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Intel HD Graphics family issues on a Lenovo g50-70...

Q: Intel HD Graphics family issues on a Lenovo g50-70...

Hello , I have just got a Lenovo g50-70 i3-4030u running on a Windows 8.1, I installed all the drivers from the DVD provided and my graphics card appears not to be working properly, for example I have tried installing Age of Empires 3 , and it says that my current graphics card has only 32 MB and the game will not run properly. GTA IV says the same, 32 MB appendure size. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Intel HD Graphics family issues on a Lenovo g50-70...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Intel HD Graphics family issues on a Lenovo g50-70...

hi andrewcezar,

Welcome to the Forums.

Can you right click on the desktop, choose Graphics Properties and post a screenshot of the system information
- Sample image
- Sample image

From the list below, Ageof Empires III should be playable on the Intel Core i3-4030u which is powered by Intel HD Graphics 4400. As for GTA IV, I doubt this game will run as it doesn't meet the minimum system requirements

More info:
Playable Games List for Intel® HD Graphics 4200/4400
List of games that run on Intel HD4400 Graphics
PC System Requirements for GTA IV


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Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

The name is only Intel HD Graphics Family there isnt a number after it in dxdiag

A:Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

Intel G41 express is the very old, Core 2 equivalent on-motherboard-gpu aka Eaglelake. It only supports up to dx10, it has awful and old drivers, and incomplete opengl support (less apps can run on it). It can idle in recent games like Dota 2 with up to 30fps with everything on low. Key word: idle. Don't even think about playing under more than 15-20fps.

Intel HD Graphics Family is on-cpu-die-gpu aka Sandy Bridge, it's still old now, but does have support for dx11 and opengl, and it has a lot more raw power than x4500(g41), depending on the cpu. It even supports overclocking with sizeable improvements.

Really there is no contest between the two families.

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Hello,  I have an Ideapag y700 (I7-6700HQ; 16GB; NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 960M 4gb).  i got the laptop in january and for about 2 weeks 3D games worked well (tried with Dragon Age Inquisition and Football Manager 2017).  Then ... everything went wrong... And I could not get the games to open (I got various errors - Blue Screens).  I did however see that the problem is form the Intel graphics (it will not update - it remains with version, even though on the Intel website there are a couple of updates available). I tried some updates but the computer keeps crashing.  Anyone has any clues as to what I can do ?  I'm attaching a dump file from FM 2017 game ...

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My computer is a Gateway One and like it has an Intel HD Family graphics card.
I update the drivers but it causes minecraft to not work (it says bad graphics card)
It also doesnt allow me to use Photoshop CS6 (i can load it but as soon as i open a photo it wont show photo)
Right now my driver is currently on but when i update it goes to and changes the name from Intel HD Graphics Family to Intel HD Graphics Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2)
Is there any way to have it fully updated and allow it to have minecraft and photoshop working?
I need at least photoshop to be working! thats my job so yeah.... thanks!

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Hello everybody. So I have a Gateway ZX6971 Running windows 8 RP Build 8400
I am having this problem where i cant get minecraft to work. It turns on and starts up, but then the game states that i have a bad graphics driver or openGL. My driver is actually up to date and same for openGL so what can I do to fix this? The driver is actually on what i believe is made for windows 8 because it is now titled Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2). Now i did a clean instal onto here so my old driver is gone. I recently downloaded it again through softpedia (gateway for some reason only has Nvidia drivers on the page for my computer) and as soon as i load it, it states that it doesnt meet the min. system req..... Basically how can i make minecraft work?

Gateway ZX6971
Intel(rR) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz
Ram: 4.00 (3.84GB Usable)
64-Bit Operating System

A:Intel(R) HD Graphics Family???

Nope, you didn't install intel video drivers. Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2 says it's default microsoft driver, not intel's.

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So my laptop model is E5-573, just wondering if I can change my graphic card ?So sorry if it sound stupid but I'm new to this

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So I've been trying to fix this for a long while but I've been unable to find an update for the windows 10 version of the intel(r) hd graphics family graphics driver or display adapter, I've tried manually installing the graphics driver files but couldn't fix it, however I don't think I did it correctly so if any help is given to me could you suggest the (correct) drivers for me to download. Thanks a lot in return.

A:Intel(R) HD Graphics Family not working with Windo...

http://community.acer.com/t5/Gateway-eMachines-and-Packard/I-would-like-to-update-my-intel-HD-4600-d... I'm assuming you have Intel HD4400 graphics.  The driver and installation method in link above will work. The alternate manual installation method (the have disk method) is in screemshot below.     

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Hi there, I upgraded my Aspire S7-392 to Windows 10 a few weeks ago, and while most things seem to be working fine, the driver for the Intel (R) HD Graphics Family display adapter has had the yellow exclamation mark of 'something's wrong' next to it ever since. I'm now unable to plug my laptop into the external monitor I use for work (as nothing happens when I do so), and graphics performance is visibly slowed down (to the point of unusability) when playing even fairly low-demand games. All of which would seem to indicate that there's a pretty major problem with the drivers. I spent literally 10 hours on the phone to Microsoft customer service trying to figure out the issue, but all they could tell me after a fairly intensive investigation was that they didn't know what the issue was, and to wait for driver updates from Acer or Intel. I have the latest driver from the Acer support website installed (although there doesn't seem to be one specifically for Windows 10), and I've rolled back and updated and tried several versions of the drivers from there, but all seem to have the same issue. I also downloaded the Windows 10 drivers from Intel that are supposedly specifically for my processor and graphics setup, but when I try to install them, it says that my computer doesn't meet the requirements (which is pretty confusing when I have the exact hardware the driver is designed for).I've searched these support forums for other Aspire S7 users having similar... Read more

A:Intel (R) HD Graphics Family Driver Not Working fo...

1. Download the "Intel Driver Update Utilty" 2. Go to device manage and uninstall/delete your Intel graphics driver3.  Run the Intel driver update utility.  Your current graphics driver is a custom Acer/Intel  OEM graphics driver.  Thats why it won't let you install it.  If the generic graphics driver that the update Utilty installs doesn't work quite right, then you'll have to go back to the driver that's on Acers website.  If don't want to use the Intel driver update Utilty, then you'll have to download the zip driver file instead of the .exe driver......and then use the "have disk method" to install it. It's probably easier to just use the Intel driver update Utilty. 

View solution in original post

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I've been having some issues with my Intel HD Graphics Family, I have a Latitude E5540 with switchable dedicated nvidia GT 720M. Every time I enable the Intel graphics the screen of the built in monitor turns the back light off, making it impossible to use. It recognises the external monitor by VGA. When connected to VGA, the built in monitor doesn't appear as available, as if only the connected one exists, but if I disable the Intel graphics, then the built in monitor works. Does anyone else have this problem? I really need some help on this issue since I've searched the entire internet and couldn't find anything.
Anyone have a solution?

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Hey everyone, while using the Intel Driver Update Utility I get a message saying I am unable to update my driver because I have a customized computer manufacturer driver. The utility also lists my graphics driver as an Intel (R) Processor Graphics 3000 but when I go to my control panel it says my graphics driver is an Intel (R) HD Graphics Family. What does this mean exactly?

This is what my computer tells me I have:

This is what the Intel Driver Update Utility tells me I have:

Here are my system specs:

So is it possible for me to uninstall my current graphics driver and then install the latest Intel version? I'm not really sure where to go from here. Thanks in advance guys, I hope you all have a great holiday!

A:Issue Updating Intel (R) HD Graphics Family

Hello TSSG and welcome to Seven Forums.

Intel has many different series of graphics: 2500, 3000, 4000, etc. Some utilities will simply use the generic designation of "Intel Graphics Family" whenever they detect an Intel driver rather than name a specific version.

When a company like Intel issues a driver, each computer manufacturer is free to customize that driver for their own line of computers. I suspect that Dell did exactly that for its line of Inspiron computers. Because the Intel driver has been customized by Dell, if you try to install the latest and greatest directly from Intel, it could seriously hose your computer. Quick short story:

About a year ago Intel and Windows Update said a new driver was available for my Intel HD 3000 Graphics. I installed it and immediately my Sony Vaio began crashing, hanging, and doing all kinds of weird stuff. Intel and Sony both told me the same thing: never use a non-customized driver if the computer manufacturer had done any modifications to the driver. It took Sony about 6 months to offer their own customized version of the driver. I installed it and haven't had any problems.

So my advice is to wait until Dell does its customizing and then, if you really, REALLY have to get the latest and greatest, get it from Dell. When it comes to drivers, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 660-4858. Service tag-number JPYXD5J. It originally came with W7, but I installed Vista Ultimate x64 on it. Now there are several drivers not working (when looking in device manager). I managed to solve most of them but there are still two I can not solve:

1. Network Controller. On Dell's website there are only drivers for W7 when looking up this device. According to the UKD ("UnknownDevices") software, the details for this device are:
Atheros Communications Inc
Dell Computer Corp
However, on Dell's website it appears to call the WLAN adapter (which I assume this 'network controller' is?) Dell DW1506 WLAN 802.11 b/g/n . Version of that driver is, A01, but it's only for Windows 7.
Any suggestions how I should find the latest driver for this device, for Vista??

2. Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (Dell's driver site calls it "Intel Graphics Controller" and "Intel UMA driver"). I actually did download drivers for this, supposedly for Vista. However, not thru Dell's site (they only have the driver for W7 and W8). But still there is an exclamation mark next to it in device manager, and every time I turn the computer on, this message is displayed on the icon tray:
Incompatible display adapter has been disabled.
At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.
What exactly does this mean? Does it mean the actual mo... Read more

A:Network Controller and Intel HD Graphics Family not working


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See, i've just got this HP ProBook and it had Windows7 Enterprise 64 bit.
When i looked to the system information and the dxdiag i saw that it had a 1.7GB VRAM.
When i Installed a game today, it said that it doesn't support the minimum requirements of it , which it was 128mb VRam.

What should i do, I mean is it the fault at the windows 7 64 bit or, enterprise can not recognize it.

Do anyone know this, or had encountered this problem and fixed it.

A:Intel(R)HD Graphics Family recognize problem with WINDOWS 7

This notebook has Intel 3000 integrated graphics.... It doesn't matter how much ram those graphics have...they are just too weak for gaming. However some models have a discrete AMD 6470m card also, but that is a special order thing...does the box have any information on it?

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Hi guys, ok so heres d deal. I have a sony vaio, running vista, 2gb ram, Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @1.86ghz, 32 Bitoperating system... now my problem is with the graphics card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family.. i just downloaded a game, Requiem: Bloodmayre. Iv played a few mmorpgs on this laptop but never had any problems with the graphic card. But with this game, when i start it u, it gets to the log in screen and says:

Sorry this game will only run with shader 2.0+

I know that this particular graphic card is integrated into the motherboard, so no replacing it..
I dont know a lot about graphics cards or drivers, but is there anyway i could download a Shader 2.0+ patch or nething for this graphic card?

Much Appreciated

A:Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

you might get more info from here http://support.intel.com/support/chipsets/

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Hello everyone,

I need to install the graphics driver, "Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family (WDDM)" for Windows 10, but I can't find any drivers supporting Windows 10.

Can anyone help me in choosing the correct driver to work with Windows 10 Pro (32-bit)?

A:Need Graphics Driver for Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family

Originally Posted by Abdul Basit

Hello everyone,

I need to install the graphics driver, "Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family (WDDM)" for Windows 10, but I can't find any drivers supporting Windows 10.

Can anyone help me in choosing the correct driver to work with Windows 10 Pro (32-bit)?

Windows 10 will auto detect driver in Windows Update ^^

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Hello everyone,

I need to install the graphics driver, "Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family (WDDM)" for Windows 10, but I can't find any drivers supporting Windows 10.

Can anyone help me in choosing the correct driver to work with Windows 10 Pro (32-bit)?

A:Need Graphics Driver for Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family

Originally Posted by Abdul Basit

Hello everyone,

I need to install the graphics driver, "Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family (WDDM)" for Windows 10, but I can't find any drivers supporting Windows 10.

Can anyone help me in choosing the correct driver to work with Windows 10 Pro (32-bit)?

Windows 10 will auto detect driver in Windows Update ^^

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After clean installing Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393  I got the following in the updates history :
Intel - Other hardware - Intel(R) 8 Series SMBus Controller - 9C22
Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
both failed to install nevertheless other updates and cumulative software were installed successfully .
In the Device Manager I find those drivers installed in their places but for the first there is no way I can know whether I have the latest version or not.
Plus there are some more pci bridges which when they get updated from the Device Manager they change name and move upwards .
How do I handle this? Shall I force update all those drivers in the System Devices category or just leave everything as it is now in the screenshot?
All the above in a dell inspiron 15 3542 2104 running windows 10 64-bit.

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This is very troubling, I get the attached error. Before it says no driver found it says "Searching preconfigured folders"

What I have done:
Installed the latest drivers from Compaq's website, including chipset
Scanned computer with Compaq's driver scanner, updated a video chipset it said was NEW
Downloaded the chipset drivers from Intel's website
Updated the BIOS
Tried using a blunt force driver installer (I don't normally use these)
Searched Windows Updates for any updates, including hardware
Under Device Manager, it doesn't show ANYTHING as unknown, exclamation, question, etc...all looks well there
Tried uninstalling USB from Device Manager and rebooted

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? It comes up everytime the computer boots, I have searched and searched Google and haven't really found anyone who has had this problem...

Windows 7 64-bit
Model: Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX

A:Intel ICH9 Family USB2 driver issues on bootup

Motherboard sounds like to might be failing. My only suggestion is to try SlimDrivers. Other then that if the system is still under warranty you could try having it replaced.

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hi guys, need your help. i ran lenovo solutions for hardware scan of my lenovo y700 but i detected Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 mathematical operations test error,. can this be fixed??? i already tried running the device manager and update Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 it says the device is updated already. i run the lenovo solutions again but still the problem wasnt solve. hope you can help me guys

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HelloToday i bought the Lenovo Y560 and i was installing drivers and there is problem with Driver Intel HD Graphics, i did install ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 but i can't install intel HD Graphics and i can make max resolution 1024x768 its too low i want make it bigger and i guess i can't because no driver Intel HD, before Format i could make higher resolution. And i can't find any drivers for Y560 on Lenovo WebpageHelp meregards

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I can guess what the official comment will be from Lenovo reps here... but I am wondering if some actual users of switchable graphics laptops can please comment on their personal experience. This is my first time using a switchable graphics laptop. Do I have to use the Lenovo website drivers designed for this laptop? Or can I go directly to the Intel and AMD websites, download the latest drivers for each separately, then install them separately?  Lenovo 510si7-6500 2.5GHzGPU Intel 520 / AMD R7 M460Win10 64

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hi guys, need your help. i ran lenovo solutions for hardware scan of my lenovo y700 but i detected Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 mathematical operations test error,. can this be fixed??? i already tried running the device manager and update Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 it says the device is updated already. i run the lenovo solutions again but still the problem wasnt solve. hope you can help me guys

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Hi, I need to have access to OpenGL 2.0 for working with Kyvi framework in Python, but unfortunatelly I get an error that says that only OpenGL 1.1 is available on my laptop. I tried upgrading graphics card driver using Lenovo driver update tool as well as Intel driver update utility, but unfortunatelly nothing works. I own a Lenovo ThinkPad L512 model with Intel HD graphics card. Is there a way to get at least OpenGL 2.0 running? 

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Hi,I have a Lenovo Y50-70 on Windows 10 x64.I am having a really bad time with graphic card. It is crashing all the time with this error "Intel HD graphics drivers for windows 8(r) stopped responding" I don't even know why it show Windows 8(R) while I have Windows 10.I have the latest version of the driver that is provided by Lenovo, and I can't install the latest drivers by Intel because they are not accepted by the laptop. I just receive an error message when I try to install the latest version of th driver provided by Intel.And when I installed intel's update tool I got this.I really need support from Lenovo as this error has been occuring for a long time now.And thank you in advance.

A:Lenovo Y50-70 Intel HD graphics drivers for window...

Is there anyone that can reply please? Any solution?Anything at all?

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Hey everyone, its my first time posting so please be gentle lol.hope you can help.  I have a Lenovo Z51-70 with intel graphics 5500.  I would like to upgrade or add another graphics card to it so that I can start playing better games on my laptop and to also increase the fps.  Can someone please tell me if this is possible and suggest a suitable graphics card? I will look to upgrade the ram at a later date to the max 16gb.. Processor - I7-5500U @ 2.4ghzRAM - 8GBOS - Windows 10 Many thanks for your help and suggestions

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We purchased this desktop back in 2014 and it worked fine until this year.For some reason the display starts to flicker and when it does it enlarges the display along with two alarm tones. Then after a few minutes the alarm will sound again now it will minimize the screen back to what it was before. The problems is now it's doing this every 5 minutes back and forth and sometimes it even grays out the display and you never know when it will go back to normal display. But when I'm in Safemod this doesn't happen so I have no clue which app is causing the Graphic card to go  side ways? The Intel HD Graphics 2500 is the most updated version  10.1810.4653 and I checked using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer to check this Graphic and it is the most updated version and there is no new version to upgrade to. But what is causing this problem on my computer ? Does anybody have any idea? Also there is an alternate optional Intel VGA Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) download listed on the website not sure how that would be helpful for my problem. It says it's an optional download and not a mandatory download.But if anyone knows if that will help with the flickering issue I wouldn't mind giving it a try just don't want it to create more problems downloading stuff I have no clue about. Any hlep would be appreciated.       

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Hello All! I have just gotten the Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK and have been experiencing Hardware Scan Fail within the "Mathematical Operations Test" of my Intel HD Graphics 520. I have checked support and other forums which have addressed this issue, but all these solutions have not worked for me. I read that this is a false positive and that updating the VGA would help, which I have done, but does not fix the solution. Could anyone please help me find a solution to my problem. Thanks.

A:Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK Intel HD Graphics 520 Har...

I had this problem also with my same model 1 week old laptop. Tech support found a different driver on the Intel website that corrected the problem. But, I also am experiencing another odd and random problem that others have discussed which is a pop up window in lower left corner of screen that says the Intel Graphics display stopped working and Windows is trying to repair it.

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Hello everyone. Now I would recreate a topic as I do not receive any answers in the firs tone.I have a Lenovo y 70 70 T with Win 10 home x 64.I have this system since Early august.After the last big windows update( November update to build 10586.11) i started to have this error: 
Intel hd 4600 Graphics driver has stopped responidng and succesfully recovered. I get this while playing games/watching videos/making videos. The screen freezes for a couple of secs. Make me sick.I wasted 3 days of my life trying to solve this by installing the suggested driver from Lenovo website and the latest from intel.All this dud not help. I also wasted around 6 hours with Windws 10 support on the phone and they made me perform repair system- nothing changed.This is 100% driver issue. Now the sad part. My laptop is on warranty and kinda expensive, especially for me and I get literally 0 support from Lenovo. Not only have not they made a normal driver( for this build of windows), but also post cheesy links to old drivers.WHen I call them they tell me(we don't have needed spare parts we are sorry), even though it is clear that the issue is with software and the product is on warranty so even if it was something with hardware, they must provide it for me.I am really sick and angry that manufacturer does not even try to make its products work even if they cost  load of money. I still have a very little hope that we will see a normal customized driver from Lenovo for Intel VGA th... Read more

A:Lenovo y 70 70 Intel HD Graphics 4600 stopped resp...

I'm having the same problem, but it seems like the Lenovo peeps are not even responding to the previous comments.  I just got this same expensive laptop and I might as well just return it for refund.  I don't have the patience to wait for responses or be on hold for hours and hours on end with no solution.  This is my first Lenovo and I am very disappointed.  Will someone PLEASE FINALLY  come up with a solution to this issue? 

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I have lenovo y70, this happens to me every day and it is irritating, it stops working even if i'm just using firefox and watching youtube videos, temperature of gpu is normal when this happens. I have windows 10 installed, its a fresh copy of windows 10 and not an upgrade. current driver version is: , i also had installed driver version from lenovo support site, which is:, but it was also causing problems. Help would be appreciated, regards miha.

A:Lenovo Y70 - Display driver Intel HD graphics driv...

4 crashes in one hour in firefox, how awesome feeling, anybody knows the sollution?

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Hi, tried several times to update the Intel Graphics Driver V. using Lenovo Companion for my ThinkCentre M600 in Windows 10 Professional. But it did not work corresponding to a message I get by Lenovo Companion. What can I do?

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Hi,I just recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 900 Laptop that came with the Intel 520 graphics card and Windows 10. I have begun to realize a re-occurring issue where I receive a Blue Screen of Death error (stop error) whenever I am trying to edit a video with adobe premiere pro or sometimes when I am playing games. The error is VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (igdkmd64.sys). Each time this happens I have to restart my edit or my game because my computer must reboot and it makes me want to scream . After frantically looking for solutions on the internet I got nothing that worked except for disabling the driver, which is OK, but I can't help but feel angry that I don't get to use my new graphics card to its full potential... So, is this problem solvable? I have tried uninstalling the driver and restarting my computer, but that did not work. Is this something I will just have to live with until an updated driver or windows 10 update is released? It just hurts that whenever I play a game or edit I have to disable my display driver. Any tips or comments to help are greatly appreciated!Alex SOME SPECS:Intel Graphics 520CPU: Intel 6th Generation i7-6500 2.5 Ghz16GB RAM512 SSD

A:Lenovo Yoga 900 Windows 10 Intel Graphics 520 VIDE...

Hi Alex, I am having the same issues. The only difference between our computers is that you have 16gb of ram and I have 8gb of RAM, but that shouldn't be the problem. Did you already find a solution? Eric

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Hi there. So long storry short. I've had some trouble with my pc being super slow, so I went to Lenovo authorised fix center and they had replaced motherboard. Unfortunately, since then I cannot use my computer properly anymore. Everytime I try to install Intel HD 4600 drivers, my pc either crashes while installing drivers or later on with a pop sound. I went back to them and they tested everything and couldn't find what's wrong. Moreover, I have tried quite a lot of different versions of Intel drivers. I've tried ones which was provided with laptop, from lenovo support center as well, then I've tried various generic drivers from Intel site (tried to install automatically, manually, in the safe mode, reiinstalling windows 8.1, updating chipset drivers and so on (even flashing bios to 3.0V 2.1v 1.13v)), but none of them work. Or if they do, then they would crash when I connect external monitor or while playing video games such as lol. I would think its a heat issue, because my keyboard becomes very hot, but I am monitoring laptop's temperatures and it doesnt go above 70 celsius. As well, heat wouldn't explain why pc crashes right after driver installation while doing nothing with it. However, without intel hd graphics drivers computer works fine, haven't crashed even once. Although, without intel hd drivers I cannot play any video games. Can someone suggest me what should i do in such situation? Thanks in advance! Specs:CPU Intel core i5-4210H 2.90GHzRam 8GBGPU ... Read more

A:Lenovo y50-70 crashes while/after installing Intel HD 4600 graphics drivers

First off, the authorised service center cannot get off the hook by just saying that they cannot find what is wrong, so I would make them do what ever it takes to get it working properly after they replaced the system board. That said, because your system has both the Intel and the GEForce 960m, if you must do it yourself, you need need to remove both drivers completely, and then start clean using the latest ones provided/tested from Lenovo to ensure that both cards work seamlessly together.. When uninstalling the card via Device manager, make sure to check the box to "Delete driver software for this device" to ensure that you will install a clean copy.   Next go into the Programs and Features control panel and uninstall any Nvidia software such as GEForce Experience etc. too. Once everything is uninstalled and the system has been rebooted, try reinstalling the latest Lenovo versions for both the 4600 and 960m and see if that helps. Another thing you might try is running an SFC scan to see if all the Windows system files are intact, but if you still have trouble, I would put it on the Lenvo Service Center's lap to get it working as it should. Good Luck   

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I have my asus laptop hooked to my hd tv via hd cable. it works fine under the old driver, yet it's calling for an update and each time it updates, I get horizontal lines on my t.v. The screen on the lap top is clear and fine when i unplug the cable. I have to roll back the driver in order to get the t.v. to work again, but I'm sure the update is for a reason. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

A:intel graphics driver issues

Simply do a System Restore

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I dont wanna go into details.
used asrock drivers first and yes I installed the driver no errors.
but,I install the vga driver and all normally but when I restart the pc,log in screen sometimes flashes for a sec or 2 sometimes doesnt and thenBOOM blank. just black screen of nothing and if you let pc runnin' it powers off after min or something.
sounds weird so heres a video :
View My Video

also I tried installing old version of my driver the "not for the 3rd generation" and I got messege this computer does not meet the minimum reqiurments blah blah. then I went to install the "3rd generation vga driver" and successful but then this black screen problem. then I tried the win 8 drivers which appers to be for both win 8 and latest win 7 ? but same thing. disabling the driver in device maneger lets me use my pc but enabling it comes to this black s...I also now used uniblue driver scanner 2013 to update ALL my drivers except the vga thing cuz I did use the win8 lates driver from intel website so I dont think installing that driv er will solve the issue. Please help me this is sooo annoying. Also could it be that I'm using VGA cable?

Forgot :
system specs:

win 7 64bit

intel core i5 3450S

Intel h67m motherboard

400W power s.

300gb ssd

4gb ddr3 1333 ram

A:A bunch of Intel HD graphics issues just come and come

Make sure that the motherboard bios is set to initialize the on-board graphics first and make sure you only use the video driver from the ASrock support website

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So I went to update my graphics driver but Intel's updater said this computer uses a custom driver meaning I'd have to get it from this website. I did but it said that the driver was not validated for this computer, which is impossible because it was custom made for this computer's hardware. So I manually installed it and now it keeps giving me problems like seemingly randomly crashing with "display driver stopped responding" type errors when I play games, often either rendering them unplayable or crashing them, seemingly depending on the game. Some of them have no problem with this I think but after the latest update to Phantasy Star Online 2 for example, it keeps crashing with this error after a couple of minutes or so. Exactly what driver am I even supposed to be using?!

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My tablet/laptop(2in1)'s screen goes black for no reason and sometimes will flash the mouse pointor and after about 10-30 seconds later I can see the desktop again, can you please help?

System specs
Linx 1010b
Intel Atom Z375F @ 1.33Ghz
2GB ram
32 bit OS
Intel HD Graphics
DirectX Report

System Information
Time of this report: 6/8/2016, 17:42:30
Machine name: WINDOWS-10-PC
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 32-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.160422-1850)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: LINX
System Model: LINX1010B
BIOS: LINX1010B.R22.03.010
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.3GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 1986MB RAM
Page File: 2179MB used, 812MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: 11.2
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
Miracast: Available, with HDCP
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
DxDiag Version: 10.00.10586.0000 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No ... Read more

A:Intel HD Graphics driver issues?

Have you tried reinstalling the graphics driver?

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This laptop is an acer as5749-6607 core i5-2450m. On the sticker it shows intel hd 3000. When i try update the intel hd family in the device manager it says it up to date, so i go to the intel website and download the driver there. But it doesn't work, it says it doesnt meet the requirements. How do i get the right driver?

A:I have intel hd 3000 but it shows intel hd family

Hi de hi, welcome to SevenForums

I don't know which driver you have tried to update, Intel family usually denotes chipsets, the one you want is a graphics driver.
Go here you will see Intels auto driver checking tool.

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After having issues with my W7-64 bit HP Envy 15 laptop, I decided to reinstall the OS. Everything went as planned until I installed the win64_153619 graphics driver from the Intel website.

Although the driver installed OK, the control panel interface is now different (now called Intel HD Graphics Control Panel)

There's no longer brightness control. The power options in W7 only has 10 steps for brightness of which are either too bright or too dark. My question is, how can I have more control over brightness? Third party software?

A:Brightness Issues - Intel HD Graphics 5500

I don't have this setup, but will on a new Toshiba Laptop with the Intel 5500 graphics that I just ordered. I'm posting to track this thread to see what transpires.

Sorry for hijacking it.

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Hello, The title pretty much says it all.  I have a Lenovo Edge laptop with a Intel5500 graphics chipset.  I'm connecting to my external monitor via the HDMI adapter, but I'm not able to achieve 60Hz refresh rate at 4k resolution.  Can anyone help or confirm that the Lenovo Edge HDMI port is version 2.0 and or if there's anything else I should try?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run two monitors in Win7 using my Gigabyte z77x-ud3h. If I install NO drivers, I get a mirrored display; if I install either the Gigabyte Intel VGA driver or the native Intel driver, however, I get dual monitor performance... but only when the driver is freshly installed and the computer is still on.

If I restart or reboot, Win7 "forgets" the second monitor and only uses the VGA monitor.

If I uninstall the drivers and disconnect the VGA monitor, Windows will use the DVI monitor with no drivers installed.

But if I install the drivers again, Windows -- even if the VGA monitor has never been connected -- will "use" the VGA monitor and the DVI monitor will stay dark.

Is the motherboard defective? Or is this something about Windows 7?

A:Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H onboard Intel graphics - DVI issues

after the reboot, can you rightclick on the desktop and select "screen resolution" then click on "detect" and see if it then detects both screens, then set them to work how both are supposed to work, click on save and then see if on reboot it works.

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I'm having trouble installing the drivers for a Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller in Windows 7 on a Gateway/Motion Computing M1300 tablet.

Before you say "DriverMax" please note that Windows 7 is the only operating system installed on the tablet. I hope there's another way to get it working.

Here's the thing that strikes me as odd: I have gotten it to work perfectly, but as soon as I restart it goes back to its old ways (default VGA controller driver, etc).

Here's what I do to get it working:

1) I run the setup file that came with the driver I downloaded from Intel (version 14.19.50), either natively or in Windows XP compatibility mode,
2) The setup software asks me to restart, and I comply

When the computer boots back up after those steps everything is working just fine, BUT then a Windows prompt appears telling me that I need to restart in order to complete the driver configuration. When I restart hardware once again has trouble.

Here are some screenshots that took while the driver was working correctly:

Why does it say that it will uninstall the drivers when restarted?

And here are some screenshots taken while the driver is NOT working correctly:

My real problem with not having the correct driver installed is not that display functions are lost (though they are), but that the Hibernate and Stand By modes are disabled.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to keep Windows 7... Read more

A:Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller Driver Issues

I have this problem too. Because it defaults back to "standard VGA" when I watch video it is very "liney", in other words, not the full shilling.

No matter what I do I simply cannot convince Win7 that my driver, (exported using Drivermax), is the correct one and that is the one I want Win7 to use.

Win7 is a pesky little blighter!

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Hello all,
I'm planning to upgrade from my ancient Intel 82845G graphics card to a new one, but I'm unsure if the new ones are compatible with my motherboard. It's ASRock P4i45GX PE.

As this is my first post here, I can't post links of the motherboard specs. So, you can just google ASRock P4i45GX PE and check it out.

It says something that the maximum graphics memory is 64 MB, but I'm unsure about it. So, are there any geeks out there who can help? I'll be glad.

A:Compatibility Issues? Upgrading from Intel 82845G Graphics Card

Hello henson93. Welcome to Techspot.

It seems that your motherboard is based on the Intel 845G chipset. I cannot find your mobo's product sheet anywhere but it's likely that you have an AGP 4X slot. The most powerful AGP card that would be comaptible with AGP 4X is the Radeon HD 4670. However, they cost over $100 and definitely cannot provide the performance levels of newer (PCI-E) cards available at a similar cost.

It would be helpful if you could confirm whether you have that AGP 4X slot on your mobo. Also, what is the reason for your upgrading to a discrete GPU. Are you looking to play games?

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The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to install an AMD 6450. I turn on the computer and get no video output. It's clear it's not not loading Windows behind the scenes because the power will turn off with a quick push of the power button (as opposed to holding it down). I've already flashed the bios to make sure it's up to date. Any idea how to get the card to work?

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The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to install an AMD 6450. I turn on the computer and get no video output. It's clear it's not not loading Windows behind the scenes because the power will turn off with a quick push of the power button (as opposed to holding it down). I've already flashed the bios to make sure it's up to date. Any idea how to get the card to work?

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I recently switched to Windows 10 from Windows 8. I have installed drivers dowloaded from lenovo support. While graphics intense applications are opened the AMD graphics is supposed to be switched on. But it is not switching from intel graphics. Also my headphone jack is not working. Is there anything to install for switching graphics and audio jack to work properly.?

A:Lenovo G50 70- Issues installing Graphics card (AM...

Dear ajidjz,
Welcome in lenovo community,
To switch between the graphics cards,
Please open the BIOS configuration page, and make sure that (Optimus GPU device) is switchable.
About the audio problem,
Open control panel >> hardware and sound >> Smart audio >> choose Audio Director >> click Multi-Stream

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I recently purchased a Lenovo G510 laptop with Windows 8.1. I've had only one major issue with it, where I can't use the AMD Radeon graphics which should be on my computer. When I load up Speccy, only the Intel HD Graphics 4600 shows up; the same happens when I look for the AMD card in Device Manager. I want to be able to use my AMD Radeon Graphics though.

A:Lenovo G510 Graphics Card(s) issues

CCC Switchable Graphics

On computers with an Intel power-saving GPU and an ATI high-performance GPU, Dynamic Mode switchable graphics is configured using the Catalyst Control Center software.

To maximize the energy efficiency or if you typically use programs that have lower graphical requirements (such as word processing or spreadsheet programs), you do not need to make any changes to the settings in the Catalyst Control Center software. The computer uses the power-saving GPU by default for most applications. You can still run high-performance programs, videos, and games in default mode but you are likely to notice lower frame rates, dropped frames, and choppy animations and transitions.
Applications that have higher graphical requirements (such as 3D video games), work better using the high-performance GPU. Graphics intensive software, videos, and games run at their optimum settings using the high-performance GPU.
Using the high-performance GPU on battery power will shorten the battery's effective usage time. The high-performance GPU generates a noticeable amount of heat while running graphics intensive software and, to keep the computer from overheating, the fan noise increases with increased fan use.

To change the default switchable graphics settings in the Catalyst Control Center software, follow the steps below.

Click Start , type CCC in the Search field, and then select CCC from the search results list.

On the Welcome screen, click P... Read more

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