-mail in IE 6, so that when I click on a mail link, it opens up a program such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

However, I wasn't sure about this: is there any way to configure IE 6 so that mailto: links open up a web-based mail client, like Yahoo or Hotmail? I always suspected not, but had one person who swore she had it working with Yahoo.



A:Default e-mail in IE 6 and web-based mail clients

I've seen it do that before. If you go to Tools/Internet Options/Programs inside IE, then check the E-Mail box, and whatever is listed in the dropdown is what you can make the default email program.

To get Yahoo in there, you may need to download and install the Yahoo Toolbar.

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Hi there. I've always used free web based mail and haven't had a problem. But my father likes using Microsoft Outlook Express (bleh!) which I can respect.

So basically I have to set up his email for POP3 mail which isn't my question. But I do have a question about POP3 mail vs webbased mail.

I've heard that POP3 mail is more prone to security hacks..is that true? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of POP3 mail. Thanks so much

A:Pop3 Mail Vs Web Based Mail

Many people prefer using POP E-mail because it allows you to read, reply, or compose messages off-line and at leisure; or because you have a copy of the E-mail that can be kept on your computer or archived to disk (especially for business uses); or because you can download E-mail while multitasking or doing other activities on-line.

Certainly, there are additional security problems associated with POP E-mail, since the contents eventually reside on your computer; however, these are easily handled by following best security practices about opening attachments and keeping your resident AV current. Since most E-mail providers now also scan your E-mail for malware, E-mail security is much improved.


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i was trying yesterday to find out for several hours how to create in Outlook 2000 distribution list with names chosen upon one, specific outlook "category"... I know how to create distribution list itself... I know how to make outlook to show me all names in my address book with this specific category... BUT, how mix it together and in the end receive distribution list with all names of this category included, I cant do it, i am too big idiot comparing to MS coders.... ((

Yours, but very sad and disappointed about my mental possibilities


A:Outlook 2K: How to create distribution list based upon certain outlook category???

Hi Jazzek -- I just did this, with the help of Russ Valentine at the MS Outlook newsgroups. Here are the instructions he sent me (and I used successfully):

"Change the Contacts Folder View to Categories. Right click and drag the
desired Category to
a newly created sub folder then choose Copy. Make sure the new sub folder
has been enabled as an email address book by right clicking on it and
choosing Properties and Outlook Address Book Tab and checking the box to
as email address book. Create your Distribution List but make sure the Show
Names drop down field points to the new sub folder then shift select all the
contacts and voila."

I hate cruising the MS Newsgroups, as the interface is so weird and searching the archives is a total pain on their site (and incomplete in my newsreader), but I DO occasionally get help there.

Hope this helps. If I've misunderstood your problem, post me back.

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I installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 pc.  I have contact lists saved by google mail and outlook.com mail.  How do I copy those contact lists into the Outlook 2016 desktop client?

A:Transfer contact lists into Outlook 2016 from google mail and outlook.com mail

This should help for Gmail:https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Import-Google-Gmail-contacts-into-Outlook-edbacfde-f48c-49da-a6a3-bcbb8f4f4819And this page has a section on exporting contacts from Outlook.com (the importing instructions from the link above should then work to import into Outlook 2016):https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Export-contacts-from-Outlook-10f09abd-643c-4495-bb80-543714eca73f

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I installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 pc.  I have contact lists saved by google mail and outlook.com mail.  How do I copy those contact lists into the Outlook 2016 desktop client?

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My e-mail servers down...does anyone know of a web base mail I can use for now...Pleeeese...

A:Web Based Mail

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Note - QuikShip demos can't be sent to web-based email accounts due to their size (about 5.5 MB total).

i got my e mail from my isp at the time subscripton -MSN- is my e mail web based?
if yes how can i get an e mail which can receive large sizes files
thanks alot

A:What is web based e mail

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I have over 13 years of Outlook Express folders and addresses that I desperately need to convert to Outlook 2007. I should have imported them into Outlook before I made the "Easy File Transfer" to the new Win 7 machine, but didn't know I needed to do that. Several years ago I had imported the files into Outlook, although that data did transfer it is now way out-of-date and full of duplicates.

The up-to-date data is still in my old machine and also in an external hard drive backup. I have isolated the Outlook Express personal folders into .dbx format and the addresses into .wab format.

Is there a way this can be reformatted into Outlook? Or is there some other way? I would probably also need to delete what is already in Outlook first, or I would have many more duplicates.

I welcome any suggestions.

Dick Sevier

A:Convert Outlook Express Folders and Address Book to Outlook in WIN 7

See if this Microsoft tutorial can help.
Import your messages or account from Outlook Express to Outlook - Outlook - Office.com

Please note : there is ........
a link for Outlook and OE installed in the SAME computer
a link for Outlook and OE installed in DIFFERENT computers.

Hope that helps.

Editing ...... I don't use Outlook nor did I ever use OE, so I can't help you much other than to offer you the link above.

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I would like to set up my school email, which I currently access from Outlook Web Access and my Blackberry, from Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have tried many times with different settings but nothing seems to work.
Below is all the info on the about page of OWA:

Use the information below to troubleshoot problems and report issues.
Mailbox owner: Ani, Opeyemi &#8206;(C U6)&#8206; &#8206;[[email protected]]&#8206;
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 &#8206;(Windows NT 6.1; WOW64)&#8206; AppleWebKit/536.5 &#8206;(KHTML, like Gecko)&#8206; Chrome/19.0.1084.56 Safari/536.5
The required version of Silverlight is installed: Yes
Required version of Silverlight: 2.0.31005.0
Outlook Web App experience: Premium
User language: English &#8206;(United Kingdom)&#8206;
User time zone: &#8206;(UTC)&#8206; Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
Exchange mailbox address: /o=Oundle/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=ani.o
Host address: https://mail.oundleschool.org.uk/owa
Version: 14.1.355.2
Host name: mail.oundleschool.org.uk
Exchange Client Access server name: OS-CASHT01.oundleschool.local
Exchange Client Access server .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.5448
Client Access server operating system version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
Client Access server operating system language: en-US
Client Access server version:
Client Access server language: en-US
Client Access server time zone: &#8206;... Read more

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Hello everyone, im having trouble accessing my email. This just started today and I need to be able to access it as soon as possible.

It claims something serious is happening. I tried other browsers and they all are unable to load the yahoo mail. I also ran a virus scan using windows defender and Avira AntiVir Personal, and both came back as clean so idk whats happening.

Please see attached screenshot of my problem!!!

Thanks in Advance!

A:Cannot access web based mail. help!

Heres what the other browsers say when i try to load the mail.yahoo.com, hopefully this helps some

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The problem is, I can open any web page on IE8 but can not open on web based mail address like gmail, yahoo mail and hotmail, some other internet based program also can not run, between... Firefox working fine, of course I can keep using FF but some application that I'm using is just support IE so any possible way for me to solve this problem? or all I need to do just reinstall my OS? Pls give me some suggestion, thz alot...

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Hey Guys,

Quick question; I want to send multiple e-mails to customers with a 'special offers' picture I've uploaded onto my server space attached so It will appear in the message window...

What code do I use to link a picture into a mail message?

Something else?

I need it to be visable in multiple mail readers...

Thanks in advance,

Conor M.

A:Server based images in e-mail ?!

Yes, HTML. Borrowed Yosemite Sam from this site for demonstration purposes. It will not be visible if they use text only mode.

<IMG src="http://www.americanroyalarts.com/library/tt6thumb.jpg">


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This one is driving me nuts because it is highly convenient for me to access my e-mails in Windows.
Hardware -
CPU      AMD Athlon II x2 250
MOBO    ASUS  M4N68T-M-V2 (AM3)
931GB Seagate ST1000DM 003-1CH162 SCSI Disk Device (SATA)  Win 7-64 OS 'C' drive
931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA SCSI Disk Device (SATA)   Data
465GB Seagate ST350041 8AS SCSI Disk Device (SATA)    Data
232GB Western Digital WDC WD2500JB-00GVC0 ATA Device (ATA)   Linux Mint 17.1-64 OS
Audio - ASUS Xonar D1 Audio Device
Video - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
Due to an MS update last week my Win 7 deteriorated to the stage that I had to do a complete re-install. Since then I have been restricted to text only e-mail - I use AOL - in Win 7 and even that doesn't work properly. While Firefox is my default broswer in Win 7 I have Chrome and IE 11 and it is exactly the same in them. Every other web-site is working normally. I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox without improving the situation any.
If I switch over to Linux my e-mail works perfectly normally on Firefox, as it does on my wife's Fujitsu laptop (Win 7) on the same router, and it works perfectly normally on a third computer I was using on a public network yesterday morning, also Win 7.
The Seagate ST 1000 is about two years old, maybe a little more, and Smart and Chkdsk both show no problem... Read more

A:Web based e-mail in Firefox / Win 7 problems

One search led me To an issue with Microsoft c++ runtimes, in it the user removed all the C++ updates and allowed Aol to update it's app first. Another post mentioned issues with Java sercurity in IE. Even though Firefox and chrome are different browsers they will use Internet settings shared With IE. For IE 11 have your tried adding AOL compatibility view under the tools tab?Also Adding the Aol site to the allowed apps in Java security?

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I am facing lot of trouble in evaluating how one can import or convert emails from outlook express DBX files to outlook PST as I bought a new machine which has Microsoft outlook wasn’t aware of that. Thus, had to convert all my .DBX files to .PST.... Need Suggestions Please...

A:Does anybody know how we can Convert Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook PST?

If you type "Convert Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook PST" into Google, many procedures are listed.

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I know this is probably easy but I was curious what the instructions are to convert 2000 .pst to 2003 to take advantage of the available space. I have a user who is working on the 2000 limit and need to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

A:Convert Outlook 2000 pst to Outlook 2003 pst

If you, or your user, are/is now using Outlook 2003, I would assume you could just copy the 2000 .PST file over to where your 2003 Outlook is running and then import it.

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There is another thread on another forum that has gotten rather heated regarding the topic of Outlook.com and how contacts are handled.  Since I believe the individual who is upset would really like to know more, but is not aware about the usual behavior of "contact harvesting" from all received and sent e-mail, whether one puts said addresses into one's own personal contacts (or even has removed them from one's own personal contacts) I thought I'd start a thread here, in the appropriate place.
Very few people realize that most web-based e-mail interfaces have a "contact harvesting" feature.  Every e-mail you receive or sent has it's respective "From:" or "To:" address harvested to a contacts pool most people generally never see or know exists unless they seek it out to purge it.  You can even have added and deleted a contact from your personal contacts but this will not result in its removal from the "harvested contacts pool" unless you also explicitly go there and purge it.  The "harvested contacts pool" is pulled from, in addition to your own personal contacts, when you start typing an e-mail address to create the dropdown list of possible addresses that matches what you've typed so far.
I am going to use some screen shots from one of my Gmail accounts to illustrate what I'm talking about.  Stuff that could be considered personal to specific individuals who are in my "harvested contacts pool", which Gmail calls its Other Contacts cate... Read more

A:Web-based e-mail - Contacts & How They Work - Gmail as Example

Am posting on the Announcements, Comments, & Suggestions forum asking about the sudden disappearance of the attach image buttons that had appeared at the bottom of the text entry area for posts.  Mine are gone and it doesn't matter what browser I'm using.

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Dear all,

I have been using web based emails (yahoo, hotmail and gmail) since many years on web itself. I believe most of the people like to configure web based emails into clients like outlook, thunderbird, etc.

Clients are more comfortable, but I guess it also brings mess like maintaining mails, occupying space on your disk, downloading them all again if your system crashes, etc.

Wanted to have views of others on this ...

A:Accessing mails through e-mail clients Vs. web based.

I prefer to use AOL for emails. If I wasn't using AOL, I would just use the email addresses I have through my Comcast account and would not bother with anything like Outlook. I do not even want Outlook on my system.

My AOL emails get backed up on my hard drive on a frequent basis and I backup that up onto extermal drives every now and again.

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Hi guys, a little background before I ask my question...

As you might be aware I'm an editor here at Techspot, that means I receive allot of mail, both legitimate and spam...

Using an e-mail-filtering program like Cloudmark SpamNET did make life allot easier for me. With one apparent drawback being that when I download mails from my Techspot account those mails are deleted from the server.

Since I'm quite often on the move and need access to my e-mails wherever I happen to currently be this proved to be quite a hassle, since I became locked to my home PC...

So therefore I setup my web based Yahoo account to also retrieve mail from the Techspot account and that works really good, now I have the freedom I want but with the drawback that was fixed with my other solution of using SpamNET? Catch 22 anyone?

If I don't check my Yahoo account every day those free 6mb of storage will soon have been filled up by both legitimate mail and spam. (Not to mention how much worse this has become with the recent Sobig.F virus where every mail is 100kb in size...)

Thus now I have the mobility but no spam filtering, so I also have to read about how to best please my partner which someone else than me seems to think they know better while looking for the legitimate mail...

What I had in mind was to set up my own SMTP server which I will have 100% control of, now the only question is what sort of software I should use... I.e. do you know of/have you tried a g... Read more

A:Preferably free; web-based e-mail server?

i would HIGHLY suggest using a linux server for this need. While offering the SMTP service you need, you will have a higher secruity and a better feeling about it not being down more than its up if you were to run windows.

Running linux server also provides you with protection(better than windows offers) from hackers, and most virus's that were made on Win32 OS's. So you wouldnt have to worry about your linux box being virused to all heck.

And, linux is FREE, and open source.

You also have the option of leaving messages on the SERVER itself and not actually downloading them.

As far as spam mail goes..there are some good ones and some bad ones.

Postini is what my local ISP uses, i have done NO research on this and quite frankly not even sure if its linux/unix compatable.

you can probably do a search on sourceforge.net or tucows com for a nice spam filtering system.

Hope this helps you ease some of whats on your mind.

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Dear Friends,

I'm in a serious need of updating the respective teams with reminders on due dates of statutory compliance requirements. I've developed an excel workbook having three sheets namely Permissions, Returns and Records. All the three sheets are having due dates. (Workbook is attached for your solution please)

I need your expert solution in sending an e- mail message as a reminder to the person concerned before 15 days of due date with an optional text of my choice.

Its not possible for me to open neither the excel sheet nor the ms outlook application on a time basis coz my profile mostly deals with Industrial Relations aspects. Hence I've to be in the field 12/7 during the shift period and on call 24/7.

Awaiting early reverts.



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Could someone please advise how to save web-based email messages( e.g hotmail) to my local hard disk.



A:Saving Web based mail to local hard disk

Set up Outlook Express to retrieve your email...,


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I have many people in my contact list...

When I start to type a name, windows mail will automatically pull up the contact with the FIRST letter only...if i type more than one letter it does not pull up the contact I am looking for..


I type "L" and Lance appears; but if I input "LU" no name appears even though there is a Luoise in my contact list.. In otherwords if I put in more than one letter it does not access the contact list... If I enter only one letter it will only pull up the name of the first contact beginning with this letter

A:Windows Mail Only Selects Recipients Based upon First Letter of Name

Download the most current windows live mail 2011
You will have the most current and it should work properly.

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Hi all
Basically my question says it all.
I am using avg Pro for a trial, I can't seem to find it it's possible to scan mail from my web based mail from my ISP (Wanadoo).
Can it be done?

A:Solved: Can AVG Pro(Trial) email scanner be configured to web based mail?

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I am in dire need of a solution wherein I want outlook to shoot an automatic email based on date from calendar or excel. Basically I have some users assigned some privileges which are assigned for a specific period. I need the mail to go out to them may be a day or two prior to the target date.

I came across this thread:

I copied the code the in outlook VBA editor (i already have one script there and since being new to this i do not know if two scripts would be ok to have in there.... ...ScreenShot attached). However just to try when i ran the rule it gave me an error (screenshot attached).

I can't reply to the same thread since that is closed.

can you please help in this regards...


A:Solved: automatic mail delivery based on date/time

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I was wondering if there were any 3rd party applications that will allow me to access my home workstation as if it was an exchange server so I can use a web browser to access my email remotely. Right now I have Outlook 2003 retrieving emails from 4 different POP3 accounts. When I am not at my desktop I typically have to check each one independently (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc...).

I know there are applications that can publish your calendar to the web to keep track of schedules and such, does anybody know how to do the same thing with email?

A:Web Based Outlook

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I have a question about outlook that is web based. I work for a company that actually moves to different companys and takes over departments, kind of like mangers persay`. Anywho my company well call it 'X' has a web based outlook program, also the company i am working for 'Z' also has a web based outlook email. Now i am wondering if there is a way to get both outlook accounts to my computer ie outlook express. Do you have an idea on how to do this?

A:Outlook Web-based

only if both accounts support POP3 access as well. You can just set up 2 new accounts in outlook with usernames, passwords, POP3 & SMTP addresses and they will both download to your inbox when you send/receive mail. Remember that when you send mail though, it will only be from your default mail account. That doesn't mean you can't change which is the default account before you send of course.

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which web based email can be configured to outlook express, besides hotmail? other than one's isp account.

A:other web based email for outlook ?

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Hi all!

Does anyone know how to convert multiple AOL saved mail to text files? I need to convert several hundred saved messages and there are far too many to do one at a time.


A:Batch convert AOL saved mail to text files

Perhaps you would like to download your AOL email using a standard email client. From there you are likely to have more export options. Refernce my AOL IMAP instructions in this thread:


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Hello All

Does anyone know whether there are any free web based email accounts that allow you to use Outlook to send and receive emails?

I am based in the UK and I use Virgin as my broadband provider. However, as I do not plan to stay with them for that long and because email addresses are not portable, I would ideally like to use a web based email - i.e a long term email address that I will not have to change.

I know that there are plenty of web based emails that do let you use Outlook, but they seem to all charge for this functionality. For example, Hotmail charge £15 (Hotmail used to be free but they have changed their policy to combat SPAM/make money) and Yahoo charge £12.

I found this: http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net which seems to work, although as its free it has its own problems - for example it seems to have "buffer overflow vulnerabilities" (which sounds like something best avoided): http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/376504

Any thoughts would be very welcome.

I understand that Gmail allows you to use Outlook for free, but that as its currently a beta version, you cannot sign up. Could anyone invite me to have a Gmail account if they have a spare invite?

Many thanks

A:Any free web-based emails that work with Outlook?

Oops, I just read that Gmail invites cannot be sent to hotmail addresses (apparently Microsoft trying to be clever).

So if anyone does have a spare invite, could you please send it to: [deleted email address]

Also, anyone with information on other free web emails that work with Outlook, then I would still love to hear from you.

Many thanks

Got one now - thanks!

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Outlook web based email security question.

I am sending an email to someone but I don't want third parties to look at it.

Which is the best method?
Uploaded to Outlook dot com, then send the email
Use Thunderbird IMAP and send email through outlook dot com servers

I know once mail is uploaded to Outlook dot com servers or outlook dot com it remains secure.

Does it remain secure after outlook dot com sends the email or is it wide open? I hope you can understanding what I am asking.

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I have been using Outlook for my Roadrunner email account for quite some time. Recently I purchased a newer version of Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student edition, which does not have Outlook included. If I install the newer version of Microsoft Office, will it remove my Outlook program? If so, I need to know how to export all of my contacts and email folders from Outlook to a web based service like Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner). I skimmed over their website but could not find a way to do this. If I can't do that, are there any other applications similar to Outlook that will handle my contacts, calendar and email? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:need to move Outlook email to web based service

Hi there .... Which version of Outlook are you using ? I Have enclosed a Link below . Which should be of some help

How do I import email addresses into the Road Runner Web Mail address book?

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Hi there

I'm trying to look for an alternative robust email client to outlook -- want to start gradually moving away from Ms Office to cheaper solutions.

I don't like the way Ms is going with subscription based Office 365 and Office 2013 is IMO "The Pits" - office 2010 works fine but I want where possible to start using alternatives. Libre Office is fine for some things but not quite ready for prime time yet (IMO) especially for EXCEL but I can start moving away from office gradually with an email client first.

The email client must NOT be web or browser based (I Hate webmail type of things) and must support IMAP. I don't want it to have ADWARE or NAGWARE (you know those that keep persuading you "Please update to PRO version etc etc"). It must also support MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. It should ideally have a similar or identical interface to OUTLOOK -- simple plain, not like the background I've seen on some Gamers machines !!!!

If it can integrate with GMAIL that's fine but not mandatory. Preferably free too .

I did see a portable client ISCRIBE at i.Scribe and InScribe: A Small and Easy to use Email Client but it looks as if it might be a little experimental.

I discarded OPERAMAIL -- don't want any BROWSER or web mail type of stuff.

Linux has some decent choices such as EVOLUTION (probably one of the best if not the best) but Windows seems a bit lacking in this area -- pity OUTLOOK EXPRESS wasn't continued after XP -- it was small, simple and could als... Read more

A:alternative email client to Outlook (NOT WEB BASED) please

From my previous post in Need a good email client :
Mozilla Thunderbird. You might be put off by claims about its future (no more development) but it will still be supported for a long time (stability/security fixes still going on). Zimbra Desktop Incredimail Pegasus Mail Opera Mail eM Client Windows Live Mail / Windows 8 Mail App
When have you tried opera mail last ? It should be separate from the browser today (it still uses the old presto engine while the browser uses the chrome one), check here : Opera Desktop Team - Opera Mail

Thunderbird, and Zimbra are all good choices and should fit your requirements. eM Client is very nice but it supports only 2 mail accounts on free version. Pegasus Mail is quite good but the UI is old now and it doesn't feel like outlook. Incredimail has promotional tag lines in your outgoing email and some ads show up.

Not included in this list is Claws Mail - the email client that bites!, since I never tried it. It seems to be OK, it's open source and works on both linux and windows, the interface looks a bit like outlook express, and it supports multiple accounts and IMAP. It might be what you're looking for.

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